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FrMy Menmtg, Asfimt 17, 1883
cvrtira fihmt air.
BT MMl'tL LOtlH.
Cuptd en day imM wIM flower playing
Wild flowere-tbe alteat for biro
In the bright etrrarri, Ly wtioce Utik bo WH etr
tai e ' ' s
Longing ! iJtlK-lul th boy conld toot iwtm.
Hejcr. eared ble fort In hhow herd lijj
Wren (hi nyrnph t( lbs etrcm,'flh birp niocklB)
Bald, HCniM, don'l dabKe-laj cantlona cr bold.
Jump In, or kiep eot.
It you dabh'e n6f doubt
Tonll go I tun. with 4 cough,
Ami the latl.M will rcofr
1'or the ve ry wont thing la fur lot la UVo coM."
CuplJ, lhue taunted, Juinct In, nothing daunhil;
- Well il.me, MM Dm hyniph to the lwy ;
"Ones n'cr head and tare, boy, away llb join
Tba wlldor tha tlnnirs on, the brlher the Joy I
To gle you Ihle'leaeou, eaeet Ouptd, It lu, k,
Willi your dear flllle wluf, to I'm aura jou'ii
Hut, w.U dock, ilont ilebt.e,"
The njtupli Mlit to biro,
"Once o'er bead and earn,
Aaay with jour fear,
for hl fce e -Ukiahon determines; V jiluv
i' on j.orii of ..
"I," cried HiuMio. WinMaaley, pit
cousrr, "I n Iranlcn.to.Biy liHflbaacl? I
Ob, Sordini Sarclhl for pitjr'a sako
don't my that I"
It was tlio dT following the family
hcgira that most dismal, doleful and
intolerable of days, when tlto furniture
was piled ujt in the echoing and trocar'
petcd rooms, the pictures turned blankly
with thoir faces toj-Uio walls, the yawn
ing chimney-pieces destituto of crack
ling flames, while tho dreary spring rain
beat against Uia windows with a mourn
ful and monotonous sound,
At'tlio bock of the little farm house
the gnarled applo trees were striving to
break out into bud and blossom, and a
few faint-colored spring flowers lifted
their golden heads abovo tho gra&i and
dead leaves, whilo at the front tho rest
less billows of tlto Atlantic; tortured by
the moaning wind, flung 'their fringes
of foam high np on the shores, flights ol
ten-birds oddlied overhead, and the low
hanging reach of leaden clouds shut ont
the misty shimmer of tho horicon.
Iladdio had wandered about tho house
all day vrapppotl in a shawl, looking
about as forlorn as tho daflodils and jon
quils outside, in tho vain endeavor to
And somo habitablo nook or corner whero
alio conld poro over her book.
She felt herself ill-used, in the eztrem
catdegreo, this sunny-haired, rose-lipped
human fairy, in that all was not mado
smooth and easy to bar little feet.
Sho had married Carlos "Winstanley
three months ago, supposing that bIio was
entering into a human Eden through
tho golden circlet of the wedding ring
and the bowery arches of the orange blos
soms ; and here, lo and behold I he had
failed ; the pretty little' house in Park
Terrace had been sold, -with its antique
furniture, its brie-a-brao and rese-liaed
enrlains, and baret and there tfoey were
banished for Hie rest of thMr lirea to tho
dismal, one-storied farm-house, tho solo
relic, of 'Carlos Winstanley's scattered
fortune I
" It isn't like a city honso," said tho
young man, cheerily ; " but I've always
had a Bort of loving for a farm life, and
wo can bo just as happy hero as if it
were n palace cau't wo, Hoddio?"
And Iladilie, with a half-frightened
glanco at tho restless waves of tho At
lantic and tile groups of cedars writhing
in tho blast, clung to his shoulder and
whispered :
"Yes.u But," she added "with quiver
ing lip, "it will be very lonely, won't
" Sarella is coming to stay with as and
help get Buttled," said Winstanley.
" Why, what could such a butterfly as
you do with nil this confusion?"
Iladdio said nothing. Bite could
hardly tell her husband how much sho
feared and disliked his stern maiden
sister, who stood up so straight, and
wore her iron-gray hair twisted up intt
a tight knot at tho back of her head, ii
au inexorablo fashion, which mado ilad
die feel as if her gold frizzes and braids
were vanity and vexation of spirit, in
Iced : and Imd u way of looking ovt'J
and beyond her, as if sho (Iladdio) were
of no account whatover.
But Sore) la was needed, and sho came,
just as she would havo como to nurse a
wounded soldier, or keep watch ovcro
household of measles, or scarlet fever,
or undertake any other difficult or thank
less task.
And, uikju thisraiuy day, Barclla wont
backward and forward, and looked with
a sort of contemptuous pity at tho poor
little wife, wrapped iu her iloocy whito
shawl, with a rose iu her hair and n
book in her hand.
"Dear me, JIurrtetl" sho had cried
out, when at last her slender thread vt
putieueo was quite exhausted; "why
don't you do something ?"
