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Semi-Weekly Interior journal
For County Judge, THOMAS W. VARNONj
- Co unty Attorney, JOSEPH II. 1'AXTON;
" County Cletk, OKORGE D. COOPER;
" Shorifl, J. N. MEN'EFF.E;
" Jailer, SAMUEL M. OWENS;
Ateor, ft. D. KENNEDY;
' Sup't of Common Schools, W. F McCLAHY
" Survejor, HARRY A. EVANS;
" Coroner. ARCH CAUSON
Judge Lkwis writes to the Cincinnati
Commercial-Gazette giving what he
claims to be the true statement of the
Harlan county war so far us it affects
his action in the mateer. It shows that
be went in with a determination to
law and order by capturing Wils
Howard and his crowd of desperadoes, or
make them llee from the country. His
posse killed and wounded a few of them
and the Judge adds: "As it is reported
that Wilson Howard and William Jennings,
his associate in crime, have left
this country and prob.ibly gone to parti
unknown, I hope peace is te tored and
business will revive." Whatever may
have been the ulterior motive of Judgj
Lewis in the matter ho certainly deserves
the approbation and plaudits of every
good citizen of the State for restoring
law and order in his lawless section.
The Owensboro Inquirer is making
life burdensome to Commonwealth's Attorney
Noe, who was caught in a gambling
house at Hawesville shullling the
cards and betting at a lively rate. In
other words aiding and abiding a felony
he had sworn to prosecute. The valiant
law-breaker, who deserves impeachment
did not deny tho charge, but buckled on
his pistols and marched tip and down
tho street, pretending to be anxious to
meet the editors who had exposed him,
thereby adding further to his evident unfitness
to hold a public tnwt. The editors
are not alarmed, however, but are
shooting tho proof of his direliction of
duty to him without fear and with an
pyo singlo to the public good. Bros.
Ford & Givens, wo congratulate you!
John L. Bosley, who for four years
has made the Winchester Sun an
conservative, readable and reliable
paper, has sold it to a stock company
and will retire from the business, which
lias brought him mbre fame than filthy
lucre. With Farris Feland already gone
this makes two of tho four distinguished
editors that Hanging Fork produced, to
leave the profession they filled with credit' J
M. D. Hughes and A. A. Lewis are still
holding up their end of the log, but Lewis
stands a chance to get a fat government
office and quit tho business, while
Hughes is likely to break into a lunatic
asylum, though he has telegraped us at
at our expense that he is not.
Ti!KGlas!0v Times celebrated its 24th
birth day by issuing a paper four times
the size of this and filling it with the
good things Editor Richardson knows so
well how to get up. Tho Times is one of
tho best papers anywhere and this statement
of its aims and purposes will be
recognised as eminently correct by every
reader of it: "Striving always for the
pure and clean in journalism; yielding its
convictions to none, but aiming at justice
to all; standing by its friends; never
hitting its enemies below tho belt and
having few, thank God, to hit anywhere;
nerving the public with that sometimes
erred, but hearts that never betray
history of The Times has been that
of uninterrupted, steady advancement."
The New Yora Sim has already hoisf
-d the names of Gov. Hill, of New York,
and Campbell, of Ohio, for
president and vice-president in i"J'2,
with this platform: "The permanent return
of tho democracy to the control of
the Federal government." Tho Sun as
usual is kicking agaiiiBt the pricks
Cleveland will be and deserves to bo
tho democratic nominee for president in
Another editor, J. T. Pryor, of the
Paris Iter ord, is to bo married, making
about a dozen Kentucky to
enter the matrimonial estate this fall. If
the thinj: continues there will hardly' be
a single man left to entertain the girls at
the Winchester meeting next year, but
wo older Benedicts will be there or
thereabouts willing to keep up tho reputation
of tho Association for gallantry.
