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Ring out, wild bull, to tlio wild sky.
The Ilylnir cloud, tlio frost llRlit;
The ear 1 4 tlj ng In tlio nlelit ;
Ring out, wild bells, and let lilin dlo.
Ulnr; out the old, rtijc In tlio new;
Itlug, linppy Ml, ncrosi the snow;
Tlio year Is colng, let him go;
Ring out tlio false, ring iu the true.
I iif III 'C- 7L
Ring out the grief tlint sapa tho mind
Tor those that hero mo see no more;
Ring out the feud of rich and poor,
Ring in redress to all mankind.
Tlng In the valiant man and free.
The larger heart, tho kindlier hand;
Ring out the darkness of tho land,
Ring la the Christ that is to be.
. Alfred Tennyson.
nr olive nAiti'Eit.
Tills day Egbert had been down to tho
very end of the garden, to the llttlo houso
thrt stood ly (lie edge of tho woods on their
neighbor's kind, nnd ho looked with childish
curiosity through the imliugs, to where he
heard voice. A boy of about his own age,
a poorly draped and not very pretty boy,
stood with n woe begone look while a sweet
faced woman bound up a cut finger, and then
when it was dono sho assed her plump arm
around tho child's neck and drew tho curly
brown head to her breast, nnd with tho other
she patted his cheek, and then caressed his
curling hair, nud finally kissed kiln two or
three times very tenderly.
Suddenly I'gliertVt heart swelled and his
throat iKiiued with the effort to keep back
tho tears. No ono k ved him like that.
"Mother," said tho boy on tho other sido
of tho fenco, "mother, it doesn't hurt a bit
now. Shall I go on chopping P
"Yes, dear, but Ikj a littlo moro careful. I
don't want to find you In a hospital Now
Year's day.
"Don't you Iks Hcared. You best littlo
mother iu tho whole world."
So tiie "best little mother" went into tlio
cottage, giving her boy one more beaming
glance of lovo as she entered tho door, and
tho boy returned to his job of splitting
" ,- J) I .'
NO OSE Lovrn IIIM like that.
Egbert stood n littlo w hilo and then went
slowly toward the houo, his brain flllod with
thoughts and his heart with a vaguy nemo of
grief nnd almost anger.
IIo wanted u mother. Ho had nono ; no ono
to love him iu that precious fashion that ho
had Just lieheld.
Ills 11UIS4 had always len pood to him, his
father moro than good, but why had ho no
root!"1! J
Vlicr 1K.3 the, or had ho never had ono?
Ills fatlicr gave him everything that
monoy could buy or nffortion devise, but ho
had never know 11 a mother, never heard tho
name ovon, at least as uiplied to himself, but
now ho suddenly felt that ho had needed 11
mother nlwn v and ho hod never had one,
wa U10 rwasonf
Did everybody hnvo mothers, or only the
poor, fur he rualnd tliat tlieto peoplo were
Ioorer than otliers, and yet an ho
that bwi et comforting tmilo nnd that
tender care ho ftlt wronged and defrauded.
"I will Iuito n mother, too," baid he, "even
if I havo to live in n cottage ami wear old
clothes and hnvo no playthings like tha
boy; I'll nd; father riht away."
Kgliert Kallor. would bo 10 years old 0-1
New Yonr'n day nnd ho had novcr known mv
other homo than tin-,, which was in n suburb
of Jfew Yoik and clod ugalnst intrusion.
IIo wiwno ohiktiMi, oicopt when ho rode
on hiii pony Ufido his lather In their excursions,
and no visitors came there, nor did Mr.
Fallon visit uny toii.
Tlio servants wiro tho ratno that had come
there when ho did, and 110 ono of them evor
said n word that could i;ivo this littlo fcllo.'
tho UU11 thnt life hud over held any other tied
for him tliun those ho now had.
Egbert returned to tho housn hlowly and
thoughtfully and went to tho study, w hero he
expettod to llud bin lather; but ho found no
ono, and fn ho went 011 up stairs, but there lie
did not find him either; k almost mechanically
ho went on until ho touched tho garret,
w hero ho went over to tho cost window ami
looked out tow trU tho littlo cottage, nil tho
while with liU heart full of this new longing.
After a little ho began to tool; about nnd
notice tho quaint old broken furniture that
was htorud here, and finally bis glance MI
upon n queer, old fashioned littlo hair trunk
IkhiikI w itli iron bands, btudded with brass
Ho thought what a pretty place this would
bo to store his smaller playthings in, anil
knowing that over thing them would
l given to him, ho tried to ojeii it and
ceo what it would look like on tho inside.
