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gourna I
l'ttbtlthvtf Turmtiiu nil Friday
K'J l131t ANNUM, CiVMII.
nnJerstoodlf w. credit thaUJ.W wtUte
and demanded.
Uinaug nn Atuui lrt.h ntiil ointin
tieing four wesn until of the nv
non, I w'l' roiluc ti ne o' Imril In f '
.r wsk. T.ih "ill viuWsi ill InvitU'U c
ntiialn thH hnflt of Ihese water, mul wi ll
In.nre KiO'l until the close The
present k i be int srf uoeeful nemim.
both liiancialW ant! oiherwi"; ojwnlntt
early in June. w hye biea cornstanlly
crJwJtd up l- b present lime, nixl nil
hire been either eotirelr ciireJ or Kreittly
bcneSletl. I will meet the lrin it Cmli
Orchnril, Kr., on Trutreday.1 nml
fjttunUp ami nt 1'iiin Lick on the K. C.
rtllroiJ, when written t" d "o Will hr e
dtncMon Tuesday and Friday nlclitx when
giie.ld delre them, mmic by tho Crib Or
ctiard Hir.iw limJ. Co Use' to rent nt ;
per wiek, hirni'hfd with ookin .tore,
chair. Utiles and td 'tetJs. NjwV lour
chases' Ioptctfullr,
The republics beie hse tucked their
tut), and iMren up the Gjht
L A. J udsr, yotin uinn nrr IhU
pUce, i throii by TJ'tn? hore nml
jot one of hi it.!ler broken I: w.
thought for 4hil tfcat the youn inn
win killed.
F F K bbitt, the ctet I -wile hoM
ofien eel bl, but he never let down. He
in no entered in another roe. He i
ondidte 'or doorkeeper. Ilibn wrillen
to onr repreiectilire, Mr W A. Am!er0P,
vkinir him to ro'e for him
We hire it front od mrtmnty that
the editor of our county piptr, the man who
tired the deuncrl In ole for (sen.
when it cum to the crlch went luck
oo hiui and toted for Fox. W hope Mr
Mullm. can deny thi. KJ
Don't Know He is Dead.
iTo the EJf.ur of th IntkiIOR Joi a.sal I
Cns.uOm.ii.VliD, AucuitV P.eatetoin.
ert the followint: Hon. Font Fox Uct
hit', candidate for the lesiclalure, will
.peak at Stanford lt Monday inStptriubtr
county court dy Lt friend of
justice come to bear hiui on the inoet in.
famoiu con.piracy to thwart the will of a
free people that blackent the pne. of modern
bitory. Ko.M Fo. Houurrr.
There U no reon for dcoyinif it, the re
noil of the Slate election i' a bUck eye for
the democratic prlj; and from a democrat
!c standpoint, except for the intluence it
but hare eNewUere. we ife no ccca.ion to
reirel it. Tne democrillc majority in thic
Stale has been .0 ponderous and unwieldy
that it is burden and a burier to ptrlT
orKMnittion B.it there are r.o Hijnn that
there wi anr de e:ii-n fiom tho
It was only the stay
thatcuel the reduce I
eniboro Mea'enjcr.
The Htcrelaty of the Treasury announ
cei the baaia of prepijment of interent he-fore
maturity rn an unuully liberal cale.
The rebate i 2 pr cm'. He alo call, for
lenderx of ll per Cint bond on account of
the Sinini: Fund ac:orditii; to la Tlwe
opiiona o( imeret and redemption, if the
urgency for mnnee should became ft' Uteil
a msny apprehend, my in the py
luent br Jninry 1 cf nearly forty million
'Tell me," he whl'ptred with thehoaw
neMof emo'i)ii, whirered a. if he feared
the mur Jiurlna urf might cuich the
and bear it to aoaie othf r ear. "Tell
me, bave you ever loveo"' S'ib trembled
She hesitated for a moment and he thouijht
hefeltherbliipbeclowln hU eyei. She
trembled and in a mill, small whlapar.
