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Interior Journal
ICC. WALTON, huh. Manuer
SrANroiii), Kv., May 1888
PubllahoJ Evory Tuondivy iintl Friday
?:j IM'.It Y 10 A It, IN" Al)VANC;io(
tttrWIien not o paid $U.bO will be ihanjed tm j
Mail Irani uoui Norlh. 1 OJ p III
' " South.. ... .IJipill
1 pres train " South .., ....ii j; i in
Nuilli .. ......Jt? am
Local freight North.. , .....6 ll'fil
Mllin . .....6i5lm
'Ihe latter tram, also tarry pis.eiijier
'I he above iscatciilaled on standard time, Solar
time i nlHiut o minutes faster.
Train leaves Rowland al 7 jo am and returns t
tj.m. i
e?- '
and jewelry rcpairetl ami
warranted. A. It. IVnny,
TiiKla'st plan' to buy drugs, pntent I
iiuilii'itiiM nml toilet articlert is at A. II. I
Htrv your sclitsil books, ink, tablets,
l" pur, iieneilH . and .... scliool siijiplies of all
iiiiIn troiu ., n.
I mianintee all watches and ecry i-
.,. of Jewelry I Ml to w just as '
M'litiil. A. H. IVnny. ' ' . .
In jutici' to ourselves and those of
SOMEWHAT PERSONAL , ,,ur leaders who take no interest in the
Mn. John RCviii'iAim will remove! 'l'ioii Involved, we me compelled to
i call a halt in the Kendrick Williams
to Somerset.
i'i:. avii'.Miw. J. .M. Hiu K,of controversy. They hae had two
are. with Mr. Tyree. I ,,,'H nVivn' "'' 'l ' '''t " Mr a time
Miss Anmi: .Mkiisiio.v, of Itiehumnil, is ' lit h I" Hki'ly to come,
thegucstof MtK. Win. iecr. .... I n entertainment for the beiielit of
.Mil. A.J.Anois.oftheWest '"'. ' ,a. , N.MJ.M1M. will Is- given at
selling goods for Towers A. Co. McKinnev next Fridav night,
.Mn. vsi Mrs. .Matt Wiioihox are Th) iroi,n,mi1 ,.m,)rm.;K , .inin.atie,
Iting his relatixcs in Hart county. ,
,llllsi,.lll (111( ,. ini, ,, m ,M. ni(,u.
Ml.. II. K. Miiixii, of bigan counlx, , ,(r (al ,,, u0 j(tUi), Adniission
jhismmI back home jeslerday after a Msit ...
iK. f. M(1(h; iJiItn j( ,.
to the uiouiitaiiis. J . .
Ji;imk C. V.. Mini . u.i, of Harbour-' Tin ollice is about thiough with
stoppisl with his brotlier, Thomas , work for F. J. Campbell, manager of the
Metcalf, returning uon the eoiivention. ' (Vtle priifgu, Hint aggreg:ite
Mu. J. 0. Fi.oiir.xi k, tniln dispatcher; about 2i),M) impressions. Some of the
1 the 1 A N. at Kowland, ami family, I woik is in two color ami can not ls
I'ineville yetonlay. beaten in excellence uml perfect register,
ger. , . . The spiings open June lltli. Our old
Mi,. J. L l. Ciii.i.i.k. of hio, ""'Ii ,,.,,,.,,,,. htt ,MV ,.llu.r , ll(1.
Mr. and Mrs. L II. Itamsey, of hexing-; u.tiM
ton, are guests of Mr. W. F. Ilauisey and . .,.
jf. Tin: election of one school tiustee in
MnsMW.lt. A. I'.ut.NMin: and . .nri, .HtHrt will all c.vit tin-State
Klnnaiid wen- over from LincaMcr yes-; ,, t(, ,, satunlay in June. Owing to
t arranging for the coming of the; . f,,, tlmt A A McKinnev is tilling
cantata. out an unexpired term, there will have
ll.iiitvJM:itbadtheend of a little t ),,. ,U(, Heeled in tliis distiict. Mr. J.
linger mushed nil' while coupling nu y .M,.m.f,.,. js tj. roenlar retiriiiL'
Satunlay. The lieer Iniy seem to U-un-
fortunate. than to re-elect him, and Mr. McKinnev
Mi-m: Jhsr. Cisik and llisu Ihye, too v
who have visiting friends in this, ....
