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"-T V
1 $ntmor$onrnaI
B. O. WALTON, UUHlnoBH MnmiKor,
l'llhllnhvit MifriuM (iiitf i'vliUtWi
It understood If we credit tht 8J.M "111 bo
t'ncted mid demanded.
l. a v. .ami rK cmm.
.1 kit train ioUit North .. 1 0 r. x
" Hmitn.. 1 St r. m
Lxprwn train" Jiiini ... II is k,U
i i Mr.l . I VI l.U
loial I'irlKht Norm fi 5a.m
huulll li ! A M
I he Imier train also carry Mseinsers
I Ben jore It calculated mi slaudard time HoUr
I as Is about 10 inlnules taster
Train leasra Howland at7.'i0 a. m. bik! returns at
G r. M.
Ill'V your ch ol b ioa and echoed
frm A It. Fenny.
AMI your Krucrr inr the Cincinnati
Co. 'a rrickef and cake.
W ATOiirn riid Jewelry repaired on sdior
ooticu and wtirrxntcd by A. K. I'enny.
A CO.Mri.KTr: eli k ol lewclry, latottt
tyle. Kockford wnichee a ajieualty. A,
It. Fenny.
Til K firm of I Vim) A MiAliiter bavinu
diaolved, the account are ready fur eeltle
mtnl. Come at once mid aettle. You may
are cot.
'.. 11. CitAKr, lundnu, Wit in die
city Saturday.
M"iw Ham. a.nhkii n vnl J W.
Hsli'ee ware In town
M. ani H. C. Dhuk, of More
latlJ, Wer III In eee II- leaterdlty
Mil OnoiuiK 1'. .McltoiiKHTtt ban Kone
lo Brinlbe.il to yikii Iiih ilnuk'Hier.
-Mr and Mux Hahky Hanky have
takin room nl the CouiiiirreUl Hotel.
Ji'tMtKJ.W Aixjohn and Mr John
M. Held are t'endilu' He liberty court.
.Mib Ml. s.n a: Iumviiumk U bete and
"ill lake a pruuiineiit prt in the c mcert.
Cut. J II. Iinhi.ky, of Iltrbourville,
lop()l liere Hnnilay on lii" way lo Frank
Mr. Catii Haii.ky Ih returned from
a proi moled vinil to LiuiKville and tihelbr
Ml ltAOUKt. AM.lMiK. of Georgetown,
f the L"tet ,f her aiter, Mra JililireHtepli
en Ilurch.
Kl.MA Hakmi and Kiltrenla
FnUiaui, of Sarlhy Ciiy, an ciel of Mi,B
Nellie (.nine-.
Kr:. John Hri.i. (Iibs "ill lake
O iTer Mern to the Christian home at
LltliTille t ti r week.
Miv Jt'i.irr Oil.:, of l.iiictr, ato
pel oer wi'h Mr. It C. Vnrren
tin her In Iridianapnlia.
-Me. anii Mil- I niTm amuihif,
lookine hafipy a bride and crooui ever
Cel, were giieilx 1 I Hit- Vnn I! x'ey.
A.NOritTll lol of 'Hull Djl'" Jeana pAnta
rtteived yealerday Bruce ft Mrltoberla
YoU ill eaieoo't hf inliikT liie Rrrotiut
jou owe the firm o( IViuiy V MoAliler if
you pay before Jn. 10
(it'.M CoATH, Kllm If Kite, 1,'ciin elioen, t'lnil
in jjreil variety ai II. ('. Johnan'
lme atiop, unit drxir lo Intkiuok Jol'H
.s'AI. ctlice.
Ip you will uive mid ariirlea a nrck
wear, m.derMear, a nice ptir ol Itootx or
hon lor ChriHtiiiKx tfifte ton will do riuht
We have them. Owaley Craij:.
U.MiKll the lieti! of ' A Km!lerV Com
will be fuiirul vniiie veijr interratuiK
nrgrapl a by an old alaer, We hope lo
unke h ooluuin a permtnenl one.
I WIl.I. red lo the bidder t lie
iiaiulruiim binldiiit: lot ul Win. Crait;, on
Main reel, niiixixite the Feiiiale College,
rtlurilky nfUriMnifi at I! ti'iilnck aharp,
Dec. 21 h. J ilin H.CraiK.
