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Semi-Weekly Interior Journal.
lv. Tanner it Sons lire ImprnvtitK
tlio looks o( thuir Htori"liono liy
Iiib it.
Iluv. Ilriuv, of Dam-Mo, will prcnl'li !
nt tliu l'ri'Hliytt'Hnii rhuruli lieu nt I i j
m. nuxt Sunday. i
A cliilil of Clo. UuclicMJ
died S.iturdiiy night ami was buried in
tlio MoKinnt'y cuuictury nt !l o'rloek Shii j
1'eturiuid 1-M Carter, Sun M. Helm,
Henry Cash anil Win. l'iilj;ett delivered
their whi'iit last wei'k to K. I.. T.iniier at
Juku Nauru reports h:ivln lout bin
pocket-hook mtniniiik: enrreney and
coin to the amount of ?.8 on the pike
between MoKinney and home.
Tell Itros. Ilrown, Maret ami Smith
that I like the new dre.su theMt. Vernon
Signal wears, hut I itMMt on a little inoru
news from the correHpondenU thio'out
the county.
George Ia'u Jiiiih'h and wife, of Crah
Orchard, were "topping at the Commercial
Hotel the flint of the week. John
and Varney Tanner were in the citien
last week buying their fall stock of kooiIh.
Mias IVnrl Tahler linn heen dniiKcrouidy
sick, hut n a little hetternow. MIhm Mat-tie
Crow was the KtieHt of her couhIiih,
Mioses Iguana and Florence llibb, Friday
until Monday.
Protracted meeting at the HaptUt
church clotted Sunday nilit with l.'t additions
and one conversion for tlioClmV
tlau church. I'uv. W. J. Want left Monday
to re-enter the Theological Seminary
at Louisville. Hu will All his pulpit at
this place on the 1st and ltd Sundays in
each month. He v. J. M. Salleoutul wife,
after two weeks' stay in the meeting, returned
to their home in Nelson county
It. II. Crow has returned from a
inewi trip to Horse Cave. Misses I.ydia
and Belle. Lewis have charge of the
school at this place; daily attendance IK)
MIm F.mma Fair, after a several weeks'
visit to her brothers at Hartford, Ky.,
has returned home and resumed her
plai'v as organist nt the Haptist church.
T. J. Christerson, our former toitiiiiinter,
but now in business nt lexiugton, paid
McKinney and Liberty a flying visit last
week. Joo Wright, of Junction City,
has been here this week in the interest
of his marble works. J. Wes Hal Icy is
celling goods at cost.
New Decatur, Alabama,
A Chattanooga paper nays: "The
great car works of the Tinted States
Rolling Stock Company, and the shops
of the louiNville ik Nashville railroad,
arc in themselves works of sullicient
magnitude to make a prosperous city,
but added to these there are, besides,
the blast furnace, the large oak tannery
institution, car wheel works, horse shoe
nail works, four ot Ave largo wood-working
establishments, the large foundry
nnd machine shop of Iveus & Sou and
other industries of considerable propor
tions. I vens ivSou have one of the best
equipped shops in the country, and their
manufacture of engines, cotton presses,
etc., rtnils n ready sale in all parts of
America, and will make the establish.
incut one of the most important in that
line in this country.
Dcpitur's railroad facilities, water
transportation, nnd juxtaposition to limitless
flelils of lion ore, coal nnd timber,
make Its industrial prosperity unquestioned,
and it is certainly destined to become
a great city. The Decatur ljiud
company, under the intelligent and efficient
management of Mr. llreck Jones,
by its liberal course and prudent, busi
ness-like conduct, is converting what
was two yeais ago a feitile farm into a
bustling, throbbing city, and the next ll
months will witness a wonderful growth.
A gang of men were at work near
Johnstown, about the 1st of August removing
debris. Soon they came upon a
pile of logs in the shape of a cone nt
least a dozen feet high. The logs weru
in such n symmetrical shape that it looked
as though they were put together by
human hands. Tlio cone was hollow
nnd ns the men proceeded with their
woik they detected a smell which suggested
thnt there was a dead animal
closo at hand. Log after log was removed
when, to their amazement, they beheld
a mastiir dog. fho animal wagged
his tall and whined when he saw the
men, and seemed glad at the prospect of
being liberated from his prison. In another
potion of tlio cone-shaped cell was
tlio carcass of a cow. lly some freak of
the rushing waters the dog andcow were
caught in this pen Juno '-', the cow being
crushed in the jam of logs. The canine
was sleek and fat when liberated, und
looked none tho worso for his two
months' imprisoumont.
