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Stanford, Ky., December 20, ia7
JuJkc Colyer tins tei Tho.. Koe'ti bull
at $1 500 for killing A Q lUker, at Conway.
Frank Harlow, vhoee leg wan atnpula'
ted last week on account of ft nun ehot
wound, ic yet aliff.
--The late enow played havoc with the
telegrapn wire in the mountain, breaking
them in innny place?.
The Signal report 100 subscriptions up
to date and saya the paper is on n sound
footing and has come to slay.
Onstable Joe South and wife have returned
from Illinois, where Ihey had been
to eee Mr. Smith's mother, who is very
Ntte Kvana and sister, Mrs. A. E Miller,
are visiting their old home, Z iruRville.
Ohio. E. D. Hausel has moved from
to his father's farm, east of town.
C. W. Adam? arrived Friday from
Kansas City. He will probably loe a hrne
portion of bis money he had on deposit in
the collapsed Stewartsville, Mo., bank
Some of the officials connected with
the K. C. road have leased the mines of the
LiviuK!ton Coal Co , at Livingston and
will begin operations in a short time to
supply that road with coal.
Mrs. St. John, the temperance lecturer,
had a good audience Thursday Light and
Friday morninc last at the Christian
church. The Good Templars eflected an
orgamzitton and are at work.
Lee Coffey received probably fatal injuries
at Wildie Friday from a boom pole
while loading saw logs. He was chaiuin
down the pole when it slipped from the
erasp of those holding it, striking him in
the back'of the neck and knocking him
eenseless. At last accounts he was in a
critical condition.
All is quiet on Brush creek." Since
Laswell gave bail it is thought ho has left
for other parts. Sammons, the slayer of
Hampton, has made good his escape. O. tiers
concerned in the recent shootings have
either left or are in hiding, as none of them
can be found by the officers.
V. II. Cocks, living at this place, eays
that while assisting in boring for oil at two
different wella on Skagys Creek, in tbia
county, some 15 years since, a good flow ot
Use was struck in each, and believes so
strongly in there being gas to be found hire
, in paying quantities that he is willing to
inyest with others for the purpose of boring
or that valuable agent,
O. M, Giyens lelt Friday for Atlanta
with a lot of mules. Weatherford is in Cm
cirnati replenishing his stock of Christmas
The notice of the death of Dr. E P
Humphrey, of Louisville, will be received
with a sad interest. A christian gentleman
of thetruestatamp, a genial companion, a
wise and faithful counsellor and an able
and eltquent divine, he was held in the
highest estimation wherever known. A
firm and steadfast supporter of the branch
of the Presbyterian church which he espoused
in the days of bitter conflict, he wa
nevertheless kind, conciliatory and courte
ous in hia intercourse with, and apprecia
tion of those from whom he differed. It
is to be deeply regretted that be was called
away at this particular juncture. He was
one of those who realized that the war wan
over that while the active participants in
the blcndy rcsnes of the rebellion bad
shaken hands, burying their animosities in
the tomb of the lost cause, it waa unseemly
and inconsistent and unchristian that the
church fihould still continue to foster
feeling and that in the name of
Him whoee advent to the world was at oik e
an evidence and the illustration of "peace
on earth, good will toward men." Hence
the, aspiration of Dr. Humphrey 'a later
yenr wastliat h might be spared to wit-hub
the (iewulltlun of every eepiratiui.'
wall, the obliterating of every trace of
discord and bis beloved church re uni'nt
and re invigorated going forth in the
majesty and might of its glorified Henl,
vleini? only in their n In illustrate His
teaching aud iarry nut His instructionx
Had Dr. 11. Hurvivel to add his cilui mid
kindly coiiiiiel to the deliberation of the
coming Aivewbly his influence would have
been went potent. lint bis death, the
memory of his solicitude, the coin in. n
grie'f for his departure may speak from h's
eepulcher in behalf of bin cherished hope if
Over $1,000,000 in money and valuable
pipers were recovered from the iron
vaults in the ruins of the Phelps, D;dge &
Pdujor shoe factory, wtiici w burned a
few ilays ago.
llarrodtburg is now under local op
tion law, and it should bo the endeavor of
every good citizen to use what it lluence he
may poi"fs to cee that that the la is enforced.
