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Semi-Weekly InteriorJouknal
Stanford, Kv., Apkil 0, 1S94
Col. Busckinhidgb is still on the rack
with Judge Wilson forcing the fangs into
him Nothing especially new has
been developed, except that a type wri
ter has been found who copied letters
and directed them to Miss Pollard during
1SS0, the year the colonel says there
was no communication between them.
It has also been shown that ho gave the
plaintifl a certificate of good character to
enable her to go beforo the civil service
commission, and that he invited and
took her to a lecture to n female
at Washington last February. The
colonel denies nearly everything that
Miss Pollard swore to, and it looks a little
like "he doth protest too much." lie
says the Bcene in tho presence of Mrs
Blackburn when sho called him "Willie"
and ho addressed her as "Madaliuo"
in the most affectionate way, did happen,
but that it was only "u superb
piece of acting." Ho cluims that Mrs.
Ulackburn got things mixed iu her rec
ollection of certain remarks which fail to
consist with his. "I deserve punishment
and I have had it," said tho colo
nel, whose face shows that tho terrible
strain he has beeu undergoing. Tho
wages of sin is death, and no "one realizes
it more than the gray hair defendant.
The South Carolina war bus smoothed
its wrinkled front and tho governor hna
descended from tho high horse he baa
been riding, since a resolution has been
introduced in Congress to investigate his
aikiou in seizing railroad property and
telegraph lines engaged in inter-State
commerce, and with armed force and
establishing a censorship of tho
drily aud weekly press of the country,
and prohibiting the transmission of news
tlispatchea to the newspapers, and
All that talk about former office hold-la
s under Cleveland having to stand
back this time to give the other fellows
a chance, seema to have been to scare
tho old papsuckers off and not really intended
for tho president's rule of faith
and practice. A large number of them
have been appointed, and now comes ex-Public
Printer Benedict to get his "fat
take" again. Tho exs., who thought tho
story true about them not being wanted
again, are kicking themgelves for giving
up so quickly for another chance lo live
off of Uncle Sara.
Theiie iu very little Bbutimeutal non- J
HeuBO in England and a criminal, whethor
male or female, usually gets his deserts.
Mrs. Walber, 53, was hung at Liverpool
Monday, for tho murder of her husband.
She admitted that she brained him with
a trace chain, after keeping him confined
i i a garret, chained and padlocked
Tnere were no unusual demonstration,
tho woman meeting death in a rather unconcerned
or dazed Bort of a way.
Persistence is a well developed trait
on Mr. Cleveland's character. He nominated
O. U. J. Taylor, a Kansas negro,
fur.Minister to Bolivia but the Senate rejected
it; and now ho names him for recorder
of deeds of the District of Columbia,
tho fattest kind of a take. Fred
Douglas held it for a number of years
and it has almost gotten to be considered
the especial prerogative of the colored
Tue Louisville Post
Mr. Boyle Gill Boyle,
announces that
recently of the
Danville Advocate, has been elected vice-
president of that company and will attend
to its business affairs. Mr. Boyle is
thoroughly equipped for tho duties and
his rural rooster friends are confident that
he will be as much of a success in metropolitan
as he was in country journalism.
The new senator from Georgia, Hon-Pat
Walsh, ia an editor of much force
and an orator of considerable renown.
He is an Irishman by birth, n strong silver
mar, and while ho was h red hot
Cleveland man in 18S4, he opposed hia
nomination in 1S02.
Tue impotent majority in tho House
has at lost succeeded in Bottling tho contested
election case of O'Neill against
Joy from St. Louis. Joy, republican,
has been holding tho Beat but ho was
ouHed by n vot of 1V5 to 28
Ths Louisville Commercial is gradually
becomiug a typo machine set paper and
tLo improvement is very marked. Tho
bold faced and badly worn brevier did
not comport with the contents of that
newsy aud interesting sheet.
r IV .1 U"M-- - Jl.'i- J
' V'W y " MM "M M," ..,. .nmi, m .1. ..M,.. yjjt
This may bo au off year, and in point
of fact 1b away off for tho domocratr,
Rhode Island, which last year went democratic
when it was no good to do bo,
Binco a majority of all tho votes cast was
necessary to an election, Wednesday
went even more hell bent than Maino
did for Gov. Kent, the republicans electing
their candidate for governor by over
5,U00 pfurality, which is now only necessary
to secure au election. The tail and
horns also go with tho hide. The Legislature
will be strongly republican,
by securing a U. S. Senator of that
If this kind of thing keeps up wo
shall move to make it uuanimoii!), for
the democrats are evidently not in it
this year.
