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interior Journa
rabllabod Evory Tuoaday and Friday
not topaid S2.50 will be charged ""
My M illlncry Stock it full and complet e. Call
nl examine and you will.be sure to buy a new
Spring Hat.
Stanford, Ky
w. s.
Attorney at Law,
Stanford,' - - Kentucky.
Oliee on Lieaiter Street, opposite the Court
Home. Collection! receive especial attention. S3
Dentist, UnBffl
Stanford, Ky.
Oiice ever McRoberta' Drug Store in the Ows'cy
Something to Beautify the Ladies.
Daily openining. New Hats, floweM and lacetl
"SVc give tho assurance to the trade that they wil
1find in our establishment the same cxclusiveness
iln style of patterns, hats and bonnets and all tho
.leading novelties in Millinery for which we arc
known throughout the country.
31 hare secured a first-class trimmer for the sea-on.
Thanking you lor past favors, we respectfully
solicit your patronage heretofore so literally
bestowed, wfcl M. D. DUDDERAR-
Homo Sockors' Excursions
MAY 7TH, 1895,
On Tuesday. May 7th, the Big Four Route will
ell Excursion Tickets to points In Michigan, at
Sh i very low rate of
t3ne Fare For The Round Trip.
Tickets good returning as days from date of sale
The Dig Four Route have unexcelled facilliie
4rtt ran r I n re nnlnti art TtVilfan
1U1 tTtX) SM ivtuw IVS
for lull particulars address any agent.
lrcs. Traffic Manager. Gen'l Pas.. & Ticket Agt.
Ey. Midland Ey,
Only Duect LlLe BetTeen
Cincinnati and Frankfort
Shorten, and quickest between
Prankfort, Georgetown and Paris,
Oarlislo, Maysvillo, Oynthlana,
Falmouth and Covington.
Ask for tickets via Kentucky Midland. Trains
run by Central Standard Time.
Time TabU Dec. 30, 1834.
TRAINS EAST. No. 1. No. 3. No. 5. No. 7.
a. m. p. m. a. m. p. m
X.ve Franklort A 7 00 3 30 8 30 4 15
Klkborn ..711 a 40 S'SS 4 40
Stamping uround 7 38 300 930 515
' GeorgetownU. 7 47 319 5 loco 545
Arr. 0. S. Depot 7 55 3 33 ' S 5 JO
" Paris... .C 8 30 4 33
"URA.INS WKST. No. . No. 4. No. 9 No. 8
a. m. p m. a. m., p ra.
JLve Paris ....C - 9 45 '.i 39
' C. S. Depot.....io 37 6 4s -"Sta 30
" Veergctown u 10 40 045 545 dfcujJ
" Sttnp'g Ground 10 59 tJ7 0j 6 17 .;t 05
" Ulkhorn .11 16 7 6 45 I 40
Arr;rrankfort...A 1130 73s 7'Jaoo
Leare Frankfort 8:30 a.m.; arrive at Lexington
vtxis m. fJB "C jiI1 -J
Leave Frankfort 7 a m.;arrlve Cincinnati at
10:10 a.m.
Leave Frankfort 1:30 p. m.; arrive CincinuatI
S15 p, at. .
West Leave Georgetown 10:37 A. M.; arrive
at Frankfort 11:30 A. M.
East Leave Franklort a:sJ P. M.; arrive at
Georgetown 3:35 P. M.
Leave Frankfort 1 30 p. m ; arrive Cincinnati
&tsp. m.
Leave Cincinnati 7:30 a. m.; arrive Frankfort
01:30 a.m.
Trie Kentucky Midland Ralwayand
form the shortet and cheapest route to all
joints .South, East, .Vorth and West.
tor further information apply to their agents.
C. D. HEItCAW. Gen. Pass. Agent.
G EO. B. HA R PER, Rec'r & Gen.Supt
Frankfort, Ky.
Louisville 4 NasjHvtur. R. R.
Ii the line for you, as its
doable Dally Trains
Make.close connections at
For all points.
For any information enquire cf
JOES. RICE. Agent,
Stanford, Ky
la a ten pgs eight column democratic newspaper.
It contains tho best of everything going. HEN-BY
WATTERSON is the editor.
PRICE, $1 00 A YEAR.
Tho WEEKLY makes
cry liberal terms to agent , and gives tree pre
oxiums for clubs. Sample copies of the paper and
four pjge Premium Supplement scut free to nny
.address. Write to
SKmi - Weekly Interior Journal,
And The
'Weekly Courier-Journal
Will be gent one year to any address for 82 75.