" What shall I do?" said Iladdio, pit
eoualy. " I'm suro thero's enough to bodouo,"
said tho rigid elder Bister. " Cau't you
turn and sew that piece of carpet to tit
the hall?"
" I uevcr did such a thing in my life,"
said Iladdio, eying tho heap of carpet,
big as if it had been a wild beast ready
to spring at her. "I don't think I
could sow anythiug bo big aud heavy."
"Thero's tdl tho china to bo washed
and sorted ou tho shelves," suggested
Borella grimly,
"I should be sure tu break it," fal
ternd ITaddie.
"The curtains aro all ready to bo
belted up to the west-room windows,"
kaid HatreUa, looking wound tor a tack-
"Ok, I couUu't do that," said If ad
die, wore frightened than over. "I
should be sure to turn giddy ou top oj
Ut t4t-kddc'r."
leekec tMAlefoUy tti h
beauliftil ltttto aifttar-in-lfttr.
"Iwowkr what you aro good for,"
said she, slitply,
Iladdio hung her head, rluslied scar
let, Bfld Sftid nothiig.
"For all I can nco," severely wont on
8vrel!a, "my big brother might m well
havo married n big wax doll. It was all
Tcty well so long ni ho was a Bwehan-t
in receipt of n big income. But now
goodness nir,- what sort of a farmer's
wife do you Bttpfona yon wW make ? "
"I don't know," confewod Iladdio,
feeling herself arraigned beforo a sort of
consolidated inquisition.
"Do you know anything about but
ter aud chceso ?" demanded Sarella, ro-lenHsss-ly..
"No I" '
" Did you ever Baako up a batch of
bread? or pics? orcako?" sternly par
suod this iron-heartod catcchist.
" No," whisicred Iladdio.
"Can you cut and fit your own Ken
sington stitch?"
" I can mako tho Kensington stitch
in wvtiqwo lace, if that's what you
" Antique lace I Kensington stitch 1"
echoed Sarella, in withering scorn.
"Can you make your husband's shirts?"
"Ho buys them rcody-mado," fal
tered Iladdie. "At least he always
"Humph!" said Sarella, "I sup
pose, now- you couldn't clean houso, or
wash up the curtains, or mako a lot of
currant jelly, to savo your lio ?"
" No," said Iladdio, with a trembling
voico, " I'm afraid I couldn't."
" You are nothing more nor less than
a burden to your husband," said Sarella,
with tho air of a Jndgo pronouncing
seuteuoe of doom. "You'ro no more
At to bd married than yonder while
kitten. And I pity Carlos from the
very lxllom of my heart, that I do 1"
And, thus speaking, Sarella picked up
tho whitowash brush and stalked away,
whilo poor littlo ITaddio wailed out tho
beseeching words with which our story
"Oli, Sarella, dear Sarella l" sho
pleaded, "I'll try to do my 0081.''
"Your best I "repeated Sarella. "And
what does that amount to? You're a
100-pound weight around his neok 0
blight upon his future that's what you
.aro I"
Anil she whisked into that kitchen,
while Iladdio rnu up stairs to tho garret
to havo a good cry.
Iladdio was very sail aud pensivo fora
day or two. Carlos lookod at hor piti
fully, afraid to ask if sho wero discon
tented in her new homo, for he knew
well that ho had none other to offer her.
Sarella sniffed at her selfish Inefficiency,
and the very scrubbing woman put on
airs, while Betsey Baker, a neighbor,
who caino into help with the "settling,"
caught tho pojwlar tutie, and " said,
"riease, Mrs. Winstanloy, stand out
of tho way whilo wo'ro a-stretohing
this carpet, and don't bonder us ef ye
can't help us I "
At tho cud of tho third day of domes
tic saturnalia, when Carlos Winstanley
come home, Iladdio was nowhero to bo
found, and on her cushion was pinned
tho following note:
l)iii C'amuh, Don't be vein!, bat I bare
gone awijr to sttr with Aunt Dorcas Button un
til the lkach farm ia settled. I don't sootn to
bo of much usetoanjbotly, and perhaps Sarella
will get along bettor without me. Alfectloo
atelr your wife, u. f.
"There I" said Sarella to Betsey
Baker.' ' Didn't 1 tell you so? Sho's
so lazy sho can't bear to see other folks
work, I And I don't know whatever; Car
los was thinking of when ho married her
instead of Bosanna Jfartiu, who took)
tho first prize for bread and cako at the
county fair, and has got a chest fall of
linen and bcdquilts at home."
But sho did not express herself thus
plainly to Carlos, when ho asked her,
wistfully, if sho knew why Iladdie had
gouo away.
" I think sho's sick of farms and farm
work," said Sarellapuruing up her lips.
"I think, Carlos, she's liko tho little
Krtulaccas in tho garden outside, that
only blossom when tho sun shines." ,
And Carlos was more wrotched than
ever, fancying that ho had darkened his
young wife's life, and dragged her down
into poverty with, him.
