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11 n
THE election commission Chose M
1C Yonts of Grefnvlllc In the place ot
Capt Ellis nod decided that In order
to save lime to apply the evidence lu
ono case to nil other contest as the
grounds arc the game The republican
contestcea wero given till Jan 10 to
prefer counter charged of democratic
fraud in wpKlng If they desire to do
to Mr Yon is wired his acceptance of
the ofllce and Saturday went to Frank
fort and was sworn in The commission
will not again meet until Feb C the
day fixed by law fur the taking up of
the contests over the minor ofllces
The board has asked for an Injunc
tion to rettraln the Taylor appointees
from attempting to perform any of tho
dulled of the election commission and
from Interfering with the board In th6
trial of contests Judge Pryor la the
leading counsel for the democrat and
he Is assisted by Lewis McQuowoXnck
Phelps Aaron Kohn and James Andrew
Scott Judge Cantrlll will hear tbo
case today and tf be refuse the Itfjunc
lion the democrats will appeal and If
he grant it the republicans will appeal
So la any event the court of last resort
will pass on the question before further
THE Courier Journal In a lengthy
editorial la Its Sundays paper takes
Issuo with UK for saying democrats
should discriminate against Loutevtllo
and In favor of Cincinnati because tbo
merchants of the former city have
made themselves politically obnoxious
It says that It Is only the hysterical
nondescript who calls himself a mer
chant and aspires to be a politician
the Impecunious newspaper bursting
with envy sizzling with malice foam
Ing all over Itself and Jiamtng with
vulgarity and venom the ward heeler
and the professional disseminators of
filth and hate who have brought the
city Into disrepute These form a very
small per cent of the business men of
Louisville who are tho bone and sin
ew of the city and the beat people
They take no stock In schemes of
spoliation and aggrandizement con
ceived by tricksters In fact the typ
ical merchant of Louisville Is a cheery
genial and enterprising man of af
fairs and a credit to any community
Fur the latter class there can not bo
too much of praise for the other no
condemnation Is too great
THE taxpayers of the State have ono
thing at least to be thankful for this
New Years The register of the land
office expired with the old year and the
expense of the useless department Is
ended A clerk In the auditors office
will now attend to Its business at a
very nominal cost considering the
number of men that the department
has furnished sinecures for To lion
111 P Nortb of this county la duo the
credit of originating thc bill and so
curing Its passage abolishing the office
THERE have been many mean things
laid of Urey Woodson by envious peo
ple but the worst charge that has ever
been made against him comes from the
Louisville Dispatch which claims that
ho stole an editorial from that paper
If It be true and there is always reason
to doubt a statement made by the Dis
patch is a most grievioua sin and grlev
iously will be atone for It The base
ness of such a theft from such quarter
Is too mean to cont mnlflte
orothertoo oweosI
Fort some reason or other the Owens 1
boro Messenger has stopped coming to
this offlco Editor Woodson will please
explain and If we have been cut oil in
tentional he can draw on us for the
amount of a years subscription We
can not do without the Messenger WeI
la a never ceasing source of democratic
Inspiration and we are going to have it
or know why
POOR old Godfrey Hunter Ho gets
a bad odor no matter where he goes
The British minister at Guatemala
gave him the cut direct the other day
by failing to Invite him to a dinner at
which all other foreign representatives I
were present It Is useless to try to
try to make a silk purse out of such tin
