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3TANFORD, Kv., - il.VY JO, 1895
Mlrhlfimn, anil Wisconsin to
Contribute to U Territory Would lie
One of the niclirt In the Union, Kcfw
cially In Sllnrmln.
It is reriously proposed to crcato n
new stato by taking a part of tho thrco
states of Minnesota, Wisconsin and
Michigan, which will bo known as tho
state, of "Superior," or "tho Mineral
State. " Thisidea is a modification of
tho now state plan so often repeated,
and its creator is Captain Alox
tho inventor of tho whaleback.
Captain MeDougall would cut out u
territory bounded on tho north by Canada,
on tho west by tho Mississippi river,
on tho south by a lino drawn from
tho Mississippi river along tho southern
boundary of tho northern tier of Wisconsin
comities and terminating at tho
tip of tho upper peninsula. Of
course tho eastern boundary lino would
lio in tho lakes, but that is immaterial
to tho plan.
What is aimed at particularly is to
place tho tliroo great iron ranges tho
Vermillion, tho Mesaba and tho Gogo-
bio in ouo state, so that tho interests
of nono of them could bo injured by
conflicting legislation and all might be
treated from tho samo basis.
Should tho new stnto, which would
bo tho forty-fifth of tho Union, bo considered
at all it would havo tho additional
advantage tho captain thinks, of
solving tho difficulties of long standing
between Duluth and Superior, for, both
cities being in tho samo stato, their interests
wonld bo in tho main almost
identical. At least thero would bo no
stato lino to vex and complicate their
Duluth and tho northern part of
havo no interests in common with
tho rest of tho state. Wisconsin, it can
truthfully bo said, bears tho samo relation
toward Superior and tho northern
portion of tho stato, and as for tho upper
peninsula it is not, cither from a
commercial or geographical point of
view, a part of tho suite of Michigan.
Tho new stato would bo ono of tho
richest in wealth in tho Unions It
would havo more than 500 miles of
water front and contain "tho head of
, tho lakes" harbor, which is tho gateway
for tho trudo and commerce of tho
entire northwestern country. "Superior,"
or "tho Mineral Stato, "would at
once becomo ouo of tho greatest states of
tho Union, it is firmly believed by its
Agitation of tho subject will begin
immediately tliroughout tho tlireo commonwealths
involved, and tho representatives
in tho several legislatures who
como from tho territory immediately
involved will after their adhesion is so-cured
begin making political combinations
in order to effect their purpose.
The new stato would bo strongly
a qualification which would
soenro it a resiectful hearing from tho
present congress. Chicago Times-Herald.
A Howler Sialics 300 In Ten Pntmes.
David Hoffman of tho Berkeley Bowling
club of Newark, N. .7., mado a
scoro of 300 in ten frames with regulation
pins'on Hurry Montgomery's nlloys
recent". Ho was engaged in practico
with William Woingarth, who mado
211, and Emanuel Loweustoiu of tho
Chevalier club, who made 2 1 0. Montgomery
gays that it is tho first timo he
has ever seen 5500 mado tho present
standards havo been established, and
ho has lieeu in tho bowling alloy business
since 1 870. New York Sun.
To Prevent Train llobuory.
The Southern Pacific is considering
methods fpr pi eventing train robbery,
but thus far no feasible plan has been
found. It is thought the best would bo
to placo tho express car in the middle of
tho train, thus making it difficult to do-
tach it from tho remainder of tho train.
Whore tho Trouble Lies.
Women do not seem to realize, that
disliko far tho bloomer is based not on a
general prejudice, bnt tho supcrlativo
ugliness of tho garment. If a reform
costume is of necessity hideous, tho dress
reformer will find her path strewn with
thorns. San Francisco Examiner.
Another Bugbear Gone.
The many southern pooplo who havo
mot Governor McKiuloy havo had an
opportunity to seo that thero is no truth
in tho story that ho has horns. This is a
decided gain for thoso who havo loaded
np with this information. Wheeling
Lost. A black ostrich boa. Leave at
this office and receive reward. "
Something .Vow I'qr n WnUt A Novelty
In Ulouc TrlnmilnB Tor Cotton
I)rr" Now Dcvrliiiunrnt In Ilonnvts.
