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. Semi-Weekly Interior Journal
Hayes was engaged to
bo married shortly to his cousin, M rn. Mary
Aun lligelow, of Battleshoro, N Y.
Tim marriage- was put oir on nccount of
tho death of Mrs. inflow's son, n young
lawyer, who resided in New York. Mrs.
Uigelpw l tho widow of Win. A.
who wan at tho time of his death
neof tho richeat citizens of Vermont.
The Xdvocate says that George Lew
obtained license Thursday to marry
Miat Jennio Duncan, who llu near
Junction City. A handsome supper was
prepared nnd arrangements perfected to
make tho occasion a festlvlous one, but
eorne indulged too lavishly in
jollification and when the
hour arrived ho was in a rather uncertain
statu of mind nnd body. Tho
bride expectant became indignant and
declar.il the whole thing off Indefinite-
The widow of
Senator Hearst, of California, denies tho
statement that she in to mnrry Senator
Faulkner, of West Vn., nnd she ought to
know. SayB she, "How such a story
could havo originated passes my comprehension,
as I never even met tho Sun
ator. You may say further that 1 do
uot propoBu to marry any man. When
1 see audi stories us this given wide circulation,
I wish I was n man, for I would
take effective means to pauish tho follows
who give t.iem circulation."
the legislature;
Gov. ltrown nent to tho Senate the
following nominations to comprise tho
Statu Hoard of lvqualization: Messrs. 15.
II. Vansant, of Klllott county; J. S.
1'helpi, of Fayette; Jtneph S. Murmy,
f Jetferson, and Kdward Starts, of Fulton.
Keprcecntntivo Charlton, of
made an offensive remark to Hen
resontativo Italloy, of Carroll, in tho
llounu and in a twinkling they were out
in the rotunda shedding their coats for a
rough and tumble light. Friend, inter
fered, however, nnd peace was patched
Tho Galloway bill, to go to tho limit
of tho constitution and have seven judges
at once to hold ofllce eight yearn, divide
tho State Into that many districts
and puts us in the Titli su follows; Henry,
Trimble, Carroll, Gallatin, Owen,
Scott, Franklin, Ilourbon, Fayette, Anderson,
Woodford, Garrard, lloylo, Jessamine,
Madison, Mercer, Lincoln, Pulaski
and Rockcastle. This would make
the district strongly democratic.
Tho old Howlett House, located on
the soul!, bank of James river, opposite
Dutch Gp, Vn., lamous in war annals,
has been burned.
-Frauk Hush, a brakeman on the
Queen nnd Crescent road, whs crushed
to death at Williamstown while attempt
ing to couple cars.
Tho Capital National Hank, of Lincoln,
Nob., hat failed and tho Statu treasurer
is caught for fJoO.OOO. Tho total
deposits amount to about to frt'Jo.OOO anil
the failure is said to bo a bad ono.
Tho Philadelphia Times saya: "One
of the disadvantages of sleighing is that
tho hands must bo held out in tho cold to
drive." Only ono hand is held out in
tho cold to drive, the other is much bet
ter employed.
At Chicago railroad crossings last
year 320 peoplo were killed. Tho number
who met death nt th hands of the
thitfTinnd highwaymen who infest Chicago
thoroughfares after tho sun HCtH has
not yet been divulged.
Albert Schilling, a Richmond merchant,
went to tho county clerk's ofll.e
and had nn oath recorded to tho effect
that for one year ho would not sell gooils
except for ch. loan monoy or take a
drink of Intoxicating liquors.
A Now York bIioo dealer lias received
an order for a mammoth pair of shoes
from a colored preacher in Georgia. Tho
shoes are 21 inches in length nnd 7J
inches in width. The measurement over
and around tho instep is 10J inches.
