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Stanford, Ky., - February 3 1888
While we mipporlul Senmor Hurris in
tne primary contest for Kovernor in rooiI
faltli, because of neighborly consideration
and the ktuwietlRe ihit he was a Rood
man, we all ihe tlma had a very r at
for Bitiion Bolivar Bnekner an a
roldier, as a mau and an a patriot. This
admiration has increased as his term ol office
advances for bo fur na we can eee ho
has hardly made a mistake. He seem" to
ba guided only by what be believes to be
just and riht and thin lie dote regardless
of the coner qutnces to himself or to his
party. That he is ever watchful of the
infereeU of the State nnd determined that
so far as liei in his power, no vicious or improper
legislation shall be nccomplishedt
bis last veto like the fint fully attests. A.
couple of local bills entitled "An act incor
noratine the Old Fellows' Orphanato." and
"an act to incorporate the Uome for thelbvl medicine, and don't, you forget it, so
Aged and Indigent Woman of Covington,"
were passe 1 and each contained a clause
exempting them from taxation. Tno
very properly considers such ex
emption unconstitutional and in his mm
sige he Pets forth this opinion in language
bath pointed and cooTinc'to,;. Tna exemp
tion of varioai claajaa of properly has
grown to such an extent as to bscome b ir
den'ome and Urn KOTisrtnr add' another
plums to htn cip in untie in power to
etop it.
The Dspnndint PiORlon bill is to be
worked in Cngre anain, but the public
basthesn'isfaciion of knowinu that a brave
and pilriutic exesulive stands between
them and the swindling raid that the C"f
fee csolers and bounty jumpers would
make on the treasury. The object for pre
senting the bill now is not from any hope
tbat it will became a law, but simply to
manufacture campaign material for the republicans,
who think by championing it to
make theinselvra solid with the soldier
vote. Fortunately (litre are some patriot
ic soldiers left, who do not think tnat because
they fought in the war for the preservation
of the Union, that the country's
treasury should ba turned over to them and
the eartb ben id en
THE cut in the men! tub has nl last bn
liberated. Tnoba, in) pretended to tUink
be bad houjj claim on Ctrltste's sdit, haa
entered indisputable evidence that the dollars
and cnU were what he was after by
aikiu? Uoii.tuh to appropriate to him tin
turn of SI 700 for expense! ha cl.aion to
have incurred in mikiug the coulejt. It
ia rather safe to presume that Mr. Tliobd's
effort to rtid tie triuury will ujt b entirely
succenful. Tie hijheat annual ever
allowed a conteiunl heretofore is $2 000
and that is out of all reason. The law
ought to be chanced in the inulteT anyway
Tnere would not be half the contests if
there wa not so much juonev in it.
SOME member has presented a bill to
make the carrying of anv deadly
other than a pocket knife a felony and the
punishment thereof at Irom one to two
year' in the penitentiary. As has been
remarked bsfdre, the penalty h now severe
enough, but the lw is not enforced. If
the sapient gentlem in will turn his ttttun
tion for awhile to amending our criminal
lawe so that a murderer cannot t.tck his
jury, he might be of more service to his day
and tiurj than in seeking to create n law
which 'rom tne very nature of the
punisnmeut would at unca become a
dead letter
Sometime ago it was published in II am
ing hexdlines that Eugene Z mmerman, a
directnr of the bioSen Fidelity Bank of
Cincinnati, and wno is pretty well kniwn
here in connection with Cnesa
peuke & Nashville railroad, had skipped '
E nope, alter miking over alt his pr Jpo ty,
to avoid prosecution by the Frderal
for his pirt in tho bulk swindle.
Hearing the chnrges he at once set sail for
home and is now in Cincinnati resdy to
face the music if an r is to bs jiUyed for
his benefit.
Oncb when AiarK Twain was sutTtsrtn
with a cold, he waa beseiged with remedies
eent by anxluus frivols all over the country.
Everything recommended was faith-fully
taken, including 'a piut ot stroux mlt
water, very warm." Tnon he commenced
to vomit and continued to do so till he de
dared, and does to this day, that he "threw
up hii immortal soul" Every bady his
bis remedy for a cold, but they usually run
their course all the same and stop whn
they get ready.
The Salvation Army has discharge!
Ctpt. Polly Brran bsiuma she per'isiet in
wearing a bistle. The cammtnduu tifti
csrs evtdeuily witii to tutbn their womuii
loo'tc as mem as posaib e. A whirl without
a tail i about as useless aud as uniiuiiing
as a woman without a bustle.
