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Semi-Weekly InteriorJournsl
Stanford, Ky., January 25, 1889
Tiik Samoan Islands an n Muall cluster
in the. Pacific Ocean about midway
lictween tho Sandw ich Islands anil New
Zealand on a line from San Francisco.
According to treaty stipulation the American
and several other nations are bound
to protect the islands in the right to rule
themselvos. The English government
has signified its intention to co-operate
with the United States in putting a stop
(o German aggression in Samoa if international
law and treaty stipulations have
been violated, and this may bring Germany
to time in double-quick order and
stop thewar,whichiftheluufis told, our
government is bound to wage. Several
men-of-war have been dispatched to the
but it will take six week for them
to reach the islands. The matter is being
thoroughly investigated by the war
department and if it be found that the
GermatiB have mistreated the Americans
there and torn down and burned our
flag as reported, very decisive measures
will le reported to. Secretary Hayard
lias a chance to send the administration
out in a blaze of glory, and we trust he
will be equal to the occasion. Gov. Mc-Creary,
chairman of the Hou.-e Commit
tee on Foreign Affairs, believes there is
but little danger of war, as he thinks the
German government after investigation
will make all necessary apologies mid indemnities.
FoniTKKX million seems to be the favorite
number of petitioners when you
want Congress to do something. Senator
Blair's Sunday Vest bill lias that
number and so did the W. C. T. t's.
The bill will require everybody, railroads,
newspapers, etc.. to shut up shop
willy nilly. The right of petition has
always been recognized in our government,
but the average petition isn't
worth shucks. Many sign it without
knowing what it is for, others to be
Tiieiu: is nothing on earth to
.t ..l.f.t nml t.miLir iviru in QiLrnQii
The Atlanta Constitution went to the
useless trouble and expense of sending
one of its editors nway up to Columbus,
0., to interview Little Breeches Foraker
on the Southern question. He was
quite glib with his tongue and said
among other things that the only trouble
is that the negro vote is suppressed in
the South. Hut, until the trouble is re
suppression is not used then charges of
crime are trumped up against the negro
and he is shut up in jail till after the
election. Commenting on this the paper
says: "The trouble is, the negro vote is
suppressed in Governor Foraker's mind,
and not in the South. The cure, therefore,
lies with him and not with us.
riiiipft ti'itu rmf n twinrrt in tin Ctidi (
Judok Mostort at Frankfort has de-l A giddy Baptist preacher, the Kev.
cided in the Tato suite that the State Lem G. Snvagu. of Celina, Tenn., got
cannot recover on the bonds of 1SS4 and
'80, on tho ground that ntinal settlement
with tho treasurer by the proper olHccrs
relinquishes the State's claim to liability
on the sureties for those years. This only
leaves the years of 18.SL' and '88 to be
disposed of and they will probably goout
moved, he says there can be neither tho same way when the case comes up
peace nor prosperity neither union nor noxt month. Wo feur it will be a very
brotherhood. 1 f the shot eun Dolicvi of ' diminutive sum that the Mate will real
ize from tho huge steal of "Honest Dick"
Tate," who should have had the word
"thief" branded on his forehead, instead
of being allowed to wear such an appellation.
Itichmond, Va has signed the death
r. i i-1 ... v i i '
Georgia who did not vote in November ,. , . ...
' tvu tini? lAitM l ilLnrujM lrt
as freely as Governor roraker did. He'. . , l ' ,
and his friends prefer to believe that the
Southern whites are villains, the juries
forsworn, the judges perjured and the
whole system of law pernicious and op
pressive. If he would only understand
that the Southern whites areas honorable
as the whites of the North or even
approximately so -he would very soon
see light breaking through the clouds
that now envelop him."
Coi. Pint.i.irs, of the Lebanon Standard,
who has been carrying on a newspaper
war with Col. Colgan, of the
Messenger, has decided to give the
public a rest by seeing if the editor-poet
means business. In other wonts he has
challenged him to mortal combat and
the challenge is as follows: "We propose
to Colgan through these
writings, which will be handed him by
I.t. Gov. Bnv.w, who isacting governor
while the old man goes after his young
wife, who is visiting her former home in
ing Berry Marion, another negro, who
asked him to behave himself in a more
orderly manner, at a church at
The date of the execution is Mar.
"2d. It was the ilrst paper of the kind the
young "governor" ever signed, hut it is
to be hoped it is not his last if the cases
come up. Thereire enough murderers
in the State, who ought to be hung, to
keep him signing several days.
