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Semi-Weekly Interior Journal
Stanford, Ky., . Junh 16, 1893
tt.CWA.vroM.Buti. Manager
Mim AnnikSthauii Is visiting
Nellie Dillion, in Lnucnflter.
I Miis. L. A
k merly of Ln
Ijj dughter, Mis
r? lx)nis, are vis!
New cald'aire, now potatoes
everything ot .immer's.
Miss Hulks Tayi.oii, o! Huatonvllle,
is the guest of Mrs. G. 1). Cooper.
Misa Gkoiwiik Whay 1h visiting Mlsn
Heesiu Kichiirdii at Junction City.
Miia. Kmily Hadtlky and Rowan
lolt yesterday to visit in Columbia.
MiKfl .Mauy .Mi'Kinnxy is visitinn her
cousin, Mia Mliiva l'helpn, in
Mil. OkoKOK II. lturi k, tliu
evniiKoliflt, hervieen heru yehter
Samuki, Tjirn.K, of MontinoMo, Ihib
been tho guest of his couhIii," lluury Or-man.
Mr.S.0. Ijmia.v, of MIldleKiroi it
vlaltiiii; rolativuM bero nnd at
Mna. J. II. Hoekur and ehlldrnii,
and IticlmrJ, runted from
Springfield, Mo., to vlcit relatives.
Ix)trn Landuam, K) , our excellent
Lancaster rooorter. cuum over with bin
father to the .Muxiriiu Vuterau re union
Mil. V. H. MoUoiiKHiii little irl
very low but It is hoped now that
the (.-risen li:ia heed reached uud that she
will recover.
Mimkh 1)1TIK Pii.uo.s and Alice
Moore, two of Crab Orchard' prettiest
liirls, attended the opening hop at
Kiv. 0. K. I'owbi.i., who i asnlstlni; in
a meeting at Crab Orchard, wavon Wed
nemlay'n .train, bound for Horse Civ to
marry a couple.
Mim St'K Mm max I.asi.ky has returned
prettier than ever from South Kentucky
College, at Ilopkinaville, where
she graduated with the honors o) her
Miss Lorm: I'kkhink, who Iihh been
the xuest of Miss Mary Mr Kinney, and
who during her stay here inado many
friends, has returned tn her homo at
l'lior. T. C. Ci'bhan, wife and little
laughters, Lillian and Allene, of Kansas
City, ami Miss Jennie Willmot, of Lexington,
nre the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
H. F. Jones.
Oscaii La Fay err K. Jonui and
Weed Jones, sons of Cyrus W.Jones,
of this county, are Hinong tho graduates
at Central Unlverslly this session. They
are both very promising young men.
K.O. Walton received a dispatch yesterday
from Itlchmond, V a, from his
biotherdn law, Mr. I. N. Vnugbmi, stating
tliat his wife, who is on a visit there,
was very ill. Mr. Walton left by lie
tlrst train for her bedside.
II. I). Wili.ia.mb, of Mt. Vernon, won
the medal in the oratorical contest between
the literary societies at Centre
College. His subject was, "National
Ideals," and it was us ilnely delivered as
it was admirably composed. Hurrah for
Dick1 His friends knew he would get
there and they are proud of it and him
Kent Ooodloe, of Danville, won the sec
ond prize.
Wood, of Covington, for
.onisville, and her grand-
Alma O. Knbb, of St.
visiung .Mr ami Airs. u. i.
Wo enjoyed n call from them Tuesday
when we were pleated to become acquainted
with Miss Alma, who inherits
to a marked degree the virtues and graces
which mako her mother, an old time
friend cf the writer, one of the moBt
chinning women ho ever knew.
and new
lli'iidY tops re-covered and repaired
by DeNardi, tbo carriage and sign painter.
'- , .
Wiikn you want anything in the jewelry
line at rock bottom prices go to
Danka. Jeweler. t '
A. H. Bahtin, of tlie hast l.nd, lias a
line boy at his house, and he snys he is
stronger prohibitionist than himaoll.
Dos'r forgot tbo Lincoln County Fair.
July 27 and 2S. Also bear in mind the
$J0O saddle purse and the fiove;al rich
sweepstake rings.
. -
My entire stock of Walter A. Wood
machine repairs can be found at
ney Bros. Will be sold cheap nti.u for
the cash. - B. Foster.
Ont reading matter iahomew hat abbreviated
tliia issue, owing to the influx of
nlvcrtiBementB, but as we gave 30-odd
co'umns in each of our last editions, we
do not feel thnt an apology is newsBary.
A. B. Koiikutson Bno., Danville,
in advertising and they carry their
faith into practice Bead their list on
this page nnd you will he convinced that
their prices aro the lowest as their goods
are the best in the market.