Senator Perkins has given up thu
contest for return to tho Senate from
Kansas and a number of now candidates
are in tho Held. Tho deadlock in the
legislature remains unchang.nl, but it is
believed tho populists will surrender if
tho caurtfl decide against them
Remember that Alfred Kelcy is direct
from his enormous Now York City
success nt tho Now Park Theatre in his
now screamer, Widow Murphy's Goat,
under tho management of Col. Theodoro
Hoppenheimor, and will appear nt Wal-'ton's
Opera House, Wednesday night,
23th. This comedy consists of new nnd
original songs and new streaks of fun.
London's greatest success plays ono year
at tho Grand Opera House, Chicago, during
the World'fl Fair. Dancing, Hinging
nnd laughter galoro. And it won't como
our way again for two years. Can you
miss it?
. ...-
Tho Now York Ledger has n three-column
story of a hero who wooed a
heroine because ho fell in love with tho
way sho made his shirts. This is the
longest ehirt tale ever exposed to public
Mr. Felix Fox, who has been livinec
in Kansas City for a number of years,
may conclude to again practice law in
Milton King, an elderly colored man,
and until recently a citizen of DanvllI",
died in a Louisville hospital last week of
asthma nnd other complications.
Michael O'Kecfo, a of
Shoemaker John Tracy, and himself of
that craft, died Thursday night, after n
long illness. Ho had been blind for several
Tho residenco of Monroe Hickman,
n colored man, at thu edge of town on
the Stanford pike, accidentally burned
Friday. Owing to tho cold weather tho
lire company could not get to work in
timo to do much good.
Win. Miller, on trial for tho murder
of Sam McKce, was Friday convicted of
manslaughter and given four years in
tho penitentiary. A now trial will prob
ably be asked for; if not granted the case
will go to tho Court of Appeals.
As this letter closes at 12 M. Monday
counsel are addressing tho jury in tho
caso of tho Commonwealth of Kentucky
vs. Georgo Word, accused of complicity
in thu killing of Georgo Wells, at June
tiou City, in February, 18JH. No ono of
course knows what thu jury may do, but
a number of lawyers havo expressed tho
opinion that in case of a conviction there
will be another reversal by tho Court of
Appeals, because of certain evidenco
heard by the jury and of certain nrgu
nieiits made by lawyers for the proecu
H. A. Milton, who under tho name
of I). II. Preble obtained 25 from the
Farmers National Hank last week by
means of a forged telegram, will probably
be taken back to Jackson, Michigan,
Tuesday, a it has been ascertained that
he escaped from the penitentiary there
on the lth of this month. In his valise
were found fetters from his wife and
poorol 1 mother, which showed them to
be people of intelligence nnd maybo of
standing. Milton is probably onu of
those reckless characters who, when out
of monoy, will do desperate acts to ro
supply themselves. Ho does not look
like a regular thief.
One day last week a young woman
giving tho name of 1'muia Craig was bo
foro thu police court on account of a
quarrel she bed had with another wo
man of her class, both being prostitutes.
She was neatly dr"Bcd, pretty and possessed
of manners which showed that
sho hail been reared a lady. It came nut
in tho trial that sho had been living her
present life about four years; that sho
was a native of Garrard county and had
once, for ten months, been a pupil of ono
of tho Danille female colleges. Knima
Craig, sho said, was not her true name.
Sho had been n Danville but n short
tiuiH nnd was nlieltered by n negro wo
man, no white person's housu being
open to tier. Sho was lined $21.-10, and
not having tho money to pay, was sent
to work housu where nho remained until
after dark tho same day; then somo of
her friends, male and female, raised
money enough to pay her fine and sho
was relented. A few years ago n number
of good peoplo of Danville attempted
tho reclamation of several such women
and in some tunes succeeded. Would
the time be idly spent to make a like effort
in behalf of this poor creature?
There is nothing in her appearance or
manners to indicate unmistakably what
sho is. Will she ho given n clianco to
do better?
Ah, licre it it, the dear old place '
Unchanged through nil these years,
How like tome iwccc familiar faco
My childhood's home appears.
The crand old trees behind the door
Sull sptead their blanches wide;
The rircrt wander at of yore,
Willi tuectly running tide;
The distant hills looL green and gray,
The flswcri arc blooming wild,
And everything luoVs glad to-day
As when I was a child.