Will S. Hays ha prof.ssed religion uo
der Moody nnd tho old hrmn is again veri
lied: As long as the lamp holds out lo
burn, the vilest doner may return. Hays
wiil devote his musictl latent in the future
to writing songs for evangelistic work.
The crvlng need for the development of
the mountain country is an act to quiet the
land titles there. Nearly everything is in
a muddle and iu about nine out of ten
cases a man who invwsts in real estato
buye a law suit
Kentucky paid in the two yean end
ing January 1, $316,832 interest on her
The Courier-Journal makes this Ratifying
prophesy nnd for its full&lment the
wholo country will sar "ameu:" The dem
acratio national convention will b held In
New York City. Mr. Clevelar.d will be
renominated by acclamation. His me'Mfc
will be his platform, lie will have the
hearty support of Hill, the half.hmtUd
support of Randall nnd will cirrv Now
York without any srrinun opposition.
BUine will fl id crest difficulty in holding
MissBchusetis and the Northwest.
TiiRtrialof Mrs Munday for the mur
derof her hiiiband is at last under headway
at Lexington, after costing the State
many thru 'snds of dollars. It will be ro
memberei that (ho obct nf the murder
was to obtain thrt insurance on her husband's
life and that she wbh assited in the remov
al by a dootor, who is serving a life sentence
for his part nf the work.
Editok Rule, of Kooxville, srno cleaned
out the cowardly crod that attacked him
while be and his wife were Koine to church,
is fast convalescing from bis 1G wounds,
wounds. One of hi antagonists hs since
died, another will die nnd the others are
nearly fcarcit to ueam. tte editors are
dnn't come nround fooling with us.
Tiik Senate hss paaed a jiint resolution
proposing an amendment to the constitution
fixing April 30 imteaii of March 4 as
the da for the adjournment of Congress
and the end of the Presidential term.
The S nate pot cilice committee has
very wisely reported adversely on the bill
to reduce letter prntsge to one cnt. Postage
is low enough now and nobody Is kicking
for a reduction.
A bill to declsro the marriages of first
cousins void aud incetuois hi been evolved
by a House member.
Senator Harris' bill to incorporate the
Richmond, Nichnlasville & Beattyviltc
railroad ped the Senate.
Tne House ptsed a bill this week to
legitiunzj a child boin'iut of wedlock, the
couple having afterward married.
The Senate tabled ths bill appropriating
$30,000 for a Kentucky Exhibit at
Cincinnati The Lacks are evidently
in the majority.
The committee to invetigale the Mason
Foard Compinv Aids thst it owei the
Sut- about $1 COO and that its bond is good
for more than a million if dollars.
The Senate refiod 17 lo 12 to bav
Consres (ilnlinh the tax on tobicco and
the H us9 adopted the Senate's reolu
lion, protecting nijniiHt the Blair bill, char
acteriztcg it as an infamoui measure.
In the list year or two the auditor has
paid out $ 18,63.30 to lawy ere for srvic
that are expucted of th Attorney General
and Ssnttor Glenn has very wisely entered
a bill to repeal the act allowing the em
ployment nf outaide t'ornes
Tne public debt dectesssed $15,387,320
last month.
Ten thouesod Ciociunatt shoemakers
have gone on a strike
BraHord Biore, Knnx cnuntr, will be
discontinued ts a jkhUiIFicu after the 10th.
A sijnare on llfoctlway, in New York
wss guttel by firj causing a lose of over
52 000,000.
Oar ti.ures got mixed nu tan rsduc
tion in the price of unfle. I is 20 per cent,
inaleid of 50,
The stables of a U.iited Stales ctvalry
company it For Lewenwortb, Kansis,
were burned with 36 hordes.
- Eueene Ilateell shot snd serinusly
wounded the rce horse man, Owen B-ad-ley,
it Lexington, over in election quarrel
- Buffalo, N. Y , was the scene of a
great cor filtration, destroying bnsiiese
b'ocks and property amounting to $1200,
- Knoxville, Teunessee, has bejun the
shipment o' 100 crs of cancel coal per
week to Nsw York Cay, to be uiel in the
manufacture of gss
Louisville is getting to bs womb than
Chicago. Eigut dior:ee were granted
there Monday, tw nw application were
filed and two cli nisied
Governor Wilson, of West Virginia,
has issued a requisition on Governor
of Kentucky, for the release of purtien
imprieoced in Pike county.
