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Letter From Kansas.
iTo tbe Editor or tin IsncuiK Joiax ai. )
Oheknhuuro, Kah, rjaut. 18. Accord
ln lo prouuee In yoiirn'lf ruiil everl of
your reiiler, I Uk tho opportunity ol
dropping you 11 few line. Wo left our
Stile on the Ulta of Auuit mid
H Ureennlinru on the i!J li M 1 :ItO o'clock
Oirroutufnm IjiiiWHI toS ''"'" w
om tliu O. .t M. Kroui Ht. Loul-. i.i
WichlU wh to A Ihfi 'FrUco. ml Wichiu
to Ureenhbitri! th K. 1 V , only Hire
channel with tl e cinno i"n4 We fmiod
our town a liUlri'ilo Inn a tinny
liuililiiw Mnif "irtilnl. At iIim writing,
n the old eming M, iie i "u'fttinc un her
eir" in Hih y ol building. At prtmirii
there Imina fire Murr lirick, 25illi0
Oreeiwbiug lUnl ; Wnivro itory hrickrtinrn
ro 'in .V)xl20; two Mil l'; two fiOxSO. Tme
U on Main 'rtei, arid eTerl other mult
ll)U Ktf li'ing pulled out of iIim wr !
link" room f r mure Tim fotindittloiM for
chiirchc hi Iwn Uul til; the Hip
iin Imve ihe fuumltilnn complete, 3JiW;
ittti lrfbymnti :VJi50; 3:2 i-V!
Toe public echuol hoil irf to In n lw
K..r bnci. lo cent J10 000; dou'i re metuVr
tl i i , ami imuilier ol reideticwi re
built on ll "iilol town. If mijone
who renl tbl letter ooiiieinplale unking
nnling a irip Wet,ciom to (irtMibiir..
Cjt thin letter out anil bring It ib you,
ml if ferr irl ol U U mi 'rue I "ill
PT your w iy luck 'o Kentucky. I iui not
out hern lo wniu iitai li uy Ineiid to de
ceive them, tether m I here for uit
he Hi. Cmie mul jtu will , d "ol
through smoked U either. A uivi with
uivlctptttlcw do well, lint : nun with
lRrecii'l cn do better. Tnw i the
t j.niry lor pr uin, hiii U -
i ie pUoe f r n pint mm with family mid
tuttnnc l 0" lb "h l' energetic in
lIlH'rl 1114 Ul III WltlieCDUgl lo get to KU-
n m and gjo.i learn, 1 would ny ,,Kuw
is tbe p ncv for you in ct "' " '''"'
Itii'l In Ki Ciiiniy hv nil ba inkoii,
nl in fet r Unjr (icrtion oit f our
but therrt tro v fCilluiiiiK iiMrnr
lo be Uki-n jet. Mot of ihe uiik,rnin nre
now iroiru to Ki'l Cjlumdo to t.fcf public
Ur.il, b it Imid buyer ar pi-tiliiu: i
ICmkv FdruMof ICO acw
M from ;700 lo JA 000, owinrf to
Tby re ohrtp nd buye" re
Jati :in of lhn ppportiinltliH 'V
crop in ibicountT were ol'fl, but
w w.ll be lo do tl nd "nine to
cpue ( irn i llliw "t lOcriil pr biixli
f' 4Wf, whn " cit; proti'ion of ll
klui r' CQip here tbey are birk
Kh', otl u "line tiieHr; we piy frmi i"
lo ;S pr l oi, It II w Khim opl btte
leirnrd lo ba it luile economic! in rrijurd
to b lrntnc o mI I will not tll you the
rrtt.mii'l hifn plellr ol chp cohI
r,Tino wntln riit further informvion
in rejnrd lo tne Wet, incline tmip nnd
I will iUilly ie it with plenhiife
Thecrvit Hick Inland Unite on Ihe 10th
npprotched the eniern limit ol our ciiy,
an I the citiia turned out en nme tisreet
Ihem with n dry lotd of apple, cidr and
clear. W wtched the wonderful new
pr cee of Uyilitf ril, that in cllnl liy
the wen the "Wild Imbiutn," which
My from two to thre mile per d
When tho whilU bl lor G o'clock Ihe
(lreenbur people i;a?e three cheer for
the Kick I l iti.1 ndin re)Jiie the Kick
Iclan.l pioplemvHthiee cheern for Green
bur and tho engineer blew three lont; and
lou 1 hid h All were invited to pirtk of
Ihe hoipiUlilie whlCT the blird ol lrde
lulprepued, There were eenerii uiUr
change and Kteeling and xhorl epeMihea,
cloi'ni; willi ihre chei for llreennbuu
and tiie Rroit K"ck Iibtml Tin road tun
a through peeni!er tr.iin lo Cnicao
for the UMt linns. It i Ihe bet roid in the
S ,it; be ler kj lippud, Hnd they look like
lutler el of men. Jamim II. Steimibm?.