.Mntorlul Tor lrrir.
Woman being a croatnro of
mind, it keens tho artists and do-
signers ill a continual statu of mental
activity to ovolvosomothing having now
features, at loast for ovcry day in tho
year. It was not enough for thoin to
bring out tho Russian blouse nud then
rest upon their laurels. Thero must bo
something a littlo different, and so tho
queer "nor fish nor flesh" waists now
offered as novelties. Thoro is ono which
embodies tho pointod waist, the heavily
embroidered Spanish jacket nud tho
Russian blouso offect all together. The
waist has a pointod volvot bolt of a rich
dark blue, a velvot jackot almost covered
with gold embroidery and a doublo
plait hanging over in the approved
fashion, with four dull gold buttons.
Tho plait itsolf is of old gold nrninro.
Thero nro bluo velvet ribbons carried
around tho arm sizes and tied in littlo
bows upon tho shoulders. Tho collar is
Mi M
milUA p -$$k
m mk &M
embroidered stiflly with gold. Tho
sleoves nro of the deep nnplos blue ponlt
do soic, with culls of tho old gold. Tho
skirt is liko tho sleeves and is cut
wido. Tho front seams nro loft
open over n dark blue velvet inset, nud
this is heavily wrought with gold.
Thero nro HO dull gold buttons on tho
skirt and buttonholes simulated with
dark bluo twist. Bat wing bows nro'ect
at tho top. Theso insets aro very protty
and afford a moans of widening auy
skirt that is scarco'y as largo around
tho bottom as might bo desired.
Another novelty in tho blouso effect
has a snug lining, over which is laid n
waist of chenoy silk, with a slight droop
exactly in front, ovor tho round belt.
Thero aro two straps laid liko brotolles
from tiio front to tho back ovor tho
shouldors. Thoso aro piped with emerald
greon silk. Tho general tono of tho
silk is pale pinks and greons. Thero is
a stock of dark groon volvot and a small
doublo rosctto at tho bolt on tho left
6ido. Tho skirt worn with this was of I
fancy striped taffota in greens and
reds over smokogray. Tho skirt was
plain, but oxquisitoly finishod and
Tho stylish young possessor of this
pretty spring suit had a hat of dark
green French chip, with half a dozen
ostrich tips and an nigrct showing
nbovo its enormous brim. On tho left
sido thero were threo tiny bows, ono of
rose loaf pink nnd two of greon. Thero
was something dolicionsly springliko
about this wholo costume.
It is qui to poesiblowith tho now fashion
to transform a plain corsago into a
Russian by means of tho addition of
looped straps. I rcmembor n caso wheru
tho waist was of olivo green volvot and
holiotropo satin duchess. Tho sleoves
and lowor portion of tho waist woro of
tho palo holiotropo, whilo tho deep bolt
and yoko were of tho volvot On tho
front of tho waist woro fastened tliroo
straps of rich holiotropo satin, with nn
arabesquo pattern of tho volvot nppliquo
and sot with an extremely narrow gold
cord. Ouo of tho straps was simply doubled
over and roachod tho bolt Tho other
two had fancy gold nud greon
ornaments at tho head. Two
bands woro laid down tho front of tho
skirt, nnd another ono bordcrod tho
skirt, which was cut with a
Cotton dresses aro mado and trimmed
with quito as innoh caro as woolon and
silk ones, and they cortninly pay for the
trouble Ono can toll at onco whether a
cotton gown i3 mado for a lady who
."V.ii' IS VSKitrf It '
n m5
$Y I A tax
fJ f v ffl
spects horsolf or not, and n really well
mado cotton dress is a ploasant thing to
look at. Thero is n now linon brocado
with hero and thoro a thread of puro
silk, which lightous it up wonderfully.
