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Semi-Weekly Interior Journal"-,
Dunn fi Kiubry bought f Onmvlllo
Lyon a muru (or Sl'A).
WnkcileUI & lto ho11 to wonm Lux-iii(:ton
purtlvH (1 muIum for S7.0.
Tho ineetltijiat tho Methodlm rhumb
which hun been In proisri'M for three
weokn, cloieil Sunday nijrht with about,
40 confessions and a ood ninny
tlons to tlio church.
Mrs. Archlo Itoblnson's olociititinury
entertainment at the Clemen l!one hist
Friday night was highly enjoyeil by n
good crowd. .Mi. It. will probably o
to Ualtimoru noon for n more thorough
development ol hur talent.
All tho tnlk now is
of tlio dillVirent whools. MIm
ltltchio will ao n musical entertainment
In tho cllr hall Monday night. The
exercise of Caldwell College will liu
in the Second rresbyterinn church
Tuesday night.
The lloylo County
Convention, which was held at Caldwidl
Church, was well attemled, considering
tho inclement weather. If the weathur
had been tkanint a largo crowd would
have been In attendance. Most every-tiling
on tho programme wax tilled and
there were, an uhundiiucu of good things
to eat.
If over there was a subject worn
threadbare by being (HhcuhhihI too much
it was tho weather last week. Such remarks
as these were being intidu by everybody;
"Did you everseo before mich
weathur for this tlmo of year?" "I'm
about to freeze." "Have you any fire 7"
"Did you knowit snowed to-day ?" "An
overcoat Is comfortable to-day," etc.
An election was hold hew Saturday
for tho purpose of electing trustees and n
city attorney. The old board of trustees
were re-elected. Tburo wore two candidates
for city attorney Speed S. Fry and
Itobert McKce. Tho raco did not pt
hot tilt lato in tho evening, when the
candidates were running close, together.
McKce's friends anno to his assistance-at
tho Inst and iledcd him by II votes.
A good many wero at the polls who
wanted to vote when they were closed.
HiriuiLK. Henry Cox sold IJowen Pennington
aomo corn for Sl.7o per barrel.
J. Bright was lectrd trustee of.our
school district. Kichnnl Withers and
Ferry Hudson in tho colored district
Primary election wns held hem Saturday
for electing delegate to tho general democratic
convention held at Stanford, I
Monday, June II. J. A. Hnmmonds wns
elected chairman, J. V. Swnpe,
C.eorwe P. ltright and L. O. Hubble
k .1
were .le.egntes to ui ... I
cinct'svotent the convention. As tioj
voiere were noi iiiiiiw "" .'m
lNfore the people, the delegates go nil-instructed
t cast their votes for the best
man ollVring lietora the convention.
Henry Cox lwught onu Jilly
from It. h. Hubble for 5100. The concert
und suppjr here wus n grand success, i
patronizetl by people from all localities i
In so umc.li that there was a large i i
There was good order observed
V- ii. i ... ., i
in evurv hverybody unjoyed
the exorcises and the 'sisters cleared a
net sum of S"0.
GUAKitixo tub Millions. Sub-Trum
nrer Itoberts, of Sew York, who lias the
custody of Sltfil,000,000 of thu Govern -
..w.MtV mmiiiv. InlK dtvis"d ndditloiinl
..IV.. .....V
safeguards for guarding the treasure, in all his dealings wltKJhTs fellow man,
Two men alone know the secret of the ho was, to uso tho expression of n neigh-lock
in the unit ono knowing one-half bor, as htnilght as a shingle and as hon-of
the-combination, tho other the sec ' est its the days are long. Ho leaves nn
nnd half. Theso men will be known to aged wife ami live children, nil of tho
their associates, but to avoid ( lutter grown, Thotfias 0. Ball, tlio Itow
tion in tluf ca-e of death, Mr. ltoherts i land iiierchaiit.buliig tho youngest,
has given another two tlio combinations. Undo Tommy leaves uirestato of about
The lutter two are not know n to their as.-, $15,000 after hnvhigdivided a good sum
fluciutcH, and are not even known to each ' with his children n fow yenrs ngo. Tho
other. Further, to guard against rumalns were interred Sunday at Go-imps,
the two men known to huvo the rIioii church iu thy presence of a very
combinations have written, in 8p irate largo crowd of his neighbors nnd friends,
seated envelopes, each ills half of thu se-' - .