TJbjjttrunk was locked, but ho soon found
m'eanis to open it, nud ho found It filled with
Ho tossed thorn out Impatiently, and then
nt tho very Itoltain of tho trunk ho found a '
twrtfollo full of papers. I
Among them was a letter senled and nd
dressed to his father, nnd n picture painted
on porcelain of a lovely woman, who somehow
looked familiar to him, but ho know he .
had novcr Foen her, yet ho loved her, and h I
put tho picture In his pocket nnd took up the
old portfolio nnd went Iwick down stairs.
Ho scarcely knew what ho was atxmt or
what ho was thinking of, nud his littlo brain
was as confused as his heart wns full.
Ho entered tho study and found his father
thero talking w itli tho nuro, w ho seemed to
hide something under her npron.
Egbert smiled n littlo contemptuously as
ho nt once understood thnt it hnd somothiug
to do w itli New Year's porno now gift.
"Father," said he, "wero you thinking of
giving mo anything to-morrow f
"Why, yes. It is Now Year's, nnd vour
birthday. Is thero anything jou would liko
to hnvo particulnrlyr
Egliert hesitated and grow rod.
"Father, I don't know ns I could, hut if I
could have ono, I should like to havo a
If a knlfo had pierced that father's heart,
ho could not hnvo grown more jalo than did
Mr. Fallon w hen his boy stammered out that
pathetic request.
Ho groaned in agony ns ho staggered forward
and stretched his arms across tho tablo,
nud hid his f aco ujou them, w hilo ho trembled
in evory limb.
Egbert como closo to his father
but ho could not understand this sudden
display of emotion, nnd ho laid tho portfolio
down on tho tablo with tho picture, and
finally seeing that his father seemed so
grieved, ho put out his hand instinctively,
and tried to caress his father's hair, as ho had
seen that twor woman da
This light touch brought Mr. Fallon's mind
back to his child, and ho slowly lifted his
face from tho tablo, nnd then ilrew tho boy
to his knee, a yvry unusual demonstration for
him to make.
"What madoyou ask thnt question, Egbert!
Who has been talking to your
"No one, father, only I saw that poor
children had mothers, and today I somehow
felt thnt if I hnd n mother of my very own,
I should feel so contented and happy, and I
felt, too, that I had always wanted one, only
I never know it until today, nnd I thought
you could get mo ono, perhaps, instead of any
play toys. I am tired of all kinds of toys,
and when I saw that boy's mother love him
so tenderly, I made up my mind to ask you.
I should love you just tho same. Father,
why is it I havo no mother, or don't rich
looplo hnvo themr"
"My boy, I liavo tried to keep this sorrow
from you, and to so fill a mother's place that
you would never miss her, but it is useless.
rnturo has spoken, i. ou had a mother once.
but-you havo nono now. You con never
have another."
"But where is she, fatherl Is sho deadr
"Yes, child, dead to us nlL"
"Hut wlu did sho dlo r
"Eight years ago, Egbert. Now, my boy,
listen. You must not speak of her again,
never, never. I cannot bear it, to mo nor to
any ono else. You must think no more about
it, and bo as happy as you can w ith me. Am
I not good to your
"Oh, yes, ami I will try," said tho boy, trying
to strugglo against the tears; and then
he roso and went out of tho study nnd up to
his room, whore ho went to bed to think and
try to understand this first sorrow and first
mystery of his j ouug llfo.
Mr. Fallon remained in his study a prey to
violent emotion.
This child, whom he had surrounded with
such tenderness, and who hnd nil that was
left of his broken hoart, found that not
enough, and his innocent nature cried out
for mother love, not even knowing w hut it
And that mother, weak, unworthy, sinful
rod abandoned, what did sho care if tho littlo
heart broko for want of a mother's tender
Hot tears forced themselves through his
eyelids, nnd sola racked his breast as he
thought it all over.
He hnd taken his young brido to his heart
and home, with pride and love, dorp and
true, nnd in two short years sho hnd proved
unworthy of his name.
Even whilo her first liorn lay upon her
breast sho was a guilty wretch, nnd then,
when his cousin had discovered all tho wrong,
and hnd pro ed it to him, she dared deny it
ami so muko it all tho deeper.