Rkliqion and politics are never mixed
without trouble and it wag aiain dem
onstrated iu Kansas City Tuesday. Tho
American Protective Association and
tho C.itholicj came together in n bloody
conllict in the race for mayor. More
than 100 shots wore fired and when the
smoke of battlo cleared away one man
lav dead and several others in n dying
condition. Au object of tho A. P. A. is
to curtail tho influence of tho Catholics
and prevent this country from becoming
under tho rule of the papal government.
Tiie Ohioiuns again showed their distrust
of democracy Monday in their mil
nicipal elections, electing thoir men in a
very large majority of the cities. Thero
wero five tickets in the field in Cincinnati,
that lovely specimen of democracy,
the Cincinnati Enquirer, supporting a
ticket of its own against tho regular
democratic nominees, and it was badly
snowed under. Caldwell, tho republican
nominee for mayor, was elected by nearly
7,000 plurality.
Wiibn the trial of Henry Ward
for nest hiding with Mrs. Tilton was
iu progress, a lady asked a judge if he
thought tho great preacher guilty. "Guilty
of what, madam V" ino.uired tue judge
and the matter was dropped. In discussing
the Breckinridge-Pollard case,
the ladies might remember this incident
with profit.
The Semi-Weekly Pantagraph is Richmond's
latest contribution to journalism.
As tho girl said in trying to excuse her
quire by what law or authority such acts
Mtj u ifJ ft very ,itt,B 0lU fl0 ,t Cftn be
have been committed, and whether the
liws of the United States have been vio
lated. Tho company, which tendered
i;s resignation rather than attempt to en-fore
the offensivo dispensary law, caught
it in a proclamation from tho governor,
who refused to accept it, but discharged
them in disgrace. If Gov. Tilman is re
sponsible for tho law ho deserves all the
execration ho is receiving but if hois not
and is only attempting to enforce tho
law as he finds it, he is only doing a
plain duty, but he ought to call the legis
litture together to repeal it.
aaid of the Pmitagraph, but if it keeps
up as it has started it is bound to grow.
The names of T. C. AdamB, Milo Shanks
and 0. O. Groves appear as editors of tho
new venture.
It has been proven in the trial that
Breckinridge gave Mies Pollard
notes and then allowed them to go
to protest Could anything be meaner?
It seems that all tho notes, tho silvery
ones and all, of tho defendant aro worse
than baso counterfeits.
Dr. who thought he
had discovered tho "elixir of life,''
wnich would prolong indefinitely the
days on earth of nil who partook, was
evidently mistaken, or he didn't take his
own medicine. He died at Paris, France,
Ex-Gov. J. R. Hindman ia spoken
of as a candidate for attorney general.
Tho U. S. Court at Knoxvillc, ha
ordered the sale of tho E. T , V. & G.
system, at tho instance of the Central
Trust Co.
A negro informer was shot and killed
at Darlington, S. C, by a man whom
ho had reported aa a violator of the dis
pensary law.
Mr. Bland Buffered nnother defeat
the veto of hi Seigniorage Bill having
beeu sustained by the House by a vote
of 144 to 115.
Tho Franklin Female College is advertising
for a president to take charge of
the institution at tho expiration of the
preeent term.
James D. YoemariB. of Iowu, will
succeed the late Judge McDill as Inter
state Commerce Commissioner, and Buck,
of Kentucky, gets left.
Uniontown has been made a presidential
post-office and Miss Lida J.
Cooper will bo postmaster.
Gov. Northen has appointed Patrick
Walsh, of the AugtiBta Chronicle, to succeed
the late Senator Colquitt. Tho appointment
was unsolicited.
