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Semi-Weekly Interior Journal
ubllahod Every Tuosday and Friday
-When not so paid 32.60 will be charged.
Train i.aves Kowiand at 7J -' retutning
5:10 p. hi.
It train going North ...t37Pn
South .....ia3Pm
xpreis train" South ,.. ii 51pm
ocal Freight North ....7 10 am
aouiiu. - -
Th Utter traini also carry passengers.
The above U calculated on standard time SoUr
me it about o rainui iii
Traius pus Junction City as follow:
South-bound-No. t. Limited, 11:15 P- " j No.
3 Blue-Grass Special, arrive 8 40 p. m. No. 5,
Q. & C. Special. may "! No- r,t MliI'ar'
rsves ta:43 P- m , leaves ia.43 P- m.
North-bound-No. a. Q & C. Special, y.n p. m.;
No.4leaywat6a. in.; No. 6, Limited, 3:S "J
No. 8, Expres, arrives 1:31 p'.m., leaves 1:3a p.;
m. Pawdet J
A cream of tarter baking powder.
Higest of all in leavening
strength. Latest United States
Government Food Report.
royal;baking powder co.,
106 Wall St., New York.
I will open on January ibih, 1S9J. a First-Class
Dairy, irotn which I can supply any quantity of
Jersey milk to the people of Stanford and Rowland
at thelotlowing prices, delivered:
Freth Milk, per gallon cent
Summed Milk, pir gallon 10 cent
Butter Milk, per gallon Scenu
I will make two trips dally. The patronage ol the
public 1 olicited. G. A. I'KV ' ION.
Stanford, Ky
Notice.to the Traveling Public.
I have had
At Rowland repainted and nicely furnished and
have in connection with Hotel one or the best saloons
In the State, open day and night ; a niKhl
man meet all train. In connection with House
have alto one of the best Mineral well in the fctati
eind for reference to water, call on Mr nd Mri
G. W. Patnek, Louisville, Mr and Mrs. Floyd Ingram,
Erin, Tenn . A A. Warren, Stantord, Dr.
?). F Proctor, C. H. flraum. Mr. and Mrs T. W.
Hamilton, Rowland. Mr. and Mr K. B. Johnson,
New Haen, Jim Cox, GrccnOiuri;. Rates Jj per
, M' C,reV' C'e,tNvrGCARmRllR,"rroP.
1 have built and fitted up a new and handsom
Gallery at ROWLAND, addin?new scenery, ac
cessortes, nd instruments and everthlnn pertain
Ine to a First-Class Gallery. With man) yeirs
-experience I am enabled to do Rood work at low
price Csbinet Photos finished in the Litest and
'test style at $1 50 per dozen. Card $1 dozen; Diamond
75c doren. Thinking the public for past
favor,, I an, IHful.RAN(c CORDIF.K
F. B. RILEY,Proprletor,
- - Kentucky.
"London, 1
I have moved to my new Hotel -and .am better
otecared than ever to accommodate th public.
Good Livery attached andesery convenience desired.
Give me a call.
General -:- Merchandise,
And Country Produce,
Hasopenedh.s stock or good and is read v to
the people of Stanford and sic.nity. lieu
effcrtnp unheard of Bargain and all. v. he .want
good gooJ tlie low"1 Pi"hIe P""' should
call on him on Logan Avenue.
Uvery and Feed; Stable,
Having purchased of A. T. Nunnelley hi
Smimm I can bo found at his old .land ready
to waiton the public at any tune day or n;h'ht
Nothing but
stabla and my price will be as
shall leave my
low is the lowest Don't forget my Stanford and
Rowland 'bus line. 9.-"'"-
Falls Branch Jellico CoallOo.,
Miner and shipper of the GENUINE
Original Jellico Coal.
T rv it. We are the ole agent for Stanford Jand
wland. Office corner ol Depot stteet and rail-
road 6 crossing HIOGINS WATTS
Thi Hotel, renovated an I refurnished, l now
charge and I intend t conduct it no as to
In mv
oyulyroafnm it. high reputation, but to add
no ol friend. Special
to it lone llt
and line rooms.for
Uudlsptoy of samples.
.,i nil I.1ARD an! POOL ROOMS attached
Rev. A. J. Pike hits bern nppointeti
postmaster nt Brodliead, tliia county.
