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Semi-Weekly InTeriorJournal
Stankohd, Kv., Mahcu 188D
K.C.WAI.TON, mum. MnnnRor
Mits. W'm. visiting friends in
.1. K. and M. S. Hauiiiiman are in Tennessee
buying horses.
Mm. Wii.i. Cu.mo, of Carlisle, is tlio
guest of Mrs. W. V. Wiillon.
Mil. WotiDt Wai.kku, of lt.ur.inl, has
beun visiting relatives here.
Mps Amiiiiusia Tiiom s, of lMiisvlllo,
is visiting her sister, Mrn W. It.
Mas. Maiiy llKim, of Lancaster, in tlio ln
guestof Mm. K. II. Ihirnside for a few
Mil. W. Ii. Vaiino.n will luivo IiIh law
olllnt witli Pr. IVytoii in the Owsley
Mu. N. K. L.ukky, of (iallutln, Toim.,
i visiting his parents, Mr. anil Mm. W.
M. biokoy.
MissJm'ii: ltooKi.u of tlio
vicinity, has boon visiting Mrs. .1.
T. Mocker.
Mn. ami Mm. Maiik ll.iiniN,i)f Junction
City, have taken room at Mm. Uco.
Mm. O C. Oivis.Nh loft Wednesday for
Paris to attcnil the hotUidc of li"r father,
who is seriously ill.
Mus. S,. I'. Staoii has gone to K,'iiil
c end days with Mr. ami Mm.
Magg. Sr., In tlm West Iiml.
1'ktk II vmiton has turned showman.
Hi" played tin- Cara I'ryor Co., at
lat night and we hope made big
Slk T. 1C. a ton s ailv. oi seei Is.
Nkw j t capes at Owsley Cndg's.
l'io..u vcgi'tabb'H to-morrow at S. S.
Nkw lot beaded wraps and llcbues.
Sveranee A Son. " "
Noiitiikus seed potatoes at W. S. Hilton's,
Junction City.
bananiis and lunions nice
and frcsli at S. 'J. M '.
Fiilmi in of lime, cement and
bine dust at W. II. Hiu'U'ins'.
A l.i. kinds of field and garden seed at
Mt n ii.!..... i......it.... ni'
It . r. I1IIIUII, HIH.II.MI V'll J.
m m -
Tin: New Orleans
House next Monday iiiRht,
J. F I.ii.i.V was tried
Jmlgw Vurnon yestenlay for
on the lauds of !(. L Jobnin i
ii the Kuigville s ctlon.
Tub Hon. William Itrown, of
to lie in tin lead for
tliin but we am still
i. tt.ng on (ireen Trimble, of Souerset j
Tin. Store will open
.w.i ..l.i. ,. t..,m...W..itf of
.l' l. M CI! , nrrlt.i.1 v.il.ir. I
i,i. ui.i. !,.. l,.Mt of the bin Miiiiilv S.e
Tin: docket of the Circuit Court which
begins Monday is the shortest for sever-
al veais. Tlio eoiiniioiiweaiiii ine 14
less tlnin time and the
lius:n s- is considerably oil". '
(it Tiiimmkii. Uwing tomviturii.he
of trade this pling I luivo eiigageil a,
ut trnniner who will Is- hero- April 1st,
('.ill at mv store and see tho new hats.
i dibons and foliage. Thanking my
tmiuTM for jtast piitionnge I Hilielt
Kali Do Idi rnr.
N.it. is e. rtainly played out in
A jury let oil the lie to
loiiv'it, who brutally murdered his 1
guard lot the purpose of OMiiping, with
a life sciileiiev. I'liit presvlit setoits to
ery tender heartisl jury anyway,
Judging from the lightness of tlio verdicts
it lias rendered.
Tin: new photogiaphor, Mr. It. .1. Karp,
isf fully I'lpiippcl for his business, lie
l.iiw ih.. and iuMiiiuient in
this section and being a natural a, list, is
enabled to gel tho lst results.
men-of his woik hliow that be Is
lib-of doing the tlnoht ipt.ditj and us he
I. ii l. ii..l with us. we trii't who
I, 1 iinvtliing in his line will give him
Sior. I'oTrnJrfanxlir.is lor tbj town, to
put in electii'clig'its. lie says if the
council will agree to piy a reasonable
rate per light, lie will attach a ilyn nun
to tlie mill engine ami furnish tlieiu and
the citizens all the light they want.
