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Semi-Weekly Interior Journal
Stanford, Kym December 27, 1889
C.' ' .
For County Judge, THOMAS W. ARNON
County Attorney, JOSEPH B. I'AXTONj
" County Clerk, GEORGF. B. CCOI'EK;
" Sheriff, J. N.MENEFEE;
" Assessor, K. D. KENNEDY!
" Sup't of Common Schools, W. K. McCI.AKY
Surveyor, HARRY1 A. EVANS;
" Coroner. ARCil CARSON.
The death of Henry V. Grntly, tho
gifted editor and orator, is a serious blow
td the South, of which ho wns so fond a
lover and so gallant a defender. As editor
of the Atlanta Constitution he wielded
a vast influence and his utterances as
an orator invariably commanded universal
attention and respect. At n banquet
given by the Now England Society two
years ago he delivered a speech on the
South, which was a masterpiece of eloquence
and nn earnest appeal for brotherly
love and intercourse between the
sections. His last public appearance was
in Boston recently, when he Bpoke on
the race problem, with his usual broadness
of views and statesmanship. He
contracted pneumonia on the trip and
died a few days after his return in the
full flush of ft noble career. The South,
and indeed the whole country, mourns
over his untimely death.
On our first pnge will be found the full
text of an act entitled the Law of Libel,
which was adopted at the last meeting ot
the Kentucky Press Association and ordered
to be presented to the Legislature,
with theTequest that it be made the
law. A committee will see that it is
presented, but every newspaper man in
the State is interested in the matter and
should make it a point to urge upon the
member from his countv to support the
measure. Another committee was or
dered to be appointed to secure the pass-ago
of a uniform advertising law and
these are therefore to remind President
E. Polk Johnson that if he has not already
done so the naming of that committee
is in order.
The Georgetown Times is 23 years old.
It was started by its present owner and
editor, Hon. John A. Bell, who has been
in charge of it the entire time. The
Times is a good pacer and the fact that
:00 or more of its subscribers have been
with it from the start shows how much
it is appreciated. In certain contingencies
Bro. Bell promises a semi-weekly
and Bays that the Times will blossom into
a daily when the town has 10,000 in-habitants,
which may occur in tho near
future, as it is rapidly becoming a place
of importance.
It is with deep regret that we chronicle
the death of John II. Woodcock, of
Lancaster. A gentler, purer, lovelier
spirit never inhabited human body, nor
was man more beloved than he by all
who knew him. Hundreds of friends
unite with his grief stricken wife in genuine
sorrow over her terrible loss. May
she find consolation in looking to the
God of Love and Nothing Else, in Whom
his faith was so steadfastly fixed. Col.
W. S. Millor, n devoted friend, pays his
memory a loving tribute in another column.
JudueFikley was pretty badly turned
down by Speaker Reed, who does not
measure the mountain statesman with
the tape line that ho uses for himself and
which some of his admirers affect to use.
Ho is much displeased with his committee
assignments and says he will refuse
them when Congress reconvenes next
month. This is all gas, though. Finley
ought to have sense enough to know that
a man can be a hades of a fellow at Williamsburg
and still bo the little end of
nothing at Washington.
C0M.KCT011 Scorr, of the Louisville district,
is not enjoying tho holiday season
to any great extant. Most of his bondsmen
have asked to be released on the
grounds that ho is incompetent for the
.duties of tho office and has no regard for
a promise whatever. Scott hays they
are prevaricators and that he can get
other bondsmen just as easy, but we
shall see what we shall see.
Tub directors of tho L. it N. Co. have
presented tho widow of Conductor Lemon,
who was murdered in discharge of
his duty, with 20 shares of stock in tho
road, valued at over $2,000, made up by
their individual contributions. Corpo
rations may have no souls, but these
gentlemen have demonstrated that they
Senator Beck seems to be losing his
mind as well as his health. His gusli
over Senator Allison, of Iowa, whom he
lauds to the skies, and says his State
would disgrace itself by not returning
him to the Senate, is especially senile
when we consider how bitter and ultra
are his protective ideas.
The Clarksville, Tenn., Progress outdid
them all. It issued a 10-page, 7-column
paper, teeming with advertisements
and good things. Loving Gaines
has evidently got a gold mine.