"Bho will come back to me when sho
chooses," he said, sadly, "I shall not
go alter her."
And ho grew paler, colder and more
silent as he wont about tho duties of the
form ; aud Sarella, to uso her own ex
pression, '.' flew around as lively as a
cricket," and put tilings into tho neatest
of order.
"Wo'ro bettor oil without Harriet
than with her, it's my opiuton," said
sho to herself. "A china doll of a wom
an, only st to be waited on and mado
much of. I do think Carlo was crazy
when ho married her."
At tho mouth's end, however, Haddle
came back, and fluttered down the lilac
shaded garden walk to meet her hus
band, like a bird, as ho returned from
his day's work. 1
" Oh, Carlos I Carlos I " sho cried; "I
am so glad to be here again I "
"Littlo one," ho asked, almost re
proachfully, "why did you leave me?"
" I have been at school," said Iladdie,
radiantly. " I have been leuniing my
profession. Oh I Carlos, you can uevcr
tell how awkward and helpless I felt
here, iu my owu house, knowing tho.t I
was as ignorant as a child of all tho
thiugs I needed most to comprehend.
I love you oli, so dearly and I felt so
uuwotthy of you so uwabk) to help you
ill your soro Uicd asuwifo should help
her husband. Sarella despised uy ig.
uorauco tho very servants looked down
011 muiui htolpk-tw doll ; aud (hoy were
right But they shall never do so any
more, for I've learned to be a house
keeper at last Auut Doreas has taught
mo everything, I can nuke butter like
jotrf, ad chceM Ht evea Sarella will
atwnrbcrry shortcake te-werrowj and mf
bread and biscuits am m tight and m
white ns swandown ; ad I'vo Made yon
a shirt, Carlos, all by myself, and Awit
Dorcas saya I 4fi't be ashMsed of it;
Midi can wash and iron, and clears
starch as well M ever old Chloe did
when I wm a girl at home,"
" Haddld I Iladdio I" ho cried. "Why
did you do this?"
"For lovo ol jroa," she awered.
imply; "to Ih to yoH what a wtf
should bo lo her husband. You needn't
think I am going to settle down into
a common drudge, Carlos. I like
Shaksearo and tho Kensington stitch
as well as over. But a farmor's wifo
should not bo blind and holploi at tho
head of her own household, and I am
thankful that I havo learned to do all
those things."
"You aro an angel, Iladdie I " ha said,
"Lam only your tnto, loving littlo
wifo," sho nuswered, hiding her faco on
his breast.
Sarella needed to stay at tho Beach
farm no longer ; lletsoy Baker was die
missed, aud Haddio took her ploe at
tho holm, and of nil happy, efficient,
stirring farmers' wives Mrs. Winstanloy
lioro nwiiy the palm.
"I never supposed thero was so much
in her," said Sarella. "Carlos couldn't
have mado a hotter choice it Ini hod
tried for a year."
"It does beat all," said Betsoy Baker.
DtxyBH jy rttAxcK.
Dinucr in France is supposed to be
tho one great event ot the day. So it
is, but not because it is a feeding opera
tion. On tho contrary, this French
meal is a domestic symposium, in
which head aud heart tako preccdcnco
of the stomach. Tho interest and valuo
of a meal iu France depend mora on the
saloci than on the culinary element.
Old Izaak Walton's dictum that tho
company makos tho feast, and not tho
food, is of special significance in France.
Ono rarely sees a Frenchman dining
alone, not f6r tho reason that he wants
some one to look at, or to drink with,
but because ho wishes somo otio to talk
to. Conversation, accordingly, renders
tho French tablo unique. I am in
clined to think that tho modern French
dinncr-tablo is tho substitute for tho old
talon, to which tho "feast ot reason
and tho flow of soul " used to be wholly
routined. In any evont, tho chief at
traction ot tho French table nowadays
is conversation. Atlantic.
aroma axu ukaltii.
Prof. Ira Itemscn, of tho Johns Hop
kins University, has been investigating
tho effect of cast-iron stoves ou health
whelhor tho stoves do or do not allow
deleterious gases to escape, Tho verdict
is in favor of the stoves. Prof. Rein
sen finds that carbonic oxide tho gas al
leged to be so deJeterious does not ssud
through red-hot cast-iron even of tho
thickness of an eighth of an inch. More
over, a careful examination did not in
any ono instanco dotect any deleterious
gas given out by a well-constructed fur
nace. AVhere carbonic, oxido gas is
found, its presence, it is declared, is not
duo to its passing through cast-iron in
any appreciable quantity.
A MicniOAM avenno confectioner
thought it would bo rare sport to put
cayenno pepper in tho straw through
winch n buxom manlon from tho coun
try was about to suck a glass of cooling
lemonade. Sho sucked vigorously and
thou; after alio recovered frbiuJtLo 'wild
sut prise that took possession of her, sho
reached for that joker, snatched him
over tho counter, and for- about five
minutes used him on tho floor of tho
shop as sho had often used tho flail ou
tho floor of her father's barn. Ho is
willing to admit, considering all tho
circumstances, that somo things do not
pan out as much innocent mirth and
fun as their appcaranco would 'indicate.
