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Semi-Weekly IjiteriorJournajl
Stanford, Ky.
r7 May 1M18S8
Col. A. M. Swopk was rather ignored
in the late reimblican eon vention and badly
treated by men not near so worthy as
himself, but ho is big enough and brave
enough to elean out tltn last Bon-of-n-gun
of them who dares to give him half a
chance. Col. Win. Cassius Gondloe,
"the man of the fine clothes, the (lowing
moustache and the magnificent strut,"
who has been hounding him for years,
put the last straw on the camel's baekat
the convention by an allusion, which
was as uncalled for as it was untrue. Not
wishing to raise a row in the meeting,
Hwope swallowed his indignation, but resolved
that he had had enough of this
proud man's contumely and would settle
with him on the first occasion. They
had not met till Tuesday at the I'liienix
Hotel in Lexington, when Col. Swope
accosted htm and denounced him as "a
coward, a liar and u sneak." The ex-minister
to Ilelgium was not as ijuick to
light as ho was to misrepresent and tried
to excuse himself by saying that he was
not armed and the place was not the
proper one to settle difllctilties. At this
Col. .Swope threw oil" his coat, turned
his pockets inside out to show that he
had no weapon and ollercd to whip la I
out of him in any manner, shape or
form. Bystanders interferred, the hostilities
were stopped for a time and
friends afterwards succeeded in patching
up a truce. The fact remains, however,
that there is n big split in the g. o.
jt, which friends nor what-not can succeed
in healing. Swope is a Lincoln
county man and better than the best of
them, so here's hoping he may come out
on top, even if he had to do so by whaling
h I out of every detractor in his
party, little or big.
A fbw nights ago Mr. Scoticld, of New-York
City, returning home late, saw
what he supjiosed was the form of a man
disappear from his wife's room us lie entered,
hut the false woman vowed that
he was mistaken and they retired, the
wife feeling exultant over fooling her
husband so well. But her joy was short
lived for on arising the next morning,
Scofield found the dead lmdy of Banker
Nat Hatch lying stone dead from a fall
from the high fence he had endeavored
to scale. The matter has caused a big
sensation and Mrs. Scofield has been
turned adrift to follow the bent of her
weak nature.
The much talked of correspondence,
which tneOwensboro Messenger claims
it had with Col. II. M. McCarty, of the
Jessamine Journal, in regard to his
charges of corruption against Tate several
years before his flight, is to de submitted
to a committee of editors at the coining
press convention and published if
they think it proper, that is if Col. I'rey
Woodson accepts the pioposition, which
McCarty makes in a letter which appears
in the Covington Commonwealth.
Mvuv Fi.oyk, a pretty milkmaid at
r'rbana, )., had a habit of keeping her
money stowed away in her pretty
but she won't do so any more. A roll
containing ."?S." dropped from its co.y
hiding place the other afternoon us she
was milking the cow with the crumpled
born and the animal taking it for some
tiling good ate it up at a gulp, leaving
Mary to weep and niouin for her wealth
w hich cometh not again.
Thk V. S. charges cine cent per ounce
or fraction thereof for transporting merchandise
in the mails, while it lias to
.carry four ounces for the Canadian government
at the huuie price. James Vick,
the Rochester seedninn and others, take
advantage of this by carrying their packages
across the lino and saving 400 per
cent, on their postage.
Skn.vtoii Vooihikks got up from his
seat Tuesday and publicly apologized to
the body for the violation of parliamentary
rules and thu decorum of the Senate
in calling Ingalls a "great liar" and applying
other opprobious terms to him.
Ho is well satisfied that Ingalls needed
the drubbing he gave-him, but it should
not have been clone within the sacred
walls of the Senate.
Hon. IIkxkv Powku., of Henderson,
addresses an open letter to the people of
his district stating tlint he will not bo
n candidate for Congress. This leaves
Capt. Kills, of Owensboro, with a clear
field for the nomination unless Pojk
risrigs or some other Richmond
shies his castor in tho ring.
