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STAirrircmn, jcv.,,
Friday Meraliif, - AttgHst 17, 1813
Hon. Amikrt Gallatin Tamiott
is announced in this issue as n camii
(Iftfrfnr'Mio SpoftkcreMiroi tlte Lowtr
llOWMOt Ulw MXl'.l.ifgMMlHre. AIHW
ltcmtmy filfcilffor tkepoftilfea
bjrexperfcneo M tmlitHiitry bodies',
is shown in tho fact that bo has served
two yen re in tlio Kentucky LcjitJatwe,
lour years in tWo State Senate, four
years in Congress ami was a memlter
of tlio Slate Ooftstiluliofial Conven
tion. Ilia election, almost by acctama
tion, a few days nga to Ike Legislature
liy liia 'e'efistiluffiti ia Ibylo was a
compliwftHt of the most Idling kin'
and hie friends wish to see him further
honored with the offiee to which lie is
now aspireing. Col. Talbett k 75
years old but is as active as most men
aro at CO and his mind is as bright as
it ever was. wire-kaa.alwavs beea a
hard man to beat and wayiradiei lhaV
I Mil At. 'S? l
no win ut)riuBAHKiipw,Ker ur 6 V
tho contending man a cood deal of
ii , f-i-A-1-
Bus NitWtxHt, of Ike Rwkwoatf ffcotirl, Is litre tbitlng rlailes Ml
Herald, k m shhs like Tail TImmsowJ
Ihat hehl to wear a ska JabeJWB
i'We ate Mt FkNThMnpsoflA It's
good idea old fellow. We would die
like to see yo shot down by the man
who would nvengo tho mtirder of
Walter Davis
cswto.Uvkti M
s lMm iPnJ of
(osSJB ofhtetrr
mrcs v cwtncur wentst
"Froei nil Ihtt wo cm learn,' and'tlist Is
a good deal, (lie Louisrllle papers are do
ing oome tall Irini; about IlieOreal South
ern Exposition. It may be a big thing af
ter awhile, but at present the exhibition la
entirely W paWr?'i-'r8tanfortl Inlertbr
The editor of the Intkmou Journal
whose characteristics are candor anil cour
age, ought not to let hearsay lead him into
an error. When the Kxposilion dpceed
efc: Eoiiv1lerfifef, si basiere, staled
llni it wis Incosapkte; In two week it
has been completed. If there is any visitor
who comes, either to be amused or enter
tained, and aja he is disappointed, the
Commercial will refund him his moncT. It
isjbei largest the' most' varied and com
plete exhibition ofmanufoeture, arts and
sciences erer etfen in this country outaide
of l'hllsdelphia. The musical features are
better thin any Other JExpssitlon ever
oflVrtd. Tho editor of the Intkrioh
Journal is invited lo attend himself and
nee i( this is not true and his other infor
mation mere supercilious 'grumbling,
Louisville Commercial.
All right brother Allison, wo shall
be down in a few days and if wo find
the exhibition as good aa we know we
will einee you fcave said it, jt'a our
treat tochewiag gum. And when we
get back look nut for a big free ad-
vertiseinent. f
The New York Sun is endeavorinp
to atart'a boom lor Hon. William S
Hcdman, of Indiana. Of him it says :
Holman is paturally a reformer, and
reform is the great business now to be
accomplished. He is an economist,
llel kr Jt .ekiok' eonstruetieaitt. He
never compromises his principles, and
he never varies from the line of duty.
If he were President, tho government
would experience a radical change,
and the effect of his presence in the
While House would be felt for many
and many a year after ho had left.
This, we think, is tho kind of man
who is,Bow espeeklly needed; and we
do not'knaW' another pin W whole
ranks ttfihe democratic party who, in
the qualities and characteristics that
should go to mako up tho desirable
cadide fr;lM4j kHhe 'superior of
JsaW - ' '" 1 ' ' ' '
OmtcuuNtHrM toM'jglti ecvn'
tics bStlaght give iProcter Ivnett a
majority of 43,571. Should the re
maining counties go as in 1879, Knott's
majority will bo M,7IJ, a gain of
nearly two thoueaud ovet tho Hlack
lmrrr majority.' '-Wiihbat tlio1 eMit
The tcletr'r1 her'sstrlke Is abstit-at tm
i new wo l,in) iivntn in r,y,jp
twoihtysof cholcn. , S
kVexkifttoti I to Ure a looomoil
wnrka with a capital of $500,000
The New York republicans will hold
their H(M convention at Richfield Spring
cVpttntner 10.