There are already numorous aspiranU
for tho Ohio Senatorship, which Senator
Payne says ho will on no condition c
copt for another term, as ho is 79 years
old and feels tho of withdrawing
from public life. John It. McLean,
editor of the Enquirer, says be would
not have it, but tbo woods are fullof those
who would. Col. Hrico may possibly be
The republicans in Kentucky seem to
ho doing all in their power to retain tho
name for her of tbo dark and bloody
ground. Tho blue-grass has joined
liands with Harlan and tho mountain
counties, apparently, to keep tho stigma
upon her.
The democratic majority in Ohio is
nbout 12,000; ; hiVirgJifla about -13,000
mid in Iowa about 7000. "It was a fa
mous victory
When mon who aspire to be lenders I It lacks but n few dnyu of n year I
habitually disregard tbo law against car , Binco urecn Kiiieu uaiuwin ni
ryiiiR eoncealed wenponsandgoprepaied ton.
to take tlio life of a fellow mortal at tbo
slightest provocation, it is littlo wonder
that men of less standing are guilty of
tbo same crime. Kentucky will never
lose her notoriety for bloodshed till there
is a complete revulsion, of sentiment
with regard to settlement of differences
by personal violence, ihstcad of the
means always at band. Nor until her
citizens cease to mako hero-worship to
those who bathe their hands Innnother's
Harrison carried Massachusetts by
.2,0:i7. This year the republican candidate
for governor has a pitiful plurality
of 5,'JS4, and yet the old phariseo Fays
he can see nothing in the result that
on his administration. In a total
vote of more than L'oO.OOO in the State
tho prohibitionists polled 1 :!,&!, which
was doing pretty well for them.
A very large por cent, of the brains of
tho republican party in Kentucky is lost
in the tbo deaths of Swope and Goodloe.
They weie a brainy pair and there places
can scarcely be filled from the material
to select from in the State.
The Alexander Hotel, Louisville, has
been sold to the Miller Ilros., of Tennessee,
who will shortly take charge. 'Un
cle Joe" Alexander will feel like a fish
out of water with no hotel to look after.
Miss Annie Beaver has been
pointed postmaster at St. Marys.
John Knox, a negro, fatally shot
Win. Fisher, a railroad man at Lexington.
Gov Buckner has. fixed Dec. 18, ns
the day Pat Hunt must die at Paris. He
was convicted of killing James Abner.
Gov. Lee has respited to 20 years'
imprisonment the negro boy who was to
have been hung in Chesterfield, Va., Friday.
Judge Lewis is announcing himself
in the papers of his district for re-election
to the judgeship of the Court of Appeals.
A three-year-old boy at Charlotte,
I o. i., pin to muni ins ii.tuy sister, huui
i her head off when she wouldn't stop
Albert Morea, oi Savannah, Ga., cut
his wife's throat because she walked
home with a young man from a church
An insane man stibbed one man to
the heart and desperately wounded four
others before he could be killed, at Bayou
Boeuf, La.
Several more herders have frozen to
death and much stock is dying in New-Mexico
from the effects of tho protract
ed snow storm and blizzard.
A family named Porter.consisting of
husband, wife and seven children, were
drowned while crossing the riverat Portland,
Oregon, in a small boat.
Peter Van was hungntSummerville,
Ga., for murder Friday. The night before
he cut his throat and tried to open
an artery, but failed' fo rob the gallows
of its due.
In his report Treasurer Huston says
that tho receipts for the fiscal year
amount to $387,050,0S3 and the expenditures
The Supremo Court of New York has
decided that thejclauso in Samuel J. Til-den's
will giving a largo amount of his
estate in trust to establish libraries in
New, York, is void.
The Indiana Supremo court declared
unconstitutional the act of the last
Legislature prohibiting the piping of natural
gas out of the State. It was already
being piped to Louisville.
Fire broke out in Davis' store at Petersburg,
Va., and destroved the Iron
Block on Sycamore St. Lt. Crichton, of'
the police, was crushed to death by a fall
ing wall The pecuniary lo-.s is estimated
at $7.-0,000.
The Com t of Appeals has affirmed
the death sentence of one of tho Hatfield
gang nml the life sentence of three others
of them. The one to be hung will
bo shuillcd off in Pike county just before
A $10,000,000 heiress bus bidden
farewell to the world. Kato Drexel, tho
second daughter of the late F. A. Drexel,
of Philadelphia, has taken the white veil
of the novitiate at the Convent of tho
Sisters of Mercy in Pittsburg.