city, returned to lluMonville this week. N:t Friday night will Ik- a gala one
Uiuisville I'o't. here. The fair women and chiviilious
Miw. A l.n i: AkMnTIioni. and better's men of l.incaMer will bo on hand to the
little daughter, through Satunlay number of 7.' or more to give us a
to D.ill.w, Tox.is, after a visit tiou of "David, the Shepherd liny,"
to her father, C.ipt. Frank J. White. while the ladies of the IVcshytciian
Mu. Jons A. MiltoiimrTs ivluriied to chinch will piovide all who wish to
post in Mt. Vernon, III., Saturday. , tad" the inner man with a bountiful
lie did not take Ins girl with him this i supper. IJoth ought to be libcmllv pat-time,
but it is settled that she goes next mnbtcd.
II"uh. IIihkkii, Mis. S. .1. Kiiibry and Finn. The line mill property at Foil
Joel Kinbiy leave to-day to vi-il Wayne hid., beloiighigtol.ShelbyTevMs
Missouri. Miss l.illie McClary i ami T. s. I'nstor, both formerly of this
areoiiipanics them and will visit friend inty, was entirely destioyed by lire
in KniiiMf Citv. '""t week. The building was valued at
T. J. Hiim.ih", js"t.il clerk, is bccoiiiiiig 10,0-X) and the stnek on hand at So.OW,
one'of tlie most pmllcient In the. making the total rlo.tKHi. upon which
W. In 1Jiiisville Saturday hjj. '.throw theie was Jiut ?17,(X)0 insuraure. Tlio
all but 0 of l,i:V cards coirectly, bwiting fiiemls of the gentlemen hen- will learn,
the record, and making his standing mi ..f tin loss wiHi
and a big fiii'tioii. Tin: CantiiUi of 'David, the s..,di..iil
M. F. Hi urr, for a long time on leave , ))((f LUtt(Vs ,)(,h, ,,.
of absence on account of injunes
t . .i .. I-...I. .. -....! luiul.iL'iiii I'litln,. v ( ' '
0 1l.IV.ieai i'ii .-, ...-...". -
of the engine on the construe ,on en-
giue instead of J W . Howe., l.o goes
back to the. egular ...... Mt. ei.ton
Coi.. M. II. Kino and wife, of Hart-foul
Conn., but who are stationed
at Chicago, vvheie the colonel is
agent for the Mexican Central
railroad, are on a visit to their son Harry
King, who is the nioM delighted boy we
ever saw
Urn den was transformed lor a season
into a veiitable fairy land last evening by , on tlie I., it X. ami held in $l."0 bail. He
a visit from tlie pivtty College girls and Maid in jail sometime when at the earn-their
teachers, who came to see usstea. u est solicitation of his mother, who did
oir this edition. Pi of. A. s. Paxton and not forsake hi. n in his disgrace, Mcsms.
Misses Carrie l.ee Mayes, Mary Tapscott i James Dudderaraml liryant Ilobbswent
and llettie I tedding, of the faculty, and his security. As soon as lie got out Pol-Misses
Lillian Tanner, Florence and Per- lock lied hum the scenes of his misdeeds
tie (iivens, Julia Tapscott, Mamie Tuck-' and has since failed toshow up.
Virgle White, Aiinivj Dishmnn, Hon- day Mr. W. II. Miller went
and Clyde HuH'nmn, Mary and villeto have the bond forfeiture net
Misie Paxton, of the scholars, funned the aside, because of the illegality of the
C v m v i v -Supper night go (
t - i
Ni:w Hoods in spring and Miiiumerliats I
at Courts n Cox's.
m 111.1:111:1., the nhmoniaplier, will make,
nevativch in Stanford Tuesday May 22.
rfKB .Oouitrt Si Cos'h elegant lino, of
nrinn tuid Suninier hatH hefnio buy-
'. '
"' - Tr." 7 .
i i
l'.iv.Mi.i:ua.id l1';;1!1
from Now Yotk at A. A. anon
cl (Jrocery."
S.;i: Nunnellcy heloio you bell your
wooi Ho will pay as much or a little
more' than anyhod v.
Tin: last wiim Whit Sunday ami
uki'iI to bo u hi"; holiday In olil h1u
very tiincH in Virginia.
Tin: K. I', will null tiekitHtit low ratca
for the Latonia iiicc., which begin on
tliu I'llth anil last till June iitli.