MilwardV liver stable and a number
of houaea adjoining iters burned at Lexing
ton, Wedneodaj evening.
Oniric to theateace of witnesses the
trial of Neal has been continued. The
law's delays will indnco the mob rpirit
I'ontmaiter (Irethini will nave from
130,000 to $ 10,000 on the Postal Uulile by
cutting out tho padding and uniiuportaat
The U. 8. authorities will not permit
the fight between Mitchell and Slado to
take place In Indian Territory, as has .been
arranged. s
It is said that . lllackburn will pardon
Yom Crittenden, the cowardly tnurderer of
the negro witness. If he does he ought to
he hung.
On tho 1,1 MhT of fIichla eprings are
drying up and moko is isauicg from fis-
mites in the ground. Another earthquake
la greatly feared.
aim. unarles KoDlactl pltcheu her
htiahind into the canal at Trenton, N. J.,
and then jumped in hcwelf. The woinau
waa drowned but the man readied.
In ftmmt fi.!nt. 1 1.. fi l a t n f,m 1
' !. .ii.iai v iiuima .uc uiai i.iu .wi
fivo weeks tell yesterday . Injury, whkli H
is fesred'islrreparaWe.MjM been done by
the long drought to corn and tobacco.
JYilliam lie try, n Lexington colored
hay, bet that he could croaa the track be
fore the engine could catch him, I fa lost
not only his bet but his head, The engine
canghtttrir- - ' Ht ,
Mrs. W. B.AIlison.-wifcfeUJ.'S. Sen
ator Allison, drowned herself in the Missis
!ppl at Dubuque, Ia. a few nightsfago. It
Is said that the fact that she had no chil
dren droveher crazy.
The (allure of Ballou A Co., New York
bankers caused considerable excitement on
Wall atreet Tuesday, The firBTehim they
will be atraighteBed out ia a few days.
Their liabilities are $2,000,000
Thurrday morning a fine mare worth
$200 and a horse worth $12-5, belonging to
Mrs. L. A. Dawson, residing on Pleasant
Rati, in this' county, were etroek by light
ning and killed. Lebanon Standard.
A private instne asylum in Ealing,
Kog, has been destroyed by Gre. Many of
the inmates were badly burned, and five of
them perished. Dr. Boyd, the proprietor,
and his son lost their lives in trying to
save the inmates.
There wns another murder In Cincin
nati .Wednesday night. "Fox" Anderson
killed Charles Marshall in front of the
Four's Engine-bouse. The. murdered raaa
was a murderer, and his'murderer has kill
ed bis man before.
If one speech from Col. Billy O'Brad
ley red need the republican majority 7C8
votes in Christian county, bow many
speeches would It havs taken to have
.wiped out the whole party? Republicans
who are good in figures may work out the
problem. Hopkinsville South Kentuck-lan.
that 1 can
You will
for a word
total), of CI ark ci
Ipienpson. Miss
tin, la with her slater.
AThere Is one
this and the adjoining counties
not refuse It a brief allusion,
not deny nis spice, Mr. Editor,
In reference to the Rev. W. T Troja wljose
sudden death ia recorded in your last is
sue. Comparatively young, active, earnest
In Ids railing, effective ia ihia labors, and
hopeful as to. tlie grand results of his mis
sion lis wis sadsVnly e'anrl i ( im '
moV nylnilenteronhlMwrdV Rnlhla
Is a noblo record. Cssecraled to the
humble office of the ministry he deeply
loved Ids work. Whether in the populous
city or in the most acamestoreJ mnt recess
es, in the gorgeous pulpit or in the grotBs
which "were God's ftrsl tempfe," with tie
same untiring tcs.1, with the same honssl
simplicity hsheld foriktbe ,. 84fJ
tion. The handsome new Baptist church
In Ilustonville elands as a memorial of
his teal and efficiency. Hundreds of hum
bio christians in all the surrounding coun
try hold his memory enshrined In their
hearts. A fnltbfnl soldier has fallen-fallen
with Ida armor on, and in his hand the
banner of Ida King.
