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Semi-Weekly Interior Journal
Nino hundred g ero enjoying
i.-i ...r ii... in I ni.l i.,i..i
l..u i...,...m u. ...v ..jrv .-.
when I scrawled my signature on tliu
,, . , ,, , ., ,,.
register. Tills took nearly every nwm ,
i... i i-.... i i... hut ...... t...i,
in the (c'ouh hostelry,
was an old friend and mowed mo away
beautifully. The building I a nearly
surrounded by water and tho landlord
claims Unit no land breo.ca come to
worry his guests, hut landlords are not
nil disciples of tho Father of his Country
In that he could not tell a He, and the
Hygeia man is not abovo suspicion since
lie charges $4 u day for rooms flouting t
on thu sen and $:i for thine landward.
Perhaps thy uxtr.t dollar Isforthemarino
view, H.ild to hu the tlnest In the world.
All kinds of craft are visible on the broad
expanse of water that greets you, from
.i... i -.. ..t ...... ... .1... .....f..t
Wiu iruwiillilT iw mi? ll
oyster sloop. itting on tho pisz'i, Ii,, ,, , , .. ... v
' ,;' . , ,. , . , , , of tho tireenbrier, Now and Kanawha recounted
IS of all knds in front ,
...iti .1
, , , . . . . . 1 1 '--! ri which open at each curve 11
nnd I could no donb have ',
tloll of 8llch Hc.,nm, Know
the number by looking in i every .1 red J
ton. Thonarborlsoneofthonuestou the most noted and attractive
tho Atlantic and many vessels make It .1
j , , , ,
point to lay up In It for rcp.drs before ' . .. . .. tn '
striklntr across tho ocean. There is id-
1 1 1 . !
ways one cr more in sigiu 1
and a visit to them is one of the liberties
...I. I I... il... ...s.tu ti l!tt..tt.i ilin
e. jojeu .,, ... " "
witness the novo s git of naval drills
' . . j..1
, us. of the nl
and tho wondrous agility 0
boy8,whorunupamu.storr.gg.ng IH -
the ease of a monkey. j
Tho Ilygeia has one big a. v ntaN
over other resorts in that there is never'
n dearth of beaux. The garrison at Fortress
Monroe has alsjut two young
to every private ami they prove 11
spring of joy to tho ladies,
who have n weakness for upauluts, brass
buttons ami goltl lace. If any mortals'
over did livo in clover up to their necks,
.1 ..II I Tl..,.. f..Ulc .
iikni yuu..K .f.u y ..v
swim in a sea of loveliness, while play-1
iug soldier at tho expense of I'ucle S.un,
...! -..ft t... I.n.in k. ...Itliivtit miir.irl Itil .. rllll' I
nut. Kia wa ..u..ulB ..wu -,..., ...,
of the hardships of army life, ri.ere is
an kuwi . eru iuv .... ...... . ..-,
iiishes an additional quota of beaux 'or
tliu ladies to iavisn ineir sweeincM upon.
If Kock Castle. Crab Orchard or
Dripping Springs could furnish such attractions
in the niasciilino line, they
would havo to tear down old buildings ,
and replace them with ones doubly as
commodious to tako care of the crowd of
fair creatures that would Hock to them,,
for girls are not unlike the Mahomet. If j
thu mountain would not come to him, hu '
went to tho mountain. '
If prohibition prevails here it fails as
usual to prohibit. Everybody drinks, '
including the la.lles, WHO sip mint JUItps
with thu ability of a vutor.ui, as tliey sit 1
on the beach playing cards with their
masculine friends. Several young la.lles,
MM to bo pride thorn-elves on
the number of drinks tiiey can put Willi-' eruiiy uie sunsmiie 01 ner na-in
their pretty corsages at one hitting I l"r''. It '" will be. keenly ami
they run away up yonder, too. , '""y felt by hunilreds of friends in this
Shocking, isn't it? Can't somis of our city."
prohibitionists bo induced to enter the
missionary field and coinu hero to save
these lost and ruined souls? Truly the
liarwst Is great and the laborers few
hero, while Lincoln . . has a supernbund 1 1
mice of raw material, anxious, I suppose,
to enter r,.i uvangel, which seeks the
rufurmation of lovely women.
