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Stanford, Ky., Januauy '21,180!)
Enoravixo beautifully and nrtisticnlly
louo At A. 11. l'tmny'H.
Buy vour books and Hchool mhoIU'H of
nil kinds from A. It. Tunny, who nulla
thorn nt publisher's prices.
IIavk your watch, clock nnd jewoiry
repaired nt A. It. Penny's. All work
llsMKMiiun thnt nil silverware, watches,
rins, Ac., bought at A. It. Tunny's will
bo engraved freo o( charge.
Mm. J. T. IUv, of ParkavilJe, has boon
visitiiiK Mrs. Susan Ilnrris.
Du. It. 0. Moikian is conllned to his
room with a very deep cold.
Mh. Willi). Uhkwkh, of Panviile, is
viKUitiR Mr. W. 0. Hutching.
Mits.T. W.Gbeii is back from n month's
visit to relatives at UloverporL
Mita. E, 0. Walton went up to I!ue
tonville yesterday to visit relatives.
Miss Katk Lamiikaii, of Lancaster, is
the guest of Mm. W, C. Hutching.
Mr. II. W. Lillaiu) was here Saturday
on his return from a commercial tour of
Mina Bettik Paxto.v went to
yesterday to attend the funeral of
Mr. 8. G. Tyler. ,
Mr. and Miu. T. J. Foitkh went over
Jessamine Saturday to visit their daughter,
Mrs. Thotniw Motcnlf.
Mns. II. lM St to Kit, of Crab Orchard,
ntered her daughter, Miss Kvn, In Stanford
Keinnlu College yesterday.
Dit. J. V. 1'kyton" has moved Into bis
nice otlice in the new block and is leiuly
to wait on the eicklv portion of the pub
Dit. A.S. TniCB 1h elfgantly fixed up
in his now quartern in the Owsley block
and better prepared than ever to serve
the public.
Mime Julia Stacki, of 11 union villi1,
and Kate Mays, of Sprinttlleld, who have
been the guests of Mrs. T. J. Foster, returned
to Ilustonvillt Saturday.
Mn. Ciiah. I). Whiiu is favorably spoken
of as n probable ciindidato for mayor
nt the coming April election. -Paris
News. Mr. Webb was a former typo on
this paper and made quite a number of
friends during his stay.
K, Y. KiLf.oiiK, formerly of the Glasgow
Timer, but now reformed and making
an honest living traveling for the
southern ConVo Company, wan hore Fri
day ami made w n pleasant call, in com
pany with hi old friend, Hov. W. A.
Sijk Punks, the Jeweler, in the new
Coal wise and cjal hotlti ohop at A.
A Warren's.
Yorn account is rrady. Call and settle.
1 mean you. A. It. IVnny.
mm m
Wanteh. Hoarders by day or woek.
dood rooms. Mrs. T. M. White.
Hats, neckties: nnd drets shirts. Full
stock just received. II. J. McUoberls.
Wanted. Three shares, of stork in
First National lUnk. John J.
Hicsr N. O. MnlasscH, Sorghum, Maple
and Cuarnel Syrups at A. A, War-
i en's.
Wk nro making a specialty of Arizona
cook stoves. Every one fully w arranted.
W. II . Wearen A Co.
Houn, to the wife of It. 12. Gaines, on
Saturday night, a boy. He has been
named for his father.
J. S. IIockKit otl'ersa splendid farm of
100 acres for sale in another column,
well improved nnd close to town.
-. - m m "
rKiifio.se indebted to the dissolved llrm
of Bruce A Yeager will please settle at
once with me. I can bo found nt all
times nt tbu stable. T. C. Yeager. ".
M.miiiiai. Nkwlvnd arrested Jess Myers
yesterday, for cutting Simmer Hay-den,
also colored, w bile in a tight. Trial
is set for 10 o'clock this morning. The
wound Is not serious.