When we can havo electric lights al n
llgiireiiud can piovide water'
cheaply, it N wonder that
moneyed in U (In not take hold of both
out rprises. '
TiiKiicisa nun in M inloi.l who lie- '
lit vssollindv in Mascots and .lonahs
he turned a.onnd and went back!
three siieccsdvcillteriioolistliat
t 1 till. 1 mi
,e stilted llshing he met a
till -..,,... W llOin I., wis n uni miiu
ers who believe in thesupersiiti.in, have
denominated a .lonah. Mr, With is sas
i.u .lon.ili.ou.es to Ids shoe lie,
immediately puts up'hU r. ami
kno III ie is n.
.'01-s I I'll I II for ho lows
more trade fur him th it day,
Tiik Toledo salesmen who wore am filed
nt Nicholas. Illc lor violating tlio !!
dler's net, proved Unit they sold only by
simple, Mini wore acquitted.
JKW Now (ioodrt mill Now ITIC-
,., c ,N, ,., rv time! Credit never! Our
! goods ar daily pouring in ami our
tint lowcMt. uiir ouyor nan
spent t i in selecting this Htock and
buying in lurgoipiautltios ami cawli down
oiiuhli'H uh In uiv you j,'ooiIh' at prices
you have never heforu heard of. Only
ouu trial and you will wo what tlio
didliir will do. You can cot
Houar an I eiillco fiironcdollar tiiau
iitany oilier lioiwc in town. Ivxatuiuu
our miiiie I uoihIh mid ct pricon. The
bent Myrop you will nay ho whim you
have tried it. Fancy tinwiireamlipicuiiH'
ware. In fact you can jjet cvcrythiin:
licloiiL'iiiL' in our line of business. We
n piy vmt He- tdirhest market price
for out!, mi , i.nd mid bacon, oii
will tin I us in the I'ortiuaii storurooin
lately by S. , Powers it Co.
We cordially invite the public to examine
our ioods mid iet prices before buy-in
if. .bines Itros
-Wool wanted, 100,000 pounds. A.
T. Niinnclley,
-I). N. Prcwitt bouubt of U K. Wells
. fat nittle at :tj cts.
-John Cash sold to W. A. HWrin ;t
gmsl lirood mares at .lo(),
A (tonrgiiMiiaii is planting a water-melon
patch of 7U! acres.
j,.r Jones wild to Johnson, of Itoyle,
iln(., ft cattlo at M cts
I -Jones, of Adair, sold to W. V. iiv
ens a combined horse forl7o.
Fou Sam:. A fresh milk cow and a
gentle work tnnre. It. !'. Harrow.
A livery stable burned at Bridge
port. Conn., and 'Jo horses perished.
I I. 1 Nunnellev sold to Johnson, of
Itovle, it bunch of aged mules at $1"0.
' WINon, of Tennessee, bought " aged
l from Ike Shelby at f 150 to SUB. I
!, Ciess, of ItiK'kc.ittle, bought in the I
". Kri'i """"s t11?',) " " !
I A pair of draft horses well broke for
k.ii.. .'. nmlii v.mrHiild. .1. Ilrkdit. Stan-
ford. j
lie! ). N. Prcwitt has bought in the last
it . ,,, days rgo. bunch of fat cattle at j
I H ... j 1
t i 'ii tn
Tin Sttinfunl KoIIor MHIrt uihlio to
' Imv a few hundred barrels of com. W. ,
N. Potts, Supt. ;
The wheat is looking unusually well j
he and there is fully an average- acreage of
of it in this county. ;
John Duncm, of Wayne bought in,
the West Kud, a liunch of '' ami :i-year-old
cattle at '2 to '' cents.