UKNKIirH 01' UulUUNd A830CI TJON!.
Pney promote and fonler frugal hibll
I'ney uiculcite nobriety and cherub and
the rii;hl n( man.
Tney are incentive to tlie practice ol
ecm imy.
l'ner mo-e fiitndil bu'Jind, more
iliiufiil hoih aid certiinly mord provulen
lia f.ither.
Vwtt open lo the dark, myelinic, hiii ill
merciiant aou laboring m.n the only
13 n home,
Ttiey lift up ihe uor and uiikn him
more manly.
They remove miaerr -tad place in lieu
thereof happine.
Thfy enri.'h the tilate and defend i'a in
They kill commiiuim and uhU an.
trchy odiou
They humanizi, chriatianlz), eofieo ihe
eared, ioured and discontented heart of
the toiling mawe. - John 8. Oriflin.
"Pdtny, onto here. I want lo lalk wid
you. Will ytz loan me two dollars?" "In.
dade I wull not. It'rt yernelf that' bin
owin' me a dollar slnco the Fort' of July."
''An' wasn't It partly to pay yn the dollar
I owe yes that I wanleJ to borry tho
mono'V "In that ce, Miciey, yiz can
have it, for 01 alwaya lolke to incouraf a
unn in psyin' hi honet debts."
A stitch in time save tune, nnd a bottle
of flan'er'e Chlc'ten Cholera Cute will rave
a hundred or more chicken from cholera if
given in time. It i mid on the
pay" plan by MrKober'fl & Stxui;.
Claus Sprtckcl's Enormous Income.
When lo ihini added the fnct that he
piy no' one cent of duty on thi crude
broiii;bt from Ihe Inland, eotne Idea of
the erioruintmprili'H cf the busitiew may le
Ka nl. It wan netimatcd threw yesra ayo'
when the biuinem win at it height, Ih. t
Ktint'ktil iiinde GOO birre' of niiKir eveiy
lit, each Inrrirl w rib f?0 Hum giving
mm t Uily rnvemi" o $IH,OOJ, or $0 670,-
000 a yer Hi profit wfr n cleir S10 on
uvory biriel, unking hi yearly income
Tli.K'O.OOO Now, however, thr profila
hve dwindled adly, an the railroad
can no oiyer mike special ootitrscta
itb him, it ml n nvdl niiKir rtrlmn
ie competing with him fir the r irol
01 Hie f ugar inleretn on the il in.i Kinc
llbkliua. afier Inirrowing J7"0,000 from
preke'n, li:n rec'iitlr noti'ited a loin of
i'2 OOO.0U0 with K ilin ctpilili!, a
thnl le.l 1 1 n vi ilent itrrl
the in lnarnh nnd bin unoey lender.
So long, however, a the reciproch treaty
with 11 wii continum in free, Spreckel
will oiu ui3tiey oin of bin;ugtr IntertnU.