Tho little boy was on his knees in Ids
littlu night dress Baying his prayem nnd
his little sister couldn't resist tho temptation
to tickle tho boIch of his littlo feet,
llu stood it as long as ho could nnd then
"Please, God, excuse mu ,.,,ii
tho HtutHng out of Nellie." San Francis-
co Chronicle.
., -.
Col. Hob, tho last of Davy Crockett's
eons, died iu Texas last week, aged 7.
Lee Owens was arrested Saturday
for getting drunk mid raising Cain generally.
The proprietors of tlio London plan-
ing mill made mi assignment Tuesday,
Hubert Craft is receiver.
Tom Hcatty, n colored man of this ,
place, was badly hurt in n coal mine I
Saturday by slate falling on him. I
Ira J. Davidson has a brand new i
boy bit by at bin house and it tickles 1
Dock Phelps down in ids boots to be
be called grand pap. I
David Wilson and Mrs. Lucinda
Moore, of Whitley county, were married
at the Lovelace House Wednesday. Hev
Win. liryant olliciated.
A warrant was issued Monday for
the colored school mistiess of Pittsburg,
Sidney Adams, charging her with too
severely flogging one of her pupils. Her
trial is set for Saturday.
Ilily Higgius, wifeof James Higgius,
was arrested Saturday night charged
with stealing ribbons, trimmings, etc.,
from Mrs. Lucy Williams' millinery
store. She gave bond for Circuit Court.
Dave Spitson went home drunk last
week and commenced beating his wife
as ho is atciistouied to do when drunk,
but his sou soon arrived and mauled the
tilling out of him with a hickory club.
While some hands were engaged in
removing nil old stock shed on the premiums
of Mrs. Maggie Jackson Monday the
roof fell on Stephen Jackson, breaking
his left leg near tint ankle and injuring
his back nlso.
W. P. linker and Presley Stilling
went to Tuemlay. Mr. Stilling
will attend a law school there.
Faris Is sick, threatened with fever.
William Hay ward id improving. Kd
Mcintosh, of Perry county is sick nt the
A prominent teacher in describing n
battle at the Clay county teachers' Institute
the other week, said the soldiers
weru given whisky and gunpowder to
drink. He had certainly been drinking I
something worse than gunpowder and
whisky, or hu would not have attempted
to work that old revolutionary chestnut
on mi inlciiigcnt audience.
1211 Cattangim died at his home near I
towuof typhoid fever, Monday, and was)
burled near Libel ty church, three miles
west of here, Tuesday. He leaves n wife father, Dr. Hronaugh, of Stanford, who
and two small chrildren. Mrs. Kelvin, I fa very sick with fever. Mr. J. H. Law-wife
or Rev. A. H. Kelvin, died of dropsy ' less did not get started to Lexington
Monday morning. Mrs. Holvin was! Monday as he expected, on nccount of
about 70 year old and had been confined his three 'grand children (Mrs. Scott's
to her bed for about two years. Her re-i children) having the mumps. Will try
mains were interred at Slate Hill it gaju next week. He offered his
tery Tuesday afternoon. 'goods Saturday at auction, but sold
. r. ! nothing. Nobodv seemed to want to
A Pretty Scene. ! purchase ...iv.hing.
I iiere was a pretty patheticsceiiedown
at the Michig.ui Central depot one night To Tell The Age of Cattle,
last wee. A group of aged men and A heifer has no rings on her liorns un-women
who had been here participating j til ulio is two years of age, and one is
In some rclk'ious meeting or reunion, added each year thereafter. You can
were parting from each other, and iu all j therefore tell the age of a cow witli
would never meet again on j orablo accuracy by counting the rings of
this side of the river. They had said jj,cr horns and adding two to the
brother," "Good-bye sitter, I her. The bull has no rings s a rule,
God bless von," over and over again, I until he is llvo years old. To tell tho
when one of the aged baud remarked:
"It's hard to part. Tlio next moment
a sweet, quavering old voice struck up iu
a tremulous soprano:
There II tic no furling there !
Ill a moment the whole group joined
iu. The old men swung iu on the bans,
nnd the "girl who sang alto, tho girl who
sang air," 00 venrs ago in tlio homo
choir, tested their feeble, lungs to the
utmost. I he words came as by Inspira
In Heaven above, where all in love,
There'll be no parting there
Then n chorus of voices in the next
room struck iu, its' some tiaveliug men
caught the refrain. In the midst of it
"All aboard 1" stopped their singing, and
the littlo company paited in better spirits
after tlio jubilee of nong. Detsoit
Free Press.