Reports from the grain producing
States show that the wheat ami corn
crop is in excellent condition.
l T V.. i. in. 11. .v milil In Htivle
'.Hi,.- ,irf ,',L.e,i mules' for sa
mIt. fur 7.-,. '
ai), n .Vli;M,M IMIV
i" i c ,, .' i:,,ir l,iii.l.i ili i k week in ( In - 1
" ' """.. ''.. -
U ,,JK" lK feeding cattle ,..,,!,, I, I !.- "OO I ""., i
which iint him ?t.tlS nl Inline Win-
Chester Democrat.
of j - We will stand a tine lioise ami a
splendid jack at our stables, Crab Or-
I chard, this season. Call and ee them.
.... . .-. . ... ..
II. Ii. V l.;iinis nover.
if liKoiioirrowv. Tin-re were about
l."0 cattle on the uiirket, the best selling
i I .. . -- . -,i ..i:.. ., ii-. ,.. i i-.. milk cows
m v -
- -
- ' f lo to r.'ti; unties ?' 10 ?i..i
I II. Mirth tV Ui if Ito-ton,
the second largest poik packing lirm
in , probably
The Agricultural Department
lie ' mates that there is now in the hands of
I t ,i.... f., -,.,,..- I l O'Kt O.W1 IiiwIi.'U of
i;i " n i........... .-,--.,-.
a ' wheat. agiint i:W.(K)0,t)00 bush. l's a year,
r,;.i...iiiinii .Miiii.k w it'iv
was!,,,,,, wiMl ,,.ino of abopt 10 cents oi,
Ids ,,.,. K) .. llin,ind. Hogs mv in fair
Hi,i,,,,iu tliMiniml nt'l tn Sheep are
w.,k , jj to ,.H. ,
j t. money invested in running
)ni.es and nieu tracks for running
,,s j the t'niteil States is estimated by
J( ,.,, ,t(.it uutliority to he between
I ' cp,(X,(X)and $17,000,000.
;,, n. (JndA a brother of Kdilor II.
It , (Jnitz, of tho Lexington tbi.ette, died ,
, Woodford, aged oS. lie was a well
known h recde mf line horses and raised
- ' ,,. famous Checkmate, Springbok, o.
so - nii...ii .t Turner, of lloiirbou.
iwl,t of Kerry Muriy, Nashville, tlio
(,w imported jack, P.aloros, from Ma
jn..,t in the Meditoiiaueansea,for?,ii(K)i
,ini u breotl him exclusiuely o
Pets. -News.
-The statistics collected in this
in tv bv tlio Carroll County Tobacco tirow -
... , , ,,
her CIS Association, show tliat tin' fanners
i ... .,l,...t iiliniit lliree.fi.llltbs us
lsr" '' I ;
IliailV acres US tlleV did last year, till"-
rollton Democrat.
afterwards he began to complain -mid
a dav or two a genuine wise of loekjaw
developed, and after intense siillViriug
.. . ... .i , ..
men. ins i iiii sr tiwi seven veins "go
from tin Niuie'airocii nn. pmducwi by
broken lei?
. m.
Carter, who
,.,,,,! wit, i,)...,,,, elonre.1 at
t -ltd before .In. Igo SJieltou, at Kowlunil
Tuesday. Mi-s Maiiida Pe, who claim-1
filtliat she was Carter's lawful wife
iiml that thoy were married in .lell'er
failel to appear against nim
and tliat together with the fact that the
county clerk of tin
non-cord of the marriage was doomed;
sulllcieiit proif to the ca-e.
is hardly proliable that Carter could
have kept from the public the fact that
he had two iiiuch les-i proba
bio that the two could have lived in
nmiillit place us Uowland in miicIi peace
barinoiiy as Mrs. Cmter and Miss
'o,. luivo. t alter says theio Is trickery
abiut the whole matter and that ho in-
t to investigate tilings mid show
tliem up in their tine colors. Missive's
story is tint while she was living
Louisville Carter wooed and won
ami that she ace pted his propis.il tn g
to .lelluoonvill 'and he married. They
.i ..... i .. ii. ....