theummerbrez), anawered: "Not
Francl'co Chronicle
thi summer
The sooner strawberry planlfl are set out
the better chance for a
in July or Aiigmt
crop next eprln. If l"B P,cl ' ,0 be
Mi, wait for a rainy time. bat their growth
much checkeu. rrffiueni .io
be not too
ing and atopplnu the (jrowlb of runnera will
make the hilli thrifty. All the fruit bud.
for oext summer crop must, howorer, be
formed thi fall-
A child was recently watching younR
i.. i. ... tiMlliinn busily talktneinto a tele
phone transmllte. Suddenly the child
to?" The la
Haid: "Who are you talklnj?
"I am talkinK to a man"
"Well, he mu.t be an
the child replied:
awful little man to live in euch a email
bouie a thatl
The moot wonderful remedy for chicken
cholera ever discovered I danler' Chicken
Choleta Cure. It is guaranteed to cure and
la gold by all druggie. -'
Patrick Helber Insulted Mrs Mike
McMulleu at PitUburg and the lady fractured
bb skull with a rork
1o The Patrons And tnends of Stanford Fe
male College
I am eorry to announce to you that Miss
Hobjon will not bs with in next season
The feeblu condition .fhr health is such
as to forbid bar leickirg. Tne lon strain
of work in the music room has at length
had lis etlect upin l,er riervom Hystem and
general health
However, she recommends In her place a
young lady whom she knows from a personal
acquaintance. Her succesor, Misi
Lee Mijei, com,-) from Sweet.i'er,
Tennessee, anil hai the nxperienre of several
yeirs in teaching hiving twice taucht
in twj female ollegea of huh s'anding
She is represented as a lady of intelligence,
of refinement, of an amiable disposition and
enthusiastic in her specUl voctfon. I am
ani'ialuted with her family and in social
standing the rjnk aimngt the first of her
native town
I'leisereidctre'iillf the tmlimotii.iU be
low and you will mi thit the position will
gtin be ably 1 1 ' I e I by one worthy of your
pitrunige and confilence Ttianking yuu
fjr your kindne's and suppsrt in the past,
and belivin tint you will .till bi pleased
in thi depir'unnt, I am very respectfully,
Ai.rx S 1'a.yto.v
I- atljrJs uie ui'ic'i ire to slate that
I am well .irquainled with Miss Ctrrie
Myes ant know her to b a excellent
leicber, bath of vocal and instrumental
musir, and any school would find her a
treasure. I moil heirtily ommend her to
the Cjllege and to the people of Stanford
Li'i v A. Homo.v.
Van unr cjni.ler yoursslf fortunite if
you cin secure the services of Miss Csrrie
l.e M ives in your drpulment of music, in
both io'lruuiental and vocI. She wa in
mv euiploy for several terms at Martha
Washington Female Cjllege and gye
K K. Wii.ky,
President Martha Washington F. Col
lege, Abington, Virginia
Miss Mayes taught inslrumintal mi 1 vocal
music two years In Weaverville Female
College and gave entire sati (faction. Her
voice is sweet, clear and well-trained. Her
pjpils make fine progress. 8be is patient
and painstaking as a tetcher, prompt and
punctual in the performance cf duty, has
pleasing manners and is very popular with
her pupils. I). ATKINS,
President Weaverville Female College,
X. c.
Little Mibel bad been to Sunday a;hool
The lesson was the escape of Lot from Sodom,
and on her return home she was asked
to lell about it "Oi," ebe eaid, "it was
about I. at, and the people in Sodom were
awfully wicked and Lit was the only good
nne, and he was told to the frim destruction
with bis fam Ir, and ther said: 'Now,
Lot, you mustn't turn and look btck,' and
Lot didn't look back, but Mrs Lot wanted
to see what was going In happen, so after
they had gone a ways Mrs Lot turned and
looked bick and turned a eommersaul'.
