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Semi-Weekly Interior Journal
Gov. James B. McCreury will spoik
at tho courthouse tlile. Monday afternoon,
Tho local brass band Uvmed thiiiRH
Fr day and Saturday
up on the public square
Frank is conducting n
protracted meeting at Lomlou tills week.
Kid. John Bell Gibson, of Stanford,
preached at tho Christian church, Sun-
day. ,
Judo J. 0. Hemphill ban opuned n
stock of Hunts' furnishing goons ""
clothing In tho Miller-Hotel building.
Judgo Hcmpblll Ib a bin-hearted, polish,
ed gentleman nnd hn hpent a greater
portion of his life in tho mercantile business
In Ijineastor. Wo bespeak for him
a liberal shaieo! patronnge.
It took nil of Wednesday and half of
Thursday to complete thu taking of testimony
In the case against John Campbell
for killing Humphrey Best. After
hearing tho arguments of counsel, Judgo
Itobluson decided that there were not
sulllclent grounds for boldiug Campbell
rt.B ornnd iurv and ho wa discharged.
A large crowd from 1'alnt Lick attended
the trial.
Dr. Hon Letcher, of Henderson,
spent Sunday with bis sister, Mrs. Mag
Dunn. Mr. John Fsrra bus returned
from Staunton, Va. Miss Mary Annie
Wiluioru roturnod to NicholBsville, Friday.
Mrs. Jool'axton, nee Mim Mary
DM.it.LiMi nint a fuw das last week
with her mother, Mrs. Alex Itobluson.
Judge J. C. Hemphill and family have
returned l from the meeting of tho
Knights of Pythias at HBrrodsburg. K.
L. Klkln, of Surveyor Collier's olllce,
Louisville, is hero on a visit to his
Mr. Triah Simpson and family are
visiting In Hustonville. Itev. Waito and
wife, of are visiting Mrs. 0.
C. Storms.
--Mrs. Dora Jackhon, who has been
sick so long, died at 4 o'clock Sunday
venlng at the homo of her sister, Mrs.
Georgo W, linker. She was loved by
all nnd her husband and little child hnvo
the deepest sympathy of tho entire town.
Durial on Cemetery Hill Monday.
Considerable excitement at tho depot
Sunday morning caused by H C.
Urougbton shooting at n colored man
named Tom White. Some liquor wbs
said to have been tho cause of it.
The Greatest of Trottlnfl Meetings.
In this Issue appears tho advertisement
calling nttention to Kentucky's
great trotting meeting at Lexington, Oct.
6 to 14. The programmes are ready nnd
will be mailed to those who apply, as
will tho full list of entries as soon is
published- Tho Association has ottered
$50,000 for the races aud secured tho
beat horses In tho whole country; yet it
has generously set aside tho gato receipts
of. the first, second and third days
for tho two hospitals and tho orphan
asylum, known as Tho Charity Organization
In Lexington. Tho programme id
before us and it is an attractive our, full
of variety nnd excellent in arrangement.
Horsemon pronounce it tho best ever is-Hued
and predict that the Stallion representative
Stake (fo.OOOt, Saturday, Oct.
8, Tho Transylvania Stako (w.OOOt,
Monday, Oct. 10; tho Free-for nil purse
Wednesday, Oct. 1'-', and tho
$3,000 Special Stake, Friday, Oct. 14, will
proyo tho four grandest contests over
witnessed. The great event, however,
of the meeting is to bo tho Transylvania,
in which 20 horses, all able to trot
in 10 or bettor, aro eligible to stnrt.
Amongst them nro Kvnngeline,
Itnyland T :H'2); UUlo Albert 2: It!;
Ponce do Leon, 2:115; Paragon, 2:13; New-York
Central, 2: 13J; St. Vincent, 2:13J,
Anderson's Nightingale, 2:13jj Kremlin,
2:131; Hamlin's Nightingale, 2:141;
Wlllces. 2 1 1; Mattie II., 2:111, nnd
Hello Vera, 2: 15. There nro seven more,
but the above show tho quality of the
horses in tho race. Such a field has
iiovor faced n starter, nnd this will be
America's greatest race. Write to Kd
A.Tipton, Secretary, Lexington, Ky.,
nnd get n programme, nlso list of entries.