Palestine is perhaps tho best known
country of its si.e on the face of the
earth. It is only I i miles from Jerusalem
to the Jordou und it is .'M miles from
Jerusalem to the sea. Palestine, nil told,
is no bigger than a Texas county, and if
it had railroads you could cross it in an
hour. It is not more than three times
as long as it is broad and tho distance
and numbers which are so large in Scriptures
aro very small when viewed with
the naked eye. Rethlohctn is, in reality,
about seven miles from Jerusalem, and
it cannot bo moio than two miles from
the site of Solomon's Temple to tho top
of Mount Olives. Tlio valley of
is little more than a ravine and the
valley of Khedron runs into it.
Tlio Voice, which really thinks itself n
., ,. ,, .
temperance paper, continues its
Mr. 1). G. Slaughter has bought n
part of the Peter Kennedy farm, lying
half way between Crab Orchard and
Dripping Springs, beginning nt tho top,
of the river hill, on which there are1
quite a number of flue medical springs,
one of which, the Cooley Spring, is said (
to be the finest in the locality. He has i
already begun erecting a large summer.
hotel, 'J(0 feet long, which will contain ;
50 rooms besides kitchen, dining-room
and lull-room. One wing containing, LI
rooms will be completed this week and
all be ready for next summer. The
Dripping Springs buildings erected by
Mr. Slaughter five years ago, have been
torn down.
The case of Kates for cutting Warren
was called in the police court Saturday
and continued until next Saturday. Mr.
Warren is impioviug rapidly. The IKUh
school district, over which this trouble
came up, has two factious, each claiming
they are right and all hinges on the legal
lines of the district, and the decision
of the courts will be required to settle
the legality or illegality of the school
tax. Neither party will consent that
the other Is right and it seems that our
Superintendent of common schools halts
on a decision about the boundaries and
hears one side of the story nnd concludes
thnt side is right; then when the other
side is told reverses tho decision. Tlio
records must bo deficient regarding
these lines from some cause or this
trouble could bo stopped bysimplo reference
to the record. It is claimed that
one trustee who levied the tax is a non
resident of the district. The other side
clniiiiB that he is n resident.
Mr. nnd Mrs. John ll.iiley went to
Louisville Monday. Messrs. Jesse Reynolds
and J. Wilson, of Bee Lick, are in
Ixmisvillc. Mr. D. H. Kdmiston is also
taking in the city. Mr. and Mrs. J. F.
Holdam, Misses Nannie Kennedy nnd
Katie James also went to Louisville and
will go to St. Ileitis from there nfter
witnessing the festivities tosec the veiled
prophets. Mr. 12. W. Jones has bought
one-half of Lcuich . Zeller's drug stock
and will, we understand, move his busi
ncss to Miildlcshorough ami grow up
with the future city. J. Peter Chandler
ih very sick. Mr. H. II. Hronaugh was
called Thursdav to the bedside of his
age after that period add five to the uutii
her of rings. Tlio lies way to tell the
age is by the teeth, which is of course
the only way with polled cattle. What
aro called tho milk teetli gradually disappear
in front. At the end of three
years the second pair of permanent teetli
are well grown, at four years tho third
pair and at five years the fourth and last
j ,,ajr mvo appeared and at this time tho
central pair are full sue. At seven years
a dark lino caused by the wearing of the
teetli appears on all of them and on the
central pair a ciicular mark. At eight
years this circular mark appears on all of
them, ami at nine years the central pair
begins to shrink and the third at eleven.
Aftc this period the age can only be determined
by degree of shrinkage generally.
At 15 years the three me nearly
all gone. Orange Judd Farmer.
Tin: Milkmaid. "Where aio you going,
my pretty maid 7" he inquiied.
"Should the weather indications continue
of an auspicious character my intended
destination is yonderinclosure, where
my unswervablo determination is to extract
such an amount of lacteal fluid from
tlio distended udder of the gently articulating
kino as may be deemed necessary
and advisable," calmly replied tho rustic
girl, who had worked for two weeks in a
Hostou family. And slio passed upon
her way, leaving a gibbering idiot grov.
eling upon the ground where lately 'had
stood a dandy drummer. Tho Giocery
Fifteen contestants cl.ul for the fray,
Arineil with gojd tul and in tutttu array,
Striving furlutrc, a hratc Knight of old
Mrovc lor their hunuri anil mou.m 01 no! J.
llrlvlll. Bllll ,,,., . M1 rihciMi.er.
