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Semi-Weekly Interior Journai .j
Mra. Robert L. Yenkoy will leave ua
In a few days to mako her future homo
in Indiana.
The It, R, men havo completed thu
now tnnk nnd they havo nudo
look neat and nlcolu nnd about thu
Our BBnctlfied people are still keeping
up their prayer meetings. They
have onu every night. Thoy haven circuit
and it takes them n week to get
around, They coroo to Hie cnnrcii v
ory Wedneoday night and genern'ly have
the lioiiflo full. They claim that thoy nte
avcd and stuictihVd up to date.
Uro. Piko returned from Gilad
church in Madison county last nook,
whero ho held a 13-day meoting, in
which ho had GO additions to tin cnirch,
60 of them by confession and baptism.
Tho church was much revived. This is
the church to which wn added 100 last
year and ia now oce of tho beet churches
In theTates' Greek Association.
Mrs. P. Horron nnd her little daugh
ter, Annie, aro very alck. The little girl
1im been an invalid for more than four
years and ohe can not anything but
milk bs a nourishment and Iibb uot for
months. She has had a hard struggle
and has been thought to be at the point
of denth for notno time. It would be a
happy exchango for her if she could
change her BufJerine for heaven. Mis,
Uerron has been enduring from tbo effects
of a cancer and has suffered for
over n year nnd in all her pain aud anxiety
she never imirinuns or complains.
She lias manifested the patience of old
Job nnd alio will surely have her reward.
Uncle Dock Woodyard aud wife aro both
on tho sick Hat this week, but are
at this writing. Mi Uertie Hilton,
one of Rowland's belles, is visiting
tho Woodyard nnd Cherry families. Sbo
will spend a fow winjka with our people.
Mien Uertie ia an accomplished young lady
and our people aro always happy to
seo her come.
Mr. 0. M. Freeman waa iu Louisville
Saturday and Sunday.
A protracted meeting is in progrrpa
nt the M. 12. church thin week.
Last Monday was police court dny,
but there wan not much bnoint'ps.
Mwurs. II. S. Oraford and J. J.
Foley were at Jackeboro, Term., attending
court last week.
A little child of Mr. and Mrs. N. J.
Groan died last Wednesday night of
membraneous croup.
A very successful meeting cloned at
the M. E. chdrch, at Pleasant Viow, last
week with 18 adJitions.
Several of our citizens havo libeen
out since tho frost in search of wild turkeys,
which are reported as rather plentiful.
Hon. Glia8. Finley 1ms gone to the
city, where ho can be in close communion
with this remainder of thu citato
elect ofllcers.
On last Friday a P'.rty composed of
tho following; ladies nnd gentlemen wont
to Atlanta to nttend tho exposition:
Mltsea Annie O'Mara, Gertrude Lester,
Ruby Gatliff, Rowena Stanflll, Carrie
Maban, Lucy Mnhan, Meaars. A. It. Ma-ban,
James Gatliu and Dr. A. GrttiilF.
Thoy are expected homo Wednesday
Since tho election is over everything
has resumed Its regular course and business
is moving on as if nothing of nny
great importance had happened. Tho
republicans held n rally on the
day night after the election, whioh
shooting anvils, fire crackors, etc.
Bradley's majority over Hardin was
1,010, as shown by the official count.
Ten cents u lino straight will be charged
for obituary notices to all business
men who did not advertise while -living.
Delinquent subscribers will bo charged
15 cents per lino for an obituary notice.
Advertisera and cash subscribers will receive
as good a aa we aro capable
of writing without any charge
whatever. South Pittsburg Standard.
Attorney for the dofenso now, what
time waa it when you were hold up?
Complainant I don't know; ask your
client he took my watch! Ohicago Ro
Watts Do you think a man can bo a
Christian on $1 a day?
Potts I don't seo how he can afford to
be anything else. Indianapolis Journal.
m m
Thoro are only two horeea in Bight
that protnlso to smash records in 1600,
and theso are Fantasy and Bouzotta, and
it is very doubtful if they will beat 2:03.
- i
How to PreventjCroup.
Some roading thu will prove interesting to
young motbtri. now to guard against the disease.
, .
Croup it a terror to young mothers and to pott
them concerning the cause, first symptom and
treatment la te object of this item. The origin
of croup 1 a common cold. Children who are
sublsct to Utakecold very easily and croup is almost
sure to follow. The first symptom Is hoarse,
nets; this la aooo followed by a peculiar rouah
cough, which is easily recognised and will never
be torgotten by one who hat heard It. The time
to act is when the child first becomep hoarse. If
ChamberUm'i Cough Remedy it freely given all
tendency to croup will soon disappear. Kven alter
the croupr cough hat developed it will prevent
the attack. There is no danger In giving thia
remedy for it contain nothing- injurious.
for ul by Craig & Jlocksr, Stanford, Ky.
now nre Arch AlcKiunev and Potu
McKoberl8 since the returnB? Alive, I
Madame Grundy has It that ono of
our sweetest girls will not adopt
but will set up housekeeping aoon
for ono of the luckiest boys fn thu world.
