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at Ia'xIiihIoii.
Mil. tJiauimi W. .lositK and wifu, of
I'lano, Texas, tire isitlmj relatives In the
MclCinney neinhborhood.
Mim Ida ItiJMiijt, of tho Daughters.
faculty, is Mtliin her old law
liiiitf, Mrs. W". M. DrlKhU
Mil. LiitHim I'kmmi, wife, ami child, of
Uiiuoliipiiiuty, are visiting fHfitiUliertf.
Hiirrodsbiir Deinocrat
Mas. J M Mi Itoiurrrs, of Slanfonl,
ijnidu lUtl at the N.itioiul
Ma. ItirrriB Mi Kinm: is back from
Ihinodrdmiv. where she went to m her
ilntiphtur, Ml Mary, wbolnel.onqtilto
Ma. Jm Hi.wkknsiiii', who lias
ble to chow Hoods.
Tut lnt three cnuiuilwiniu'iH of poll
sinus have all been touch crippled sob
diiTH. Dudley bad only olio leir, Hfii.
Illack whs wouinled in nearly eveiy portion
of hit IhmIv ami Corporul Tniiuei
will ttttlU into the olllce on a rouple of
wooden lfus.
Thhi'i;ii.nck people have a tioat in
store for them next Thursdaj nlht. Mr.
bus been In our cil c few dnjs IhltitiK l.uthfr Benson has tho reputation of be-
ftilativex Ijiiniister News. j,,,, (u tlncht orator in that lino in
Mas lb:is Nruts and Mrx 11. It. j .ineriaa. The will doubt-Caldwell
bM' returned from a visit to ,.H H. (rod.'d to boar him.
'1. T. Helm at .Itiiirtion City. I 41 rt,,.; lecture to coiumence at 7 ."0.
Wiu. Ukaii. and Will Ilurtoii, of -.
tro tdln:t'. Danville, spent Satunlayj As Mr A K. an-l wife were
and Sunday with their home folk hen-, returning frwm cliiireb Sunday the
I. Ibiw.Mio Kim'MH, of Itovle, h' they were driin hepm to kick when
lirulliMi of .ludf Charles KtiMou, Iws' uuins down the louu' bill just beond
Mrs l'.ixliursand tlieocciiniiiLs would
beon livlnif In Missouii for the last ten n.n and men hero could hint seen the
yours, ir hn' vlsitinj: his fatlier ami ,.,itr f tltin paper uuillotitied beiituse
er roktlvea. I lie dared quastion the sincerity ami
Mns. Wm. Wn.sii iinddaushtDrs. Miss-' unri, 0f j)K. ,.x .Imnes A. Muiiday.
tw Mmid, Muitttit who spent wjlo lM,. amoiitf us uiiunnnouuctil and
toe winter In l'ittsbiuv, la.. rtl(,,r"l't' uninvited. His htibseipient acts here
hmio Salurday. slmwed that, as usual, we neiei make a
Miss Tn Lit: II i.i, of Winchester, who; uiitnkt In our estimate of a man, and
harihvcu litiii(! her iiiiIii, Mrs. .1. I'.imm comes the information from
left Satiinlay forittvuploof w eks , ,OH t 'p,.,,,,., that he has been expelled
witli fiiends in Wayne canity. j ( ,, pi,.tortto of a larce church, of
Du. II Kls Biiown', of Hutoiiille, ( u,,., . m,l .n.uiditiw heciiiu' paitor.
came down yesterday inorninc In or ,, IIITIIIIII( ( .lniiikenue's and other
derto be in time to attend the uihistiel . immorllti,w.
i.li,iu llu itliln't liI tiMilisl this time.
and immediate count ctious who havu
met violent dcatliH by iit'ciilciitH within
the last 8 veari.
i:,.. ti,i'..i,.uiJ,hMi fur n. i A iiievTtii from t'incinnati. Friday. ! .luck Turner.