Evan Hamlin, who was under indictment
for the killing of tho Worman
brothers, was shot from ambush Saturday
near Cumberlond Falls and instantly
killed. It is suspected that ho was
killed by the Wonnans' relatives.
The contracts for the building of tbo
new union depot of tho Chesapeako ami
Ohio at 9th and Water streets, Louisville,
have been let and from tho figures
nlready computed, tho building will not
cost one cent less than half a million dollars.
In n fight between Dr. P. J. Walker
and Henry Miller, two leadingciti.enn of
Rockbiidgo county, Va., which occurred
in tho court-house, pistols being used.
Miller was killed, Walker fatally wounded
and his wifo killed. Sam Beaver and
two sons of Walker received hovero
Tho Somerset Republican says that
Judge M. II. Owsley, of Lancaster, Mr.
Will C. Curd," of that place, and Mr. J.
0. Nelson, of Sharpsburg, who has located
in Somerset, have formed a partnership
for the practice of law in Pulaski
and adjoining counties, stylo of the firm
being Owsley, Curd d; Co.
Cincinnati democrats celebrated their
splendid victory Saturday night in grand
Gen. Greeley's report shows that
during tho year the percentages of successful
forecasts were for weather 81. -4
temperature 75.8, with general average
of 81. There woro 1,000 storm signals of
all kinds ordered, of which 080 were fully
and 74 partly justified as to velocity,
and PS0 justilled as to direction.
Col. D. R. Collier is at homo for a
day or two and will move his family
not to miss tho performance of the
Family on the 28th. They givo
a performance both instructive and entertaining
and such a troupe is seldom
seen here.
Tho "microbe killer" is causing as
much of a sensation here as the gold discovery
did in California in the year Ml).
Several of our best citizens have tried it
for variouscomplaints, indigestion, dyspepsia,
rheumatism, Ac, and all pronounce
wonderful benefits derived from
its -use. Jim Burnside says he bought a
jug of microbe (?) a few days since and
was taking it home for his brother-in-law's
use, who had been an invalid for
several years. Ho was stopped all along
the street by old men with dippers, wo
men with goblets and children with mugs
all crying and begging for just one dose
of tho life elixir. Before he reached
home he found ho had dispensed with
almost the entire contents of the jug, but
his liberal nature caused no complaint
and he seemed contented with the belief
that he had put several in declining
health on tho road to vigor and happiness.
Accoiding to tho customs of Chlneso
society, th wifo of tho Clilnoso Minister
to this country will comb hor
hair up from bet- forehead, to show
that she is married. Ilcr trossei reach
to her fcot, and so dlfllcult is tho task
of dressing thorn that ono arrangement
lasts sfvornl days, i'or tho preservation
of the cnilToro who lies whllo
1. sloop on a willow pillow ns finely
woven as an Imported bonnet,
ilifo a loaf of baker's bread. The maids
tlross buck hair in a queue, and
urrango a bang one and one-half inches
deep, from our to ear. A bit of coquetry
Is displayed allow iiir n sin-Rio
look to lloat loosely in front of the
faeo and over the shoulder. Tho hair
of tho Chlneso girl Is iiov.t cut. nnd,
as a result of tho splendid euro bestowed.
It grows luxuriantly. Washington
Let tor.
A Good Chinese Oracle.
Thoro urotwo Chlneso individuals in
Ilong Konpr who own tho majority of
tho uittivo houses between them, and
who, by a system of regular rent raisin?,
uro himply rolling in wealth. Ono
has had a groat deal of family troublo
lately, and his wife, in her tribulation,
consulted the tira't'lo at tho temple to
lourn tho reason of tho anger of tho
gods. The trial by drawing lots, according
to tho priests, showed that tho
can be was tho Imposition of increasing
burdens on tho tenants. Tho result
of Ibis has been thr.t in many
cases Iho roots have bomi lowered considerably
and in none will they bo put
up further. '1 limil s to tho good old
oraelo! Chlnoso Tlmw.
