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Semi-Weekly Interior Journal
tanfoud, Ky , Seitemrek lp 1889
Hon. S. S. Cox, the Rlntesman nml humorist,
died in New York Tuesday night,
after n short illness of peretonitis. He
was born in Ohio in lSlM, where he wns
given a flue education. First ndopting
the pio ession of law, lie afterwards became
an editor and it was while he edited
the Ohio Statesman that he wrote
the gorgeous descriptionof a sunset, that
procured for him the sobriquet of "Su
Bet" Cox. His first public service was 8
seen tary of legation at Peru in 18 W. He
w nt to New York to live in 18tS, and
was elected to Congress, si nee which he
has served almost continuously, the exception
being during his enenmbency
as minister to Turkey. This latter was
too dry for his disposition, so he resigned
and returning to New York was again
elected to Congress and was a member
at the time of his death. He waa a very
effective and humorous speaker and as a
writer and lecturer ho arose to proud
distinction. He is the author of numer
ons book, .several of whieh rank very
high in the world of letters. He was a
Htaunch democrat, a devoted friend to
the South and will be sadly missed by
both. It is said of him that but for
his humor, that was liable to burst forth
on any occasion, ho would have gained a
higher reputation as a statesman, which
he was in the strongest sense.
Although we did not enjoy the honor
wji'm0imm'W!rr"j' " " - ,
f '"
J5rifc mmm BMi "$, v-i-V" t"vr iflj
V0fjitrrr1ltfl J$ jpi y f I "T -.1 "J'T
'"fV 1
The Mountain Monitor is the nnmo of
a paper just started at Pikeville by S.
X. Swinnne and it is a highly creditable
publication. It is soundly democratic
too, and is destined to do a good work
for that caute and for tho restoration of
law and order. The issue before us contains
accounts of the trials of the Hat-11
dd crowd for the murder of the
McCoys. Four were sent to the penitentiary
for life and KUison Mounts, for
tho minder of Alpharia McCoy, was
sentenced to be hanged Dee. !!d. Alex
Messer was the only one to accept his
sentence for life and he was taken direct
to tho penitentiary, while Val Hatfield,
Dock and Plyant Mayhorn were
lodged in jail at Lexington to await the
result of an appeal. In sentencing
Mounts to death Judge Hice said: "It is
not only a great crime for which you
stand convicted, but tho circumstances
under which it was committed display n
spirit of llendishness nud barbarjty here
tofore unknown in the history of this
country since the days when the savages
roamed the trackless wilderness and
wrought their fiendish crimes. I can
hold out to von no hone for clemency. I
feel that if the governor knows the circumstances
under whieh tho crime was
committed, it has so hardened his heart
against all appeals for mercy that it
would be useless to pray for even a respite.
I would advise you to turn your
attention in your pleadings to a higher
court than any of this world. If you
have been coerced as you say, He knows
it and will doubtless extend to you mercy.
Appeal to Him. He alone can aid
you in your present extremity."
Tanner is no longer Commissioner of
Pensions, thank the Lord. Secretary
of his personal acquaintance we grieve V ,- V ., 7 ,
with his more intimate friends over tlio , n.,n ' jlepartment that Tanner was
. Jnily niikinK and adding to and he de-
unti.nelv death of Mr. Samuel 0. Graves,
senior editor of the Lebanon Standard . "" "' "' ii.-v '" '""'
and Times, which occurred Mondav.at the Tl,e Indent kicked mildly, but Noble
nf :t7. Thnsw who km'ir Mm I said either Tanner or himself must go
lifkt Iiiv.mI liiin most ntul thiiv c.innot
and then Harrison chose to let Tanni'r
find words cnoilL'h to dtscribf l.iq , Walk the plank
It wns n miserable
nnd Intel-take of t,,c administration to appoint
loving disposition, gentle ways
brilliancv. All the Louisville pa-1 Bllch n umn t0 ofllce' which evcn ,,Is re
u,oval wiH ,mn,l' t'orrL'e, Hut U,u
of which he
pirs, on several served, pav
his memorv the highest tribute. With , country is to be congratulated that the
the Lebanon iRnorant and vicious creature has been
U. M. Phillips he bought
Standard a few years ago and its editor!- turned to private life and join in three
al column alwavs showed evidence of and a tiger for Secretary Isoble,
his acknowledged ability. The press of j w,,ose character seems somewhat in
Kentucky will miss him and sorrow with kcepmg with Ins name.
his wife, who will feel the terrible
TE vvorst storm in 'Jo years has just
loss most. i ..i ,i, i;.. .... .1..1..,. h,,.