covcitsl from his late to ko with 3 tbat.lame. .Cr.K.ke.a w..dthy coal
his wife vesterd.iv ou i isit tb.di I merchant l Alt.iinoiit, Ky., is dyiiik' at
ihumliter. Mrs. .1 (J Intl.. at Bil- hi roo... at the I'ala... Hotel from
. ! ries inlliited on himself early that
the rest he thinks can 1)0 easilj
raised liv tirivate subscriptions. It is
Pll I llill in ill y IllKHl iflf"liii lino " . ... ,m .. i
,' ih to nshjn on .rni ci laMi i'nmki.ihl iim iiihi. whs h ' vestorditv, . .Indue T. Z. .Morrow am ved
' "" ' ' "
.... ... ...i ii i Sinn n nlteiiiniiii mill niter listen in; o
healtli. and bits returns to lis home at very popinar aim K...... .,,. .
' .,,,., ,,
," , ., , , .,. x. . ,u nood sci moil that iiitiht bv lr. Iaiiiis
HustoiiMlle to build .News. Mr. .1. M. Hail old
NlBriMliaBl, to,,,,. ttIH ,.,.,. .,,,.,,,,1 ,.VI, ,
Wi i.ret to lean, from the Soiiiunut ., SoVl.mn,c a lot oil the ..Id I'm, Km- ,,,,,, , j,w , llN fl.,mv mrlaU
H,it.ithnt Dr.. I. M. leik.ns
mw K,ly Utt c10(M l(l it was ,,, ,rm (.,lNtilU) 1IS vu.j ,ls ., i,Vil
tion is yet .piite sei.ousan.l .is oUii, W1y ,, ,.orlI.ilm, v.11in, .,f ,,,,,. V..n.ptlv at S..-, vesteid.n
,s doubtful lit is a broll.ir of .Mrs. , i,(. , . lliwll iriiv,..i (r ..n al- bell sounded and the bus,-
t rale; i.un. oi tins ctiuiu. nun "i
the best men in I'ulaski.
Tin: dcei.Mtiou from liichmoml to alien
I the lute iliaiuunil OiMelllollle.s
Wallace I) Varumi, oleik of
McCreiiry's loreii!n Allah- Con-mitt-e,
oil' o! the most s.urteUs
an 1 polite in Washington
Ho showed th.'iii th" slyhis about the
t'apitd an I seemed to know all th-
.-hi. T. It Walton's adv. of seoiU,
l.w ji t capes id Owsley iV
. t hi
Wm.i I'M'I.ii. wall paper at It. I.
Weareii's In now styles from
est to the bik'hest.
As impromptu bopat the Opera llouo
I'llday ninbt asenjoed by JO yoiilia
couples, who letiiin heaity tlianks to
Mis .1. K. I'oitmaii for
Cit Owiiur tomy jiicieiiso
nl tnidelliis spiilii! I have onpiyrod a
cit Dimmer who will bo hero Apiil 1st.
('.ill at my htoioandsto tho now hals
nhhoiis and follaue. Tbankim: my
is for past p.itionau'e I solicit miiiio.
Kate Dudderar.
Ie tbioimh a jioition of it, winch ness of tho spiiuu teim of the Cinuit
stroyeil its value in a a real extent to Mr. , (jIIIt Tan. After the follow im: mam)
' Sevenince and It was uiutiially ameed to j(ir u,,n, rtorn in the juduedeliv. led
declaio the trade oil. Mr. Hail tlin i tin rliurvv in im iinpr.,r.iv tiiuiititr timl
proposed to tho council that ho unubt 1 1,, Hu,. uiii:itin:t tlmt tho oft told tale
s,. them an additional LS feet ritiiniii: ( tok tit a decided appearance of
JMI feet for r'.'.Vl to make a street 0 feet msSi The ell'ect of his charm's aio al-wide
and his lias been accepted. wys beiiellcial to the he.iieis and wo
Woi k will bed li at once. This is tho I u, that ho shall not in the futuio
same htioitt it i proposed to extend into j ,t.cpue tho duty:
the pike mentioned elsewhere. It will iiiumi Ji :.