A Ouro for Parnlyets.
Frank Cornelius, of l'urcell, Ind. Ter., says: "I
induced Mr. I'inson, whose wife had n
ii.r... m i.nu lw.nl. r.t Chamberlain t Iain
Halm. To their great surprise before the bottlo
I... I 9il l..n mril ihe wii u sreat deal better. Her
... I...I l..n .trnwn A .1111. llile Lilt tllC 1 AiH
Itilm tcliuved all nam and soreness and the
mouth illumed it natural fchape." It i alto
certain euro for rheumatism, umo uack, praiii,
swellings and lameness jo
Dr. M L. IWnie, P'ugelst and
ford, Ky
cent ooiuea iur i.c ujr
Optician, Sinn
Uucklln'BArnlca Sulvo.
The belt alve in the world tor cuu. brunt
sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped
hands, chllblaini, corni and all skin erup
tions and positively curta pilet, or no pay required
Itisiruaianteed to Kiv. perfect satisfaction,
or' money refunded. Price 5 f "' P" .
For sale oy a
K. I'enny, aiamuru, n.y.
KirmanrvcuriMr.il. F Thompson, of Dei
Hrroanj)w "seVe.e.y oti,...,i with chronic
d ar?r?cca lie say "At times it was very
much no that I feared It would emf my
7M aiSmi ven vears siro I chanced to procure
little ol Chambci Iain's Colic and Diarrhaa
a relief and I
ltemodv. It gave uie prompt
TA permanently;.. I now cat or drink .any-
",m ""T'": ,'h.rm. 1 alio used it
inmif i P "-.'""---.,,,, Fl,r.albl)r,
kriVltourue" DiuMlit "d Optician, Stanford.
ho now cholera cases have been reported
at New York's quarantine Btatton
alnco Tuesday.
Mr. James J. Tadlock and Miss Lily
U. Sampson obtained marriage license
Hiram Gilpin and John Lucas,
young white men, wero Bent to tho penitentiary
one year each, Friday, for grand
larceny. Thoy stolo some clothing,
confessed nnd got oil" with tho lowest
MiM niancbo Corlnno Murphy,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Murphy,
died, Saturday, after a long illness.
Tho funeral took place Monday at 4
o'clock from tbu family residence.
Hill Drye was convicted Saturday of
killing Hiram Cowan and given eight
years in the penitentiary. Doth colored.
Tho case will probably go to tho court of
appeals if a new trial is uot granted.
While returning from church, Sunday
night, Mrs. W. It. llowrnan nnd
daughter, Miss Kato Ilowm.ni, wero
knocked down and badly bruised by a
runaway horst belonging to Andrew
Whitley. Both ladies wore cut and
bruited snverely, but It Is hoped not
dangerously. Mrs. Howman is hurt
worn than Miss Kate. Tito horeo started
from Mr. John Craig's avenue, near
tho housf, when he broke loose from a
post where he bad been bitched.
Redd, of Fayetto, sold 41,000 pounds
of hemp at ? I 50 per 112 pounds.
P. J. Dwyer bought of Fred Gib-hard
his Leonntus colt, Leonawell, for
M. S. Haughman told to Dr. Jackson
Givetis, of Pittsburg, a combined mare
for $175.
-Win. Moreland bought of various
parties in this county a car-load of hogs
at I to 4 1 cents.
FonS.w.K. 15 extra two-year old feeders,
weighing about 1,100 lbs. Apply to
to It. H. Hronaugh, Crab Orchard, Ky.
-M. F. Klkln bought of A. C. Martin
a lot of fat heifers at 2 cents nnd of 0.
M. 150 pound hogs at I
on la.
The Carlisle Mercury sayB tho new
owners of Hlue Lick Springs will build
a line track and organize a fair and trot
ting association.