Following the action of the Houne the
Virgjnia Senate by a vote of 2(5 to s'z,
adopted a resolution instructing iu Representatives
in Congress to use their hmt ef
forts in behalf of a measure repealing lie
entire internal revenue and favoring an ml
justment ol the tarifl on a protection bus a
On our inland rem in 1887, 73 vessels
and their cargoes, valued at $2,500,000
wera. totally lost. Of this number -i ero
lost in Lake Michigan, 14 in Lake Erie, 10
in Lade Superior and 12 in Like Huron
Six of tlice vessels were burned, 40 went
ashore, eight sunk and two were lost in a
collision. The most fatal day waa Ojlober
24, when eight vessels were loa..
Mn.LEN leaves stcepni lr dlX applied
hot und often ia U" n euro for
Kaukd green blinds mi renewed by
tho application of u llttlo Uu?r4 oil lutd on
lightly with a brush.
A 8MAM. quantity of quicklime placed
where there is must or moisture, will pro-U-to
articles from mildew.
Savi: tho old tlmiiicln for cleaning paint.
They answer alxo instead of chuuiois for
cleaning silver and glatsware.
KituiT that Is to be preserved may bo kopt
from turning a dark color by dropping it
into cold water as fast us pooled.
Smux holes in piaster may bo easily
mended by mixing ono part planter of Pari
and three "parts line sand with cold water.
Sou should never bo used in wishing
windows as it renders them smoky looking
Kven though tho glass be thoroughly
afterward, ,they aro apt to remain
Tub linger nails are made brittle by tho
too frequent uno of hot water. The nails
will be benellted by tepid water, and
borax with hoap iu tho wah reuders
them firm and soft.
A rm.iiciiN says ho never know a enso
of death .from diphtheria or scarlatina whero
onions wen' lieely used. As u vonuifugo
also, there is nothing bettor than a frequent
use of boiled onions.
Ton u linger that Is threatened with a
felon, tako a etip of ooul water into which
has been stirred some baking soda, plueo
it on tho stove and hold m tho linger until
too hot to be longer borno.
Salt mixed with tho eggs prevent them
from rising, nnd when used tho omelet will
look Hubby; yet without salt it will tasto Insipid.
Add a little salt to it just before folding
it and turning out on tho dish.
To clkan silver, moisten some vory tlnely
pulverized whiting with spirits of
rub tho silver with it, lot it dry, then
rub oft with u soft cloth and polish with
chamois leather. To clean silver plate,
moisteu tho whiting with sweet oil and proceed
us above. If well done tho silver will
keep clean a long time.
One popular uso of chamois is In making
little bags for holding buttons or any similar
puriwso. These aro uuulo by doubling a
strip of chamois of tho right width and sewing
tho sides togethor. Tho top of tho bag
is lined with bright-colored satin and drawn
up ou drawiug strings. A fringe of tho
chamois skin may bo used to finish tho bottom
of the bag.
A nick way to uso up remnants of cold
boiled ham is to mince it, and to half a pound
of ham melt a tablespoon fill butter in a
frying-pan, add tho hum und a little hot water,
let it heat up quickly, then spread it on
buttered toast, and on each piece lay n
poached egg. Quito a damty breakfast can
thus bo inado from what at first thought
might seem very unpromising.
Tne buffalo beetle Is seldom found about
the house except wlnlo laying Its eggs. It
dooh not eat carets, but feeds upon tho
pollen of the kpircu ami other plants. It is
tho larva which hatches out of Its eggs
which is so destructive to iriets ; thU is a
hairy grub about half an inch Ion, similar
hi appearance to a small caterpillr , mid it
easily hides in tho fuz of tho carpet.
Oil iu a lamp should nover bo allowed to
get down to less than one-half tho depth of
tho reservoir. The wick should be soft and
completely till tho space for it, but without
crowding. A lump should noither bo suddenly
cooled nor exposed to a draught. In
extinguishing tho iiuino tho wick should ilrst
be turned fur down and then a sharp, quick
puff blown ucros and not straight down
upon the Hume.
A oooi cleansing mixturo may bo inado
with two ounces liquid ammonia, two ounces
bar soap, finely shaved, and two
owdered saltpeter. Putthese ingredients
Into u lurge, open-mouthed bottle und
add one and one-half pints warm water It
will b reudy for use in two or three days.
It is well ad.ipted for washing delicate colored
articles, also to add to tho water for
shani)Oomg tho head. Mixed with water
and sprayed uion plants it will kill any insects
infesting them, and also act us a fertilizer.