Siieiim.vx is.known by the nickiniun
of "Honest John." Men who aieso excessively
honest as to have to have it
coupled with their names are tho men
you wunlrto watch. It was "Honest
Dick Tate" and now oli where is he?
And stillvesupposcyho is us honest as
he ever was.
Thk State Board of Kijualization
tojnl asessctd property jntlie
Uito$l,0S!M4:!, making the. grand total
4of the State $4l)2,isV5,i:i2, an iuci ease over
Gov. IIiTKNr.it failed to sign the
reduction bill anil it is not therefore
the law. ilis reason for riot doing so is
because while the legislature iillotl nway
Or the $20,000,000 appropriated for
rivers and hnrlxirs Kentucky get.s about
half a million. Gov. McCreary succeeded
in getting $180,000 for Kentucky
which he thinks will send deep water
up to tho Three Forks.
H vxi) vi. i. refuses to be bound by democratic
caucus, which proves what Mr.
Wattersou has said all along, that his
place is in the republican party.
Bno. Br.i.i., of the Georgetown Thins,
thinks as the legislature adjourned n
Friday, that day should not be known
hereafter as an unlucky one.
Replies to Elder W. L
With The Bark on 'Em
! the success was ami is better without
I have for 02 years been acting on this
scriptural plan ami for nt least 40 yearn,
nil its Valuable time the! Pherifls of the' with very many cithern, have been
were compelled to go to work to! ing it in our papers. Where I now live,
misstatements of my life-long plan of labor
for converting the world, you bae
all vour flourishes and exclamations!
health may excuse you. 1 deal only with
the facts. I would recall none of our
missionaries. 1 should add many more. '
And I would sustain them all by congregational
co-operation, as partially ex-'
all human organizations, as barnacles on
the old Shin of Zion anil would, as did
the iiret christians, and the fathers of
I this reformation work onlv cm the divine
Williams in Words i plan, which is fullv set forth in the life
and lalsirs ami teachinu's of Paul. Be-
IJro. Williams; In writing out my (cause tSod's plan
discourse which appeared in the P'iU1
on Jofit.v.vi. of the 27th it never once cm -
curred to me that it would provoke a reply
from any one. I am not conscious
that I once thought of you. By the
kindness of the editor, without intending
to cnuse controversy, and with the
kindest feelings, though very plainly, I
shalliiote for your consideration a fewot
the many and astonishing errors in your
reply, hoping that you will as a
gentleman promptly coirect them:
I. You give to me the largest and best
capacity, (which I think is a grave blunder)
tho best christian character during
U long life, and the purest motives; and
still you seem to question my integrity
and my motives! Is this consistent or
just, when you have no giounds forsudi
2. You speak of me as "a man of war,"
"war to the death," of-my "extremely
sectarian views and feelings," of my "absolutism
and the extremest sectarianism
in their legitimate culmination,'' of mv
labors being "saturated with fault-finding,"
etc. If these very grave
were even partially tine, how could yon
accord to me the best christian character
and the purest motives? If I should
say the Mine of you, as I believe someof
your friends have, would you not regard
me as a positive violator of the (iolden
Rule? If anything from mv tongue or
pen was ever half so warlike, fault-finding,
pettish, unjust and untrue as i a
large part of your reply to me, I think
thu congregation at Downey City, Cal.,
should deal with me for detraction,
and injustice and rcqtiiio
of iiie the best evidence of the deepest
It. You give my position in these
words: "Kvery efi'ort the Church may
rightfully put forth to conveit the world
to Christ must be done by an individual
congregation." You here recognize the
Church as a whole ami each individual
congregation as one integral pait of that
grand whole. For more than 40 yearn 1
have been largely in print and before the
Christian Brotherhood, about to this effect,
1. Evangelists, or missionary s, went
of their own accord. See 2 Cor. S: 1 7, as
one example.
2. Individual congregations sent evangelists,
as when the Church at Jerusalem
sent Barnabas to Antioch, "and much
people was added unto the lord." Acts
U. A plurality of congiegations united
in choosing a man to travel witii Paul.