Mrs. 0. W. Jester nnu ciuiuri'ii, n,
WilllameburK, are Btoppini? at the
Hugh Miller returned ietumedfrom
the South on Tuesday with 30 men and
put thoin to vork on at tho quarry.
Mr. Krueger.tho lime man, lias nreu
his now pttent kiln and will bo ready
for shipping about Tuesday next.
Prof. John Amr. Williams, of
has been with tho Masonic
Iodise here since Monday, holding lodges
of instruction and lecturing on Masonry.
Peter Sliutts, Jr., while attempting
tnbonrd a freight train here a few nights
since for a short ride, fell and was
by tho wheels. Ho received several
largo gasheH about the scalp, but was
not otherwise hurt.
Col. G. W. B.ikcr. of London,
dtte for repsentative of this and Laurel
counties in the next legislature, was
hero last Sunday and claimB that he saw
.Tnlin Pearl's nlke. The colo
nel being a candidate, can't aflord to
toll a crooked story at this stage ol tlie
llev. Cook, a missionary to Alnca,
is lecturing here. Miea Nannio Kennedy,
of Kussellville, was called hero on
account of the serious illness of little
Sammie, youngest son of Mr. M. O. Wil
liams. Mr. Wm. Adams, of Madison, an
urcleto Gov. Brown, is attending Masonic
lectures here and 'visiting his relatives,
Dr. and Will Davis.
Mr. James McGuire, aged 92, owns
and operates a water mill in the Eastern
portion of this countv. He can put up a
two'bushel sack of meal on a horse's
back from the ground. Last Saturday he
built 50 panels of fence. He hauled tan
hark to the railroad last summer, a distance
of ten miles. Has used tabacco
Hid intoxicants to a moderate extent for
75 years. -a
Women Are Marching on Toward Liberty
and Cltlxenriilp.
There was no convulsion of mture.
neither did the sun stand still, nor waa
thero silence in heaven for even half n
minute, when Mrs. Laura J. Eisenhnth.
tho nowly elected state (superintendent
of tho public Fohoolrt 111 North Dakota,
assumed tho duties or her olllce. 'All
goes well, and Superintendent lii&onhuth
is administering her with signal
ability. Meantime '21 of tho 41 hlntc
permit women tovoto forpcl.ool
In Kansas they have munLip.nl rinffrag
In Wyoming they have what they will
soon have in every northern btate full
suffrage. Wyoming will be honoiet!
above nil tho lest in the history of th
emancipation of woman. In Kanti'
half tho counties have women bchool
sui)criHtendeita. From county suikt
intendent is only a step to statu snr
intendent. and that'stcphns already been
taken by Laura Ei&enhuth. In lb'.M
in Kansas a constitutional amend
ment will bo voted on to htnke
out tho word "malo" fiom tho (iu.il
iflcaiions for citizenship Pcrluips,
Kansas w ill bo tho first stato toran0',
herself alongbido of Wyoming. As many'
ns 20 women speakers tool: part in the
lust presidential campaign New York 1
will hold a constitutional convention a ,
1691, and. according to tho law, homo of
tho delegates to it must bo women The ,
question of giving suffrage to women,
will come up before tho convention
drafting tho new constitution Tho mem j
bera may as well adopt that provision
Unless they do part of their work will I
have to he done over ngain before tivo
years. Tho word "main" must follow ,
the word "white" into tho exploded
Tieratitious of tho nast. Liberty is us
good for woman ns it was for the whito
and black male. It has been predicted
that women from Kansas nnd Wyoming
will Bit as members of tho Fifty-fifth
congress. If not then, they will soon
after. And women United States senators
will never have to go to a sanitarium
or to medicinal spring's to get over
alcohol sprees.
The secretary nnd treasurer of tho New
Castle (Del ) gas and water companies is
a young lady, Miss Lucille U. Martin-dale.
It in agreeablo to record that nliu
gcts tho same salary as was paid to tho
gentleman who held thoofllcobeforoher
Whatever your work is, no matter how
li.i.xliln ilnit t1ilwht: tli. if. it, run liodone
in hope and in faith. Do not fret or grow j
IIHIMlllUUb IJCtuusu IV 1.1 uumun, ji ";"
imlmnunt not worthy or your abilities
Know this for certain if you havo ability
for great work and high work, that
work will come to you in duo lime. But
first all must hervo and do littlo work in
a great and high way.