The American cow is the noblest of all
animils, for American dairy products are
estimated at j 130,000 000 arum illy. When
it is recalled that the cotton crop is valued
at $ 0 000 000 less ar.d the whet cio,) at
but $50,000,000 more. Ihe cow is a very
considerable factor in this country, and rep
resents a basioess interest that ought to be
protected from the pauper lab r of the
pump. Louisville Times.
Walterson got sick eirly in tn canvm
and rii'hed oil to the said sud Carlisle
fell by the wayside oftr r one or two
hut old min Hek and Jim MoKenzie
staid with the hoys until the last day in the
evening. In view of the return, it now
appears that but for the ell oris of Heck,
McKerzie and (tw others the State would
have Rone republican. Just Ihjnk o'i'!
Owensboro Messenger.
The Xiw Jersey man in Michigan who
rather thsn pay his board, murdered the
lady that kept his boarding-house and then
killed himself, would not have acted that
way at home. The laws of Michigan, unlike
those of New Jersey, do not piovide,
for hanging, and no New Jersey man cm
be hippy if, couimilting a capital offense
he sees no chance of being hanged.
1 W's, wi had quite a collation; pretty
g'j d, ti o, most ol it; but there was one ds'sb
that I couldn't make out what it was. It
looked like Koman cement, ready mixed
for building purposes and it lasted like
slate pencil dust." "O.i, that was cboco
late ire-cream."
Prof. Richard A. Proctor, the eminent
sclec'.ist, hag made a close study of base
ball pitching. He did not at tirat believe
that a ball could be curved, but he became
convinced, and wrote a learned thesis to
show how it was done.
A democrat who does not go to the polls
and cast his vote, fur all practical purpose
I just as much of a republican as the man
who marches to the polls and votes the
straight republican ticket. Loulsyllle
A young man in Jackson, Miss , is eating
peaches ell a tree that grew from a sprout
with which bis mother "corrected" him
him years ago. He atruck the twig in the
ground and it grew right along,
Union Sunday-School Picnic.
To the Alitor of the Interior Journal
Wooihtock, July 31 has done
hemlf priud to-day, aye, fir the grand old
county and her sister counties about her
this has been a great day. Such an
of doctrine has not
often if ever been surpassed in this or any
other part of the Stale The of
arrangements hail done Hverythirig pnsible
to make ample means of accommodation
for all who might be here and the fruits of
their labor showeJ to the vast audience
that their etl iris had not been in vain. Tne
fountain of doctrine was
kept on lio throughout the day in the
beautiful grove ;'. miles north of
Woodstock called for its claver ownsrs,
Gastineau's woods llivinc sympathized
with those ah ent for whit they missed
they cease to attract atlnniou and the hundreds
who gathered a round the speakers
stand ami who did not slight the picn'c
come in for onsideraticu. Tbey were here
from L'ticoln, Garrard, Rockcastle arid
Casey in number' and old Pulaeki was well
The hosts began lo gather at an early
hour. They came on foot, on horebick, in
every kind of vehicles from the Ino-horse
wagon to the moM elegant carriage and at
t) o'clock Ihe beautiful grove was a inas of
Sunday school men, women and children
The exercises Ixgan promptly at '.'.30 A M
by inuic of the five claes representing
the five 'chools respectively, led by our
worthy teacher of yocil luudc, G. C
Afler which the 1" h chapter of He
c'esiasles was read by Rev. W T. Rynolds
and a very able prayer otlered by A. J
Then came the Thompson school represented
by Dr. S C Perkin. and Bright
&a its epaakers; Miss Allie Rynoids
and Miss Billc Riynolds read essays, from
said rchool. Second school, Kites, rcpre
sented by Messrs T. J. Acton and I. N
Gastineiu. Essys by Mrs. S. A Guliceau
and Miss Ida Lirkin.