Tin: Minnesota legislature has postponed
the election of a I. S. Senator, to
invcstigate.the charges of briberyagainst
the republican candidates, Sabin and
Washburn, and the news comes thut
Mv.ihly the honest republicans will
unite with the democrats and elect a
man upon whose skirts there is no suspicion
of fraud. It is said Unit some of
the members were offered government
l ... ;.- . .i -.. -v.-. ... i . ... i ..
nur frfon.l. tlu. lV.tm(miT lit Pinevill.. . I'nons, ow.ers ti.uw aim so on oy .
'that we will throw rocks with him to a i"H W"nd Washburn. LvTi:n. Thej
finish at a distance of 900 yards, ti, , "'"er was elected.
lieutenant-colonel standing in front of
' ' ' ....... ....,.v.v "" '
vU.. ...,
., I.. :.... l 1: I..I. ,
oraccident of a devoted wife for the! the republicans to beneilt the "" """") '" "" ' "-- ,, k
I i-il Wi..l.litHO it llli .lf' llltilhl 111 In. I
husband she loves. But it must be a 1 lists and pull the wool over the eves of ,. ". ,;', ', , , "V "
soietrialfora wife to minister to the the ordinary tax-payer, p...( tl.a't body V " ediics,lay ami that is what
wants of a husband, whose misfortunes 1 Tuesday night by a strict party vote ' ls rom there.
have come to him uy reason of his :IJ to :J0.
"ly entitled to the poet's elogiutn of
ministering angel.
Tiik Cincinnati Commercial makes
the staitliug admission that demociatic
members of Congress are more
and icspectful dining the morning
Owim. to an 11 regularity in the ietiiii
of the Texas electoial vote, caused by
(he electors failing to sign their names
on the envelope containing, the result,
Ingalls icfused to receive it and the lmo
"tar State may be cut out entirely in the
final count. But it doesn't matter much,
further than t shows very remarkable
stupidity on the pint of the electors. If
the New Yolk electors and those in
were to make such a mistake there
might be some fun, but Texas counts 011
the wrong side of the balance sheet.
It is given as a dead sure tip that
'Keuator Allison has been tendeied the
treasury portfolio and that he will ac--pt
it." Blaine, will have the first position
so this settles two of tho cabinet.
Bnt what's the use of the newspapers
tearing their shirts about the matter?
Harrison can't keep the secret more
than IW days longer and we for one ran
fctand to waiL
Tiik louisville school board decided
Hto 10 to abolish the teaching of Herman
in the public schools after the expiration
of the pii's 'lit session, and all
the newspapeis, Mive the Anzeiger, are
hippv. The board is heels over head in
d. lit and this wj.1 save S'0,000 11
There has been much time
ty to her. The thecaseof irgil right, ami much wind spent on the bill, but
the Ixmisville merchant, who was shot it will not become a law even if by any
by his mistress, and who has since possible chance, not probable, enough
ered between life and death, is one in , democrats could be found in the House
oint. With a pretty wife, tlnee heal- to give the lejuiblicans a majority, 'for
thy children and an apparently happy Honest 'rover Cleveland stands ready
home, he wandered oil' after a woman to throttle it with his veto and thus proof
the town and she finally shot him al- tect the cause of the people.
most to death when he iliilu t do exactly
to .suit her. If Mrs. Wright has tilled ,
the place of a loving wile during his an-
.guish, she is bitter than human and (ill-'
Tiik chairman of the Kxceutiw Committee
of the Kentucky Press Association,
tion, Mr. I "icy Woodson, announces in,
the (hveiishoro Messcur tlmt tln nev t '
piaycr than the icpublicaiix, who upend ( done to make it one that the editors will
thetime pulling cigais ami examining always leiiiembei.
their correspondence. J lie ueinociais
nearly all rise and stand with bowed
heads. The paper adds that the latter
piobably know they stand s much
more in need of prayer and that the
praying is mostly intended for them,
that they sue bound to be attentive.
The real reason lies in the fact that the
democrats are religiously raised gentlemen
and always tieatsueh matters with
reverence and decorum.
Vv fut iiri'ijiu in nuL'itit ttloiint ill lintmit
democrats by the time they will all have
to walk the plank. An administration
which has waited four years to turn the
rascals out hardly deserves, more than it
A or.vu fellow in Fleming county
drank three pints of a strong decoction
of wild cheiry barkto cine
In a few limits his cough was entirely
stopped; likewise his bieatli.
Death Imd donu its work.
tiered of his wile and eloped with a
younger and prettier widow.
Senator Dolph has been re-fleeted
from Oregon, but there are not ten men
in Kentucky who could have told he
had ever bean elected before.