Another ever broadening field for
women's vrk is that of teaching physical
culture. Universal attention is
twitl to it. and that uirls' school
which has no gymnasium and no teacher
of physical culture is away behind
tho times. Tho devotion to physical
culture among women is Bhown in tho
constantly increasing number of tall,
fino, strong girls and women one meets
on the streot and elsowhere. It certainly
appears to mo thnt the girl of today is
taller and larger than tho girl of 20 years
ago was.
Virginia, tho mother of presidents, has
not n woman suffrage society.
A mother would die for her child and
do far more for it than n father would
in a majority of cases, yet in only six
states has tho mother equal rights with
tho father in the guardianship of her
children. This is ono of tho crnelest
provisions of our civilized law.
It is quite out of fashion for women to
unto women now.
Forger Thomas Hunt, "tho man
wjth a cough," who swindled three Cincinnati
hanks out of about ?5,000, died
in yew York of consumption whilo nn
der arrest.
sir'"1 1 1 n.iijiMli.f ,,.'. i ijwy Ml I " Hniiyuiiriii ii "W Tf ' iaP''L -M""'' ""V?." ' "",")l
Tho editor Is on tliy track.
Ho w ants to pluck tlico from my back.
Ho Mj-s tho skirts which now hnnc slack
Arc beautiful anil eeoks to rack
Theo oft to some plnco culled Wnybnck,
Crinoline! My Crinoline!
llnrk to thr w cnror'8 strong nppcnl,
Jly blnlcnco skirt. In theo I kneel,
For life or death, for woo or veal,
Ihy fair proportions now reveal.
Anil gird thosoljcauteoulImbs with steel,
Crinoline! My Crinoline!
Thou wilt not cower In tho dust,
Thy gleaming steel shall never rust,
Rcmetuher. now, thy causo 1 Just,
Ilcmcmber every Bharp pen thrust
And "do" the editor or bust.
Crinoline! My Crlnolinel
Dear Hoopsklrt, break tho tyrant's chain.
Wo women should not call in vain.
We moot our bisters on tho plain,
Sic souiper 'tis our proud refrain.
That bailies minlous back nmln.
Crinoline! My Crinoline!
Thou wilt not leld the vandal toll.
Thou wilt not bend to his control.
Better a gawlou on theo roll.
Better be burled in ft hole,
Than shrink an Inch to snvo his soul,
Crinoline! Jly Crinoline!
New York Sun.
They Got thn Sexes Wrong.
Pedestrians on Sixth avenuo yesterday
during shopping timo woro much
by an old woman who was playing
a barrel organ at tho corner of Thirtieth
Btreet. On ono cud of tho organ bIio had
pasted this sign, "Help tho Blind." Beneath
it appeared this second appeal,
"I Am tho Father of Seven Motherless
Children." The old woman woro n pair
of bluo goggles, behind which her eyes
wero completely hidden. Many quizzical
looks wero thrown at her as tho
passersby read tho inscription on tho organ,
and ono or two persons said somo
sharp words, but tho old woman went
on placidly turning tho crank.
A few blocks down tho street tho mystery
of tho inscription wns cleared up.
At Twenty-sixth street Bat an old man
turning music out of a barrel organ as
dilapidated as tho ono whoso faint strains
conld almost bo heard from up tho
street. Ho, too, woro goggles, and his
organ bore this legend, "Help tho Blind,"
and under it, "I Am tho Mother of Soven
Fatherless Children."
A man stepped up to lum and said,
"Look here, my friend, next timo you go
out you had better get tho sign right on
your organ." Tho grinder must havo
guessed what tho error was, for, pushing
tho goggles back from his eyes, ho
peered quickly up nnd down the street as
if looking for n policeman. Seeing nono,
ho leaned over and read tho sign.
"Dot blast tho old woman," ho muttered,
pushing tho goggles over his eyes
and shouldering his instrument to leave,
"siio'ri mixed them organs up again."
New York Snn.
A ?rrw Kitrape.
TMim. mmm ;y s
rv -
!l VJS52WiaS'S3 , -.