cret.iuiilMr.ltoliL.rH put these The Gait House, of .on sv.lle, is sad
' to have i outside lire in
it with tin; escapes
in a big envelope, plastered
opes t Hotel li this country. I hoy
nnd looked
s wax fro... end to end, J
it in the safe. ThU is for his own "Hnply spiral iron staircases strong,
rviceaWo and safe, nnd at tho sumo
(It, iu case the holders of one undivided ,
half of tho secret should bu sick or die. 'tlmo quite ornamental, extending from
Mr. Unbolts would then break the great
. ..1 , .,f u',iv n'i . Mm . lii'T iiivilnt)u anil
i.lUllli u. ..r. .- n 1
for the Ilrst time know the secret iiim -
.. I
fie ' . - .
a f I 1.. f.ii...Ali Hn
TliecouiiesicHuiinu ' "
have been extended the Kentucy Press
Association, and tlio rate at tho hotel reduced
to $2 per day. Tor this the asso.
elation in Indebted to Col. 0. A. Park,
uencral pnsseiigcr agent of tho
& Nashville railroad, who hns been
untiring in his ellorts to make everything
connected with tlio meeting 11
complete success. When tho pres gang
' il ... fit ..II . 1 1 I InlM It'll It
m " "
him. Owensboro Messenger.
A discussion iw to the height of trees
in the forests ui Victoria, New South
Wales, bus elicited from Barou von
tho government botnnlst,
thnt ho saw one 25 feet tall.
You Cannot Afford
At thU seasou t)f the year to lie without a good re-liable
.llarrhoes t at.arn Intliu house, as cramps,
cJk.diarrhiHannds'it. Inflammation of the
nnd lowel in'crcd'.iigly dangerous if not
attended to at once One Wttlo of llefs'
oro Rood in casts of the
Hud than any ethsr midirino on earth. Wo
it, A U. IVnr.,, DrugBist
FurinvrM nil doin nothing; ovory
thtuif too wet,
M.Mra. llllfiflil lfitrrllla In. I- mill Slum
llfl IlLvliiH. nn.l wW...nn. tlui iruoiU of
Mi'Httrn. J. C. nml Georo M"
(Jrejin, of LoiiUvIIIl', lit aUo n KvHt of
tho Spring. Mr. J. 0. King has hml
the Springs grounds cleared up nml ov
eiylhingls lowlv.
On account of tho inclement
the picnic nt Dripping Springs Saturday)
Juiiii 1, wiih but slimly nttunded.
Tliu weatlier nlouu did it, as nil know Mr.
and Mrs. D. (J. Slaughter as the best
of the country, and Dripping
Springs a love of a spot for a picnic J.
Death has taken tho Mower from another
home. Miss Lena Vamleipool
pnwcd away last Fridav evening at the
ago of II, lovely and lovable. Tim ten
der pl.iutts transplanted in a higher and
better home. Shu connected herM'lf
with the Christinu church under thu
pre.icliln of Klder It. II. Fife, of Leba
non, who olliclnted at the funeral, which
was held nt the Christian church Satur
day iiftcuooii. How soon has thu
young christian been called to rent.
Dr. Armeudt arrived Saturday mid
is the giiiwt of Mr. J. T. Cliadwlek. Mr.
V. II. Pottus, the politu assistant at thu
depot, spout Sunday at his homu in
Prcachcrsville. Saturday, the day for
election of school trutces, win more
than onliiiarlly warm about thu
where nt some places there wero
factious nml strong opposition. Some of
thu school districts poled full votes. It
is not often thu case that there Is such a
contention for tlio olllco of school trustee,
but It may encourage n bettor Interest
in schools and redound to the good
of the community. Mr. J. F. Holdam
wns elected in thlsdistrict, Churliu Kedd,
Jr., and Y. F. Watson id District No. 7.
Ono trustee resigned necessluiting thu
election of two.
Mr. Smith Hryant, an aged citizen of
Iturnside, died biiddenly last week.
Mrs. Kdwurd Million, who was n
daughtorof Joseph Kennedy, died in
Garrard on the iSHh.
Ctipt. James A. Allen, of tho "Orphans'
Brigade," died nt Paris from the
ellectsof a wound received in tho battle
of Chickamauga.
Mrs. Collier, wife of section boss
David Collier, died at her homu near
Howlatid Thursday night of
turn. Her remains were interred in
liuilalo cemetery Friday.