Then ho had driven her forth, torn from
her false urms tho pretty baby, and she had
gono out of his homo nnd lifo forever,
tho blight of her sin uKn them both.
Then ho had mado a rwluso of himself for
tho sako of his child, and had tried to so fill
this littlo heart that it should never need
love, ami yet that littlo heart missal
something. Ah, well, ho would linvo to know
itsomu day. Pcrhaii&it wns txst that ho learn
it now, w hilo too young to understand.
Tho sweet, innocent faeo that sho hadl
How could guilt havo lodgod in that hcnrtl
How could sho have sacrificed husband,
child, good name, nil!
Yet sho did. Tlio proofs wero too strong
for doubt.
Those letters, their touch withered his
heart anil hf.' at once, olght years ago when
Amy was drive:! forth a wauderor 11ml an
outcast, wrtrdngnnd dcclrringhor innocenco
to tho last, iu spi to of tho proof in his possession.
Then she hnd tnlcon hor slwttored lifo
homo to her jkiivnU, and they hnd sheltered
Thoy lxilloved in her innocence. Well,,
sho was their child, and they ouaht to
liovo her.
"Oh, Amy, little Amy, I lovod you so!" he
murmured. "I could lovo you now, God
holpmol I believe I do yet, in spitoof nil,
ami I forgrvo you, for you wore so y oung!''
i -Wi 1 I CugD, .' '
JWM m rr
"V-v 'esA
y."2? "sir .'.- t3ia 1AI
1 &&M)im
is y iDm n
"FATIIKlt, "R'liy 13 IT I HAVE NO MOTlTEnr'
At this moment his oyes fell upon tho port,
folio lyitifj tiK)n tho tablo, and mecliauicallr
ho ojencd it, only to htnrt, hold Ills laoath
nnd strain his eyes to tho utmost ns lie examined
one by ono tho impors t lticli proved
ujani tlicir faeo that tho oor wife, so wrongfully
accused, had been driven away, tho
victim of hh cousin.
It did not need tlio letter which sho Lad
written on her dying bed to him, confessing
her crime and bagging forglrcness, to prove
that Amy was as pure as an iingul; and now
ho sprang to his feet, with now lifo In his
veins, now luio in his hoart, now light in hla
For six long years that letter nnd tho
with tho rough copies of tho false letters
which had condemned an innocent
woman, had lain nlmat under his hand and
ho hnd never known It.
When Lydiu died her littlo trunk had lieeu
sent to him, but ho uover looked beyond tho
top, nnd ho never know that her heirless
lovo for him had been tho motive for this
Ho closed tho portfolio, Mylng:
"Sho is dead now; I will forgivo her when
Amy me."
And ns ho moved tho book tho picture lay
exposed. Ho grasped it, and through blinding
tears ho klsed thofacoof his ioorwlfe,
nnd then ho roso with a now energy, saying:
"I will start this hour, and if they will let
tno soo her I will pray her forgiveness on my
knees. My poor, ieroeuted wife."
. S
A soft rustlo of garments, a breath of
sweet as a clover fluid, then a low, tender
voico whispered:
"Clarence, she has long ago forglvon you,
and has loved you nlwnjs."
"Amy, oh, my wlfol"
After awhile, when they could talk, Amy
told him that her longing to behold her child
had been so great, that sho had stolen thero
liko a thief, and had managed to gain entrance,
and then sho had hidden behind the
curtain ns her husband enmo in, and so had
been a silent spectator of all.
Morning dawned and Egbert dressed nnd
went downstairs, feeling as if somethlug unusual
was about to liapjion.
Tho remembrance of the conversation with
his father w clghed ujion his young hoart, and
chocked the curiosity as to his exjxKted presents.
The door opened and his father came In
loading tho lady of tho portrait One look at
that face was enough, and mother and child
were in each other's arms.
Tho littlo heart hnd nothing left to long
for, ho had his mother, and yet two early
tears swum in his eyes, and his lips quivered,
but it was with pure Joy.
Tho giving of New -Year' gifts Is n custom
tbnt long lieen prnctically olisoleto, but
In the ohien day fift giving on New Year's
was as strictly observed as on Christinas.
Like many of tho Christmas customs, it was
derived from the Hoiiinns, among whom, at
ono timo, tho day tlio jiroud distinction
of tho only ono in the whole yiar
on which gifts could bo legally demanded.