This linon stuff will bo much employed
in tho making of tho shirtwaists which
will soon bo 60on ovorywhero. Ouo mado
of a dark bluo linon was cut bo as to
show u whito choniisutto front and whito
linon oollar. Thoro was tho plaitod
blouso offect Thoro will soon bo shown
those shirt waists mado of madras plaidd
and cotton choviot; also tho pretty cotton
polisse. Thoro will also bo shown
blouse wai N t t i':J.c:i with threo
box plaits tlovu tiio front, edged with
whito or black Miiuache, according to
tho color of tho blouse. Thero nro buffs,
flax, pink and blue pi. iiuh used for this
purpose. Nearly, nil of theso will havo a
wido sailor collar, but tho necks will bo
high, skirts to match will bo tho rule.
Bishop fcloovos, witli dtep cuITh, nro tho
only Hiiitnblo ones with thoso. Tho samo
Ftylo of making will bo followod in tho
linens, .vnhit'ius nnd othor strong cotton
There 1 linen foiiio new dovelop
mrnts !: t destined for lato
spring. ' AB ro hats and bonnets,
both ma i . . r very light wiro frames,
nnd nn' ot 1. e , chiffon, silk, tissue, not
nnd mull. Theso dolicato materials will
bo puffed and shirred and made as light
nrd niry as possible and tho fluff and
lightness will bo gathered nnd held with
sparkling buckles, and occasionally some
dainty nnd delicnto flower- liko volvot
forgotmonot, bluet or perhaps a scarlot
geranium. Whatever it" is it will bo
For moro'iinmediato wear thoro may
bo said to bo tlireo loading styles. Tho
Napoleon shapo, tho Continental and
tho queer bnt cuto littlo Dutch bonnets
nro their names. Tho Napoleon nud Continental
nro very chio and stylish, but
tho close littlo bomiots thnt havo flat
tops nnd fussy littlo rosottos at tho sides
aro most becoming. Tho Dutch bonnet,
as it is called, is fiat on tho top nud
often has no trimmings at all beyond
tho rosettes. It is intended to sot far
back on tho head, nnd for thnt reason it
is much nffected by thoso who wear
their hair in tho looso bandeaux. Somo
of theso hats havo tho crown of shining
straws, others n mass of spangles of different
lusters. All of them nro oddly
and quaintly pretty. I will mention ouo
moro oddity in tho way of hat trimming,
nnd that is tho bnncli of emu foathcrs
that ono often standing up on ouo
sido. Somo 20 years ago thero was n
rago for emu feathers fornot only millinery,
bnt for dress trimmings ns well,
nnd pretty muffs and collarettes woro
mado of them.
Thero nro fewer new dress matorinls '
displayed now than nt any other timo '
this season, still thero nro very many'
pretty dosigns of mohair figures. Theso;
mohairs and brilliantincs aro shown in '
all tho brilliant tints of tho season, nnd
they nro especially valnnblo for house '
gowns, as thoy nro bright and showy j '
and uovor catch dust I havo also seen
somo of theso with ilowor designs and
other patterns printod on. Thoro nro
also many with woven figures.
Tho chcuoy taffota and gros do
plaid tnffetas, silk cropou with
pompadour figures nnd corah cashmere
aro nil extremely fino nud olcgnnt and
aro used for both waists and skirts nil
but tho plaid. Thero aro somo very
dainty cotton homespuns in dull nud
bright colors, and they will boomployed
for full gowns and waists. Tho swiss
belts in fancy stamped and perforated
leather will bo worn by yonng pooplo
with light gowns. Dotted swiss is a
primo favorito. Tho smaller tho dots
tho better. Hexwette Rousseau.
A Practical Com For Playlnjr CnriU.
That playing cards should bo kept
neat and clean, with smooth edges, is
essential to thn oomfnrt of thn L'nmn.
whothor it bo whist, ouchro or hoarts. !