A Fnr.scii chemist bus obtained from tho
bark of the birch tree an essential oil which,
by rectification, develops several singular
qualities, more notably that of an electrically
insulating substance.
A new and useful oil is obtained from tho
alkaline waitings of wool. It is the result
of u somewhat intricate process, but ranks
high us u pharmaceutical product, and is
known in its refined state as 'lanolin."
Foil oar-ache take a bit of cotton-batting,
put upon it u pinch of black jxipper, gather
it upuud tie; dip it in sweet oil and insert iu
tho ear. Put a tlumiel bandage over tho
head to keep it warm. It will givo immediate
Tin: difilcultios of nickel-plating zinc linvo
been overcome by a German itiochunie, who
adopts the plan of first dipping tin- nuu into
mumiry This renders thj op-ration practicable
with a very feeble frfUvniilr' cut-rent,
und produces a durable and otmil.v oilr.ifd
A i"oi'i'i.it misconception in regai to tho
bud smell emauuliug fiom tho bum;:;
in olectnc lights Is corrected by tho
statement that the bud odor arises lrom tho
hosts of insects which swarm to their deth
about the lumps, thuscroatingii ma is of decaying
animal matter.
TlIK ingenious separation of IV,. rs bv
hydrolluonc acid la due to the fact that it
attracts water powerfully, and thus carbonizes
vegetable titx rs, leuving the animal
ones intact, if thewid uswi is not ton concentrated.
In this manner wool or silk is
recovered from rags, etc.
PiiDTooini'iiv is tho bet moans known
for tho detection of spurious coins, bunk
notes, raised checks, etc. An enlarged
photograph of tho suspected coin or check
ib obtained, when any linjiorectioiis are
rendered discenmblo. This menus is preferable
U) the uso of acid, as no injury to tho
paper results.
Wood fibers capable of being spun aro
obtained from pine, fir and soft larch. Tho
wood is cut m tho direction of the grain,
and Is boiled in a solution of sulphurous
acid or n bisulphite, whereby disintegration
is effected. After Ivoiling tho fiber is
partly dried whon it is in a condition to bo
combed the same us llnx.
Thk derangement of electric railway signals
by lightning is at present culling forth
the bust oiforts or electricians in duvialkg
means of overcoming the attendant dangers
Iu a recent storm in Massachusetts
Hie electric locus on an interlocking machine
at u railway crossing were alternatcly
locked and unlocked by atmospheric electricity
in thu mils at hand.
I'WKit Is rendered insensible to tho action
of moist mo in tho following manner: A
sheet of pjpuc is covered on the wrong side
with a thin layer of guttu orchu, which is
ulterwurd bprcad with iuior, linen, thin
pasteboard, or similar matter, the wholu
bofig heated and prossoil. Under the
of the bout to which it is thus subjected,
tho guttu porcliu becomoH softened,
and iu this condition it roudilj uud firmly
unites the two surfaces botwuou which it
has boon plucod.
R Ear ants aro so cheap in India that most
families liuvo five or six
No ous manufactured In Germany Is per'
nutted to leave tho factory without tho express
permission of tho (loveriimciit.
Worn; will soon bo commenced on tho
great ship canal between Manchester and
Liverpool. Tho contract bus bcon allotted,
the cost to bo f.h,7r0,000.
Heiijkt says that Princo Ferdlnntid, of
Bulgaria, wears bracelets and dresses in
laces and protects his complexion with
and at night retires iu u pink
An American abroad nays that Europeans
do not waltz as wo do. They go spinning
around like a top, without ever reversing,
and frequently collide. American
wultzors uro thoro regarded with admiration.
Tin: carrier-pigeon servicoof Paris Is almost
as completely organized as is the telegraph
system; for missives can bo sent by
the messengers to neighboring forts
and towns, mid even to distant phtces m tho
provincos. . Tho staff numbers 2,W0 truincd
Houses In (icrmany aro shod with shoos
having pointed studs screwed into them,
und with these shoes thoy travel safely over
tho worst roads without fear of falling
When in the stable tho studs aro removed
to prevent injury to tho animal.
lv loading and unloading in tho
Chmeso jwrts tho services of old women,
girls and children aro employed Hows of
small baskets aro tilled and passed by them
as they stnnd iu double rows. They seem
to work on tho principle! thut many" hands
lighten the load.