Among common New Year's gifts In tho
Dnrly days of England's hUtory wero oranges
stuck with cloves oranges and cloves ero
great rarities then gloves and pins to tho
Indies, etc. Tho common gift from a tenant
to his landlord was a cajion, and Cowley, on
early English jwet, recognized this custom
when ho uroto tho lines:
When with low legs nml In nn humble gulso
lie offered up a cnti sn rlflce
Cnto his worship at tho Xe Year's tide.
Among tho characters iu Hon Jonson's
"Alnvjuoof Christinas" is "New Year's Gift
in a blue coat, nerving man like, with an
orange, and n sprig of rosemary on his hoad,
his liat full of broochoe, with n collar of
gingerbivud, lib torch beaver, carrying n
marclipauo with a lwttlo of wino on either
arm." Sometimes in tho plncu of gloves or
pins, dearer then to tho fcminino heart, even,
than now, for they eru cotly antl uel only
by tlio rich, sums of money w ere given ; henco
tho terms, htill in common use, of "glovo
money" and "pin monoy," Tho bribing of
judges was not at all uncommon in thoso
days, and 11101107 jwild to tho administrators
of tho Jaw was often concealed in handsome
gloves prosented as olito offering of friendship.
Once when a ludy of tho namo of
Croaker hent a iir of gloves to Kir Thomas
Jlore lined with forty golden sovereigns that
judge returned tho gold with n nolo iu which,
"sinco it wero against good manners to
her Now Year's gift was, accepted,
"but ns for tho lining," lio wont on, "I
refuse it." It was tlio cuatotn thon to
make Now Year's gifts iu profusion to tho
reigning sovereign, and lists of with glftbnro
still religiously preserved.
Queen JHizaboth ivaceived moro Now Year's
gifts than any previous ruler of Knclaild.
nud among tlio urticlea named on her lists
wero iwtticoaU, loolin glasses, I
limralotu, wl!: utockincii, etc. It U Uiiovcd
that too famoux silk stockings givou to tills
queen by Mrs. Montague wero New Year's
gilt, nnd itWincordud that Klix.il.ctli liked
ttwin mightily, and thenceforth kho novcr
woro cloth hoo nny more. The plving of
Xow Yenr'a 1 rrsstit to supirior was n custom
gpuurally olnervod, and, of conreo, Iav
came 11 cloak for ull sorb, of Job) wry.
Tho Itanquct of J(.t, published in Iffill,
tells n tale of n Now Year's fjift mado by
one of tho iioblomeu of tho of Kin
Cliarlos I to tho court jester, which it ternw
"plmsrint story' It scums that tho jester
was not eutisllcd with thu number of pieces
of inonoy ho lmd bo bo 3I100I; tho i
coins discontentedly in hU lmnd, whereat ,
tho nobleman begged tlio 1 ttum of thorn for 1
uiointmt, "and by tlio way," ho added,
"them If ono of them w hieli 1 would bo loath
to part w itli." Tho I'oins wero 1 eturned anil I
tho Jiwtor united iMitiently for a larger gift. 1
Ilut tho uoblomuu keted tho caf.li,
with preat brilliancy: I
"I onco gave money into tho hands of
fool, w ho had not tho wit to 1. -op It "
Tho fact that this story bus Uou picscrved
from oblivion for moro tiian '."00 years by
means of constant in Knglaud, i ,
and that r.ll tho wite of that nland havo
tloubtlchs laughed lieartily nt it, may jicr
lmjislx) consult red bulllcient oxctiso for IU
uuurt:on hero.
Thero U n fathor with tw ico si.T sons; thesu
S0113 liavo thirty danghtcrs apiece, jwirtly f I
eolorcil, liavingonocheolc wliito ami tho other
blaclc, who nocr soc each other's faco nor.
Ilvo ubovo ttvtnty.four hours. Chambers
Book of Days'.
Absolutely Pure.
Thtit pawder nT r tarlei. A tnrTlol purity,
trcnth and wbolraoineneM, 'More econouiltM
tban the ordlmrr kind, and can not bo tola
competlton with the multitude of low tnt .itiorv
wolntat aluia or ihcMpht pnirderi. Holdonly la
cant, UorALOAKMi) Powdki O.
K; Um New York
Well Drillers and Pump Adjusters.
VWellt Drilled to order and pumps farmlihed
at Uctory prlee. f
F . B. RILEY, Proprietor.