I had the pleasurtj of looking over Vir- (
ginia's aggregation of distinguished men, .
gathered in convention to nominatu a ,
candidate for governor to Mtocceil lien. !
Leo. whov term oxnlres next Januaiy. '
n.i . ji 1....1.. e 1.
iney immij ui men, muni meeting at idisli uiancli was a success
nliko our Kentucky democrats, both in disease had already gotten its clutches 1 j ,t W UQ ttouhlit t0 rewnn, ijrotljer
appeanmce and in their lively maiuie r , upon her, but a year of li.rppineM passed FnMlk wtl fop ,,is bt.rvic08i A hUl:k
of doing things. They were exceedingly mu. tlien thu iIIsviim) liugan to rack
mm c,m0 tjirousi, lwrv a fow l!ay8 B0
at times, but always in good her body, and since then she had been
noisy ', bUUin; n book called the "Heady
of their pntient suirerer, awaiting tho biiiiihious
The unaninilty 1 0Ilvr for gi. After ho was gone with
tious show how thoroughly tho party Is to come to 11 better world, whero ,,j0llt $l0 it W1W foiul(i out tl0 book
united and how determined it U to pre-' wicked ccaso from troubling and tho ' K, bo ,)0U ,u nt nl, book htoro8 for 23
vent Mahono from again coming into
power in the State, to which end that
wily individual, backed by the. National
administration, is bending every nerve.
Thu fight is going to be a tenillc one,
with victory finally perched on tho dem
ocratic banner, but it will requlru eter
nl vl,.il,...,... mill unrein Mm' effort to '
tliu end. ni..v.,lniul nn v earrled tin
Statu by 1,500 nnd this has caused the
-...,,, l.i;..n 1, .j In nliM'ii Iier In tliu ilonbtftll
H-l"'""1 ' " I""- "- -
coiu.nn and lay thu flattering unction to
their souls that all that isneeded tobring '
her over to their side is the fat fried out
w,i .,,f..tnr...s. hidlcionslv
-- --"J - -"
distributed to blocks of live, on tho most
approved Dudley patent. Hut they reckon
without their host. Capt. P. W. Mc-Kinney
will not rido in Leo's saddlo to
ti . .... 1.1.. .... jli.tniam tlitl 1iA
:. r. J. ... : . . :;; , ,. ..nt .,,, . .
Will HH ."'- n 1
and in great honor. All glory to him
and Ids noble backers, who have set
their faces tho degredation of Ma-'
bono rule and consequent negro
acy '
White Sulphur Springs, the nio,t not- k
, ., . .i..i!..i.,i '
ed. as it is one 01 in ""'ni "u"K"i""i - ,
' . .1 it i. iu,,i,u iwi n.,. i ,i,
is now at me
sorts In un. United States, ...
iiiiiv of i s in id-summer glory, p tliougli , , it
full. I hat would
Is bv iu) means
.1.. ! rwin and ,1, ...,.,., not,
IIVlll.J ."" I -- , , 1
.1. sM..r .1 tiiini i t hut iuiiuiHr mro. .
-... 4, JfcCa lir(, fl ai,,ii roiiinow J of
JllU un. K"1-" "1W. ' . ..
thu most tllfttinuiiiBiied iiimuleH ... oi tiic
I'littntrv. who yea rlV ilock to tills great
Mecca.'which Ima hcn subitantlally im
proved slnco I saw It lust. I was
"1 nt G Rlwi to .popular
!mly from feontli Cttrnllnn th
, , ,,..... .1 1 ...
" " "" -" ",u,u ""' '"- "
rather undressed women tlian I could ,
. . .
hike In at one sitting Kvury one of t he
hundred or more were in decollete costumes
and as theygllded through j
figures of the dance, a perfect sea
of bare arms, bare shoulders and almost
bare bosoms arose and fell in billowy
luxuriance. In staid mid modest Stanford
tills exhibition of womanly charms
would have been positively outrageous.