It in enlimated that he in wonb $" ") 000,
000, n larfn part of lliuil in invented III
plantation", machinery, 'emnhiH :ind
iiiloh' vMeI. - (deoriie F. Filch in Con
LiNii Live the Ki.su You ulk aboui
llkbohn nnd priliCe slid kin.'-, of Mil way
UMgnaUn and and IhlDK, but
I am ttie bird with ins ciy. trilJtd 'in",
nnd ilin'i roil lorgei it a inuiii't: I don'i
have to worry hn.l bo'her itud tm ; I'm at
home in a row and I lire in tiroi'; I'm u
kuii and a eon of the nod, I'm ihe
pie and the tinker thnl'n in l ; I'm worship'
el tiv men nd I'm womhipd br b iyn, I'm
the undo ol fur; I'm Ihe father of noiec,
the odftther of nport and (f all kmdn tf
joy, lot the big duck in ih
I hclil the wliole land In my ou h
lent ulm, tl.e iieople Imw down and they
nius me a palm, I'm never perturbrd, I'm
exreniiivelr film. I i.evtr gel into h mud
db; I itwirb lht nlielitiou cf newcpiper
mer. I'm in truiht'iM rignt boner of pen
ctt nnd pn, I'm tho iet of I lie big hearted
public, hut then I'm not a bit -luck up
about It; o'er field, fence Mid farm, o'er
ditch and o'er wall I tly like the lightning
to anwer eC! cill of idolatiou
for wlij"" I'm Ih Hill: the world wouldn't
to round wiihoilt li. fCniciyo Mail.
Falcon ptyn ttie red no Liu, lUe
following couiplimen': 1 Kentocky the
red luaded womsn ha the golden Ig ini .f
a halo nb nil her. Her nkin i nfier than
alio and whiter than nnow. Her form fill
nw.ty in volupluoui curve mat unke u
uun (ire un of the apple of i.trmiie landing
down upon their golden bjlj:hn and
dumbly pleading lu bt eaten. Her brown
eye are bright with a Intaul lire jiickly
eiikindleJ from the torch of love, and
burning with a toft heat that iiialtn tbe
heart of a man amid the nweei svor ol
spice. Her walk in light yet Ian
gnorom a cjuioinatioii of t'leopitra and
Titanis. The violel upon which her little
foot pree d e in ecuatic pain about her
iunlep, joying lo hare been eo blered before
annibilatiou And Ihe red blcod which
inutile her rounded velvet lip unke
them glow until the rooi turn pale in
iiuie ni the dullne of tneir co1 ir. If I
were a cannlbil I would let all the lough
old brethien go free and fant 10 yeirn if
neceary, until some nice young red headed
fiter citne along (o convert me.
What urn we coming It'' We are
10(5,007 piinioiier a Urger army
than (iermnnr kee pi in piy lo hold .l?ace
and Lorraine, and hIuio! an Urkes France
l.ii orgamr. d lo uveoge SimIuii. It in eanier
UiBii lying to get hold of the public treat,
l'alernalinm in runiiiii,' riot nt Washington.
We ee it in HUir etlurational bil'e, rirer
and harbor bllin, public building bill mid
hundred of kmilioi steaU. It in time to
call a ball. ICiough birnirle are fantened
to the hull of the Snip of State. "Turn
the rascals out" i good pilitici, but cruh
iog Ihe leeche, btdhug,
moeqiiiioe, ileserler, and
who are able to earn honent
bread, but prefer lo liv on iluin, in better
No niitnly Americiu would crae the name
of a single honent man from the pension
roll, but there are llmuntnd there who
have no more right (o le Hare than the
lpvi' baa administer the Kucharist,
Loilleville Time
The prinocer rose to speak in hi own defense
'Gentlemen of the piry," lie niid
"I ktiew the man whom I am acctleed of
killing for years, and I euQered much at
his bauds He swindled me out of tbe
greater part of my fortune, ran away with
mv wife, horse-whipped me three limes
practiced on a cornet for hour at a time in
a room adjoining mine, and seriously an
neyed mo in various other ways, but I bore
all uncomplainingly and forgave him. Dot,
gentlemen, when he came to me with a tale
about how lie caught 10 four pound trout
In a brook that wouldn't support a half-ounce
minnow, ihe iron entered my soul
Nor for the oldest Postmaster. This
time his name is Iioiwelt lieardsley. and he
lickn pirtage stamps nt North Linaing, N
Y. He waeleviind to the position of I.
M. June 'JS, 1S23, and he has held it ever
since under hi original ommii'ion -nearly
GO year.
Corn mnil in reiainn at SI per bushel ,
A considerable, front was found
and Monday niornincs.
The new nchool houe has been finished
at Kirby'n ntore on Hkaggn crek.
Mike Jennings living on Upper Crook
ed Creek in r ported to be innnne.