Mil. CIIKI8T Alum, our 0 ever (lerinnn
frinod, who n.n a olieexe fnciory not far
from ti.wr , !elt iim a libxiil Kainple ol
maiiil'kotnrv ye'lenUy, lii(li can pro
nniini'n A Si. 1 . He if rloint. ijuito a I tiii
in II. 1 linn ami dvr'iM to iMluceed
Tiimik le inn 111 -lulu fur the amue
meiil I.iver. The Fl MilldiMiii Irimi Slil
dent Cmupinr, Mnh nppir 11
Opera llniine Monday next, Urt h, i what
you hale bef 11 look inu for lllllltfliiiu if
picinllv, uiinaire r, inna n mil lUnc 11 '.
TltK Funiiii; lill enyiue epriing a le.i
u dV or iw aijn and i;VeltiH ooiupmy a
Inxle of whtl w tiae Utclv in
thai line Fnil iniMhat i' wfni'd not work,
they it nn, tint w, only ih deUyeil a
ehntt tini' ne tbeir U5 howpiwer engine
is due liere to iUv r to inorrn,
ClIIIAl' Ticket Agent. II
V Fii'Iit, of t.he ft Olio,
wnHH that ro'iml trip ticket at '2 cent per
mile each wy. from all Hiaiiuna to all
between FnuehiiN, Va , and Lexington,
Ki will ne "dil anv day b ween Dj
cember ii4h ami January 1I, incltmive,
good In return till tne lai train of January
.1, 1888,
To avoid the run i and itui that we are
cure In haven few day before ChrUtmne
we advlae our patron a near aa
to make their oelectiona early in the
weeV. It will be utterly impossible for ua
to wIt on all our cuslomera Saturday, '21, j ing. Tne piedictiona are to cover VA houre
although we will do our best. Hemember , Irom 7 of each morning. Yesterday's pre
ihe large DjII in the show window goei to diction were "Slightly warmer, fair,
p.rty holding the lucky ticket Saturday j lowedjby light raina." The warmer and fair
v s without fnil. S. L. Fowera A portion of the latter hid been fulfilled up
I Aniieiison Caiir, a worthy colored man.
died Friday of pneumonia.
CHJU8T.MA8 Candies, Nu to, IUUIdk, Fi'k,
OiaiiKM, Date, fie, at A A. Warren'n
"Model Grocery."
Foil Kent, llm shire-room lately occupi
ed by I'enny'e Driiu Store. Jan.
1 John litiii;iiiiin.
A LAlUir. nnd varied itaaiirtment of
uoodn in Cnint and Olaefwate now
open at A. A. Warren' "MjiUI Groce
OvviNii to Uio ileum of inti little deiiiuh
ler, the rale of the personalty of Mr. (leo.
W. Kvaim wan potpontd till next Thurs
day, 1.
To-HAY and lo morrow are the fhorict
of the year The moon in nrranyini; to do
her bet for Cnriatuina lime by linhtinn up
the Ioiik, dark nijjhta
Foil tixeful a well an ornamental I loll
duy preaente call at the Uieat Ilarntn
Siore of H. L Fowera A Co. More uootia
for one dollar than anrwhere In town.
Tiik Choir and Kunday Hchool the of
Chrixtian church. axintd by aomii of our
beat Ringer will give an entertainment for
the bent fit of the Chrixtian Aid Hociety"
t Walton'x Open Ihtixe, Train-day, Dic
21) th.
In order to nave a "regulator" more
oninportald with hi handxome xioreroom,
Mr A It. Fenny bax purchaxed a very line
oiif at a ccat ol more than a hundred dol
lar and which ix warranted not to vary aa
much en five xenondx in a month.
In 'electing your Chrlxtma prexenta
thexe hard lime you xhotlld xelcct
that ia durable ax well ax pretty. We
atill have a very prelty line of ladlex wrapx,
drex and trimming; a large line of
bed blanket, oomfoMa, fee. Owxliif A
TlIK regular annual election of director
for the Lincoln County Building and Hiving
Axxociallon, will lie held at the More
of Secretary A. A. Warren, under Ihu
of Director K II. Iinrnide and
J. N. Meoefxe, between the hour of '.' A
M. and II v M. on Halurday, Utc. ,1 F.ich
Hbareholder ix enlilled lo olio voU for ever;
xhare ol xtock he on
TlIK Myerx Hotel tlon'i want any better
advertixement tlnin the live mnnberx com
loring it buii'ehold Tint they are well-fed
I heir appearance i proof Mid their
weight nb'olutely convincing The five
ut lip Ihe benm at nn nKgretnte of 1,-06(1
pound, an average ol 212 Including
IVarlie, who i about 10 year old, the xix
making up theentire family, the avtrigo i
nearly 200 pound.