One nriini:ii firms, employing about
twenty thousand hands are engaged In the
cultivation of fan palins and the manufacture
of fans In China The palm plantations
ure sometimes half nmile in length mid the
plants four feet apart iu rows running the
entire length, pteentmga most attractive
Some of London's misery was recently
pictured at Hilhngsguto, whero a gratuitous
distribution of food was made. Urawny
men fought and struggled against tho bars
for sodden pudding and muddy soup until
they wore torn und bleeding, while women
and children, who were unutlle to get near,
sut on the curbstone uud cried hoieUssly.
FEUisuro nfo that tJio incessant boring
for gas wells in this comtry will result tho
same as dal the natural gas oraze in China
nlwut two hundred years ago. Has wells
wero sunk with as much vim and vigor as
tho Celestials were capable of, but owing to
a gas explonon thut killed several mllliou9
of ioople and tore up and destroyed a large
district of country, leaving a lurge inland
sen, known on the maps as l.ako Koo Chang,
the boring of any more gas wells was thou
and there prohibited by law.
Tin: sand hills or dunes of Gaseony,
France, jkisscss features of striking Interest,
as described by u writer in tho
Amrnenn. Tho duties ure formed by
the sands left by the along thu
shore, which, blown bv the winds inland,
form hills of two hundred feet or more in
height. The sand hills themselves are kept
moving slowly landward by tho wind, which
drives the upor layer of sand from tho gently-sloping
outer surface up to tho summit,
whence it falls down the steep slojK' on tho
landward side, and thus the dunes uro rolled
inland by slow degrees The annual average
rate of the advance of sand is said to bo
ubout fourteeu feet v year.
Tin: first railroad In Hussia was opened
up in October of the year 1n17.
Exi'eiumknts have been made for the
of creating an increased adhesion of
locomotive wheels to tho rails. This has
been partially accomplished by means of
Tin: three greatest railroad disasters
known are the Tay Hridge, Scotland, the
ChuUworth, 111 , und tho Ashtabula, O. In
tho first 1!i0 people jierished, in the second
12ii, and in the last over 11 m.
Civuntv railways are increasing In
ratio more rapidly thau tho United States.
Tho Canadian mileage the last ten years
has been five per cent., while that of this
country has been four per cent.
0ku the Cuscados, on tho Northern
Pacific railroad, is a switch-back, thirteen
miles m extent, said to le the most marvelous
piece of railroad engineering Iu the
country. The cost of the switch-back was
:tV),om, nnd its maximum grade is SW feet
to the mile.
Tin: average cost of a Pullman car Is f 1.1, -000.
A 40,(ii) car is the mot expensive
ever maile by the company. The metal and
running parts of curs are shipod to England
iqwn demand, and woodwork, finishing
und upholstering uro done iu the Derby
sboiw there.
Tiik Pullman Car Company employes
7,f jM'rsons, and jmys an average of M
ler mouth, the highest average of any
manufacturing establishment In the country.
This includes muiiy unskilled laborers,
the skilled mechanics receiving as
high as f 1 It) per month.
It is claimed thut tho first railroad constructed
in .this country was built in 1MU,
near Manchester, Va. The road was built
for the purioso of conveying jniwder for
use in the wtir with England, from the mill
to a magazine two miles distant, and it was
by means of
I'miivekiib think there is one feature iu
American lix'ouiotives that would bear
alteration with advantage, for express
trams at least, it is the size of the drivers.
There aro probably none in uso over six
feet in diameter, und very few as lurge as
that, the average being ttliout five feet six
Tiik only modern locomotive yet constructed
in the United States with single
drivers was one built seme years ago by
the Baldwin Locomotive Work to run tho
express trains on the Bound Hrc.k route of
the Philadelphia & lteuding railroad It
was purchased by thoEumcs Vacuum Brake
Company, and wm subsequently sent to England
uud run mi the Lancashire and Yorkshire
roilvuy. but proved a failure
Within u few years locomotives huvo
been mode uon definite plans with
p.irts, so that any piece of tho
machine can bo exchanged with tho same
piece on any other locomotive of tho sumo
typo. This is considered a gieat advantage
The interchanging of machinery paits was
started in connection with the inunutucturo
of firearms by a man named Hoot, who was
employed in Colt's pistol fnctor He was a
day hand at M.ftO. t'olt made him
of his works at a salary of 8lo,(00 a
AmkiiI' an railroad trains travel, as u rule,
much mow slowly than KnglUh, and with a
ls'i average of casualties than is yearly put
at th" door of the latter. For instance, the
c.NpivsH trams between New York ami Allow
y average onjy twenty-nine and u
r miles per hour, though the truck is almost
level, while tao "Flying Scotchman''
avenges fifty miles over a considerable
pai t of the distance between London and
IMiuhutgh Between New York j'ul Boston
the speed is rarely over thirty-two miles
per hour, though tho course is ni'ieli eiuier
th hi that between Loudon und Munehcstor,
wliieli is sometimes traversed ut the ruto of
forty-seven uud three-fifth tullos an hour.