' open up a iiiimliei of splendid buildiiiL'i S. ii. Hocker, M. O. Vandovecr, Nun
lotsandadil to the beauty and i.o of Helm, II. T. Bush, Adam l'etioy, H.uiy
,u. town. Dunn, .1. M. Wray, T. Mc. Holmes, -
i ired A. Bastin,.Iosiah Bishop, II. W Itu ,
NKH N" " '""l N,w ,,i,:' T. M. White, .1. S. Bledsoe, S. (. Dive,
e: I ash every time: trciu never: mir
I'.imls aio d.ulv iHiuiiiiL' in and mil
piicesaie tho lowed. Our buyer has
spent time in selectiiu this stock aim
buvinu in laio.piuutities ami cash down
enables us to :he you jroods at prices
von have never befoie beai.l of. Only
luiuishiiiu' tlio'ouo tnal ami you win see wiiiu ine hi-'mighty
dollar will do. You can uet
I .......... .....I ....Ii'.... f..r .im. .l.dl.ir t It tl tl
1IIOII' nilnill .him i .iii ..., ....v-
at any other h'iuo in town. Kvatniue
our canned piods and uet prices. The
liest Hviuii vou will sity so wlion you
liavo tried it. l'ancy
In Met you can act overythinj:
lielonnim? in our lino of business. Wo
will pay you tho market piice
.t)HM basapp.opiiatcdso.n.) of for ors, butter, laid and bacon. ou
the iute.nal will llnd .Is in the I'oi.u.an stoioioom
plus in bcau.ifyin,:
, ......Jmont of the Lincoln National lately vacated by -. I. I'ow.uh it Co.
Wo cordially invito the public to
the handsomest as
I ,k which now hag ... ...
" .k ...1 l.l.l l.ll.lild llllfllll llltlla
will as tho most convenient Iisiiikiiii:
house in this wcthill.
iue tiur tfood and
in.', .loiies lb--
1 1 piices buy-
A. B. McKinnoy, .1. W. (,'aisoii Mr.
Iitish, a dcmociat, was made foiviuan.
tiik I'Kiir ii'iiv
isasfollowK .1.11. Butt, .1. S. (ioixlo,
.1. W.Salleo, I-:. T. IVuco, W. P. While,
Ooorue DoBoid, (J. 0. Bishop, William
tlve Htrcet parade in which their f.imoiiH
Kohl band added further to tho bin reputation
it ban with our mimic lovern. Tho
propped for a full bonne wait flatte rill! at
tho hour we went to prcHH.
(7 An ah lit minded gentleman hcikIhiis
a call on a democrat whom he dfM'rihctt
an in every way worthy to represent uh
in tho legislature, but fails to name him.
Wbi'ti tliexe picxi uts nball come to his
oyo wo miKu'cHl that l.o supply tho do-
, .. , ..' Ilcionoy if he would liavo tho call work
of tho family ., . ,
un uojuci. ,
Tiimtr.arc time llims of
. - z
tones Itrox.
wlio K''t tie it niail at this postollice ant)
it is for the nostmastcr to tell
Jmkn FiiAZini, the man who killed., ..i:,,, ,,,... to
Carti'r, has none nivhii! cra.y al Motu.K Bros." helonH. Toaxoidp'ttintr
hasbeen in jail, lie ui 1ix. ,, , w.H,,l mijfirest that they
he ftk'O. Ids ictlm n.iiMiuitly before him. a (, K,oc,.r" to the firm juxt pine into
Thiwf who believe that uutrthlri are pun- j ,uMiiens, faruieis" to tho ontcrprihiiie.
Ishpd both here and hereafter for mit-J ymU)i lt. Kntl Lick and "tolored"
dtifdri may find wliatever of tf) lUv ,lr ,UtlU). mmM j,,
of their theory in this that they ! xl,i
like. I.atkiu lleports ychterday made
tho eae unthiiii: more nor Ics than the
jini jams.