Diiinkino Ammonia. A negro boy
named John Culyar, who wail on Judge
Yarnon, ha ben in the habit of taking a
awig out of hi turtle every morning, whrn
he went to clean out hi room. Hy xome
mixlake a hottle of ammonia got in the portion
UHUally occupied by the other medi
cine and the negro thinking thnt the Judge
had changed to brnndv 'rom old Hiurbnn
took a big xwallow. The rexlllt wa that
hi mouth and throat were terribly burned
and he l.aa xince been in a very pitiable
Foil the, puroe ol jogging your memo
rr we will xlate that the ltdie of the Fre
hytenan church will give a xtipper and
b'Ztr in IVnny'x old xtoreroom Friday
night, 2.1 1. The xnpper ill be complete
In all it appoiutiuent and the bazir will
conit of mvny u ft fill and ornituenttl ar
licit x. All the I ad it of the church are
earntxily reipwxled to oiutribtile to both
xupper and tiMir. Admixxion 50 cent and
eat what you want; children under 12 half
price To fullv perfect arrangement the
ladle will meet nt Mi, ll.uvey Mcltjberlx'
Weiliiexday afternoon.
ONBof the argument agaiii'l Ihe
law in thi county, in it hearing be-fore
the Court iif Ajiptal, in the Ii.trnside
cne, wi t tie xwvepuig nun re of 11, no
liiiior lieing nllownl In I).) cold under il
on proscription for uiedionl otijeot or lor
tmcrauienul pnrprvii Upon thtx tiuextion
the cjurt with ouie xhu at liuuiir fiiyx;
"One who M xeeKing to obtain l tie privilege
of eeliing lii inr Iw retail, or aa a txverag',
ctn not i.i(iinn the cxutituuoi :i ity nl
the law wnioli dii iie mui t lie privilege up
on the ground ttitt it f jrhule the nale ol
liipior even lor religioiM or medtotl pur
poxex, ii preicripiion ari uoi filled in br
room, nor (tin i.'oiujiuiiIOii talilei xuopiied
from Hiioh place." Tne attorney for Ihe
appeil nt xty the wiiolenpintou it 11 ctmr
itodge ol iiverr i'lelinil presented
TlIK weniber preiiiciion Irnm theHignal
Service ilep iriinnit have at ltxt begun to
to arrive. The Friday morning
i -ml re.,1, ' To W F. W.tllon, Ht,.nford,
Fur Kentucky, fair, warmer weatner. Cire
ly." 1 1 w:t fir during thed.iy but it night
a hum hegHn In fall and ilex' moriiitig Ihu
whole fjce of thee irth wa while with an
Inch or two ol it. Siturda7 morning'a pre
diction ere warmer weather, followed
by ruin." Wnen we polled thiit thoee
who nb'ei veil the threntened cloudrf were
dinp ined to laugh, hut in nn hour or so the
huh huiet forth and continued to nliine all
.rfny, iia warmth melting nearly u the
now That night it rained elightly. The
i diopitchea will not come on Hunday, but
I . m nn it il i i.
every other morning at 7:30 they will bo
poHted at the Intkuiok Jouiinal btrlding,
corner Main and Lancanter etreota and the
, Hge lo correspond hoioted from the build
I to last night.
Salt at Albright & Co , Iirodhead for
$2 per barret.
Ouit buainefn manager came back from a
two dnye' visit to Uaey with 22 new sub.
ncriberrt, making about 150 in all tint have
been added to our lint einee November 1.
ThiK In dolni; ptitlv well cnnalderlnc no
exptcial effort ban been made to eecure
ticket will he aold at one
limiltd fare between all atatinn on the
Loulxvllle A N'xbviHe railroad December
22,2.'l. 2 1 and 25, good lo return until January
2 indium; and nn December 20, 30
and 111, good to return until Jnnuary 5, inclusive.