Joseph 28 yers of ape, was
found to be of una mud mind br a jiry at
Lpuisville and tnat the malady was caused
by excessive cigarette sm iking
Judge Matt Wtllon. Dr. M T. Scott
and Wat Prke have ben appointed by ihe
Goyernor as Commissi msrs of the E Htern
Lunatic Asylum at Lexington.
Charles Burton, of Cleveland, Tonn.,
ueni ma ;uuui ne unmerciiu iy wniie iu
child labor, and the bebe was born detd.
He was nrreetml, but made bis ecsps,
Dr. J G. McGe, a young dentiat, shot
and killed El Hickintn at Bsr.lstown A
previous quarrel renewed under the inll t
ence of liqior, ouned the "uiifortiiatte af
Charles C. Wnite, Elitor and owner of
the Flemingsburg limes 'Democrat, has
bsen declared insane. He married Mise
Fannie Walton, a rulativa of Judge Mat
Walton, of Lexington.
It is said that Mr Huntington, who Is
05, wsnls to retire from the active control
of his railroad property and will rrorgan
ue the Chesapeake A O lio with M. E. In-galls,
nf the Big Four, as president
The portion of the Virginia Penitentiary
leased by a Baltimore shoe firm was
totally destroyed by fire Tuesday. Loss lo
the company $150,000, lo the Slate $25,.
000. Several hundred convicts were em
ployed and tley will be idle for tho pres
jent -
.ran 1,
The venerable Gov, David Meriwether,
of Jefferson county, Ir in Washington look
Ins after n claim of $3 000, for salary due
him m Governor of Now Mexico. There
is probably not one other living who sat in
either tho Hou-e or Senate when Gov
Meriwether went to Washington 36 years
ago as a Senator from Kentucky, to succeed
Henry Clay He is now in bis year
and has lived an eventful life.
Gov. J. B. McCreary introduced the
following bills Monday: A hill to eMab
lisb a United States Luid Court and to
provide for a judicial investigation ami
settlement tf private land claims In tho
territories of Ariuna, Now Mexico, Wyo
mine, Utah, nnd in the Stales nf Colorado
and Nevads; a bill for the relief ol James
and Thomas H.Gray, of Boylo couiiItj for
the relief of the heirs of James McKen
z t, of Lincoln county; fur the relief ol
Abijah Gilbert, of Owsley county; for the
relief of Sallle Ann Hlggins, nf Louisville.
The mild atmosphere of Men lay and
Tuesday breaths pleasantly on our
soil, end gently whispers hopo of
the ultimate dethronement of the bl zxtrd
Good news for C. S. Tcacbeis A late
act of the legislature directs the immediate
payment of nil letcliera claims reported
s taught out The Treasurer's draft may
be expected in a few days.
J M. Cook is in Pulaski prosecuting
his official infoion. J P. G iodo has returned
from eecoiting a lot of West bound
paseengers until ther "ge.' ued to the
keerr." Miss S.io Ellis left today for
Grant county where she will probably ro
main some time, Rv J. C. RmdolpK
having accepted a call lo Lancaster, the
Presbyterian church at this place is without
a pastor. Itev Mr. Allen supplies the
Biptist and Eider Ballrti the Cnrietinn
James Pope, a negro man about -1
yeirs old, from Mitchelebnrg, wasudjudied
a lunatic on Wednesday and ordered to II e
Asylum nl Lexington.
At the ealo of Benjmln Spears on
Wednesday the personalty brought goed
prices. Mr. Spetrs will soon no lo Nicho-Neville,
where he wiil go in the livery
-Hon. Will Ilrkele,of Garrard, was in
town Thursdsy The Squire has a way of
making friends of eyeryone he meets,
of party, racn or preyioua condition
of eervitude.
Mr Joseph 8. Moore, wbo went lo
New Mexico lt fall, is expected home, on
Saturday He did not find the climate so
bene firial to him ae wa hoped and expected.
Mine Miry B Fuheris vi.iting inends
in 8belhyville.
Prof. Argo, of the Djaf and Dumb I
expected a committee of the Stale
Legislature on a visit ol inspection
evening. The commit ee had mt
been duly organized, however, and did Hi t
come. Dr. Meade, a representative, is
nete informally and is the guest of Pro'
The funeral procession i f Mr. Caleb
Tucker, who died at his heme near Parks-ville
Monday uignt, paewtd town
Wednesday an the wy lo McCornucU's
mteling bouse, where the burial occurred.