Regardless how tho )ur have flown.
Hall wondering Inland;
1 no fond, endearing tone,
I clatp no friendly hand;
I think my mother's smile to meet,
I list my father's call,
I pause to hear ny brother's feet
Come bounding through the hall ;
lint nilonco all around mo reigns,
A chill creeps through my heart,
No truce f tlnxe 1 lovu remnin,
And tears unbidden start.
What (hough tho minbcams fall as lair,
What though the budding flowers
Still shed their Irflgranco on the air
Within life's golden hours;
l'ho loving ones that cluttered here
Thcsfl walls may not restore;
Voices that filled my youthful ear
Wilt Erect my soul no more.
And yet I quit the dear old place
With slow and lintreiing tread,
As when we km n clay-cold face
And lcuie it with the dead.
(Printed In loving memory of a desuted and true
wife, from her own selections,)
Thu Kellogg powder works, near
Huntington, W. Ya exploded some
moro Sunday, thu loss boing estimated
at $10,000. Six explosions have taken
placo within IS months, causing a loss of
seven lifts, and litigation is pending
which, if put through, will remove tho
establishment on the score of being a
Tho doctors say tho health of our
community is generally good. Dr. B. P.
hstes is very low and not expected to
Miss Kva Reynolds gave a delightful
supper last Tuesday night ton few of
bur friends, which was highly enjoyed
by all present.
Ico hunters prouounce it 12 inches
thick on Green River. All of the icehouses
are being filled and some of the
barns in McKinney.
J. O. Shields, of Lexington,was in
town a few days ago on very important
business, and Clay Hunt, from Pearson
tfc Clark, was on our streets Friday.
Six of the members of McKinney
Lodge, No. 5:11, F. & A. M., to-wit: F.
M. Ware, W. M., E. J. Tanner, S. W.; J.
K. Carson, J. W.; E. O. Singleton, S. D.;
W. 11. Davidson, P. M , attended tho
Masonic lectures at Harrodsburg last
week. The boy imuim back smiling as
if they had met num kinsfolk. Mrs.
Dr. Ed M. listes in iniung bur parents
nt Crab Orchard. J. V. and J. A.
have gone South with stock. Ed
Paul, our tombstone man, has gono to
Tennessee for a few days' stay.
A very pitiful object was heen at thu
Commercial Hotel a few nights ago, A
negro tramp camo in that proved to be a
perfect mute, uneducited, frozen so bad
ly that his feet had burst. Unable to
write, lie had no paper.) to tell who he
was, or where ho camo from, or where
ho wanted to go. Tho proprietor not
knowing how to proceed, went for P. M.
Davidson mid Dr. Ed M. Estcs, who responded
to his call. Thu doctor exam
ined him and dressed his feet. David
son searched him for papers and Amea
and Carson, thu proprietor put him to
bed. On his person was found a Water-bury
watch, a knife, two copper cents
and a shaving check. A pair of socks
and sandals weru provided fur him,
and a good bed to sleep on, with a guard
to watch him through tin- night. Next
morning he was fed all ho could eat ami
with his pockets tilled, he started north.
His face wen scarred anil also several
scars on tils hand.
k Hay den Statiuu.
; Mr. Took Hubble was kicked'by a
jack ho was feeding nnd had his leg bro
R. E. Gaines bought of Dudderar
tiros, lo bushels of nice clean clover seed
at i per bushel.
W. M. Dudderar, proprietor of the
Dix River Roller Mill, has ordered a
corn-crusher which will bu in operation
by thu first of thu week.
Mr. G. T. McRobeits and granddaughter,
Miss Bettio Henderson, of
Lowell, has been visiting in this neighborhood.
Ren and Will Gaines havo re.
turned from Shelby ville.
Mr. Copo Johnson came near being
burned out Friday night, when it was
discovered that thu lire was uuder headway
in thu room above. Mr. Johnson has
possession of his father-in-law's farm,
Mr. J. M. Deazlcy, on Logan's Creek.
