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JOHN B TnOMPSON makes a loop
plea for barmony and a reunion of the I
various factions of democracy but la I
unfortunate InHhe selection of a me 1
dlum to disseminate his vlewsthe I
discredited dhreputBble and subsidized
Louisville DUpatcb Democrats willI
have a suspicion of any man who has
anything to do with that sheet or any I
Waiving thIsI
In It
thing that appears I
fact however and the further fact thatI
Mr Thompsons course during and
since the convention has not been such
as to commend him to the majority of I 1
the party Some of his suggestions are
those advocating are
rood especially
viva voco system of voile
turn to the 1
and leaving the selection of the party 1
commItteemen to the people Ho would 1
make an election law entirely non par I
dean which means that he
the Goebel law a bad one We were
champion of the law 1
not an original
but after the court of appeals pro
nounced it constitutional and the partyj
in convention assembled put the seal of
its approbation upon it we became Us
advocate and would prefer on account
of the name it bears If nothing else to
see it remain the law Nothing would
satisfaction than to seethe I
give us more
but if thoseI
t the party get together
and heat of 1
who have borne the burden
the day aru to let the tall wag the doe
and sacrifice all they fought for to seI
the C
cure it we are opposed to paying
ON the grounds that the G A R is
fighting Commissioner of Pensions H
Clay Evans we thought ho was a BII
than bo had credit for but this
ter man hphad
little interview shows he is as mean thlSl1
any of them and that the Tennessee re j
publicans knew their business reel
they turned him down Without a
doubt the democratic machine in pow
er now throughout Kentucky means to
hang Tavlor if possible Backed by a I
corrupt organization and aided by a I
fund of 8100000 the leaders in the fight I
against Tavlor mean to carry every
point against him The question now I
brings on how much evidence In a I
murder case can be secured with 3100 I
000 C
000T1tE Ohio republicans named Fora
ker Gov Nash Gen Dick and GrosJ
venor delegates from the State at large j
to the Philadelphia convention
having declined the honor knowing
that he will be the high cockolorum I
of the convention any way McKln 1
j ii lays administration was endorsed and 1
making was
of his wasJ
a strong platform J
adopted The Bushoell following tried
to defeat Grosvenor but failedI
THE republicans are trvlng to keep C
the people in ignorance of the iniqui I
tous Porto Rican Tariff bill by making
no mention of it in their platforms I
i e Neither Indiana nor Ohio has any ref
erence to it but it will cut a big figure
In the coming campaign all the samet
s The people will be Informed even more I
fullylhan now how trusts dictate legls
latlon and how McKInley and Congress
dance to any music they make 1I
SENATOR QUAY will head tho Penn
sylvania delegation to National repub t
lican convention and as ho lays his de
feat in the Senate on McKInley and
Hanna bo may show them a thing or
two It Is not possible however that t
he could prevent McKinleys nomina I
floe for he Is as sure of it In his party C
as Bryan Is In his What he will do to I t
him afterwards is the thing
TUE payment of fat salaries In Cuba I
and allowances to om ers to put on C
style will be the subject of Investiga
tion by Congress Money Is wasted
there like water and the Ulcers are
thriving oft the people like those did
oft the South In reconstruction days
Vote for Bryan this fall and put a stop 8
to the thieveryI
IN view of the fact that tbe Ohio re
publicans opened tbplr State conven
tion with the song We Know our I
Business the Louisville Times egg
gesta that the people will sing a song I
to Hanna aDd his crowd next fall en
titled We Know Your Game And
what we will do to them will be a plen I
ty Bryans star is constantly in the I
ascendancy I
THE Now York Journal which vasaI
little cool on Bryan for awhile bas
come out strongly for him The Jour
nal did a great work for democracy In 1 I
1800 and will help push Us candidate toI
victory in 1000 Editor Hearst has
money brains and other resources toI
back him and he doesnt mind using
money like water when he seta his
head to ItI
AFTER the Legislature of Pennsyl
vania declined to elect Quay Senator I
the governor appointed him to the po
sition The Senate however after a
long time to consider the matter voted
Tuesday 33 to 32 that bo was not en
titled to the seat So Matthew will
have to cut and come again
TAYLOR denies the story that he and I
Gov Bradley have had a falling out
The fact Is they never had any falling
in Personally tbe ex governor re
gards Taylor with supreme disgust and
only supported him at the 11th hour to
keep In line His alight reference
then to Bill Taylor as he contempt
uously refcrrrd to him In his speeches
showed how much against the grain It
goes for a gentleman to eupporta moun
CAN McKInley carry Kentucky
again tt asks the Louisville Commer
cial Well hardly He dUnl carry It
before at the polls nor will ho this
time The 11th district returns will
not be held back to be doctored for
emergency as In 1891
OLD Farmer Logan of the LouUvlll
Times gives this fatherly advice
These be the beautiful days of spring
when the nun la shedding his genial
warmth and nature her delicious fra
grance but beware how you shed your
beneficent flannels
THE republicans of Indiana nomInated
ted Col W T Durbln for governor on
the 7th ballot We had hoped that the
honor would have gone to Cbarley Fin
ley THERE is nothing new tell about
the conspirators Taylor Is still hiding