Tv.w'iew fe
Absolutely Pure.
Thlt powder ncTrr Turtr. A raarrp) ol purlt),
trrngtli tvl wli!(vimini'K. Muro economical
than the nnllnry kind, and cmi not l lolil
comiftlton with tue uiultlttnloof low teat lim
wclKtU miun or iihmntMt rdr. Soldonly tu
cam. HoyalIUkino I'owdks t,
UW, Uii sirwl NnwYnrtr
Well Drillers and Pump Adjuster.
Drilled to order aud pumpn furmlitiol
at factory price. f
Tho Dost in tho
Send for Circular,
Itli ami Main,
LoutiTllle, - - Ky.
F.B.RILEY, Proprietor.
Thoroughly mill Itrlur.
nlsheO throughout. Flrsl. class t'ltre
mill roiisniiulilo prices. liny mill uluht
tuliisiire uirt by iolllo l'orlerx or this
opiilnr House.
Mtttnt'ord, - - Itentuolty
U0m on Lancantrr utrwt, roit door to
JocxfALotfico. (irac houri lrom 8 to li a.
M.and 1 to i r. H. AnMtUvtlti n.iuilDltU'rol wl tr
A Orand omhiiiatioii
And tliH Loulavllle
Weekly Courier-Journal
One your (or only :i two pir for little
unrethati the price of omp.
ily payln m ti you will riwvlTo lor one year
your houm paper with the Courier-Journal, the
ieprKMn,atlTe nHwnpr of the Siuth, democratic
and for a tariH for rTeiiue only, and tho beat
hrUhtvtt aud ablest laiully weekly Iu the L'ultoJ
Htatra. 1 hose who itealre to ezamlno a aaruplc
(opv of the iloao at thla nffle
One Year, 75c.
6 Months, 40c.
bet iND Cheapest pjp.
WILL S. HAYS, Editor.
Contains tho nowa of tho world
up to dato of publication ;
Matter Intorostlnf? and
to ovory homo; contributions
to Music, Song, Art,
Soionco, Agrioulturo and
Reliable Market Reports.
Make Your Homes Happy.
Samplo Ooplos and Promium
List mailed froo to any addross.
Agents wanted ovory whoro.
Ipuisuille 5?ommergal,
Loulsvillo, Ky.
Till, old and well-known Hotel I. .till main,
talnlug It. flue reputation. Cliargo. reasonable
H cclal attention to tlio traTellnK public.
.11. I'. SKWVOJItt, l'ro'ir,
Mt. Vernon, Ky,
Livery, Training, Feed,
Matin renteit tho ftalileon Depot atrect. t am
prepared to train and tireak lioraea on rvanonablo
lerun. County (Viurt day irale xMcltil
Manlonl, Ky
JltlSST, ItlCIDttl.Ml. KY
J. B. WILLIS, Proprietor.
I For a good Table
And dean atd well furnlilied Mnina, thle Hotel
hai no iuKrlnr, (I(kI rnuiptn rouiua altailiel.
la now prepared with a itihxI .took and an addl
tlonal workuian lo do any kind of work In lila line
promptly ami in me i4t manner (life aim a
trial, hnupon I.auraster .treet. (i"7)
I, the undFnliinil, bare In DanTllle, Ky , a
nrat Training Mtalile, and am prepared to brik
and train horxw either to .ml lie or trot, aud lay
to the people of l.liiruln and aljolnlug rountlet II
you hate a liortn that you want broke, trained or
old, aud will bring It to me, 1 Mil guarantee
wllldo my beat with yuur iluck you
bare a lior you want aold, bring 11 to me, a. we
bate' the tteond biut market In tne Hlate
.S, I. M ;, JtWXSOX.