.See 2d Cor. 8:111-24. ' It seems that each
congregation chose a "messenger" as did
the Seven Churches of Asia in the interest
of John in I'atmos, and these messengers
met, chose evangelists, sent them
and attended to everything necessary to
the most successful missionary wink.
This was congregational
in missionary work not the work of
an individual congregation and not
a human organization or society
as the term is now used. And it is,
I presume, beyond dispute, that their
work in this way was more effective
than any work ever has been since under
any human plan. This was thu plan
in the early and most successful clays of
this reformation. We had, like the first
christians, no human organizations then.
Why should wo nccd'thl'in now, seeing
is better than man's
sionarv to Texas then virtually a for
eign field and to support myself. In
Texas, besides the additions named, we
formed many congregations, made many
preachers an 1 scut out many
12 to 18 some years from our
.State meetings; the churches acting by
their messengers and so demonstrating
the inutility of human plans and the effectiveness
of thu divine system. 1 am
still trying to work on Clod's plan and
am ever ready to answer nt any proper
tiibuual, or to IJro. Williams. The labors
of many others, like my own, certainly
show not only tho efficiency but
the superiority of Clod's way.
It is well known that none of these societies
weiv in existence till a recent
date and hence evangelical labors, without
these societies, biouglitour cause to
its best estate. Then come these society
men and to try to persuade us that wt'i
In anything without a human organiza
tion urn) must give them tho lead and
tlie honor of being wiser than all who
have gone before them!
7. Von pluinly say you 'Vee nothing
butter for them tus) than to withdraw
and cvase to disturb those who have a
mind to woi k," and refer to tho conditions
of "fraternal fellowship" that I
propose, that you "can never, no never
yield to his tmyj terms of union," etc
Now my brother, please look over my
sermon again und bu convinced that I
say not one word of this kind, or on thi
you arc accountable, lain striving for
union und peace on the very terms you
and all our people agreed only a few
yearn ago. I still stand on the old and
true llible ground and If there is to be
any division it will not comn of us. You
S). You say, "The instrument (oigun)
was used to aid the voice in praising the
God ol" Israel before the law of Moes
You say 1 would "recall all of our had ever been given?" etc. If you could
sionaries from foreign fields, each one I 'ivc one iarticle of testimony in favor of
return to Ids home congtegation and do this assertion 1 might believe it. I know
nothing unless that body an God's only of none at all. It is like the chords of
missionary (society shall command him
and sustain him in the doing."
No, Bro. W., you never made a gi eat
er mistake! Nor can I see the least apology
for your mistake, and yet 1 would
not judge you. Possibly your very poor
Miriam's timbrel
-mm til.' It never had
10. You say "If it is granted that tie
organ was used by Israel with divine a
as we know it was, no ingenuity
of man can ever show it may not now be
used with equal approval ami profit."
Your first mistake heie is in .saving
you "know it had the divine appioval."
(iod never did approve of it in the worship.
He boie with it tolerated it and J
mm as e are uonui
p.ainci auove,
t , Ilhl.,u.H , IVJIUaU.
iiuunnFiiuiiin, nut', i uimiim iifuui
it, as lie I
did a kinglv government, polygamy, di
vorce, etc. While He tolerated all these
and sought to regulate them, He never i
approved them. The kingly govern-'
meiit, polygamy, dancing, cruelty and
venu'eance are iw much approved as the
use of the organ. Your testimony, if it
, proves anv thing, proves far too miti h. ;
.... . t;..:,,... .,.i ..ii ,i,..
I . l on spcaK oi tncsu niiniau mv inu mm i
zations ami their work as the "only el- 'with the timbrel not the organ and
fective efforts to evangelize the world." dance. See Kx. Io:20and Ps. l.Vh4. There .