-Wessf, o
iliy thef pe
siT um
out retlnhlW'w4tii gilt la-
im UKse immortal
i asisniiAsrs-ai
0 ks laBalsjifl
I'llAISE T1IR JL.01tI"
gasrt) MS 8nci:i.r.wKLL Lane,
Dfr toltrler t "1
couutiea the total voto lor Knott is
129,191, borrow 485,6H0: TKe 130,!
000 republicans that tbeir speakers
claimed, do not seem to Jiayo turned
up, hey Air. Bradley?
Tim Hopkinsville South Kcntuck-
iana calls bn Qov. Knott to make tho
isiuance of a TlianksgifBg procla
mation one of his first duties after
inauguration; sdjthat the'-people, may
rfj&c thai the days of (he Blackburu
dynasty aro ended. Wo second the
brother's motion. Tho deliverance
from the hand of Wch a creature will
certainly bo an event for general ro
joicing by the, people of thoQtato,
Keki- it before the eyes ol Hilly
Bradley A Co., that Knott's majority
is in the neighborhood of 45,000 and
that there will be just 15 republicans
less tu tba next Legwatijre thas ia
tao last. " verny" xr intam - would
have ((otie to Colorado sooner had he
the true interest ot his party at heart.
CtUfta. MklR says' the "latest crazo
among tho girls is to keep their hand
kerchiefs ia their bosoms.' Well
they are as good as cottoti so far as
they go, aad if they use them ia the
plural number they will supply all the
deficiency, so far as caa vbo detected
from outward appraos..
Tmk 'poor ' nigger'' 0H o Siate
ticket was so fitarfclly sakhd by
the repviblicaiM'tMat Mr. Cecil's ma
jority bsfsias to kek Kke it will reach
lOO.iaW. The average repaUieaa
ear oitig hr the, maa and bretber
Wyoad what he oaa use him for his
own atHish eads.
Thompson Marion, the wealthiest citi
xeri In'AWen' county, Ky, becamsinsane
and disappeared 111a derangement Is due
to a railroad indebtedness. Allen county
incurred, which has greatly disturbed him
for several months. Tuesday he was found
an the woods covertdjip with iswves -sad
5b V&iig'qiieMioBed, said he hid W rear of
eetas; KfHeu cournMy.- r - -
' -jftaether man his, sailed Ufon the edi
tor and found Mm in. It was in 'Washing
ton this time. A big, burly brute named
FilxgeraM attacked. Gen. Boynlun, the
Washington correspondent of a morning
cjntempoiary, and the general planted Ida
No'.' HO Wat where it did a great deal of
good. Long may he wave his foot around
so appropriate a door mat. -'
Alarmed by your threat In Tuesdays
Issue, that you will disinherit all your cor
wpondtmt. 1 hasten to confession. In
behalf nt others I can only plead their na
tive laziness. For myself the defense la:
Firot: Since the days of Sleepy Hollow in
its moat lethargic state there has been no
plafte.pn lis map of the universe so somno
lent aa this. The enterprise, the energy,
the vitality of the community were all
used up during the festiritiea of the Fair
and the excitements of the election. The
traditional shock ot a thunder peal from a
cloudless sky would not surprise us into
erea a mosientarr activitr. The long roll
of an earthquake calling to amis the howl
ing hosts of subterranean powers would
scarce disturb our dreamless slumbers;
hence we hayc no events to chronicle Sec
ond: Our nature modestly forbids that ws
should psa4 Uforeyeur weary readers
me trivial matters which, however Inter
esting Jn, our own particular latitude and
16 the'denlieua of our unsophisticated sub
urban, regions, can have no attraction for
the thousands who look (o the newspaper
for something fresh sad rare awl racy: and
Third: Conscience cries out against the
crime fit consuming the time of composit
ors, proof readers and pressmen, the wear
of type, tho expenditure of ink and the
waste of paper over such,' twaddle as must
of necessity be Uje contribution of the vll
legs tcrlbs,
WWt Ka4 walls up. Horn Aug.D,
to Mrs. lien Klog, a girl. Aug. 12, to Mrs.
Q. a Lyon, a Kir I. Aug. 14, to Mrs, Kobt.
Jones, a girl.