I men .i Irttti lt.i tt 1 timifa 'Flifiitinu
tl ir,tl il iwiik iitu ut VI i.nio aiiwiutiD
ni limit,,(d ,lU ,wlS)Uunlay ,,,
He,,..,! f.o.n n liver and
..,. . ...i- ,,, , .i,.,, ,..,,., i
iiiivvii;ii u i iiikii ,-v-i.
giving away of the system was the cnuso
of his death. Iu his earlier years
Tommy," as hu was generally cnlled,
was a Methodist preacher, but in his latter
days he became skeptical nnd
(IoiilhI the pulpit and gave up many of ,
, ,..''.
thu religious views .I.,,, previous-
.... , . , . ,, i.l
y eiiieruiineu ana inugiu. 110 uneit iu
tell In hw nieiLsiired ami peculiar Une
thnt he nreached a w hole year tor 01:0
church mid all lie got was one pair of
uocks that a sister knitted for him. Tills
kind of treatment was enough to make
' a man skeptical, though he did not give
. that us n nMison.ffdiiH'cjiiingu of mind.
Hu was a man of muclutelligtMico nnd
,- Vj'T"
" - - -
'i'"w ;-
Diest woman or wiu youngest cmiu count
0i ..,, f , . K.irnli... l.1l.ttn l,w
v'j ,- ","'""' "'
means of such an 'escape." Two of
these stairways, ... built by thu Snoad Iron
Works, of Iiuisvilln. have been mir.
. .'......,
chased hv tlio uait iiousu uoinpany at a
i.iwt. nf .-s:.non.
A Ykau'sSsaki: ItKconii. Mr, J. Y.
Grillin, who lives nhout six miles from
town, killed iu thu summer of 18S7, 377
hiinkcs and iu tho summer of 1SSS i)S2.
Ho has been bitten twice by largo rattle-
Biiakes and says ho can euro tho blto any
time. Snakes nro doing bud business to
come In the way of this wholesale
lie is h 1 on minkes. Wilcox, Gu.,
Watch man.
Tho following remarkable instriimen
is the Inst will nnd testninent of Dolly
Jones, colored, of Jasper, I'la., and was
signed Soptomber 27, 1888: "Furdor I
want you to take them 2 cowh and my
biG l'ot mid 5 head of hoGs nnd keepe
them ns long na you live it is my Will for
you tohnvQtheni nn .in tlio i.,.ar vi. ,...
cos I must di nnd cant Uvoyoumiiet mete
mo in hevenn when dun wid wourld."
Precinct Meetings
Tin clmlnuan of tlio county commit
tec, T. I). Nuwhuitl, Hz S
meeting of the dumocrm:
,Stnn(ord votinK l.iet S'ntiinlnv
noon und A. G. Huirniaii, Jr., nrtcd as
secretary. On motion the chairman appointed
W. G. Welch, J. P. Bailey, J. W.
Alcorn, W. K. Varnon, 1). W.
W. L. Dawson nml S. S. Mvers a
commltthu to select a list of delegates to
the convuntion to bu held Juno lid to
nominate n candidate for thu legislature
nml they reported approving tho call for
delegated convention mid naming tho
following delegates: J. P. Balluy, I). W.
Vandeveer, L. L. Dawson, W. G. Welch,
W. Alcorn, It. L. Porter, A. K. Denny
Joseph Swopo, W. E. Vnrnon, James
Bia7.!ey nml A. 0. Uoblnson. It was
further resolved that thu delegates be instructed
to aid and unite witli the other
delegations in selecting n nominee, who
will best unite tho party und promote its
siicccm, nnd represent its time-honored
principles The report wns adopted and
the meeting ndjouriicd.
Jordon Peter Chandler presided over
tho Crab Orchard meeting with n great
deal of dignity und 1). B. Kdmiston at
tended to the clerical duties. Tho following
gentlemen were appointed delegates
and were sent iinlimtructed: J. E.
Carson, Dr J. F.Pettus, W. A. Carson, .!
P. Chandler and J. It. Pulley.
u. Walnut Flat John G. Lynn presided
nt the meeting and It. C. Bywaternnd
Hon. John S. Owsley wero appointed
delegates uninstrticted.