Just at this time there was a cry heard
in tne nr ' D tair is rI, every -body
inviteJ " It is uselesi to say that every
one present made for the dinner table,
which was well loided with all the good
things of the season, and plenty too.
At 1 1. M- the crowd was called together
by music by the cla. Then came the
Grange Hall school, represented by Rev, J
W. Birronand C. M. Tnompsoo,
Macy Mercer and Era Ilirron. Next the
Pence school represented by Massr. W T
S.Green and J P McWilllans, Misses
Hannah NeNun and Ophelia McWilliani".
Fifth and lal came the Woodstock school
represented by W K Price and J. A. Van
hook, Mis?s Allie Martin and Emm1
Thompson, which c!oeJ the programme of
the day. The reports of all the schools
show them lo be in a healthy
the sasou there have been
chapters read by the several fchoole. 102
lectures delivered and 72 esays read in be
half of the Sunday-school cau'e
Great credit is due the entire repreen
tation nf each school as well as the entire
community for the hospitality shown the
picnic. E'eryboJy went home tilled with S
S. doctrine, enthusiasm and picnic, trut
ing that all miy he .pared to ei jiy another
such a blessing iu lS'.
..Wim?, That the I.ntkkuk Jocknal
and Somerset papers be nqiies'.ed to copy
proceedings of said picnic. Done by order
of committee. J. N. Thompson, M'gr.
V. W.Thojimon.C'IW
The Eveniko Bath. All farmers who
are subject to severe physical labors find
the grjateit possible refreshment in a bt'h
of the whole Indy at the close of the day's
labor. Krery farm house should he fitted
with an out hou'e where the men may re
move the dust acd perspirntion resulting
from their labors and where they can
change their dirty clothes for clean ones,
for next lo a clean skin, clean clothes rests
a weary body No one who ha not tried
thenvening bath and change of clothing
would believe how great Is the relief thus
obtained. Not only is the immediate effect
great, but the bath induces sound and
refreshing sleep, and thus a double purpose
is served.
When a funny story is suddenly recalled
to a man's mind by some circumstance, the
desire lo lell it is suddenly irresistable.
This was peculiarly so ol Jimmy Crawson
He was going down the creek one day on
raft, when one of the raftsmen was struck
by an oar and knocked into the raging
tlood. The incident suggested something
ludicrous to old Jimmy and instead of
plunging in afler bis comrade, he drew a
near to him as be could safely and said:
"Your falling in there remind, me ol a Ut
ile thing that occurred about 20 year "
But the man had gone down never to rise
again Nashville Baneer.
While the State democratic majority is
not as big ai some barn doors, or as high as
a Cumberland mountain bay stack, it is
sutTicient to keep .our republican friends
from trolling out their male poultry and
crowing over the result. S far as the election
itself is concerned, it signifies nothing.
If the republicans can construe a stagnant
inditlerence among democrats and a
activity in their own ranks into a
moreel of camfort for themselves, nobody
carM to object. Whenever the party needs
it Kentucky will smilingly turn up with
that same old forty or fifty thousand.
Glasgow New3.
-Mullins fired bis brick kiln Monday.
--Wheat is selling a' Level Green for
05 cents
Ping & Bro. Inyetieiin ili'tilling bran
dy in Glades.
-Jack Biker's condition is reported to
be much worse
C. W. Ping haa been laid up with a
bone felon on his thumb
Teacher J. N. Brown is laid up with
something like tvphoid fever.
Mr. T. T. Wallace has made some im
provements at the town spring.
-Ad Catron bonght 300 head of sheep in
Pulaski at $1 to SI. SO per head.
The county road are being worked by
the militia and are in good shape.
A new !)y at Mr E. M. Danny's and
will be named for our governor-elect.
Twenty three drummers visited this
place last week, including Dive Jackeon.