The dailies are loaded down as usual
with accounts of. killings, accidents and
deaths. It is always bo at this time of
the year, when peace on earth, good
will to rnen should prevail.
Louisville has lost.by flro this year
Ucorge Nell has been appointed postmaster
at Columbia.
Einerv's Sons' soap works burned
at Cincinnati; loss $50,000.
New postofllces have been established
at Atoka, Boyle county, and Haccoon
Bend, in Laurel.
Col. Bennett Young is the head of a
syndicate that lins bought the Dupont
paper mills at Louisville.
L. it N. trains killed J. E. Laird, a
10-year-old boy, at Horse Cave and David
Keller, at South Louisville.
Ollie Francis, while intoxicated, was
fatally stabbed in a saloon at Lexington.
Several persons have been arrested
charged with tho crime.
.Mrs. Irene Skeels, who shot and
killed her husband for paying attention
to other women, was acquitted at Spokane
Falls, Washington.
Vicksburg, .Miss.,lwas visited bv a
disastrous fire Tuesday night. Five business
houses were burned and the total
loss will exceed $100,000; partially insur
J. R. Kaven, a wealthy Englishman
from Liverpool, committed suicide near
Austin, Texas, Tuesday, by blowing
the top of his head oil'. He had been
unsuccessful in love.
The Louisville leaf tobacco snles at
auction closed Tuesday, with 132,702
hogsheads for the year, which is over'
40,000 more than in 1SSS. There is no
other city in the world that near reaches
her in such sales.
John Wehner caught his wife in a
questionable attitude with a young clerk
at Baltimore and siezing a razor rushed
for tho fellow, who jumped out of a history
window and escaped. He then
turned on tho woman and cut her nose
off close to her face.
A race riot was precipitated at Jos-sup,
Ga., by the killing of two white citizens
by a negro desperado named Ben
Bremer, who, with a number of negro
companions, fled to the swamps. They
were surrounded by armed whites and
the fight between the two sides was in
progress during tho night. One white
man wns killed and a number of negroes
are supposed to have fallen.
Isaac Herrin bought of J. M. Coffey
(i head of butcher cattle at 2 J cents.
D. N. Prewitt bought in this county
a large bunch of 2 and 3-year-old cattle
at 21 cts.
J. W. Guest bought of S. H. Baugh-man
a yearling filly out of the dam of
Santaline for $1,000.
James Wilson, of Mercer, bought of
Hunn it Bums, a lot of fat cattle at 31
cts., and of Joe Cofley 1(5 yearling s'teers
and heifers at $12.
In Madison county, J. W. Bales purchased
and shipped for Lehman it Bros.,
of Baltimore, 2,540 cattle that averaged
1,600 pounds, and brought the princely
sum of $180,148. The best average made
was for 37 head fed by George W. Herd
1,878. Parrish it Douglass fed nearly
200 head, 1)2 of which averaged 1,815;
Win. Arnold, 07 head of extra cattle, averaged
1.7S0; Col. 0. II. Chenault, 100
head, 1,720. All brought 4 cts. Richmond
All persons indebted to the firm of
Weatherford it Cook, of Hustonville,
will please call and settle their accounts
before or by the 1st of January.
Foil Sale. A general line of groceries,
queensware, hardware and notions
in the town of Hustonville. Only
store of tho kind in town. Storehouse
for rent. Reason for selling want to en
gage in other business. J. W. Wash.
Under the head "Caught with a Kodak,"
our Gov. Jim Givcns is thus photographed
in the Louisville Critic: "A
face as broad as a barn door and a mind
I as deep as one of his own natural gas
wells, llio kindliest, gentlest, oiliest,
inoit unsuspecting smile; had BretHarte
met it sooner his immortal poem would
have been addressed to "Ah Jim" instead
of "Ah Sin." A laugh that befits
his round body and that gurgles and
like old wine reluctantly leaving
a bottle. He has enough stock in
I land, gas and mining companies to paper
1 tho expanso of the eternal heavens, and
j if his holdings ever touch par the inter-'
est on them will pay the national debt.
Tho personification of that latter-day genius
a promoter a cross between a boomer
and a plunger. He knows enough
law to make a living out of it if his path
was not strewn with better opportunities.
There's a shrewdness behind his
simple, plausible greeting that many a
wiser man might envy."