Mr. Tucker was 76 years old and rtllhnugh
a native of Lincoln, had lived in Boyle
county for over 40 years. He was a tood
citizen and a kind hearted mau.
A horse belongiog to Hiram Jii nnn.
of Brysnlsville, ran nwsy with a spring
wagon loadni with brooms Wednesday
evening. The brooms were spilled, two
lamp posts, one at the northwest corner of
tdeOilchcr Hjuso, the other in front of
the Iribune office, wern upst, a shade tree
on To rl street wis broken down, a buggy
belonging lo William F. Davis and the.
spring wagou slniesaid were badly wrcked.
Should other returns come in ihey will be
duly recorded.
The Bovle Count Medical Society
met on Wedneday at tho cfHce of Dr. I).
C Tucker. The members in attendance
-ere Tin. W. T. Polk, J. M Meyer,
W. A. Brown, R. XI Orear, L. S.
MoMurlry, Fayette D.inUp and D. O.
I'ucter. An intereetinir exhibition of new
medical preparations from tho house ofC.
H. Pnillip', of New York, was presented.
Dr. Tucker read a piper on "Typhlitis,"
which was Ireely discussed. Several re
ports of interesting cases were made by
members Dr. Purdom, of
was elected president and Dr.
of Junction City, vice president,
and Dr. Fsyetle Dunltp secretary and
A correspondent of b Louisville papir
from Dmvllle very unkindly or thought
lessly, at best, set m desirous of stirring up
an old scandal, which, when everything has
hten said on both sides, can only effect a
pour young girl of good cherscter, who is
striving to live a life of usefulness. "And
Jesus wjut unio Ihe M mnl of Olives, ai d
early in t morning He tame again into
ihe temple and ail tho people came unto
and He sat down ai.d Umht tbeui.
And the Scribes end the brought
unto Him a woman taken in tdnllery; snd
when tnef had sat her in iLe midst they
say unto Him: Mister, this woman was
taken in adultery, in the very set. Now
Muses in the law commanded us that such
should be stoned; but wbat eaytet Thou?
Tnis they oaid tempting Hitu. that they
might have to accuse Him. But Jesus
stooped down and with His fmuer wrete on
the ground ae though He heard them not.
So wben they continued asking Him. He
lifted up Himself and said unto them: He
that ii without sin amounjr you, lit him
cast the first stone."
Tne now sh.ift ut Jlrossn, 121., Is ready
for businoeu.
Tm: Kt Ixmla mnllcablo Iron wots la to
bo converted Intoti
HotvAiii), Center County, l'u., bus n now
rolling mill for making Iron iitid afoul wlro
Toi.ntin mpitttllstw tire building nCJOO.WO
lnctory and it rail mill SlSOslOO foot
Tun outhorn ltnllrond Company
will build aim) ut rJomorsot, Ky., nnd
employ HX) moil.
Tim reduction of tho hours of labor In tho
Rtuto of Maine to ton has not ronulted In
any docronsed output.
A aviiik null In I.ookport, III., hns boon
running t wont) -two hours out of every
twenty-four, oxoopt Sundays, fur two years.
Tiik substitution of steam from tho
for tho ear Movo lis u method of
licntmguars is progressing very satisfactorily.
Civam takes moro than n million tons of
nnthrueito and nearly nlno hundred thou-mind
toiu of bituminous coal yearly from
tho United States.
Tiik Hook Island Itallrond Commny bna
secured tl,t ueres of ival laud Iu Now' Mexico,
and will shortly proceed to dovnlop
The lVntmylvimia Itallnmd Coniiwny bus
orden'd the suiHciiitondont of IU Idle mines
at Shnnioklu not to resume work thorountll
April noxt.
A Miop Is to bo built
t!u., that will employ 1(X) moldors,
who will turn out farm implouients,
hardware, otr.
Tub silk manufacturers through Pennsylvania
tiro having diftlculty iu lluulng a
supply of skilled labor The workmen
objeot to leaving tho largo eilioa and
going into country towns.
In the several oaqiet mills of New York
there are -',700 femalCM uinployoil who average
a wr woa k. They nil belong to Assembly
No. lSi). The are said to bo atmit the boat
dressed working girl in the city
It is stated that u rolling mill is to be
erected nt Kivernulu. I.os Angeles County,
Cul. The enutrul iron ore lauds
within two miles of I).tgg.tt, from which to
supply tho material U bo worked.
