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Stanford, Ky December 20. 1887
The prohibitionists have rcorcd another
victory in the courts. Thin time it is in
lows, where a United States Judge icud
an order remanding to the State courts all
injunction cases before him, which la in effect
to declare in favor of prol ibition. The
whisky men regard it as the severest blow
yet at the traffic eince the paesige of the
Clark law. On the other hand news of a
decision in Maine, where legal prohibition
seems to have originated, is not so favor
able. One of the State courts has declared
unconstitutional the recently enacted law,
holding a government liquor licence to be
prima facie evidence that the person displaying
the same is a common seller of intoxicating
liqiiots and the premises kept by
him n common nuisance.
A comnittke of ihe Kentucky Press As
sociation met in Louisville Friday and pre
pared a paper to be presented to the Legis
Iature asking that a legal advertising law,
such as prevails in nearly every State, be
passed by that body during its coming session
and setting forth good and sufficient
reasons therefor. The short horses of the
previous legislatures have imagined that as
the principal movers in the matter were
newspaper men, that the passage of an
law would inure solely tu their
bent tit, forgetting tho amount of property
belouging to litigants annually sacrificed
because a written notice of its sale posted
at the court-house is sometimes all the ad
vertising it pels
A MEMUKK of Congress is allowed 20 cts
per mile going to and returning' from Vah
ington and this item alone foo e 1 up $112,
073 40 for the single eession of the 49th
Congreee. The average received by tt.e
members was $330 50, the delegate from
Arizona, who was allowed for 4,000 miles,
receiving $1 GOO. It is said that a bill will
be introduced to cut the amount down to
actual expenees, but it will not become a
law. The mileage grab is too good a thing
ever to be surrendered without a terrible
Thk fellow, Bellows, wno was hung in
Iowa Friday for the murder of the girl,
who refused to entertain his suit for her
hand, was taken to the gallows by force
and held by four men while the noose was
being adjusted. He raved, swore and fought
with the desperation of u tiger and it was
not till the drop was sprung that he gave
up the unequal contest. The scene is described
as one of the most terrible ever witnessed
and strong men turned away in
It is cot certain mat Sam Hill's district
will return a republican Senator, in fact it
is more than probable that it will not. The
democrats have nominated a popular can
didate in the peison cf Hamilton Reisinger
and the likelihood ie that be will wipe up
the earth with the old ignoramus, Lewie
Jones, the republican nominee who during
his pievions term in the legislature did
nothing further than make an ass of himself.
A NHORO fiend criminally assaulted a
white woman in Smith county, Miss., and
to prevent her telling on him, he forced
her tongue out of her mouth and cut it ofl
as far down as he could reach. She recognized
him and managed to scrawl his nainn
en a sheet of paper. The cilizDs have
turned out to hunt him down and his hide
will not hold shucks after they have caught
and properly Miended to him.
The sale ot that white elephant of tie
sea. the Great Eistern, is becoming a chestnut.
Every now ami then it is p'lt up at
auction, bringing e.ch lime much te thsn
before, till last week it was knocked down
at $SOO,000. It origiii'ili v cost 55 000 0U0,
but its projector overshot the uisrk in
making it of euon huge prop irtions and it
has never bdn of nv prsc'ir' "ervice.
A HILL nHB been mtruiiiiivii in the Senate
to make the of Februrary (Lin
coin's btrlhdxy) t legl Holiday in ihe
District of Cjlumhia. If the of
making holiday cinliiiuM, it will soon
come to pam that the government offices
will he cloiel hilf the time, with but lit
tie done tho other half.
Oou thoughtful CongrtMuun, Hon. Ja.
B, McCr.ary, has httd our naiiu placed ou
the mailing of the Record anil we are
now in diily receipt of tuai very humorous
publication It fimuehm delightful red
ing for ttie long winter
EVEIIYIIODY Will he iil kw J that gift
ed KentucUiau, Hon. James A. McKetzie
honored with the Mextctn Mhsmn, whicn
he eeems to have the dead wood upon, i r
any other good thing Unit the presideui
may see lit to gi ' im-
Oun banliouie oiu Ifieun. iviitor Mc
Carty, of the Journal is dispjHiid
to poke fun at in He devoie mif a col
umn to us and our new which wjuld
be downright amusing if it werd not so serious
a matter.