The nnme of l'eaunt Vallev S'ntion
will shortly he changed to Uaok'
Mr. Wad I'urcell wan marrieil Friday.
Did not lenrn t lie young Ud'n name
The hands at thu upper ijilirry at Wil-die
are on it truu for bacic waen due.
C. W. Pin lia bought thnntor linu,,
dwelling and lot ofC W Adamnf d.UoU
Conductor (leer while exploring the
Iirodlie.nl cive at big fill Tnur'tliT killed n
Urge nt lon.iake.
l'hres Auitrian, direct from the old
country, arrived S indty night to wirk in
the Wilifie ijiarry.
Dr. Peyton wn callel from Stanford
.Sunday morning to eec a daughter of W.
II. Spridlin at Judge Fiah's.
The corn crop of thi county m much
better than wan expecteJ. A number of
farmers report from 5 lo 8 birreln per acre.
J. W Ping ha purchaned a hall in ler
est in the grocery store of his brother, C.
W Ping and Ihe firm will he knon an C.
W and J. W. Ping.
1). N. William han aobl a lot of timber
on hi acre tract at the head of Hound
Stone lo Andrews St Worrell, of Mmouri,
for f 1,'JjO for making croc tie.
Dr. Divm say the H'in Sam Ward we
on the train Suudiy on hi way lo Frankfort,
being un.br the impression that the
Leiislatuie meet on the first cf uixt
J I) Milahell, that bustler in the
mill buinei, wan here Saturday talking up
the inleretn of bin old employer. Jet!
never fail to net there when his cii'tomers
need lbur
Mr. J W. Nebitt, the stave man of
thh plare, wa aoiuainted with boodler
McOarigle, of C licao, some year ao in
Chictgo and says be considered him to be
a sharp, shrewd man. Mr. N was a member
of tbe commandery where McG, was
made a Knight Templar from which he
( McCl ) was lately expelled on account of
bin abience in Cinada with other people's
The first copr of the Lebanon Enter-;tm
under the management of our old
friend, M. I'. Craft, In been received and
it i a daisy. Of course be is goini; to
make a sucrw of i'; you can't keep Ihe
mountain bjysdowo. When tbey under
lake a thing iher generally get there and
don't you tase to yourelf the privilege of
scratching your cranium and therebvallow
ing your memory lo become faulty.
The negro Kobinson, who shot at Conductor
Harris' cabooe at Krodhead, a
mentioned in lait pipr, wa brought here
and tried before Judge Colyer and given
$'Jj and 30 darn f )r concealed weapons and
held to answer before the next grind jury
The primer was taken to Stanford jail, the
building here for jail piupie not being
reidy for occupation. It wa showti that
the negro win drunk aud shooting promis
cioii'lyafle: being put off; ho did not hit
the car. but probibly it wa no fault of his
that he did not.
J W. Miller nccouipinted br T. T.
Wallace and K L Joplin, leave to day for
Pineville, Hell county, to join a surveying
parly that has been set out by the U.
lo survey old land grants and patents
granted to parties in the cauutiei of Hell,
Harlan nnd Whitley when ibis Siale wa a
part of Virginia. The surveys will likely
require a year's work as there are thousands
c f acre involved. Mr Miller is a practical
surveyor and will no doubt give entile
natiefsction io his employers and the same
can be slid of thoneaccoiupanving him. J,
Em'Itkment Oveii Low PnicE.i Hip;-gent
line f dress goods in town Si, cetits up
tliniham,all stTles; oHcob5 to G1, cent;
tliiinele, lmeey and hi inkelf ; ho'ien; boots
and shoe in iare iuantitie; men's, boys.'
and ladi" ' halt; a splendid full line of
clothing men' suits $3 50 up; hois' suits
$3 50 lo ;3 A good asortment of hard
wur, sloven, linwate, t. i --von
cent generally, in fa -:-- ai
price that will i native j iuie
in and ee how lo i a oods. We
have the goo Is ng ,c "-H mem.
Look to 'your interest and save money.