Hail No Escape, So Ho Just Let Ilrtiln
Knt II tin Up.
"SpeakhiR of accidents, " said (ho
Boston ninn, "I hud n most singular 0110
happen to mo upon tho East Tcnnosseo
road two weeks ago. I was in tho rear
sleeper coming down the mountain when
it jumped tho track rind went down over
n elifiSo feet into tho bed of a creek."
Silcnco reigned for tho spaco of flvo
Fccowls, till fl tall, quiet gentleman of
tho namo of Courtney leaned over to tho
Boston man and mildly inquired, "Did
you say 85 feet?"
"Yes," said tho man from Boston.
"Is that list?" said Mr. Courtney.
"No! It is not list," thundered tho
Boston man. "Tho car went down 85
foot and a littlo girl had her arm broken,
although I did not get hint mysolf."
"My dear sir," said Courtney, "I
would not want you to think for a mo
ment that I doubted your word, and
speaking of tho mountains reminds mo
of an adventure I had abont fivo years
ago up in tho Rockies. Thoro wasn party
of ns out thoro from Chicago hunting
and fishing. Wowcro camed on a trout
stream away up in tho Uto pass, and as
I would rather fish than Ing a gun about
all day I mado daily trips up tho stream.
One day I went much farther than over
before, and finally camo to a pool that
lay between two high rocks. To reach it
I had to climb up tho mountain sido and
oat on a shelf of rock thnt overhung tho
pool 20 feet below. I dropped my fly and
as fast as it struck tho water I had a
speckled beauty on tho end of my Una
But all at onco I heard a scratching on
tho rock behind mo, and on looking
around I saw a big sho grizzly bear coming
for mo with her mouth wido open.
Thcro I was. without etui, pistol or oven
a penknife to defend myself with, and
suro death if I jumped into tho stream. "
"What did you do?" cried tho Boston
man in great excitement.
"Do? What could I do? I just sat
thcro and let tho blanked thing cat mo
In tho roar that followed tho Boston
man took no part. Ho looked across at
Courtney's placid face, in which thcro
was not tho shadow of a smile. Then ho
laid his napkin en tho tablo and sneaked
out of tho room. Chicago Times-Herald.
A Mcnn Trick.
It was tho meanest trick over played
on tho streets of New Orleans. Thcro
was no humor in it, no fun. Simply a
pieco of asininitysuch as men of n very
ordinary and groveling habit of mind
lovo to indulge in.
These were tho circumstances : It was
high noon on Canal street, and all tho
city was out in gala attire. Through tho
midst of tho crowd that thronged along
Canal street passed tho tall and proud
form of ono of Now Orleans' most distinguished
beaux. With his eyes on tho
passing show, tho beau took no notico
of who walked by his side.
Now, it just so happened that a party
of darkies wero out for a promenado on
Canal street. Thoy were female darkies,
country femalo darkies, gaudily attired
in red and bluo, with fat, savago faces,
black as tho insido of a crow. It further
just so happened that theso darkies in
making their way along Canal street
walked immediately by tho sido of tho
well known and popular beau. Of courso
ho didn't notico it, or if ho did
it ho was contemptuously unmindful
of it It was out of tho question that
any ono should think ho was walking
with tho country negrcsscs dressed in
red and blue.
Then tho mean man came along and
perpetrated tho mean trick. It was a
very simplo trick, a very gravo trick,
and didn't take a half second to execute.
As tho mean man approached tho
well known beau ho glanced ut him and
then glanced at tho array of darkies.
Then ho smiled graciously and took off
his hat ceremoniously. With tho spontaneous
good breeding of a trne, well
known and popular beau, tho well
known and popular beau thus saluted returned
tho salute, und a half dozen ladies
who wero passing by at tho time looked
at him wonderingly and then feigned
to eo something tho other way.
It was really a very mean trick, and,
as has been intimated, utterly without
humor. At all events, that's what tho
well known and popular bean most emphatically
declares. New Orleans
Her Antlclove I'osltion.
Mrs. Dr. Annio Lemmon Grifllu has
introduced a now act at tho Muncio
that is being applauded all over tho
Thursday night at a show sho was
ono of a small theater party of women,
and sho occupied seat No. 4 from tho
aislo. Tho uoxt two seats wero occupied
by well dressed but very nervy young
men. As soon as tho curtain dropped
ufter tho first act tho two men requested
that tho ladies uriso and let them out
Mrs. Grifliu politely informed them
that sho wonld not get up for them.