Detroit FreePrcit.
The Texas newspapers aro advising
tho pcoplo of that State to cultivate tho
eucalyptus. A largo jwrt of that State's
wido ares is free from : trees. Tho euca
lyptus is valuable, not only for its wood,
but also because, it is n defense against
malaria. An attempt was mado to in
troduce it in Southern Georgia Bevcrui
years ago, but tho tree succumbed to
tho cold winter of 187C-7. It has boon,
very successfully cultivated in Califor
" ' MO'int it
A Qbiiuan philosopher has been ex
perimenting as to the jniiuenco of intel
lectual labor upon tho circulation of tho
blood. His observations show that the
heartbeats wo increased) two to. three
pulsations per minute. Tho greater tho
labor and the closer the attention, tho
greater tho number of pulsations. Thus'
tliia philosopher discovers that thostudy
of geometry, to which ho had iioycx giv
en much attention, niudo his heart beat'
moro rapidly than tliat of philosophy,
with which ho was already familiar.
Concerning tlto effect of arduoulove-
making upon tho heart beats ho does
not appear to havo recorded any obaer
Wlous. ' " " '
In tho office! of a well-known physi
cian in Ilttsburgu is preserved Uie
"smallest heart that over boat in a hu
man breast, so, fir as thorecordsshow."
Tho organ is loss than oao-feurtV tho
average aize, and, strangely enough, it
belonged to ono of tho "biggest-heart-cd"
men iu the West. Ho was wholo
souled, gonerous, sympathetic-, gontto,
and bravo as a lion.
: ii I'lun
wear bangs and
California squaws
cbw pitte-troe guaa.
Edison ' KUctrlc Llikt i 2 wo Rustfu
dUcoTerr.but not aj wonderful ss Hall's
Catarrh Curs, For m by IVanr & Mo
A Hater.
SntU. fct'with low ltW-0 fe OT.
, A MMTM bias--;kaMJactarittg
Giaccs males aro educated
they exhibit brayis.
FcwirrRetts shoald &ever be
Mgned to tho grave,
"THaokl man eloquent" When he
romes homo a trhio off.
Thr Philadelphia Sun thinks tho
dressmaker is a pattern woman.
AzjAwmt should nover burn coal.
He gets along better with Ooko than
Tain man who invented corsets was
foolish, for ho might have known they
" Water molon-choly scene." said tho
small iioy whon tho farmer s dog chased
him out of tho paich.
A H0UM.T yowur girl has tho consola
tion of knowing that, it sho lives to be
40, sho will be a jwettr old girL
" I dont liko that cat; it's got splln
lert in its feet," was tho excuse of a 4
year-old for throwing tho kitten away;'
A uttlk heat that can't bo beat, the
window open wido ; a littlo breeze, a lit
tle sneeze, and you'ro tho doctor's prido;
817.25 for ten visits.
An ambitious young writer having
asked " what magazine will giro ma
highest position quickest?" was told,
"A powder jnagazino, if you contributi
a fiery article."
Oahltxe, being once asked tho differ
ence between a natural fool and an
educated fool, replied, "Just about the
difference between yoa and me, I sus
pect," The questioner was uovcr- able
to determine what kind of fool ho was.
"I saw a big boy and. a little fellow
quarreling over somo marbles to-day,"
said John. "Did you?" asked liU
father. " I hope you interfered to stop
their quarreling." "Yes, yes," said
John, .'I took the littlo felloVs part,"
An old man, with a head as destitute
ot hair as a watermolou, entered an Aus
tin avenuo drug store and told tho clerk
ho wanted a bottlo of hair restorer.
"What kind of hair restorer do you
Iirefer? " "I reckon I'll havo to tako a
KtUo of red-hair restorer. That was
tho color ot my hair when I was a boy."
Texai Sifttngi.
Iturrt up, sts,
Dearcat, delay not,
Long bar I walttj;
Blgtwd for Ii comlog
Of klawaUlateJ;
fragrant aa roacbuJa,
Pun aa Um daw;
Caarcat, delay not,
I'm waiting for jon.
" Jcst keep your bottlo of whisky in
your closet, and, when tho girl brings
vnu your hot shaving-water in tho morn
iu. ( you can mix your toddy quickly,
and not a soul will know a thing about
it," said the M. D. Tho plan worked
well until tho old man's daughter
.thought ho must bo going insane, be
causo ho wanted to shave five or six
times a day.
St Louis boasts of a mailing clerk
whose extraordinary memory enables
him to noiao every, paetofllco in tho
Stato and U10 county, iu which it is
situated. A better test would be for
some ono to lend him a dollar and then
cull ou him for payment in about thrut:
woeks. Two to ono the wonderful
memory would jump a cog under such
hovero test. Ordinary memories always
do. Detroit X'rto I"ress.
rr WAS Till OAT.