instil Ull IIIU JllMtillll' l,ittot, .iviiif,
Alrbadv there have been filed IS con-1 mense damage to property and shipping,
tests for seats in the next Congress by ' Wrecks of hundreds of vessels strew the
republicans, notwithstanding the demo-, coast and several .seaside resorts,
were elected by from 1,000 to 13,- j i"g Ilmnrh, hni millered losses of
101 majorities. These contests were de-1 "'any of their buildings The big ocean
cided upon when the rads thought, they I steamers are arriving much behind time
would have everything their own way, J ami tell thrilling htories of the raging
buta nominal majority of three and sea. The loss to human life has been
ally no majority at all, leaves them in a i very great.
condition requiring great circumspection I
Ti.k Louisville Post struck
is not on
and good generalship. The minority
has it in its power to prevent the out-1 the. Kentleman s egal ability, that s
II Mr' F' C'
rnL.eR nronosod bv tho of dem- l-VB: Bel1'
ocrats, and if it have the backbone the ! fisUnt United Sutes district Attorney,
candidate for the nomination to the
s a
republicans will have to go exceedingly ,
Court Mr. Boll
i i .:.. i Supreme Judgeship.
wears spectacles, has a loud voice and is
The fact that ex-Senator Kiddlebergor superintendent of a If
has taken the stump against Mahone in , theso are the qualities that go to make a
Virginia and for the democrats must not ' great judge he should be nominated."
be taken as very significant. That eccentric
individual is as apt to do one
thing as another, but when such men as
John F. Lewis, one of tho founders of
the republican party in the fctate, says
Secretary Windom is out in a long-winded
explanation of the increase of
the National debt during tho last two
months, but it is of that class of
emphatically that he will not sunnortl tion that does not explain. The simple
Mahone and that it is better for the party
that he be ignominiously beaten,
while other leading republicans an
nounce tho same thing, it may be regard-1 ment under republican rule is out of the
ed as certain that the little viper is j question.
ing his last race with defeat absolutely
The committee appointed, to examine
and purge the election returns for
Mns. Cleveland is responsible for the ernor of West Virginia find that Judge
Bhuttine down of one manufactory and ' Fleming was elected by a plurality of 212
the consequent shutting out of COO girls. ) nnd have so reported. Goffcan now fall
She decreed that the bustle must go nnd back on our paternal government for
that carried with it the decree that bustle
factories must also go, and the one at
Bridgeport, Conn., "has went." We
never have felt as kindly towards Frankio
since she knocked out the bustle. Ladies
of her make may be able to do
without them, but many a woman is not
built that way and when she is not,
then there is a flatness that something
is needed to hide and needed badly. Let
us therefore, dear girls, return to the
The Advocate says Gen. Fry entered
his 7.'5d year Monday with few indications
of old age, as he has the vigor and
a of a man much younger. This
statement is in direct conflict to the one
made by Senator Beck when he had his
pension increased to $100 a month. It
was then claimed that ho was absolutely
incapable for any kind of business. The
return of the republicans to power may
have acted, however, as an elixir on tho
old man, more potent and more powerful
than that bus proven,
It iB to be hoped that tho next legislature
will pass a law requiring a more
prompt return of tho vote of the State.
It is six weeks since the election and the
Secretary of State is just publishing the
official result wh.ch shows that Sharp received
147,082 votes and Colson 11-1,011),
a majority of 33,333. Breathitt has never
reported, so she is left out, or Sharp's
majority would have been 33,522. Mr.
Cobb, who led tho forlorn hope of the
prohibition party, only got 3,331 votes, a
prettyslim showing in a total of 260-100.
fact is the government is run for all it is
worth instead of on business principles.
An economically administered govern-
support in the shape of a fat office.
ntion of second-class editors go to thed
ickens. We've heard enough of it.
Five men were killed nt Cnrbondale,
111., by a boiler explosion.
Thomas C. Witt gets tho postoffice
at Kingston, Madison county.
There are l,3o4 liquor houses in
Washington, or one for every 75 people,
Fayette county has purchased a site
for its now $50,000 jail at a cost of $15,-000.
Joshua Murphy has been appointed
uostmaster nt Tidal Wave, Whitley
"Sunset" Cox is the fourth member
elect of the olst Congress to die within
the year.
Johnstown's now directory shows
thnt !M1 groceries and 51 saloons have
been established since the flood.
Ten men lost their lives in a mine at
Golden, Cal., by the sudden rush of water
into it from an unused mine.