Miiidi ,).v vt miikk will make, lier
faiouell tour of tlie I'tiituil States next
wimon ami has written to our niauauer
for a date.
Don't get inieiwy, lear raIor,
Cloml" will lie mi haml l'titlay,
when v will give you a hlj iloec of it in
a Hii)ileuieiit.
Tin: chain gang is lining good
Wink cleaning the HtrcoK Jailer Owens
xlmiilil eieven in the undertaking till
everything is in hIiIji h!mjo.
Tin: Indies have )iiinlniMcd thiough
John II. (V.iig a nice carpet to cover the
entire I'lcubUeiian chinch tloor
5o to their wiiicr Friday night ami help
till-Ill pay for it.
Tin: I'uie .Mountain Iron Si Coal Co.
will fell I'ineville town lot nt miction to-
'""'w and the I.. & X. has place.l very
low exeurnion nites at the disposal of all
hu wish to attend.
Il.iu k. -In addition to being
or of tough beef steaks; a builder, con-
tnvtoraml what not, .Mr. W, V. Itauiscy
is a brick maker from Awaybaiiie. lie
ig ,.,bln,. mi. mi .i,.v ,..i,l uill u,om
itvri ) ,, .,,,,1 , lmnlly do better
. ......r..,.., ,.,.. ... '.,i i .h'k Onerii
Ioi ,.rJ,,llv , , lll( ;,;,,. Th(m,
oi.tllawn ,...
,,.., J,,u.na, ,,v jm,,lster vocalists,
lemeinber how siipeibly it was tendered
and we are told that "David" will be even
better than that. The proceeds are for
the Ijincaster Presbyterian church. It
is hoped that the house will be crowded,
SnMi: mouths ago Will Pollock, of this
county, was arioMcd ami placed in jail
at Sheppardsville for robliing Ireightcaix
manner in which ii wasiaKcu.
I.uaummi that some political capital
was being made, out of the failure of the
n.onev to arrive from Frankfort for the
pay of tlie jurors for the last uouit, we
wrote to Auditor Hewitt to ascertain tlie
causeof the delay. In lesponso bo says
it is mainly attributable to the serious
illuesH of tlie clerk who attends to such
iimttcwand the of other l)tiiinusn
which piovontu him imtlin another
man in liis iilace. Tlio order of court di-
rectiiiK II. e paviiiuut of thi delicit, if v-
j t.r li.w boon niin!aeed and an
j a (lul,li(.aU, Js n.t.evwi th(. IIlon.
. ey will lio forvvanled at once. Clerk
Hailey forwarded it yesterday and the
jurors can rest assured that they will
huvu their n ey iiihido of a week.
4: n.
Si.ro shot kills the potato bug and all
the other hugs in the garden. Guaranteed
by Metcalf & Fouler.
A si'I.kndio now lot of Hpring huts and
rihbonH jiiHt opened at .Mrs. Kate
Call at once ami sec them.
Tin: restaurant of .Schilling Si Ximincr
will be opened here June ."HI.. Air.
Schilling wim oyer yesterday making the
filial nrraiigeiuentti.
Win. .Montgomery, of
the eoloied Mctluxlist church, died
of fever. lie was a very intelligent
and highly respected citien.
- . . .
Skvkii v i. j rars ago Joe Cain was lined
$10 for shooting OcSinlth's horse, but he
never p.iid it, und Saturday lie was lodged
in jail to lay it out at $2 a day.
Ki.AhV balloon ascensioiiH were very
Kiiceessful, Four were sent up and the
largest inuct have gone ten inlleH. The
crowd was immense ami the music tiptop.
Tub fast passenger train put on the
K. C. from here yesterday leaves How-laud
at o.2.i a. m. and retuniH at 8:40 i
m. It carries the mail. The mixed
train leaves and arrives as before.
It seems to us that by the proper effort
the Imisville Southern might be
induced to come here and connect witli
tlie K. C. It would shorten the road to
be built and give both a direct route to
Kuoxville ami points luist.,
- .
Tin: Merry llaclielors, notwithstanding
heavy inroads have been made in
their ranks by mairiage and removals,
will give their usual June hop, and have
fixed it for Tuesday night, ll'tli. As usual
they propose to make it tlie fashionable
event of the season in this part of
the country.