AvoTiiKit W. II. Miller,
tho Kr'iit intermit improemeut advocate,
has a new scheme which seems
both fcicdblc. and adviintiiL.'eous. The
tHiiincil will open a street from Mrc.
Myers' comer to the cieck and the prop-
! liev. .I.S Hitler, an Ohio Methodist1
I revivalist, lias just a revival at,
Ctittaiioopi with over -4(.() confession1'.
I Sixty were d Sunday niejit. I
W. tv 1 ins and jewelry repaired and
warranted. A. It. Penny
I.tMiiurrifs (iarden seed, new crop.
osition is fi extend the road over the j just receixt d at McIJobeits StajrjrV.
bill anil on to the Crab Orcliard pikej l.vsjiiiKrn's (ianleii Seeds fresh and
striking it about Needinore. This would' ueiitiinc. 111 Imlk or package, at A. It.
do a way with the present danp'rous, """J"
route .v Itowland, for those who have! T..K best place to buy drus patent
.', ... .. . medicineH and toilet articles i, nt A. it.
scury IniHiH, l-s ivduoinj; tho tits- ivnny'H.
tauce eonsidembly. The proposed road is Ml. y,)Ilr M.1(l() iJooks.'ilik, tablets.
about li miles and it will cost about $1,-' paper, leucils and school supplies of all
(WO mjrmde mid MoAdami7e it. Tliere kinds from A. It. 1'eiiny.
is an ouablinir act which allows tho
count v court to subscribe $MV) a mile
. h. .. .. ... 1 . t .
l..iv.. been hint bad not ""U ?i,ihm to iirmp' Mipin s itcck.
It bei'ii for the timely avtunco render- Miller will ask the court to make
of negroes subscriptions and the town to subscribe
ml by a couple io were near
by. The Imiu'l'.v was IhuIIv torn up.
A ritw vfurs aim some nver itdoiis w o-
I Ins well knout) mult i k w II n aU the prt
. ii .. ijn !k t n . t .hi. . tt. .nil. fr.mi St.if.ir.l .ill
proposed should these arratiiroiuonts lie the lliii'm.lie pike, at
om.cted,tohasetho pike open to the gg tQ ,nsuro a' Living Colt.
publ'c by oarlym the fall.
A Ti:iutoit in Hoc "(ion.", (ieorte
Sowders, tiie ncoLMiied Icintr of the most
desperate and powerful of tho many law
less pniirs in the mountains, was , "
ed by a sipiad of ollicerH near Cumber- NU-N
land (Sap last week and taken to the Sired by Nrhb, jjm, the lre
I'incullc jail, where he
nilit and day to prevent I
his friends, till Sunday, IVllOII llO WHS
brought hero for wfe keeping. I.'ii.lit
was guarded dim b r'auc Ho on of l.exin;lii
lis releilso by ' Second dam a line addle mare briMight fr
Canadi a ,renl p rmium in ire a vld for i(
NuxlvaUar lia roll, foakd April 16, tSe6;
I""' JiictieshUli. bis muie and lail.ood he.
in. k and h uliltr. nurlMik and quartero. a
murders are ehaiyed to him, but tho one ;. " ," ' "e ".' ,he ';" '
ik and
ha klk.
, I t.iltMii Amciiia, r. i.tiiler,
he was arrested on was for the killing of and .ai. ho a minute irau m hariico
Ie was the head of the' ,"',,.. ,,,, m.ir..al .i...i m.ceol
Monroe faction ami .loll Henderson of!
"" U Insure.
the Turner fuction, whose lo..K .,.l'
bliMnlv feud has reddened the record of Marr iii k-pt n rat per .ti m. ti
, , ' .1 . ,! . ' at uwnvtM r..k, out all iare lakrn t pietmla
l.iwIesMiess in their section, lhe two ldtllU
t . . . . ..I . J 1 II . .. . !.... . . . I. .11 I tlili (Hi. .- a III
... . ,.. 1 i! 1 !..,.. Huirniiiif Ills rclical'Hiailc III llslO lillll 1 uurr mm inivv miss tlimr time ociiceln Iv laruiiK " """.""l". .".' "."'"