This littlo dovico can bo trusted to holp
to that good end. It can bo mado witli
very littlo troublo and is really so
as to bo an addition to tho
tnsto, besides sorviug its more prosaio
To mako it select a pioco of soft gray
chamois skin, or, if that bo tooquiotfor
your tasto, auy color you profer. Cut a
section a littlo wider thnn your cards
nro long nnd ns long ns four times thoir
width, plus tho exact depth of tho pack
when piled ono upon tho other.
Turn ovor at eacli end n pieco tho exact
width of ouo card, so as to form
two pockots of equal Eizo. Cut from
tho chamois four strips, each ns long
ns tho pockots nro deep nnd ns wido as
half tho depth of tho entire pack of
cards. Leave ono cud of oach straight
and round tho others slightly nt each
corner. Then, with oxtromo neatness,
ovorhand one to each end of each
so as to closo tho openings, lotting
tho curved ond form tho back. Whon
that is done, paint upon oach pocket n
hoart, a any ono of tho symbols
used. Close tho case and paint a bimilrr
design on tho outside. Then follow nil
tho edges with a doublo lino of black.
You will find the caso n most complete
and practical one, besides boing a
vonl economy, for it keeps tho enrds in-taut
and in perfect condition. Slip half
the pack into ouch pocket, then fold it,
ono over the other. No dust nan ontor. j
No cards can slip out Tho caso is
montni ami can do Kept always witinn j
ru;iun. iv mum cumyieiu iriuo n is uiiu
oult to find, and from tho testimony of
an enthusiastic card player it would
seem to fill n long folt want
Tho illustration shows two views,
open nud closed. Clake Bu.nce.
Coulclni; to Order.
Moro attention ovory yenr is given to
cooking in our lnrgo cities. In Now
York there aro several excellent cooking
schools whero ladies not only go
but send thoir sorvnnts. A
has been formed this winter by
somo of tho uetivo workers in thoso
schools to havo depots, usually nt the
women's oxohanges. Thero daily woll
cooked fancy dishes of all kinds can bo
had at modcruto prices. If tho goods
ooutinuo to bo ns woll prepared in tho
future as thoy havo been thus fur, thoro
is no doubt as to tho succoss of tho project
And think of tho rolief to tho inexperienced
housokooper with unprepared,
for guests to entertain I
Tho I'uroro nt Parkorsburu Story of tho
X'lnttlng of Petroleum George
Knew of It Kzlitencc How Senator
Cniuden Jlnilo IIU l'ortune.
Among tho natural resources of West
Virginia etrblcum has always' lieeu
rated as third in importance, coal and
timber taking precedence, hut just nt
this timo a MipernVinl oboerver would
concludo thnt there is nothing but oil in
tho state. This is the ivmiH of tho liquid
gold fever that has been occasioned
by the sudden nud rapid mo in tho oil
Pnrkerslmrg leing tho center nnd
distributing ioint of tho West Virginia
oilfield, it is tho placo to get tho benefit
of all tho excitement. It reminds
ouo of tho days "In-fore tho war, "when
oil was first struck, and it almost equals
the excitement in California over the
discovery of gold.
Oil was first discovered in West Virginia
and not in Pennsylvania. Tho
Pennsylvania fields were tho first to Ihj
dovclojed, bnt tho discovery belongs to
West Virginia, and tho largest oilfield
now in tho world is at Sisterville,
alwnt oO miles nlwvo Pnrkerslmrg. In
fact, tho existence of nntnral gas, which
is the twin sister of (letrolemii, was
known to Georgo Washington Loforo the
In 1T75, in ono of his sun-eying expeditious
to the Kanawha valley, General
Washington discovered tho "Burning
spring." Ho did not understand tho
phenomena, but so well assured was ho
that it was somo rich gift of nature do-signed
for tho mo of. man that ho set
apart nud deeded to tiio public forever
nn aero of laud near the Kanawha river,
nbout eight miles above Charleston, on
which was tho grout national wonder.
It was simply a hole in tho ground,
which filled with water when it rained
and up through which issued a jet of
Kas Riving tho water tho appearance of
boiling, and when lighted burned "with
n bright llamo till blown out bv the
In 1S15 Captain James Wilson struck
a gas well whilo boring for salt water
in tho Kamiwha vnlley.