Misses Ida, Lime and Blanche Twid
well, escorted by Mr. J. Q. K. Napier, left
for Cumberland tails oa Wednesday, Jo
seph page, Hr., and his son Jos, Jr., havs
gone to Adair county to visit frisada. Mr.
Matt McKinasy, ol Kaadolph county,
tr. 1
Baumw, LoNiMHf, E. July 27th, '83 J
f Oa the night W Thurxday the Hlth,
the day after ourreturn from Scotland, be-
gan the meeting in iirunswick Chapel.
This is a small brick edifice erected by a
gentleman named Wood, whose property
interests lie in tho vicinity, and who has
a heart for something besides accumula
tion. New Soutbgtte is the name of the
suburb, which la as yet sparsely built up,
and really, very few people within easy
reach of the little meeting-house. How
ever, the dear LORD, jho again sad again
turned aside from thejgrest "multitude"
and wrought for one soul, showed ns vsjy
plainly ItwasournexT place after Dal
keith, and we cheerfully satsrsd .upaa.fee
mission. The chapel is quite a' litilesrch
ttectural gem, almost like a "toy" church,
holding about 200 all told, and compared
with the Dalkeith Corn Exchange a very
email aflair indeed. Beyond the children's
meeting last Sunday, when every dear
child confessed the Savior, 75 or 80 in all,
the work has been chiefly confined to chris
tians, Altogether 121 have confessed the
dear Name to date, which, almost In
cludes every unconverted and backslidden
person in attendance. We expect to hold
on untfl next Sunday, doing what we can
to build up and encourage the dear chil
dren ol, the Father,.whp .can .carty. on.tbe
work, on the same line, after we are gone.
The meeting has already drawn out some
grand workers, and we are very glad the
dear LORD sent us to Brunswick Chapel.
I hope Id my next to tell of the meeting
closing in fullest blessing.
Next Sunday week "if the LORD will"
we are to begin in Hackney, a district
even more needy tban Hoxfon or Stratford
Le Bow. There we are to have a large
church, with full liberty. The pastor goes
to the sea-ride, leaving evsrylbing to us to
be led as the LORD may direct. He is in
thorough sympathy with our gospel, inclu
ding the bodijy healing, and we anticipate
a blessed Ingathering of tho poor. We do
not knbw how the LORD will put in the
next week for us, but it will be something
good and gracious, wsare sure. The LORD
has lovingly provided for ns during ths
"heated term" in August, by a kind offer
that only come to ns last night. Our High-
gate friends, the Bartletts, are all going to
Paris for a month and offer ua the nse of
their airy and ileliRhlful house, just as Jt
stands, servants and all, with no expense
but for the table. This will be a great
saving in our household economy, with an
elevation of temperature exactly that of
the ball on Bt. Paul's Cathedral, lifting ua
quite above the ordinary London atmos
phere, which just now is rather odorifer
ous and perhaps unwholesome. After, 12
o'clock we clofle our windows tightly, for
the steaming breath of Bleeping London
seems to get impacted and take on an of'
fensiveness that is not noticeable in day
light and the busy s(ir that appears to keep
It from settling as it does after midnight.
We shall be quite out of this at Highgate,
by long odds ths pleasantesl and moat ele
vated suburb of the grcst city. The rail
way trains make all as convenient for the
Ilackway meeting as from DaUton. How
good in the dear LOKD thus to provide for
in, sA that our work can go on in some
thing like comfort even during the month
when all who are able flee the city in "hot
huale" emphatically. At present there are
no signs of a, "heated term" at all We
light fires every morning in the little di
ning room, and only let them go out about
noon. But when the heat does come it
will only be the more unbearable It may
be that there is Cholera in store for Lorn
don this summer. I am no croaker, hut I
shouldn't wonder at all, If it cornea. Thank
the dear LORD we bear "charmed lives,"
who "keep" ourselves "in the love of Clod."
O why do any leave that sure sod safe re
England is just now thrilled with the
loss of her plucky swimmer, the daring
Capt. Webb, and forgets the folly of the
venture fn admiration of the courage of
the poor fellow who threw all Upon the
haiard of the "whirlpool" dls and lott.