The county teachers' institute will con
vene here en Augtnl 221 and continue u7e
Re7. Hiatt feems a little discouraged
at the meager attendance at the Saturday
night meetings
Our good republican friinds, Judge
Colyer and Will Davis, now cencede the
election of Buckner by S00
The trustees of the various school districts
are being stirred up on the eubject of
getting in proper shape (or
Mrs Celia B. Rice, of Fort Worth,
Texis, is at her father's, Willis Adrms1, in
Garrard. Mrs. John Foster, with her two
little boys, of Bjrnside. is vieiting Dr Da
vis here
We failed to menlion in last reptrt
that James Prewitt, independent
in, wa elected coronor by Oo'J msjority.
Dr. Davis received 1,1 Jo yole9 for echool
a iperintendent and nis majority corree
pinds with the number of votej polled for
him; no opposition.
A man calling himself Henry Johnson
passed through this place Thursday last,
after stopping at the blacksmith and woodworking
shops of W. II. Cocks and II. C
Gentry. That nitht the above shops were
broken into and $20 worth of tools carried
away. Mr. Gentry went to BrodheaJ and
recovered the tools from persons to whom
the thief had sold them. Johnson was
wearing dark checked clothes, spire build
and weighs about 110; $5 reward is offered
for his capture.
Dr El Alcorn has found practice in
his own family. He proposes to name the
boy ''Bobbin Redivivus "
The rain failed this time to visit the
just as bountifully as the unjust. We got
less than any of our neighbors.
Our wells and cisterns are utilized as
places for the storage of gunpowder, kindling
wood and such other commodities as
require to Id kept dry.
Don't forget that Messrs Blakeiaan
and Thompson with the able assistance of
Misees Thompson and Ford are prepared to
vindicate the ancient honor of Christian
Cjllege on the J'.h of September.
The colored pipulation have been ead
ly neglected by the papers, which have fail
ed lo chronicle their astonishing feata with
ball and bit. They threaten lo organize a
bicycle brigade and carry their claims for
appreciation to other regions.
Eld. Jos. B.aIlou preaches at the Christian
church on tie first and third Sundays
in each montt; Rjv. J. C Randolph at the
Presbyterian church same days. Rev,
Coleman serves the Biplist churcb; I don't
Know his days.
J. B. Green, the iudtfatigable Sunday-school
man of the West End, organized a
tljurishing institution at Moreland on Sun
day. Aug. Bridgewater furnishes a com
modious room and the people generally
disposed to back the enterprise.
Tie weather is cool, health generally
good, few doilba reported. No large tram
actions in stock. The election seems to be
over. No public demonstration over the
results, nor have we heard any one consoling
himself with the old woman' panacea:
"It might have been woree "
-Mrs. J. A Wright and Mrs, J B Adams,
of Montgomery, Ala , are visiting the
family of L B. Adams Will Weather-ford
aud young Mr. Burnbam, of Rich
mond, spent Sunday at G. D. Weatherford's.
J E Hufiman, E q., and wife, of Liberty,
are bcre visiting relatives. Mies Caldwell,
of Paducah, is at Sim RsidV. Mrs.
of Covington, is at Henry Cam
niiz's Mies Claudia Drye with Miss Jude
Weatherford Misses Allie God and
Carrie Berry, of North Middletown, have
some weeks with Miss Marr Thompson.
If every murderer could be brought to
trial within 30 days from the commission
nf his crime, and, if convicted, hung within
30 days thereaf er, murder would be far
less frequent and society be far belter protected.
The present so-called "humanity
cf the law" is but little elsa than a premium
on murder. Cleveland Leader.
This is the time of year when the farmer
who does not take a newspaper because he
cannot allonl it, meets with two or three
traveling confidence men and gets cheated
out of enough money in one day to pay
for a subscription to half a drzan daily papers
from tvetj Stale in the Union.
Philadelphia Times.
Well Drillers and Pump Adjusters.