Tho coal oil fever broko forth in all
its fury early in 1801, when oil was
discovered at tho Burning springs alovo
Parkersbnrg. It, was then that fortunes
wero mado nnd lost in a singlo day.
hi that field oil was found nt n doptli
of from 00 to 300 feet, and in a few
weeks tho wholo Hold was punctured
liko a pcpier box.
It was in tho oil excitement of 1801
that Senntor Camden, who is now classed
among tho wealthiest of America's
millionaires, got his start. At that timo
ho was n comparatively young uian,
with n small law practice in a country
town up in tho interior of tho stato.
Sitting in his room ouo evening looking
over tho daily papers, ho suddenly
to his wife with tho remark, "Ann,
my fortnno is made."
When sho looked for an explanation,
ho said: "I seo hero in tho paper thnt
oil has been discovered on tho Littlo
Kanawha. I am going up thero to try
mX linud at developing ho fiold. " Tho
next morning ho borrowed nil tho mon
ey that his collaterals and fho infinenco
of friends could scrapo together for him
and then struck out for tho Burning
spring. In two week ho had mado
enough to pay back his borrowed capital,
and from tliat day to this thero has
not licen a check in tho progress of his
marvelous business career.
Tho improvement in tho method of
refining has advanced with tho progress
of tho industry, and discoveries huvo
been mado . hereby nlltho refuso matter
that was formerly thrown nwny is
now converted into useful nrticlcs of
commerce. It is in this way that
oil has been reduced in prico from
40 cents a gallon to 10 cents nnd still
leaves a good profit to tho refiners.
Most of tho wells that have been
shot in tho area of tho oil basin havo
been good producers, mid thero is now
a daily output of from 12,000 to Ifi.OOO
Yet experienced oil speculators say
that tho present riso in oil is not alto
gether born of speculation, but is par
tially duo to legitimate causes. Tho
supply has fallen below tho demnnd, '
mid tho speculators havo only taken ad
vantngo of tho uctunl condition to inaugurate
nn era of gambling.
Tho Russian oilfiold is diminishing
its supply every year, with no profeoct
of now discoveries. Many of tho American
fields havo been totally exhausted,
and but fow now ones aro being discovered,
and oil being tho cheapest light
that can lx produced the demand for it
has with tho hard times.
Cincinnati Enquirer.
ToUtiil'A Lati'st.
Count Tolstoi's latest work, which has
just appeared, is called "Mastor and
Alan." It is a htory of Russian village
life, tolling of the stnigglo in tho mind
of thn lniifcror. lost in tlin snow with Ids
1HJUlt !1K,uht tjl0 temptation to abandon
his holpless companion, for whom ho nt
last gives ins own life. Philadelphia
Worth LooJiInc Into. ,
If Great Britain contemplates going
to tho cxpevM'of bombarding a town for
the sake of c ..Meeting that $7r,000 from
Nicarngnu, iho has something njoro in
her vyo tlun tho money. New York
Human Nature.
Human naturo is human natnro, and
tho nan who swears falsely concerning
hi.tx returns will continuo to frown
duvi.i li'o man who stuffs a ballot box.
Wsuihiug'ou Post.
A I)Hiit,fn Suit.
Suit has been brought against a dentist
for breach of promiso of marriage.
Tho wonder is that it wasiot a suit for
breach of promise of teeth. Now York
Telegram. "
Two Lily I)r f.nio I'nd. Iriihlon mid
I) .IIU' tie .M.ltllTP.
A nmnberof wmcn in Now York nro
warding as '-. :ien with architects.
Tho fltet two to nt up in business for
themselves nro MHs Alary Novan Gannon
and Mi.-s Alice J. Hands. Thoso
two young wi..uen are graduates of Mrs.
Dunlnp Ilopkniti' school of applied do-sign.