Kee your agent.
The Fat Muldoou Comedy Company un
der the mnnagement ni Itibinaon A Mc-Allter,
gave u one of the enter
tainmentH of the eaon to a tucked liouxe.
A xliow ao full of laugh without an often
rive feature i one of the treat we aeldoui
get. The entire performance wa of audi
excellence tint to praixe any one portion
would hardly be fair. O.ir greatext compliment
ix, come again and we will fill the
South Adam, X Y. Journal. At
Wnlton'e Opera Dec. 20tb.
(loon. The lollowing rcxoluliono were
adopted at n full uieeliug of iho oflicei of
the Chrietiati church, Dec. 17 Inasmuch
a the xervicexof theClirmtian church have
been much dixturhed hy talking and laughing
and mnklng in the vestibule and about
Ihe door, we, ihe ollieer of the Christian
church in Stanford, Hereby give nolica that
we vill inllici the eferei pnnlly ol the
law on any pron or htreafter
found guilty of thexe oflenc. D. W.
J. K. Hledne, John S. Murphy, H.
T. Hiiah, J E llruce, O. W. Hronatigh,
John H Urighl, Henry Biughman, W. F.
Tale. Oeo. C. Oivena, Clerir.
Hadj.Y IIUitT. Sun Ouext, while in a
drunken oondilioo, atteiupted to get ou the
forward plalforui of lliu biggage cir of the
8011th bound paenger train Friday at
Shelby City, but mi'xed hi fooling and
fell. The car pteeed over hi hand,
a portion of it to jllr anil rendering
the umpulntion of about half of it nee-airy.
He wax brought home and turned
over lo the company' phyician, Dr. Fev
ton, who performed the operation. He
'omul that he wa bully cut on the arm
and that the wound in hi ftce, while not
(Ungeroua waa n very xevere one. The nn
gro ha been in the habit of going to June
lion City for whixky, xtetling ride bilhrr
and thithir, but tin will probably cure
him of ef.
Ferry Wall, Ihe ex king of the dude-,
waa uiarried in itiltimore last week to
Miee Laura Melbourne.
Eugene Snodgrass, formerly of Kock-castle,
and Mis Annie Femberton, of Lx
inglon, were married there last week.
Mr. Humphrey Faria and Misi Millie
Feeder were married at Birbourville last
week. They will live at Kist Hernsladl.
Tliere nevrr was as few marriages for
the timeof the year. If the young folk1
tlon'i do better Cooper will nave
nothing to buy his children Christmas
prtpents with.
Mr. Jame- L. Culver, county attorney
ol Fulaski, and a ynung lawyer of much
promise, was married to Miss Fannie, the
accomplished daughter ol Dr. I) D.Owens,
al Somerset lisi week.
We enw Williamsburg's handsome
postmaster nn the triin Isst reek, but he
did tint intimate lo us the purpose of his
trip, winch hs since turned out to be tne
taking ol a better half. Miss Le Chandler
was the Udy'n name and she is the pretty
daughter of lion J. II. Cnandler, ol
Mr. Mtria Ol bart, the mother of
.Mrs. Ourneliu Vatuiy, died Friday mi r.nnr
at the advanced uge of Si Slie had hern
an invalid for f.iiir years, during which
lime she has bad to be Idled about, ho help
less and feeble Wis her condition B mi in
Ibis county, i or near Fey Ion's well, whore
nlie Ins ever eince resnled, l,e wm never
outside Us Itmiis but on"e hen she yisiteiS
friends in Fayette county. This was before
the dsys of railroads and it i said that til
old lady never even sa i a trim of cam in
her life. Stie j duel the Freshyierian church
when ipiilo voting hui! for more than three
score and ten veare lived medfintlv in the
After nmithiuf lilne, during 7hic't
she was renJerel totally blind, Little Jfii
uio Kvans, ilauhter of Mr. Usorge W
Ff.atis, awiy Friday morning at the
home of Mr. J V H.itciings, Crab Orch
ard. Her disease, ws a moil rcnnrkablo
one and her i til ciious almost beyond in-durance,
but stie b 're them heroically ami
almost without a murmur. She is so much
belter oil tint bur friends would bo cruel
to wtdi her bi;k, as mitcn as her presence
comforted them. A'ter a funeral cervicu
by Kiv, J. L. Smith in the Biptit church,
Crab Orchard, the remains were laid bedde
those of its mithtr, in the Lincnter cemetery.