Thoroughly IteiioviittMl nml Ilei"ur.
nlHtint lliroiiittioul. I'nre
mid rsiiNoiiiildo prlcot. Iy itnit night
tnliiHitre met tiw polite l'orlerMof Ililn
populnr IIiiiino. iOT.iu.
Httvntortl, - - Koittuoky
OOve on tncaiter street, neit door to
office. Office hours from S to 12 a.
M.and 1 to 5 P. u. Anesthetics administered wheb
Physician ana bur S,vwJ rnrm
Mt. Voraon, Ky.
OBcenext door to Whitehead's Drug Store
glacial attention glen to dliean's ot children.
R. s. MaaTlH. J so. m. raaiciNs.
BaoDHRAD, KV., May, lfta7.
Albright Martin bcu to Inform their many
friends and customers ol be change In firm name
The new 3rm hop not only to sustain the rep-.....inn
rhttnlit. Liu tninJa to make manr
nr..tn.niilnihii manufacture ot tobacco which
will be to the interest ol our ruatomers. Wo will
de Vote special attention to our Natural Leaf brands
of bat leaf Thanking you for past
farors and asking for a continuation of your trade,
we remain, ilespectfully your..
WU. AYBKJ. JAa.fl. otvma,
otary Public
511 rifth Street,
- - icy.
Ilooms3and 6, Crorale lilock.
l'lircaiaMlii Agency !
Formerlrol Stanford, hai opened a Purchasing
Agency in Cincinnati, and all orders to her at 127
West 8th street, wiu recene ieniu u ,.-...,.
attention. Sho will make a apecUllr 0' Onn
iood, but will rec Ire orders for I urnlturo, tar-lots
and In fact everything one could wish The
patrotmgeof tho ladles ol this section especlsl y
Mnrper's Woolrly I
IMiiHf ntti'il.
llarpi'r'a WeeLlr lias a well established p'aee
the leedliif Illustrated tiewspiper In Amerloa Tho
lirnetsut lll current oll
... i.i ...... I,,-. nn.l HiU rarintv u It t riMls
jcCP ,,f n9 literary which Include aerial
and short st..rles by the but aud most pular
writers, til It for tho p ruwl of people of the wlilesl
range ol taatt and pursuits hui piemenn are ire-fluently
provided, and uu expense Is spared to
hr ng the highest ordorof artistic ability to bvar
urou the Illustration of the phss's of
bouie and foulku iililore In all lis fealurts Harper
Wiekiy la admirably udaplel
In erery houtm.old. a
Harpor's Periodicals,
Harr. r'a Weeklir W
Harper's Mogsilne w r
Ilarixr's lUiar w'
Harper's Young P.ople 3
r.tgofrieti all subscribers in mo uniieu
State, t anadit or Mexico
Tim Volumes ot the Weekly bfg n with tho first
number for.latiiuryolwuin year. When no tlmo
la mtntlunid, a iwcrlptlotif will b"ln with the
Number currcn. at the tlmoof ncelpt of order.
Koun I Volutin ol Harpca Weekly, for three
years back, Iu nt t c nth binding, will be sent by
mall, noitairo nalc or by express, free ol exnenso
fnrorbled ibalreUlit doea not exceed one dollar
tier Toluine) for 87 ier tolume,
Cloth case forencli Tolume, sultahlo for lilnd.
Ing will bo sent by mall, postpaid, nn receipt ol Jl
"Hatnutanc s should b mada by postoilice money
order or draft to arold chance of lo
Newspapers are not o copy this adTcrtljemont
wit bout tnerxpre a order ol Harper A. Mrolhers.
Address HAUI'KIt A DltorilhlM. New York.
we cofflUlljr refcramnd
your I. a1, ihc t.t rcmedr
known to
Wl TO 5 IIAYfl.H and f.lcrt.
AH0i:arot4 ant tsv W e l,ave sold cootldtr.
fw csuitbtrlctur. able, and In evrjr ca.s it
bagivtn Hti.fAcllcn.
Vim tirdoDly tyth Alcwtt A I.Uk,
Huion. N". Y
V Cfnclnnatl.HHH
Sold by Druggists,
Thli old and well-known Hotel li still main
Ulnlng its fine reputation. Chargo reoionablt
Ul'pcMI attention to the trarellng public.
31. V. XKWVOJIll, rio'r,
Ml. Vernon, Ky.