The report conies from Hustonville
that Jos. Solomon, who recently set up
n cheap store there, has skipped by the
light of the moon, leaving sundry creditors
to mourn hn untimely depaituie,
among whom wo nro one of which.
m mm
My hack will meet both of the day
trains and will bo hauled to
nny portion of town for 10 cents. I will
nlso call for p.issengeiK in any part of
town for tho Saiuu money. Trunks
to or from depot for 10 cents. l)e-Darting
passengers will please leavo or-
rrders at tho Myers House and they will
be promptly called for. T. W. Green. "
Mk. Gub IIokpman, of the Crab Orchard
Springs Hotel, gavo a
banquet last night in honor of the
lfiUi anniversary of the marriage of Dp
and Mrs. E. G. Dick. The menu, printed
at this otlice, is both handsome nnd
comprehensive. Dr. Dick ia in chnrge
of life Keeley Cure, nt which there nro
nnw over 150 men trying to have them-
?0 selves relieved of the- cursed desire for
strong drink.
Pay your tuition now.
Kumkmuk.ii M. 1 Klkiu piivn tlio high-est
market price for furs, uetif hides, Ac,
In cash.
Takk your iik'KH to the Cash Darwin
Store nnd mt 150 cents for them. 15. F.
Jonea & Son.
Thk Columbian stamps ure n fraud.
They nro as large as it porous plaster and
about as illshapen nnd ugly.
roil Hunt. A very ilesirnblo room
with attached; pleasantly
located. Call nt this oflice.
A dog show Saturday night nnd a goat
exhibition to-morrow night looks like
Walton's Opern Houao is about to be
turned Into n menagerie.
My accounts are ready and due and I
will take it as a favor if those indebted
to me will call at onco and nettle, bs I am
In need of money. H. C. Itupley. "
m m m
Tiik Q A 0. will run n excursion
to-morrow to Do Leon Springs, Fin.
Tickets good till May 1. Let's all go nnd
stay till the weather gets warmer.
The weather service prophet nt Louisville,
who, we hope, has honor in his
own country, as well as others, is of the
opinion that tho backbone of winter is
broken, and thinks that the periods of
cold weather betweon now and spring
will bo brief.
Jambs II. Ykaoku has bought out Mr.
I. M. Bruce's interest in tho livery firm
of Bruce it Yeager and the style of the
(inn in the future will be Ycager it
Mr. Brttca is undecidod as to what
he will do, but for the present will attend
to his.exprcs and oil business.
Tin: Richmond Register flippantly disposes
of u serious matter as follow: The
iden of n railroad from Stanford to D.tn
Title to lower freight charges nnd pro
duce competition between the L. i X.
mid Cincinnati Southern is a perfect
joke. In 'JO minutes after tho lino was
completed the C. S. would have swallowed
one-half of it ami the. L. it X. the
other. And faith and begorro! what are
yees talking about?
A "btudbnt" named Tyler from Nelson
county, just entered at the Kueley
Cure, Crab Orchard, while laboring under
delirium tremens got nuny at "
o'clock Saturday morning, whou the
mercury registered below 7.jio and made
his way to Itonlaiiil. Marshal Lee and
Judge Ward Moote captmed and took
him back without trouble, after assuring
him that they were taking him home.
Tin: Widow Murphy's Goat, which
will bo presented at Walton's Opern
House night, 2.tth, by the
t dented comedian, Alfred Kehy, and n
strong cast, is purely a
nnd is said to be oxtrmdy funny. It is
full of songs, Irish leels, dunces, itc, and
It is clnimed that there is not a dull moment
from beginning to end. Secure a
.snt nt once nt W. B. Mcltoberts' drui:
store. Admission 'St, 50 nnd 7oc.
C. Nonius nnd his "Canine Paradox"
mine upon tin unannounced, but
by hard work and numerous street parades
with Ids i!0 dogs, he sut the town
to talking and when the curtain nt Walton's
Opera House rosn on his troupe
there was the largest crowd present nt a
paid show for live years. The wonderful
intelligence displayed by the dog
nnd their long and patient training was
fully demonstrated and many of their
feats werejtrnly remarkable. Everybody
was pleased and the professor, who is n
clever and straightforward man, reaped a
rich harvest of lucre.