haiice about "The Prohibition Party in I to sound, iim mt propur caper,
Kentucky." There Is no such thing nsi'riiepraue.of vn.td known tin 'world Merit
prohibition party in Kentucky, nnd From
' ... . . , . , lliitnclihnula wuily trie laiisiwc hilt In
i it i ,ii
I he oico should inako haste to find out , ucicrintion
jUSt llOW' littlo it kllOW'H What it is talking I of the ruwitold virtue of "favorite I'retcriptum
about. Glasgow TilllCS. ' Wliemllor UcprM.ed villi lliat
, i down" k'tlinc, conveiiueiit upon wi.ikne,
BOfiftl'S Ohorry COUgh Syrup. ing frum headache, eakrl.ime buck, and lint
Ii bivIiib ipleiidid Jtifacli n to ilia Irade mid I nianv 111 common l lhi wmUer -ox. lake Dr.
... , l'recripilou whuli i uuarantrvd to
I'lcrai'n w"c
.I i, i i
tho ..ilei are poittively mnrve!ou, whkh can he i,,,,,,,;, lir l,imo ,.M returned, hee prnifd
accounted for in no other way except ttiat it U ' j;iiariiiteooii
without dqubt the belt on the market. Ak for ' ' '
andbeiuro you get the eenuliio. Wckeoplt, A. I l)r l'urce' l'cllets..jjeiitly laxative or actively
H. 1'enny, DruggUt. cathartic according to doae. 35c
Deaths of Two Good Men.
Danville, Oct. ltd, p. m. Win, J.
Lylo, for n number of years Chnirmnn
of tlio Democratic County Committco !
nnd nt present one of the owners of tho
Kentucky Stock Fnrm, died nt his home
hero this morning nfter n few days' Illness
of pneumonia.
Logan McKee, one of the most popular
republicans in the county and for n
long time Chairman of tho Committee,
died at noon after a lingering illness.
W. H. N.
Miss Lillie Foster, formerly of Lexington,
and well-known here, was married
last week at Denver, Col., to Charles
Ford, of Portland, Oregon.
Mrs. Rudolph Weiser, who was Miss
Lusk, was granted n divorce at Lexington.
A 400-acre faun and their only
child was given Mrs. Weiser, as the husband
made no response.
Wu have information that Mr. C. C.
Gooch, n young merchant of Waynes-burg,
nnd Miss Mnttie Perkins, n ptetty
young lady of Hrodhead, eloped to
this week and became husband
and wife.
Marriage license was issued to Jacob
Gander to wed Miss Annie, the -'0-year-old
daughter of our countytnan, Mr. Jno.
Von Grunigan, on the lL'tii. As the
names indicate, they are both from
Mr. J. P. Rallard and Miss Nellie
Hourno were united in marriage yesterday
afternoon by Magistrate McCann, in
the Clerk's oflice of tlio County Court.
They are both from Garnird . county.
Louisville Post.
Invitations have been received by
her friends here to the marriage of MIfs
Mnttio Ynrbrough, who attended college
here and later made a visit to friends,
to Mr. J. H. Davis, nt her homo nt Como,
Miss., Oct. ISth.;
Rev. M. P. Morgui, stationed this
year at Pineville, and Miss Mary Gorm-ley
were married at the bride's mother's
at Crab Orchard yesterday by Rev. T. J.
God by. The I. J. sends congratulations,
satisfied that the union will prove a happy
The Advocate tells of the probabili
ty of several young bachelors joining the
noble band of "bandits." We regret to
know that marriage in Danville is such
a decided failure that men immediately
become bandits on entering the estate.
His better half will have to see to Rro.
Wool folk.
Klder C. I. Williamson is holding a
meeting at Kirksville.
The Haptist Theological .seminary at
Louisville opened with l'Jo students.
Itros. KvaiiB and Hopper's meeting
at Mt. Horeb, Fayette county, closed
witli '-'1 additions.
Rev. I). W. Kllison is the new colored
Mctliodict preacher for this place; J.
II. Abel goes to Lancaster and J. W.
Frazier to Danville.
The protracted meeting at the Christian
church will begin to-morrow, Saturday,
night, 12U1. A. P. Cobb preaching
his first sermon at 7:15,
A negro claiming to be John the
Haptist appeared in Liberty county, Ga.,
but the negroes instead of falling down
and worshipping him, gave his hide an
unmerciful beating.
-On October 1 Rev. F. D. Hale withdrew
nil his evangelical engagements to
devote himself to pastoral work entirely.
Within the past four years he has secured
2,:SU converts at the various revival
meetings held by him.
The average pay of the preachers in
the Louisville Conference isSI(!t).5S. Dur
ing tho year 2,0(0 adults nnd 7J10 infants
were baptized. There .'111 Sunday-schools
iu tin conference. Howling Green was
selected as the next place of meeting.