Euuene HlGaisa, who was chief of the
appointment division of the Treasury de
partment, has resigned and the mugwumps
are happy. IVrry O Smith, of the post-office
department, has beeu appointed to
fill the vcncv.
South Carolina proposes io take care
of her disabled ConfedeMie soldiers and
her has just nuned a hill pensioning
such. It will cost $50,000 annually. of
Buck denizes of a. He is not running S
lor Senator worth a ceot. Bully for Buck! in
The editors seem to be climbing up on
top. We are filling a lucrative govern
ment office ourselves and last week James
Maret, of the Mt. Vernon Signal, and A.
R. Dche, of the London Echo, were elect
ed to the still more lucrative offices of City
Councilmen in their respective towns. Recognition
of faithful services comes slow, but
they come with u vengetnce when they
The entire State pre will nxret the determination
of Mr Charle M. Meacham
to sever his connection with Kentucky
journalism. He has sold out his half interest
in the llopkinsville South Kaituckian
to his partner and will go to California,
whose gain is Kentucky's loss,
h'EWSr MlS.
Gen. Frank Wolford has been granted
a pension.
Congress will adjourn from next Thursday
to January 4th.
W. T. Jones has been given hi- certificate
as representative of Jessamine.
Tne court has decreed that the exposi
tion building at Louisville must be sold to
pay the indebtedness.
The ancient city of St. Augustine, Fla.,
suffered a fire Fridxy, which burned 125,-000
worth of property.
Tne steaum Etruria has beatca the
record, making the trip across the ocean iu
six days and two hours.
Tne California and Oregon Rtilway
has been completed. The event represents
21 years of continuous work.
The Poet Whiltier celebrated his SOlh
birthday Saturday. New Eagland
ed it with proper ceremonies.
The green pctige stamp is said to he
poisonous and must go. Joy go with the
ugly thing, the girls will say.
A decision of the Appellate court
makes Mt. Sterling a dry town, so far as
selling whisky by license is concerned
The wife of Joseph Ripv, of Lawrence
burg, presented him Saturday with three
fine boys, all still living and doing well.
Charles Bellows, for the murder of a
woman, wss hung at Charles City, Iowa,
Friday, the tint hanging in the State for 23
Havirg out six million gallons
of good wine the past sessm, Califor
nia is not preying any temperance scheme
at present.
Charles Parker, son of Dr. Parker, of
Somer-et, a brakeman on the Southern road
had his skull crushed by striking n bridge
neir IJjyce station.
Charles Wnitsett, a half-witted boy
agtd 13, killed his younger brother and sis
ter, at Columbus, Ark., by cutting their
heads off with a knife.
Got Bodwell, of Maine, died at his
home, Halhwell, in that State, Thursday,
He will be succeeded by S. S. Mirble, president
of the State Sentte.
Thomas Woolfork, who atrociously
murdered nine members of his family in
Georgia, was found guilty and sentenced to
be hanged Feb. 10, 1SSS.
J. F Scudebaker, one of the noted
Studebaker Bros., of South Bend, I mi ,
makers of the wagon that heirs their
name, diel Saturday ( aged 43,
V. T. Buckner, Sr., the well-known
breeder of Short-horns in Bjurbon, died
Friday. He le.ivei besides othsr valuable
property 2,000 ncrei of Und worth $100
an acre.
The Commitle on Elucition in the
Senate unanimously ordered a favorable
report on tli9 BUir EJucilional Bill. It
will be reported as passed in the Senate
last Congress.
Swift's Iron and Steel work in Newport,
wer'o sold to a syndicate for $199,550.
The property belonged to E L. Harper, the
dethroned Napoleon of Finance,and he left
it a debt o' $1,200,000.
John and George Kseyes, two brothers
who are in jiil at Knoxville, Tenn , on a
charge of robbery, have been ideutifid a
the murderers of two deputy Sherifl't in
Diibiiiscouuty, Ind , two yean ago.
H S Ives hs been discharged, the
prosecution having failed o establish the
charge of theft of $100,000 placed agint
him by Julius Djner. w II sti D
ter fT $100,000 fir malicious prosecution.