Weill acrolUO liver, mil sue is uni ,
tllill Whether it WIW to Jeir.tr.sniiville or HltsK.MKN should leilieillber.thattlie'
New- Albany, at any rate thev went into , xirmtiit .loraxAi. ollico is lioaihpiarfors
., !....., i... .... ...l.i .....!.. -Cl,.,.,l. .... . ...:...:.... .....I ..I.,....,
ii iioiw .. "i-i ....i.i.. i
for all KlllllS Ol noise iiiimiis "I"" I"'vui shed ill the Iiilemir Journal
Carter left her as ho said to go after the' ti,t.ir orders at once. It is just a littloj
license mil a preacher. Ho returned '..,., , to "show" day and you will
shortly witli an old man who held a
piece of piper in his liaud. He
them to stand up and thou thoy ,,",k
upon thoniselv.'s the vows mui she
inoiigui ii'g.iuy in.ino uieui iiiisoiuiniuni
wife She is not able to read or write,
lliougn sue pionneen leueis sue ciinins
were written by Cmter to her in which
1 hu eiills her wife and signs himself bus-
1 , . ,
i band. Miss l'.es. recent addition to tliei
census is nut her lirst contribution in
thatliue. Silo low had three or four
cliidrou, all of whom she alleges havo
the legal uud natural right tn call Mr.
Curlsir "iiaii.1 ' .
I wa, a ,.iU,j ,. a ,t to.set forth tip
""'litHofviiiirhorM'iirJiu'k. Call in w,.
M .
t rl
. ?
! vou come to circuit court and let us Hx ,
'Voii up in sliip sliape. (
, Wni. .M. ."spaliiing ooiigui 01 oawsoii i
& ,5,,.,,, of N(.w Haven, ,18 two - yi,., - j
, ,,, inles al 5i .- 'oe I linops soul 10
T ( VwAWi 0f Ilmdstown, 'M extra
SMV). The hiimo mules
,n,,les at . ,
xv,.ri. Hiuglit 11 few weeks ago 111 thin
,,u..urf.s legion. W. C. lingers and!
,.. .MrKlroy bought in Tennessee,
lllM -AV,'U the king of Spanish jaeksj in-
,,,,,, l.euiie, for .M, 100. Lebanon Man.
.inl. .
Jesse Hmuhrick, of I'xington, linn
sold to J. I. Crow, of MoKinnee, a bay
two-year old colt by Col.'llmnbriuk flSOTi
( Uii'tntor Jr.) dam by CoIuiiiiiii'h Clark
Chief, and three vending llllics by Col.
Hmubrick, out of marcH by l.iglitwood,
by John Dillard, and by bong's
These are all handsome, good
colors, line size, and witli trotting action
that would be a credit to any Hire. Price
l,00U Advocate.
An exclOmge notes tins interesting dis
covery that the average length of time a
clergyman receiving $12,000 a yearisalilu
to work without becoming a physical
wreck and having to bo sent abroad, is
7 months; tho $I0,0(X) preachers months;
he who ncei ves $7,000 1 mouths; tin.1 ?),
(XX) preacher 10 months, but the man on
the $o00 Hilary workH right along all the
year round and doesn't break down.
Tin thht duty of a preacher is to keep
the congregation awake. Instruct tho
sexton to let in plenty of fresh air.
Without air, without life, break out a
few of those stained glas windows and
admit the sunshine! Darkness always
provokisa yawn. Clergyman In 'it. Louis
A Georgia newspaper Homcwhat cxag
goratos tin important truth in the following:
"This idea of teaching every girl
to thump a piano and every boy to be a
book-keeper, will make potatoes $1 a
bushel in 20 years."
Witli Pennsylvania designated by
"Pa." and Montana likely to abbreviate
itself into "Ma." these hitherto mother
less Coitod States will haven full set of
Who struck Hilly Patterson, wo cannot
tell; but we can positively assure you
that if bolter's magic chicken cholera
cure fails, your money will be refunded
bv Meltoberts it S'tngg. it
Wtliiks and iewelrv rcnairvi! and
warranted. A. It. Penny.
hNiHKTii's (iardeii seed, now crop,
just received nt Meltoberts ic Stagg's.
bMnirrir (iarden Seeds fresh and
genuine, in bulk or package, at A. It.