The democratic caucus of the X. .1.
legislature decided to pass a bill for the
re-M-al of the local option law, and to let
the high license lawvrftnnri as it is.
Attachment suits have been tiled
against W. H. Pioins, at Jellico, and
application, made to the courts to set
aside the Nile of his property, recently
Tiik negroes all over the country who California (rout Mexico at a pi ice of 20.-
have heard of Mahone's interview '.ire ox).()00. The llgure Is not eunslileiel
intensely indignant ami at Atlanta they large, for the advent of the Southein
have gotten up a monster petition ask- ,.j!le road at the coast has made it most
ing Harrison to keep him out of his valuable propeity.
cabinet. ome of the more radical The grading on the new Louisville
white republicans aie also very 1 Southern line from Ijiwreiiceburg to
wrought up over the utterances. , l.,.xintoti has been begun mid the iron
... . , ' work for the bridge across the Kentucky
i .nam. k kk, who gave many thou-' . , . , . , ....
, ... , . , ., 1 river lias already been received. I he
amis to bribe oters for Harrison while . .. , , ', , . . , ,
. . . . , ,. right-of-way has Ix-en obtained ileum
ltri airiu ltij Liiiflliii IIMIIIOH Villi 1 iiiillli.
liu iniyrj ll in nj r nit: tiiitnit utui 10 uniin ., lf . '
j I xk Congress and 'M legislatuics ate
making laws for the people. Let us be
I uiifeiguedly thankful that Kentucky is
among the list of the few suites that are
sp.uvd the infliction. Ours does
P. T. L., till the last week in lSsil.
-Senator Heck is in Cuba. His health
,r is iiiiiih nnproveil.
Tiik dead-lock in the West Virginia -A eaitliipiake destroyed :'.KJ Iioiims
Senate was bioken on the PJiith ballot j j town of Asiatic Turkey,
by the election of It. S. fair piesident, (iov. I'liderwood has left Kentucky
a decided victory for the democrats and ' permanently to settle at Columbus, O.
is a dead settler of the fraudulent claims ' st. Paul's I iranil I ipein I louse burn-of
the opposition. The republicans no ' d Monday. It cost Sl'oO.ixX); insured for
longer hoping to steal the govei norship
for (.Soil have nominated him for l S.
Senator, but a democrat will be elected.
There is considerable opposition to Ken-11:1,
but this will probably subside ami he
will be
Tin: Pullman Palace Car Co., has gobbled
up the Maun Boudoir and the
WiHxhuir Sleeping Car companies and
now has a monopoly in the business. It
is to be hoped, however, that it will not
put up lodging higher than : a night,
though if it has the inclination the people
who patroufc them will have to
dance to the music.
I .r7.",h00: nobody hurt.
, A Height ran into a passenger train
I at llanodsburg Wednesday, doing much
damage, but hurting no one.
Sunaloir) MePhcison in New .leisey
'and Coke in Texas have been le-elected,
the latter without opposition.
I Attillu Cox has gathered in ii'.'.OO),-1
() dining his : years as Collector of
I Internal Bevenueat Louisville.
I Senator Haw ley, of Connecticut, who
1 is :, is fondling He married
a noted war nurse about a year ago.
-Owen, the last of "old. I no. Brown's"
where he had been living
the life of a
who was
Mrmllrv, a niuniftl nmn,
ant'otod wivk, t'lnirttl
with assaulting little girls, whom he
into lonely places in I'airmouut
Park, Philadelphia, was yesterday convicted
and sentenced to ill ytiirs and s
month imprisonment.
The reports of the liiidge disaster at
Spoltsillr were overdrawn. Only one
man wits killed and time wounded.
Twenty men were thrown into the ner
Tin: News promises "Sweet Owen" to 1 but they wen le.scitcd more scared than
jumes 11. uiveus loriieuieiiaiii governor. 1 hurt. 1 he Doss who was treating the
, As the county is neaily solidly demo- court's injunction with contempt has
J er.it ie, "our candidate" has a pretty good I vamoosed.
1 titt in tho if In ilertilos to niiikt fiimi V.tvv '.miIuiw! .!ii'.
it. ,,,... ,:.., ." 1.1.. "- ...i.;..i. i.:,
.I..-. 1 .i. : 1 . 1. ...11.1 M'l...