Hero no one seemed to notice it, not
even the beaux, who came in such intimate
contact with the mass of tempting
feminine flesh, natural enough to make
tho babies cry.
Taking tho I F. V. at 7 a. m. in com
pany with a pleasant companion of thu
. .,
...inll.ir u'liirlliif, jliitftt
utx U'ii anin
", ... . .... - ...
oavs At noon we ran ucroM the Uig
?audy and into old Kentucky, glad to
,'ct back into thu confines of the State
tlwit has furnished me so pleasant a home
for .11... ,- ,,
1.) veara. lorsonie&O miles
tIl.,lwof t,,u,,rllJ,ltir laiIll ,,,,, bl
tj,8 ( lrau,riW(, ,, , , 1( ,
, alternating
? '
ii iuivuiii, iivii.i jinn iut;.ivi.u ii. in :h;ii
in luxuriant growth. It was like an entry
into the promised land to enjoy this
real cornucopia of beauty and abundance
and to realize that plenty and prosperity
promises to abide with Kentucky
now and henceforth. My visit was scarce
ly marred by a single unpleasant circum
stance and proved eiijovable from star
... ...... ,',....' ., ., .
to IliiNh, but he it over so humble, there
is no place like my old Kentucky home
tQ lWf aH , Ww bw1 t() bn(f k to It,
H,,k.,, ! ,,, al lloVlwk 01, . 10 , hours
0(U from the WhUe S, ,, Ilftcr H(.VL.r.
ll0ur,. ,av.OVor nl Lt.x!l,Kt0Il UIll, ; n car.
nage ride from Danville home.
Deputy Shcrill' Il.wum M. Moore, of
Mercer, died of typhoid fever.
Mrs. Lucinda ViinArsdale and Win.
Harlow llnixdale. tiled recently in tho
West Knd.
The Louisvillo Post says of Mrs. J.
11. rorrester, wnom ueaiinelieveiioi iier
siitlermgs: "Mie was a lovely woman of
niany excellent ipialitits of heart' ami
''" er me .... nut. necn a iung one
- it was lllle.l witli many
oWe and witeroiis deeds, involving sac-
nilc and .-elf denial Deloved by H
wlio knew her, and witli whom she
mth. joiiii iHttiiKoiixnp men i
morning of couumption, after an
of inotv thau 11 year. Mrs.
was Miiss Mary Ueorgo and was
known for her sweetness of character
. . 1 , 1 1 . 1
mm me tievouon suo nan always snown
her widowed mother. Shu was a duvout j
christian nnd had been n member of the ,
Baptist church sinco Iier early youth. At I
tliu time of hor marriaire to hurliiishaud,
who now has tho sympathy of all for his I
irruparome sue was an exceeuingiy
pretty and winsome young lady ami
tliiirii ivnu 1111 m'tili.ttfii flint tlmt .1r..iiit !
weary are at rest. Her remains were'
laid away iu liullalo Spring Cemetery 1
Wednesday morning, nftor funeral services I
by Kov. Geo. Hunt.
John .Manning, a notorious character
of Whitloy county, was arrested iu
i..i....i.: ..i.. 1 ...:.i. ....:.... -mi. ... m..i.
"'"nKi 'KV" 'i ih,iiiik
"" ienimiB.jii. .u.iuiiiiin nun 11 1
p.inion weru playing cards by tho river
when the young lady went down to cross
... , .,. , . IS..I....1 1.1. 1 .
" t no oru u accomp st.e.t ...s ues.g.is.
Ho ti.limtte.1 being guilty of the charge
"'.1 wn ta,kt;11 1" N ''r r tria
II ls lc1 tlll,t l,u wi" 'Ve the usual
en tsi tinii ...... tMi iiisjiiniMiir ... 1
nn... j .Pt.in"
-A trustee has been appointed to
inanagethoestateofltober Couscr, one
of tho wealthiest men in Fleming
... ... ... .
ty. He lias dissipated his cash account
y -o who.., i,e i.aa
becomo infatuated, iu blocks of So,000,
iL f..i,.i,V,i'
and his natural licirs hecame iriglitcued. 1
., .. , , ' . , . I
is of and
He over fed years ago ought to 1
havo had moro sense,
Thu last spiko making tho connection
of tho Louisvillo & Xashvfllu road
,.i .1 Y.. III -. 1 1 1 1. r.