Littlo I'onrl listened attentively to
hor mother, whllo slm trio'l to explain
to her the ninth 1'oiutuiiu.liiiuuL. After
I u moment nho teo.ne.l to o.tteh tho
! meaning. "Miuuitin " lio said. (Jouslu
Ada biirjd falsa on the rats
I whon sho said thoy m!jij..J jutir u,dco
' and it was mo."
: I
2 PlW !' , f -
Loiiisvillo in a few days.
Bub Farris returned Friday from a
three weeks' hunting trip in Casey county.
He and "Gov." McGoodwin bagged
about 400 quail.
Mr. Robert Arnold, of this county,
wa? united in marriage to Miss Partite-
nia Burton at the residence of tho bride's
father in Burgin on Thursday of last
The Cincinnati Commercial-Gazette
attributes tho defeat of "Buck Fuzz"
Fornker to the workings of the saloons
and whisky men of Ohio. If they are in
any way responsible for Ohio's redemp
tion from Foraker rule, we say amen and
vote to give them full sway.
Mr. O. Smith Williams, who sold his
farm in lower Garrard a short time since
has purchased tbo residence, store-room
and stockof goodsof M. T. Mitchell, in
Burgin. Amount paid $2,000. Mr. Williams
gets possession Dec. 1 and we
very much to lose him as a citizen
of Garrard.
One of tho most enjoyable musical
entertainments of home talent over given
in Lancaster was that of Prof. Koes-ter,
assisted by tbo music pupils of Garrard
College at the court-house on Satur
day evening. The audience was as-:
tounded at the progress the pupils had
made under tho tutorship of Prof. Kocs'
ter, especially mose oi uiu viunu ui.iw. v ard or S S
Everybody left tbo hall delighted with d p'omptly,
the treat.
The Boston Ideal .Minstrels gave u
regular sickening, chestnutty performance
to a crowded house here on Friday
evening. It seems to be Lancaster's
Does the business. When they advertise a. bargain they give it. When they
say it is under nalue they mean it. The immense crowds who daily pack,
their store will testify to it.
Great Eduction: la CLOTHING This Week.
Keep close watch op what they have to offer and you will proit by it. A reg
ular u cione or jjarnams in urn (rnnrx. lUnihinti. Hnnv Shnnc n,,t
n '' i.'n f.i.. ' n '
xjU'Vs, LfUriJcis. Jiia.Lu.iip. ,.
r7,i,i, w it n....t n :ri.. .1 .i -. -
. vuuviouh.i' 1 s jjuy. uuurcuurs an $i.ou, former ;;
&.p U, former price X0.0V; at d.j(J, former price $0. Specia
j 11 llll.l. !.-.,
Star ford. K.y.
A Hrick House and Lot,
On Somerset ttrert. at Dreient occillicJ bv Mr.
fortune to patronizo exclusively tho worst ( " Cooper A vry durable place and can be
-- .
4 .idtinHAil a r Uriiiiit 1 .IHrvat rill nt
t t Ifll w naiaiu ouuiii. wi .n
enieriainmeniH mat. vish u uiuiimcaiiiui m. narper, kihiu,
,1... 1 Dt!,..,.,.l lw...fl..;,.l W..I Or I' M.McKOllBRIS, Manford. Ky.
would say to our people that bvcatihu
they were disgusted with the minstrels,
I with to tell my Farm of 170 Acret, ntuated on
the llyatlivillc and KirVtvillr ixLc, 4 mllct itom
Lancatlrr It it well walcnd, hai upon it a coin'
fortable dwelling houtc, liable, orchard in fact,
all the ncceoary conormencet. I have alto lour
ethcrtractt I would till
j8 J. IIANSIIhKRV WFST, Hlatttvillc.
in Lancatter, on Danville street, Ithe old Franklin
Inttitutc property, tuitahlc for a boarding
houtc II uld pioperty it not told privately or
rented for the year iSyo.it will be told at public
outcry on Monday, Deo. 33, 188.; at the court
houtc door 111 l.ancattcr, K) , that lieiiis county
couttday. MILLER ft SANDIFKK
Addrnt J. V. Miller, Lancatter, or J. I' Sn
difer, Mi llrtboro.