old sows car as the doctor I
TUB republicans have Issued their
address in answer to that of the demo I
r crate It U simply a string of false
counter charges and Is much after the
way they resent an insultln Ohio aud
some other places where to say
youre another Is thought to wipe
out any epithet a man may hurl at his
A FRANKFORT dispatch says that
Judge Borelng Is there seeking the re
publican nomination for U S Senator
Better bide a woo In the House Jude
at least till your beard be grown and
donttry to bog all the persimmons ev
en If they are worthier
The British 1at last won a small
victory overt e Boers at Colesburg
to f r
FRANKFORT Jan 1When tho
Sonata caucus was called to order to
night Senator Harrell democrat mad
sensational speech in which be charg
ed John Whallcu with offering him
4 500 and depositing same in Louis
villa Trust C1s vault box 650 turnicg
over to Ilarrell two keys to box The
agreement was not to go In caucus
and to vote against Goebel In coolest
This deal was node before Christmas
ID Louisville Harroll set the traps
and has Whallen dead to rights De
tective aro guarding Trust Cos bulldI
fog now The sensation has enthused
tbo democratic members of both houses I
and Goebol stock Is on boom Every
body Is praising Harrell
Senate caucus elected Goebel preen
dent piy tem 21 democrats voting
four bolting Alexander Hays Glllls
pIe Roberts Desba was elected clerk
Cromwell asst clerk MM Bennett en I
rolling clerk UenseySergeantatarms I
The House caucus elected Trlmblo I
speaker over Canlrllt no democrat I
bolting CS present and voting Leigh
defeated North 31 to 27 Miss Ingles I
was elected enrolling clerk Yilllams I
I asst clerk Lyons doorkeeper aDdI
Halov sergeant at arms 1
VAT UARDIN has broken his long I
silence thrown himself Into the breach
and In at Frankfort to save the State
from GoebcIIstn aud to see if he can
get tho Brownies and rads to elect him
IT S Senator
Senator Kyle of South Dakota who
has been Identified with the thld par t
ty movement has returned to the re
publican fold
Pro Tem Gov Taylor has appointed i
Dr C IC Wallace a former demo j
crot superintendent of tho State
Feeble Minded Institute f
Representative Boutelles physician t
says that while the sufferer may re
cover his physical health and vigor sIt
It is possible that be may never be the j
same again mentally j
The republican members of the Gen
eral Assembly will not call a caucus fqr j
tho nomination of Ulcers for the two j
bouses Fusion with the Brown demot
crata la Impossible and they are hoping
tbat enough democrats will bolt from t
the democratic caucus to give them j
strength on the floor j
The Lexington administration chang
ed yesterday E T Duncan mayor E
during 1803 1894 and 1895 again as
suraes that office Moses Kaufman j
succeeds Stanley Mllward republican lJ
as treasurer Walter S Bronston 8UCI
ceeds George B Klnkcad as city sollelc
tor and George Morgan takes Brons
stons place as city attorDeyc
The question of the contest for gov
ernor and lieutenant governor was not b
brought before the democratic House g
and Senate caucuses which were held j
at Frankfort last night The mem a
bers of the two houses met In separate c
caucuses with no business before them j
except the nomination of candidates forv
tho offices to be Oiled by the House andt
Fire at Burlington la caused a lostv
of 8150000
There were 127 lynchings In this j
country last year j
McCoy knocked Maher out la tho thr
round at Coney Island YCliterduI
The Fayetto court house has already
cost 8225000 and Is still acosllng c
The Advocate reports the deaths of r
Ernest Knodelof Indianapolis cbpse t
a saloon as a place to hang blmteUr
Dewey has given 50 for the fDonuf
meat to be placed over Lt Brumby t
Three seed bouses and other buslc
DCria houses burned at Little Rock
rkNorval r
Norval Baptle reduced the half mile J