Both remained standing and finally up-
pealed to the policeman, who call- f
ed Manager ysor. Ho stated that tho
seat occupied by tho woman belonged to
her, and sho conld do as sho liked. Finally
tho men wero compelled to sit
down, and tho house fairly shook with
applause mado by tho audience, who had
becomo acquainted with tho trouble.
Mrs. Griflln will bo given a medal by
other Muncio women who aro calling in
perhon and extending their congratulations.
Indianapolis Journal
llotli Will He Scarce.
If tho bicycle crazo continues unabated
for a few years more, ono of tho attractions
of tho twentieth century dimo
museum will bo tho man who never
rodo a wheel Omaha Beo.
No, iho man who never tried to rido
one. ClovcLuid Plain Dealer.
Slaking It Kasler to Lose.
In a now poker deck tho number of
tards is to bo increased to 00. Can't a
Juan loso enough money with tho old
Ceck? Now York World.
It Wns In n Mam of I'lunifyitgo aud Unfortunately
Win Itnliicil.
Shipments of plumbago aro frequently
recoived at Ncwburg from t her island of
Ceylon, in which traces of gold arc
found. Mr. Tillhighast, tho superintendent,
said tho othor day that ho had
found a diamond, about CO carats in
weight, which had been in n. pile of
Unfortunately tho diamond was not
found until after it had gono through a
furnace which was heated to 1,000 degrees.
Tho precious stono hnd been
cracked in pieces and filled with flaws
by tho intcnee heat. Tho largest pieco is
tho size of a hazelnut and so badly
cracked as to bo of uso only as chips.
Tho stono, Mr. Tillinghast says, was
originally as largo as n walnut.
Thobalanco of tho lot of plumbago in
which the was found is being examined
before it goes into tho furnace,
Now York Herald.
Arrostctl by n Doc
Bill, a shepherd dog belonging to
Sheriff Sherry of Muncio, Ind. , executed
a feat recently that was wonderful A
couplo of vagrants in jailbroko away as
a crowd was being taken to tho work
house. Sherry ran after ono of them.
Tho oulccr was surprised when a
marched tho other ono back soon
afterward. Thodoj hnd seen his master
cluiM) ono of tho men, and ho took after
the other, who ran in an opiosito direction.
In tho courthouse yard tho dog
jumped at tho man's throat, finally setting
his teeth in tho prisoner's coat and
vest collar, pulling him down and holding
him. A crowd ran to tho man's rescue,
thinking a mad dog had him, hut a
policeman recognized Bill and took tho
runaway back to jail Bill will havo a
collar presented to him inscribed with
an account of his exploit Chicago Tribune.
Only I'lorco Tor Ills Country.
Guillermo Moncada, ono of tho Cnban
insurgent lcadors, said to be now dead,
was a negro, black as coal, of hugo stature
and vast strength. Ho is described
as being us gentle ns a woman in his
ordinary disposition, and to gain mcro
privato ends would not hurt a fly. It
was only when lighting for Cuban independence
that ho became fietvoand warlike,
Philadelphia Ledger.
A Nuptial Inuoiatloii.
A rather rcmarkablo marriago took
placo in this city yesterday. It is
in that it took placo at noon
and not at high neon. As the observant
reader must havo noticed, all recent
fashionablo marriages, when they havo
takeu place at any noon at all, havo
taken placo at high noon. San Francisco
To IVrpctunto the Iuillau Ilcllglou.
A. J. Blackwell, a rich and erratic
Indian, who owns tho cities of
and David City, in tho Indian Ter
ritory, has decided to build a temple in
David City to cast $300,000. Ho wishes
in this way to perpetnato tho Indian religion.
Now .York Tribune.
Morgan Denmark.
Morgan Denmark is a bay stallion, 15K hands
high. He is splendidly bred as a glance at h s
pedigree will snow. Ho will make the seawn of
See. at my stable on Danville & Lancaster pike 1
miles north ot Hubble, at
$7 to Insure a UvIiijj Colt
Care taken to prevent accidents but responsible
should any occur Lien retained en colts foi season
money Mares traded before fact is ascertained
makes sason money due.
Morgan Denmark was foaled in 1SS9 He is by
On Time, son ol Monewall Jackson. 1st dam Lady
Morgan, by Monewall Jackson, and dam by
3rd dam by Matchless, 4th by Transby.
Mcrgan Denmark is oneol the best bred saddle
stallions in Kentucky. Has good n ane and tall
and good, long, rangy neck. Don't fail to see him.