Gums wJio7
In no locality where Hon. J. N.
Hiiundera la known will ho receive warm-or
gratulutlona on Gov. Brown'a rare
discrimination in tho liouor bo deservedly
hratowed, than at tbo city of Kldd's
Store and vicinity.
-Jesse and Gei. Rifle, Jr , have
been exporting Vast quantities of tho
finest Irish potatoes that wore ever grown
In this end. Goorgn was hicky enough
to contract hia croj at remunerative fig-urea
before tho efloulenf took n tumble.
Our republican nnicMmr i.o.i -
grand old time Just utside the limits of
our city last Saturday night, but the
weallier was too inclement for a democrat
who can't boaat of feeling particularly
well and your scribo didu't vent
uro out.
The democrats herenbout have no
time to talk politics now. Tho lntn l.oo.I
Boating rain ia a much moreentertnining
theme, especially a it was the first since
the corn crop cease to be a matter of
aud wheat sowing became an
Item of intereat.
Dry U gified In n particular
atylo of cordiality that Is rather
to a mourner and it Isn't comfortable
to feel that n frlmid is not
by the unsympathetic when he
labors to mako somebody else smile (at
youroxp.nsrt if he can't provoke you
to umirij at your own expense.
L'MioTwid well's relativea and
friends of tiihj town tuku oil their hata
to Hon. 8. Forgy in winning a prize,
who unavoidably nnd regretfully niadu
life miserable for mauy a presuming
swain of this vineyard. Despite thu
scores who would exult in tho other
Mr. Forgy, n cordial
welcome a naita him in West Lincoln.
Notice ! Miealiig from his accustomed
haunts of tho past forty years, slnco
1mp,1 Wednesday, Nov. 0th, nfler ho had
hard from Waterloo, John Dryo, onu of
tno moat faithful domocrata and
Thrmerattmt Hustonviile over boasted.
ii nuvoantialilu to grin, any
to that effect from n reliable
will be more gratifying to hia thousands
of sympathizers than the discov
ery of the follow who actually btruck
Mr. Patterson.
Hearsay testimony doesn't go nnd 1
havo already poached sufficiently on another'
domaiu without repeating what
I heard of tho jollification at Huston-ville.
Our delegation of participants
gave such rosy description of tho details
that I shall always wish that tho
had been one of old tlmo demo
cratic jubilation, and I had been thero to
enjoy It. Onpt. Joo Huffman outdid the
late ornblem of the coon In his graceful
jiyratlons, amid fleecy clouds, and Bob
blttonlan rhapsodies, "flopped on daddy's
woodpile," and George Davidson
ripped great holes in tho atmosphere
which cau never be artistically patched
they eay.
No P.ace to Move to.
Tho following is an eld, old story, but
it is perfectly nnnlicjthle tn IvuntimW
democrats just now:
'Thorn lives out in Joe Caunon'a (lis
trict in Illinois, au oki farmer who ia a
zetlous republican, ono of the red-hot
partisan Btripe. When ho heard of Cannon's
d?rtt ho said to his wife, who is
one of those women who oboy their
Lord and Master blindly:
"Mary, paok up everything, I'm goin
to move."
"Why?" asked Mary.
"BecausoJoe Gannon ia beat nnd I
wont live h democratic district."
Very well," oald Mary, with a littlo re-signed
Then tha old man went to town to sell
hia farm. There ho heard all of tbo
election news. He returned home, nnd
entering the house Bald:
"Mary, you can quit packing up. I
ain't going to move."
"Why?" inquired Mary.
"Because," ho replied, sadly, "thero
ain't no placo to move to." Washington
It is said that, notwithstanding his
protnlso to keep hands off in the
race, Bradloy is
opposod to Dr. W. Godfrey Hunter and
for Mr. A. E. Wilson. Thoy aro aaid to
have had a sorioua row during tho cam
plurality in Louisviilo
and Jeffeison couuty ia 4,020. Oapt. Irwin,
for railroad commissioner, carried
tho city and county by 2,011.
-Over 4,000 milea of railroad was
in Europe during 1S94.
Jt Brim.