skating record to 28 15 seconds at Min
neapolisFour 1
Four men were killed and several 8
others Injured by a boiler explosion in
Pennsylvania 1
Engineer Wise was allocated on his I
engine In Big Bond Tunnel on the C S I
O Ills train stalled In It
A jury at Owensboro gave Hugh and
LucIen Arnold 21 years imprisonment
for the killing of Luther Robinson i I
I John Wiley and Hugh Jones of
Paintsvllle were both probably fatally
shot us the result of a fight over at
i I girl At Bucyrus < j 0a drunken man shot I
Into a church killing one woman and
badly wounding her child which sat In
hpr lap
In tin attempt to hold up a street car
at Seattle Wash a highwayman was
shot and killed and a passenger was
wounded I
j The supreme court of Puerto Rico
has sentenced five men to bo garroted t
i The charge against them was murd rI
and robbery
I Fire In Chicago extending from 210
to 222 Monroe street caused a loss of I
95000 Nine firemen were hurt moro
or less seriously
JVW Andrews the oldtime water
melon man of the Ilaverly Minstrel
Company died at the asylum In Elgin
111 ugud 04 year
It la said the United Slates cruiser
Montgomery has been on a secret mill
stun to Liberia thp results of which
may be Irtpurtnnt
Fortyfour window glass factories
In Indiana which have been Idle for
several months have resumed opera
tlons furnishing employment to about
15000 men
file coinage of gold In the last fiscal
year was the greatest In the annuls of
the government It amounted to 3103
177180 ns against iH6348ft5 In the pro
ceding year
A tnnn was found frozen to death at
Sttllman Ga Macon had the heaviest
fall of snow over known that part of
the State and snow and sleet foil ut
Savannah There was a heavy snow
storm at Charleston S C
T B Simklns sheriff of JulTerfon
county Flaand prominent In Middle
Florida politics was shot and killed b
an escaped Negro convict whom ho was
trying to arrest The Negro was in
turn killed by the sheriffs deputy
A petition was sent up to the United j
States attorney general asking that tbo
railroads bo restrained from raising
their freight rates on tho ground
that this proposed advance will violate
the Sherman antitrust law
River men at Louisville anticipate a
freezeup and aro getting steamboat
Into safe quarters Navigation Is sus
pended between Louisville am Pitts
burg and the packets for Evansvlllo
will lay up until the river Is clear of
Ice The total force sent out to South
Africa is the largest number of British
troops ever put Into the Held at one
time At Waterloo Wellington was
in command of 67OUO soldiers while la
the Crimean war only 25000 wore en
gaged In any single battle
A list of Kentucky pensions print
ed In a dally newspaper has been the
means of bringing together two broth
ers Lewis and Jan T Qulsenberry
each of whom thought the other bad
been dead for 35 years One of them
lives In Woodfoid county
The State board of health will ask
for an increase of the yearly appropri
ation Tbo smallpox epidemic Is treat
ed by the board at length and It is
stalca that them have been lf 00 cases I
in the State since the first outbreak at
Mlddlesboro In January 1807 I
The new railroad mileage for this
year is placed at 4557 miles by the
Railroad Gazette an Increase of 1300
miles over the new mileage last year
Only four States built not a mllu of
new road viz New Hampshire Rhode
Island Delaware and Nevada Iowa
leads in mileage built with brit miles
Bowling Green suffered a 125000 Ore
Friday night The large store of Jones
fc Co was completely destroyed J W
Campbell jeweler next door lost all
his stock of goods cxccpttbo diamonds
In a vault The city ball and council
chambers over Jones 5 Co wore de
stroyed and are a heavy loss to the
ityM Pie rot who for some lime baa
been in Cincinnati recruiting men for
service with the Boers was arraigned
before United States Attorney Bundy