A Tboinaa cat aud an old bootjack
lo burUuif through, Uia jarJ,
Tba cat'a abaad at Ux old ryae-bnl.
Hut tba bootjatk'a ilrttfng bard.
For tba cat a fenca of gleawlug plae
(FeucM art haudjr for caU, I wtau I)
A narrow putt fur bliu tu climb
(UuttbaUMiJaikhlta the uowlug-uaeklua
Ikiotjaika al J anthracite coal fur Jou
(Ob; the tat can acoot away!) '
"or lua a coru aud a uiUftl ahou
(1 bat banga Ilka a lull o'er a bjgbtad da 1
For )ou profanity long aud loud
(Cbaoa wbtr ouce order relgntd I)
I'ort'iu wltbboutjwk uolmlod
(I'lant ateabtrapa at uy bead !).
"rAXTiwu a.-
"Panther Sam," of Texas, was a typo
of a class of meu to bo found in all com
munities. He laid claim to wonderful
courage in fighting Indians, marvelous
skill iu marksmanship, and unexampled
uVetuess as a ruuner. Boasting of these
qualities in a bar-room, ho was chal
lenged to a foot-raoo, and was beaten by
a boy. When it come to shooting ho
could not hit a hat at thirty paces, and,
after having been whipped by a drunken
Indian, Panther Sam subsided. Jteui
Orleans lHcayune.
If thero should bo a wool f am ino in a
year or two, there would bo nothing in
tho fact which would greatly surprise
somo of tho prinoipal authorities oa wool
matters. Rot has carried off many
sheep iu England and on the continent,
and it k said that sheep are in numbers
far below tho average. It may be that
tho American wool-grower is at hut
about to find hk reward for having pa
tiently cluugfto hk sheep through the
long period of low prices.
Modern journalism k not faultless by
any means, hut its faults are of the head
rather than the beairt, and seldom very
serious. If tho fault-finder would only
scorch for and point out the merits they
might help to curt) much of which they
Am editor bad oecasioa to uso tho ex
pression, "Alpha and Omega," Ha was
overwhelmed with delight whea hu
found that the compositor bad made it
"apples ivud changes." That uvt-aJug
the wretehed maagier (led from the eity
la wild basts.
No ittr how laded the cotHtltutloa
may be freta' diseMie or excess. tLe Great
Oerma InrJfw eler restores it perwaaeat
ly, Sea advetMaemeitt, For ealeby l'ea
ay & McAlleter.
That is what a rjreat
many people arc doing.
They don't know just what
is the matter, but they have
a combination or pains and
aches, and each month they
grow worse.
The only sure remedy
yet found is Dkown's Ikon
Hitters, and this by ranid
and thorough assimilation
with the blood purifies am
enriches it, and rich, stron,
blood flowing to every pai
of the system repairs th.
wasted tissues, drives out
disease and gives health aud
This is why Huown's
Iron Dittkks will, cure
kidney and liver diseases,
consumption, rheumatism,
neuralgia, dysjK'psia, mala
ria, intermittent fcvirs, Xc.
Mr Simon BlanchttJ, a 0I
known citlnnof llaycaa ilia, MaaJa
county,Katucky,aayi '..l,
had bean akk far a long lime, ja.1
her eooitltutioa wa all UvUn
down and ihew.it unable towwk
She wataJtiKj to ue Bniwn't In.
Kitten, and found It to work liU
charm, We waul J no) auw U lib
out it for any comtJtration,
comiJtr It the Lnt ternc in in.
Brown's' Ikon Hirrri
is not a drink and tloes it
contain whiskey. It i- il.
only preparation of li.t
that causes no injurious I
fects. Get .the gcntiiiu
Don't be imposed on with
GEORGETOWN, KY.- On tba Clnclnnat
Southern IL B, Ideated In the h atlhy and larau
tiful "lllue draw" rrglon of Kentucky. &3lh aoa
alon DDaoa 8rltembar Jrd. lfU. Inatrutlian In all
branrbaa i4 a 4!ifa axlurallon. K rrtnr.l tiro.
fcaaon, Tba d;nea ol H.3.. A It. aa d A. M. ron-
ierrei. uaeiut roure lor ibuao wbvean l(wo-I eo
ly one or two rvara In Callrra. Trrmi law tor a.l.
tantafaa oflir.1. Kor ratalnraa or rllrulait,
auurraaeariy to u. ai, nui'l.r.T, l, !., I'm.