17 K DUNBAK, Hubble Ky.
Sire and grandilre of 17 in the list Geceva S
2 ioJi, Iieltie Jones 3 19H. Maltle II 2 11 tf, oto
2 o4, Charleston a la, Wawona 2 19', Wheeler
K. a 18, ay o.: Telephone a ij, Reward J a io!,
Sigma Nu a 17K, Ulicin a 2i4
1 dam Lyd, dam of Lady Majolica a 15.
a at, Director a 17. sire ot 13 in a 30, Onward a sJ4
sire of 4; in a 30, Thorndalc a ai(,slre ol 7 in a 30,
John F Payne, sire of 3 in a 30
Ills cons are une, large anuii;niu.
going neo. tails to win admiration and their
garr.cness is remarkable, with wonderful natural
speed and they improve very rapidly.
Will serve inares at Sis to insure a mare with
foal. Washington is black, 15 hands finely
formed, has a tine mane and tail, and is a perfect
as well a a natural saddle horse.
Sired by Cromwell by Washington Denmark.
Cromwell's dam by Old John Dillard. Washington's
dam by Halcom, ad dam by Cruiader, 3d
dam by Cockspur. 1 consider this one of the fin
est horses In Kentucky and his family 011 both
sides has producod the best saddle horses in the
State. He has proven himself as good a producer
as any of his tamily. IU and his colts,
in,, have taken more Drcmiums than any
horse in the State. It is not at all improbable,
if not already true, that in a few more years the
monetary value ot Ins colis will be greater than
tcalol any otnerstaiuon.
IQUIQUE 19002.
Son or Clay 4779, son ot Electioneer, sire of 149
in the a 30 list . , , . , . ,
Dam Ktlie. by Abdallah Mambrino, sire of Lark
the firt and only mare inai na 1110 ;
aao list, laik produced Rtward . a ioK. Tele
phonea i, SigmaNu 3 17K, Miss Rachel J 30,
Wawoua a 19S, Wllkiemout a aS, Annie Caroy
330, jivcrags u ii.b.w4.
Shetland Pony, forty-one inehea high.
Maple Park Kindergarten.
One-eighth milt covered track
large box stalls. Three Annual Combination Sales.
Five minutes walk from the depot.
Horses handled fo apeed, broken to saddle and
harness, prepared for sale and sold on commis
" Jersey Cattle, Shetland Ponies.
Imp. regiitetcd Berkshire Hogs, Shropshire
Sheep. ,
Correspondence solicited.
Danville, Boyle County, Ky.
Standard Rulo 0. Rocord 2:11).
Wilt mako the season ol iSgj.
SHIED BY WALSINGHAM 2100, sire of Latitude a '195 and 7or Sothetsin thollst.
t dam T
irncl... - by Messenger Duroc 106, ion of Hamblf loclsn and tlreot Klalno :io
the dam ol Norlaiue,)earllng record a 31X.
a dim Hess -.. .Sister to lamta Howell, Jr., by llamblctouian to, sire cr licxlcr 1 i;v
3 dam Jessie Sare- by Harry CUy 43, aire of the dams cl St. Julian a njf, lledlne 1 19M1
and la more that have produced 1 30 trotters; also sire of the dam of
Hiectioncer sire 01 130 m inea 30 int.
4 dam by Libtrty, son ol Lance, by American Kclipst.
Walsinchnm sl6, sire of Nabeth, is one of the ounpct sons of Gcorgo WllVts 319, record a as, who
ulied lUtry Witkts a ijfc. Ciuy Wilkes t ijK, Mike Wilkes a ij)f, Wileox a i, and 61 others In a 3
list; also 41 producing sens anil 19 producing daughters.
Notr. Naboth is n bav hcrse. 16 hands liie.h, loalcd June 38, 1M8. Hie pedigree contalna the
bleod tit llanibletenian, Ooigo Wilkes, Mambrino Chief, Pilol. Jr , and Harrj CUy.
At $15 to Insure n Irving Colt.
My lino Saddle Stallion,
Will alio make the rteient seion of iJ;s at th low price of EIGHT DOLLARS to insure a living
colt, lie is cleganll) brvd and a aurc loal getter. I will also stsud
On'thefolldwlrg terms: I am to have the refusrt of the colt at your ptic on Seplember t, ltf6 deducting
one fi.th of the amount for eon monry, but il the price is not tatisUctory to me, I will
take one-fifth of the amount aikcd lor tbecolt to pay for the isiaion.
Nots 04ng to the hard times and the low price ol horse slock, I have greatly reduced swson fee
of my horses and Jacks, and considciing their Individuality and breeding, they stand lower than any
in the State.