and warned to desist Pierot contend
ed that bu was enlisting men for the
hospital service and not to fight but ho
was told that be could not even do
Julius U McAfee a page In the
House of Representatives at Washing
ton Is held at police station charged
with the larceny of 500 from Congress
man Stevens and other members of the
House He admitted the theft of 260l
In money and said he would bo able to
return S2ti of tbat amount The boy
from Kentucky
Two men wore found frozen to death
on the streets at New York Saturday
Near Point Clinton 0 a farmer was
overcome by cold while driving along
tho road and fell from his wagon and
perished Extreme cold la reported
from all sections of the United States
and snow hag fallen In a number of the
Southern States
The clearings of the Louisville banks
reached a total of 113280341 for the
year against 317303737 In 1808 Every
one showed a gain Deposits have
been as high as 832000000 a gain of
7000000 over 18 > S but have gone
down to 30000000 under the stress of
business The demand tor money has
been the best over known
Allerton 2001 will make the season
at Lexington
A Virginian bought 700 750pound
cattle at Sparta Tenn at lie
H P Thomson of Clark bought In
Madison 175 oood ewes at 84 to S 5
Robinson Bohon bought of Jet
Dunn 10 long yearling mules at 800
At Rlchatd Mo 04 Poland Chinas
mostly pigs sold at an average of 832
o >
Four thoroughbred Berkshire boars
ready for service for sale Mark liar
ina I 1
The Farmers Home Journal baa I
rounded out 31 years of un honorable
existence I
SchwarUchtld Salzburg bought of
J E Clay of Bourbon 243 cattle 1400
pounds at CK
Bourbon county women sold about
00000 turkeys before Christmas at an
average of 81 4
General Clearing Up
Wo arc busy taking stock and conieqiientlj loU lr short lengths 11111 odds and ctuls are thrown out thnt will bo
soldnt n price nttrh less than they cost which will be to your utniiwt to look after during thin clearance Mill
Cutting And Slashing The Prices
This is n wile Brat mwins n caving to to you of many Imrdearned dollars A Nile that means increased liudsnow
Now is the time to trade A dollar never went us far as it nil during this subs We guarantee ovary artifln sold
sadrureWd lUre are n fen ol our Many Bargain I
Bent Fancy ho Calicos cut to JJc
M Blenched Cotton fie
Good Ticking Cut from lOc to tyc
104 Brown Shirting 12c
Good Shirting Cotton only 4 c
All Wool Red Flannel worth 2ic cut Inc
Hed Table Linen cut from 25c to 15
Covingtou Jeans worth Ific cut to OCt
Childrens and MiW Union Suits 3 to 10 I
only U5c
Indies Union Suits 4 fi Ii Only 25c MeI
Jjjulieu roll Wool Flannel Skirts only tint
Outing cloth Skirta for ladies only 25cI
Ono big lino of Ladies Corsets 81 qualify i
closing out price 48c h
Ladies Ribbed Yratftand Pants worth 20c
only 12c i
Indies FleeceLined hose 8e worth 15c
Our Drewi Goods have been reduced to
wholesale prices Dont buy until yon have I
IOur line I
Heavy Plaids tho latest 40o cut to Uflc
Outing Cloth 4e and up I
t Good Canton Flannel 4 ccI
Remember we are headquarters for Carpets
and binltingsi
alunt Lace Curtain 48c S12J5 laeo
ijCurluill reduced to 81 v
A good beany tIl81I
1nod Drawers for men too quality only25c
Ono lot hens Underwear fiOo quality ouLI
down to 05o to close
Now is your chance for a good heavy Cap
I for Winter We bought a big lino of Cloth
r Iliwh and Astrican Cap at 50c on the dollar
fiOp quality marked down to 25c
Shoes Childrens School Shoes
Shoes C to 8 75c quality only 50c Childrens School 1J to 2 S1 cut to75c Ladies 1atcnt Tip worth 8125
reduced to 76o Mens Fine Shoes nBc worth 8125 Boys Buckle Work Shoe only 7fic Ladies Heady Made
Dress Skirts 150 quality marked down to l8i All other dress skirts blue black ami gray marked down in
For Men Boys and Children wo otter the beat wiling line of Clothing the market nilords This lino has lean car