- Nswton CrawUv anil S V
JAil.it Lebanon for forging a check for
$225 Crawley wa to have married a Casey
couniy girl on his portion of the swag
and iken her to Text-".
fi is likely tint the Territorial of I)i
kota, Montana, Washington and iiihly
U ah, will he admittel to Statehood, but
will not be allowed to enj y the right oi
National franchise until lh92
-Tiie explosion of an SO horsepower
biilur in the E lisjn E eciric Work, at
Pa , cuised the death of
persons. Five bo.lies have already
beei founi, and other are ftill missing
Mil Striink, ( WinfulJ, Tenn, whs
s'ruck by a freight train which hail bro
kfii in twi, while going up Lansing ill on
the Southern road and ho horribly mangled
that she died anyone could reach
By the ove ibw of the Yellow rivr, in
the province of llomi, Chuu, 7,000 rquare
miles of territory were inundated, 11 pupil
lous cities swept awar, with great lom of
life and over a million of people made
(Jrand Master J. Soule Smith, has decided
that the past master's degree must be
taken before a Masou can serve as master
of bis lodge, notwithstanding a resolution
that the degree was not necessary passed by
the recent grand lodge.
The Court of Appeals buckled itself
down to work last week and Saturday an
nounced that it had affirmed the sentence
Eugene Fitzjenld, who killed Tice 1111
Georgetown, which gave hlm)13 years in
tilt penitentiary and the sentence of W. H.
zmnre, for life, for killing Abner Little
Floyd county.
The Business Manager in the State
Liiiertv, Ky., 17, 1887. When I
wrote from this place about six months ngo
I spoke of the sleep the inhabitants of this
quaint little village were enjoying, so I
write this letter as an announcement that
they have awakened from their slumbers,
exceeding that of Rip Vr n Winkle, and are
with open eyes keeping pace with the rest
of the world Iu short, Liberty may be
said to be on a ha am. Ujtii dwellings and
business hoine are being repiired aid im
proved, while paint is being "sluna" over
the whole town. Even the frame church,
that has stood in a dilapidated condition
these many years, is to be nude anew with
some probability of a fine brick one going
up in its place. A new court-house is a
settled thing and in fact n fever of enter
prie and go ahead a tiveness seems to be in
the very souls of this good eople, May
she continue to grow in eizi and appearance
until even the borders of the "Slate Casey"
may be too small for her.
As uimI, there was a large crowd in
town on the first day of court, but one of
the quietest and most orderly ones I havo
eversren. Not a fight or a quarrel was
engaged in, nor was there the leist excite
ment of any kind. Shaking pretty well for
a town where "red liquor" sells at "three
drinks for a quarter " Nit even a female
prohibition lecturer could find fault of the
day, nor find an illustration to deliver from
the pulpit, where she in (O prone to be
when she gets a shadow of a chance.
An elegant debut pirty win given by
Maj. and Mrs. G. W. Sweeney, at their
country home, Wednesday night, iu honor
of their daughter, Mis-i Ida. About 30
couples were present and a most excellent
time was had. Miss Ida received and entertained
in a unnuer which endeared her to
all in attendance
I had the good fortune to secure the ser
vices of that graceful and easy writer, Mr.
J. E. Hutluian, as correspiudent from this
place. He will contribute at least one let
ter a week and will give in full the doings
in and about Liberty.
The Napier llju.e at this place is doing
the good business it should, under the man
agement of that fine gentleman and
Biman democrat, Mr. J. W. Hoskins. He
ees an excellent table and keeps his rooms
an 1 linen as neat as as pin. Rites, $1 per
Wednesday must have been mule day in
Libarty, from the number that charged
hands. Mr. J. W. Allen, of Huetonville,
was here atid bought them hy ths
at prices ranging from $90 to $125 per
Fon Sale A car load of good cotton
miles. Will sell them hv the head or by
the car load. William Cloyd, Middlehurg,
The Liberty Brass Bind discoursed
some of its fineit music in a serenade Wednesday
night in honor of the visiting attorneys
and newspaper men. In behalf of the
newspter men, of whom I was the sole
representative, I bow as gracefully as is
possible for me and return my eincerest
thanks. The Liberty bjrs are diisen when
you come to blowing horns. The btritnne
90I0 by Dr.O. H. McKtbms, our former
CJUntyman, was mtperb, a wa the cornet
solos by Messrs. Citley.