!,rrri wJB Hi v $
1 iriirjp e: 7 v KiKs ivr d h
"d 'J'. ''"v
,wrn,FrTfnTr'fVTi v
31 iklnxn Nahio I'or Himself.
Tlie man had been away from his native
town for fivo years, and when ho
came to vimt the old place again he was
quite anxious to hear about tho people
ho had known. After many questions
ho camo to tho subject of thoso who had
gono away about tho time ho did.
"Where's Henry Bilker?" he asked.
"Henry left threo months beforo I did. I
didn't take much stock in him, but when
ho went west ho said he would mako a
namo for himself, and I hopo ho did."
"That's just what ho did." replied his
"Well, well. I never would havo
thought it. How did ho do it?"
"Signed it to a check. 1 don't know
whose name Henry took, but it was good
for $.100, and Henry is now on his third
vear in tho penitentiary." Detroit Free
A Worrtliit; Thought.
Little Boy Please, sir, give mo a calendar.
Merchant Wo don't givo calendars to
"W'y not?"
"Oh, becauso children haven't any use
for them."
"That's all you know. I've got uso for
ono right now, nn I want it bad. I've
laid awake threo nights
"Humphl What is it you want to
"I want to find out how many moro
Chrismuses is goin to lo spoiled by comin
on Sundav." Good News.
A CniimrvHllve.
"So you are opposed to tho state universities,
"Yes,"BaidMr. Wayback, "I am. This
hero thing of p.iyih out good stato money
to eddicato a lot o' dudes so's they will
bo smart enough some day to beat my
lxys outen their farms after I am gone
don't agree with my notion of things at
all." Indianapolis Journal.
Purely Ornamental Questions.
Shopping Woman Havo you any silks
at $3 a yard?
Clerk Yessum.
Shopping Woman And uny others nt
$3 a yard?
Clerk Yessum.
Shopping Woman Well, I want some
gt $-1.50. Chicago News-Record,
Tho O. H. & D and Motion Botwoon
Omnclnnatl nnd Chicago.
The viperior train ervtce anil fat time of he
train frem Cincinnati ami Chicago via the C II
& 11. anil Monon, earn for that lino the title of the
World's l'air Route" lit the only lino 'iinning
1'ullman ifcty vcstlbulctl train and ilinlntf .ar
between Cincinnati nnd Chicago and the tlceptr
nnd compartment cat are the acme of Pullman
construction and representative of the World'
Tatr, axluplicites ot thec tram will be on ex
hlbilinn In the Transportation llmldinc A
World' Fair Album will he mt to any addreu
touthofthe Ohio KUer lor ten crnt in iiamps,
many aiidres north ol the unio inter mr iiutcu
cent In Kor albums, rate and Information
recardine a World's hair tnp ildrc r ').
v.r,mtik.r.. 1 R T Act. "World lair
Koute," soo West 4th Street Cincinnati Ohio
Uuc'alln'tt Arnica, tttvlvo.
The best suite In the world lor cutt, brunt
sore, ulcor, salt rheum, fover sores, tetter,
hand, chilblains, corn and all Vir. erup
tlsn and posititely cute pile, or no pay required.
It i eutranlecd to itiv. perfect satislactloc
or money refunded 1'iice c cents per boi
v0r sale by A R. Penny. Suntor J, K.y.
Just tUoTlllntf.
ThUUnn expmslou the traveling public
ue when they find something that i
what they want. This expression applle directly
to the Wlcouin Central Lint, which is
admitted by all to be "The Rntite'' Itorn Chi-"
x S . Pauf, Minneapolis, A.hUnd.
a I point In' the Northwest. Their double
dally train rt ice and fine eulpneut offer In
ducement which can not be surpassed.
This Is the only line lunnlne both through Pull-man
r list Clas. and Tourist slteper Horn Chicago
to Pacific Coal Point without change.
Tor full informstton address our nearest .lew
et agent er Jainvs C. Pond. Central Passenger ami
Ticket Agent Chicay o, III.