Ileal hog were worth 6 05 on the Louis
vllle market yesterday.
The imported jack, liotilanger, eold in
Tennessee lust week for $1,100.
Fahm TOlt 50 acres of good land
for corn, near Walnut Flat. L. M. Lsb
There are in e'eralora along the lines
of road in Minneaota and Dikola, 95,000.-000
bushels of wheat.
August Belmont haa resigned rw
nnd Director of the American Jockey
Club -a position he has held for more than
J0 7ears,
Kahn bought 38 extra good cattle of
Ben OiTutt in Henry county, 1,011 pound
at 4J and of 8utn Fryor 21 head, 1 073
pound average nt $-1 00
A Bourbon county man shipped a pt r
of turkey. 10 England, which weighed 07
pound and broug'it him SI. 10 Tne ex
prox on them w ubiut $20.
It W. (ilvenx A Sjn aold to Wakefield
A Iell extra fat mule at an average of
nearly ?12o per head. About half of them
niu loj hand hitth and the remainder are
good cotton toc. Advocate.
The noted trotitiig tallinn, Mexxenger
Chief, by AbJallah Filot.dam by Mambri
no Meixengar, the properly of Elitor Oei
A. Hingerlv, of Fniladelp'iia, ilied of nip.
ture at Veraillu. He wts foale I in 1.S70
coal hi owner $10 000 and wag vulunl at
William Arnold delivered to Lehman
Fro 40 head of cattle averaging 1 652 lb-.,
32 aold at I j cent and the remtining 8 at
3 cent. Mr. Arnold recently bottwht
from virion partite -10 ol the bexl mare
mule to be found at S00 to $100 each
Itichmond Itegixter.
(Jeo. KraU hippd from here Inol
three care of Chrituia cattle whicn
averaged 2.000 lb. He ha purchaaed for
the Leiiiuan Bro' in the BluegraBi
thi xenaon, 1S.000 fit cattle, averag
ing 1 550 lb., at an average price $125
per ewt The farmer in thi xection have
tliua received $1,181,000 from tbi firm
alone Bourbon Newx,
The turkey trade in Bourbon h been
unu ually large thiean'n. Tlie Veiraxaya
that Oilman A Brent have xhipped 33,000
for wnich they piid OJ cent on fool. J.
W. Itincom xhipped 75,000 pound, whtcli
cnt him i cent drexxed. hioai the
headx, ftut and p irtion uf the entrailH re
taidel On the l.m lui the etiui of $6,021 wa
rea.izeil. Clark cou"t' turkey crop thi
ea-i n brought ber $10,500.
Filty thoroughbreil horne, Ihe proper
Iv of W. L Scott, were cold at Lexington
Thurxday at an average nl $1 300. Tea
Tiay brought $10 500; Tortliltglit $7,000
and Hatan $5 100. The next day 07 beiil
morx were of at an average of
$020, making the total Hmount received foe
the 118 hexd 120 550 Oa the lRt day, S.
II. B'lighman, of thi place bought Imported
London b Li'laii ler.dim Brace
let for $07 and Feliciler by Virgil, dam
Felicia Inr 300
?f r I) I7XTP My home anil lot one
I1 UlV IXlllil J. jinlle from town on the
Danville I'lke, lloiio ban 11 roniui and there are
ill the near7 out homes. l'nwi!on at once,
'.MISS MAltV A MYLUS, Htanloril.
Ii' fale or Xicase !
Central Hotel, Williamsburg, Ky.
Thin Hotel In a very desirable piece ot property
ami will beolilchtM anil on erniy term-, If rold at
once. Kr p.tf tkulara call at Hotel or on t) B.
Ilarrli, WIlli.iiiialitirK, Kv., or N. A. ltlcbarilfon,
7l5 W. 1'tie.tmit at , LouliTllle, Ky. 281-UJ
StiiceMora to Wallace A Cochran,
513 4th St, Louisville, Ky.,
am a;i:.n IS FOIl tiii;
The iartnerhlp herotofore exlatlnte umlfr Ihe
firm name of Jim A Kaller tiF tills ilay ill fs.il t, J
by umiiial i mil. Mr. Henry Fuller miring.