Tint Cincinnati Commercial-Gazette of
Sunday cout.diis a column and n hall
accouut of a very silly esiupado in Lou
isvillenf Ranker J. M. Sharp, of that city,
and Stone Walker, the Richmond bank-
or. took n couple of women to tin
which in prersiiled over by Kviuij Wat-
ternon, von of the editor. They bad
bribed tho nttendnnt into lotting them
in and when Mr. Wntterrion appeared on
tho hcene, nil were ns nude ns .Mother
Hve before bint fixed pip that llfi Jenf cos
ttime. Tho whole kit rushed out Into
the Hiiouy 6treet Jiw they were, to be j blacksmith living nt Georgetown, Ky.
grubbed by a policeman, who took the Lillio is n very pretty blonde, 19 years
men to the lock-up nndlnllowed the jld, nnd lUnncbe is n brunette, and said
men to go. The men gave fictitious . bIio was not quite- IS years old. The
names, putjup money bail and failed to girls said thnt they met a nice young
appear hen their case was called next I man in Georgetown, who was a very
day. ' pleasant companion, and treated them
very gentlemanly. They became a little
aids has rented ,tho JConunercial Hotel , W liesntisllecl with their 'ome becaube
nnd will soon be ready to uecommodate ; fall,ur VM not ulm' to b"' tliem
thoimbhc. Tlioroidnota better hotel l'"0 lrhscH and give them ns much
man in tho country than the genial cap money as thoy wanted. Tho girls do-..i.,
M.,eru ri,., ui.nii... i'.Mn,ii.i "olrcd to bo independent and hul for
IUIIIi sllUCilirtltlMllll ttl.'lU1a 1JA I'lilinillll
Kvans andlKmbrv IJenxley nrti all very
sick. The former has been hud un for
over two months with bladder trouble
Misses Alhu and Laura Hubble took
tho train Friday Jfor Lexington, where
thoy will live in the future, very much
to tho rogret of ttieir Lincoln couuty
friends. A number of the merchants
have adoptedtho cash system and all
say they nro well pleased. Both of the
monument llruiHhereIhave closed shops
on account of cold weather Tho monthly
pay-rolls ofthe planing mil), the stavo
factory and tho two railroads amount to
over $10,000. James Hloom, of the
southern portion of tho State, h:u opened
a furniture factory mid is doia a
goo 1 business. Tho brats band, Cipt.
Richards lender, is making lino progress.
Killed Old man Turner, who
moved to the Knt Kml of this
county from Bell, waft accldently bhot
in the leg the othwr duy by n tuphnw
nnd bled to death before the flow could
bo stopped.
s m
Claiik County peojde, who lose $S6
000 by the failure of the
Bank, of D.tlins, Texts, nro talking
of instituting criminal proceedings
against the olllcrr. Lincoln county cap
italists are also in the soup to the extent
of about S'30,000 stock in tho broken
Buo. Smith, of tho Mt. Vernon Signal,
says it was in Laurel and not Rockcastle
that so many applicants for teRfhera' certificates
failed, if our memory serves us
right, the nrticle appeared in the local
columns of the Signal, where newB of
the couuty is supposed to be found. Look
at your files and sen if we are correct.
Mu. W. II. HkkhnsIh the "tradingest"
man in town. Yesterday he bought out
tho grocery business of Dr. J. K.
cost and carriage and went to
invoicing at once. He will continue the
business there and keep a man at his
other store to close out the clothing and
genta' furnishing goods. Dr.
is at present undecided as to his future.
Foil boiiio timeW. H. Wearen & Co.
have been running a local notice Baying
they would buy 100,000 dozn eggs at l!7jc
and 100,000 pounds of butter at 'Joe. As
the transaction would call for $o'J,500, it
has created much interest in all parts of
the State that the I.nteuior Jol'knai,
circulates, and we hnvn received Feveral
letters in regard to it. A firm at Franklin
wroto us Saturday thnt they could
supply tho requisite amount of egg and
butter at once and would ship them it
Mr. Wenren said so. Mr. Wearen didn't
say so, however, unleps the firm would
take pay In trade, and besides, he advocates
in protecting home industries.
Lincoln county eggs and butter are good
enough for him and his customer!). It
will be observed that lie has taken out
that notice. He believes in advertising,
but this one paid him too well.