We will now pay aprelal attention to
We rromla to Hire aatlafartlon, and when dralrrd
will (Ire I'atent Flour for Wheat. Can make
ellner bolted or unbolted meal,
Thouaanaaofgratre are
annually robbed of tbelr
Tlcllcua, Urea prolonffed,
bapnlnna and health re
atored by uaa of the icreat
Which poaltlfely and permanently rurea Illljxt
teney, (cauaed by eireaara at any kind,) Mr ini
tial Wruktimm, and all dlenuee that follow a
MO,ueoceofSlf-Abua,ai loaa of energy, kaeol
memory, uolreraal laaaltuJe, I in Iu the back,
dlmneaaoftlaloa, prematura ok! age, and many
other dlaeaaea that lead to ronauinntlon and a pre
maluregrate, atarrleod for clrculara with lull
monlalt free by mall. Tba isriUOH.i TOH
laaolJalllrlut,oraUUiea for IS, br all
drugglata, or will ba aenl freo by wall, eecurely
aaaled, oa receipt tf price, by aJdrenlng
111 Adamatreet,Toledo,Ohlo.
Dole agent for the United rJtalea. IH-ljrJ
I hart rocently opened In Ulihuioixl a large and
complete I laulng Mill, and au prepare toiurnlah
arery kluJ of
WeHthcrlieHrdiiiKt FleerluKa
Deem, NrmIi, IIIlHtlti, THthH,
NIiIhkIch, MeHltlliiKM, NtHlr-
wbjh, Ae.
Aa 1 aell at oricea auch aa tba aboaa artll ran 1
bought In Loulatllle, Clnclonall, or other whole
sale oouaea, i am aura i ran mate 11 to yout ad
Tanlare to oatronlxa homa Inalltuilona. I am
alao a practical
And au prepared to furnltb dealgna and eetluatae
for bullJlags and all klnda of acrull work.
That 1 au dolne no auiall huilnMa. ean I.A liM...
ad from the fact Ibat my bank account runa from
II.M0 to 11,000 per week.
Contracting aud building done promptly and at
Uting prlcea. Addreaa
Itf-aol-iyr V. H. NTArrUHll,
Sick Ilradacho and n litre tilth trouble Incl
dint tu a billoua atata of the eriuin, auch aa DU-
aiuaaa, nauara, urowaiiHaa, uiacriaaancrtatlng.
l'alu la tho Hide, Ac. Whilo tbelr moat tuuarav-
alia aucvaaa uaa Urn ahown la uirloir
valuable iu Couellpatlou, cnrlng and prnestlnr
tbiaannoylnjcouiplaliit,whllaIbey alaocorrt
all dlaordtra uf tho atoraacb, tlmulat th IIvit
aodniculutathaboirila. Krtalf tht'oalycrirai
Af he thry ronM b almoal prtcclraa to thoae who
auaTvr from thla dlatroaalng complaint pot form
tiately their coudueaadoea not eud hi ra, and thoa
who ouc try them will find t bta llttl tJlla valo
able iuaauaayaia that they will not bawUluuf
luduwllboutibun. Jlutalltralliklchcaa
la M bane of to muy Urea Ibat her la where w
audi our crtal bout. Ouc put cur It walla
ether do But
Cuter Will urrr 1111 are Ycry email an
venr caa y to take.
trycaiylouke. uuaortwopllMiuakaad
Thry are atrktly Ttiirtablu and V sot frlM or
tiunie, but by tniir ifiuti action ucaeaaww
byurutiatat'YiywLui-, orautbyuiau. I
CaKTEK Mt'blt'I.NK CO, New Yerk. 1
baiaia. laiiaiaaiaacrniat neiur
araTrunniaT. RntiTu iaw. w n u ,
ill raetor. HeTTlcea enry nnwaay morning tA
gMejaeept tha thlH. rrayar Meethac etery
4?" B!!hU. "--f.Weaol at tUf A. H.
Rev. H. O. Mortlaon.HuyeTlneaaidairt.
J AtTltrr-IUv. J. M. Raoca, Paator, Hee rleea
1J on rteeoftw t4 KcAHlh Hundaya, nmtafna
t-l, ITarer Mealng arwy Wedneaway a
aofj. ButiJay Bchool at a. at. R. K. Batroir
CHRIHTIAH.Wrahlpt.y tha rongreiratiaa .
laryLord'aday. I'rachln by Hr. J. W. fit
onrterand and fourth xrd'a Jan. MundayHchool
t t-15, Joa. rteTeranca, rnperlnlendenl.
L roy,tor Hunday rVhoolalllO. John W.
Root, BnnatlniendenU Union l'rayer Mealing on
Ket, I. H. WrKI.
-NTANfOltll, KY
W. P. WALTON, . - Proprietor.
Hlieorrltaf,'.20iM. Klght romnlat acta ot Hren
ary Heating rapacity, Including gallery, too.
Ilratonable ralra to good attrartlona. Addreaa
aa aboee.
Stanford Female College.
With a Full Cirpsef Teacher,
Thll Inatllullon will on lit Thirteenth Heaaloo
on tha 2d Monday In ttepteuher neit.
An taught, aa wall aa
In Tuition, rrlrea ranre from I2S to IV) In lh
regular Departmental frlmary, f U; Intermedial
em; rreparatajy, in, and luiirgiaia, too.