If this were true, then tlieie weie no K then, just the same authority ?' fori
"effective efforts" before and are none N' dance that there is for the organ!
other n nv. It is well and fully known ' l'w would it do to say, "No ingenuity
that all these humanly organizes 1 of man can ever show it may not now be
sionary societies are very recent and that used with equal propriety and profit?"
others' are now" doing more effective How would such n dunce look around the
work on Paul's plan. You could not get bird's table? And how alxiut
wrong at this point. What you ' my, divorce and without a just cuiw, at
say here has no shadow of truth in it. the will of the husband, etc.? Would
And I put it this way because milder, ot this dose be rather large for you?
words would not do justice to injured i n. You twice speak of "the organ in
history and sacred truth. e succeeded ' aid of the song service in worship,"
better before and without human or- i ig for granted that it does aid the very
ganizations. So did the Apostle and ' t u'ng denied! I have in the past month
others. II Mice I call them barnacles lalsircd with eight chiin lies here and I
hindrances. 'am very free to say that the singing in
0. You ask "What missionary work seven of them, where the organ is not
has he and those that agree witii used, is a 100 cr cent. siiK'rior to that
durt.iken?" "What have they overdone? in Stanford, vvheie the organ is general-What
do they to do?" I would ly used! Still, there are equally gcxd
not speak of myself, except in answer to voices in Stanford. And this is my oh-
these personal questions. They imply ' nervation elsewhere. Surely I have w italic!
insinuate much. Of others 1 have nessed enough to judge from ita cllccls
spoken generally and could add , whether it aids the song set vice. It is a
nal examples much to tlie credit of the j heavy barnacle on it. "' this is the
divine system. But I know my own ( testimony of others in . . .art.s of the
bora better ami may answer for myself j ., vH. the organ is iihmI the
ing is never so good. I am assured by
Before J left Kentucky in 1S.1I I had unu who did aid the song service in your
without any human society, jown congregation largely and for long
tion or ouov.v witnessed about 10,000 ad- time that besides the di-cord and
counting those reclaimed, and j kind feeling produced by your
the denominations. In Texas, on nK the organ, the singinVhas not Wen
a close count, some three years before I 'since and is not now half so good as it
left theie for California, which was in j Wllrt before and without the oigan! This
1877, 1 counted another 10,000. Since is the way it aids. It creates everywhere
that I liavo not counted up tho ( "discord among brethren" and largely
.When I gave my valedictory in jmes the singing.
thu Kcclesiastic Reformer in 1S50 I p.. What you say of witfii and i;i'm
tinctly stated my purpose to go as a i I am inclined to pass, with onlv notic e
enough to assure von I hnveicad it. No
scholar, I presume, understands it hi. If
1'rof. MctJarvcy's exposure of your mistake
at tiiis point was not effectual, the
few words I could oiler here would not be.
Resides, there is, I think, nil danger of
any one's being deceived by it. The undisputed
facts that the Apostles and curly
christians did not use instrumental
music in the worship, when we nil know
they might that it was as much needed
then as it ever could be; that there was
no organ in the woishii) for mine than
700 years, are, I suppose, absolute proo
that (iod did not want it. If it was a
"aid to the song service" none of thu an
cient know it, after u trial, in the tem
ple worship, for 1,000 vears! What a
pity that we cannot be contc
the things that the Apostles icj
The truth is, as I presume you will ad
mit in a calm moment, nothing belongs
it was in the Jewish worship. Jesus put
everything in His worship that He wanted
in it; and the fact that He left any-thing
out, when He might have put it
in, is positive proof that He did not want
it in. His worship wus perfect without
it. And if the organ was not an aid
then, it is not now, as we have seen, ft
only aids a morbid desiro for something
that is not worship. You uroright, however,
in saying I will continue in .my
former und present course, "earnestly
contending f(r tho faith once delivered
j. l.i. . ..!... i .....I .....i.l.... .11 ..jr..... :....
j i u uiu n.miin, .mil mi tjiivuniu
subject. This is, therefore, another of i humanisms as substitutes or aids to the
!..!'. t 1,1. I ... . .