Tin: mayor, K. II. Huinside, received
a dispatch from Harry Heath, St. Imis,
asking bim to tell Mr. Oilmore, that his
daughter, Miss I.i..ie, had died at Ids
house and itsking what disposition must
be made of her remains. It was evidently
sent to the wiiing place, as no Oilmen's
live here.
Tin: examining trial of Criali Albright
for .shooting the three I'enges was calltd
at Crab Orvhanl Satunlay and loiitiuucd
two weeks on account of the inability of
tlie wounded men to attend. In the
meantime Albright is under guard but
.o will not Ih hah! to hold if tlie icports
that come to us of his justification lie
- - -
lli:o. II vii.ni'.s could not call this tlie
''devil's weather," it is too cold for tliati
but it is as and as blighting
as if the prince of the power of darkness
was manufacturing it to order. Miml.iy
'was as cohl as so.no and
yesterday was not much lictter, vvhileau
ICast wind lurnished the diet with which
Job was wont to till his stomach or there
abouts. Vegetation is at a stand-still
and the are the only things
Unit are nourishing like a green bay
tree. They arc going for the clover, tlie
timothy ami the hemp, when they can't
get corn, or s.jnn.ijng .M. to forage
CrTurFcH affaIrsT
I lev. A. S. Mollctt will preach
ne.t Sunday at Ifc.'iO.
A recent statiMiclan ilyinv that
thuiuaiv nearly I7,(HK),OOOSunilayt.chool
M'hul.iiN in the world.
Klder. Iau.es ijuintcr, a juuminent
uieuilier of the (iermau liaptiM C'hu.rh,
diiipped dead in tlio mid-it of his prayer
diuiiui'U Conference at Wnhash, I ml.
The liistrictConfciei.ce of
Chinch Smith, will be held at Wil-more
on the lith ami 7th of June and the
Minilay School Convention on the Sth.
An etl'o.t is helnn made to j;et the
II ustoiiville church for Mr. Mofl'elt, so
that with his present churches Ids
will he larsierthan the .Midway church
The Nui thorn Mcthixli.st lienoral
Conference has decided to elect tive
mure bishops ami not to ictiict their
terms of ollice, which the church makes
life loi.f.'.
Joseph Itallou, under date of
18th, wiites from Moo.etleld, Nicholas
county, that he had just commenced a
incethiK there. He-is usually wry successful I
in revival work and we expect to
bearwood icports from him.
-There will he an eiht duyn' debate!
in Juno at (iratz, (Jwen county, between i
llev. Mr. Hays, presidiii); elder of the'
Church, and Klder .lohn S.
Sweeney, of the Christian Church, of,
htiis. The eflbrt to declare the tliin;,'
oH'oiilit in the interest of Christianity
to succeed.
Kron i an estimate of tlio reports of
the year, as far as received, it is
shown that, aside from tlie Centennial
fund, the benevolent contributions of
the l'lesbyterian Church, outside of all I
local expenditures of coimreualions and
will he between
- .lohn V. Myers Mild last week to
Tom Fon a pair of lino work linden for
won tlio lich Clark Stakes
at houisvillo Satunlay with hardly any
- Machino for stripping for
salo at a bargain, tico. I). Wearen,
Manager. "
It, is said that V. T. Valioutinu won
$117,000 on Tlio llaid at thu Ilrooklyn '
Hamlicap race.
Fifteen car loads of wheat were shipped
from Mercer liwt week to Chattanooga
at 80 cents loaded.
Mr. John W. Hughes, a trader from
Lynchburg, Vn., Is here to buy good
mules, II to U years old.
Jesse Dawson, of Xew Haven, bought
IIOO cattle in Louisville, at 4M ami took
them to New York.- Itecoid.
Alex. Mi-Clintock, of Pourbon county,
sold his crop of hemp, of about '.'."i,-
IHH) pounds, at S'UVi per hundred.
The Virginia Agricultural, Mechanical
it Tobacco imposition will open at
Richmond October .'( and close not later
than Nov. -1.
The Hour output at Minneapolis
Minn., last week was ITS.'.'OO barrels,
more than ever made in one week before,
against Ki'J.'.'OO barrels the
A great many cattle are dying this
season. Kd Carter lost two or three fine
beeves and Saturday night W. H. Miller's
imported Holstein cow died from
an unknown cause.