L II. Adams, Ml. Vernon. lit
' FiBhie" ha returneJ to the faattiee!
of Hsll county to emerge therefrom when
the iron horse scream through tho wilderness
of Cumberland Valley. Minn Wigging
ton, a teacher at IlroJhea 1, wa here Saturday
looking after her clan in decirttive
painting. T F. Chestnut was in L
Siturday. I eter Shtitls, who was ho
low with llux, his relapsed aud will hardly
recover Daniel Mullins is in better and
i in a criuoil condition. Mies IVrmelia
Coljir, unther of Judge Colyer, in sick
wilh mahrial fever a . Parrn, of Van
dalia, Illinois, Ittely of thin place, c tiled to
see his friends here Siturday on lib return
from Madison county to his new home. J.
W. Ping has more 1 to the home vacated
by John Lunlz,
The new fashion ladies' hats is a great ro
ductiou in altitude. When, hereafter a
tall hat obstructs the view at thothea re, it
miy be charitably excueed on the grcucd
that the wearer cati nor Mlord anything
better than tho "left oyer head gear.
Since the present cold spell the polite
c crk of the Jackson II iih h m put his
pretty slipper nway nnd we uis that
graceHil step. Sam Wren says he lost
Ihem wiile stepping m high last Sunday.
The coal miner' nlrihe at Pitlehurv,
Kit Bnii'adt nnd Alumnnt mill
wiih no pto'pccM for a comproinisp,
wiih the exception of ihe Nickel Piaie,
that firm having cold ibeir mine and the
coal bin lo 50 miner, who vill run it as a
cooperative rompany, paring themselves 3
cents per buhel mininj. The other
operstor claim they unlr get 3 rents per
bushel aud catinoi par but 2J for mining.
It is very pnbable tho trikers will go to
work soon, their brother knights ol
lalnr give them some help,
- J. M. Hiker, ol Letcher county, came
lo olliee Htturday and lifted a
C O. D. pickage upon which the charges
amounted to S 100, and paying the charges
he repaired lo a corner of Ihe oflica and
opened the package, which contained a very
common brick. He threw Ihe brick down
and confined that he had been swindled to
the tune of S700, $300 cf which had been
paid in advance. He at once employed an
atlorniyand attached the money in the
hand of the express agent, claiming that
there should have been watches in the
package from a New York firm, but we are
inclined lo think as it bears tbe
stamp of the old counterfeit money snin
Prtf. A. Coeisiuao, director of the
London Cornet Bind, i in Louisville this
week. Mrs. Lucy Williams left for Louisville
Sunday. She will add to her already
large stock of millinery good. She
well deserve the name of the letding milliner.
Mr. and Mrs. James Dees and
Paelps left Sunday for St. Louis to attend
the O. A K. meeting. Mises .'Sarah
E. and Lulu Randal! arrived Saturday
from Bozsman, Moutans, where they have
been visiting Mr. Jame4 Randall, the lat
ter's father. County Attorney W. B.
Catching i home from a Western Irip. He
wa as fir ai Washington Teiritory and
visited most of the principal cities on the
way. The original and only genuine
"Smiling Dive1' Jackson, the bDa commercial
traveler, has with his family taken
rocmsatMrs M P Paris'.
What Truthful Bill Died Of
An K. Paso, Texas, man being in Sail
Antonio, was asked by a gentleman how
Bill Hirt waa coming on in El Paso.
"He went by the name of Truthful Bill,
didn't hi?'
"Well, he is not coming on at all. He
wa buried the day before I left El Paso."
"What caused his deatL?''
"His deatli was caused by imprudence "
"Perhaps truthful Bill drank too much?"
"No "
"Was he imprudent in changing bis
"No. it wasn't that He was imprudent
in telling tbe truth. He got up in a saloon
patron zed by the elite of the town and said
that the whole crowd present were liars and
horse thiever. The verdict of tho Coroners
urr wan that he died from lead-poisoning."-Tex
as Sifu'rgs,
A gentleman v Biting herefrom Chicago,
with whom I was talking about the anarch
ils care', sild: "There will undoubtedly
be serious trouble in Chicago if the anarchist
are hanged. Everybody is looking
for a riot and ihere are many more people
in sympithy with the condemned than you
would Imagine. For my part, I think the
man who threw tbe bomb ought to haDg,
butthereii of the gang are not guilty of
murder and 1 believe the extreme penalty
is worse than thoy dcerve. If they bad
been tried for treanon it would have b?en a
different matter, but to hang tbem all for
murder i. I believe, urjmt " f Post.