S. K. Dudderar purchased of E. O.
Fretwell, of the Bourbon Stock Farm, at
Paris, a very desirablo and well developed
stallion, Job Stuart 501, sire of Kitty
Pfttcheu, 2:211, Darkness, 2:21 J, Outcroifl,
2:S0, by Mumbrino Patchen, 1st dam Puss
Prall, dam of three in thu list and live
producing sons by Mark Time.
Mr. S. K. Dudderar was in the K. C.
wreck lost week. He was whirled thro'
a window, but escaped ecrious injury.
We regret to learn that Mr. G. C. Givens
will remove to Bourbon. Miss Hattio
Housu entertained quite u number of
her friends Thursday evening in honor
of Miss Ella Wright, of Stanford, and all
had a good time.
Mrs. N. Bedford Forrest, wifejaf tho
lato Gen. Forrest, died Sunday in Memphis.
Rutherford B. Hayes' grave has
a part of that peaceful cemetry
scene, where ho rests beside the body of
his beloved Lucy underneath tho enow.
Death ovens up all things and condoues
all thiiius. Peace to thu departed. Louisville
Mr. S. G.Tyler, of Louisville, died
suddenly nt an early hour Sunday morning.
Ho married tho widow of Mr. Jas.
Hull'man, of this place, whodo maiden
name was Miss Jennio Poe. Mr. Tyler was
an excellent christian gentleman, and
uiauy friends here sympathize with the
bereaved in thu loss of such u good husband.
Win. Waddle, father of O. H. Waddle,
Esq., of Somerset, died Friday, aged
70. He had been a magistrate of tlto
county for 20 years and was widely
known among all classes for his square
and honorable decisions on the bench,
not one of his cases having ever been reversed
by a higher court; and it was his
wont to boost that ho never taxed a
widow the costs in a suit, i He leaves 13
of the 1 1 children born to him. . l&i
In a lecture before the Nineteenth
Century Club Rev. Joseph C. Price, of
Livinraton College, showed that tho ne
groes of this country are worth $29 1,000,
Rev. A. V. Sizemore went to Somerset
yesterday, where he will hold n cou
plo of weeks' meeting.
Rev. Dr. J. W. M. Williams has been
42 years continuously in his personal
charge as pastor of the first Baptist
church, Baltimore,
- The gospel barge, which Bishop
Walker, of North Dakota, iB to uso on
Hie Upper Missouri, is nearly ready to
be launched. It has been named "Tho
Missouri Missioner."
Prof. Milton Elliott, of Kirksville,
Madison county, has been engaged by
the Christian church at this place, to
preach tho first and third Sundays of each
month. London Echo.
It is said that Sam fr'ninll bos given
up evangelistic work nnd resumed bio
old position on the Atlanta Constitution.
It is mightv hard to wash printer's
ink oir one's hands, after it once
gets hard and Ret.
Rov. W. E. Arnold didn't hold
at his church Sunday night, but
went to henr Rev. W. A. Slaymakor at
tho Presbyterian church. He requested
his congregation to attend also, as ho
thought such courtesy due ? pieacher
j ust como among us.
Tho Hopkinsvillo Independent says
the recent Sam Jones meeting nt that
place has resulted in 200 additions to tho
churches of tho town. Tho Btptiste,
with Rev. John O. Rust, nnd tho Presbyterians,
with a distinguished revivalist,
are following the meeting up and
each church is reaping a harvest of souls,
Two women and one man were bap
tized in Sugar Creek, near Tiffin, O., last
week. The thermometer registered 14
below zero and ico 14 inches thick had
to bo cut to cet to tho water, which had
to be agitated during the ceremony with
hand rakes to prevent it freezing over
between immersions. This way of takin
up the Cross is a little too tough for en no
people, who cannot believe God requires
from His followers the suffering
that Huch a douse implies.