Boffff's Cherry dough Syrup
I giving splendid satisfaction to the tiode and
tho salca are positively marvelous, whiih can l,e
accounted for in no other way, except that It it
without doubt the belt on the market. Atk for
and be sure you get tUe gi'iiuina. We keep it. A.
It. i'enny, Druggist
JameH T. Oott, Carml, 111., Says:
He paid tinny-one dollars doctor's bill for hit
wife in one year and one bottle of llradfield's i'v
mile Regulator did her more good than all
the medicine she had taken before. II. Dale,
druggist, Cnrmi, 111, Write llradfield Regulator
Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars, Sold by Drug,
gitt A. K. I'enny, Stanford.
Dr. Acker's English Pills
Are active, effective, mid pure. For sick headache,
disordered stonUch, loss of appetite, bad
complexion and biliousneis, they have never been
equaled either in Airierlc.1 or abroad. For sale by
A. K, I'enny, Druggist,
fti'm w. f tin, m? , i.ifiJTi.v ,;
John Fredericks, .while flourishing
a bie corn knife. Christmas dav. telling
tho good people what a man he was
among men, failed to remember that he
had any legs and in making a circle with
his annlhilator, ran it into his leg. John
fainted from loss of blood.
At the residence of R. M. Hassock,
tho brido's father, Tuesday evening, Mr.
Meshack Gentry was married to .Miss
Delhi Hassock the Rev. J. C. Carmical
officiating. Mr. Will Cox and Miss Mary
Davis, R. L. Joplin and Miss Molhe
Hassock, attendants. Mr. Gentry's
gave u reception Wednesday.
Jackson Conn is in from Kaunas to
s.:o the home folks. Miss L. M. Myers
will enter bchool at Midway. Mrs. Sarah
Welsh and Pat are in Louisville. James
Reynolds and John Fruzer are here fiom
Pittsburi: to .spend Christmas. Will Lee
is here from a sojourn in Arkansas. Col.
R. G. Williams is up from Williamsburg
with friends. Miss Nellie Jones, of
Pittsburg, is visiting this place.
At Pittsburg, laurel counyt, Robert
Miller was shot and killed by Robert
Spears, Tuesday evening. Tho parties
hud been at outs, for some time over the
shooting of Will Miller in the arm at a
church in that place some time since by
Spcais when attempting to arrest him
for disturbing worship, Spears being
town marshal at the time. They met at
the depot on the above evening and both
opened lit e. Spears after emptying his
pistol attempted to reach a
where he hail
The wounded man says the parties came , '
to lim house and being refused admit
tanee threatened his life. He stepped
outside when they opened file upon
him. Townsend and Adams say they
had all been drinking together during
the day and in passing Auglin's house
theystopeed onthooutsido while Auglin
went in. After a little time Auglin was
heard smashing dishes, etc. Townsend,
who is father-in-law of Auglin, went in
to quiet and pacify him, when ho got his
gun and run Townsend from tho house,
following him and Adams a short distance
trlinn tint tlrino una n!l(np(l with llhov(
....... ..w .
result. Townsend was Drought Hero
Wednesday evening. Adams has not
oeen arresieu. 1
Do not Surfer any Longer.
Knowing that a couch can be checked in a day (
and the tint itagct of consumption broken in a
week, we hereby guarantee Dr. Acker's Kngliih
Cough Remedy, and wilt refund the money to all
who buy, take it at per direction, and do not find
our statement correct. For S I: by A H. Ten.
ny, Druggitt.
Our Very Boat People
Confirm our statement when tie say that Dr. Acker's
Knglish Remedy is in every way superior to
any and all othr preparations for the throat and
lungs. In whooping cough and croup, it is magic
and relieves at once, Weofferyou a sample but"
tic free. Remember thit remedy is sold on a positive
guarantee, at A. R. Penny's.
The First Symptoms of Death.