Willi mo uiioxvuie, viituiieriaiui un 1 i
, , ... . . ., . . . ,,
Lou svlllo road, at Cumberland Gai), was
, , ,. , .. ,, ..., .
di von Sunday. - The uniie s :i,75U feet
long, 14 feet wide and J; feet from tho
top of tho ras to tho face of tliu arch.
MM... f!,.....,,,.,.. Ii..., ..-.1 1 . 1... I.'..,,.
ck' cuiiiposutl of ullit coniw '
U.Ia .....1 ..,.,. I.,......,. !.,, tn ..s... ir.1.
, , i..w 1...I1I.. i: now 11 firm tU It. M:limhnil X In 'rim
HnR.c eost will be $:B3,000. They guarantee
that tho t.ack will bo ready to I.vino
' here Sunday. Corn in tliis . ,, by
i wiintini? rain Gelviu 'P"i 1, aim nj i,,...,.....,, tne ,,..,,
"V1'"? . 's,w,n "7.. . 1 . nns of tl, ,,, . in .In. ... ia n
" "h "i- w ..iu..( w nuuiuuuuuu ui uun. unm umh muo.
lBr.Ll..Skl.l.k.l4 I ill"lll..lillk Att.A 4JI f. Vh. .ftftftl.t ..1.. il.t.. . li...i I..... i.i.l,.u,.l Iiia .tiflltt I
'"'"' ""'"KW" "" -, " '
enciimpment oi ouu wceK.
After a week's vacation, attending
tho teachers' institute1 at .Stanford, thu
teachers aro at their posts again feeling '
bettor. ,. j
Uio sick nro improving. Mr. John
Kdmiston is sitting up; Simon Gormley
growing stronger; Mr. J. A. Hailey feel-'
ing hoiiiu better.
Tramps aio plentiful about Crab Or-1
chard, living in clover on roasting ears j
and potatoes, of which there is a good j
crop of potatoes, I mean. The tramp
crop is never good.
Mr. J. K. Carson has been testing
thu producing capacity of some of his
flnu Jersey cows. One produced 18 lbs.
and loj ounces of butter in 7 days and a
year-old heifer produced 17 lbs. 13 ozs,
in same time.
.Mr. McLaughlin anil his two beautiful
daughters left the Springs for Now
Orleans Wednesday. Mrs. Urent and
family returned to Lexington Wednesday.
Mr. Owsley Kvans and family returned
to Danville Monthly. Although
several departures from both Crab Orchard
and Dripping Springs, as many or
more have arrived, keeping the numbers
up. Tho arrivals are mostly strangers
from afar. Hon. J. A. Craft has gone to
London for a day or two.
The Uincister ifc Crab Orchard turnpike
company comes out in self-defense.
They say tho bridge over Logans Creek
is perfectly safe for any loud that may go
over it. The span is only 32 feet ami (I
new oak stringers lL'x 14 inches support
this span. Kach stringer will itself sustain
a weight of L',500 pounds, or 15,000
pounds on thu bridge. Thu span of '.V2
feet allows the stringers to swag in tho
middle, as any piece of timber will do,
resting on ends only, and the longer it
lays thu more it will swag.
Granville Haley and Miss Minnlo
Uouteu were united in marriage at thu
bride's father's at llowlaud yesterday, by
Elder J. (J. Livingston.
Judge C. W. Metudf. of Barbour-ville,
brother of our Tom, will show his
usual good souse on the 4th lust, by
leading to the altar Miss Nettie Lucile
Gray, an accomplished lady of Augusta.
A son of Governor lowry, of Mississippi,
eloped witli a young lady from
California who was visiting in that .State.