Tun ("Humlkm I'aelllc Hatlrowl CotnjMt.y
will build at it. ftbopn this winter ft,(00
freight cars, J.UW Oat ours Mil 0
Uirpo ahops nro to b eriHiJl ut
Montreal, ami addttioiwl labor U to bo employed.
Tub Stover M an ufiict tiring Compray, of
FrecjKirt, III., have imt In opraUon the now
foundry whteh hs Jut bon snidcal to tlielr
works The new tiuilUUig is iiOirt) feaH iu
urou, wtMin hijrh brkige roof, wvll lighted
u ml vouiilattvl
Tkn TiiofsixK splndb" are to bf put In nt
Kllunlxiro, N C, f 1U.OC) hooso al
Atlanta. It. an (iao.(XKi rot ton ut
Mount Any. N. (' .a ImiUliuga
ut lle.fleKr. Ala., and u i.n0O,( cotton unit
ut Vk'kliirj;, lllsa.
Swank Iron and Steel Dlreetnry for
1SSS onumerateH mireellau0'Us works ua
follows: Wire mail muU, 17; wire rod aud
wire mill, &i ; iir whwl works,
work. 70: works. W;
worlrn, 'O: wmught iron pli works.
-V; ettKt inui upo wnrka, SU.
A Wimwoh (Vt ) eotton muntifaeturer
has devidoil to transfer his fuetory to Mobile,
Alu , with 7,-Jt) spnulles. 3.M) looms aud
JK1 cards, and waior ami steam power will
bo used. This projector suys it is only a
question of iiino when all tho cotton mills
will have to get nearer to tho staple
in nearly all linns of work say
thoro is no diminution In work,
that u great deal of business is promised for
the winter and spring, that buyers are not
Insisting umiu uureaoouulily lowpriees. uaii
that material imii be purchased m lower
priees now for v .. delivery th.m thoy
roukl a month . 'or ;. . '1 iiuchiiusta
are onrrvinjj moi o . ..i t a way of Iron
and stool.
A Young C'uii,l Vli i Not Nlnt
Willi Oun CiirMiiiiiiij.
Nearly all classes of professional men
ana are
not oxiupled One evening, uome timo
since, says the ilotnu N Y .sitirl, l(ie
pastor of one of our city chv.rclie mmi rv
turning home fioin a tuck mil fuund thrco
u genUciiuin ami ttvo
awaiting him in the jiarlor. 'lhe.'eiitleinan
und one of Ins companions were quitn
young, w!ill the other was far advanced
in years. As the domitno entered the old
lady imuiedutely niadii known their business
by stating that tjio young couple desired
to Ixi married. Tho minister replied
that that was iinto tho profier thing to do,
and proceislcil to bnug forth a number of
books nnd doeuJiunta. The young couple
seouied somoivh.it einburraMod. The
thinking that tho uoelty of their
m.4&.tm had a depressing otles't Uxn thoiu,
ussumed his brightest air, and, by plrasjut
remarks und cheerful eonversuttTm, sought
to t'ea.ssuru tho bashful swam and his
awcethe.irt tbat the m.ii'rksl state was not
so bad us it bad beeu jmiriliil from time to
timo byoroas grained ohl IkMhelors. I'nder
tho present Marriage law of the State u
clergyman is roqnirod Ui propound numerous
tpjostious to parties deniious of being
murricd, tho answers to which mut bo
kopt on record. Tho clergyman sinilingiy
remarked, us he spread the ilocuuienlou tho
tiiblo before lutn. that getting married nowadays
was liko u will or drawing up u deed,
und told the couple that thoy must unsworn
great muuy questions.
" Yes," chimed In tho old lady to her
younger companions, ")ou must toll over.,
thing "
After a little liositiilion tho couple stated
that the) hnd been married before, ami the
ottleiiitingolergymuii was tho prodoccHsor
of tho gentleman whom they worn
calling for tho purpose of being leutiitcd.
Without questioning thorn further the
clergyman found, upon making an oxruiu
nation of the recorda, that their Mtutemeiit
was true. He was somewhat surprised,
bowovor. at tluditig opMjslto tho reuord a
memorandum to thu clTeet that that was
their second i iiirriaga. When questioned
on tins point the young people owned up
thnt thoy hud been twice.