Livery, Training, Feed,
HiTing rented tho utalile ou Depot itrect, I am
prepared to train and hrnak hor nn rratonahlo
teruii. County Court day trade eollrltnl
h.v 11. r.i urt:Ti:ii,
HUuturd, Ky
Mtixsr., iiirinio.Mi. kv
J. B. WILLIS, Propriotor.
I For a good Tahle
And clean and well furnished roomi, this Hotel
has no suiierlor. Wood rampln rooms attached.
MTIUIrs tl 00 (nit day.
la now prepared with a rod stock and an additional
workman to do any kind of work Iu his line
promptly and In the IhsI manner, (lire Mm a
trial, bnop on Lancaster street. (J77)
I, the undcrsUnnl, hate In Dantlllo, Ky , a
neat TralnltiK HUlilo, and am preparel to briwk
and train horxv either to saddle or trot, and say
to the people of Lincoln and dJolnlu roumlei II
you hare a horse that you w.m broke, trained or
sold, and will tirlug It to me, 1 will Kiiaranteo
will do my best with your stock. you
hare a borso you want sold, brlnii It tome, as we
hare thosecoud bealuiarkot In theHtate.
LOUIS sun Li:3 EL,
Photographs in all styles and sizos.
Pictures in India Ink. Crayon and
Water Colors.
New deitjM In Kraaies aril Mils t Tery lo
To tho Citizon of Lincoln County:
listing recently eoulppod alflne Itiller .Mill la
thetownol ritanforj trat w iiely any Mill to
eiual Inquallty of flour, we think the cltliens ot
the county should hare county pride enough to
patroolie and suitalu the same 'e wlih 10 Inform
whom It may concern that we are la the
market to buy your wheat and corn and will
glra the highest market price tor same. We
1 are added some new machinery to oar corn meal
department and can now make meal to suit any
ersun. It cannot be equaled by any other Mill In
this vicinity We soll.it a trial In our flour and
moal department. All hating grain In our line
lor sale will please, call at Mill, where our agent
can be found at all tlmM, who will glre the best
price lor same. Hracd ai.l ship stuff always In
stock. W.X.I'OTrS.Hun't,
Man lord Uglier Mill Co.
Florence Washing Machine.
I hare bought tb right to sell the Florence
Washing Machine and am now prepared to famish
all who may wish to sare their clothe frual the
tubbing and tearing incident to the old procean
washing. Takeone and try It ami be conrlorrd.
I'll not worry yon about buying unless you are
fully satisfied as to tta merit.
The undersigned, havlug purchased the Florence
Washing Machine, and alter a thorough trial, we
take pleasure In adding our teetlaiiioy as to lis
worth, and without hesitation pronounce It a
in erery particular, doing all that Is claimed
for It.
Win, Daugherty, J. W. Wallace, Dr. llourne,
Mrs.8. P Mailer, A C Hlne, Kill I'erilns Lewis
Dudderar, J. K. Lynn, I. L Diwson.C Vaunoy,
Mrs. Amanda i'eak, Oeorge Teyton. Alet Holts-law,!.'
C Kiellt, I'tmden, Him Italnea, It,
K. Harrow, A. M. Kclanl and manr others
31. ' K 1. It IS,
Ileadquarteraat S. H. Myers' stora.
G A1TTEE' Cholera CHICKEN Cure! - s
Thousands of dollars worth of
chickens die every year from Cholera.
It is more fatal to rhitkens than
all other diseases combined. Hut the
discovery of a remedy that positively
cures it has been made, and to be convinced
of its efficacy only requires a
trial A 50 cents bottle is enough for
one hundred chickens. It is guaranteed.
If, after using two-thirds of
bottle, the buyer is not thoroughly
satisfied with it as a euro for Chicken
Cholera, return it to the undersigned
and your money will be refunded.
Korsile by Mcltoberts X. Htai. Htanford.
mi jhio ULU JLJCJUU,
E. H. BURNSIDE, - Propr J
This Old and Well - KnowD
Hotel Still Maintuiiia ita
High Reputation,
Its Proprietor it Determined thai
It Shall be rfecond to no Country 2
Hotel in the State in iti Fare, 7
Appointment!, or Attention
to Comfort of
their Oaeiti
llarTxe nlllbe oonreyed to and from the 1
free of charge. Npeclal accommodation
io Commercial IrkTelers, The liar will
always snpplleJ with the choicest
brands of Manors and Cigars.
P Infill s uppresscil rrrirnlar
rnfui canty ainil
If taken dnrlnrj the CHANOK OP UFK, rreat
enfferitiir ami dancer will be avoided tWBetid for
book' ".MiMiui to Womkn," mailed free.