Pur i cdices Against the Constitution.
A hundred years ago thev didn't cale
brate the adoption of tbe Toiled States
Constitution with such unanimity ai we
witness this week. The ratification of tbe
instrument by tbe States was preceded by
great controvert and pirty bitterness At
Albany a copy of ihe constitution was
burned in public, giving rise to a serious
riot in which many persons were injured.
In other place there were riots or alarming
disturbance'. As a rule the unedtica
ted classes of tbe people thought tho constitution
only preliminary to a monarchy.
Springfield (Msbs.) Union.
Following is a prescription for a superior
coikiail. If you can get a physician mean
enough to sign it for you, you can see how
it workr.
Spiritus frutncnli (Ki), gal. ij.
Sugar um et lemooi, q. b,
Aqcie cz 18.
Bitters cz iv.
Big Misco et ft. cocktailibus, quantum
sufiicit wroipdedoodledoo
A teacher was being examined by the
school board. Among the questions ft'ked
htm was thi :
"Do you think the world is round or
''Well," Baid the leichei, as he ecratched
his head in deep thought, "some people
think oce way and some another, aud I1 1
teach round or Hat, just a the parents
please." fFH Perkins.
Florence Washing Machine,
t lure bought Ihe rl;Ut lo sell tho Florence
Wablii Mi nine mul am now prepared to furnhh
all who may with to aire tbelr clothes frji tbo
m Militant liarln,? inriileiiMo IlinoM proceaanf
waalitn Take one an 1 try It ami Ik) convinced, i
I'll not worrv you noout luirlu,' unions you nro
lully satisfied as to Hit merits. i
ji. r. iu.iiis;
Hpiil'iuarttrs at H, S Myers' store.
E. H. FOX,
Has remoyed to hit e'ent nnv building opposite
the pjst 1 Is than erer
toarcomiaixUta the putilio with Ann
from l'ltoturaplu to llfusizj. sitlstactlon
Livery, Training, Feed,
Having rentfd tho sUMe on Depot streot, I am
prepared to train nod horses on reasonable
termi. County Puurt day trade tollcltel,
J1HIS 11. 1M.UVKSTF.tt,
btanloid, Ky.
F . B. RILET, Proprietor. j
TliuroiiKlily Krimvnlpil ami Iti'fur.
iiInIidI liiroiiKhoiil. t'urc
mill roiiNounlilo prlcos. liny ami night
tains nro met Ity iiollte I'orlrrHof llils
popular IliHim'. 207Gia.
J. B. WILLIS, Proprietor.
, Kora goo-l Table
And clean acd well fumlshcl rooms, thi Hotel
ha4 no sux?rlor. Good sample r)ms attache.1.
ttfl'Me tl 00 per day.
AX F. LI XS, Prop.
Stroot Curs pass tho .Ilotol for all
Dopots, The Exposition, Race J I
Courso, and all placos of
intorost. Spocial ratoB
to Merchants and
11 AT 13 '51, S2.00 lJ3lt TA.Y.
To tho Citizon of Linooln County:
Having recently equipped a fine Holler Mill In
tbe town ol Stiufjrl teat wa defy any Mill to
equal in quality of tlour, we think the citizens ol
tbe county should hare county pride to
pmruoiiuuuu lutiaiu me same tve wisd io inform
whom it may concern that we are In the !
market to buy your wheat and corn and will al- !
ways give the highest mirket price lor same. We'
i ave some new machinery lo ottr corn meal
department and cinuow make moal to suit any
person It cannot be equaled by any other Mill in
this TiclDlty Wo eoll it a trial in our ilaur and
meal department. All having grain In our line
for sale will please call nt Mill, where our agent
can be found al all times, who will glfo the best
prices ior same. rrar.,i ni n unp stun always In
lock. U .v. I'OTfN. Sltp't.
stanlord Haller Mill Co. I
Notion of Atnoudraout
Articles of Incorporation.
The undersigned amend the artlcl. s of Incorporation
of Ihe Htauford Holler Mill Company, adopted
Fob 17, 1S37, and on thatdiy tiled for record
In iho Clerk's otb.ee of Lincoln county, Ky , as follows;
I Tho Capital Stock ol said Cimpany shall be
forty thousand dollars.