The governor was too busy with thu
sporting fraternity to keep his eye on
the boy.
Miss Xanniu I'etticord, a beautiful
girl at Winchester, engaged herself to
two men to get rid of their importunities
rtml wwJ ,,e lne ca,no for u,0 f ,,,,,.
Iuenl f ,,er ,)rollldl. ,lt,ro WrtS ., gctle
Tlll.v W0llM take it tilllL nbout vming
ilor lU,,i by tears mid entreaty work on
,ur twllaga m Klch WlHll K;,VL. ftfcH1B
that he was sure of thu prize. This was
kept up for a few days, whenThos. Jackson
secured a license and when she next
prumibcd to be his ho hail a preacher
ready to tie thu knot and it was done,
leaving Mr. Goodman in the cold.
Ik'iuiiK. Mr. W. Mutton, aged 74
years, died recently in Garrard.
i,erry irjjilt( r( js confined to his bed.
Mrs." James Wilmott has been sick 11 few
,aVHt jib!oa Mnry Hbbk.nud Doretha
j;t.jVt.r!j havo gone to l'erryville. Georgo
Qwslev, of color, left his wife and three
lU0 J,sidrun nnd eloped with a bad
woman Sunday night, besides all his j nnd a bottle of whisky by him, had
witli tho bag to hold. Tho 1 mitted suicide, but a coroner's innnest
.. ......
..... n0 told tho bovs how the white
man was chiseling them and by thu aid
of the book it could be pi evented, which
shows t hoy don't know who their friends
are. U. A. hwmebroad ami u. V. liriglit
havo brought iu another large tirovo of
sheep from Tennessee, which nro for
b.de. Hrent Harnett bought about lL'O a
.. .
per head. G. A. Travlor and Hart
Luce a ro attending the Columbia Fair
this m.i. Tliu colored fair will bo hold
hero September oth and (1th. James Underwood's
thresher is at work at Luther
Underwood's. Logan Hubblo paid his,
grandfather a visit this week. Mrs. Cop
is Having ner utilise
has taken tliu contract Josepli
JJnglcmaiVs house for SWO, to do wood
n, , , ... . , , , ,,
work after foundation is la d. hat I has
. . ,
becomo of the Hush Hranch Tu rnpiko
CoillllUIV ? Tliero nro niailV largO stOllCH
on .,,.,. need covering up. Hen- I
TV . COX lias bOllgllt 4U acres Oi laildOtttlO I ,
Howon boys for about Sl.000. Hlltl COX
. . .... ,,...,. ... . ......
(k 1 I .111! Illll.llt l.illi l'IIIIIUL'1 l.llliri' ,1 1' IlJ I T '
last w'ek. Alex Carman reports his ,
father Very low With heart trouble. ,
Hobert Marvel, HU OCtogeiiariail,
iui: near Imliaiiapolis. Iml Dun kOUU
...i .i - .1 T ll !. :...,
UIO Olll' lllllli; una uus
ach has been about thrco pints ot water,
Judge Durham was in town tin's
week and everybody was triad to meet
As thu election is over and no work
to be done, Mr. Carlisle might return
from his toasting in Mexico and nsk
some further favor of his party in Ken-
Miss Sallie Klkin entertained a few
of her friends at Maples Wednesday
evening. It was a happy gathering and
is said to liave been one of tho most en-
joyable and delightful parties of tfie ,
season. I
It is said that Will Collier, Wood
DunlapandClel Johnston will be PPMTR JT IIMTVPCITY RICHMOND,
pointed to clerkships under Col. Collier. ' ULiJl 1 lllJj U Jll I JJlUl 1 I KENTUCKY.
H. H. West, who has a position inono of' Next Session Opens Sept. Ilth, 1889.
on a visit. He Is also a reverend and AND COMMERCIAL COURSES.
will Drench at the liantist pluirrh imrt 'Healthy Location in the heartof the illue.Craii recion. r.ooo feet aboie sea level, Refined and
J ..