The i ily wimiu competitors, they
were mTi'?it ul In drawing tho plans for
the Fn.riiico hoqutal recently built in
tian Fwuc co. They also eutorod tho
eoir.p'tiimn for the Woman's building
nt tno ill!:" ta oxjHition. Thoir plans
got ecoml plne. They havo rocently
solved thottuement house problom by
drawing tho plans for a model tenement.
The '.r. h v If en r.rec)ted, nnd lii
nio.M ii i.- .e:jts are to bo erected by a
pnldii b ii l.tctnr v.ho wishes his
y ui.kiKiwn. The sanitary investigating
committee, has usked MUs Gniinou
and Mi.ss Hands to becomo tho only
women members. At iiicsont theso two
prn:;n..iug young women aro nt work on
the plans ior a modol hotel for womon
to bvi brtllt shortly.
In n number of recent photographs of
the funnies Cnstellane, noo Miss Anna
Gould, the favorito pose, judging from
Its frequrnt recurrence, wns stnnding
with ouo hand resting on her hip. This
pose as well as bitting with tho legs
crosscu ... ... ,..Mv.. tuu vogue ...v..f
misguided photographurs to get what
they mistakenly suproso to bo an nrtid
tic ellect. Women before tho camera
should remember that likenesses go
down to not ns spiKiiinuiis of
the puototititpiicr'sbud ta'te, but as rep
resentations of theniHelvos, and in roally
i ...... I., . . , i...-. ... ,
rciineii nun uuiiiyihimi siiciuiy io suwiii ;
with one's hands on one's hips or sit
with crossed legs is today ns much thoi
prerogative of the Billinxgnte fishwives
n3 it w:i III rvir nrlllltll1?lwrw, Mmn I
Tiio riming dish Is an indispensable, ?" ' '" lu'r e" i"'
' ut' " w. but for a stonily
factor to tin. comfort of ovory reg.
ulnted It is wonderful how thing it wU Of connw w hwi tho Ib.li
admirably this simple dih adapts itself nm lrt T b,,",'," onw', vo" cn
to the exigencies of every occasion. J ""' f"r PI,wr ! o gtt oven
,h tho. water deimrtmcnt, but then
Oystors are never so good as when Jv
served from n chafing dish. And n lob- i !l ',ot PXly plea.snnt to do your
a la Newl rg (so wiv epicures) only ' .' thnt vnj Let n mini get tip in
has tho proK.r flavor when prepared in ; " ip?bt, forwiimtiiM. and go to his
this wav. To avoid confusion, when fancot ,,", (,ark for (lr,nk' Mu J"
-" . .- ...... v... . .. ..
miests nro oxwctwl. n few thiims shonld :
bo nrepnrcd betorehand. Tho butter
should bo mensurod and placed on a
dainty plate. Eggs should bo whipped,
cream measured, salt, pepper, sauces,
rntnlmrH nnd witm urnr hv. n woll fti
spoons of various sizes for measuring,
mill ...... Ktlrrlri". .........p,, thn ...v ......, hmiTi ....v.. fill fill ...... ntnl
matches handy. If rabbit is on tho
menu, havo tho cheeso grated: if lobster
n la Nowb'rg, havo tho lobster cut in '
pieces. With nil preliminaries arranged
and materials at hnud, tempting dishes
can bo enilv prepared, tho hostess
gracefully presiding ns goddess of tho .
chafing dish. I
mo nam uuii" (so say aumoriuen i
on tho subject) is to bo tho correct stylo.
of arranging thohnir during tho present
spring and summer. It suggosts n waterfall
at tho back of tho head and is
very English and very hideous. Miss
Olga Nethersolo, tho English actress;
Mrs. Langtrynnd Miss Cissy Fitzgerald
nro among tho well known women of
the stago who havo alroady adopted tho
fashion. It is mndo by fastening tho
hair ns tightly ns if beginning n French
twist, very low down iti tho neck. Next
divide thohnir into two parts. Take the.
upper part nud form it into tho figure 8. I
Arrange the under strand in tho same
way, building ono coil almost ovor the I
other. Placo the hands top and bottom
of the. knot, pushing it out in the center.