Tired feeling, dull headache, pains in various
parts of the body, sinking at the pit of the stomach,
loss of appetite, fcicrishness, pimples or sores
are all positive evidence of poisoued b ood. No
matter how It became poisoned it must be purified
to avoid death. Dr. Acker's Knglish Iltood Klikir
has never failed to rcmuvc tcrofuleus or syphilitic
poisons. Sold under positive guarantee at A. U
That Terrible Cough
In the morning, hurried or difi'rcult Lre.uhing
raising phlegm, tightness In the client quickened
pulte, chilliness in the evening or sweats at night
all or any of these thinjs are the first stages of
consumption. Dr Acker s Kng Ish Coyj;h
will lire tliese feirfui sympKims, and is sold
under a positive guarantee by A R. I'cmi
I wilt sell the house known as the
Stroud Property at Crab
The Cottage opposite the Railway
Formerly ccupled by II E. Miller, at the same
Same can be seen by applying to Mr. V. F. Ken
nedy, Crab Orchard.
71-1111 No. 30 State Street, New York.
Twenty Building Lots
In the corporate limits of Rowland
86 II J. DARST, Rowland.
11 S 1
On Lancaster street In Stanford, with six rooms
and kitchen, now occupied by W. II Miller
I'ossessMon given Jan. 1 APl'IJ to
66.U Mri.C J BAim
To canvass for the sale of Nursery Stock. Steady j seision given at once,
employment guaranteed. (lOUI) I'.W lor sue-
cessful men. Apply at once, stating ae. Men
lion this paper. 8
ALAHAMA NURSERY CO., Huntsvllle, All. ,
Capital to Build Houses to Rent.
A permanent investment for a few years, with
ample se, unty. Inquire at this office.
A full stock of Fruit and Ornamental Trees,
(irnpe Vines, Small Fruits, Asparagus, Shrubs,
and everything for the orchard and garden. Wc
employ no agents but sell direct at low pruts to
the planter. 1'ersnnal Inspection of our immense
slock Invited, Description catalogue with vulua.
hie suggestions on application.
71. St Lexington, Ky.
factory prices
My New House on Main St.,
Stanford, Ky. For terms apply to Mr. W. II.
lllggins, aiamoru, or m nic at t'anviii; rj
Attorney at Law,
Stanford, Kontucky.
Will practice in all the courts of this and
counties and in the courts of appeal.
Office over McRoberts & Sugg's drug store.
PorKeat Hotel.
I offer for rent my HoUl in the town of La icas
ter, known as the Mason House, containing tS
rooms besides kitchen and other outbuildings.
Said hotel adjoins the court'housi and Immediate
ly opposite the new brick livery stable of Walker
& Doty. Only one other hotel in the lon and a
I .. ..... ..- .1..!.. ... ... '!... ...... ..
IJUU UUSIIII. IIJI IMG IIKlll 11. l, .-.in, i.mi.11,1
Lie .Mrs K. J MASO.V,
Lancaster, Ky
The property occupied by A. K. Klkln, near lilt
Dans Hie toll gate. Good house, outhouses, orchard,
uter, t acres ol good ground, Ac,
ITotioe I
All persons having claims against the estate of
I.. S. Withers, deed , will present them to moor
my agent, properly proven, on or before lamiary
1 nr. K.-i.
W F .Mc.CI.AKY, Agent.
Men's Outfitter I
513 Fourth Avenue,
Louisville, - - Kentucky.
Well Drillers & Pump Adjusters,
Stanford, ky.
Wells drilled to order and Pumps lurmshed at
Quilting Attachment !
:e 3vc. si:m:s
Has bought the right to sell the Lureka Quilting
Attachment in Lincoln. Garrard and Doyle coun
tics. It works eipially well on all makes of sewing
machines; will do ten limes the woik in a day
any other manner 01 quilting : in lact it 11
greatest labor savers ever offered to the
sex He will call to see you In a few days
Attention, Coal Burners.
and Nut Coal in my yard, Leave your orders at
Yard or S. S. Myers' store and they will be attend,
ed to promptly. J. II. HIOG1NS,
63 Stanford, Ky.
We have made a Big Hit in the selection of
this season. Got iust what everybody wante to present everybody else with.
Oar prices HIT the bnyer where it tickles hiti; hence we JUT last week the
Biggest Business Ever Done in a Stanford House.
Having bat two days in which to close a Tremendous Stock of Holiday
Goods, we have lost sight of value, cost and profit and marked all goods
bought for the holiday trade at prices that cannot fail to close every article.
Nearly evert merchant in Stanford was grumbling and growling last week
on account of the awful weather, which occasioned dull trade with many.