Thk C. S. B. K. is putting in a " Y" at
...Moreland and coal chutes for supplying
"fenttines with coal have already been
completed. The people of that place aro
looking forward to other improvements
"boom" is
there and a mall
Binder twlno for Halo cheap. J. II.
Five different sixeH Leonard lee chewta.
Will bbvojdu L'OO per cent, of yonr ico
bill. W. H. Woaren & Co.
John B. Mkkhiio.v, n life-long democrat
and a good man for tho place, ia a
candidate for jailer. He would greatly
appreciate your assistance.
I have opened a blacksmith and bug'
gy and w agon repair shop back of Y eager
it Vender's livery stable and aak n
portion of the pitrodagu of tbo people of
tbia vicinity. J) (J. Atkins.
A cha yon picture, "On tho Waters
nml in a gilt frame, whs taken from
College by mmtake. The person having
it will greatly oblige Miis l'earl Burnside
bv leaving it at the Myers House.
A mkktinu of tin iiti!ns of Stanford
ia culled for to-night, ltvtli, at Old
Halt to take steps to encourage
manufactures to locate here, and all
jiublic spirited eitixena aro invited to
give aid and benefit by their preseueo.
Tn K Court of Appals has rvverxod
the dci'iftinu of the Lincoln Circuit Court
in ihe tii so of Ur. W. M. Duoroi vs Judge
W. 15. Varnou hik! the iH) cent ecliool tax
in the Crab Orchard Orchard district
will not bo collected. Miller it 0sley
represented tlie appellant.
Mas. J. K. Waiiiikn Iibs receiycil no-lice
of the death of her grand daughter,
llallieS., daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J.
W. Dawson, which occurred at Cleveland,
0 , ii few days Rgo. Deceased waa
a lovely girl of 1(1, tho idol of her parents
and the favorite of all her friends.
An attache ol this olllce lost an overcoat
between hero and Crab Orchard
last week. A two-line notice was Inserted
in Friday's paper and Saturday a note
from Mr. John McCluro informed him
that ho had found it. The moral of the
story is that advertising pays, especially
if you advertise in the Lntkiuoh
Wantko. To sell cheap for cash, ceiling,
siding, flooring, base casings,
framing and fencing, and all kinds
of yellow poplar, pine and white oak
lumber. Dressed lumber and building
materials a specialty, and for cash we
will knock tho bottom out on low prices.
For prices address The Dillion Manufacturing
Co., Dillion, Ky. '
.Mifs Hklkn Sai'flky wss the tlrst to
respond to our cull for volunteers to decorate
the Opera House t.tagti in honor of
tho Mexican veterans, and to her, Mrs.
S. V. Stagg, Mrs. J. W. Hayden. Misses
Mattie and Nannie VanDeveer, Julia
Peyton and others we aro Indebted for
the most artitttic display of evergreens,
Hags, other buntini;, Are.
An overnight prevented lis from men
tinning in our last issue the Academical
Oratorical Contest at Harrodsburir. Tho
tiret medal was won by Chailea Tabler,
of Harrodsburg, and the second by
Frisbie, of Cynthiaua. James
Saiilley, who represented the .Stanford
school, was declared tlie third best declaimed
though he is but 1.1 and all the
other boys, nine in all, 17 and IS years
of age.
Nkaki.y every paper In the State has
had a sensational account of the alleged
of J. J., Nathan and James
Belden, at Shelby City last Sunday, but
there are scarcely any grounds for it. At
their trial it was shown that they were
guilty only of fist driving on the streets
and two of them were fined a small
amount for it. They are generally well
behaved youni; men and are much
that they should have allowed
themselves to have commltteJ anv unseemly
Tiik I.iunietta Springs Opening 1 lop
was a very brilliant atl'air. A largo number
ol young people were present and
they enjoyed tho dance till an kahi.y
hour The young proprietor, Mr. Jas.
I). Shelby, did everything in his power
to make his guests have a good time and
bow well he succeeded let each testify.
Those who attended fiom hero were
Misses Louis Tipton, Gertrude Howard,
Annie Hale, Mary Daviess Duddorar,
and Messrs, Yeager, Wearen,. Smiley,
Fugleman ami an I. J. reporter.
Tuu male members of tho "kid club"
gave their second semi-annual party at
George F.llis' homo on Somerset street
Monday night and had the biggest kind
of a time. The night was lovely, some
150 couples of happy young people wore
on hand, nothing had been left undone
that would add to the delectation of the
guests anil thero was not a single incident
to mar the pleasure of the occasion.
Half of the boys of tho club, ably assisted
by tho Misses Kills, entertained
lunch and tho other half, also assisted
by the Hnme young ladies, performed
very creditably that duty afterward.
An excellent lunch was served at 11:30,
and it goes without saying that full justice
was done it. Dancing, cards,
and the like were indulged in
an I it was far past the solemn hour of
midnight wheu tho merry crowd departed.