Stable two miles South of lluitomllle, on Moieland V Carpenter's Station piko.
J. K. BATJGHMAN, Huatonvlllo, Ky.
'Ihit fine young Jack vill make the present sea-ou
at theold Levi Hubble farm, a place noted for
years as the home ot fine jacks. He is 4 years old
well built and fine bone. I will stand him at th
low price ol
$5 to Insure a Oolt 4 Months Old
Mares kept at reasons tlc rates.
Shelby City, Ky.
Emperor 27.
Standard and Registered: i6xt hands high; tis
eat old and weighs i, 150 pounds. j
Emperor 7 will make the precnt seaon of 1S95 at
uiy larm nesr Shelby City at
$5 for Mares and $10 for Jennet3 !
Shelby City, Ky
Will make season at my place, iH wiles
East ol Stanford, at
$16 To Insuro A Living Colt.
t. ti riusi4 i1mtlf tn ts a breeder of
both style an.l speed. His colts have sold from
tho pasture, without any training blllt, at $IS tu
$130 these hard times
Marcs taken care ol at $ per month, but not
responsible for accidents.
13 A. M. PENCE, Stauioru, Ny.
.nl.nM jnmMn.t ttftttlnn .. 111 till V A thd
A Ilia) sa,tauau iim. IV
. ainn tt at th farm oitneiate a L. I'.
Garner, 3 miles from Crab Orchard, at
$5 to Insure a Oolt 4 months old
Drignnlia is a red bay stallion, saddle and harness
combined: 16 hands high: fine style and actien
and has fine nane and tail He was sired by Abdallah
Messenger, he by Messenger Chiel.
Hrlgnolia's first dam by old Leaingtou, the fine
saddle horse.
This fine young Jack will serve a limited number
of marcs at Six Dollars.
Season money due U mar Is traded or parted
with W. S. GARNER,
,3 Crab Orchard, Ky.
Day stallion, 16 hands high; foaled In 1(90; goes
all the gaits perfectly, rull brother to Silvtr
King and the great show mare, Allie G.
He Is by Un Time. First dam Mollis Mount
by Cabbel's Lexington.
Brown stallion, 15); hands high; fosled lb 1 Spa.
Sired by Woods' hawle llird. first dam Alollie
Mount, as above. This .a as fine a horse as you
will find in Kentucky and goes all saddle gaits
Chester Denmark.
Dark brown stallion, is3! hands high, lire by
Chester Dare. Fir.t dam Daisy, by W allace Den-mark,
and dam by DUk Elmore. Daisy has been
a blue tie winner In many rings in her 3 and 4 year
Old form. ..... . . .
The above stallions win mane ido season 01 ioyS
at my stable 1 mile from Stanford on the
$10 to Insure a Live Colt.
Colts stand good for season money.
Mares Irom a distance kept at $1 per monthi
but not responsible lor aendents.
Stallions in charge of Roy S. Ileailey.. Am prepared
to handle horses at reasonable prices.
Connaught 2d S512
This fine imported Hackney atallion will make
the season of 189s at my farm on ihe Ctab Orchard
pikethiee miles Ircm Stanford, known as the
John M. Hail lariu, and will serve mares
At $10 to Insure a Living Oolt.
Money due when thc'.fact is ascertained or mare
parted with. , ,
Counaught ad 351a is a fine individual and possesses
the finest action ol any horse in the country.
The Hackney is noted the country over for
style, action and endurance. They have been bred
for these qualities forever 100 years.
Connaught ad was bred by James Cpker, of
Bectley Hall, Eaat Dereham, Norfolk. Wassirid
by Victor of Ueetley 1837. Dam lionme tp, by
Highflyer toc6. rie was itnportid by A.H. I
of Crawfordsvlile, Indiana, luno 3, 1893.
Testimonial: We think the Hackney crossed
with Kentucky mares will make gnod sellers and
good horses for the Eastern market.
1 kk Thomas, Lexington:
E. D- PknulktoN, Norfolk, Va.
Call and see this excellent stallion
Uy A F. Monieiav, Stanford, Ky.
Tin & Sheet Iron Works,
Stanford, Ky.
Sole proprietors Dean's Ulack Diareond Roo
Paint. Estimates furnisned for painting Wood,
Metal and lion Roofs. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Allrools painted with Dean's Ulack Diamond
Paint guaranteed for years. Dealers In best
Pumps and Galvanized Iron Miters. 07-im
LOGIC 917.