Mils n. r. I 1iin1n1 .wiw mi -. 1 - 1 . reM,j,i All) inliirnatlmi iimne jinniim)
weie ctlleil l .111 jrsonvllk SilU lav to Ills lir.illis otli nsaiusi me iiiioiiiire 10 Hi our jail, umillllli; till) Hint) WII0II till' I hiwu 4 n-l '"'! 1 i. 011 j.wi"M"
attend the funeral of()str I'rewitl. a ' his nrm. II' also attempted to dniK'i lenient courts will turn tliein loose to re ' "r, m'ir''" "- '" t,i''''tx ,' LK y
i..i i mi 1.1,. iinJii hi i his wife with hint, cvelaiminn: "Wi'Imiiiic their s.iniMiinaiy strife. Alvis '
the L'.illee fiicullv. ' w ill lie toetlier. ' No less than seven Turner, a miii of .lack Turner, himself
Mu. W. M. Wu.ii. who lias be. n of the skull were mnde in his nndoi bail of $7,(XW for uiiirder, and who
.lerkinufoi ipiitea while nt tlicTrlhble'dof.perrtto atteinjit. tho marble l.iid in jail bete a year, came down with
House, .Inaction C'ilv, will ' piece belnu broken into frmtliiiMit. His j the pos,e that luoiiyht Sowders, thou.di
t.il'iiiiinmitl to takeas,urM'in wifetscnpisl injury, but i- prostrated j not 11 a iuard, reniarkiiiu' on liisat.il
iness in that ell. ' with ailnf. Ttie caue of Ikm hiislund's 1 that be didn't intend that that there
Mils D M. Amikiisiis, ( lianitrd. n net ts tii" i iii'Mhhi 'icpns,,,,, orouunt sliouni is-any "siienanir.in in tne nus
stsH i.tl fneinl if this paper, hole on by . It will be in,.Wsaml that Sowdei, had to bo dehv
.Niturdav to see alter bfr suit nuMinl n beretl thai Ml. t'roike once uw ned the trod to Jailer Owens alivo if he beliaved
..uiplooi her tmiaiits in this enmity, ' ii'enwHi.i limn mio in s,mre ! i illtllM. or dead if ho didn't.
their dues. s,u,. ,u.iomito.i to nan a minion,
who would not pay j
Mir. soi KuNMtiir, tho i and 111N "1 ,.si in s..m
i i.. ..!..i.. ......M.i.. i.au i..-.. mliiKxIn the West. Ib'isn brother of
CnitriT order to be in
i ample time for the openinu' of his court
St w
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tfl M P
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W ro
It ) l A ,
Oooch, .1. M. Collcy, Jesse .McOuHoy, .1. LEXINGTON, -T.
Ilackloy; .I.T. Hairis, II. I..Cuniiiiins,
.1. W. Bout, W. 1'. (iiiuies, Beeco Wind,
.lerry Biiscoe, D. MeKitrick, O I. I'm-ter,
li. W. Hums, .liilin Tiiinbull, I! I.,
The )") cases on the day's docket weie
called. A number were liled away, some
dismissed and otheis continued. .lohn
I). Ham forsellini; whisky was acquit tt d
ami so was Sam Acton on 'the same
chaise; David Milbinn, for eauyiiif:
weapons, also was tried amine-quitted.
lliooniy visiioiK i.iwvei.s wo noticui
rf 1.
- KY.
Oulr CJnntliio HTsCem fMrumry Trlnln.
Four llaalii I.rmrnoil In one rendln.
niliut wumlrrln curcil.