A monster gas well which (lows at
the rate of 00,000,000 cubit feet a day has
been struck at Upper Sandusky, O.
The demand for diamonds is greater
than the supply and they havo gone
up '20 per cent, in tho last few weeks.
Mosquitoes will not bother tho
houso of Mrs. Thomas A. Logan at Cincinnati
any more. She set a plato of
burning sulphur in one of tho rooms to
keep them out and tho house took fire;
loss $15,000.
The TimcB s.iys the $100,000 twlno j
factory at Georgetown is n settled fact
and that It people to the
town . f
The Baltimore grand jury
the licensing of houses 6f pros
titution and police surveilance over
Tho Climax says the house of Mrs.
Mary Ann Pnris, in Madison county, was
struck by lightning ami she wns instant
ly killed.
George W. Lyon to be Surveyor of
Customs at New York and Krnst Allen,
Collector of the 1st New York district,
are lato appointments.
John Green, whose jealousy led him
to cut his wife's throat 10 days ago nt
Georgetown, wns yesterday sentenced to
be hanged for the crime.
Tho president has appointed the noted
ex-Gov. Henry C. War-mouth,
of Louisiana, Collector of Customs
for the Port of New Orleans.
John Cunningham, a brutish negro,
is in jail at Hnrrodsburg for raping Allie
Beckham, nn 8-year-old white girl, and
there is every prospect of a lynching.
It is believed at Washington that
Tanner, the Pension Commissioner, will
be asked to resign after the November
elections, but we fear there is no such
good luck.
Gov. Abbott wns re-nominated by
acclamation by the democrats of New-Jersey
on a platform which reaffirms the
doctrines set forth by the last National
Georgia's legislature, in addition to
passing a law making dueling a felony,
proposes to expel Messrs. Hull" and Patterson,
who are alleged to have been
trying to meet on "the field of honor."
Conductor James Lemon, who ran
on the Main Stem, was shot nnd instantly
killed by a man named Beill, whom
he put offtlie truin because he refused
to pay the extra fare demanded of those
who do not buy tickets.
Jack the Kipper has come into no
borhood are so disgusted with the Ohio
crowds that come there Sundays on excursions
that they have petitioned the
county judge to send ollicers there to
suppress the open lawlessness committed
by the scamps.
The State Board of Education has
prescribed the History of Kentucky as a
subject of instruction in the common
schools of the State included in tTnited
Suites History, and recommends Z. T
.Smith's History of Kentucky as a text
book on the subject.
Gov. Buckner has ordered two companies
of State troops tho Lexington
Company, Capt. Veaeli, and the Har
rodbburg Company, Captain Gaither to
proceed to Harlan county to preserve
the peace, protect the Court and nrrest
outlaws from justice.
T. L. Waller, who kept a grocery nt
Sew ell's Point, Va., wns found murdered
in his bedroom. The broken skull and
mangled face plainly showed the
death. Six colored men, who acted
suspiciously, were arrested for tho
crime and one
The Kenton Club, of Covington,
Soak- vnnr cranium. French Tiiiton ' 'roI oil most otllio prizes anno
andthenvou and your National 'olaiville bicycle races, C. M. Croninger
rummiKd miles in mobj. securing a
medal which entitles him to tho championship
of Kentucky as a distance rider
and also ran three miles in 0:12,
B. W. Gnines bought of Bright &
Swinebroad 100 sheep nt $4.
Fon Sale A jack. Will
sell cheap. 8. II. Rout, Ilustonville.
Foil Sale. Two No. 1 red boars
well bred, weight 'lo pounds. John M.
SamuclJonoH, of Tennessee, sold '2i,
000 bushels of peanuts in Evansville, at
Oo ts. per bushel.
Foil Sale 45 head of good mountain
steers. Will sell cheap. William
Cooper, Lino Creek, Ky. 5t
John M. Ilnil bought from parties
near tho Lincoln and Rockcastle line,
two yokes of oxen.at $00 each.
Thomas R. Phelps advertises for
sale sumo splendid farms iiu Washington
with stock and crop on them. See
ad. in this issue.
L. II. Hudson sold to Martin,
Thompson & Co., Now Orleans, 82 sugar
mules at $100. They Wero 15J hands
and tho lot brought $13.120. Advocate.