' v"tli' "
, JiJa'aSMit Tt
ii t.
C vHIiy n. 1
n... ,... ..t..i k,w.iu ;.ii. ..i.i..a :
paper .pencils and school supplies of all
.!"'- .a.. -"
kimls irom A. it. fenny.
- -
iiik noss MUI.E jack
Will mike he urvocnt season at the stablet of
his owi.crs, i milr Vct ol Stanford on the Knob
Pike, at
SIOTo Insure a Living Colt
He Is black with while points i;U hands hiuh 6
years od and a surp foil setter ilis act took the
:.......,... ... t.,c.i ,i,. in..,. mi-,..,, .h, ..... ,.. ... f
,-... w.....". .-....... .-... -.
ine most nmcu jacks in i.iikoiii anu limit- roun
,,.. Par.lnB or r:,d,S .he mare after shot bred
nuvitit.lv foricits the d the money is
then due Caie taken t prevent ai.iideui, but
wilt hoi be responsible should anv fwciir
R. It K .V Wllfllis,
I v ill c,l at an' tl"" -n MIINIlAV. April !
i, i8s), county court day, the NUKoberts house, '
on .ireei oie cwin noiie.
Trrms will be 6nnd ll months, enual
tor particulars call tin or aihliess r M
ert, Minford, K
ltd Danville, Ky
Walton's Opera House.
Out ikM Hnli
"Joild3V M&rCll 25.
In mi rt -Ii , M rai an . K line i I r d
'e''"1 lie
Klucolti Circuit Court.
J'"c'JfM.t x an
E l,Je.
, ,,,,.-,, ,. ,
day pen
, llM) , ,lcs,rL uf s;H court .uVmy; that
. W Marcarel K le.ode be inp.iwcrcd to en
joy, sell uud fur hir mva any
erty she may own in? inquire flee I rum the debts
urclaiins of her husbiinl. l.i make ontracts. sue
and besued.isa inlc ou trade in her
mvnnanioandde.pi.cof her propirty by will nr
It is ih.vv iirdorrd lhat notice ol said action be
i iiewMi.mcr
pulilishcd in staiilutd, Ky , lor ten days.
(it en under mv hand a. clerL if the iiloresaid
court, this March' u. Sk J I. IIAII.KV,
Clcrl Lincoln Lirsiut Conn.
Lincoln Circuit Court.
a. j Aimni ...i nun, E pane
said Heme .vli..rl be emp.iwere.t to enjoy,
f.'J ro'.vosv., Jr a?;,"." .' fro;..' i,"cVai.!;,".r
dci.tsnf her husband, ti.maii. iontr..cu ..e and
. be sued .isa single tfoman, irude ill her own name
and dispose oi her prptri)
unmvriicro,i ,i,.,t noce of s.-,,d actio.. ,-
"; ! V'";,".
CO en under my hand astlerk nf the aforcikild
court. thi Mar h 1 . 1 to. J I' IIAII IV,
I I. u In C ri nt C ourt
Fiiksii Fisit Saturday evening at M. F.
Salt, linu', cement, (lno liiiek ntid
llliiiL' at Hilton's. Junction City.
Tiib most complete stock of cigars mill
tobaccos in Stanford utS. S. Myers'.
I,Ni)iii:rii, I'orry & Co.'h ami
S.'ods at A. A. Warri'ti'H
"Model Orocory."
U'ai.i. I'U'Kit, wall pajHT at It. K.
Weitron's in niiw Htyli'H from tlio cheap-"
08t to tll' highest. " '
Tiik Now Orleans Minstrels, in
uniforms ami preceded by tlioir
(told Hind, will punulu tliu streets Monday
next mid that night will present thi'
best show' of tho several yiwil ouch that
they have Ivcn licre. The house is e,o
to lKMirowdod, ho buy a resurvi) at
Was lliiKNii. -W. T. Itoyalty, of
asks us. to itirrect tlie stateinmit
that Hughes was stealiin; a ride when
In) was hurt in the wreck on the (ircen
Itivtir road. Ho was braking at tlio time.