Y.vrry rhlld unit mlnlt urenlly brnrflttrd.
lrt lnJuvmeuts to OorriponJnce Cluir.
with opinion of Ir.,Wiu. A. ,
th world fsinl 8pMlllt In Mm.t 1imsi.
yesterday wehs.lu.lp.llieuiuHa.i.l F..n- 'rWVrferC
taine F. Bobbitt, of ('rab (liehaid, and, lion. i w.Asi..r,Juitt.Jibson,
Win. Herndon, of l.incaster. , H&a.ffi&m1,vm&.., V.
- t r jf.
iiBiuft 4.a"fXvwiiQriiiyv"
Semi-Weekly Interior Journal c.:," -.
Stankoiiii, Ky..
Ouamikm, bananas mid loinotm nice
Mauoii 2(5 1881) and frcMi at S. S. Mycrri'.
K.o. walton, uuh. Mnnucor
Miss Mamii: IIkx.i.k ImvihUIiijt 'riiMitlM
in liuisvillo.
Mil. It. I OWM.KY, of 1.0Xill".t)ll, lH
VldltillK tt'llltlVCH IllTO.
liromiK lli'iiniv, of l'Jttiluri. wus
IllTO to St'0 Ills flltlUT last WlCk.
Miss HhmsIK Kmii KM.N, of UiVolIrt'
Million, in visiting MIm biv.lo Hriht.
Mikm Mattii: Ituow.N, of Lancaster, Is
visiting her sister, Mis. Jou. II. Hruoo.
II. Oisovkii CtMiiiA.v, of "Hprinjjllold,
Mn., is iiiiiiKliiik' v i 1 1 1 his old friends
Mhiis. T. A. Ibcriand iv C. Walton
wont to Knowille, TiMin., Saturday
Mux II. M. lUi.i.ot', of taurnstor, Is
visiting bur parents, Mr. and Mrs. 15. W.
III Ki" Di'iniKiiiitmilil to II. U.
an tore lot at Rowland
I iMMKit keeps ulutiyri nu hand tin1 befit
j Htni'l; of fruits anil ooiifoetloiiH In town.
, I.A.MiitKni, I'crry Co.'h ami Crocs-i
man's (ianli'ii i'ciIh at A. A. WaironV
"Model tiroeory."
Tin: most oLuit lino of spring millinery
over brought to Stanford just received
at t'tmrtMiViCox's.
i i i ii i
M customers, t it lior cash or cretllt,
needn't p elsewhere for goods, an I will
M'll as low as any one. T. I!. Walton.
A inu...Mi. M. S. Caughnian has a
baby at his house several days old, but
at it is a girl and the third girl at thut,
he has been Irving to keep it ipiiet.
('11 to Hilton's, .liuiution City, for the
best assortment of dry goods ami notions
boss good, and trimmings to uiutcli a
Miw.Dk. I. V. Hitkhan and Minrtl ftpccliilty. Spring goods arriving daily.
Dolllo Williams have been vlsltiniifrlciids! Cheapest wall tmpor on eartn. No
Mn.lt. K. IlwtnoW links u to BUitu I .John H. Ciiaiii AHon, with
tliat ordi'rly persons ran fish in his pond i k,,r & jr0wn tho largest clothing
from now till April '.'Oth. I lishmciit in the world, have on sale 1,000
Linir.s are cordially invited to
ine tho elegant stock of new millinery
just received at. Courts oi Cox's.
Ma. M. V. Ki.kin" is raising n
and it incoling with inueli success
to send Tom Hughes to Hot Springs,
lie Ih nearly bent double with the, rlieif
imitiHiii ami being unable to pay IiIhow n
way, the ehaiitable with tins ability to
do ho ought to aid him.
Kn.i.hii. (icorgc I'ayno, a citizen of
Itookoastle, iniiiiu at Altamont, was run
over and killed, Fnday motning, by the
ongine of tliu Altamont ( al Company,
while riiiiiiL'out the line to the inlmw.