1 II... .......1 ..i..l.. ..... ..........I .. .'-. I III I Ml llll' lull . Ilini'U Mil' -1.1. llll'
: : .. 1... .!.. . .1- . 1... 1 .11 iiiti m.k mis certainly mil. muii'ii
1 iivsuiiy
ni in- in 01 hi 1 .1 .1 i
and hints at a attract . ve noiuie to tniiltiiilv lino reiileuisli 1111 I 1 olllccrs ileclaie that the statements
ute alleged teaiiug down of
,.:..,. ... ... , 1 earth in the case of a coui.Ie v uu in , K.rumg
n.Min.i I. Mi Uoodvm wo.ke.l I ar.I to J -
Ami ricans and ll.ingon olll.e.s
hau his city chosen as the place lor the ( ,,",I,- "" "'mat 01 son. , IU,fomili,.4
ineeiing ami he is leaving nothing 11 11
Charles Tinkler, theCiiiiiiimiti youth
who forged checks to the amount of
several thousands of dollars and got the
1 money, has been sentenced to live ywus
in the pen. He was captured in
where he was cutting a wideswath,
with a girl he claimed to be his wife, also
of Cincinnati.
An effort having been made to secure
a poitrait of Mis. Cleveland for the
White House, the Piesident writes:
"Fully appreciating the
I have to say that both of us me -o
opposed to the pioject that you could'
not show us gi eater consideration than
by mi entire abondoniiient of the
Jack, the Kipper, has trausferiedthe
scene of his operations to Kingston, Jamaica,
whcic he has just murdered and
mutilated the bodies of three prostitutes
after the manner of the London outrages.
To the body of the last woman
ititiiil wia lillllliiil aim nf iiin m iii
but died at I'dena Cl.
sons, one ;:,,
H,,,1.l as u.,itt,l)( ..,.flurti.(.H
I iiiit. .lack, the Kijiper."
-A d.spa c 1 f.on. Ha.io.Ls burg
vou be our next Secretary of Stated counterfeite.s who have Hooded says
who. esponded, "That ,,ncstion can be! the mountains with bogus half dollais """ " ', ' '. tin- ie of
been a.iested in IMill '" " " '.u. th.cM and best c.tiens,
better answered at Indjanapolis." The ! and nickels have
, tell and bn.ke her leg a the hip. Or,
plumed knight is entirely too modest.' county.
He knows that all he l.-'s to do is to I0I111 Wanamaker did not go t; "nouiit of her advanced age and sue,
fiddle and his man Harrison will dance. J France as stated, but to Indianapolis in , ' ih thought she can.,., get we . M.
' '"-' ol Kev. . P. Har-
stead, it is said bv invitation of the Pres- "
Ik Fairchild keeps on he may have :.,,,... ,.,,,.., " vey, of the Baptist Kccorder, of Louis-
the X. V. Custom House manned by, tv,. ..... uem killed, one fatally in-. She weighs neatly ::0() pounds.
inreil nml sevcrnl others I udlv hurt bv I The fellow who uasanested in Mene
' . .. : 1
an explosion in a mine shaft at Xiinti
coke, Pa., yesteiday.
Although theie weie a doen ladies
were candidates for the place, the
Indiana democrats have nominated a
man for State librarian.
Both Houses of the Aikansas Legislature
have instituted their
Senatois in Congiess to light
the Blair bill.
-, v,,
married the very day a detective ai rested
him as an escaped Tennessee convict
and lodged him in jail. Ho is said
to be a sou of Dr. llanley, a reputable
physician of Lewisbiug, W. V11.
A. Bo PENNY, '-
PhjMcum tts riptii'tK .u.ur.itcly i "npoupilrJ,
Col. Sani South, the oldest son of Ever brought to thi mulct. Price loucr thn
Col. Jere South, w ho was oncethe lessee j ,hc "" w.tchti, clock .d
t ,. .. .. , il,. . ... P'lrcd on herl'notue ami warranted.
of the penitentiary, and a political power
in the State, died in Franklin county, '
aged .ro.
John 1). Kobinson, who is charged i
with committing a rape in Taylor, was!
only saved from a mob by strategy and
was afterwards taken to Louisville for'
safe keeping. i
George A. IVarce, of Mobile,
tary of the Planters and Merchants In-1
surance Co., has skipped with $o0,tx. '
He worked the religious dodge anil was
ml I -..-'
not suspected. ' QJ TTTti. na. k1 "W 3 f"1
-Three years ago Peter Tiltou.of Now WfU'AAlg' W (VU9, .DUUJ& AUUU5, SWIjL
Hampshire thiappcarcU, l his week His '
remains was found in the woods hanging
tontree. The clothing alone held the
skeleton tOk'ether.
K. T. Broun, a capitalist, foiinerly of
Lexington, Ky., was killed with
pin and robbed of a 1,000 diamond and
other valuables in a short distance of his
honit'at Wichita, Kits.