A very noticeabu feature of this town is
the scarcity of youn ladies. Djring the
several days I spent there, I don't remember
seeing a single one. O conrso I inquired
into this anil was informed by one
of the gallant beaux th the majority of
tne young ones of the fur sei were attending
school, while Ibe rest were visiting
their "country cousins " E C. W.
Teacher's Meeting.
Tne teachers aocilion met at 10.30 A.
M on btturday in bluMuru wnn a better
attendance of teachers than Al
though the citiz'ns of Stanford did not at
lend as numerously as was desired by the
Htiperintendent and leaders, yet those that
were there frou. the country as well as the
town seenied to enjoy the otcision as well
as. the teachers who wero preeut, for which
we feel very grateful.
In the discussion of the q'leition, "Thit
soitll iniuds are subdue) by misfortune,
w;iile great minils nsn nbovo them," we
ar very much indebted to Jui'ue T. W.
Varinn in his very greU sitl in vetting
the speakers on their feet, and for taking
issue with most present in order to bring
out thit ducusdou that otherwise might
not have been
Also Bro. John B. Gibson was ihe life of
the raiihe to a very areal iiie.imre, who by
his wit and williugnesadtd uiiicn to make
the meeting a success.
Most all the uiembrs present look pirt
in the exercises. S. J. Pulliaui was alwas
redy to aid in making things lively bv bis
readiness to do his psr.. Our worthy su
perintendent, J. A. gave us more
than one good speech full of wit and hu
mor, fur which he is so reuiirkalbe E
says were read by Misses Cdttie Tnuruiom!
Alice Stuart and Ainu Ihouipkins, ail of
whom acquitted themselves with much
credit and we hope much profit to those
present. The question of h.lucatlonal
Qualification for v ilmg wn discussed by
J. ll,Gibson,S J. Pulliam and W. F Mt
Clary, all agreeing that there snould be
no restriction placed upon a man for not he
ing educated. Take it all in all we think
the meeting was a success.
Oir next meeting will be at McKinney
in Jsn., before which a program will be
arranged and published in the Intejuoh
Jouknal, the teachers great medium.
Great courtesy was shown ui by Mr. W.
P. Wilton in not only publishing our program
but also by furnishing the meeting
with nice programs for the occasion, for all
of which the association feels profoundly
thankful, and especially does your humble
scribe appreciate such lavors
W. F. McClaiiy, Vice-Pres.
Willie Sandlfer, known as "Judge,"
now fills a position at the Citizens National
ater street is nt lat having the metal
ptiton it and the residents thereon are
K'ller G, W. Yancey entertained his
congregation with a very able sermon on
Sunday. Subject, dancing.
Tne friends of Walton here hope
he will capture the place he is after under
the Secretary of the Interior.
Slid Diiulsp to lliickhanan, "They do
say the Farmer's Aluunix tell of a reclipie
of the moon in January." Buckhanon
"Are it a tetotal reclipse " "Dauitino "
The Men's Protective Circle will met
at Ihe court-house ou Wednesday night As
there is important business to tm don, it is
hoped that all who can make the rillle will
There wis a young tUtraman namol Duck,
Who wai a young statrimau of luck,
Hock'i pUra ho wouM till,
Ami knew no tatter unlit, .
He fount! himself a crjr lame duck.
Iu a difficulty over n account on Friday
Isst, at McCreary, in this county, a
young man named Poey seriously cut Mel-
vin Gulls The knife just grazed the ju
gular vein of Gulley. It was a close shave,
H Owsley and W. O. Rigney
are atunding the Liberty Court,
Misn Bertie Collier has returned homo from
a long visit to Tennessee. "Pe.s.cheii"
ik expected to visit Lancaster during
the holiday-.
There will a Christmas ship arrive at
the Christian church nbout 3 o'clock next
Saturday afternoon, having on hoard Mr.
and Mrs, Sinta Clans ami n full cargo of
presents for the children of the Sunday
school, 1a1 all attend.
Ereryone here i pleased to know thst
the Hon, Mat Walton is so popular at Lex
ington, that he wan utTrred no opposition in
the recent primary elections in that city
Here's to you Mat, my boj! Long may
you h ahead of the houutl.