Dr. Hawkins Brown was chairman of
thu Hiistonvillu meeting and J. M. Cook
secretary. An utitnstriieted delegation
wns sent us follows: L. B. Adams, John
S. Goodc, J. K. Helm, J. F. Drye, J. P.
Killc nml J. B. McKinney.
Dr. Green Moore wns chairman of tho
Turnersvilte meeting and Kichnnl H.
Givens secretary. J. W. Given?, Dr.
Mooro nnd J. M. Carter, Jr., were appointed
delegates and instructed to vote
for It. C. Warren for representative.
Mr. J. M. Cnrter presided over the
Highland meeting and Henderson
Baugh was named as delepvte. See
Hubble report for Stanford, No. ".
Kingsvillu sunt that sterling democrat,
W. L. McCarty, to represent her.
It is repotted that L. F. Hubble is n
uindidate fur thu Statu Senate.
Tho B iccnlnureatu sermon delivered
by Ituv. II. O. Morrison Sunday was a
good one.
A. 1). Clark, U. S. marshal, is here
to remain n few days looking into tho
illicit salu of liquor. Whisky is nlmost
in plentiful ns wnter, us easy to get nnd
more generally sought after.
-It. Boyle, Win. Shugars 'and W. B.
Moss we iv elected trustees for common
school district No. '24, last Saturday. On
the samo day, with three now cnudidntcH
in tho Held, ono of them n negro; the old
. , . .
board of city fatl icre were re-elected.
.. ..;,
Hie ronotiuciug Itee" bv tho
rhetoric class at tho College Saturday
, ,. ,.,.... ,
night was exceedingly interesting. Tho
ilrst prize wns nwnrded to Miss Lillian
Ueitstir, of Missouri; the second to Miss
Allie Yciser, of Danville. After tho
the class was treated to n superb
supper by Mrs. Bourne, tho teacher.
Tho villainous wentlieroperated verv
much ugniust Bro. BarncB' second
ns it did against tlio first, there being
only about l'Jo present the Inst night.
The great preacher said lie regarded the
uttuiidance, under tho circumstances,
good, und was pleased with the receipts.
Tho lecture excelled any ever delivered
In the next wnr iirmies will huvo to
bu employed chielly in keeping out of
the range of each other's guns or thoy
will bo annihilated. In addition to tho
repeating rifles, Catling guns, dynamite
guns nnd thu like, the government has
been experimenting with n ". '". 'hmm, fever -ores,
tires HMin.es u minute, or 00 times P'd ,in"d'- cWT' .TiL ",
' tions and tiositivi'ly cutis pile, or no pay
in four minutes und 20 seconds. There
will bo no charge like that of Pickett's
men at Gettysburg against such weapons.
Philadelphia Ledger.
"This is tho seventh timo within two
hours that you have asked 1110 when thu
train left for Lansing," replied tho policeman
nt tho Third-street depot to a
young man with n satchel.
"Is it against thu lawV"
"No, but it's rather annoying to me."
"Well, if it annoys you, how do you
think I must feel about it? Tho faro
is $2.00, und I've got to think of some
way to get out there 011 $1.50."
Mother (severely) "Thnt dress
too low, Lilllo. I a.n surprised at
Lilliu (turning very red) "I hopo you
don't think it immodest, mamma. Helen
Alstrip's arc. even much lower."
Mother "But it is her fifth season and
your second. If you exhaust your resources
so soon what aro you going to do
nu.xt year?" New York Mercury.
Lives of good men all remind us that
il woennnotdo more, v.e can toll our
neighbors how Ganter h chickun chole a
curo roatoivd our chickens, that weio
Bick cmniKj, to Mfti t0 perfect henltil
ami that if it fulls your money Will bo'
refunded by Mcltoborta & Stugg. 2t
If You Want to Ppactiee Economy
Who offer vow the benefit of their remarkable advantages of buying and
selling, for cash, Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Hats,
Caps, Trunks, Carpets, c. We are
Determined Our Stock Shall Go,
Low Prices will do it. We offer this iveeh to the public what they have
been waiting for, some of our extraordinary Reductions and '
Of values: Ladies' Ribbed Vests at 20c, worth 30c; Lace Curtains, tape-bound,
at 75c a, pair, worth.fi 1.25; Men's Gauze Shirts at 20c, worth 80c;
Men's fancy BalbriQgan Underwear at $1 a Suit, worth $2; Men's Celluloid
Collars at 5c. worth 20c: Children's Lace Cans from, lOn nmnn.rds.