Covington business men have organized
tRo Farmers' aud Shippers' To-
Incco Wnrehoueo Company, with n capital
of $1,000,000. It will be a rival of
tho Cincinnati combine.
Tho rains hnvo brought the grass
out wonderfully nnd if this weather
it will be ns fine as was over seen
n the fall. Tho corn crop Is an average
in two-thirds of tho county, but in this
tho other third, it is much less than half
n crop.
McAnally, of tho Shelby City neigh
borhood, sold to A. K. Denny, 23 acres
of corn in tho field, average G barrels 2'
bushels to tho acre, at f 1.75, the lowest
price wo have beard of. Mr. Denny will
feed it to bis mules, of which ho has
about 50.
Last year Build Todd paid $10 per
aero for 15 acres of land near Speedwell.
He put 150 pounds of fertilizer per aero
upon it and planted corn. His crop averaged
nine barrels to the aero and bo
sold It for $300, $20 per acre, or twice ns
much ns tho land cost. Richmond Register.
H. C. Hull, of Montgomery county,
bought of GeorgeOwings 100 barrels of
new corn in tho field nt $2. W. B. Kidd
shipped to Baltimore, Thursday, 143 cat
tle averaging about 1,550 pounds, bought
in Montgomery, Clark and Fayetto counties
nt an nverago of 4 J cents Winchester
W. P. Prewitt, auctioneer of Paint
Lick, reports the sale of O. T. Wallace,
executor of W. Johnson, at Wnllacoton,
on the 22d Inst; Corn in the field $2 20
per barrel, wheat 53 cento, cow nnd calf
$i)0; horses $20 to $01; 10 acres of land
with moderate improvements $055. A
good crowd nnd all in a good humor
with no signs of hard times.
Haydon & Crowd us liavo bought
over 300 head of 1,100-pound steers in
Green, Lnllue and Taylor counties at 21
to 2.00. Maltingly and Saunders Bros,
have bought over 200 head of 1,100
pound Htoers nt Bamo price. Chnrles
Heaven sold to Mnttingly, Simms & Co.
20 first class sugnr mules nt $137, nnd delivered
n car-load Tuesday, which were
shipped at onco to Now Orleans. Lebanon
Happy Hoosiore)
Wm.Timmonn, postmaster ol Idaville, Indiana,
writes. "Klectric Hitters lias done moru fur me
than all other medicines combined, for that bad
feeling arising from kidney and liver trouble.'
John Leslie, farmer aud stockman, of same place.
..I..', Ll-. 11... . I.- !. 1 .1 i'
says rum r.iciiui. iniicis m uc inc uesi Kiu
ney and liver medicine, made mo feci like anew
man-" J. W
town, savs
Gardner, hardware merchant, same
"f.lcctnc Hitters is lust the thing Tor
a man who is all run down and don't care whether
he lives or dies; he found new strength, good
appetite and felt just like he had a new Iiue on
lite Only jc a bottle at A, K 1'enny't drug
LaQrlppo Again.
During the epidemic of I.a Grippe last season
Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption,
Coughs and Colds, proved to be the best remedy.
Report, from many who used it confirm this statement.
They were not only quickly relieved, but
the diseno left no bad alter results. We ask you
to give this remedy a trial and we guarantee that
jou will be satisfied with resnlts, or the purchase
price will be refunded. It has no equal in l.a
urippe, or any Throat, Chest or Lun trouble
Trial bottles trw at A. K. Penny's Druz Store.
Large bottles, $oc and Ji.