A now way to proparo oggs is timely
at this season whon oggs nro ploutiful
and cheap. Break tho eggs into n IhjwI, '
yolks nud whites together, beating
ouglily. Add u tenspoonful of cream to '
each egg. Soason with salt nnd peppor. '
Have ready on tho liro a saucepan ot j
melted butter. Do not cook over too hot
n lire. Pour in tho oggs, stirring nnd
scraping from tho bottom of tho
pan without censing until tho preparation
is ns smooth as butter. Remove
from tho fire, continuing to stir for a
few moments. Servo on hot buttored
toast, garnished with parsley.
A perfect neck is not often soon. Tho
shoulders may l round and plump nnd
tho skin whito nnd fine, yet ugly hoi-
lows and distinct shadows of tho collar j
bono spoil tho contour. Let any woman
with such a neck, try tho following gym
nasties !." minutes night nnd morning
font mouth: Push the arms out straight
in tho front of tho body four times, thon
tho sntuo movement with tho nrms up
in tho air, next from the sides nud
finally backward, always with the
shoulders thrown back, tho head ereot
r.::d the chin woll in. Massage with
cocoa butter is nn excellent thing ta
mnko the tiock nud shoulders fnt nud
smooth. Singing lemons often improve
the tliont as much ns tho voice iuelf.
'A perfectly shaped arm is often unsightly
because of a beefy ronghnoM on the
back. Tliis is thu result of bad circulation
nnd can positively bo aurul by u
daily vigorous rubbing with n
Tho term well groomed has becomo
nlmobtns common when appliod to women
as nnd moniis practically
tho sumo thing. To bo woll dressed,
woll gloved nud well shod is a necessity,
a commonplace, nud does not cousti
tuto being well groomed. Tho woman
who really deservos tho epithot woll
groomed must havo hands that show the
mauiouro's care, feet that show tho attention
of n pedicurist and hair that in
every s,euso is a crowning glory. Tho ,
doviccs of hor irons and crimping pins
nro no longer employed. Thoy nro tho
work of nn ordinury hairdressor. Tho
woll groomed woman knows that a
soitness nud wnvo to her hair can
only be acquired by constant enro nud
brushing. A bath ovory day is llkowiso
essential. All this, it must bo
loaves very littlo timo for much
olso in tho day, but this is what constitutes
beiug n woll groomed woman.
, Lauua'Ouvia Bootiie.
Now York.
In New London tho Water Simply Is Pilled
I . Willi Them.
j Early in tho forenoon ono day Intoly
i all tllO Olootrio Strtllit nnr wlilrli luiil
! been whirring nbout Urn town of New
London suddenly coauetf to go, and for
n timo no one was nble to discover what
was the matter.
Tho precise facts in tho caso were that,
n thundering big el four feet long,
and two or threo iuehes tlticWrhad
wrigghnl out of tiio supjily tionrt of tho
sork J',totl' water main, thencotniled
along into the small service iimhi nnd
had got into u tig!;t lx in that tnbo not
j many fti't away from the Imiler thnt
. makes tho dynanioiKg. Eels, though
j supplo nud agile, mo not suitable to
' grind up into Mteuni; nco the sitddcu
uiTest of ciieuiation in tho electric
totn of New Ijoudou. The lako from
j which New Loudon gets its wntor is
' five or six miles away among tho hills
i to tho north, mi it is evident tho eel
j journeyed nil thnt way through mnins
and servico pijwH bent on his
ous errand to tio up tho electric csr
lines of the city.
"Such another plague of tebi was
never known as that which nfllicts Now
Londoners thin season," said one resentful
but Miinovrlmt resigned citizen.
"Never was anything liko it A man
would think that Konoinoo lako was
. mixed up in nbout equal imrts of eels
,.. J .!, .1.1 .. - M!...
"'. "" "''" ""
wv iiui' inn iii niji an uiu iinio, uutu
fin for lirisiktust, dinner and supier.
. . .. ..