No matter how blase' a man or wnmsn
may he, no ditlerence if they h 'ill cted
with ennui, their pulse will be quickened
and the rich, red hloril bo thickened by a
look at the letnpilng array of randies and
fruits al G. 1) Burdett & Co's. It will
make the mouth of an epicure water.
S' e smiI to him on Sunday night, "My
dear we need a drugget fur the front Led
room." "Well," said he, "go to the
and gel it " "On, you get that at It e
cine! store and theri i mine in Lancssln;
please write, to Mr. D at Duiville In semi
uson" '1 his is the letter he sent; "Mr.
I), Danville: Send the best nlugger t
have to cot about three dollnrs. S(.tue
men have o ir memories.
OtHtlLLt. dOfLt COiINt I
W S. Hotmail, ol Athens, Ga , is in
mwn looking around for mule and horses.
Lee S. Hudon sold this (Monday)
uwriiing to Mr. E. D. Pendleton, of Ilri
V . -15 extra cotton mules for $5,000
Jo Has wound up the turkey
for tho season to-day by shipping the last o
25,000 dressed turkeys to Nen York and
"The ladies exchange" heretofore men
tioned, has been moved to the store-room on
the south side of Main street, formerly occupied
by F. Yeiser, the jeweler.
Mr. J. C. Twymaii, of Lexing on, a
former cil of DinviHe, was in town
Tueetiay. Miss Marr McRoberls, is spemi
ing the winter witn friends in Indepiu
dence, Mo.
A man giving the name of A. Do a
was arrested lat Tnursday at Harroisburt:
and brought here chari'i'd with swindling
various citizens of the West IvkI of Bjyle
by selling them worthless watcnes, je.elrt
and table c tilery and representing them ti
be of fine ijutlity. He ettd tho goods li
longed to an insurance oumptny of Lulls
ville and were what the company saved
from "Hobioon's" jswelry toie when it
burned in Louisville When bronchi here
his bond ai fixed at -00 and the trial set
for Saturday. Knowing no one to go ui
his bond he deposited the iiiomhv mhI not ip
pearing when the cue was called Hatiiniij
ihe money wis forfeited. In the tattler f
profit A. Davis is rliil thought to be mmi
whit ahead even after lie irppet the $'HM
A note frim IJev W. B. Godbey i
Litchfield, says; "We are haying a glort
oils revival, 100 conversions and 30
in ten days." -Carlisle Meicury.
Christina seryios at the Methodist
church promise to be interesting In addition
to attractive Bjng service Dr. Evans
will pres.cn a special senium fur the occasion,
l'lie committees of the N irtheru Mid
Southern Arcejiblies ot the Presbyterian
Church, al Louisville, have adjourned their
session without accomplis ling ilw results
for wiuon it was called.
Dr. Bisil Manly, a Professor in the
Htptist 1'nooluglctl Seminary, of Louisville,
while re. tuning to his home . few
evenings ago, was waylaid and sand lugged
by two mnnked meu, His condition In critical.
The S luieieel O.l anil Gns Company
has struck oil in one ol its wells al a depth
of GOO feel, but is going ahead with trie
hope of also striking gas.
The bodies of tho Anarchists hanged
in the Chicago jail November 11 were final
ly buried Sunday in Waldheim cemetery.
Mrs. Parsons fainted at the side of her
husband's coflin.
The court-house at Maytield, Graves
county, was burned Sunday morning at
3:30 o'clock, together with all the county
records, A reward of $500 is oflered for
the incendiary.
Attention, wm
W e Ocilrc to call jour
Complete Line of Groceries
Of every description, which wo keep lonilantly on liatnl. and aik you to roiuc and cm till no It ai well aa
Om- tS tools: of IlarcUvare,
Which no rvlall home can cornicle with, Whllo you mind, wewlllthow jou tb
Oliver (."hilled ami Imperial IMow.s,
We aro agents for, the licit In the market, alto the
new and norcl and the flnrt thing nf the kind In mo, In our linn ot Keating and Cook
Motes, wo ran linetlie nuit fastidious In lnth Tlie ami make, and eietlally In HeutlliK Motes, so
we wish toshow jpu souielhliieii eilent. OI urse w keep I. line, lenient, .Mlt, Ac, nd In fact
there Is Nurtelt aiiythhiK we hatn't k't that Is auythliiK' near our Hue Coinu in when T'i re In
town and we shall bo delUhted Io make it pleasant tor r'i Very truly,
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and
Having iccurd the Bervices of C. F. KENT, a practic.il Watchinukrr with
many years' experience, all work will bo done with neatness and dispatch
fully insured. Spectacles aid Eye Glasses to fluit the eye.