Mrs. Mary Rrannan, associated with
thu Munnell Mission at Louisvillle, de
livered a lecture in the Methodist church
last Tuesday night. Ifslieisas earnest
as sho seems to be she will do more good
than a dozen preachers, though sho is
tllitiimtii Tlir.wi r.t nni . ilin.itu,. .......! '
..V.....V. ...v; w. yjvti n u I V 11VO I IT I UOUU
Iier admittance. There were no
present, of course. If she had only
iiiuiiir.tcii mat sue wouiu loucn em up '
lively on prohibition, she could have oc
cupied any pulpit in'town.
Dan West, of color, who has
brainy enough to defeat all I
thu grand juries nnd thu State and Unit-'
ed States courts, has finally caught it. A I
jury at the present term found him
truiltv of sellinur red liminr nm! nhnrm. '
him $73 for the transaction. lie is now
in jail. Several other fines of from $20
to $o0 against other parties for same offense
have been returned. In the case
of the Commonwealth against Sam
for hog stealing, the jury hung, b,
equally divided. Tliu case against
Charlie White for the killing of Jack
Grimes is now being tried.
John Proctor gave the $l,2o0 bond '
Saturday and was released. I
Mr. C. W. Ping's youngest child!
died Thursday at .8 .1. t. of meningitis, j
Iltby Kice. infant son of Mrs.
gia Ilice, diet! Saturday morning of catarrhal
croup and was buried .Sunday. 1
John H. Jones was run over audi
killed by a train at Gray's on the C. V. j
branch last Saturday while intoxicated.
W. It. Cress, of the Signal, is
witli Hrodhead and Loudon par-1
ties for moving his paper to one of those '
places. I
Tucker Lunsford, of near Ihodhead, :
had a leg broken Tuesday morning by a
tree falling on It. It will have to bo inn-
The Teachers' Institute wa hold
here last week under the charge of Prof.
W. K. Shaw. Much interest was mani
fested witli good results.
Parties backed by capital are buying
lands in and around Pine Will for the
purpose of opening extensive mines.
There is a prospect of a branch toad being
run f 1 om Pine Hill to the coal Held-,
of Sktigu'S Creek where an abundance of
splendid coal ami timber can be found.
it was at first thought that Tom
who was found dead
near Line creek with a pistol ball
thiough his head, 11 pistol in ids hand
found it to bo murder. William Mc-
Ciiaw has been arrested charged with
committing tho deed. Examining trial,
to tako place to-day Thursday) before
'Squiio Homier.
hvery memlier of President Harri
son's Cabinet is away from Washington ,
but the government still lives.
Tliu Supreme Court of California has I
Sural, tltlw... tltlt '!......' II I
ivt,i Jllll ll'll O Iljllll
cation for a rehearing in the Sharon
case, so it oeems that
l'ss is Paying in hard lines all around.
1 tie reduction to 0110 cent a milu by ;
tho Monon to the G. A. It. encampment j
at Milwaukee, is the beginning of a
oral adoption of that rate bv the rail
roads, which at first swore they would
not do it.
Tho contiact to build tho :!") miles
of tho Three Forks road from Hiclimoud
to Heattyvillo was awarded thu
A Woman in the Case. .
There :il jy is. Shu it tho pawcr brihlnJ the
throne. A woman's Influence over Ilia nan who
loves her is often . absolute. To wield u uruat a
l,u"crl"K",uc' iKmanuni 111110.1110, i
woman's mind should he clear nnJ healthy It
., lc f h, ,,, rrom an. ,,-,, ,
dcranseinrnl. IIiiwtn.invBhoinHimade iialian I
- - .-.
py because she wli 1 .hunlil he its life and llht is
inorhl.l i, jii.it vi
" -.----...-,-. 1 .-- .- .MUS ? 1 ves,
tnr.lliic mi,! dnlinbrslr.1 1. Iiv nff.i ?-... Uf.. l
male !l
whlch are ve, ttY,
when Dr. I'lette's I'aont I'rrcription will re
ncwvoiir health nnd ulacldii Ihotu about vouf It.
has restored happiness to mauv a saddened . . lifo. 1
V..j .
iifi... .1..-- ;-
Willi an ilnrfl mil IvHam mliiiii -i
In it neoi)il field ttiorii novir wikn rHttaritUn
like il. KtlvoHla '
J .;
. .
to cleanse the sUm.ii.li, Iiv rand s)tent l
eraiiy, uc in. r.erce' l'eiiets, aje '
Stanford Female College
J. M. HUBBARD, A. 2)1., .... President.
tyo Excellent llo.irdlnz
Thoreu. Full information given on application.