We promise Mew Goods every day and always the
Main St., Stanford.
Dos't kuow some good
men, boiiiu of tho best in the world, who
will "confound it," and even "dog-gone" '
it, nnd in New England even a deacon
has been known under a terrible strain,
to "condemn" it. But my friend, don't
do it. Don't swear. It is not an evidence
of -smartness or worldly wisdom.
Any fool can swear. And a good mnny
fools do it. Ah! if you can only gather
up nil the useless, uncalled for,
tive oatns tnnt nave moppcu uiong mu
pathway of my life, it would removo
.tumbling blocks from many inexperienced
feet, nnd my henrt would be lighter
bv a ton than it is to-day. But if you
are going to be u fool just because other
men have been. oh. iny son, what a
hopeless fool you will be. It. J.
Tho Lair family, in Morcer, are ie.il
giants. There are besides the father anil
mother seven children. Mr. Iiir's bight
! rt f.,.i o i...1w . li!d iftf.. cttimlu ft foot .
. " ' , . ' , ..
indies; OHO SOU, the tallest, Stitches thu
t..mr. meiiMir.. to 11 feet S inches: the
"I . . . ...
smallest son runs it up to (1 feet 5 inches.
The other members of the family stand
k two at n feet ni Inciies ,.,.i- iwosianiiai
0 feet II? inches, the Other ono
measures feet 7 inches full. These
measurements lire all taken 111 sock feet.
All are well proportioned. i
Tho Court of Appeals hns constiuet
the law in nn appealed case that a
tico of tho peace, police judge or any
er oillcer (except county jinlimi acting ns
... ..A..t:!w. ,Mipf iu mitifliiil tii '") fnr
each examlnini: trial presided nt by him, '
.. ..,.,. I,.- inniiv aneli tliere uiav bo !
in any ono day, but he is entitled t'o on-
ly Sl'for each dnv after the first nnd iiiiyCCTT
'- .. - ....1:..',. ci 1 '' '
110 -
.... 1 . .... t ... rl
The eleplinnt IS Kianiu: w u tutu
tlm lintliilo. It is predicted Hint 'M
years hence not a simile wild elephant
will he found on the globe.
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world for cuts, bruises,
ed. It is Binrantecd to Rive perfect satinaction,
or money refunded I'rlcc a$ cents er I ox.
For Hale by A. R. Penny, Stanford, Kv
Tho Vordlct Unanimous.
W. D. Suit, liruKSitl.lllppus, Ind., testifies: '1
can recommwd Electric Hitters as the very best
remedy. Every bottle soid has (jiven rebel In ev
ery case. Une man too six names aim ; mi
of llheumatUm of 10 years' standing." Abraham
Hare, druggist, l)elloillc, Ohio, affirms: "Tin; best
selling medicine I have ever handled in my ao
years' experience Is Electric Hitters." Thousands
of otbars have added their testimony, so that the
uerdict is unanimous that Electric Hitters do cure
all difeaseiof the I.ber, Kidnes or Wood. Only
half dollar a bottle at A. It. Penny's druj sure.
Is Consumption Incurable ?
Head the following: Mr, C 11. Morris, New.
ark, Ark., sajs: "Was down with Abscess of
the Lungs, andfriendsand phjslclans pronounced
1110 me nn Incurable consumptive. Ilegan taking
Dr. Kind's New Discover- tor Consumption,
am now on my third bottle and able tooeree the
work on my farm. It Is the finest medicine ever
made." Jesse Mlddlewnrt, Decatur, Ohio, suys1,
"Had It not been for Dr. King' New Dlscoicry
for Consumption I would have died of Lung
Troubles. Was given up by doctors. Am now
in the bust of health." Samplo bottles free at
A. H I'ennv' drutf, "tore.
Why Is It
That pooplo liuger along- always complaining
about that continual tiled leelnic Ono bottle of
Heggs' Wood Purifier and Illooil Maker will n-,'
tlrelytvmovfilhUieellng, give them a good appetite
a." rrgutsto digestion. A. 11. Poiiny, Druggist.
Come at once to the
Wel1 nrm. & Pump Adjusters,
Wll drilled to order nd J'umpt (urmihed ftt
factory price,. JO
Manufacturer, of Fine Saddles and Hnrrtejj, in
every ityle and finih known to the trade. Race
and Trotting Equipment! a specialty.