II. The corporation slnll at no tlino incur a
debt exceeding twenty lx thousand six hundred
nnd fifty dollars.
8. II. SH ANKS, II. S WlTUi:i,
XuieIiaHiiiAgeiiey !
Formerly of Hutoford, has opened a 1'urchailng
Asoncy la Cincinnati ar.lall orden to her at 127
West 8th street, wl'l receive personal and prompt
attention. She will mak a sneclnlty of Dress
(ioods, but will recelTo onlTs for Furniture, Carpets
and in fact everything one could wish The
patronage of tho ladles of this section especially
namo on a paokago of COFFEE is a
guarantee of oxcollonco.
COFFEE is kept In all first-class
3toros from tho Atlantic to tho Pacific.
Is novor good when exposed to tho air.
Always buy thlsbrandinhermotically
1 I Futile Ileien
iihuU if Mu I. II .Ithy . lotion 111 the lieirt nf
llluul.rm i. .li . umdim I li wpit iblticuiiiinuii.
il. M Hlerile a hi fliMjti. t!in. Attend inc.
V , f r II l-l,(, Si T SS8IOV OITN4
M.i'1. II. I7 1 I lull inf. iinati u and (SttuloKne,
rrirtu L. H, BLAHTON, D. D ..Chancellor.
I will deliver lo regular ctHtqmir In Stanford
nd vicinity ererv morning nt
Two CciifH Per Pound.
Arconnts nt the close of each month
when customer quits.
n k it. in no ir.
I aui dally opening an elejnt llneol Spring and
ci nuiuier Millinery, IncludlDi; all
The Latest Novelties of the Season.
Also Motions, such as Handkerchiefs. Collars
and Culls. Kuchtng, Corsets, Bustles, etc. You
will Hd.1 meal tho rroias lately vacatl by Smiley
.t Warren, next door to the Myers House.
WU. ATKK1. JA9. ), niVK 13,
Jiotary Public,
311 Fifth Street,
Kooms 3 and 5, Cromle Block.
Wholesale Grocers
la ct 1-1 West aialn Struct.
203-6 in
This old and well-known Hotel Is still main-'
ulnlug its fine reputation. Charges reasonable
Special attention to the trarellng public.
jr. r. SEircojin,
Mt. Verucu, Ky.
It. . MAUTt.V. J .NO. U. PEBKIilS.
Urodiiead, Ky., May, leS7.
A Martin heg to Inform their many
friends and customers ol he change In firm ntfrne
Tne new firm hopvs not only to eustaln the reputation
of the old, hut Intend to make many
lutbe manuricture ol tobacco which
will ! lo the Interest ol our cuitomert. We will
devotespectal attention to our Natural Leaf brands
of Kenturky's best leaf Thanking you far past
favors and asking tor a continuation of your trade,
we remain, Kesptctfully your,
5 tmi JIAltTIS A 1'EllKISS.
Has had anexperlenri ol over fifteen lyairs, and
has successfully treated bundrela of cases
clal iontlon is glrea to the treatment of all diseases
of thueyco. Name and address ol patients
cured glren on appll jitlon If doalred.
Cholera Cure !
!jr tBt
Thousands of dollars worth of
chickens die every year from Cholera.
It is more fatal to chickens than
all other diseases combined. But the
discovery of a remedy that- positively
anes it has been made, and to be convinced
of its efficacy only requires a
trial. A so-cents bottle is enough for
one hundred chickens. It is guaranteed.
If, after using two-thirds of
a bottle, the buyer is not thoroughly
satisfied with it as a cure for Chicken
Cholera, return it to the undersigned
and your money will be refunded.
Fertile by McKoberts A Slifs. Stanford.
L. & N.
Louisville & Nashville R. R.
nunmTTmi fiu?nvir i.tyi?
Pullman Palace Sleepers.
to NttHhvilh!,
LIUIe Kook,
Mobllu and Aev Orleium.
Only one change to points la
Arkansas and Texas.
Pecking homes on the lino of this road will recelre
special rates,
Agents of tbl Company lor rates, routes
Ac, or write
Loulsilllc, Kj,

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