Three inches of bono havo been taken
from his leg ami his chances for recovery
am doubtful.
Tiik National Microscopinbt' Directory
for !S!H1 is being compiled, and tho editors
desire tire names of all
all usom of tho microscoHi in professional
work mid of readers of microscopical
literature for insertion. Kai'h one in tliiH
section will please semi hm name, pro-
fession, titles and posUillicu address to
ll t I.' u, ....,..! I-..
Harry A. F.vaus, Ky.
CoMi'i.Kri: lines of dry goods, notions,
groceries, bootH, slioes, iVc, tinware,
ipicensware, glassware, stonOware,
cooking and heating stoves, furniture
of all kinds. Having nn experienced
buyer constantly in the market
am prepared to give you bottom llgurcs.
I 111... . ..II, fl , ..,..., .1 I nt ..r.ililll.il...l
" ' .."': '.. ":'... ... . . . " .
mi;iii IUI sjl. II lii.ij nun;
I.... f I ,. t... u r,iriiury 1 '
buv vour bacon. W. S. Hilton. Junction
Haiimy W11.8ON. tlio blind preacher.
caused a physical examination to
made of the boy who leads hi,., am.
.u .tint. I llitit It. ii'iiu tiiil it tr I It
ntm iwunu iinti in- - nut. m
ihfit Fn titwtWM tiritt rntiL'hlv tc liini
at Milan, but denies that he used any
profane or language. A gentleman
from New Albany, Ind, who has
known Wilson from childhood, says
is half Indian and li.ilf negro, and one
toughest citizens ever raised in that delectable
Luther lbmson will
lecture on Temperance at this
here Thursday night, Ma.cli liMh,
at 7:'M. Admission free. Mr. Ilmison
has the ri'i'iitation of being one of the
..... nK ,v...,....... .-... ...n .,.
'I'lie Ibistmi i om mj" in. it SllOerior
,, . .. fm , , , .1 .. . I
ttOllgli: 1110 sllllioriogi" I n'ss mill, lie nun
.... . ...l.., . . .. ..-.. r V....rl . -.v. - .I,i. lie
tlio foremost ten, peranee or.itor liviirg;
Senator Vance tliat he is an orator
great ower, ami so on inrougn a long
weeks ago Cyrus
Yllllllg, MM of till' l.ltl' Will. Yollllg,
!' lt,ver secuon of this county,
. ... ... . . . . .
acciicntaiiv snot in nieiooi wuu
a rill-. Ho was engaged at Wil
die nt the ti .but came home, nltho
. ..v.rjeneed but little ineouvonlenoi'
(lleIitereil n
Sired liy llie creal llelmont lrc nf Nut oil j:iSK
.... . . .
in the i ,ju liit Itli in have nircd 5ln the j ...''"..
1 .- .' '. . .
Kirtl Ham, Itctlic Kinkeail, liv Ciintntcinr, lot), the lre of Or. W JMjjf Stcoml .1 ui, full si
ler lo I) Monroe, a A; liy Jim Munrue Sjj, ihr wre o( Lady .Monroe t:ifJJ! Clutf j j8'(
Kittle liatr, -iy and 9 otliert in the JV lul i hlrd dam liy Dinni l' .Membrlnn. fourtli dmn l
llelmont l .ilay.iml wclih i.imi iouml, In.iled in iSSS, bred by J. I.. lsiir, lllilw.ijr. Kt
lielinoiit l lili'f in .iijic.r.in. e i very ipiii'Ii liVe hl ire. He trotd u mile at Dcc.itur, Mich , 1 . 1
In I'ti'i. the inmetitnili'in l.lnod, sue. t) le, alinpe and trotting MtHm I 'i,i
the iitnioo cnntiilenit' in the n-Miln t. l iht.iuied hy brecJinto him. Ill firl toll I Le dtvel
oped fur speed, thin making an early shuwins nf ln exrellriit iiiuliliv .ind bring hi celtii ink r. in
llelmont Cheif will mule lheaeaMinnf1SS9.it mv stable In McKtnney,
With the usual return privilege or $50 TO INSUIIE A LIVINO COLT.