For full partlculara, aa U HoaM, 4c. addreaa
HUM. N. V. TKllKHCAHT. I'rlurlpail,
Stanford. Lincoln Oa., Ky,
OUHJdll e Irt
OAtarrh of thn Naanl CoHty-Chronlo "ono
Ulcarotlrol Catarrh of tho tar, Cya or
Throat. It la tnhan INTERNALLY, and
arts DIRKOTLV upon tha Blood ana
Mucous Surfaca of tn Sratom. It
laf tho boat Blood Purifier In tho
WORLD: and la worth ALL that la
charged for It, for THAT Blono.
oklt mum cure reaTcAmsB
And w orfar Ona Hunctrad Dollar tor any
Oaao of Catnrrn It will not pure.
0Ve of A. T HnwABT Oxl
Cntcuau, 111., Junn , iimjl I
3ntr: F J. CX'nrw a Oa Ihlnlo, tt
tltnttrmm.l Uka pleasure In Informing you
Uiat 1 bao tucil llajl'a Catartli Curn. It baa
rurrJmo- Iwiarcry lav! aotl don'l hralutalo
aaythatltwIUrurfaoycaaeiof Catarrh If taken
properly. Yuure tnilr,
J, li. Wumraroaa.
R. Mraaur, Jarkacn, Ulrli., write llara haJ
Catarrh for it yeara. lltU'a Catarrh Cur cured
o. UoaMcr It worth liatda Inula.
I THoIJ by all Drurelata at 5 5 rta par Imttln.
ManufartitreKl ao.t anl.l by - CHtXKV OU
ttie lTVJrioton, IVUOiO, OUIO.
For aala lo Htanfanl by fenny A HrAIUter.
Afflicted, Attention
Tba world la ailed with tha wonderful. Lraull-
ful and Inlricat iOTeollona ol man. yet all lha
couiblnrd talent an.1 genial that tha world haaar-
er anown nai nefer ikuiucvu anyiniog mat can
compare with "Dr. tlann'a Retnediea.'' Medical
lalll and aclenc bare, aa yel, tailed to dlacoter
any thing equal to then, fcr th cur of tba dla
teaee for which they are recouioeudnl. Aa tbelr
tlrluea and uara are pralanl by thouaanta through
out tha length and breadth ol tba land, andae
tJlanlardKauillr Meallclnee, they cannot b aa
relleil, an I are fully luUuutlatfJ by tba ilrong
ror Cougba, tblda. Croup, Itroncbltli, lunauwp
tlon and all Dlaeaanu ot tba Throat and Lunga,
Vho Dr. (jIhiiii'm C'nii'Kh NjrrHp.
Kor IJrrrrbuplalnt,llyaietiala, Iixllfeillon.Jaun
die, lVuatlpatlon, Mour Hloiuach and all llllioui
Uh Dr. CJrima'M I.lvcr Cure.
Cor llbeuiuatlaiu. Neuralgia, Kpralm, llrLlaea and
nwriiingi aueiternai application lor loan or
Vho Dr. Ohbii'h LIiiIimch(.
For Mice. Hemorrhoid', IJurui, Ilalula and all
I u liar dlaeaaea,
Tor Freah Cuta, llurni, Ulcera aud Old Horee,
Vho Dr. Ghhu'h HKirr-Ntrect
VMoDr.GHiiHHNIemHck Ulitern
A Reliable Tonlr, A pwl!rrr and Hlool IHirlSar,
aiul alao cure Uitarpala, Indlgeatloo, Lifer
Complaint, Malarial lercra and all periodical
lUaeaaoa. Manufacturrd and tit aala by
"W. K. O-AOtTDST, 3wT. 03.,
Hoi proprietor, Monllrello, Ky. aTAll orderi
by null will recel'epiouiptatteutlou, W-tl
Kentucky's Route East
Washington, Philadelphia N.Y.
Tb only lint running
IhrIhh, Ky.,
Connecting In eauie depot with taat Iralna lor
isrerv "SToris.,
The Direct Route to Lynchburg Dan
vine, fl&rieiit,
AU Virginia and North Carolina
!-r llrataaln altk.l lllall.a I f... a t I . ... -..
" ... wai lunani iuivi lajaiiuu. I'l'lr Mar
your uaail llcaelottwo, or addreaa
Ueul. Waataru Ageut,
3 10 W HhIh Nt Iulavllla, Vy
" TT V.'. " W. VULI.KK,
wwi naoaaw, ueti-l faaar Art.
khuood, Vlrgiula,
Mrtrenl'mreaanraandlnatrncinra, ftrlenilflr.Clae.
alcal, Affrtcnltaral, rtnrmal avhonl arrillVianmerrlal
Coaraeief 8taty Tallinn and Matrlcnlailun I": "
per annum. Uard In trmltnry. If.i. per weak I In
rTiTaiaiarniiirn" awaiwwma ia Jvar. p,iim
nga.appartalAparhlneryelitlrrlf new. Capacity
forouoaludenta. kan.aotalo.lr wider and eaatnaea
raa than anycollaaa InKenlncky. f'orratalnfiwa
apply lo .iKlfeVT. It. Kiati',nf loJAraK.)'Artra
aoi, H, II , rreildt nt ot the Coilefe, laxlniton, kr.