Thit !h the lIUli member
foreign and American stuns for men s i
sirijs and trousers made to order
(Soitro.N'H N w OrleaiiH Minstrels were
on time yesterday and gave an nttrae
IKeglsterciliis Hob I.lnl
TRIAL, 2:31 1-4,
Sired li the grat tlchnont lr of Nut oit l"iSy4 , Wcitawood, a. is; Viling, to1, anil iSotlitrn
In llic J jo Int. lilt jimi havoircil suln the t 3jlit llu tl.iiii:hU'rt hjvc ptoiJMCcil 14 in the 1 jo
Klrtt Dam, lltttiv Kinkeail, hv Contractor, lo, the ire of Dr. West JM7jf. SeconJ lam, full m
ter In D Menroe, 1 'lit ly Jim Xlonroe 8js, the ue of I ady .Monroe. 16K; .Monroe C airf j 18
Kittle Halt, :i; and 9 oihiri 111 the 1 jo Iim 'third dam ly Duva I' .Membrlnn I'curih dam r
'1 hornuKlilircd.
Ilclmoiit Chitf 1 nluy and weigh 1,100 potini, raled In )SS8, bred by J. I.. Coper, MUar, h
llelinoiit Chief i" npticarance i very much like hi Jire .1 mile at DeCnttir, Ml li , m iH
in i:ii)f. ConldirniKthf Lonieiitrutinti of peed y blood, bio. ntylf, thapeand trottlnc an 1 I ha
the utniot cnnfidenic in the result to be obt uneil by bu cling to him. II 1 first coll wilt '1 deel
oped fur tpced, thut making an early ihowms of hit excellent qualities anil brinu hi cf It- 11 1 pr' n ,
llelmont Cheif will innke theseauinof 1B89 at iny stable in McKinnry,
With the usual return privilege or $60 TO INSURE A LIVIN3 COLT
.Mare kept on jtod p iture at owner rink at per month. J. P CROW,
t"tf .McKlflilcy, K
Youths' and Mens'.
Bruce & McRoberts.
Wall Paper,
Wall Paper,
Wall Paper,
mauk paidPo
Will keep constantly cnihand a large and select line of Furniture
and Undertaker's Goods. My prices will be as low as such goods
can be bought in the cities. Give me a trial and you will be convinced
that I sell lower than the lowest.
.o. i i No. 5 . No.
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k'lB ivl
iml tlie sh irtot , it hours ipn Lot b'twicn
Ciiioimiali and New Orleans.
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Itirinliufi en to sinndiort unil Mann IWnulmr ami
I'u 1 1 un Mullet sleeper, Cinciiinnti lo JucUnn
I nun V. s. M.i" ii llmntnir lltifful Sjlecptni;
I ir I iif iiin.iti to New Orlemi' unil IinisM!'.
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tin in i i i t Jcickiouwlle.
Ciindeiiietl Sihviljili. in I'ifect JmiHr) vo, Ill9
No 6 No. 4
" 7' I ,',UJ- STATIONS. No.1
11. , 1.. ii.-. si. n 1 n.iiu. 1
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V5ism 47 I'm 9JS1iii."
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use, pin 8 ?g pin la 16 .1 in . . llaiiMile.
1 i pin u 10pm 1 a 30.1 in 11 45 Junction City
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111 pin
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j J5 n m j 15 am Oilcilile.
8 if .1 in 0 40 m Ar'v. C h.iltaiumi:.! .
9 mi .1 in 7 00 )) m' l.'ve. Cli.itnnw'Su.
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3 4) p 111 11 45 p ni t.'t . Illmiiunain,
( 13 pin 130am . .. Tiiunlixisa.,
11 3J pin 4 45 .tin Ar'v .Meridian ..
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9 to 11 m 1. e , j.h s"i.
II je.un l.'ie. Vlessliliru,
I 10 pin l.'vu Menrne .
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No. 8.
, '' ... .- .. ... An.. . ...
e .Cincinnati .. .rv oqan gvH''",n wv" ' "
.....r.e..rKt..i 4iu.i i 7i4an J3P
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7 J a m
I 00 a m
.t I i n.ion, K
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