At an election in the town of Spring
Hill, Kansas, women were elected to fill
all of the municipal offices, including
mayor, councilmen and police judge.
The republicans in tho Hamilton,
O , district, nominated Major E. G. Ruth-bone
for Congrees to fill the vacancy occasioned
by tho death of Mr. Honk.
Frank J. Smith, a Brooklyn painter,
fell from tho fifth story of a house he
was working on and was not hurt badly
enough to prevent his walking homo.
Bowling Green is making great preparation
for tho entertainment of tho
members of the G. A. R. Tho State encampment
will bu held thero next week.
Hon. Thomas E. Benedict, of Now
York, was Monday nominated for Public
Printer, tho position which ho filled
during President Cleveland's first terra.
Tho annual Indian appropriation
bill, now in course of preparation, prohibits
tho plurality of Indian wives, or
Indian plural cohabitation as man and
Pension Agent Walton has propared
hia report for tho month of March. During
this period the amount of money
paid out for pen.iiona in Kentucky, vma
Pittsburgh and Allegheny gave
a cold reception. Forty of his high
privates have been gived 30 days in tho
workhouse for vagrancy and 33 others
to bo triod on the same charge
As a result of tho veto of tho
bill, n movement has been started
for tho holding of a national convention
of tho South aud West for tho organization
of a now party on a
Clifton Hampton, of Columbus, O.,
aged 15, played with nn empty (1) pistol,
which was accidentally diechnrged. A
22-caliber bullet Btruck him iu tho stomach
and ho has tone to join tho silent
Trouble ha broken out between the
Indians and cowboya near Reno, I. T.
Several havo been killed on both sides,
and tho agency buildincs have been
burned. Troops havo been sent to the
scene of trouble.
Judge Bradley expressed his contempt
for tho hangers-on at tho
trial and denounced them
as a Hock of vultures sittuii! on a lonce
waiting for the horse to die. The croea
examination of tho defendant was completed
With tho exception of tho
all parties aro now busily engaged
in whistling to keep their courage
up. Tho prohibition party is too dry to
even wet its whistle, and ob a consequence
merely puckers up its mouth at
all other parties. Glasgow Times.
Ascnssin Prendergast will not be
banned beforo July 2. and not beforo
May 21 will the investigation into tho
condition of his mind bo commenced.
Such was tho or'er entered by Judge
Chetlnin. Tho people ought to take a
hand and hang the judgo as well as the
The Court of Appeals has affirmed
tho decision of tho Marion circuit court
in tho caso of Archie Bailey vs. tho Commonwealth,
and Bailey has been taken
to the Frankfort j'vwittintiary to begin a
life sentence. The crime for which
waa convictod was tho murder of
Ueorgo Redd.
A Maak ball in Tammany Hall, New
York, wound up in a riot. There were
1,500 peraons present. During tho melee
tho lights were extinguished, nd when
turned on again one man was found on
tho floor dead. Several others wero injured,
some fatally.
Col. Breckinridgo indorsed accommodation
notes for hia concubine and
then allowed them to go to protest. This
man would light n cigar in a powder mill
or go to eea in a tub. Tho only charita
ble view of his actions ia that he is mentally
irresponsible. Louisville Times.
Tho State Treasurer isin correspond
ence with some of tho banks of the State
for tho purpose of finding a way to
bridge over a temporary deficit in the
Treasury, caused by elow collections.
There is now a deficit of $123,000 and a
suspension of payments may become
Congress, by a special act, has juts
granted to Andrew McKee, alias Andrew
Franklin, of Burlington, Kas., a pension
of $50 a month. Tho nowly made pensioner
ia 103 years old and fought in tho
war of 1812, an Indian war, war with
Mexico, and waa a teamster in tho Federal
Army from 1801 to 18k5.
The Associate Justices of tho
Court havo been reassigned. Jus
tice Brown ia assigned to tho Second circuit,
formerly presided over by tho late
Justice Blatchford, whilo Justice White
takes the Fifth circuit, including Mm
South Atlantic and Gulf States. Justice
JackBon is as-signed to the Sixth circuit,
including Kentucky.