IlHAiiriKU) lUuuLATOit Co., Atlanta, Oa
LI. I.
Shortest and Quiokeat Route from Ues
tral Kentuokj to all Points North,
East, Woet and Southwest.
Kait Line Uctween
Through tickets and baggage checsij to any
destination readied by railroad
hor full farllculars, call on any agent of the
ivuiMnr, ur
(len.l'aM. Agent, TraT. 1'aas. Agent,
OiTlngtnn, Ky Lexington, Ky
11 K. IIL'NTINttTflN.lterelm,
(ieneral Omrea, OuTlngton.Ky
NtwAtir Cnicato St ,(1,-"
Dally, secure to trarelers
Ler atlempte.1 Utween the great commercial
on the libit 111 er ami Iticiiu", and henr
the laslest time and most citfifur.able trains
all tilnts In theoirCi, or to the IIVf
aud ortlnrrnt riierouuletpart of this train
on all trunk hum Is denominated Tiri
lUrvrcHH. Thsuvrb rolllnisiKk w employ
glti pitrons fnlltnttrtt Comfort.
Ata!ICoun llcaei Office, in the Mouth
you w find our time table and tickets, ray
get flunnn and stick to .DoMnii, If
you want to sate money aud have a plwuant Jour
General I'aaaenger Agent, I'mrago.
City Ticket Agmts and Dfllters ,
K A. lU'cKSKa, ? Ith Ae., Ky.
1. M. ToaaaMK. Vine sL, Cincinnati, O
""L& n.
Louisville & Nashville K. R.
-to ilia
Pullman Palace Sleepers.
lo .'lrsllll,
l.illli) Ktitk,
.11Willoanl ..Mt OrlcmiN.
Only one change to points In
Arkansas and Texas.
Becking homes on the line of this road will recelv
special ralea.
Agents of thl Company lor rate, routes
Ac,, or orlto
t. V. ATMOItK, . P. AT. A.,
LoiiliTllle, Ky
Newport Xcwh A; .MlHsUslupl Vnllt'y Co.
I'lillnntii Cur nml Koliil Train
To WuBhinRton, Hiohmond nnd
Old Point Comfort
To Louiavillo and Cinoinnati.
Connections direct for all point In tlio
1 Ri. i
IS KfKKCT.NOV 13, '87. No. 4 ' Dally
Dalli, Kx Hun.
Ltb ImlsTllle JMpji 6 r0 a m
Arr 1 10 35 p m II 50 a m
" Whltoriulpli'ir br!ik' 3 10am
" Charlottsrllle(V Al Jtinct) ft 10 p m II 40 a in
" lllcbmoud u (m) p m1 . 80 p m
" Newport News 10 3) a in fl 85 n m
" Old Culm Comfort
llwam 7 00 i, m
"Norfolk 4) am 7 4D p w
" Washington 9 40 p m o 23 p in
.'! I!"1.','".'",'6.' " 24 ' "' " v5 P
I'nllalelphla .1 00 a iu .1 CO a m
NewYorlr 1... . . 6W iu620ji iu
U'llnstnn Dlflslou Trains run by Central lime".
Main I.lne Trains east ol Huntington run by Kast
ern time, which Is ouo hour faster thau Ceutra
ADDITIONAL 11, dalley ex.
cepl Bunday, lease Ollse HIII 4 41 a m; Ml. Blur
ling 7 CO a In; arrlro LexInKton 8 3.5 a ui; arrlra at
Cincinnati yis Winchester ll 35 a m.
NO 12 dally except Bunilav. learn flnelnn.tl
00 pm; Ixluittpiift5piii, arrho ill. blerllng
IS p iu;()ltT0 Hill 0 'o p m
Wo. 5, daily, leavii Clifton Knrge at 7 00 a mj
.,,, .
,u.,i ui; nrriTB Ain anil n 40 p 111;
Columbus 11 17 pin
No, 0, dally, Itare Ashlard 7 10 a in; arrive at
Charleston 11 U a in; Cllltou l'orxa 73b n m
I'nllman Bleeping t'arsou all through train.
Old Dominion Steamships leaye Norfolk on Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday. Thursday and
at ll.'MO V. m tor New Ynrk
For Tickets, liatcs, Information, etc, apply at
Ticket otllcenr address
Itocelrer. Gen'l I'asa'r Agt.

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