The visiting guesta were Misses
Myrtle Wildes, Nannie Harris, Lillie
Grant and Lizzio Thompson and Messrs.
Frisbie, Marksbury, Harris, Herndon
nnd Herndon, Lancaster; Mies Mamie
Dunn and Messrs. Harlan, Bauglunan,
Bobinson, Danville; Miss Annie Bright,
Hubble, and Misa Eva Steger, Crab Or
A. B. Robertson & Bro.'s
We begin to-day our annual June Clearance Sale of Dress Goods,
Silks and Wash Goods. During this sale wo rav no attention to cost
Se!or act1ial worth of the goods. They have got to. Goods suitable for
MavviLLig emu. w unu a i air uresses as well as umna biiKS ana nne
Muslms. We invite our Lincoln friends to come and share in the
feast of bargains.
For Silk Ctep.tn in hlit. pink,
IwrfioN and 30 c.
All silk printed China In miry black and
33C -I inch printed navy blue Cliiiu Silk.
39c. Brocaded China Silks In black, navy, red,
brown and gray, have boon (JOc.
59c. l'or printed China silks in (must (piality
made, that wo have been elling at SL'Jo.
69 C. For brocaded Chinas and black Chinas that
are always tied and never sold under I.
60c. For all .silk black Grenadines ruduced
from $L2.').
37 1c. For the now swivel Silks that are sold every
where at HOe.
For all wind 10 inch novelty Dres Hood,
reduced from (Be.
For !." inch all wool "I'ieardy cunla" were
For 10 inch all wool stripe whipcords
from Soc.
For o2 inch stripe Mohairs reduced from
For olugant ((utility of -10 inch all wool tail,
or checks and plaids original prices $1.15
For -ID inch spotted poplins in plain colors
reduced ftoin 85c.
For new style all wool block checks, re
duced from $1.2.').
We will also otl'er about 15 novelty Dress Pattern
at los than half price. $15 patterns for Jfi.fB.
$10.50 patterns for $5.
Wk are authori.ed by J. A. OlvensMo
say that he is a enndidato for the democratic
nomination for sherill'.
Tiik Bainbow Club entertained at Miss
F.thyl Beazley'a Wednesday when
more than 100 of tho younger ladies and
gentlemen enjoyed tho best time of their
lives. Tlie Club is composed of Misses
Bess Woods, Annie Engleman, Sue
Woods, Cooper Feland, l'earl Burnside,
Kdna Courts, Glenn Bibb, Maggie Bright,
Kthyl Beazley and Lou Menefee, and all
acted as entertainers and in a graceful
manner made their guests feel that it
was good to be there. A handsome
lunch, consisting of salads, fruits, confections,
nuts, cakes and ices, was served
about midnight and while there was
asullicient ()iiantity and to spare, it
could not be said after tho onslaught of
the hungry young people, as on an occasion
referred to in Sacred History, that
there were taken up seven basketsfnl.
The evening was so delightfully spent
that it was 3 o'clock before the guests
could get their consent to tear themselves
away and then it waB with deep
regret that they quitted the happy pcene.
Miss Kthyl was thanked on all sides for
the charming manner in which b!.o dispensed
the hospitalities of her home and
she and the, other "Bainbowa" will be
remembered by those present when the
hearts now young and happy have sear
ed with age.
- m
m m
Coi'RT. The case of
Ferrell for the murder of Sam Fugleman
on the night of May 8th waa called Wednesday
nnd both sides being ready, the
selection of a jury commenced. The
judge had ordered 100 men summoned
nml ilmv worn hero almost to a mail.
Three of the jurors were obtained from
the standing jury and after l men had
been examined bb to their qualification,
the last of the panel was obtained and it
is as follows: Isaac Herrin, J. M Hubble,
Bichard Bibb, Gabe Hughes, W. G.
Bouten, 0. F. Kpperson, C. C. Bishop,
Thomas Best. H. B. Floyd, David Bide,
David Allen. John 0. Suddutb.
The month's confinement in jail has
had no visible etlect on the prisoner, who
is apparently the most unconcerned man
in the court room. He is represented by
W. 11. Miller, W. G. Welch, T. l Hill and
1 M. McBoberts, while 1,'ommonwoann ;
Attorney J. S. Owsley, Jr., is assisted by j
Senator B. J. Breckinridge, B. C. Warren
and J. B. l'axton.
Tho Commonwealth concluded its
in thief by noon yesterday and I
tt... ,.nmi ndiourned to ioin in the
' eises in honor of the Mexican veterans.