ItlCiniOMIl. KKMttKV.
Fhotograpbi in all stylet nnd sizos.
Pictures in India Ink. Crnyon and
Water Colors.
Newdeilgni In Kratnea an! Mtt.at ery low
To tho Citizon of Lincoln County:
Having recently ejiilpp.. ;rlne lUller Mill Ib
the town ul (Hanfard irat wn .Inly any Mill tu
iual Inquallty of dour, we think tho cltlirtu ol
IliectHiniy ineuiu nare ciniy priua nnengn iu
at roolie and luitaln the aaaie Ve wlili 10
wttuui II may concern that we are tn the
ii arket to buy your wheal and corn and will al-way.
glfe the hlgheat market price lor miif. We
I ae addel nam new machinery lo our torn meal
derliuenl ami ran now make ueal tu ault any
-iii It canuot be Ual,l by any other Mill In
thli flclnlly Wo aolliit a trial Inour Hour and
meal department. All having grain In our line
lor ale will plea call at Mill, where our agent
can be fouud alall tlmea, who w give the beat
prlex tor Miue. Itiui.J aid ihlp null alwaya In
tock. ir. .v. roris. Niii't,
Ml. If rltaulord lUller Mill Co.
Florence Washing Machine.
I have bought the right to aell the Florence
Waablng Machine and am now prepared to farnlih
all who may with to tavn their clothea from the
rubbing aud tearing incident lo IheolJ pr ooewol
waahlng. Take one and try It and I. eonvliHrd,
I'll not worry you alwiit buying unleav you are
fully Mtlifle.1 aitultt mcrlU.
Tneunderalgne'l, having purchavHl the Florence
Waahlng Machine, ami alter a thorough trial, we
take pleaiuro in adding our li.tUiuuy aa to It.
worth, and without healtatlon pronounce It a am
ceaa In every particular, doing all thai la claimed
for It
Wm Paugherty, J. W Wallace, Dr. llourne,
Mra.il. I' Caller, A C line, Hill I'erilna
Dudderar, J. B. I.yon, I. L )aw,n,C Vannuf,
Mra Amanda I'eik, Ueorge I'eylon Alet Horn
law, (' (.' rieidi, Ai'. i I mi len, rliiu lUiuea, It
K. Harrow, A. M. reiand and manv olher. ,
.11. I' El lil.K,
Ilea 1 iiartra at . K Myera atore.
Cholera Cure !
Thousands of dollars worth of
chu kens die c cry year from Cholera.
It is more fatal to chickens than
all other diseases combined. Hut the
discovery of a remedy that positively
cuits it has been made, and to be convinced
of its efficacy only requires a
trial. A 50 rents bottle is enough for
one hundred chickens. It is guaranteed.
If, after using two-thirds of
a bottle, the buyer is not thoroughly
satisfied with it as a cure for Chicken
Cholera, return it to the undersigned
and your money will be refunded.
pfKormln by McKnberta A Hlagg, Stanford.
E. H. EURNSIDE, - Propr
ThiB Old and. Woll - Known
Hotol Still Maintains ita
Hif?h Roputation,
Iti Proprietor it Determined thrv
it 8hnll be Second to uo Country
Hotel in the State in iti Fare,
Appointments, or Attention
to Comfort of
their Guests
llagKige will be eonreyed to and from the 1
free of charge. Hpeclal accommodation
to COBtmereUllriTeltr). The liar will
alwaya aapplled with the choicest
hraodeof Iilqeori and Clears.
Woman's Diseases
PMnful Q,.,.,.r.....l YrrKul.r
rofiiae KJcnnly nml .al,
If taken .Inr'nR the CIIANOU OP I.IPK, rreat
raffrrini: 'a (vt ill be 'I ! '1 X t7"bcua for
book 'NlEeKaui to W ngN,"liiMlcl free
liiiA.uriiiUi IUuulatoii Co., Atlanta, Oa.
"illtuMJniNN HotKo.1'
Shortust and Qniokcst Route from Uec
trat KoutnoKj to rU Points North,
East, West nnd 8outhwest.