yourwniiige imsiaKcs, tor wiiicn uioue iHvIiie ami perfect system, ail
rynml divisive inventions of men, all
"discord among brethren, all bitterness,
a fault-finding sptiit andHabft." ete,
audi as your reply, which d reiwrd as the
worst und most unbrotherly of its kind
lever saw' And I trust and piav that
prepare for the collection of thu revenue, j tho churcheB insouthcrn California, have can withdraw, if you choose, but it is u this sad exposure of human weakness
which, lifter the adjournment of the sent their messengers to annual meet-' little too much for you to talk of our go- may aid me In patience, piiidence and
State Board of Jvjualizatioii had been t ings for seven years to do missionary , ing out and being a sect, when we perseverance. You and I, my brother,
certified to them at 47J cents. In work, lJuuu a commission '! from ; py piecisoly the ground, all the ground, I arc very near the Judgment. Would it
tion thereto the levy of 42 cents would their evangelizing committee. You can i and no more, that we nil occupied less I not he well for us to examine ourselves
have created a deficit of spiOO.OOO, owing, see it, and my church letter, if you ' than 40 years ago. Wo have made no ' very closely? I mean to charge you with
to heavy appropriations by the choose. Unci you culled for these you i change, except we have learned more of no bad motive, or to Judg your heart,
ture and he did not think the people de-1 might have been spared all your very , the Bible, and are better able to teach To your own .Muster you stand r full,
hired that there should be a deficit. The unbrotherly insinuations as to my and defend It. You ant the dep.uter! Xor would I have you to construe a sin-old
gentleman's headseems to be nlwavr i sion to Kentucky and how very far anil I i.lNM .i...,. t. V1,.lrs ,,,, .. ..nixwd gl word 1 use as harsh or unkind. 1
Ji imjk IH'hii i, llrst comptroller, has
discovered that Hen. James Kwing, a
hold-over republican, who was disbursing
clerk of the department of justice, is
short 510,000 anil more in his accounts.
The man who retained the rascal ought
to make good the deficit for doing so.
Hon..). II. Tixsi.ky was elected judge
of the new Common Pleas Court in the
counties of laurel, Whitley, Knox, Bell,
Harlan, Leslie and Perry, Monday and
in him the people secure uu upright
man, well qualified for the position both
by learning and practice.
Kvkiiy county in this district endorsed
(iov. McCreary and recommended his
renoniination for Congress. No man
was ever as solid with the constituency
of the 8th as the gouernor and noneever
more deservedly to be so.
how manifestly you have misstated the and ridiculed the organ in the worship,
matters of fact on tins suliject. 1 cm can , UH IU,u,r illlV0 ,om,j if vm, illV0 for-;
find no word or.net of mine to indicate i p,tu.llf usk Bio. Harrison Hoeker! Jly '
that I ever conllned missionary work to i H;n is taiunK where you stood then,
a single congregation, or to justify youri (OI,y , , aIllj ,u.v.r .,s N, rabid!)
insinuations that 1 am not consistently I ,n trving to plead for the old paths!
and scripturally on my pivsent mission, i aii waVM( ,,rm.nt divisions in the
Had you troubled yourself to learn the I L.lim.,.K; ul corruption f the worship,
facts, surely you would never have made vt,t '
such statements or allusions. Will you tiii: imikc lots oucmn. '
stand corrected? Will you do yourself S. You say that Miriam "resorted to
justice? If then is a sin of ignorance , its use." Kx. 15:20. She used the Tim-See
I-o v. 4th and .th chapters and hrel, a kind of drum, w hich had nochorcls
iully.'tth how can you escape it? S'ou though you seem to see her touching
might have certainly known better. them. Not a word is slid of the organ
4. On the above absolutely groundless j or chords.
have thought of kindly suggesting that
your groundless und cruel charge of fault
finding; my preaelilng being "saturated
with fault-finding,',? ctjifT come of roup
owuUailltdltiding spiik and habit, so
generally known anioung your fiiends.
But 'I will forbear. Your long sickness
and great feebleness may excuse you.
Those who have known me longest and
u thousimd times better have not seen
in me this g'lievous error. They uio today
my best li lends and
Hence I am nut careful. Settle with tin
Judge. IV.itt'niiillv,
('. Kksimi'. k.
Stanford, Ky., May ISSM.
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