N. S. H. R. ,
SI red by Stonewall Jackson, Jr , Harris', by
Stonewall Jackson 73, by Washington Denmsrk 64
I.ojic'i 1st dam by King William Hilly,
by Washington Denmark by Ulack Denmark
Secoud dam by Miller's Denmatk, by Denmark,
by Imp. Hedgeford.
Third dam brOnstet'a Telegraph, by Telegraph,
by Hill's Ulack Hawk, by Sherman.
Fourth dam by Teller's Drcnnon, by Iliinker's
Diennon, by Davy Crockett.
Filth dam by Oliver, thcroughbml.
Logic Is a very substantial hurse. bcautlfol red
sorrel with fine mane and tall, which he carries as
near to perfection as a horsecan lias a tine disposition
; drives nicely and lor his handling he is a
fine actor. Rack, Trot, Walk, Ca ter and Stow
Pace A few of his colts hate come this Spring
and all have been found going the galls with high
head and tail ami of extra fine site.
You can see from his pedigree that he Is a very
highlybred saddle horse, anil one that lll sire
lancy, high-tailed saddlers Lrgic will male the
smton at my farm, 4 miles trnm Danville, on the
Danville and Stanlord turnpike,
A lien retained on colts until payment of service.
Logic is standing to suit the hard times. See
him before you biceil I'astuie at Ji per msnth.
Grain led at reasonable rates, which must Lu paid
bcleie marcs arc taken away.
Danville, Ky
Dam by old Stonewall Jackson
This fancy saddle stallion ill make the season
of jfcjs at our stable J mile from Millcdgerillc,
Lincoln county, Ky ,ou the Manfard A
tile pike Owing lo the scarcity ol money we
will stand him
At $10 to Insure a Living Colt.
Money due when the colt comes cr the msre is
parted with. Mares grared or fed at reasonable
prices. Not responsible lor accidents, should any
Gilt Edge Is a beautiful red sorrrl, fluy mane
and tail, it hands J inches high; was foaled Sept.
6, S5, and Isa perfect saddle horse.
Gill Kdge was showed as a i year-old and took
the sweepstake premium at KlrkavllleaLd Danville
and la his own nng at Harndiburg Those
who want to breed to a good saddle stallion are
cordially invited 10 look at our hone and see him
move. i
He was sired by Second Jewel, he by Cunning
ham's lewel, h by eld Washington Denmark
Ilia first dam Minni. by McDonald's llalcorn.
Second dam by Wells' Crustder, his first dam by
Stonewall fackson, he by Washington Denmark,
ho by Ulack Denmark, his first dam by Cruiader,
he by Old Whip, secoud dam a llocky Mountain
Mllledceville, Ky.
Winner el 1500 stake at Lexington, won second
money in Jtoo stake at Versailles, winner ol aged
premium and sweepstake at Paris, also winner of
otner premiums in since wnicn time ne nas
been in the stud,
EAG1K IIIRDisa besutilul brown, with small
star, stands over 16 hands, has a Hewing miue
and a heavy tail.
Eagle Hint was sued by King Eagle, winner of
more than 40 blue tics.
ttt dam by Star Eagle, oest sou ol Obbcll's Lexington
ad dam by Hamlet Denmark, son cf Washington
3d dam by Harris' Denmark, son ol Miller's Denmark.
Eagle llird will make the season ol i;j at his stable
two miles west ol Starfjrd, the Shelby
City pike, at the extremely low price of
$15 tu Insurca Living Colt.
Money or cash ncte will be required when a
living colt Is obtained.
Eagle llird is one of the greatest show horses in
Kentucky, as his in ib3 will attest. As a
breeder ol fine, good colored, high styled exits ne
is not surpassed.
Marcs Irom a distance will bo lurnivhed
after May 1st at li.jo per month and must be paid
at the removal of the mares.
Care will be taken to prevent accidents and escapes,
but will not be responsible shoubl any occur.
Parting with or removal of marcs forfeits the
Wallace Denmark,
Goes all tho gaits to perfection and without any
training trots under a 40. Fifteen and three-quarters
hands high.
Uy Sumpter Denmark, Jr., he by Godda'd's
Denmark, he by Gaines it Cromwell's Denmark,
he by the it horso Denmark, he by
1 darr annie Wallace No, 3$, by SIr.Wallace, he
D7 Todhunter'a Sir Wallace, r.e by bir Albert,
a dara...by Vlrglnius, dam of Virsinlus by Tran-by,
thoroughbred; he by Mason's Whip-thoroughbred.
3 dam... a Whip mare
$10 the Insurance.
r .
1 a s
Sixteen hands high. lie Wallace Denmark 55,
See pedigree ol Wallace Denmark 53.