.Established 1810. A full and experienced
lie toiir.ei of stiidy. Location healthful and accessible. Sufvrior advantages for n, liberal and thor
ough education. Ktliied Cliriituu homes. Increased endownmeni and enlarged Faculty for coming
year. tor catalogue and other information, at'tilvto
W. o
pitable community btudents hnil homes in the
iffl 10 in?. Attendance last esio!i, jti,
tion and Cntalugue apply to
NASHVILI.K.TKNN. A refined Christian home, thoroughly School for
Klrli. Course of stuilr thorough mid practical. Noschuol In the Smith or Writ ran orfer a more
home nrpleasauter surroundings, Largest enrollment of niiy school for girl. In the city dnrlngtho
tutyiur. Hoard reduced to t)) per 111011 th. For catalogue address J. II. HANCOCK, l'rlnciiial.
I'oll Ti ruiuoefui Hr!lriiiMr if. IM). Knr I'ninlouiti! nml other Inruniiatinn adclrnss
'Th- oWest School for women
best Colleges. Prepares for Wellesley. Accommodations first-class in
every particular. Terms reasonable, and include all School expenses.
White Mountain Cream
Extracts for Ice Cream, c.
Sealing Wax and Jar Gums.
Scythes, Snaths and Whet Stones.
..Stanford Roller Mills
Regular stock embraces
Groceries, Provisions, Hardware, Tinware, Glass-
ware, Qaeensware, Confections,
Ci'gars, 'Tobacco.
J. P.llurloii, Cleric.
'lh cop.inrerhip uf McKolierls ,V ti l
nl ,n..,ti ,H..i,li,il. ... . Mr. Siujii ri'tinn.? .mil
.- .-.--.- -
II. !. fcW...ii. pr.
the will nriiimr lie tonuuueo y i 11
, uu jjUho ,JjJ yglJS
., u H..H , .,ii,. ...... nnv ...., dav. . . We desire to .
our .Ulcere thanks t our customers ior ineir kiua
patronage. ours irui)
Mt.Kour.rvrs s. staoo
T'tT7 W VA'JXdVtT.
v M-4 '
Attorney at Law,
'Stanford, Kontucky.
Wilt practice in nil the tourts of (his und
counties nnd in the courts of appeal
OOiceover McUobert. Stub's driiu store.
3ti. '. fi.tn;
Department. Discipline Strict Instruction
corps of Tc.ic!ier. Clanlc.il, tcientlfic and elect-
YOUNG, D. D , President, Danville, Ky.
DOBt families and Memorial Hall. K.ippnscs mod-
Irom 37 Mates and territories, ior full informs-
. BLANTON, D. D., Chancellor.
Aariculturat and Mechanical,
Scientific. Engineering, Classical,
Normal School, Military Tactics.
Commercial and Academic
Courses of Instruction.
' I Founded March 25th, 1B25, by Mrs.
Julia A. Tovis.
in the South. Teachers are Graduates of
W . WM . fW A 0.-N
Flour always in- Stock.
Main and Somerset Streets.
sPWJsiflllV'j.'MssHsssHtf mMT' '"''nTssP f,p,3tissssssflssl
iiTTlliMisiJL5riTri ii i iiBMifedKfftiMjaMipLll.ntSf
Arc still in the business and ready to do
In the l?ndcrt!tMii line. We have a full
stock of Cases and Caskets of all kinds and Kobei
of every description. Our hearse, which is nearly
new can be obtained on nhort notice. Mr, J. ii.
Green has charge of cur business and will show
our goods to any one needing auythlng in our

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