Leach & Cook bought in Fleming
and Nicholas counties 400 stock sheep at
about $4 per head. II. M. Grover delivered
to Weilil last week 'M cattle thnt
averaged 1,(W2 pounds. They were sold
at $4.15. Tho Finley farm of 200 acres,
two miles from Georgetown, sold to vltas
Ware nt $81. Times. """
1 w mi ot a n v wm niro wot Pi n. ssvnmr r
i'il lll II II ll l I II I Ml I I I 1 I J ! If f !l II II 111 1 I 11 IV
if'M Mm bMAv i ff mmtk WUbi 'm ItmMM VbJVVh
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M the start. Every Article Made a Leader.
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tice again bv tho finding of the body of W. B. Kidd bought for Lehman
another woman in White Chapel, Lon Bros, of Win. A i drey, of Bourbon, o2
don, with head and legs cut off, the j cattle, weight !1,"W) pounds, nt 4 cents,
stomach ripped open and the intestines j nnd of Jeff Butler, of the same county, i
lying on the ground. 41 of tho same weight and nt the same!
Albert C. Savage's little daughter, price.
caught the small-pox on board tho Pa-1 Dr. Steele Bailey says the Somerset J
cifie mail steamer Newport, nnd he has Fair directors treated him nnd his part-
sued me company tor iiouiiiiks ners in spieuiiui sivio aim tiui every-a
disfigured girl is handicapped to that i thing in their power to ait thein in
amount in life's race. disposing of their Jerseys, for which he
Under a decision of the Court of jnsks us to return their thanks.
Appeals in this SUite, a person killed on The cattle market in Cincinnati is
a railroad in Kentucky must leavo a i unchanged, with quotations nt 1) to 4
widow or a child or damages cannot bo j for very common to best; hogs nro fairly
recovered. A number of suits have been active at 3 to 4 J; sheep are lower nml
dismissed on these grounds. J run from 2J to 4.S"i; lambs nre also a
A bronze sUitue of Gen. . C. j shade lower and sell at 3J to 0.
Wickham, for many years vice president Besides the drouth of intoxicant,
of the C. & O., will be placed in the .said to prevail them all the time, Maine
capitol square at Richmond by the is suffering from n drouth, which is se-
ployes of the road if permission can be verely alllicting the formers. Creeks
obtained from the legislature. i have dried up and forest fires are raging
The people ol the High midge neigh- flt BeVernl points. Much timber has
ready leen destroyed and hundreds of
cattle lost, while many .outbuildings of
farmers have been burned.
Reports from the South continue almost
uniformly favorable as regards tho
j crops, desoite too much rain in some lo
entities. The largest yield of corn and
cotton ever made seem to be assured,
nnd business of all kinds is becoming
very active, based in pnrt on heavy
Tho News says the eaches on
Hill are' very fine this year and
the growers nre reapim; nn abundant
harvest. C. B. Hobbs has received th
very highest price from a basket of
peaches shipped this season. In his
consignment one day last week wns one
basket containing n bushel nnd n half
that brought SD.7.V
At Snmaden, n hotel proprietor utilizes
his electric light plant in tho
for cooking purposes.
Saws havo been discovered In Germany
anil Denmark which bolongcd to
the bronze ngo. The metal of which they
were composed was cast Inta a t)Un
sheet and serrated by breaking tho edgo.
A very notable point In tho economics
of electricity as employed for purposes
of light and power is tho fnct that none
of the improvements has rendered any
of tho original electrical apparatus less
Tho experienco of tho electric light
committee in Leeds, England, has bcea
that incandescent lamps becomo useless
after n life of 850 to l00 hours, though
the filaments have a nominal life of
1.000 hours.
Mr. Gray, in a recent paper read
the" Instituto cf Naval Architects,
shows that tho ether pressure at the
earth's surface at tho equator must be
at least 100 tons on tho squnre Inch
greater at midnight than it is at midday
In engraving on glass by electricity
the plate to bo engraved ia covered with
a concentrated solution of nitrnto of
potash, and put in connection with one
of tho poles of tho battery, and tho design
is traced out with a fino platinum
point connected with tho other pole.
A 5-year-old child In Monson, Mo., b
said to speak three languages.
A Bombay newspaper announces two
marriages, in ono caso tho brido being
aged 3 years and In theothor IS months,
whilo tho bridegroom was 80. This Is
tho system which Pundita Ramabal is
struggling against
A 6hort whllo einco a negro woman
near Ceiitervillo, Wilkes county, Go,,
named Harriot Evans, having hei young
baby In her lap at church, got to shouting
and pounding her child. She beat it
so Boverely that eoveral of its rlba wore
broken and tho child died In a few days
from tho injuries.
Having purchased the interest of Mr. Stags!, I will
conduct the business at the old stand, where I
shall be pleased to supply the wants of all
former and new patrons from a
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