- -The S'tradcr Pros., of Hiseville, sold
to Harry Lazarus a lot of sheep and
lambs, getting for the sheep .'IJ cents and
Iambs 0 cents. Tlie average weight of
the lambs wits H) lbs.
(tivcus it Carter bought in this vicinity
to ship to Cincinnati for diary purposes
a car-load of milk cows at. $2 to
810. They bought four of Klder Jos,
llallou fori'142 and one of J. K. Bruce
for S:!0.
What Lucien Ijisley don't know
nlioiit race horses is hardly worth knowing.
He lias placod the horses in nearly
every race so far at Louisville and if lie
buck iil his judgment witli his money lie
could soon retire a rieli man.
A dispatch says that information
comes from tlie tobacco growing counties
of Western North Caiolina that two-thirds
or more of the young plants were
killed by recent frosts. Vegetables and
wheat were greatly damaged at numerous
points in tlie mountains,
Irene Dillion, trained by Scott I
and owned by J. W. ( Juest, who paid
$2'y for her without an idea of her real I
worth, won the selling race for '-'-year-olds
Satunlay, a dash of live furlongs,
over a big Held in l:0t. She was the
cheapest hoise in the lot and those who
kicked lier won big money.
- Terra Cotta has won unother nice
the Hlmcudorf Handicap, I J miles, 5
starters, time 2:'M. This makes II! races
won by him, worth in money S,'10,f70.
llaukinu, the owner of Macbeth, winner
of the Deiby, oll'crcd Mr. J. W. Guest
i? I. "1,000 for him atunlay, but it was refused
with the assertion that
would not buy him. Terra Cotta was
bred by the late Senator Bruce and be
was liought at his sale, by Judge Walker,
of (iiirranl, for $!.-, who subsequently
sold a half interest in him to Mr. Ciuest.
He was entered in tlie Merchants' Handicap
yesterday, but it was likely lie
would not run. He will run apiin on
Thursday, however, in the Kentucky
U. V. Hockcr, a son of J. M.
ot Lexington, and a cousin of .1. S.
Hooker, of his place, died suddenly in
.Icssamine county, Sunday, fiom the effects
of a surgical operation.
The funeral of Mrs. K. B. Caldwell,
Jr., of the Wayncsburij neiliboihood,
which was pleached by lie v. J. T.
is said to have been one of thu largest
attended in tlio history of the section.
She was a lovely eh. and the
w hole community was desirous of showing
its love for her and sympathy for the
stricken hushaud.
The Indianapolis ear-works closed a
contract for 7,000,000 loot of yellow pino
to bo dolivucd at the rate of six cats n
day for tive' months to come. One
Southern tlrm takes the entire contract.
I HI noss IU1 1. JACK, I
Will male the pretnt at the t.lleof hi.
om ners, a miles wetof htaiifutd,
A Tew of hi eel cm he seen on the premie
that will cunipare,fainr.ibly with the net of any
jatk in inc tuuuiy s lien miii uv rciaiucu uu u.c t
toll fur the c.iun ini.ncy 1'artiiiK nh the mare
forfeit theinMiram e liteat care uill he taken tn
prevent accident, hut will nut he rcipuiiklhle
slioitUI an nctiir
Notice to Contractors.
SealeJ prnposaU will be rcc'ieit by thu Knob I
I.uk '1 urnpike Company until Uo'ilnck June l I
1888 fur ihe cnnktrutiioii if tbu masonry fur tin- I
lruU actiiMi knol) l.ick I In- conlratlnr wilt he ,
allowtnl to un' such of tlio iM as i '
IiIojiuI wilt l. rt'.piirea tn furuisfi hkIi
us i I'laiis uiul (iecitk.itiuu i-aw
Ih) wen ul Ihol'irsi Nuilumil Ituuk Muufuril. '1 lit:
Company the n;lit to ally or all
bid and wi t repiin tuvcnani with unty of the ,
toutrattnr fur iho peifornmuce of his couinict
IliJd.Ts specify in their propnsaU the price
y:ird for new lunu and price pcrjard for old
liMic, iniliidiusin thin all work in taking it duun
,5 fl.ll'ION KUW'I.KK,
FIiVKKAKAl br6il SALE. '
I i.litocll n) farm, situ lied ilj mile
fluiii Stiiiilril,ilit iiiuniy siut ..1 i.uiu 11
tiiut, Ky . omaiiiniif
xS8 Acres of Finest
I'he improvement, an-11 modern two tury frame
Inn dnv "f rooms and 1 burns 1 of 1 in
00x411, wlili Kian.uy torn trlb o boxts tixin for
line horse and plentj room fur ,"l kiudt of farm
iuk 1 UMiieu; the riolid I-. 40x411 with 11 Mull fur
hor.o and low rjtm for talvi'M hay mid straw
llt mid torn till. Ihe larin is in a liicli stiiti" nf
en nt anoii und siniali u fur u stud farm. It i .01.1
ted hfiwetlii month y m.irlrts Daluil'c I.kiic.