Mutual Aid Sociotji
r ICuittuorcy.
tlrn aolMlallon I hare acrepteil tha agency At
Lincoln and llarrirdronnllre of thlt moat pralaa
worthy and perfectly reliable Inatllullon, the
abject of the A. M. A. floclety Ulng "la pcotldi
Bnantlal all to tha wldowt, orphana, helra.lega
teea and eaalgna of III deceaaeil Memhera." Ho one
hould heallata to aecura membership, II will
anord ma plea.ure la glre full Inloiniitlon to Ihoea
deal tl fig and circular thowlng tha object ol h
noeiety, namraoiineotnren, ac.
nlord, Ky
IiiMiiranco CMiiipHHy I
American Aneti, $5,212,737 81
Loiim Mill ia 31 ye re
in U. 8. exceed $31,000,000.00
Solid, I'roHiit ami HoanrnLlp. l'atri
l&Ws Tflthoat tiO ilj' tllacoHat.
Doei the Leading Auerican Butke.
rollrlre wrlllaa by
rcaenlrd at tba eani agrncy, Ralca reaaonabla
Louisville, New Albany &
Chicago Railway.
rulliiiaii Paluco Cars!
MranaLNOTtriL-raaaengera Iron lb Knot
tllaellranchori.A N.H. H. arrli. In leiulaalll
In Hue to lata the evening train of th "Mono
Route" and go through I
(Irrf ncaallf, CrawfartliTlllc, Ijirajetta
and thlrago nlltieat rkangp.
I lally.
Lra. Iularllle.
Arr. (Ireenraatle.
" Oawlonl.rlll..
" UtaielU .. . .,
M Chicago . . .-
11 paa
4 I. n
1 IA pea
ol a an
( Man
Tha noet direct route, with oalr ona changaof
rata, to all luluta In WUrooaln, Mlnoeaola, luw,
Nebraaka,Ae I'ur lurlhrr lufcirniallon. a-Uraaa
l- Loula.llle, Ky
Through Trunk Line
WilhMt Change md wild Speed UarrtaM
rttotl UHII1VII Ll to TIK
1.1111a KikV, Mautgouery. Atlanta, aataaoah,
Jackaoatllla, Mobile, and New Or Lena.
la Palace Uara Without Change.
shout lihetothceaTt
rron Loulatllle la ralace Can wltbeut change.
FMIRRSHTQ "" home on lh.
LrniUllriri lO Una ol thll toad. will
receive epcclal low ratea.
Bee Aaanla of thla Company tor later, raulaa
Ac. or will, c. P. AlMOHf, G. P. &. V. A.
'" LoulaelH. Kt.
Don't Be Led Astray I
Ily th iwrullarly vrordnl vlterllarnienta of rlral
routea, which are liable todecolr tba public,
Tba eborteet and tjulckeat Rout from Cincin
nati Weat la th
I R. W.
-10 Hours-
Cliiciiinnti to St. Louis !
lloun ibrad of all other lluoa."
Jt Dally Titloa, with nochaugeof carl far any
C claaaol aaaengera.
3 Dally Tralni to Ixxilatlll, with Fra Parlor
2 Dally Tralni lo Kranarllla, i houra la ad.
faooe of all other routea, with on In change
of can.
2DallyTralua toCalro, 7 houra quicker than
any other line, aud no change of can.
2 Dally Tralni to New Orleaoa. No chance of
ran from Cincinnati,
l2HiUPlUB!St1.KB,l,w Chlc,, K0"1-10
Kansas Cilv Two "". tiuoo th
ik.,1. ,f . .' "" l"hagofaara
than by other llbea.
Th . Jb M. la th.only Una wllb 4 Dally
Tralu Iroiu Cludouatl lo HI. Louie, making direct
coouTilloan In the Uuloo Depot (at h. Loulalwltli
Mlaaourl l'aciOo Railway, Bl. laiuli. Iron Moult,
tain A riouthern Kallwayt Chicago & Alloa Kail.
r. J t'bUaKO.Uurllngtoa A Uulucy Uallruadi K.
okuk 4 Ht. Louie Uailroad) Wabaah, HI, LouUA
tVISo Kallroadi Mlaaourl, Kanaaal Tela Halt
way, bt l-oula A Han Franilitv Hallway.
iBiprwi Thlt Upoa Year Meaery.
Tha O. Jb M. la lh ouly Una by which you
ran get through tan trow Cincinnati to lit. Luuta
llhout paying eatra tar lu adalilon to Uouey
pall lor tlikat, '
l.rllltil ..1. a .... lf. ii- ...
fit . 1 v ' . luwiiuaiion.cau oa
Tltket Aaeuliofuiuuectliwlltiaa.
-m- ,IJ"-IIVIS Walnut it,M
1. V. HILL, J'ltaauger Afwl, Lebaaos, Ky.
fc J aiaa a r - i 3f aaangAgananananananal

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