Thitold and well-known Hotel! (till maintaiu
ing Hi fine reputation. Chargti reatonable. Special
attention to the traveling public
M. V NKWCUMB, Prop.,
Sj tt Ml Vernon, Ky,
The Nobbiest & Most Stylish
Stock of
H A T 8 9
T.verl rouh'hl to the nt) nl 1. 0111. mw opet
including the world rwiowucd
Anda'omy own impnitalinu of Kiilith Huu
and Cap An elegant lin.i ol Canet and I.yon't
Celebrated Umbrella nlwi oil hand Hint
Glovct and other Fun, a tpecialty Order
city tolicitcd, perfect tatltfactlor
teed Don't tail to order a NOIIUV HAT. i.'vi
KlV jllP'lfcfc 5 !aMPaalftariaaaa9fl
iff MruMl52flRMMiHPE9WK"'" y
Are Hill In the liutlnes anil ready to do any
thing in the Undertaking lino. We have a full
lock of Cases and Cakd of all kindt and Kohet
of every docription Our heartc, which i nearh
new can he obtained On abort notice. Mr. J If.
(iret'ii hat charge ol rur biwne and will khow
our gooda to any one needing anything In our
llnr 64. tf
Thl notice forcwarnt humeri, tinhcrmi'ii .iml
other not to tre.pjt on our lamia without per
inistlon, n nil auch will ho prnncuted to the lull.
ett extent of the law. Signed;
V C. P
IV. 1
' w l.otiAK,
: 'IISI.UJ """'')
.ft jr m . 1
ice bz.ou: at
I reductions
mooys' bttits. .Uen's Uvcr coats $4, worth SG; $0, worth S7.50; SG.
1 ts - vv"ai .w ityi4ioU c.....j 'Fir. 7-1 r , t . '
low, ul( ?vvv, wile uiouuuur ruues win oe soia zo per cent, less tluiii formerly.
All men's Suits are cut down to one-half the price. Also our sales
. were twice as large as we expected. Our buyer had to o JSasl attain, to put
in new goods for the Holidays.
The chances on that 200 Organ will soon draw to a. close, so secure as many
tickets as possible.
Main stM Stanforxl.
Attention, Coal Burnera.
1 1 - 1 . 1.... r tii I..
I I Keep un uauu x .o I (juiiiiy ui jcnico, 1117 1
ami Nut C04I in my yard Leave jour orJir at '
,M)rr (tori! anil nicy win iicattcnu.
M. SAI.INGKK, Manager.
Having purchased, the interest of .!. ,SYrfrf, J will
conduct the business at the old stand, where I
shall be pleased to supply the wants of all
former yuid new patrons from a
Full Stock of Drugs !
Paints Oils, School Boohs, Wall Paper, Jewelru
and Silverware at low prices, for first-class
goods. I have a good, Jeweler, ready to do watch,
ami jewelry repairs in the best workman-like
style. Very respectfully,
Just What Is Needed !
A Houso in which you can find
Dry Goods and Notions, Boots, Shoes,
Groceries, Queensware, Glassware, &c.
Any of tho above goods exchanged for Country Produce.
Wo do a strictly Cash Business and our prices are the LOWEST.
Come and see what wo can save you.
Next door to Portman House.
Stanford, Ky.
rhyticUntprcunplioi.t aciiiratrly c Mltinntrd,
Kver brought to llui market, than
the lowctt. Watchet, Clock anil Jewelry He.
paired on ihortjiiollce and warranted.
' ".?.? laaBt i lftC? MUM tJBaWfV '
ynil keep constantly on hand a largo and selectline of Furniture
and Undertaker's Goods. My prices will be a3 low as suchij goods
can be bought in the cities. Givo me a trial and you will be convinced
that I sell lower than the lowest.

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