All Froo
Those who have used l)r King' New lllco.
e,r know its value and those who hate lie ha e
now the opportunity tr. try it free Cuir on the
druggi't and get a tiial bittle free Sena
name to 11 K. Ilucl'.n & Co , ?,"'
jou, .He I ill m
Let a Inal bottle of Dr King's New
tell Health and llousebo d
of tluide to
as a copy
inrtiuctor flic All of which 1. KVr."nd
you good and cost ou nothing at A. K 1 ennj
Soo tho World's Fair for 15 Conts
1 Utm receipt of)our addiess and 15 cntsln
posug" .tamp. .. ill mal you our Nmvemr
lrtfol.o of (he World'. Columbia on
the rcfiular pricei joe, but a we t0''";
, will
haseonVvem.Ve the price nominal c,
lied it a work of Art and a thin to bo ptiied. it
contain, hill Pae vlew.ol hc. in"
decrlpticns of and is ".""k JtV,
w Ith jatre If not satisfied with It alter
touet it we will refund the stamp, and lit tou
teepthe book.. Address H. K. llucWbn A Co ,
Chicago, lib t
When IUby n as sick, wo rsvo her Costorl.
WTicn sho was a Child, ho cried for CastorU.
When she Ixvamo ML, sh clun to Catorli.
When slie had Children, she jrrc them Cwtorl.
1 .v m the sire ol the urdinarr pill. Think of
,J I U? SriuWe and di.turt.nce Lt it cause, you ake
"Vouldn? welcome sorn. thing easier
indeasier vou In ,1. ways. I. f the same time it did
IKWlSL The 're thVunaileH lu s.re.the
reaching mresuii. . .'V. ..""JvnUinat.on. Indi-
hat usi. -V,
and they K.ve help i,i,u,:,,7
ndbowrisf ' .re promptly rel.etcdand
Catarrh, no mslter how
'Ifwc can't cure our
that tbitisateacdy that curt Catarrh C sts
onl 50 cent.
The nioreChamWrlain's Cough Remedy is used
h better it Is I.Lcd JLV'n
satisfaction It is goe.1 uen
hist dun cold. It is Kd whjn Y
yen seit.d and jur lutig are seic It s CJ '
cough We have sold
iiiv Mud ol a
ueno It and every boll has 11I..1. ?$
hiidm.n A J,,,,"C:?. '
Minn. y,ctntboltle.lorsal'byW
Druggist, tJnlord.
My w.fewa confined to her Ml" j"
months w,th . severe attack o '; '"
would a..ri h
WVcoMld not get nothing
'""", a' Chan' ''VJ l "
any relit I, au she b.
I'i i llolm a ma! I o eur Kret .urpri.e
to m.proveaner the first I'I;'!";,3UI , ,$
it ,rg.d.ly she w m VhinVmotC
attsiid ..nB to here house work I . 1 1 J """ ' .
K Knutson A Co., Ken.iKt.n, Minn. o cent
. 1- TuK.t,
Persons who are subject to altack's of biljlou
almou.nvirUbly tell.by their ferilliRS.
w.!l,Ho Chamh. rla.n .
expt an attack II Ujlu.
Cholera and UUrrm.ea Kemeuy --"". -,,."
ward ol tlie
they can
as , theeympton L,.i....,,. appear, .kiiiili aUavs keep the
Heinedr at hand, ready lor immediate ''
needed Two or three doses ol it at tl e mshMlije
W . II
I'or .ale by
will Mve them much suflermi:
iifftoorrn iiu(titi - -
2I021S33 STOIElT.
W "O"
On the night u
rrane and tall, knot on l :ft I lud
old, heavy
fei;, .bghtcollarmark.il left hould:in .rdt
A '
u iry condition. l.ows harness marks.
reward will be given for fcaid horse or for
concerning h.n
( J QtA
Articles to Suit the Most Fastidious.
A complete line of
Complicated Watch Repairs and
Artistic Engraving a Specialty.
Si All goods sold engraved tree of charge.
tiT Your patronage respectfully solicited.
Having too much other business on hand lo see
after it properly, I will sell my Favorite Mills at
McKinney. They have a capacity of so tf"l
ol tluur per day and are in Rood repair. I will sell
for one-half uown for cash, balance in it or 18
months, with interest, or alllri reil
,00 K. L.. TANNER, McKinney,
Ginghams, Sateens, Irish Linens,
Custom : Made : Shoes,
For Men, Youths and Children. Call and examine our stock. It
will cost you nothing to look.
Crab Orchard, Ky.