Tim second meeting of the Glee Club,
which was at the pleasant home of Mies
Ixiuiso Bailey, Friday night, proved fully
ns enjoyable as the first nnd was attended
by the follow imr. Miss Gertrude
Howard and Dr. A. S. Price; Miss Annie
Alcoin nnd P. M. McRuberts; W. B.
McKinney nnd MiiM Nan lltuchinan;
W. H. Wenren and Mies Kit Biughman;
Miss I,oui8 Tipton nnd Will Severance;
Miss Oh ia Summers and Will
Miss Eiiso Whitman nnd Wallace
Withers; Miss Mary Alcorn and G. A.
Jr , Misa Sue Baughman nnd J.
11. Baughman. When all had arrived,
the names of the ladies were written on
cards, which the gentlemen drov, nnd
each had to hem tli? apron of the gill
w hich luck gave to him. A prize was
offered for tho bast hemmed apron and
for tho worst. Will Severance won the
first, which was a handsome whisk
brush, with celluloid holder, and Jim
Baughman the "booby" prize a bag of
marble. Mr. McRoberts made tho pre
sentation speeches in a happy vein and
tho wholo thing proved very amusing
and mirth-provoking. At (ho proper
hour n rich repast of cake, cream, fruits,
salads, crackers, cheeao nnd coti'oo was
served nnd greatly enjoyed and nt 1
o'clock the merry paty broke up and
returned to their homes greatly pleased
with the entertainment nnd tho lovely
Betrayed. A few weeks, ago tho
Jol'iin'al contained this personal:
".Misses Lillie and Blanche Hickey, of
Georgetown, nre visiting Mis? Emily Alexander,"
which will makn this story taken
from tho Cincinnati Euquirer, somewhat
of local interest: "Knticed away
from a good homo with promises of ob-
I tabling good positions by n beinij wbo
I called himself a mun. Then bewildered
by linuor nnd taken to n house of ill
fume. Thai is tho nint of the .stones told
by two benutiful youiiK who were
last nijsht rescued from Susia Smith's.
They said their unmes ere Lillio and
Hlanche Hickey, the dnuiihter and the
step daughter of Jnmes II. Hickey, a
borne timo been ilguriug bow they could
! film their own living, Tho jouoRiiian
I told them liu couUl get them both lucra
tive positions In Ulucinnati tunuing
holes, with good .wsges and they
would not have to work hard. After
thinking tho matter over, they decided
to leavo homo an tho sly, which they
did. They wandered through tho city,
taking in tho sights for some time. Tho
"nice young man' inveigled them into
several saloons nnd they drank a number
of glasses of beer and then got
ended. Ho then showed thorn to Susie
Smith's. After they got sobered up thov
bgan to realize their positions and told
their Btory to tho landlady, who in turn
called in the oflicers. They wero sent to
tho House of Dotention nnd their fnthor
will bo communicated with."
Foit the last threo dayi the weather
Ins been such an to make a man glad
thnt he is living. An unpredicated
cold wuveslippml in on in Thursday
night, sendiujrthtt mercury down to 5
bslow zero Friday morning, but It began
quickly to moderate, till a pretty fair
temperature was readied. Saturday the
thermometer nurked 10, the higlxst it
has been for over a month, nnd Sunday
and yesterday were hs bright and beautiful
above us it wns sloppy nnd slushy
below. Tho backbone of the longest
cold spell wo retiiPiubcr seems to be
broken, though this dist atch received
yesterday i.s not very ' Fnir,
colder Tuesday morning."
T.hr Ilaby to rtck, w o rsto tier Cittorla.
Then riit wn n Child, she criM for Ca&torla.
Wlrn kh became Miss, Eho elun to Castor).
When tho had Children, sho c' o them CastorU.
The I'lrtt S'ational Hank of Stanford offers for
Containing no ACHES OF LAND, lituaicd in
Lincoln county. Ay , t the junction o( the
and Stanford Turnpike roadf and the Ruth
ilranch Turnpike, being about mi!e from Stanford.