And nun forget how common a lliiug that
ia, with a dearer, costlier thing than a
bodily life, where soaU madly eater'with'a
test upon the lip the deadly current that
bears them rsulttlsssly sad surely pn to the
dreadful turning pakt, where lies the aw
ful "wblrponi" from which no swimmer
has ever yet emergsd with life, Oh these
white hands and pallid faces, uplifted for a
moment, before tbsy disappear forever I
How they haunt me I LOKD give grace
and consolation to ke oa, "If JLiy say
mesas I may save soaae," who may yet be
We took tea with the dear Bartletts last
Wednesday, and had a stroll to the grave
of 'George Eliot,' who lies In ths-Ulghgsts
Cemetery. The monument above her re
uiiIhs U a very homely gray grsults shaft,
!mads belter
ofrOsawas Ellot"-
Mary Ann Cross, Horn 3tl November,
1810, Died 22.1 December, 1830.
On the grass of the grave which has been
sflnitst I demolished hv tovtagi or cutlott
souvenir pluckers, some one has placed a
Rim nowrr pmie, crom enseu Willi inss
inscription around it In letters formed from
hbtck gW beads "In Memeriam Asleep
in Je'iiaJ' Ths plate la empty and broken
nnd some Of the letters havs disappeared
to reappear In the collection of some vora
cious relic rohber perhaps, snd altogether
on feels that the giave is neglected. Tho
Impression IS a (mthetlc one to those who
adsiire this wonderful woman, but quite in
keeping with what must be coaaidered the
melancholy close of a tragic Ills. Poor,
dear victim of a false theology that num
bers tta victims by the myriad! She recoil
ed from llm Only (lod she had been taught
to believe in, and thinking there was no
other, Ilka Csrlyle, prcfeired to bs written
down a akeptlq rather than subscribe to a
loathsome creed, And really, I see no
other honest course for ono who knows not
the God and Father of our LOUD Jesus
Christ. Poor souls I I pity them and hope
for them "against hope" I dire not count
them unbelievers. 1 dare not eay "at leep in
Jesus." That is a sentence that says too
ranch and I hos will soon all disappear
from her humble grave. But I cn not bo
lieve the heart that gave out of its fulness
thS character of Dinah Morris ia one the
de-ir L6RD will be compelled to pro
nounce unfit for the companionship of the
sayed ones, She hat gone "to her own
place" ,aswoll will go. Let ua not say
dogmatically where that Is, for her. Mi
chael Karraday and t)r.' Jas. Hamilton are
both interred at Htcbgate and I stood lie-
side! ths hnoiMe monument of both, and
thanked the dear LORD that both had
lived to bless their generation.
Will you count me inconsistent or cross
yourself dear reader in the horror of a re
coil, if t also say that I looked with a
deep injerest upon the grave of Tom Sayrea
the conqueror of Heeaaa in the prize fight
that eycry body condemned and ejttf
body read about with fascipated sympathy
30 years or so ago? He also lies In High
gate Cemetery, his tomb a plain tent-shaped
box of stone with medallion1 portrait and
Inscription on the gable end, and on a pro
jection right at its foot, the sculptured
form of his favorite mastiff, that attended
his funeral, and for days and days after his
master was buried stalked solemnly thro'
the open gales, none daring to molest tho'
the regulations strictly forbid doga to enter
the sacred enclosure, sad sought the spot
where tho one he loved hest lay buried, and
then after uselessly waiting for him to
come uicK, would go away witlt every ap
pearance of broken-hearted dejection. The
atone figure of the maatifl la life site and s
likeness, brown and rough except on the
top of Ihe head and tip of the nose, where
the touch of ten thousand hands has worn
white spots polished and shining as glass.
The inscription above and below the me
dallion portrait of Sayree, tuna: "Sacred
to the memory of Thomas Sayres, Born at
Plmlico Brighton May lClh, 1820, and de
parted this life Nov. 8th, 18G5." The face
is rugged, but kind, though with sn Unde
veloped forehead as compared with the
more animal portions of the "human face
divine." I can understand why his dog
loved him, snd his friends loved him. Poor
fellow I I wish his Eogliah pluck and te
nacity of purpoee had been exerted in a
nobler direction. X'erhaps he never Ld
the opportunities you and I have had dear
reader. Let us pity oor Tom. lis waa a
grand fellow in his way, and would have
wOn Waterloo as wel as "the Iron Duke"
had he been born above the prize ring. I
am afraid I was far loo much interested in
reading thq report of that great prite fight.