I.. N . Juiik atiiiinea all anil (ollei.taal
: II. .IO.S.
'. I'll.ltt.H.
Crab Orclunl, h'y. Dc. H, ISsT.
All pran having aioouut' flth Jonea A Fulls
r ii'Ut (ome lurwaitl nnd settle by January 1st,
liS a the rlriu', mint iw soiintl al once.
i'j -HI K. W.J.
Thle li to tiotlfv the public tint ne will not r
in It any hunting or anyjother Ui'Hftrn ou our
farms, but w, will punliti any rwn or iviiiint
to trwlR to ttic fu If tlmtol the lar,
Nov 1, Im:. J.l.ll K I'l'.Vfl.E:
; js.
.i. .ti. rnt. ixi,
j. ti.jititi.Ks:,
JLnnd, look nnd Crop.
I willstl at pib'iciui Ho. to the hljliest Milder
On Tliiirmttiy, Dec. 2, iSr?7,
Twenty-seven heal ol exir iotnl yearling imile,
1 Mulet'olla, 'iaxe.1 ulea, !." fat Mums, 1 bunt ti
ol cai I ln; Cattle, ami it &1' l llieot l'.irmini;
oin I- irn; f Waifous, l'lowa, li nrs
Ciiuiiml .Mower nd lleaper ami overy tiling In
the firnilug line. iOI lurel el Corn, lUy In birn
and anveral aUcts. lot ol whea' lu girner.
and Kllchen 1'iirnltiire wilt ai be aold
A Tract of Land, HO Arrt'S,
I)lx lllvur, and one of Oil Ivrt'n, ijliiR
in thu uncintt'r iite, ltwu the farms ot the
late tteo. King and I K Carson will bo sold.
Terms nude Lu i n on day of ale.
s , IJ II' I'V I v.w
.t litis '' nt Liiff mui Ufa! Kh-!(;
It VllllOUItVUTvIC, - - ICY.
111 practice In any court In Ka.Mern Keuluckv.
i:xanilnallii a (t laud lilies m.l'ln t hx tally All)'
rizeiraca of timber, coal, iliubtr mid nilnernl
Minis for sale. Information lurnlBruit on any
point .mil rom" poi deu. e
laiudally oH'ntuu an elegant line ot .SprliiK aud
tjumiuer Milliner), IncludlnK all
The Latest Novelties of the Season.
Also Notions, aucti as Handkerchiefs, Collars
and Curia, ltucliloK, Corsnts, utlos etc. Von
will dud mo at the rooms lately vaulted by
A Warren, next dour to tbu Myers House.
KA TK I VI O Kit A It.
E. H. FOX,
ia villi;, ky.
Has removed to his elegant now bulldlnu opposite
the ot ihceand Is better man ever
to accommodate tbe puollc with due pictures
from I'hotoijrapUs to 1H slie. hatlslactlun tiuar.
I hay recelvod and
New Goods for Fall and Winter,
Comprising ttie best In the market, which will be
Ootton Up in Stylo and Moko Sooond to ISono in City or Country
Ulyo Me a Trial.
UaTlng purcbatinl the Drug fctorc of ( V, 1'uicck, liuBlvtivllle, I will (untlEne to run the luitlnesa
at tbeolditanl and
Will Open Out Next Monday, 19th,
My stock will ombraco Toys, Books, Albums, Fancy Toilet Goodi,
Drosfling CaBes.'Jowolry and Silvorwaro, Vases, &o, Qivo ub agcall,
J. G. WEATHERFORD, HnstonviUo.
&, m wm
Drugs, Books, Stationery and
Fancy Articles.
Phvilclnm' pretcrlptlons accurately compoundwl
The Largest Stook of Watches, Olooks,
Jewelry and Silverware
aV'aa V1A11 rvVi S Ikla tv, n VaI Ial aas Tna i s-i
the Lowest. Watches, Clocks and Jewelry He-
paired on short notice and Warranted.
Wall Paper,
Cases, Caskets, Robes,
Full and Complete Stock of the above and prices
as low as the lowest.
B. K. Stanford,
itlll receiving
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'3 t ierjryMSssr
is$ r "jrBx7w&
W-K " W$:
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