BjrWells Drlilei to oiJer anJ pump,
at factory rlcea. t
E. H. FOX,
Has rciiiive I " Mil p sant now b'HHIDj
the pl IH saiit ts lutlar mn ever prepir
1 toaci jiatuo'Ute tlio putillt with lino pi' lures
ifoin rauwjrapm iu iiihsuj. guir
Stanford Female College. ,
AliKX. S. I'AXTO.V, Vlli:s.
Next "esuon wi.l bwln on
... ,
Thursday, the 1st of September ;
Instruction thorough, aud discipline VlnJ, lit
mm. (iraluatea outuur dlilreal courses ai rang
ed to lultttie tastes and capacities of girls. Oilers
special attrac Ions lu the DeoirtaenU ol.Vrt and
Music, rend lor catalogue.
To tho Citizon of Lincoln County:
UarlDg recently equlprd a fine Roller Mill In
the town ot titnnforl tfat we defy any Mill to
equal In quality of flour, we think tho citizens ot
the county should haro county prldo enough to
patronize aud sustain the same tVe wish lo Inform
whom it may concern that we are In the
market to buy your wheat and corn and will
giro the highest market price lor same. We
I are added some Dew machinery to our corn meal
drpartment and cannow mako meal to suit
It cannot be equaled by any other Mill In
this vicinity We solicit a trial In our Hour and
meal department. All harlni? grain In our line
ior sale will please call at Mill, where our aznnt
can be found al all times, who will Rife the best
prices lor same. Brand ard ship stud always In
stock. ir. .v. i'otts. sttf't.
251 tf btanlord Holler Mill Co.
Notice of Incorporation !
Notice It hereby siren that the undersigned
hare lormed a corporation and bare itcorded the
articles thereof lathe clerk's office of the Lincoln
County Court, pursuant to Chapter M, den. statutes
of Kentucky.
I. Tb name of thj Corporation Is th "Cumberland
Valley Land Company."
II. The general nature of tnt business Is to buy
and sell lands la Harlan and Bell counties, Ky.,
to mine coal and to manufacture lumber.
III. Its principal place of business Is Stiaford,
IV. The capital stock Is fixed at ISO CC0, with
prlTllege to begin on $30,000. Each share Is 5100,"
to be paid In money.
V. The Corporation shall le;in business on the
25th day ot July, 1857, and continue 25 years
VI. The ailalrs of the Corporation are to te conducted
by aBiard ofsjren Directors, from which
a President, Secretary and Treasurer uro to be
elected. The Incorpiratora shall compose the
first board, and the election thereafter to te held
on the third Wedneslay ot July annually.
VII. The Corporation shall Incur no debt
of Its paid up stock.
VIII. The print? propetty of stockholders
shall be exempt Irjm corporate debts ncd liabilities.
IX. The Corporation shall pmen all the powers
prescribed IP Chapter JO, General Statutes of
Cholera Cure !
Thousands of dollars worth of
chit kens die every year from Cholera.
It is more fatal to chickens than
all other diseases combined. ISut the
discovery of a remedy that W: e'v
cures it has been made, and to be convinced
of its efficacy only requires a
trial. A bottle is enough for
one hundred chickens. It is guaranteed.
If, after using two-thirds of
a bottle, the buyer is not thoroughly
satisfied with it as a cure for Chicken
Cholera, return it to the undersigned
and your money will be refunded.
rt tuntorct. Koitiiclcy
' tfp??h
i!.i'Vi?53J. - '.
Offlie ou Lancaster stroot, next door to
office. Office hours (rota S toll a
w.and 1 to 5 p. M. Anesthetics Administered wbar
AilviiiitiiKi'S. Kiill Ficultr, Eleven
nf Mini) lorntlon in the lii'.irt of
Illue Unix res. "ii lifflin.nl mid honpitnble rommim
My. JlnderntB t0 to J!. AlteudaiUH
taut tesulmi .'-, fr ni Nrxr SrssiON oprss
nrr. II. I vC. Fr full InfnrniatiKii ami CitalDgue,
vppito L. H. BLANTON.D. 0., Chancellor.