fully elected and represents the cream of tile leading mannfactorict ol tho country Wo havo l eon cncouniged tt
to purchase largely in this lino in view if tho advance Wo arc in portion to save you at least 25 per trout Bo +
sure to follpw the large crowd of economical buyer to tho busiest store in Stanford
Colby Jenkins of OarrarU has
bought over 100000 Pounds of tobacco
In tbat county at Iii to 8 lobaccoII
Jonas Well bought of Sam Wood
ford of Clark county 176 fat cattle for
January delivery at fiIO
Krlss Krlngle the great selling plat
cr was purchased at Lexington from
Dr Byrd by T W Colt of Now York
for 85000
Jockey Tommy Dyracn was ruled off
for an indefinite pcrloa at San Fran
cisco for refusing to ride when ho had
no good excuse
Abram Ucnlck of Clark sold to K
K Bagby of Bowling Green a two
yearold Shorthorn bull fur WOO aotH
four other young cattlo for 1000
Josiah Smith of Mercer chipped 40 I
tons of hay to Elk Valley Tuna for
which bo paid liD per ton Capt Jci > e
McGlnnls sold eight spans of work
males for Henry Dunn at SIlO to 8126
per span
It S Matttogly shipped to Louis
vlllo 30 sugar mules top purchased
mainly from Marlon county farmer al
an average of 1125 Mattlngly also
bought five loads of cotton mules at an
average of ISO Enterprise
Louisville has gained largely more
than Cincinnati lo the handling of the
lJurley crop besides soiling more dart
tobacco than any other market Tho
actual sales were 121874 hogshead of
an average value of J7312 each less
than In 18U8 but more than In 1807
Although It was very cold u fairly
good crowd attended the sale of L L
Doty and W II Murphy Friday A
pair of aged mules brought 8181 CO
pair threeyearold mules SHI ono
twovcarold mule 4260 sheep 5
hogs 3c farming Implements sold well
Tho sale was made for a division of
property Hay can now bo compressed Into
round bales so tbat 88000 pounds can
oe gotten Into a car A car was ship
red on the Texas Midland the other
day adorned with blue and red stream 1
ers on each side which read This I
car contains 88000 pounds of bayl
pressed In round bales by the Lowery
process from Greenville Texas for I
export and The Midland Route
Tho hhy Is baled in two sizes weigh
ing respectively 300 and ICO pound
This Is tho heaviest loud of bay ever I
packed in a Dingle car and Is only pos j
slblo under the compressed system j
This shipment In expected to open u
Henry McDowell of JclTorton City
dunned for a church debt and couldnt j
pay It
Rev Wiley C Haskell baa resigned I
his pastorate at Rockford IlL because I
bo could not preach orthodoxy Ho
fays ho does not believe the Hlblo Is
the book of God from cover to cover I
WrIU Immediately to Wilbur U Smltli fur 23
yon resident ol the Commercial College of Ken
lucky Unlrcrilty Lexington K jr fur clrrnlinof
tbli rriX > nilblfl and Influential college llouk
kocjilDZ Shorthand lOll Tyjiewrltlng and Telrx
raphr taught Sraduatn furcpmCiil In ender
that your mall reach thli college aildrm only
WILUUIt It SMITH L lngton Ky
Stanford Kentucky
1 + + + + + + f
0 S e a e ee
James Fe
i Christmas Bargains
TIll most aiirovrlnt gift Id a useful r1IIIIi
loA Lap Robe Moquette Rugs A Pret
e ty Carpet or Matting A Suit of
Clothes Neck Ties
SunpcDiiluni n Pair of Nlre Blior n Htvll li Hat or Ianey Silk rot or any
kim or V mrlnt Ajiparel Tabor Unpiin fir all of wlilcli I hnfo lit tile om
4 price re nrrtluM of ttccnt advamnn lay your account and got your
cursMxon the fuwlng Jla Mine Clirlini day
JAMES RYA Hustonville Ky
1 a 8 oes e s S
Carefully Compounded Att
W li VA3Roi
ID The Recognized Leader In The Following Articles
Carriages Buggies Wagons Vul
can Imperial and Avery I
Plows Harness
At The Lowest Prices
l oolreepr rq7Nf AC57 IS 7Nf CNCj4PCb7 4
erman lira
Te7egra j
btul ucN W H
ulrsrllle jfyW
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