.w. ...m u.,. jui UC1D1T Tbi. ,"o .1 nTCSE
.I., weur, tioiden, the merchant th.r.
t!2l5V.lK,i1c9'blfn Pin Balm .Vd
asked that she give It a thorough trial nA
ing Mr, Well, he ii.it day heV..' ma that meet. she
was all ri TTh'.V".? . ". nylDJef' her " two
v M UULLIB m t'.ln HaIm.
worth $5.00 if It could not be had for 1... wat
erf?Ulord"y?U ' bMt by Cr"' & U
Tho trial of A. B. Brown. Sr.. nml
Jailiea IlflriUn llml tcna ..) .. T, .!,...
v, iui lurounji
12th, has been postponed for lOdaya.
1110 ieachera' County Association
will meet to-morrow week, Nov. 23rd, at
Graded school here. Visitors are invited.
There will bo a dedicatory Bormon
neiu at tUe laying of the corner stone of
tho now Methodist church on Saturday,
Nov. 10th.
Mrs Mary Cunningham's now house
on Depot street is about completed and
when ready for ocrupancy will bo qulto
a convenient residence.
Miss Mary Smith, of Stanford, is In
Lancaster soliciting ordera for
dresses from Cincinnati. Loula.
ville and Lexington houses.
Mr. Nowton Broad us, of McCreary,
has bought out the livery stable of Rico
Uengo. Ho with his fmily will movo
into our midst soon and becomo residents.
Mr. C. D. Powell, of Stanford, who
expecta to locate In our city tho beginning
of tho new year to engago in the
mercantile business, has rented tho residence
of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Scott for
$160 and will occupy it with bis family.
Elder Jeasie Walden is nt homo from
n two weeks' protracted meoting ho ha'
just held at Worthvillo, Carroll county,
where ho had tho gratification of taking
40 confessions, thui increasinc!tho
bership of the church at that
Mra. Stowart, of Knoxyillo, is in onr
city endeavoring to establish a circulating
library. S1.50 will be asked for
membership should one be organized.
It ia hoped tho undertaking will prove a
success for it is a thing greatly needed in
The nlarm of firu on Wednesday
drew a very large crowd in the direction
of tho fi tines. It wis soon discovered to be
tho stable of W. H. Klnnaird. Tho fire
had already gained such n headway that
it was impossible to aave It. By the
strenuous eflorts of willing workers
nothing else caught from tho flying
The article that appeared in both tho
IntxkiouJouu.val and Courier-Journal
Sdveral weeks aco about tho Garrard
county lariera cultivation of coffee has
i..r...t. ., .
uiuukui. oover.ti communications, one
from tho "Sunny South," wanting the
addres of the farmer, hoping thereby to
realize a profitable thing from the growth
of the product.
InviUtiona have been received by
frienda and relatives here to the
of a former Lancaster boy at
Thomaeville, Ga. William Simpson El-kin,
oldest son of Oapt. T. A. Elkin, of
this place, will be united in marriage to
Miss Goodwyn Sapp, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Madison fiapp, on Wednesday
evening, November the 20th, at
8.30o'clqck, in 8aint ThomaV Ohurchi
'''homaaville, Ga. Will Elkiu,', as ho
la known hero, in his old home, has been
living in Atlanta, for the past 8 Jor 10
years and has been engaged iu tho drug
business and won ajreputation for him-Belt
us a fino pharmacist and a young
man of exemplary habits. ;Hia Bisters,
Sallieand Mettle Elkin will attend tho
Misa Lena Archer, of Danville, is
hero visitiug her friend, Mlsa Ellen Ows
ley. Mra. Rosa Crow, of Louisville, is
here the gueat of her parents, Mr. and
Breathil Brown. Burdetto Powell, of
Huatonville, visited Lancaster friends,
the first of the week, Mesdamea W. O.
Bradley an 1 Malcolm Gill we'ro in Cincinnati
Wednesday shopping. Mra.
Stewart, of Knoxvillo, ia tho gueat of
Mies Martha Tillett. Misa
left on Thursday to visit frienda in
Lexington. Miss Fannie Frazeo, of
Mayaville, ia being ontortained by her
aunt, Mrs. H. O. Jennings. Mrs. 8. P
Grant, of Danville, ia with her Imother,
Mra. H. A. Price. W I. Williams Is at
homo on a visit to hia parents, Mr. and
Mrs. David Williams, of Campbollavlllo.
The following Lancaster people leave this
week to attend the exposition at Atlnnta:
Mrs. Mattle Price Friable, Mis Ida May
Grant, Mrs. Jas. Robinson and 'niece
Miea Mariah Cooke, R. E. Hughea and
wife, Misaea Mary and George Miller,
Misses Sallio and Mattlo Elkin, Mrs. A.'