1 am sure lliAt I read every round, with
quite a test,. I wonder how many good
people read of the way poor "Crib" waa
chewed up by his New York competitor
and then said such things ought not to be
put in print. The fact ia, that there is sn
element of the, combative in us all that
feeds upon the exploits of tle undaunted-
lie they men or dogs. That is the element
in us Cod implanted that will feci up
on awioe'a' husks if belter fare be not forth
coming still vainly atriving to fill a void.
To thin element our God appeals when He
bids us "endure hardness aa good soldiers
of Jesus Christ," of cries out in the thick
est of life's battle, (n a clarion voice, "Come
up to the help of the LORD against the
Mlgbty't-i-ye who would win Crowns. This
element finds Its true outlet in the "good
fight of faith," finds also its highest sense
of satisfaction in tho words that wind up
the bsttle "I have fought a good fight
henceforth is laid up for me, Ac." And the
conclusion of the matter is simply lids I
would not count much upon any One's re
ligion as a lasting and eflectlve principle
who felt nothing stir within him but dis
gust at ths indomitable courage with
which the prite fighter takes his punish
ment, and then after a "sponge" or a rest
upon liis second's knee, "comes up to time"
sgaltf, bruised, battered, bloody but un.
conquered. That is the way I want to
fight the dsvih. May I ('stick to him' as
loor Tom tjayrss "stuck to hi man," sad
win as well a he. I learned some good
lewoes at Tom's hutable grave. At all of
which my friend of the "unconscious' self-'
is h eeas" will hold up protesting ptlms, and
say, "ibat Is too bad I ilro. Barnes bs-
lisres in prlse-CuhLsrs too as well as race
horses," And X re!y "Ths wis shall
understand." Parables sre for uofoldlnir
"Ihe mysteries of ths Kingdom;" to those
who have good and honest beauts or they
may serve a second purpose "seeing you
shall see snd not percetvrr aad heir in ys
shall hesr aad not uedsrsUBd." Ac. If
only I can get some dear fellow who ad
mires "Crib" and 'Tom Sayres" to think
that I aa one with him ia that admiration
aad do not coast it evH, but rather a hope
ful sign, If only the sfdrit's admlra tlen
stops not at these lewarr forms of courage,
but goes oa still stspplag upwards, until It
grapples With "prlacipalltiss aad powers
sad wicksd spirits ia the bsavsnllss," then
me gost lor which ms or iasku im
planted the capacity at a rat, aaall nars
My, Well skms,' Wave heart, thou ajst
brso "fsllhta l,ths"fewl wllljmsVs Ihev
refer W ths many." , ' ' .!
Let ant la coaeaaslen lovMalr ttsank tke
uMfs WsMf IWtfttM Wirt llATV rMsWthlxH Nn
mysffl for tellers Sisters Honk snd
fJibton snd Cochrane, and Mays, ami Sauf
ley, and "Cousin llelle," and the erne bless
ed hffthr m Rinoklyn, have mv hearty
thanks for their charminir letters. Ills
almost amusing to note how one snd all
begin with the full persuasion that we are
so overrun with correspondence: that their
letters srs quits nsedless Ths firl Is, ws
hare heeiqo!ln starving for letters sines
our arrival, because every body has bsen
thinking every body else was attending to
Ihe matter. Which reminds ms of Ihe
legend that "once upon a lime," there was
an agreement among all the Inhabitants of
earth to shout at Ihe same moment, with
such an exceedingly loud voice, that Ihe
very "man In tho moon" should heir And
so chronometers were set, vsrlatinns in 1st
ituds snd longitude adjusted, all things
set far exactly 12 o'clock, Iilgh noon, on
the 1st of April. And hi, whin ths time
csme for the earth to lw shaken with the
noise of nuny voters, and the "man in Ihe
moon" was In b startled out of his wits
by the uproar, Thn iiwhot of Ihe allslr was
this, that never before In the world's his
tory had there been a lime of surh perfect
stillness. Korlo, rrery man on earth was
so curious to bear that mlshly utterance
and waa so lost in desire to hear It for
himself, undisturbed by Ihe siund of his
own voice, that he forbore to shout. And
lo, ho one uttered a sound And Ihtt ia
why we slarved fur letters. Eeer In Jesus,
Oko, O lUHNrn.
Garrard County
ItOnT. It. AVJISH'l. JJtlltor.