'Then why in thu world do you desire to
bo niaiiieil again I Isn't twice unoughi"
usked the minister
They explained that tins Jlrst mairiiigo
took place m a country village and was
by a clergjuiaii without tho
of t. itnesses. Not being sutinlcd with
this, they were unltod thu second time. Tho
young lady had continued to reside ut homo
and had neer acquainted hor Ktrenta or
uny ono cLo of their uiurnige; it was u profound
secret. Tho couple sutd they wore
desirous of living togother us husband and
wife, hut the young lady feared to break
tho news oi their rotation, to hor parents,
us they might be provoked at tho deception
sho had practiced. They thought tho only
wny out of It wii for thorn to bo again
married und present n new certlllcate. The
clergyman told .hem that the presentation of
uceiiulciiio Blgncd at that time would bo us
much of u deception us In tho other cabo.iind
udvlscd thorn togo home, break the newa
to the world und try to got Ulcaig cm tho
doubio marriage.
We dfilreto call ynuraltin Ion to ourfrnb and
CompletejXiine of Groceries
Ol evfry Oiscrlptlon, which we keep coiuUnllrJon band, ami k joa to rowe snd examine It well at
"Our ! Kloelt ol" IIav:lvrae5
Which no retail lioioe cn conis'te with, Wlillnyou stoln wswllliliow jou trie
flTOIivcr alliilhd niil liiipvrhil lIow.s,
We ro Krnts for, tho bsit In tlininsikxt; also thu
ttoiuplhitiii new snd norol ami tho niiMt thlm( ot ttio kind In u. In our line ol Heating sul Cook
Motft, wo ran ilsrtih most fsitldluutlD li'lli puoes and msKe, and In lleiluu 1""". "
we wish lothuw jou Miiuethlugezni.luiit. Ol iimrwi w kis' l.iuie, Omeiil, Silt, Ac, su.l Iu fscl
Ihete Usiiiroly mijlhln wo linru'l g.il ttint h anything near our lln. tVtuia In when you ' to
town slid wnhstl Uiiiollpthnl to nuke It nlmnt Ijr you Very truly.
r. KEID. V?. H. HIGQIN8,
Floorin, Wcatherboarding, Ceilings
Mash, HBoor.s and JSIinds nhvii's in Mtock.
JIXC1H SllTFISAW, Xroiuiotor.
- EWiVift ii
Ol jmmfrl
- -
, - jut.
Sio'y nud Trim, A. 0. 81NE, Sup't.
ft a o. U 'X
eVaofaMMaE dsrJkhk
. MwjxviZsz:
e&, sss!fcri:
I tt 4 I Tk
III nliiMj.M liyi u Initial u liarun hii1 lino ol'
iitttl rmlrlnl !-' (JooiIk. Tij a ill !r iim Ion ivancl
uooalw run In- IhiuuIU in lha flllcH. lote me n trial ititil J on
utll Ih) cotnliiceil Unit 1 m)1 Ihhit tliun
rr. wax i
W y!&WM
V rf V .'''
.), ,
Jei?srelrty and
KENT, n rnclical Walcbmnker with
be doue uith neatnett aud dispatch
(iIimi to nuit thr rye.
Crescent Route.
and ToxaiFaolflo Rfiilwny.l
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Cincinnati and New Orleans.
and Florida Twioo Dally
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Watches, Clocks,
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Queen and
(Citoinnati New OrionriH
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Limited Express Trains Bet.
- IN Ji
Tln'ough Cars to Now Orloans
Tint It.
.NUil .Nu &. Ill', 1.
1 Dull?
IU. rtui..' Dsllr. Dally.
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I I win iiiiA'rr .
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....!.. 8 15 p 1111 Arr.
N. H. Train o. a icaTes 'Juit.lal.i at fl.Oi a m.
Clialt.nouH at I. &) I'. M, an J .uritoi nt O.ikJnlu ti .ij.
Mann Houil'ilr lluitni HlavpliiK Can uiiall tliroiii;li iratm.
JOHN C (IAUt.1, Oun'l Mnior, II. OOU.Iltt is, ui'i k,i. ,x pt, Al!l
K. t'AllltOI.I,, (lei.'I npt.
Ooui'ial Ottlrm. rit. t'aul HiilMing. Weat Kuurtti Ulrmt, Cine jml.ll ' 1
h. c. RapiKir,
I hTt recelrod and ittll receiving
NewJ Goods for Fall and Winter,
Comprising the beat In the market, nhlch will be
Qotton Up in Stylo and Mako Sooond to Nono in Git or couatry
Give He a Trial.
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