MACK irtTFFMAX, lro!ritoi.
srs. jty2Sx&33misQ
W III ultvMjM lnv on IimihI ii luru mid M'lrH 1 1 tt t of l"iiruU
tursi iiiul ml-. My pr ! Mill lio n Iimi h miicIi
KhmIm can bti liuiiuht In tin clfit'M. (Jittt mt a irlal mill 3011
Mill l t'Olitlll'I llllll 1 MI'll lMIT HlltM l)l
Dealer in Fine Buggies, Oarringos, Surreys,
Pha3tons, Spring Wagons, Buck Boards, Road
Carts, Farming Implements, Engines, Mills,
Grain, Food, Seeds, Coal, Lumber, Doors, Sash-Blinds,
Picket Fencing, &c. Our Stock of Ve
hides is larger and more complete than ever before
from tho cheapest to ihe best.
All ol work as Prices to
suii the times. Wc etui sell vou its irooil vehicles as
any dealer or maim liifl 11 ior
Uomeniiu see our line assortment neiore ii is broken.
.1. it. ;ki:i;. .ti., iiusiouviiio, iiy.
Queen and Crescent Route.
(Ciuoinnuti New Orloans and Toxas Pnclllc Ruilwiiy.)
Shortest and (Juiekest Lino to Xow Orleans. Florida,
South East, Texas, (lulia, Sou til West.
nir;Ai notv.. iu:,i irr.
' I'iiaIns "iK.tN,.Mirii.
1 Nwjt , riT.u.,,, " So a ' j no. 1. TZT
Dallj. Kx. H11.1.1 Dally. Hall. ( iMIIy. I )ay. DtUj,
755am I 08p mi U 0' in 7 5fi a tit I.'vp...Cinclmiail ... 4rv Ii p ui U u in ju af77i ' tl 4i n m
U 25 a m 7 SU p mil M p in IU IK kiu ..Iln,!i..n 18 p m 15 . m a ,U .i :i is ,
1 OB pin 3 Op in I ZU a in n '.'A in Jiindlnii
ii j p iii ........... u4iii it, . iii ra'iii,T. ,. ,M ,ii pm ii o a in
....' '. i 7 il) iV'iii U'w7n"iir
'JiiUpM..... VID4III .. I I1I1II.IIKK :i . , fT
' A'rf ..Ailauln. ..ArW .'.,','
im) pin ll mi pin l.y KlrtiiliiKliain lliAain 3 30 a tu
u il'J l III NIIIU 1
!!!"!!!!"".' "!"!!!.".!VYurk""..'. !! !.'""'"'" """""
'- - II 00 put iOUMiit A'rv ...MurldUit ,.1.' H iv n in u :w p m
m...' ii, v mrrmiiiij... ,att
M...l 8 30 a tu i(3 a inlA'iT. Nevr Orli'aiis..l,'r OU in AOOiitVi
i 0 a nilTa.. Meridian A'rr nuu n in
S M III l.'ve Jut
11 00 a tu 1,'tb Vcittiurt....
1 W p in, I.'tb Mini roe
K IS p tu Arr.
attention to our fresh ami
Tk flfl
11 -
Mini for as Utile money.
City .1 (J i. i,i svoain I50nm
I 8 10 H UI
6 Sa pin
liAlU 1 l ,
kn.n A rr t 16 p tu
I () p in
IU 05 a tu
0 00 a in
Matin llouilnlr ilullil Hlnopln Cri on All tliruutfti trains,
JOHN C. OAULT, Oon'l Manager, It. COLLKItAN,
' Uen'l '"" Akl.,
K. CAllKOI.I., Uen'l Hitpt.,
'leneral Ottires, Ht. Paul UulMInu, West Fourth Street, CIdc1iiu.uI, Of '.

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