A. O. Ilurnstde purchased 10 fine
mules In Louisville st $181 CO per head.
Another of the victims of Ihe Bry
antaville shooting is dead, Phil Fry, col
ored, and another la expected lo die.
The polls for the telephone line be
tween this place and D.iuville sre being
scattered along Ihe route of the line.
Mrs. Sallie Anderson died on the 1Mb
in Ihe 82d year of her age. She was a
member of Ihe Fork Baptist chinch for
near three score years and ten and was a
genuine old mother in Zion.
Paint Lick.
negro woman
The negroes
and pat and
We learn that an old
here is dying from neglect,
congregate on the corners
dance until eleven or twelve o'clock at
night, but they will not piy any attention
to the sick.
Missis Ida and May Adams, two of Mt,
Vernon's little beauties sre the guests of
Mrs. Willis Adams. Miss Lera West, of
Lancaster, la visiting relatives here Miss
Patlie Adams has gone to London to visit
the Misses Pearl. Mr. Tobias Wallace
has returned from Rockcastle, where he
haa been on a visiting tour Miss Nannie
Slavln ia visiting relations at Crab Orchard.
A certain bachelor that clerks In lbs
dry goods store on the corner is very
much alarmed for tear that he will be
stolen. A young lady had her fortune told
a short time sgn, snd the gentleman that
the was to be married to waa minultly de
described to her, and the tentleoian on the
corner fills Ihe description to a teller. He
has heard of lbs circumstance and la ex
pected to le atolen at any time. He takes
very particular paint lo see that all of his
doors and window sre left open before he
goes to bed.
A Blessing to All Mankind.
In thcsilloics when our iiew,ari rAooJtl
with I'Slfnl mcOlc Ins s.l,trlUim nt, It liirstl
fjlnf lo know obit lo procure Ibtl will certainly
cure jou. II you aro bilious, Lloo.1 out of order,
llrrr InactlTe, or generally iltMlltated, Ibsrs is
nothing In tbo world Ibst wilt cure you suquUk-
ly as Klcclrle lilt lei They sis a Mtulog lo
all unnklnd, andean be had fur only (fly rents a
bottlaat VtaaxA MoAIUtn's.
t "i 4
iVhelrftlo Htul Itclnll IVeHlom Ih
Wo run two hottaon, carry ho Largost Stock in town; pny cash for
our goods, which onablea ua to soil you nloaer than any one. All we
ask la r trial, DniQUT & CURRAN.
We will sell you anything: in Sum
mer Clothing, Hats, Boots and Shoes
at and below cost to reduce stock.
Bdirt .Ita:i?get 5EJfteis:e ulemlll
Suits, now $5, $ 7, $ 9, $10, $12.50
was 7, 1U, 1Z, 14. 17.50
1, 1.50, 2,
1.50 2, 2.75 ,
75, 1, 1.25
was 1.00, 1.25, 1.50, 2
Children's Shoes and Slippers ac
Shoes,now 75c,
was $1,
Slippers, 50c,
Offics orer Clliuca National lUnk. Office hours
from 8 to 11 a. u. snd (rout 1 to o r. u.
AOT.ro It N J3Y At 3UAAV,
Will irsctlcs In (larrard and adjoining counties
sod Court of Appeals. (IM-lyrJ
ArjrroiiNx:v At r.AW,
Muter Commissioner Osrranl Circuit Court. Will
practical In all ths Courts of (larrard and sdjolnlog
csantlM and In ths Court of Appeals.
And be sure you examine, before pur-,
chasing, our line of- Seeding Im- '
plements, as follows: . -
The Baker Spring Hoei
Grain Drill.
7 -t
The Trump Grain Drill
with Spring Seat,
The Buckeye Spring Shoe
Grain Drill,
The Star One-horse Grain
The Albion Spring Sulky
Harrow and Broad
cast Seeder,
reacted, and HIS rolce will iwsstl
In Bulk, and the
Nicest Line of
Ih IuscHHfer at tke
The Kalamazoo
Tooth Sulky
and Broadcast Seeder,
The Moline Sulkey Plow,
The Cassedy Sulky
This line of Implements cannot be ex
celled. Also remember we make a Specialty
of Fish Brothers Wagons, "Web
ster Wagons and Columbus
Buggies and Carriages, of which
my stock is always full and complete.

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