The murderer Hawcs, who killed ii i ..hr. torcfuA m.c ir - i " t U. .u. i. nc..f iho coumr;
his wife and two childien at , "
ham and on whose account nearly a,
score of people were killed, has been in-
dieted for each olfi'iise.
No. i.i.ii. th.. Hull, ulm w iminiii. I. K. Mtliurriii, the Iteiniiigtoii ex
i - -,-...-...,.. ....... ...... .- .-,......-
tliel'meville Hotel and ins antagonist in '.....j,,,, pii: . . ,.,,..,1,1,,,. in I pert, wrote M wor.Na minute for live
" ------ ----- -. ...,,..,
m . . t ii r
ironi 01 me nearest, nottso inereio.
Now is Colgan's chance to become the
David of his day, by .slaying tho led-headed
Goliah, who has slandered his
obliging anil still others to save the both- j made ami the day promises to be a
of an argument. A man should at- orable one. It will occur April 'oth and
tach his name to one with the same hoi-' it has been arranged that the church
tancythathe does to another's note, I bells all over the country shall ring to
which he may have to pay, but j yelebrate the event of one bundled years
nately but few do. Believing the Bible .ago, when the church bells throughout
when it says that the Sabbath was made the thirteen states rang out to call the
for man and not man for the Mihbath, j people together to pray for the success
we regard Blair's bill as we do most of and pioiperity of the country under the
his other conceptions, as the invention administration of him, who was "ilrst in
of a Pharisaical fanatic and crank. ' war, tht in peace and ilrst in the hearts
I of his countrymen."
ille, is not the amicable and popular minutes on Ins machine at l tiicinuati
Col. W. M. Hull, who writes "In and Tuesday. The copy was not selected el-About
Kentucky" in the Courier-Jour- ther. Ireing unfamiliar legal testimony.
1 mil. Toe colonel .Iocs not know pig, stopped the fast titiin out
iion from anv other kind of ami of ' "' ClnVinnatl Tuesday
AiinVi.KMKXTs for a tittingcelebration combines or any other wickedness he is ' 'l to enter the eNpiess car, but tl
innocent as a spring lamb. When , 'Kt opened lite 011 them and they
inauguration of Gen. Washington as! not wielding his facile pen he puts in "hoofed" it away. It .hvurrvil only :i
Piesident of the United States are being) his spare time studying for the ministn. ,l,i,,,s f''"'" Ludlow.
Tiik Senate tarill' bill, concoi'ted bv
onewoul.l judge from his w 1 itings. --11 is now me 1 imfi
Mates shall liu the peninsula ol unei
GEO. D. WEAREN, Mangr'
Of the Business of Mrs. J. F. WEAREN, dealer in
Buggies, Carriages, Surreys, Phaetons
Road Carta, Speeding Carts,
Wagons, Log "Wagons,
I5JJKy Harness, Wnjjon Harness, Reapers, .llowers,
Hay Rakes, Grain Drills, Corn I'lanters,
" " Harrows, Plows, Cultivators, Engines, Threshing Machines, Clover
Hullers, Saw Mills, Feed Cutters, Horso Powers, Hty,
Grain, Seeds, Coal, &c,
New lot Queensware,
New lot Glassware,
New lot Tinware
Hew Canned
ITew Molasses,
2Tew Candies,
And nianv other tliiuirs new and f'rsli ind n.
eeieil !
Currants, Citron, Raisins, Fig's, Concentrated
Cocoaniat, Gelatin, Corn Starch.,
Chocolate, Extracts, cfijo.
Oatmeal, Cracked Wheat, Iloniim, ItTncearoiii,
cneese, lined Heel, Canned C.'oods
.s)li'll(li(l line I'nekol iml T;i!ii
I' ('lltllTV.
gTTrici's always reasonable and :ootls jIQJ
T. Iv. Walton.
"ff .
Has on exhibition at his place of business an INDESTRUCTABLE
Burial Casket that certainly deserves the nam, nnnlipri t it t. .
xu -a
.,., matnt.taA r . o ....... ,",
fee 1 ounty for Tascott after being severe:, ""fu,"w"'3,J . "a U"U Wir0 Ci0lU so as to ab
ly shot, went to .Mercer after getting, solutely prevent separation, decay or penetration. Of course the
well ami under the name of Charles casket is handsomely trimmed both inside and out, so that the
Dickson, wooed ami won Miss Maud ' material it is constructed of is obscured from view same as in wood
Bonta, to whom he was to have been or Other caskets.
BRYANT & STRATTON Business College
Hunk Kirjitni, Short Hand, Tflryraphu. tic
ir rue jur iHiniupiio una mi ihnriiltllluil

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