I with to sell Kortyfifs Shires of First National
Bank stock ol Stanfort. If not ioM
will loll publicly County Court Day.
II. T. IlVSil,
I will deliver to regular cii'onws In SUnlord
auJ vicinity cverr taornlnj at
One Cent Per Pound.
Acconnts due it the close of each month or
when customer quits.
n e it tit no iv
Tho est Novelties of the Season.
Alio Notions, such as Handkerchiefs. Collars
m ". ' Kuchln' Corsets, Butle, etc. You
-"'"""""J!, me rooms lately Tacatcl by Suil-
etitilrTca' Dex l; hhifitittkii.
Wif. AVKKS. s.3. o, OIVK II,
Notary Public
3U Fifth Street,
LOUISVILLE, - - icy.
3 and 3, Cromle Block. (lafl.l y.)
Wholesale Grocers
12 fc 1.1 AVcst Slain 811'out.
i The New Ketcnue Law adds six per cent, to
all Taxes unpiid by the first day of Septembar
land I will bare to collect It. So pleasa corns forward
and sett'e.
I T. D. .YJ2irii.t.VJ,S. L. C.
I This old and well-known Hotel Is still main.
t talnlng Its fine reputation. Charges reasonable
I Special attention to the trarellng public.
I it. i: vcuviiiin n..i.
Mt. Vernon, Ky,
Bbodhkid, Ky., May, ls37.
.Albright A Martin to Inform their many
friends and customers ol be change In firm name
Tne new firm hons, not only to sustain the reputation
of tbeold, but Intends to make many Improvements
In the manufacture ot tobacco which
will be to tho interest ol our customers. Wo wll.
devote spec ai attention to our Natural Leaf brands
of Kentucky's best leaf Thanking you for put
farors and asking lor a continuation of your trade,
we remain, Respectfully your.
I Has bad ai experience ol orer fifteen .years, and
" has successfully treated hundrols of cases
clalattentlou Isglreo to the treatment of all
' tfl.ltps nf fhaAvaa Vnm...! .11 .. ..a ..!....
cured glYen oa application if ilwlred.
Louisville & Nashville R. R.
Pullman Palace Sleepers.
tO XllMllillt?,
Initio Kock,
.Mobile nml ew OrlemiN.
Only one change to points In
Arkansas and Texas.
feeling homes on the line of this roat Mil rocelri
special rates,
TSeo Agents of tbl Company tit rates, routes
Ac.,er write
Louisville, Ky
The world-renowned Knabe, the famous Decker.!
Son, the popular and reliable Everett. Tb
celebrated CIoujq i. Warrea, and the John
Church A Co.'s
Any one deslrlnj an elejant and durable musical
instrument will do well to examine our
prices before purchasing. Wear stents for the
well-known John Church A Ci., aud will warrant
our I'lanosfot seven yean, and our Organs
for five years The Everett Piano and the Clougb
A WarronUrgin aro tho best and most reliable
Instruments manufactured, Ojr Instruments
can be seen at Ihe poitollice In dttnford, where
Mlu Kosa Iticbards will state prices, etc.
Persons who nave purchased theae Instruments
will testify to their durability nod elegant flalsh.
We wilt bn glad to serve tne public, and guaraa
Elder W. L. Williams, nf UustonvIIIe. also represents
the John Church A Co., and will be pleased
to serve bis friends.
S. It. & L. J. COOK, Agents.
John D. Carpenter, llustouvllle; J. M. Klmore,
Stanford, James lieatley,Stanlord, J. M. Pnlllps,
MinforJ; A. it. Pennr, StanfoM , Mrs. Fannie
Farm, Lancaster; (len W.J. Laudram, Lancaster;
Charloa Sandldge. Junitlou City, W, M. Payne,
Preacberaville; Mrs. E M. Carpenter, Stanford;
Mrs. MurkIs Ilolme. Crab O. T.
Lancaster. 133 lyt

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