H. Price, Missea Altio and Bessie Marks-bury,
Miss Fannie West and Letcher
Owsley. Mr. and Mra. G. 8. Gainea visited
friends in Danville thia week. MUb
Thurmond, of Stanford, waa a visitor in
our city last week.
The Louisville Timea makea tho following
good BUggeatiou: Gov. Bradley
ought to lay down in bis inaugural address
an outline of hia policy. Let him
naino tho State office he dcslrea abolished
or tho State office the salary of which
he thinka ought to be reduced. Ho was
very vociferous in that line Borne weeks
mm t
From the official returns at 'Frankfort
from 110 countioa Mr, Bradley's plurality
Is expected to bo about 8,400.
Both gubernatorial candidatea out ran
tbeir running mates. The populists
polled about 10,000 and the
not quite 4,000,
Dr. Flannicnn. of .Timrtlnn nii h
nt Wnlln,,!'. i ut.i.
ui n nuiuil prop
orty no uought from Ooley Snow.
If the republicans had only kept
their ticket for town trustees in tho field
it would have beon a euro winner.
wnero are the prophets that nrft.
uicteu a majority for Hardin from 10,000
to 40,000? Who ia Hardin, any way?
Tho first sale of new tobacco that wo
have heard of ia that of Walker Rout's
crop to Mr. Boazley, of Paint Lick, nt Oc.
A man in our community achieved
greatness nt the late election and doubt
less fa not himself aware of it. He is the
single, only man who votod tho populist
ticket here.
Tho remains of Jonathan Russell.
lately ol Burgin, formerly of this place,
were burled hero Monday. Mr. Russell
had many frienda here and waa quite a
character in hia way.
B. B. King, our representative-elect
haa not fully recovered from tho terrible
fall from his horse he received on elec
tion day. He thinks bo has a couplo of
broken ribs as the result of it.
jir. untier naa neen Jam np for a
week with a very painful rising on tho
bottom of his right foot. Ho saya ho heB
not enjoyed anything so much Bince 1 0
wis a boy and had stone bruises on hia
LaBt week Dr Pat Humphrey cut a
pistol ball from tho hand of Ieaac Mc-Cormack,
colorod, which hu received in
a elight misuudurstanding with John
Abe Jones, also of color, at Milledgovilio
a month ago.
Mr. John Dinwiddle, while hauling
a load of fodder from hia country place
last J nunulay, fell from tho load,
upon hia head and shoulders nnd
painful but not dangerous
wounds. Ho is all right now.
The following invitation explains itself.
The bride fs a grand-daughter of
Mrs. Milly Morolnnd, of Moreland Station.
"Mra. Hart Thompson requesta
your presence at the marriage of her
daughter, E urna Shelby Thompson, to
William R. Oullen, Monday morning,
Nov. 11, 1805, at 9 o'clock. Residence
505 Sixth Btreot, Sin Antonio, Texas."
Thn young couple will bo at homo after
Nov. 20, at Ardmore, I. T.
Uriah Dunn came homo from the
South in time to vote. Ed Owens ia via-
iting relatives hero. James Bernaw nnd
wife and little pon, Miller, of Carlisle, aro
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wheeler.
Mr. Bernaw ia one of the most popular
notion salesmen on tho road. Ho
repreenta a large Cincinnati house. Will
Castle, of Somerset, who formerly lived
hero, is visiting friends In this community.
Will's friends here note with pleasure
hia evident prosperity. Carl Wheeler
left Monday on a visit to Mayalick and
The following notice of a popular lady
waa aent ua by friends: Sad were tie
hearts on Saturday laat of the frienda of
Mrs. Crane, of Indiana, as the train sped
out of our midst and bore her from ua.
Tho last wo baw of her waa her bright,
sweet faco, smiling a sad How
fully we realize that it is our dearost,and
beat loved frienda that leave us. Many
were heard to ay, "How is it she 1b always
bo bright" those who knew ber,
can readily answer because of her amiable,
unselfish, sunny, Christian character.
All wish her a long lifo and a
speedy return to her frienda here.
The republicans are pretending to
think they have a gonoral warranty deed
to Kentucky. Their title is no better
than the democrats had to Massachusetts
when Rueeoll waa elected, than they
hid to Maine when Garcelon was electa'
ttian they had to Pennsylvania wheu
Pattison waa elected, than they had to
Illinoia when Altgeld waa elected than
they had o Iowa when Boi80 waa elected.
Ono swallow does not mako n Bummer.
Louisville Times.