-Kaat l.tne llctweeti
Through tlckata and baggage ke. to an
For lull iiartlciilari. call on any agent of th
com pan y, or
(leii.l'aaa Agent, 1ra. I'aaa. Agent,
Corlngton, ky Islington, Ky
II K IM'.NriMiT'iN, llecflter,
tteneral liillcea, (nrlngton Ky
LKAVI.1H ll'llll -
i.onsvii.i.i; v (ii.voixx.iti
Iially, aecurea lo tratelera
Ktrr atteuiple.1 ttween the great r iniuerclal
tlieOliia lUfei and t hiritu". and hence
the la.leat lime and m ai , 'iinloriable traina
all point In the .Sonfi, or t) the llVaf
and A ! trrxt rheciiunlefpart of thla train
on all trunk ilnei la den.iuinlcl Tim I. hint'
vil lrirrMM. 1 he mrb r 1 1 1 n al k we
glTra patruna I'tilitnit lUlVutit f nrt .
Ata)ICouin Iickei in the booth
yoti will find our lime table anil tl kela eay .!
mill, gel .!,( and all, k to .llnimtt, If
yuu war.t to a isoney and haie a pleaaam lour,
ney. Y. () MrCOItMICK,
(leneral l'aaeiiger Agent. Chicago
CltyTliket Agentaand
Y.. A. lilt KM IK, in tlh Ae.. liul.tllle, Ky.
I. M. IOM(, IJtf Vine at, Cincinnati. )
L & n7
Louisville & Nashville R. R.
1HK liaEAl
TO Till
Pullman Palace Sleepers.
I.otiiNt llir
to .ViihIm Hit ,
1.1(1.4! Uock,
Moltlh; and OrU'iniH.
Duly one change to polnti In
Arkansas and Texas.
Becking homea nn tne line of (hj (al will rrrrlT,
apMlal rate.
A gen la of tni Company lor rate, route
Ac, or
I, V AniHIit; V ATA,
lAiiilatlllr, Ky
NcnpiM't .News ,V .Mlelhliiil Yallry Co.
I'lillmim CarH and Solid TraiiiM
To WashinRton, Riohmond acd
Old Point Comfort
To Loiiisvillo ftnd Cinoiunati,
Connrtttoiii dlrcxt for all jiolnta In the
, .s'orr
Kx. Hun.
fi SO a ru
II W a ru
8 10 a m
II 10 a w
H ,10 p ni
rt . p m
7 00 p iu
7 0 p in
Sli ni
II ? piu
t 00 a ill
fi 20 a ii.
IN KIKK(T ,NO 1.1, '67. No. I
I.TO I.oiilvlllo 7 00 p ,n
Arr Islington 10 M p ui
" While Miilitiurbirlnga
" Cliarlotta llliHV At Juliet) n in p m
" Itlchuiouil II ul in
" Newnurt Newa 10 35 h m
"Old I'olnl Oiinforl 11 on a ru
" Norfolk It Iu a m
" Waahlrigtou 9 10 pin
" llaltliiiure II 3o pin
" I'hlladelpliU :i in) ii it
" New York ii 20 a ui
U'xlngton Dlvlalun Trains run by Central lime.
Main l.lnc Tralnaenat ol lliiniluglun rim l,y Kast.
em time, whirl) a one hour faster than Centra
ADDIIIONAI. 11, dalley ex.
cept Sunday, leavoOIIre Mill I H a m; Mt.
7 HO ii mj arrlro l.eilnglnri 8 ; a ui arrlre at
Clntlnnatt via IVIncheaiir 11 31 a m.
No 12, dally except Sunday, leare t'lntlnnatl
2 Oil pm; lxliigtonSl p m, arrltu Ml. btorllng
7 i.l p in;()llve Mill a 20 p m
No. 6, dally, leave. Clifton
Forgo at 7 00 a nr
Uiarleaon 1.1 SO p in; arrlto Aih and 8 10 p m;
' '
Columbia II 17 piu
No. O, dally, leare Aalilard 7 10 n ru; arrlre at
Iharhaton 11 21 a in; Cllllon l'orge 7 JO i in
l'ulliiianHleeplnKCaraon all through trains.
Old Dominion Steamships leato Norfolk on Mon.
day, Tueeday, WiHlneaday. Thurlay and Saturday
at 6.'S0i' M lor New York
t, 2r.T1f.lte",lU!'i"' '"formation, etc., apply at
Ticket ottlco or address
W. V. UICKIIAH, ii. w rvi.i.y.H,
i.ecelrcr. Oen'i I'asa'r Agt.

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