1 dam Mag 37, by Vidette. by Vindex, by Blood's
Illack hawk, he by Old Ulack Hawk. Videtie's
first dam by Whip, ad dam Gallatin, 3d dam Old
Tiger. Yindex'a rst dam by Mambrino Chief
ti, ad dam bv Old Hay Messenger, 3d dam by
Cannon's Whip,
2 dam'Julia Wallace, by Sir WaUnee, he by Tod-hunter's
Sir W.IUce, he by Sir Albert, thoroughbred.
3 dam by Virglnlus he by Mason's Whip, thoroughbred.
4 dam a Whip maro.
$10 the Insurance.
Stock committed to my care and breeding will
receive my personal attention. Grass furnished
at reasonable rates, to be p Id bclore removal of
stock. No responsibility for accidents or esc pes
Pa'ting with stock forfeits insurance.
Red Tigs for sale.
Huitonvli:, Ky.
Ily Ilrlgnotl, out ol I'm ley, she by Cali well's Parrot,
is a find mulejlik, 4 years old and
Is an excellent breeder. Ho Is it, hands, gray in
color and Is strictly a good one. Will also stand
In connection
Wood bay, 16 hands high and a splendid individual.
They will each stand at $7 to Insure
9 McKtnney, Ky.
Henry Watterson
Will make the pievent season at the farm of T. A
Coulter, known as the Sjulro Murphy placo, ji
miles f 0111 btnnford on the iliistonviiie pike,
At $7 to Insuro a Living Oolt.
Henry Watterson is a blood bay, 15 hands
high, foaled May 10, 1891
sired by Lebanon 301, he by Red Wilkes 1749
oneol the greatest living aires; has
30 performers to his credit, S in iSyi, such as
Prince Wilkes a 141, Xc,
Henry Waiteuon istdam by liunco No. 17867,
record a 7; sired Uuntr, Jr., pacer, public record
a 11.
Henry Watlrrsou Is perfectly sound and hat a
a smooth, frictionlcis trolling gait, which carries
him over the ground rapidly. He is a grand Individual,
I will also stand my fine black jack,
Full 13)4 hands high, 4 years old and has proved a
sure foal getter. Ilewasslicd by W. L. Caldwell's
Giant, out of a good dam. II. will also
At $7 for Mares and $10 lor Jon-nets
to Insuro a Live Oolt.
English :-: Hunter.
Combined bay stallion, 16 hands high, both hind
ankles white.
I dsm Ihe William Luik saddle mare, by Davy
Crocket, ton of Denuy. Predion, by lap.
jit dam by Highlander.
Abdallah Mcswngcr, sirs of Kngllsh Hunter, Is
by Mesttnger Chief, sire of Maud .Mvwencer
a i",, Jake a ft, and 7 otriers better than 30 1st
daw ausle by hcnilml a 79). in 1)71, sire of Von
A mm sig'snl 7 0inets better than 1 30, aud
full brother to Volunteer tdm Kilty Rivers, g.
d. ol Maud Messenger it"'; by Alexander's Abdallah,
sire ol Goldsmith Maid s 14, arnl the mes
prtpulcut son of Kysdyk's llimblctonlin.
3 dam by Red Jacket, sirool "t dam of Kentucky
Wilkes a i, and ol Ihe g d. ol Red Wilkes.
Ily Cornel, a son of bherman Morgan, sire ol Vr-merit's
Illack Hawk, founder ol Ihe Morgan lam-Uy
tamily, ihe gustiest family of teadstcis lu the
I will stand English Hunter Ihe season ol ifcjj
at my stable 3 mivi Irom Shelby Cilr, oa the
Knon Lick and luroersville p.kc at Su lo insure
a living celt Mjoey due when lull is faaled 01
mare aitiil u lh
I wJljiUo stand the excellent young jack,
Five years old, 1' hands high, with white plnti.
heavy bone good style and evtra length, Sued
by the champion lack, Tom Kerne, by Rube
he by Clark's Mammoth, he by Wight's
Mammoth, and he by Marlngo Mammoth Torn
Keene'sdam by CoL tpiora, he by Kpiom's Montgomery,
by Cole's Montgomery, by Old IHack
Mmpion Tom Keeae's ad dam by Mogul, by
Comproiclie, by ripcano, by illaik Hawk, by
Imp. Warrior Gov fit John's dam Dolly Wouds,
by Tully Warrior, lit r data an unrorted Jennet.
l'he above finely bred )oung jack, whose Mold
lines trace twice la the great Warrior family and
to ihe noted Illack Hawk, the giraicit of the Var
nor family, with an infution ol Iresh Imported
M00J cloe up. has proved a great brcedr. VVili
stand al JO lo Insure a living colt lo approved
marcs aud 110 for jennets, without distinction as
to ses ot progeny. I will alio stand
At J-l lo Insure s living co't Sam Is said 10 be the
best coltou mule jack In the country,
Gambonito 8119.