Dr. Joseph M. Mathowa has been
elected president of tho State board of
health, which is in aession at Louisville.
So far 2,325 physiciana of the State havo
been granted certificates, aud about 200
havo been refused for reasons satisfactory
to tho board. Most of those who failed
to secure certificates wero illiterate
aud many of them "qaacks."
Just across the Hickman bridge over
tho Kentucky river, oppoeito Camp Nelson,
Jim Johnson shot and killed hia
brother, Sidney JohnBon. They had
been to a dance and were returning
home, both under the influence of liquor.
Both were farmers. Jim was 22 and Sidney
20 years old. Both wero aingle.
The Richmond Register says that
Hiram Kaufman, the Loxington butcher,
who was ono of tho witnesses for the defense
in tho Breckinridge-Pollard suit,
at ono time lived in Richmond and was
run away from that place because he was
caught stealing money from tho till of
the butcher ahop where ho waa employed.
Later on he married a notorious
Col. Breckinridgo knocked the wind
oat of Mr. Wilson'a sails, by answering
hia question. "Did you givo her any
wise counsel, such an should havo como
from a man of your years and position?"
"I did .not, Mr. Wilson. You cannot
phrase a question that would bo too
strong or that would put my conduct in
too dark a light. From my early cha
my education and my social and domestic
aiirroundinga I can Bay that thero
is not a man in '.the country who would
havo lesa oxcuso for Biich a Bin than I
had, and, further, I am prepared to say
that looking back upon it all now, tho
hell that I have gone through in tho past
10 years, baa beonjmore than I deserve.
I have endeavored, to toll the truth about
this wholo affair.but ono thing I can say
there was ono phaso of punishment I
would not suffer or 4endure, and that a
marriage to that woman."
Hal Pointer, 2:011, haa won US heats
in bettor than 2:30.
Thero nro 500 horses in training in
tho vicinity of Lexington.
Marcus Daley has f 1,000,000 invested
in thoroughbreds and trotters.
Kinlf y Tribble sold to Tom Stone, ol
Tennessee, a harness maro for $75.
Wheat made another jump at Chicago
Wodnosday, opening at 01c.
Will Bnughman Rold to a Pulaski,
Tonn., man n 5-year old horpo for $S0.
Dudderar Bros, pold to W. II.
of Boyle, a small bunch of heifers at
Buckrcno, a Louisville colt, won thn
Arkansas derby, in 1:43, the quickest
timo ever made on tho track.
Cleopatra, whoso produco won more
than 510,000 in Hiid ntalma hint
year, died tho other day at Delaware, O
To close out a partnership, a good
pair of Fairbanks stock Fcatea will bo
Bold at njy house April 13th. A. K. Denny.
California reporta that tho outlook
for wheat ia excellent, and that thero
w ill bo an enormous yield of all varieties
of fruits.
Cecil Bros , of Danville, sold to
George Leuvitt, of Boston, the six-year-old
pacer, Guinette, record 2: 10 J, by
Gambetta Wilkes (2:10) for $4,000.
Tho annual diotribution of Heed has
been completed by tho Agricultural Department.
Tho amount distributed was
30 per cent, greater than last year.
Win. Sillimau Bold to Monto Fox
three sows and 10 pigs for ?65. The sows
coot Mr. Sillimau 22 three months ago.
R. S. Russell bought of T. D. Chen-nut
a bunch of 140 lb hoga at 4Jc Advocate.
An Ohio man who fed 12 hogB on
whout estimates that lie got $07.20 for 50
bushela of wheat by marketing it iu the
form of pork; whereas if ho had sold it
ho would have only received $20. He
advises buying hog, even Ht a good
price, to feed the wheat to.
Bro. Montgomery preached at Grovo
Sunday evening Ht 3 o'clock, and will
continue to preach thero every 1st Suu-day
evening at that hour.
V. It, Coleman has built a large barn
on his farm just above town and haa
otherwise beautified his premises by
putting a plank fence, setting out shade
trees, c.
Born to tho wife of Charlea
on tho night of tho 27th, a girl, and
Charlie . ia tho happiest man imaginable.