The Chesney, Ind., Sun Bays: The'
pro! meted meeting at thu Presbyterian
church closed last Sunday night. There
wero 10 accessions to tho church, backsliding
christians wero strengthened in
tho good cause and tho eyes of many tin-believer!
have been opened to the true
light by Uncle Joe Hopper's patient
pleading to come to Jesus. Wo believe
evil doing lias had a decided backset in
town by this revival. Uncle Joe began
a series of meetings at tho Presbyterian
churth at Midway Monday night. Go
hear him.
Better Than a Ktfco, can Americans
travel on tho F. F. V. (Fast Flying
an). Xo train in Europe or America is
equal to tho F. F. V. in the
completeness of its appointments. Tho
road embraces every luxury and comfort
and may well be held up as a model
for the world. It is the only
train lighted throughout with electricity,
heated with steam and carrying n
dining-car service in the body of tho
train from Cincinnati to New York via
Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia.
The entire train was built by tho
Pullman Co. without regud to cost. The
road-bed of the Chesapeake & Ohio's
Railway is tho finest in America, being
laid with tho heaviest steel tails, ballasted
with etone. Trains run under the
lilock system. Tho entire line is fitted
out with tho latest interlocking system
of switches, while improved curved brae
es nru used from one end to the other.
Tho scenery is grand and varying, the
route being along the banks of the
Ohio nnd Kanawha, through tho
canons of tho New River, along tho
Greenbrier, over the Alleghanies and
Blue Ridge Mountains and through tho
Shenadoah Valley and Virginia battlefields.
No extra charge is made on the
F. F. V. which affords tho most delightful
scrvico from the South to Washington,
Baltimore, Philadelphia and New
York, via either Louisville, Lexingtou or
Tho February number of Fetter's
Southern Magazine (Fetter & Shober,
Louisville, Ky.), commences the second
volume of this excellent publication,
which has improved with each succeeding
number until it has in point of merit
and excellent mechanical construction
eclipsed anything of a similar naturo
which has ever appeared in the "South,
and vies with any mag.uiue now published.
As a stimulant to Southern .authors
the publishers announce n special
prize of ?30 for tho best story of fiction
sent in on or before March 1st, which is
the firt of a series of prizes to be olfered
the coming year.
It appears from official reports that
tho Mason-Foard Company have, in tho
last 11 years, paid to tlio State over $;500,-000
net on their penitentiary lease. This
is an unprecedented record for tho les
sees of tho penitentiary. With such a
record it would seem that tho Sinking
Fund Commissioners might scttlo with
thorn amicably. Why can not tho Sink
ing Fund Commipsionera meet and try
it? Louisville Commercial.
TIih coal miners in Ohio. Indiana
and parts of Kentucky are striking and
usually carrying tueir point.
-A Full
Every one guaranteed, Extras always in stock.
Can get repairs for any stove made.
Home At Last.
I have bought of Dr. Vanarsdalc his stock of goods which are nearly
all new and bought at very low figures. I will occupy the same
stand and ask a continuance of the favors shown when in this business
before and on the same plan. Prompt paying customers will have the
usual time extended them, and
Cash Buyers Will
Mr. T. JM. White will have the store in front of the Coffey House
in charge and I have instructed him to close them out
You can get goods in Clothing, Uoots, Shoes and Hats lower than
ever. Merchants in town and country need not go to the city for
goods while this stock lasts.
Having- lost nearly all my stock by recent fire, I have just re-opened
at old stand with
And Chemicals, Latest Toilet Articles, School Supplies, Stationery
and everything to be found in a first-class drug store- I shall be pleased
to see all my old custmers and as many new ones as will favor me,
Assuring them
Prompt Attention and Lowest Prices.
New Block Opposite Court House, Stanford, Ky.
Our Carpets for the
And wo are showing some
Also a New Line of Rugs.l
gioiviGiMAKrci'ii: & mm
.This space will
j 'J11.L -i "i
Line of-
G i the Benefit
be occupied by
W zmws s
"In 1S93, who hereby extends hisjthanks to the
Good People ofHuston ville
For their liberal patronage in the past, and wishes to say to them
that on and after January 1st he will sell goods for CASH only and
will defy the competition of any one.

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