A. !... 1 f U
Aim men u s me uiieeriauiiy nnuui i
nil that is lri1ng ils all to drink
strong drink, I mean. .Why, you can
turn your water faucet any time, day or
night, and it's just nlout oven betting
whether you get eels or water, or both.
You'll tap eels anyhow, sooner or Inter.
"Once in a great "..Mlo you get fish,
other kinds. ?u )i ns shiners or dace,
i ,t sill 1
" Ju W or ytwneu now mipionsant
it is not to be certain whetiier it's wa
ter or win he's drinking. Blast tho
things I I got ono almost swallowed myself
the other night it was a small ouo,
though before I discovered my
- It s u horrible situation." Now
Ork Sun.
coinrni fllmuW m (Irnxp to Get
Ilouca Pur lk.
Several weeks ugo it was announced
that the grave in which Sarah Barlow,
mi old negrcrts, wils buried two years
ago at Post Oak Church, Mint, hnd been
Recent developments havo
led to the arrest of three young colored
men for the erimiv
It turns out thnt thcuo ghouls wero
not after money or hidden treasure, but
that they wero longing after "conjuro
lxmcs," and bones out of which to man
ufacture dice, which nro currently m
IK)rtcil mnoiiK n nriiiin d:iMof iKiionuit
negro "cnip shooters" as invincible.
Tho story goes that when thoy dng into
the grave nnd found tho corpse in
such a good statu of preservation, notwithstanding
it had been buried nearly
two years, they took fright and ran
Tho naw lias attracted considerable attention
on e vomit nf its novelty. It is
poril)ly the llit one of its kind cvor
tr.ed in tho stnta Tho colored
nro uninfecting no littlo interest in
the nlfnir, us moat cf them havo a mortal
dnitd f "iiMijure loni" or anything
pertaining to Iho "black art"
Cincinnati Enqnlmr.
Scrriilciin ijurrr Clmrci'ii In h Suit For
Surah E. Gould, in a petition for divorce
from CheuKiimu D. Gould of Leeds,
Me., speeifn. 17 charges, among which
is that, to her, her husband placed
n dead skunk in her clothes closet
Other charges are that ho threw n spittoon
at her: that ho seized thu dishes
niKJii tho table mid violently broke
thein; that he turned tho flour barrel
bottom side tip in tho pantry and the
flour uikhi tho floor; that he aimrily
broko the sowing machine; thnt ho shoveled
dirt on the floor she was washing;
thnt nt times, instead of buying sugar
for tho family, he bought it for himsolf
and kept it locked up and brought it to
the table for hnsowii use; that whilo tho
family wore without soup hi kept soap
for himself kvkod np in his own room ;
that he told her that it would lie tho
happiest day in hi lift when h could
dance over her gnm; that he habitually
kept his room locked, no that she could
nut enter it New York World.
A Hut KHiHuinr Cumins.
Sergeant Dann, tl.o I ew York weather
oxport, nay.! thtt vo may expect n
hot Mimmer, according to the rule of
teniperHtnro ain;gra IJe shows that
thero has bt uu a deficiency of 280
since .liui. I :m1 tWolares that
"tho v.euher is bound lo oven up."
St. Louis Ol kV-Democrat
A Sun;; ol Lovrllnio,
n cwk of luvetlmu
All Hi. world itllstht;
Tl.iiu'Hii ripiilt on Urn rlvir,
Ami kunu anil ktarj nru bright
Hero's ii sontt of lovctimo
All tliu world is sweet.
Itulultows round tho heavens,
rluwurs ut your fict.
Hero'n a non of lovctimo
Burrow iu ic1Iih.
Llttluch'.ldrin climbing
To thu motlior'H luuilng Upt.
Ilero'i a sonK of lovetlrac
L'Iioh'3 i.t thu bird
Am.' Jit tiio hwcctt mufilo
To tljuwootiat human word J
Hem's & song of lovctimo.
Kni.'vj ull tho Htrifo
And a heaven that Is bonmlng
WHo a sweet, otonial life,
fnvak L. Btanton la Atlanta Conatltutloi.

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