Justice Lamar suflered a Btroko of
paralysis a few days ago,
Georgo A. nnd his brother, William
Gibbons, formerly of this county, but
now of Knoxville, hnvo been among
their relatives nnd friends hero this
week, looking well nnd as handsome as
John P. DavlB, wife and child, from
Stanford, wero on n visit to Dr. O. II. Mo-Roberts
a few days since. Mrs. John
Marble, nfter n long absence, was on n
visit to her uged father, Mr. A. Royalty,
Inst week.
county still standi pre-eminent
in heavy weights, ns almost In everything
else. A jolly fruit treo dealer,
12. G. Guston, from Carlisle, Ky., who
tins been amongst us for a few dayB, tho
other day weighed with our fat man,
Durham, of Middleburg, and pulled the
beam nt300, while Durham's weight wits
301. Mr. Guston, however, claims that
he wns nt disadvantage, being lately
sick, and that he hns reached 310.
Chris. Lynn, of Hustonville, James
K. Howard and Dr. Felix, wero on
a fishing expedition hero last Monday
nnd Tuesday. Lieut. Howard was one
of the original Wolford's cavalry from
Clinton county, and though nearly 27
years had elapsed sinco ho left tho 1st
Kentucky to accept promotion in tho
13th Ky. Cavalry, ho wns readily recognized
by his old comrades here. Time
dealt gently withjhim, the same hearty,
jovial features, but his hair was slightly
Tho examining trial of Wm. Allen,
for the killing of Ben Barlow at Caney
Fork church on tho 10th, commenced
Thursday and continued nil day Friday.
County Attorney Q. C. Godbey, John
I). Fogle and S. J. Bnldrick, of Lebanon,
prosecuted and A. II. Clark defended.
The case awakened much interest, ns the
court-house was full both days. About
40 witnesses on eacli side wero on
hand, but not all examined. Although
ho wns ably defended, our honest judge
thought him guilty and held him to answer
in the circuit court and fixed his
bond at $1,000.
The marriage of Miss Mary P. Young,
daughter of Col. Bennett II. Young, nnd
BurtMcVay Allison, will bo quietly
solemnized Oct. Pith.
Wo send cordinl greetings to Daniel
Mayes Bowmar, of the Woodford Sun,
nnd his bonnie bride, who was Miss
Cicily do GraflVnried McCaw. May
they live long and prosper.
ItobertC, son of Gov. McCreary,
will marry MIm Jessica Nowberry,
daughter of Gen. Newberry, of Chicago,
Oct. 6th. After n short bridal tour tho
groom will settle in Chicago to practice
his profession of tho law.
After being married 08 years, Geo.
Clouser aud wifo held a celebration with
123 descendants in attendance, nt Mansfield,
III. Both tho old people aro lively
and well. A sister of Mrs. Clouser celebrated
her 01th birthday in Ohio Friday
nnd n brother is in bis 80th yenr.
II. C. Marimon, Esq., ono of tho editors
of the Harrodsburg Sayings, will
ruarry Miss Nannio Foray the, of Mercer,
Oct. 5th. Wo do not know either of
them personally, but John Pulliam's endorsement
in such complimentary terms
is enouuh to nut them away up in our
Mrs. Andrew Tucker, a comely
young widow, only daughter of tho lato
'Souiro Cram Lvnn. was married at
Brodhead, last Thursday night, to her
cousin, Middleton Lyun Tiiero was
objection to the marriage ou account of
close relationship and this was why the
Brodhead trip was made. May they
live long and happily.
Though the clouds be thickly jjiUhcrcd
And obscure each ray ot light,
Turning Hope's refulgent day-time
Into Doubt's depressing night,
Yet behind the heut y shadow a
Dennis tho sun of endless day,
Hut that sun will never reach us
Till the doubts hao passed away.
1 hough tho heart be bowed iu sorrow,
, Sternest griefs oppress the noul,
Though the tide of trouble licai us
Where its waters blackest roll;
Yet there is a olco that's waiting,
Joy and piuco to speak to all;
Hut that voice will nrtver reach us
Till ler It our own shall call.
Though a sense ol grievous sinning
Crush us by its mighty weight,
Though we feel that God has left us
To our self-appointed fcto.
Vet his hand Is always profVercd
When all tho other help has flown,
Hut his hand will never reach us
Till we grasp it with our own.
'From the selections of the editor', dear dead
wife, and printed ill loving memory of her.)