Aprizj fight between Billy Murphy
and Jack Dougherty was fought at Lexington
and in the opera-house, too, in
Bplte of telegraphic instructions fiom
Gov. Brown to have it prevented. Murphy
won in 10 rounds.
A man giving hia name aa O.
murdered IiIb wife aud child at Laredo,
Tex., and being eurprisod by the
committed suicide.
The daughter of a poor Philadelphia
gardener la the sole heir to an estate of
Electrlo Bitters.
This remedy Is becoming to well known and so
popular as to need no special mention. All who
have used Electric Uitter sine the same song of
praise. A purer medicine does not exist and It is
guaranteed to do all that is claimed. Electric
Hitters will cure all diseases of the Liver and
will remove Pimples, Uoils, Salt Kheum and
other aneclions caused by Impure blood; will
drive malaria from the system and prevent as
well as cure all malarial fevers. For cure ol Headache,
Constipation and Indigestion, try Eloctrlr
Hitters. Entire satisfaction guaranteed or monuy
relunded. l'rlcosoc and ft per bottle at A .K.
Penny's drug store.
Two Lives Saved.
lira. Phoebe Tbomas, of Junction City, I1L, was
told by her doctors she had consumption and that
there was no hope for her. but two bottles of Dr.
King' New Discovery completely cured ber and
he say it saved her life. Mr. Tho s. Jiggers, 119
Florida St., San Francljco, suffered from a dreadful
cold, approaching consumption, tiled without
result every thlnr else then bought one bottle of
ur. rung's w iiscovery and tn two week waa
cured. lie 1 naturally thankful. It u luch re.
suit of which these ro sample, that prove the
wdaderful efficacy of this medicine In coughs and
cold. Free trial bottle at O. L. Penny, Kxor1
Drug Store. Regular die joe and It.
TeeEli Extracted
Without Pain.
M3rM5WS(Wf5?6S?Wecevu:v CI-
DR. E. P.
Famous Surgeon
Formerly President of the Columbus Painless Dental Co., of Chica
go, III., now permanently located at Louisville, Ky., will visit
Monday, Eov. 25. '95.
JC6T Remaining one week
Dr. Bender has been connected with some of the largest
Colleges and Institutions in the country and has no superiors
pruiession. ne is prepared to
And without the use of Gas, Cocaine, Odontunder, Chloroform,
Ether, Electricity, or any sleep producing agents, but by a method
invented by Dr. Bender and used only by himself, who is the easiest,
quickest and best painless extractor in the United States to-day so
acknowledged by the dental profession at large. Where he causes
pain in any operation he makes no charge.
Teeth Extracted Free of Charge and Without
Pain Between the Hours ofS:S0and
0:30 Each Day.
Teeth $5. Teeth $8. Teeth $10.
Tooth Extracted Froo of Charge
When Plates aro ordered. Fillings with all kinds of material without pain at rca.
sonable cost.
Many symptoms of catarrh, henduche. caracho, indigestion, dyspepsia, etc.. aro
the result of decayed teeth and roots of teeth. To bo cured of these 'aches and
pains ono must commenco at their origin, which is tho teeth nnd gums, which nr
only cured by tho skilled treatment of n dentist. Those who are in a dellcato nnd
nervous condition can como and have teeth extracted and filled nnd feel as calm as if
they had had no work performed.
Dr. Bonder guarantees all work nnd doos ns he advertises. Come early and ayoid
the rush, ns his rooms aro always crowded. Office hours 9 a. m to 5 rji
Free hour 8:30 to 9:30 each day. CONSULTATION FREE
The Charles Wheeler Enmorium.
War to
Prices Lower Than The
Your money never woold buy as much as at
reached the
Climax of Low Ppiees.
IVq nave but one desire, that is to show you goods and quote you
Red Rock Prices.
Temple of Economy.
When you arise some morning and find the sun rising in the West
that will be the day when Charles Wheeler will be undersold and not
till then. Headquarters for
Ladies' Wraps, Millinery, Dress Goods
Clothing, Hats, Caps and Gents' Furnishings. Drew, Selby & Co's
Ladies', Misses' and Children's Shoes. Sole agents for Royal Tailors,
of Chicago. Others may lead but you will never find us distanced
more than a throat lacth. See? Highest market price for pro-duce.
CHAS. WHEELER, Hustonville, Ky.
J4 J , I ,- ..1V Ji
rs .. v . iL vj w
NO. 74
Without Pain.
Teeth Crowned
Without Pain.
of National Reputa
until Saturday, Nov. 30th. -a
in the
the Knife.
present, for we have
Xi kscwirins Hli
Goods Wafrantedand a Perfect Fit Guaranteed Give mc call.
j J
, l 1

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