let and Stanford. I In fellies aru all iIkIu and
i n i'iiiv iit'tunlier mid w.Utr 1'ins year's !
crop is 85 :icrenrwlic.it in c over V; in o.u,V)
in corn, 4 in I have 7 lnKt. uiul
a HI 1 siutk 01 as imp
I wish 10 e iwrrjtliuu and on easy j
term t miii the but rr Tor further inforiira'ou, I
Mo (Do MUPMfiY9
Is Receiving His
Goods Warranted and a Perfect lit Guaranteed, Give him a Trial.
From 100 to 150 per cent chc.iper tli.tncver helurc known In Centril Kcnlii kv Win In v Shulci to
suit .tUcoinhln.itioii ( Wall Paper Mock tn .elect from .it l OI'lll )s"s lirl .r,
Paints, Oils, Varninhc. .m.l Supplier, Window (it.. t'i
PIANOS for Jnhn .1- ( 0 Mml .ilM.r
JLq ibi( Q iA
I'hyi Un prescription jcxurJtely r li.ipoumled.
l.ver brought to tlu market. Price lower than r
theliivcM, V'atche, Clo.k anil Jewelry lie.
paircu on snort noucr anu warr ntcu.
1 m "' v.He
Surreys, Phaetons, Blackboards, Road Carts and Spring: Wagons,
the best assortment we have ever had, embracing over
Different styles and prices. Our stock consists largely of the better
grades, and includes some of the very best vehicles made for the
trade. Come and see our goods before making your selections.
You will be astonished to see such a stock in Stanford.
rnirtii hi i . .
VlilUK tafcAWjJT.&sTfiM r f I'UMdii'1
iii nimm&&mamm
1 1 ILHmWSf
Will keep constantly o:i hind a largo and select Hn3 of Furniture
andJUndertaker's Goods. My prices will be as low as such goods
can be bought in the cities. Give me a trial and you will be convinced
that I sell lower than the lowest.
sukui'oh nr.vusT,
Stanpokd, - ,kv,
Office touth lde Mam, two.l'iors nlvc Depot St. t
ivery, $ced and Sale Stable
"N ff
' loMim, k ,
(j. oJ turn nils and saddle horse nlwa , 1 f jr lure
on rcason.i'jle term London is the 1 1 ist 1 iiveu
lent poini nn the railroad to u 1 Ii pi 1 es in the
111 ihe mountain stcuon bf the Slate
1871. 1808.
I4ebunon Planiii; Mill,
.,,.,, ,,
A Othl ll,i'rpritt IhllVVON, KV.
Doors, Sa-.li, llllu l, I r.un - I asin, Date Mold
inifs Mantles, Hr.u ( onuses stairs. Newels,
Italitsters, Verandas, s,t ,It. rriu,, MicIvIiik,
Counters, Hourii';.', "snijuj. hhi.ules, I.ath,
IlmiK'h and Dresscil l.umbci.
Send fur prices bef.irc tii'j i4
.."r "TKrwnr
MJdX X6 JX )
vV Jb. - ilL .3-
-5:i 1 !. TTtlualLjcjt4!
& ti to i
vm' iifce; f . T.i ?r J
Cholera Cure !
Thousands of dollars worth of
Jut-kens die every year from
It is more fatal to chickens than
all other direases combined. But the
discovery ol u remeuy mat f sitivtly
it has been made, and to be con-I
meed of its efficacy only rehires a
: 5ocents bottle is enough for
one hundred chickens. It is guaranteed
If, after using two-thirds of
.1 bottle, the buyer is not thoroughly
jtisfied with it as a cure for Chicken
Cholera, return it to the undei signed
and your money will he refunded,
For Sale by McKobo t & Suj

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