It it bounded on the east by the Ruth
Ilranch I'lkeon the west by farm of John Hrlijht;
on the north liy the land of Mr. Sutton and on
the south br thn farm of H. S. Withers. Thia
farm has a gcxxl dwelling ol 6 rooms, a large ita
ble and a very large corn house It is well water
ed and han about 40 acres id wheat. Kull
will le given on March 1st, 189 If this farm
is not kold privately by
FEBRUARY 1 3TH, 1893,
It will bo ottered publicly an J sold on that day at
a o'clock, J. M . before the court-homo door in
Manford to the highest bidder
Tkhsis Purr haier will be required to pay one
third in cash and the b&lance in two equal installments,
due in 1 and a )cn), ulth Interest at 6 per
crnt per annum. Notes to be scured by lien on
land. J. S. HOCKEK, I'rejldent.
Building I Loan
Is the strongest, salcst and most
prosperous institution of the kind
doing business in the State.
John H. Leathers, President,
John B. l'irtle, V. President,
A. G. Langham, Sec. & Trcas.,
C. M. Phillips, Gcn'l Manager.
Coi.. T. P. IIiu., President,
E. C. Walton, V. President,
A. C. Sink, Sec. & Treas.,
II.' IIklm, J. S. Rice, Agents.
At Walton's Opera House.
Wednesday, Jan. 25
r)irt from his enormous Now York City success
at the Ntw 1'jrk Tneatrc in his new screamer,
Widow Murphy's Goat,
I'lidcr the management of
Col. : Theodore ; I loppcnheimer.
New and Original Songs,
New Streaks of Fun.
London's Greatest Success
l'Uyi one je.u nt the (Jr.inil Opera Home
Cbica jo, Utmn th WotlJ's Fair.
Dancing, Singing and Laughter
Aiillt mint cone your way aij.iin in two eari,
CAN YOU Misi. 11 .
A we have rented our farm act! will moe to
Indiana tho first of Feb , e will sell to the Illicit
biJJeratour place 5i nuln Irom Hubble, on
THURSDAY, JAN. 26, '93,
'1 he fnllowinc erviial jiroperty. ,t
fillies, gooii ro.iiUlerx, i coml.inHl mare, i
ktanuVrd bred har mire by I Ittinui, i brow n
nun in hy In Time, bay mare t ao years old,
in fiinl liv tieorji Tarkenton, n fuiu saddle horse,
Kiy kiallMn, thrre years old, Hired hy CaiabetlA
dint hy Ulllmus, i year bay taiMIe
a ory hue une l Samlidne's .tddle liortc,
Fayette Chief, dam llelle, by hloneiT.II Jackmn,
Jr .sorrel bore, a yiars old hy, llreizo U'llkca,
dam by L'lliMiik, a t;oot, bugy horse, 3
years ohl, fino saddle colt by In Tiuie, dam by
Stoneaii, Jr., 1 ymrliug eoit by WilLri .Hoy, Jr.,
dam by Ahdsllali Mencnger, 1 good family "hone,
1 good work mule, 4 senrsold, 16 hands high, t
mule, 1 good wheat drill, good as new, a
new hay rae, a Walter A. Wood mower, a good
bunnies ami harnrss. 7 strong road carts, 1 spring
w.icou, 1 good surrey, a splendid hog box, 1 0!ier
Chilled 1'lovr, 1 riding (dour in good order, and other
farmln.' implements Seveu stands of Iwes,
about 1,300 pounds of meat, 50 barrels of corn, ic
stacks of hay, 1 thoroughbred Jersey cow giving
i)$gl. of milk (Mjrilay and a good butter cow, 1
cow half Jersey, a heifer three-quarters.
llnutehold and kitchen furniture, 3 good coat
hums ai.d a splendid cook stove, No. 7,
1'euus umsnf $10 and under caMi; over that
ainmint a credit of 4 mouths without interest Negotiable
iioio payah'o in the Farmers Hank A
'Irusr Co., of Sttiaford, Ky.
Hulo!e Ky
Cash Store.
A Change Made
At the New
New firm, new energy, new efforts, new capital, new goods, new
everything that will make business. We have made the change believing
it to be the best for our customers and for ourselves. Wc
sfiall stive harder than ever by
And polite attention to deserve your confidence and liberal patronage
We thank our friends for all they have done for us and hope to merit
better things for the future.