Such was not the case with the
where Lowest Prices liule. There can be no such thing as ''dull trade."
Throughout our entire establishment in every department we offer fresh.)
new, clean goods. One look at our immense hew stock shows that experience
a gun, when the marshal, 0 r; ,; .,.,,,; ,. ,V tn ., ..4 4 '" j .. . 7, '?. LUUlLLt
Stringer, halted him. He did not stop ot" WIB """ wc.ffoMui iui, u w iv , ivutbyr u. t.ui'CU. UUd W COinmeitl'
until Stringer fired a ball through the vraus UIG UfjpruuWbUt" lUhppy iwvuui.il MUXim. IrlVB IIIC USCTUi, give tllC SUO-
stantiab. give tne tasting ana yon' Lb be wise, and. your wisdom will be greater
if liou make your selection from our Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes,
Hals, Caps, Tr units, Carpets, Matting $'o.
AV... ,...r. -..SI..-.. l..r.t ..7. -. inn ., 7. n tS i H f ")..-.... " - 1 I
iiiuiu 16 c ijuui otiao uiliviiuuo vi lh,c $.uu Kjriiiou. lt(', (l ,s WU II y IICIII'IS aS
7 7 7
.Nimuel Auglm was snot anil nan-1 . .
iTAcAiiuIti - tulii.1 ! fntnnti fIVivticikml JJyJ JVS svsVC0 (C &'
and William Adams .Monday night near Main Stl'Cet, Stanford,
Brush Creek Station. Auglin received I .
two wounds, one in the left wrist and
smsjlfac ...TP Ilftrl P
one in the abdomen ranging downward. ' "Vl,. j
Ii J Candidate for Superintendent of Public
School of Lincoln counijr. Klcction Auoii, 1690.
31. P. Itrlnklcy
UaCindlJau ur Clerk of the Court of Appeal,
nbjcct to the action of the Demotrjuc (Jartjr.
Hlec.iou Aui;inl, &
A couple of elegant roommu I.anratter Street,
tillable lor office, millinery or bed.roomi
w.o WKi.cn.
For Sale I
Having purchased the interest of Jlfr. Stagg, J will
conduct the business at the old stand, where I
shall be pleased to supply the wants of all
former and new patrons from a.
Full Stock of Drugs
Paints, Oils, School Books, Wall. Paper, Jewelry
and. Silverware at low prices, for first-class
goods. I have a good Jeweler, ready to do watch
and jewelry repairs in the best workman-like
style. Very respectfully,
uruuinmi ai .1 Hargain. Address or call 1111
Or i
V. 11
W Aro
H.ANDERSON. Harper, Kansns,
I'. M. McKOIIKKTS, Stanford. Ky.
The Nobbiest & Most Stylish
Stock of
Ever brought to the city ol Louisville, now open
including the world-renowned
Andaliomy own importation of English Hats
and Caps, n elegant lino ol Canes and Lyon's
Celebrated Umbrellas always on hand. Fine
Gloves and other Furs, a specialty. Orders out.
side of city solicited, perfect satisfaction guaranteed.
Don'llail toordemNOWlY HAT.
To Reduce Thorn.
A Krlck House and Lot,
On Somerset street, at present occupied by .Mr
(j II. Cooper. A very desirable plate and can be
The and Quickest
.Junction City to New Orleans.
I Kntlre trains, Ibaggage car,' day conches nnd
j sleepers run through without change.
The Shortest nnd Quickest
Junction City to Jacksonville, Fla.
The only line running through trains and sleep. ,'
Shortest lino to Ciialtnii.Kiif.i.Tenn., I'ort
Ala , Mcrid an Miss.. Vck'bur? Mi.. ii,L.A
Mobile" Ala. " l,,rm,"ha"' A'ta. and
Direct connections at New Orient n.,.i ci..
port for Texas Mexico and California-
I ullman Houdoir Sleepers on all ihiough trains.
Over one mi I nn urr.. ,.r i-.i i . 1 . "".
Ject to Pre-emption." Un.uJpedc.iiuate" ,U""
"A"' ,,c ' ad,l'"
w 11
I RANK V. WOOLKY, Tray. I'ais. Agt.,
D, G, F.DWAHlis
ueni. .Manager. Oen. .aiIi A Tkt; ,
v. 1 mi 11 ami t.
. -V

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