Bo lo WEAHM9
Main Street, Stanford, Ky., dealer in
Buggies, Phaetons, Surreys, Carriages,
Buck Boards,
Spring Wagons, Carts of all styles and grades. Old Hickory Wagons,
Imperial Plows, McCormick Harvesting Machines, Tiger Harrows
and Hay Rakes, Corn Planters, Corn Drills. Land Rollers. Wheat
Drills, Threshing Machines, Engines, Saw Mills, Huggy and agon
Harness, Saddles, Melds, Haled Hay, &c.
OfTers Bargains in all kinds of Goods for 30 days, in order to make
room for his Spring Goods- My Spring Shoes are daily arriving, and
far excel anything ever shown in Hustonvillc in quality, workmanship
and style. I have some Shoes and Hoots left over, which 1 will close
out very low Ladies' Pebble lhittons 75c; Kid Huttons 95c; Men's
Congress and Lace Shoes M.40, worth U Heavy Hoots Si. 25, S1.50
and $2, worth double the money. A nice line of dark Calico at 5c.
Blankets and comforts
VfArbuckle's Coffee 25c; Fire Proof Oil 15c gallon and a great number
of Bargains too numerous to mention in all kinds of goods.
Terms 30 days to responsible parties.
Lincoln County is the best County in thctState; Hustonvillc, Ky., is
the best town,-
The best and cheapest man in the county.
I have come to this town (Hustonvillc) and opened this day with a
full line of
lothk Gents'
Hoots, Hals, A:c.
TO ? Tffiil 3 OOTi. 1 PMK'UE TOBE.
I have some Bargains to show you. I am running
Three : Big : Stores
In Kentucky and one WHOLESALE STORE in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Now, as I buy in quantities I am able to sell you goods
Cheaper Than Anybody
Else in the country. GIVE ME A TRIAL. I can Save you Money.
IT. FETJD, IHustonville, 2y.
Hoots and Shoes, dears and Tobwco.OhU
(titer Salt for sale by the barrel. III take emu.
try produce us exchange for Ko.ds at jn.rket price
I im also agent lor the old reliable llrodhead I
and w.ll Wp a lull line of these coot! i in
stock, and all I ask of tho merchan sol SUnlord
me their orders and 1 will
and Holland is lo Klve
nut the Kood. lo their houses at rsctory prices
'ihankinB the public for liberal patronaBe, 1 ak a
coutlnuonco of same, and remani your obedient
J. ... ...',
John II. Cattleman. A. G. Lstiham
Insurance Company,
Commerce Building', Louisville
Agents throughout the South.
W. A. TBIBBLE, Local Agont,
Vi E"
Furnishing Ms,
Alo a Full Line of Tinware.
j. u. kauguian,
I .. .Reptescntins,..,
Hartford, of Hartford, Conn.;
i Manchester, of Manchester, Eng.;
Pennsylvania Fire, Philadelphia;
! Ins. Co. of North Wmerica.
j All of which are first-class Companies I would
I be pleased to waito nmy Iricmlsln this line. Pol.
I icies promptly issued. Will insure against tornadoes,
wind storms and lightning. Lightning
esattachiol without additional charge
I Office at Kirst National Hank Stanford.
Blue-Grass : Nurseries,
Spring, 1893.
I'rull niidlOrnauiental Trees, small Krults.drape
Vines, Asparagus and everything for the Orchatd,
Lan and Ujrden l'rlces low. We sell direct
and haio no agents. Catalogues on application to
Lexington, Ky.
rt .i
Sr IffiS
tH n I a tyc mu of love. utttMu n,r Jortr ;
7l m .liulll ail lilittll llul tufts. I ...- nj... 1
'ui.iru K epars. i tt sutj vii'ui mstiuuiLnt.i.
J tu.jH tt I sltss t ills ,. illthn ........ hliikl r n.t h t , . I
I J(lin' l-'l i. ...V (row i, wtol.ll. (llllll l
I M'ler. i.iLtudiiii. ' ur l.uo suu portruUa, vlit i
Ol iiioiianlsliiUncer, I'adciovrsl.l i
i rS ttiuuro i i.iiil.n.ln Allelic luttl.miil Jtr. i
t ton 11 iittiuiiill llie poi.ii'ar lioiutr. .d. J
? ilreis uil ordor. to .NKW M)Kk JIUSIf'ALJ
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