Race Record alio?,' Sire of Gilbeit i a8tf.
Winner of the 3-year-old and sweepstake premiums
for standard-bred trotters at the
World's l'air, iSjj
Sired by Gambetta Wilkes 2:19 .
Slreof 4 in s 30 list.
lit dam Maud, by Gairard Chief, sire of Ilaiil
Duke s s8f and Lady Vtis. r. dam ol live in s jo
list sddam Nellie, by looorDillv lloyce a 14, by
Corbeau. jd dam by Helm's Yorkshire, thoroughbred,
tiarnbonltoSiiQwill make Ihe season of 1(33 at
Central Park, ai tbe low price of
$25 to Insure a Living Colts
Garnboni'a s 19!;, the hauJsome black son ol
that great young ilre. UambetU Wilkes a 19JJ, has
bven declared by thelilghrsi authority, ana alter
going intough the most irylfii teits, the finest
and moit perfect specimen ol standard bred Hot-ting
stallion lhal lives l.ainbcnito wears the o III.
clal seal as being ihe handsoacst trotting stallion
in the world, and a I who have seen the kingly
fbim and lordly bearing of this proud monarcn of
theiulnc world know now justly the mantle so
long and so worthily worn by Mambrino King
to this grand production Kentucky
Gambonitola ajet black stallion, juit
16 hands high, weighs 1,160 pounds, aud as an individual
worihilv wears the finest bred
trotting stallion In the world," as awarded him by
the World's Fair coiuiuitirtv He was awarded tho
grand piic offered lor atandard bred SUilloni five
years old and over and also first prire for trolling
stallions cf any age 111 harcest. Thus he was winner
of the two most important prica offered at the
World's Columbian bcposlilcn,
His first colt. Gilbert a ai at 3 years old, won
lour out ol five races in 1S93 as a-ear-old. He
breeds speed and Individuality. If you want lo
raise the kind to sell, (iambonito lstheonelo
breed lo. Call and see his colli: ihey will speak
for themselves,
1014 Saddle Horse Register.
tifR,u,00vr,ibaiyit,sW ""'. und in every par
HCi.lar rualed May, 1891
Sired by RED PRINCK34, by KoconJ
Jewel 48,
by lewel Diumark
70. by Washington Denmark
64, by Gaines' Denmark 61. -y Denmark P. S., by
Imported Hedgelord.
hJvMaim I',lmonJ,S!tbro.wn "'. 16 hands,
hUi "?'bV (JarrarJ
l)?k' '1' "7 Mambrino
Chief, and the dams of tSambomlo a iof. world
champion, and l.idy Veiscr. dam of s.ti, toor
better, ad dam Old Diamond
513, by Len Rog.
ers. 3d dam by Gaston's l.af.iyctie.
Thornton htar Is the kind to breed la You find
??...' j' I,d1 h I ru.ni bick to lgeIord.
lis dam's side he
has the iron.ng crois of Nobby,
by Mambrino Chief 11, and is the sire of two
njo irollers; besides Nobby Is aire, ol a great many
nl our lift! i.nl.1 . !,.. -. iii.iiH.uj
"S',lerta ,i,,,-
cam ot mormon Star, is 16 handa
and is oneol the finest maree lu Kentucky to-day.
She isa nnliil in.r. . ...i.u . .','
ii -" iiyie arm action.
Hs and dam was 16 bands aud as fine
anybody s. r hornlon Slat w.ts exhibited last vear
aa.a3.vcar old at quite a number of Kentucky
fairs and only met deleat once or ivvice, always
be ng a contending horso in the saddle stakes lie
W,i11 tl,,?1k'l0'' "mlng season bo ine bos.among
saddle stallions, and tho horso lhat beau him wffi
make Ms owner proud of the Job. Ho is fine in
every thin, .particular, goes all the gai., , ,d can do every
right to a jelter. a. ft should b V,U
serve aim lied uumberof marcs At 1615 To
or Sio cash time of service.
l1 m"," b'd nd in loal should change
hands, money due at lhat time.
reaionaM ri... ,,,,.,. ., , . '" kept at
"""""' '' "cedent.
should any occur
WM. M. RUE, Danvlllo.

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