When Baby ws sick, wo kuto her Castorl.
When .he was a Child, sb.8 cried for Castoria,
When she became MIu, nho dune to Cutori.
When .ho had Children. ho cto them Castor!,
The Chid Follows Grand Lodge at
Portland tabled ft resolution declaring
saloon keepers ineligible to membership.
Tho I. J. Man at the Barbourville Fair and
Other Points.
Having gotten in tho custom of going
to nil tho fairs In these parts nnd doing
pretty well for tho iNTr.itior. Journal nt
them all, I left Stanford on Friday morn,
ing for Btrbourville to bo present on tho
Inst daj of tho second meeting of tho
Knox County Fair Association has held.
Fortunately for me an immense crowd
nttuudi'd nnd it was a first-rate opportti
nity to increase our already reHppctahly
largo list nt HiHt point. Tho opportunity
wtw grasped and the cnnseuuencH is
the mail on Tuesday and Friday
ings at Barbourville will weigh n few
pounds more than it has heretofore. A
goodly number of our old renewed
their subscriptions, which too
helped tho cause to some extent.
Tho lair proved a very creditanlo exhibition
of stock and each ring was well
filled. The trots nnd running races were
interesting and altogether it was n fair
that Knox county has aright to be proud
A special fenture was the floral hnll,
which was literally jammed with various
exhibits It might well have been call
ed an agricultural hall al30, for n considerable
portion was used for the display
of agricultural products of every kind.
The show in this lino was particularly
good and showed that Knox county has
eome good farmers herself.
Tho programme for Friday was such a
large one that it could not be completed
nnd the fair was continued over till Sat
urday, when. I am told, another large
crowd attended. The premiums were
not remarkably large nnd as there were
a great many "specials" the association
evidently came out away ahead."
I was impressed with the good looks
of tho crowd Friday. The men, as n
general thing, aro refined and substantial
lookiug, and the ladies, if you will
pardon tho slang, are "out of sight."
Knox county is ahead of several of her
sister counties in this hue and in fact
nearly comes up to tho blue grass.
To make it even more pleasant for the
visitor within their gates the young men
give a delightful hop, Friday evening,
at the new hotel. There were somo 40
couples present and from 0 p. m. till 3
a. si , Terpsichore wns worshipped. Lots
of pretty girls, dressed in tho latest approved
hop style, wero there and tho
scene altogether was one of beauty nnd
The town of Barbourville is not what
tho more sanguine thought it would bo
when the boom was on, n couple or so
years ago, but it is u good town anyway
and lots of business is done there. Editor
Lewis D.Sampson claims that ho has
the best town in the State, and whilo I
do not ngree with him altogether, I must
ndtnit that it is a good place and n most
excellent town to secure subscriptions
to a first-class newspaper.
A family by the name of Andrews,
living in Barbourville, mado music for
tho fair. There were in tho band, besides
tho father and mother, five 6onB
and n daughter and the music they
made was good indeed. The daughter
blows n slide trombone with much grnce
and ability, while Mrs. Andrews "toots"
a cornet like a veteran.
From the lair I went, to Cumberland
Gap, thenco to Middlesboro and then to
Pinevlllo three "boom-busted" towns
in ono day. A feeling of sadness pervades
my very soul when I look at these
places, which, two or three years ago,
wo spoke of and looked on as "futuio
greats." Cumberland Gap seems to be
sleeping a sleep that knows no waking.
Most of the people who could do so have
moved away nnd vacant business houses
and dwellings can bo seen on oveiy
Middlesboro, so the citizens sty, is
looking up and may the good Lord help
it to do so. It is claimed that work will
soon begin at the Watts' Steel plant aud
that 1,000 men will be given employment.
Whether this is true or not time
only will toll. The Watts claim that
thoy have expended $1,300,000 there nnd
thnt thoir pay roll for tho meu they
have nlready on the grounds amounts to
upwards of $12,000 per month. One
salaried man tho steel maker draws
of that amount.