Ml. I -
i no nrst nan uozen wero tioya. Mo you
se, a girl whs a kind of rarity in Char-
lio'a family, ,
Squire J. M. Tilford had a number of
persona beforo him Saturday at Yoaomito
to teHtify 11a to tho quality cider sold by
Wm. Lipe. Billy is accused of Belling a
mixture known hero ns spiked cider
None of tho witnesses testified to the
fact, however, and consequently no casea
wero made agaitiHt Mr, L.
We did not think any democrat in
tho county, would havo tho courage to
offer as a candidate for any of the county
oliicfH. But Mr. John Rinearson, of Big
South, whs here last week and pays ho is
in the ring for county clerk. It seem
hardly possible for a man of Mr. R.'s political
persumdon to bo elected to office
in Cay, though much stranger thiiiKs
have happened. And let us hope that
tho election of a good democrat to each
of the county ollicea, bo on of tho many
strange happenings in this the Huh cen
The following is a synopsis of the new
game law: It provides that it shall be
unlawful for any person to catch, kill or
purdiio with such intent, any buck, doe
or frtwn between tho first day of March
aud tho first day of September, or any
black, gray or fox squirrel between February
1st and tho 15th of Juno. Gray
squirrels may bo killed for tho protection
of cropn. Wild goose, wild duck,
teal or other wild ducks aro protected
between tho 1st day of April and tho
15th day of August, aud wild turkeys
between tho 1st of February and tho
first of September, or any woodcock
tho 1st of February aud tho 20th
of June; any quail, partridge, or pheasant
between tho 1st of Jnnuary and tho
15th of November; dove between tho 1st
of February and tho lBt of August. All
insect birds, such as the thrush, meadow
lark, finch, martin, swallow, woodpecker,
flickers, oriole, tanagor, red bird,
cat bird and bluo bird, where tho enmo
aro not destructive to crops, are protected
throughout tho year. The violation
of any of tho above is made a lino of not
less tbau $5 and not more than $25.
Christian College Notes.
Tho operetta, Katie Doan, will be
given in tho Opera Houeq iu Stanford on
next Saturday evening, 7th inst. Some
of the best talentabout Hustonvillo, and
in Christian Collego will impersonate the
characters. It produces a good e licet,
and but few amateurs can do so well.
Admission will ha low, Uo for reservod
seats, 25 for others, and 15 to gallery.
Tho Metropolitan Oroheatruof Stanford,
ono of tho beat iu this section of Kentucky,
will furnish music, during the intermissions.
Charlea Hermans, a newspaper man,
of Wheoling, W. Va., mysteriously di-i.
appeared ot tho ovo of his wedding day
and tho intended bridu'a friends nro
bcourlng tho country for him'
Strange Things
J lave often been discussed. But the strangest thing is how we can
afford to sell a ladies' Shoe for $1.25 that has been sold for S3. Such
strange things as this we arc doing with our entire stock of goods.
We maybe called April lools for it, but we realize that people will
buy goods where they can be had the cheapest, and we arc working
for your trade in this way. And did it ever occur to you that merchants
who sell on credit charge cash customers the same for goods
that they do credit ones ? We have no bad debts to make our
pay for. The amount saved in this way is tremendous and
you get the benefit of it if you deal with us. Our Spring
I in and we are making our competitors tremble with the prices we
are selling them at. Suits they sell at Si 5 we let go at $9. and such
ii the amount, we will save you through our entire Clothing stock,
which we have no hesitancy in snying is decidedly the largest and
Most Complete Stock
In the town or county. Remember
We Can Save You Money
On anything you wish to buy in our line. Your cash does not have
to go to pay back losses, as it does when you trade with a firm that
does a
"The proof the pudding is chewing the bag,-
And Lc convinced.
Goods Warranted and a Perfect Pit Guaranteed. Give
A. URHANSKY & CO., Proprietor
T. D. RANEY, Manager.
Is Eocciyirjg His
me call.
The Bpown Cultivator,
Nest Farm Implements Made.
Every thing you can think of-in the Fine Chinawarc line. Call and
examine and get prices.
- -- . Stanford, Ky.
We : HaveGot : Them.
. -W,.

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