Thecaso piehented by the prosecution
.in..a not ditl'nr materially from that ad
duced at tho examining trial, though j
the defense claims that it is not near us j
nevero. From Col. Welch's statement,
which was si very strong one, the
will endeavor to prove that 'the
trouble waa between John W. Bright
and Ferrell and that Ferrell shot Engleman
when he roaetotake Bright'a part,
with his hand on a pistol half drawn
out. It will remain to bo seen whether
it can be done or not. The testimony
for the defense will likely occupy all of
to-day and the arguments will not in all
probability begin before to-morrow.
Afterward Ferrell and several witnesses
testified in hia behalf, but even the
prisoner's own testimony was very damaging
F. L. Clifford, late depot agent here, I
was acquitted of embf z.lement on peremptory
instructions of the court. He
was charged with misappropriating $770
of the L. it X funds. There was a tie-.'
feet in the indictment against him fori
embezzling the funts of the Adams
press Co. and the matter was re-submitted
to the grand jury.
lohn White sold to J'rewitt &
Wood, of Boyle, a lot of lambs at $-1 -50.
For Sale. Yearling Durham bulls
ready for service. W. H. Murphy, Stan-ford,
J. 0. Hays, of the Fast End, sold to
William Moreland for July delivery a lot
of hogH at lie.
B. H. Bronaugh sold to J. L. Yantia
for October delivery a bunch of 2-year-old
cattle at 3 SIX.
J. M. White bought of Fast End parties
a lot of 2 and 3-year-old cattle at 2J
to 3c and 21 hogs atSjc.
Tobacco men say that cut worms are
worse this spring than ever known before.
Some fields have been planted
over several times and the ravages of the
worms still continue.
We will shut our mill down nbout
the 25th for 10 days for repairs Bnd general
overhauling. So those who may need
wheat or corn ground during that time
will please do us the kindness to bring
it before the 20th. J. H. Baughman A
The lamb crop is weighing out
well this season. W. O. Brock
shipped this week 25S, whose average
weight waa S3 pounds. W. M. Bobb'a
crop averaged S7. Mrs. J. A. Xash purchased
last year 10 ewes at $5 each; from
them and one buck she this spring sold
$11.25 worth of wool: tlie Iambs were
weighed up last week and brought $73, a
total of ?S1 25 and the sheep still on
hand. Winchester Sun.
I!. It. KING.
Hest mciiean Wool Challies, umial prleo
For Fin Frentli Chaltie.
worth (SoO and
l'or the quality and uuwost dosigns
in French Sains, wore SBo. v
Finest French Orgnndios reduced from
For printed Dotted .Swi, marked down
from oOc.
For finest printed dotted Swisses reduced
from 50c.
$3 all wool Illnzcrs now $1. $: all wool Crepes
new $1.75. $-1.50 all wool Ciepcs now $2.25. $5.50
Cae Jackets now $2.75. $9 Capes now $4.50. All
wool Itlazer Suits $3 60. $20 Ready Made Suits
$10. $10.50 Heady Made Suits 8.
Wo have opened up a nice line ol
Dry Goods, Notions, Dress Goods, Clothing
Boots, Shoes, Hats, Groceries, Hardware,
For s,u.k. A large Cotswold buck.' c Pa' sPot cas fr these goods bought them where vc could get
B. L. White, Hubble, Ky. j the most (or the least money. Hardware w is bought in car load lots,
John Murphy sold to McClure, of1 which enables us to make very low prices. Salt $1.70.
Bockeastlo, a bunch of fat cows at 2c. 1 Miss Lizzie Myers has opened up Dress Making over our store and
-James M. Carter sold to Johnson, of invites her friends to give her a call.
Boyle, a bunch of extra butcher cattle ot Terms ca sh or country produce. Give us a call We will save vou
Falls Branch Jellico Coal Co.,
Miners and shippers ol tlie GENUINE
Original Jellico Coal.
Try it We are the icile acenti lor Stanford !od
Rowland. Olhte lonuT ot Depot street and
,.M.V MM. OK
Spring anil Summer 3111-1
Jul! received anil riwdy for impection Call and
ee 11.
, bUnfurd.KY
I have returned from the cities with anice line
ol Millinery which I will jell for a small profit.
Goods left over, aifrrih as this season's goods,
from last season, 1 will sell nt
The reason I do this is to reduce n
goods so f will be Hule to sell out my
tnu nrst opportunity.
iv stock of
business at
I cunlully invite ineiauies iu tun ami examine
my goods
kUo solicit a share ot their
1..M. HKUCK,
Stanford, Ky.
ayVc are opening up a splendid line of Millinery.
SeveranGe & Son
New stock, styles and shades.
Carriage and Decorative Faints for Buggies
and Household use.
Ready Mixed Paints, White Lead, Linseed Oil and Varnishes,,
Landreth's Garden Seed at
itDo .rcaiUK
New Drug Store, Stanford, Ky.
j 3
.-v y '"
1 . JW.
-, r.'M"

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