.Marcs kep oiikoou pasture at pwner s nk l J
Youths' and Mens',
Bruce & lYIcRoberts.
Wall Paper,
Wall Paper,
At -
Will keep constantly on hand a large and select line of Furniture
and Undertaker's Goods. .My prices will be as low as such goods
can be bought in the cities. Give me a trial and you will be convinced
that I sell lower than the lowest.
'Li nl'lll'iPi H
"TKAINa Mil' Til
No. 7. ISO, t. i .NO. J, I .0,
Iliilv Ik. sim.i Pailv. Daily
817.1111 4 11 pin boo p m 7 55 a in I
9j.iam 5 47 1"" 9 35 P m I..
I o j.) a in 70JP m 1037 pm
J I ,V l '" 7 3S I' "I 1 1 03 p in 10 15 a m
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J 03 a 11. f 1 of y hi' -.v. . ..
sam I IJ a in Oakdale .
8 jjvmi o top m Ar'v. t'haltauooija ,
y ion in 7 nop in L've.
I eo fi m 9 40 p m Ar'v Altalla . ..
43 p in 11 43 p m l.'vt .. llirminKh.im.
O 15 p in I Ja m .. ....Tiiscalnis.i. .,
. . it .. iii a it n 111 Ar'v ... .Meridian ....
IJob I. ink )
2:31 1-4,
: Weilioml. :ia! Villus. 1 .in' lid iSulhot
1111 (IJtlgliluM lnvr pruiluccil l in Uic
per inunth. J. I". CIU1W,
MMnney, K
Wall Paper,
illmd'S tin-shortest. It hiur iulcl.est li'tuein
Cincinnati and New Orleans.
Kniire I'rains Idin Thrmish Wit'i'.ui Change. '
rilKnll.ll fR )l KVICr'.
S nth III. iiml. I r.. in o i Mann llnudnir
sct,Mtr Cars, Cincinnati to New llrlea'ns
Himlnuli.im tu and Mann llinul'iir iiml
I'u luiau llnffcl Sleepers, Clnrniniiti to Jacksonville
Irani i. s M.i 'll llniiilulr Slet'pln!
I irs ( nn In New Orleans iiml" Louisville
t Ctt.itt.mooiia and Mann and Cullman Sleepers
C in milium Jacksonville.
ConitciiH'd Schedule ill Kffect January o, iSEq
ItlfwVli UP.
T R XT N sIjTIk Yll
No. 6. . No. 4. 1 No. 8.
No. 1.
Ilaily. Daily
....CinciTiiiali.".... A'rv 6 40 a in
,Villiamtown...l.'ve J 13 am
..(Seorifetiiwii 4 10 11 in
o 41 pin 10 ij a in 600 p in
1 8 30 a m' 4 11 i in
7 14 a ih. a oS n in
3 48 am, 4 15 pm 700am i 40 p 111
m ., ...
am 1 ; i 111
..,.. ,..7.II. ,...v. .. , ijSani . 5,(onni 110pm
. 1 t a m' ? 33 a 111 5 30 a 111 1 n p iu
1 05 a in 1 15 p m , H
933 pin 11 3ii 111 , 7 3 m
,.1,'vei 010 pm 7 33 a in . 4 au a m
.Ar'v, 5 4SP 7 m
1 IS P m -I 47
'11 JS pm 100pm ,
8 41 a m I oj a 111
.l.'ve1 1 15 a m luoip in
Orlenn ..l.'ve 90pni 3 35 i m
Meridia Ar'v Jl'ipm
lackso ,.irr ! "
Vicksh.irg, ,.. .,M ... 4"pm
Monroe .
.... A -v. 11 m ...
i ion in 11 "on "" Ar'v. .New
s 111 11 in l.'ve. ...
000.1 m I. ve. .. .
.-.. 1 ) 5; am l.'ve..,.
I o pm l.'ve
8 is Ii in Ar'v...ShrcvepnrlJ
KIIAN'K WOOL 1. 1 lr I' s 1 i ii.tcn, Kv
JOHN t.liM Manager H KIW Mills t.e. lo.. mid 1 1.1 ,
(m mn ill, Ohm.

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