Rev. Dr. 12. O. Gtierrant has been
pleaching iu Hieathitt ami Lee counties
for 10 days. During that time he preached
'Jo sermons, received -15 additions to
the church, organized a church iu Lee
county with a membership of 5S and
raised the money to electa church edifice
for tho latter congregation. Paris
Attkntion! Knkiiits Tkmpmii. On
October 5, tl and 7 the X. X.,vt .M. V. Co.
will sell tickets to Washing-at
Si:.(i0. Tickets good until October ill,
1SS!, ami to New York ami return, good
to stop oil' at Washington, for $L'3.(UJ.
Parties contemplating going to Washington
should call on G. W. Barney, Ticket
Agent, Pluenix Hotel, nt once and re-servo
their sleeping carspace. Nochange
lint I 11 vj tl ili nil .1...I l'...l
I iilaiiiiuii nun if linilllliuil.
Through slccpeiri leave Lexington at (1:10
I r. m. and ariivo at Washington at 5: 10 i
m. next afternoon. G. W. Harney, Tick
el Agent; J. L .Murphy, Gen. Pisa. Agt.,
i Lexington, Ky.
I A Georgia paper states that a young
lady of that Jst.tto has invented a lamp
that will cease to burn at exactly 10
o'clock. The average lover iu this section
will find no fault with that lamp; in
fact he would bo better satisfied it it
would go out as soon as he came in. If
tho young lady wants to make 11 real tin
strike she should Invent 11 father wh
will go to bed at 0 o'clock.
- - A j L
BRYANT & STRATTON Business College
Write for VnttiloUue Short IInnl,Telraraphu..te.m rin.I full rl 1 I S V I L LEs, K m
Just What
is Needed !
A House in which you can find
Dry Goods and Notions, Boots, Shoes,
Groceries, Queensware, Glassware, &c.
Any of the above goods exchanged for Country Produce.
We do a strictly Cash Business and our piices are the LOWEST.
Come and see what we en save you.
Next door to Poi croau House.
J'ew Flannels, new Canton Flannels,
J!ew Ginghams, new Penangs,
New Calicoes, new Trimmings,
New Buttons, new Hosiery,
New Underwear and new Blankets.
Call and see our gents' Waukenphast Petiole
Shoe; also full line ladies' and Children's
Celebrated Buell Boots
Rax e arrived ; single and Rubber-Lined Vamps,
plain and, box toe in hip and calf. Boys' extra
high Buell Button Boots; Brogan Boot's in split,
oil-grain and. kin; plain and box toe in child's,
boys' and men's sizes.
Men's fine Shoes in standard screw machine sewed
and hand welts.
Ladies' fine hid and goat Shoes in machine sewed
and hand turned.
Gum. Boots, Arctics and sandals in children's,
Misses, women and men's sizes.
Stanford, Ky.
Shingles, Etc.,
and Scroll Work,
Locust Posts.
found in a first-clan Lumber Yard.
A. C. SINE, Huvlneis Manager.
Leaving both
Daily, Seviires to Travelers,
Ever attempted between the great commercial
cities 011 the Onio Kiver and Chicago, and hence
the fastest time and most comfortable trains between
all polnis in the South, or to the West and
Northwest, The cuunteiuartof this tram on all
runk lines is denominated The Limited Express,
The superb rolling stenk we employ gives patrons
Unlimited Comlort
OSTAt all Coupon Ticket Ollices in the South
you will find our lime tables and tickets. Say Motion,
get Motion and suck to .Monon, ll you want
ta save money and have a pleasant journey,
General Passenger Agent, Chicago.
City Ticket Agents and Oilier':
I. M, Ouckner, as; 4th Ave., Louisville. Ky
E. A. Toksnc, ii) Vine st., Cincinnati Ohio.
Mouldings, Brackets
Cedar and
We u ill carrr 11 tail utock ofever) thing
Well Drillers & Pump Adjusters,
"tanford, ky.
WVIN drilled to order and I'umpi lurimlied at
factory tiricn. 30
mni m m mi mu
i m
tr;ivcler. Hones and mules bought anil ild.
Only horseinnd vehicles uied iu livery.
AUo agent for 'lie
For S&Iq I
I wish to sell my farm of 6j acres situated on
tho Lancaster piko two miles from Stanford. Tho
land is all 111 grass; a comfortable dwelhuz of 4
rooms Is situated upon It Will sell at u bargain.
4t O. A, HKNKUICT, Stanford.

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