Tho tannery, which gives 203 men
employment, and which, by the way, is
the second largest in the world, uses 500
Jiides a. day and has been doing so several
months. The iron works and South
Boston Gun Works, w.w told, aro assured
nnd will be in operation ere many
moons wax and wane.
Pinevillu looked mighty dull, but
there are those who are sanguine that
only a little time is needed to make it
what it promised to be a good little
city. Some building is going on then,
but the hum of industry is uot so deafening
as it was some years ao. The
Pineville people aro like David
Micawber, always waiting for
something to turn up, aud beeni to be
about as well satisfied with their lot ns
was that character. K. O. W.
Capt. W. A. Abbott, who has long been with
Messrs. Pcrclval & Hatton, Real Estate and Insurance
Ilrokcn, Des Moines, Iowa, and is ono of
tho best known and most respected business men
In that city, says: "I can testify to tho good qualities
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. Having
used it In my family for the past eight rears, I can
saTely say ft has no eiiuat tor either colds or
croup.' 15 and 50-cent bottles for sale by Or. M.
L. bourne, Druggist and Optician, Stanford, Ky.
OPENS SEPT. 14, 1892.
Twenty-seven and instructors, eight coure of study as follows Agricultnral, Scientific
lllotogical, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Veterinary, Classical, Normal School. County
appointed received free of tuition Uoard in dormitories Ss per week; in private families $3.50 to Ji.
Kor catalogues apply to dAS. a., f AT'i'JSKauw, fa u.. rrea., Lexington, Ky.
SHELBTVILLE. KY.-An Knglish and Classical
School for Girls. Sixty-eighth Annual
Session open Wednesday, Sept. 7th, ifiqj.
Prepares for Wellesley. W. T. POYNTER.
Stanford Female College.
J. 1YI. HUBBARD, A. M., President.
Fall Session Tuesday, September 6tli, 1892.
Full corps ofContcrvatory and Normal School teachers, Superior courses in Literature, Music and
An Excellent boarding department Catalogues nnd circulars furnished on application.
Centre College Academy,
With a full courvjof study, both English and Classical. While the course ol Instruction Is eppclally
adapted to prepare young men for the Freshman CUst, It Is Intended at the umo time to furnish a
liberal English education to any who desire It. In connection with the Academy,
A Home Boarding and Traininjy Department
Has been established In the Home ami under the personal control of the Principal. Regular study
hours under the supervision of the Principal and assistants nnd the restraints and government of Christian
home are combined with the best educational advantages.
For lurther particulars In regard to board, tuition, etc , address
JAMES B. WALTON, Principal, Danville, Ky.
During the year 1892 I
hand a full and complete
Drugs and
Paints, Oils,
& Stationery.
shall' keep constantly on
stock of
Toilet Articles
Glass, Books,
My stock of
Is larger and better selected than ever and I assure my customers ol
drompt service, low charges and courteous treatment; Mr. Thomas
D.LTon in charge. A. R. PENNY.
About closed out our stock of Spring Clothing; only a few Suits left,
which we offer at
Greatly Reduced Prices.
Just received a new stock of the
In Stiff and Soft Hats, Caps,K&c. In the Shoe line we can offer you
anything for
As low as any House in town.
E. &V. Collars, Neckwear, Hosiery, Puff Shirts, etc. Trunks and
Valises, Umbrellas and Gum Coats.
We have a few pairs of Shoes and Slippers that were slightly damaged
by removal at our recent fire that we will sell regardless of cost.
i &i ail -J h
for Infants and Children.
"CastorlaUao well adapted to children that
I recommend ltas superior to an prescripUon
known to mo." II. A. ARCiun, M. D.,
Ill So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y,
Castnrla cures Colic, Cotutlpatlon,
Kotir citonuv:u, Dlarrbora. Eructation,
K1U Worms, gives sleep, and promote digestion,
Without injurious medication.
To Cbntacr Compant, 77 Murray Street, It. Y-
Drugs, Toilet Articles, School Books
and Stanford .
Call and secure Bargains.

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