Or give you better goods or do more to serve your interest. In serving
your interest we serve our own. We shall still adhere strictly to
the cash and will make prices that will pay you to borrow money at
10 per cent. Wc shall continue to close our cloaks, overcoats and all
heavy winter goods regardless of former prices. Come and see us
and wc will do you good.
Arc invited to call at the CASH BARGAIN STORE and see our
beautiful line of
just received. Also a nice line of Dress Ginghams left over from last
season to close at 5 cents, worth 10. Don't forget the handsome
We arc giving with every $to's worth of goods. Ask for a ticket.
Opposite Coffey House.
.Dealers In.
Itaple and Fancy Groceries,
Stoves, Queonsware, Wagons, Plows, and Most Anything
in Farming Implements.
The firm of McRoberts & Iliggins having dissolved, from now ,on
I will run the business alone at the old stand on the corner opposite
the court house. By close attention to business, fair and polite dealings
I hope to increase my business beyond what it has ever been.
Being perfectly aale to discount every dollar's worth of goods I buy,
and by keeping open early and late I will be able to, and will, sell you
the same quality of goods
I will handle the very best goods I can possibly buy and by sodoing
think I can give every customer the worth of his money. I will continue
to charge goods to prompt paying customers, but it must be
understood that when accounts are due they must be paid.
Open until 9 o'clock each night.
.T-T. J. MoH.03EE.TS.
A 1
iilo PEMY,
The Largest Stock to select from. Prices alwas as Low as the low
est. Mr. Thos. Dalton has charge of Jewelry Department. Watches,
Clocks and Jewelry Repaired and Warranted.
Eii;ravu Reaiiti fully and Artistically Rone.
Old Gold and Silver taken in exchange for goods.
Thanking my friends and the public generally for their liberal patronage
in the past year, I hope to merit a continuance by polite at
tcntion, honest gooes and fair prices. A. R. PENNY.
Auk tor. niul liixist iipou tinrlnir
V. la. IjOUUiiASMWEs.
ulne without V. u, JloiiBlan nunin
unit prirn mnrnpua on bottom. I.00U
lorn ymiuii),
tt bold cTerjM ucie. i
mFSm seamless, stylish soldatthe made A
p tpamr ?; iiiH
off JWSKfeP! Vim, The
oik W. .; 1 a9
CTs.v iilatf I MstaW
3 Me Mfir vJL
MsWSr olTi 7m9nk v.
kmmmm: atU
ft VssssssssssWbsHr7 mmmmmY' i kmmXT .BtBTHBrsW JT
afv.j 1 M I I ( I nP I M 1 AT.
WVI A. fv,'fll'4 C
Will ulvo exclunlve alti toahoo
aiFiits, Write fnrrutiiloRUt. ll'nut lor Hnlo
kind, bIzo and width wuuicd. rostneo Free.
1 -? i-V
denlrrsnntl arnernl morchiints vjliert I linTe no
;Jwij.A:i,i,i'sM,i,'l -, u&4lS r i,
-- jn,Tri Mwaiiiiiui m 1
sewed shoe that will not rip; Calf,
smooth iusitlc, more comfortable,
and durable than any other shoe ever
price. I? very style. Equals custom-
slioes costing irom $4 to 5.
following are of the same high standard of
94.00 and $5.00 Fine Calf,
J..50 I'd ice, Farmers and
2.$o, 3,;s ana 9:1.00 lor working Men.
$3.00 and $1.75 for Youths and Boys.
9j.no 1 FOR
42.50 and 3.00 IWnfcola, ) LADIES.
1.73 tor iiiisscs.
IT IS A DOTT you owe yoarsU
o ges inn Desi veins lor your
lonoy. tcoooausa in yout
footwear by purchasing; W.
u. uou&iam bcocs, wmoa
tepresant Ute beet Taioe
vine pnoea aavrruaea
So you wear
laeai -
in your plucu hvucI lircrt lol'aclorv. atattnK
V. la. Douclun, Urccktoii, Mum,

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