No. S3 Kit Alain Street, LEXINGTON', Ky.
MT. VffiRNOX, li. V.
Office next door to Whitehead's Drug Store.
Special attention given to diteases of children
Attention, Conl Burners.
t lcep on hand a No. t qiulitv of Jelhco. Lily
and Xnt Co.il in u.y yard, heave your orcieMa t
i.JS'S Mye' "ore audlheywlll be Attend-
Mjyiuinpiiy. J. IJ. IllUUIWh,
3 Starfcrd Ky.
1 have secured the services ot a competent Car.
- teVV'l.i0 CamsV"
Work entrusted to me will have my personal
oervision. All work guaranteed. Prices reason-
Enffineerinp; and Surveyinff in
" DranCHC3.
nave onenra an ten di'iKit nn Lnnrinipr sirfpt
'nd ill lull supply of
I'uro Laku let-
At ii Conts nor Pound.
In quantities over five pounds. Now is the tiinoto
make v!i;aCincnts fnr tho ic.isnn
u''KLEV & hampton.
All persons wishing a pleasant life and well
leased wife let them use 1'atent Hour made at
C tanford Holler Mills. Call for it at your grocery,
and if they have not got It on hand, urue
them to keep It, or get an order from them and
it at the Mill and 1 will guarantee n pleasant
and interesting Inmily.
o3 W. S. POTTS, Superintendent.
fill 4TH AVENUE,
n III! I
The Nobbiest ,& Most Stylish
Stock of
Evcrbroughtto the city of Louisville, now opep
including the world-renowned
And also my own importation or English Hat
and Cups, An elegant line ot Canes and Lyon's
Celebrated Umbrellas always ou hand, l'int
Gloves and other Furs, a specialty, Ordera out-side
of city solicited, perfect satisfaction guaraa
teed Dou'tUit toorJera NOIIHY HAT 31 ij
Lowest Prices.
URBANSKY, Propietor;
SALINGER, Manager.
91. F. Brinkley
Is a Candidate for Clerk of the Court of Appeals,
subject to the action of the Democratic party.
Elec.ion August, tSgo.
1? A DlVrii'DCJ Traders, Horsemen and
J?iiIXllJjiJL0. Stockmen ot the counties
ut Marion l.oyle, Lincoln, Garrard and Washington
will rind all the news relating to milters of in
terest to them In the
the leadini: paper !hoef ADVOCATE
Central Kentucky, issued 1 uosday and today of
each week, $i per year. Send 30 cents and try it
lor three month Address 11. G. Uoyle, Uusiness
Manager, Danville, Ky. 15
THIS preparation.without
S. 'jrma
K ''icuu Ion. Pim
ples, Sunburn and
Tan. A few applications will render the
most stubbornly red skin Eoft, smooth and
white. Viola Cream is not a paint or
powderto cover defect, but a remedy to care.
It is superior to all other preparations, and
is guaranteed to give satisfaction. At a
or mailed for 50 cents. Prepared by
Tor.rj)o, 01110.
For Salt nt McRoherts & Stage's, Stanford, Ky.
Are still In the buslncs ami ready to do any-thin?
in the Undortxkln line. We have a full
stoclc of Cakes nnd C.uUfi' of ll kinds and Robes
of every Our hearse, which is nearly
new can us obtained n short notice. Mr. J. II.
Green lias charge of cur business and will show
our (roods to any oitc needing utiylhlrg in our
mi-ill iicia Cii st bLJ J3 V 9.4
Cholera Cure !
Tr.TnL'.lV !v,&i.T , ?Ljimmm. f9r
- Ir'c
- - "arSi'iiSri
Thousands of dollars worth of
:hickcns die every year from Choi
ira. It is more fatal to chickens than
ill diseases combined. But the
JiScovery oi n reuieuy mat posiiivtlj
utts it has been made, and to be convinced
of its efficacy only requires a
trial. A 50-cents bottle is enough fo
one hundred chickens. It is guar,
anteed If, after uying two-thirds of
a bottle, the buyer is not thoroughly
r satisfied with it as a cure for Chicken
Cholera, return it to the undersigned
und votir money will be refunded.
For by sale McRoberts & Sues, Stanford
n i
a a
. ',."'
,;.-. -1 ii
ti") , J1' r'l
Jl V A .W,::- M '
yj''t ...
:;," r J ' 1. iWJ.
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