out and the other scoundrels not in
Jail are fugitives from Justice
LOUISVILLE April 27 830 A M
Frankfort agents of telegraph compa
nies are ordered to bring into court all
messages sent by persona indicted in
the assassination case
The Kenton county republicans w
end contesting delegates to the State
convention Ernst and Comlngoro ore
Fire on both aides of the river be
tween Hull Ont and Ottawa has al
ready destroyed 20000000 worth of
property and made 15000 people home
less It Is still burning
The Alabama democratic platform
for commercial expansion and endorses
Bryan C D
About Conspirators and Assassins
Owing to the illness of Judge Can
trill his court was adjourned till next
Monday The grand jury will continue
in session
Taylors wife has joined him at Wash >
ington and they will likely stay all
summer or until an officer brings the
boss assaskin back to the scene of his
Caleb Powers John Davis Harland
Whittaker and Tallow Dick Combs
indicted assassins have applied for a
change of venue from Franklin to
Grant Roberts who Is said to have
owned the title that shot Goobel bas
been summoned to Frankfort He Is a
brother of Editor S J Roberts of the
Lexington Leader I
We knew it was a lie when the as I
sassination press published that John 1
G Carlisle had said that the supreme
court would turn down Gov Beckham
Ho says ho has not expressed himself
In tbe premises at all
The facts are that Taylor came to
Washington to escape arrest in Ken
tucky and In case a bench warrant was
Issued to seek protection here or In New
York Since ho has been hereabouts
he has told all the big republicans that
bo Is as innocent as a child of any com
plicity in the killing of Gov Goebel
and has otherwise worked the sympa
thy dodge for all U was wo tbWaeb
ngton Dispatch
The supreme court of the United
States is a body of great dignity but
there seems to have been no means of
ridding It of the Kentucky farce
Courts might take shorter routes than
they do sometimes to dismiss matters
over which on the face of tblsgs and
within the comprehension of every
man of common sense and common
honesty their have no jurisdiction
Cincinnati Enquirer
Louisville bas 120 policemen
Mulr station on the K C burned loss
1500Firo 1
Fire destroyed tho town of Panuca I
Mexico causing a lose of 2250OOOI
David Booker of Clinton countI
claims to have found a gold mine onI
his farm
Tbo Indictment against oxCongress I
man David G Colson for killing Luther
W Demarce was dismissed
Three persons were burned to death
and three severely injured In a tene
t house fire in New York
Henry Haywood of Peru Ind took
an overdose of morphine because hIs
10 year old eon came homo drunk
Two special trains bearing 1000000
pounds of canned bacon for the army
in the Philippines left Chicago
Fiftythousand children in Vermont
subscribed a cent a piece and presented
Admiral Dewey with a fine watch
Thirtytwo young sawbones will be
graduated by the law department of
Central University at Louisville today
Henry Robinson of Charleston S
C fell dead when told that his wife
had been badly hurt in a railroad
Capt Chester of the battleship Ken
tucky says that the presentation of the
sllVer service can nqt take place until
the end of June
IXz EII ispJaty Y I 1 f
Every line and department in our store arp filled to its utmost capacity This week we
cap the climax of special offerings in a
bring the Seasons needs within easier reach than ever before The Spring and Sum
that orms me mer stocks have rounded out to the fullnses of their power I
10 yards of the following brands of Cal
icoes Indigo Blue Simpson Gray Gray
Light Shitting Prints and Fancy Calico
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I Clothing
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A Clifton W Va man ate 32 bard
boiled eggs In an attempt to commit
suicide but the doctors saVed him by a
surgical operation i
Capt Oberlin M Carter who robbed
tho government of 1000000 11 yea
ago was taken to the pen in a parlor
car yesterday
On account of the prevalence of
smallpox the board of health has or
dered the discontinuance of all public
meetings at Paris
The Kansas City Times has offered a
handsome premium to tho person who
and cleanest lawn
shows the best
Kansas City July 4
In a labor riot In Chicago one man
was killed and seven others were Injured
striker who
ed The man killed was a
led an assault on nonunion
warehouse of W S
The big tobacco
at Louisville was
Matthews d Sons
totally destroyed by Ore entailing a
estimated by
loss of stock and
tbe firm at 8250000
battle between faction
In a pitched
county Va
at Caylor Lee
Button the respectIve
Bowles and William
spective leaden were wounded and
The fighting lasted
Button will dIe
two boors
It will be 10 days before the LL N
tralttc over
will be able to resume
Many doUltuto
cagoula bridge
flood dis
found In the
lies are being
Heavy rains are
trict of
still falling in Texas
representing the republican
Gov Bradley
publican minor State ofllclals prayed
an appeal to the court of appeals from
the judgment of ouster rendered by
Crcuit Judge Cantrlll Attorney
eral Pratt did not appeal
Thomas J Hunter formerly
of the Atlanta te West Point railroad
the penitentiary for
was sentenced to
embezzlement He was
five years for
arrested In Morocco where he fled
when tho shortage became known
day re
Because the Chicago Dewey
viewing stand was built by nonunion
that union leaders will
labor It Is said
eland photo
have the crowd on the
graphed and that eely business man
found In the group will bo boycotted
The Royal Arcanum was organized In
of 200
1877 and now a
000 Ohio has
Hamilton county 1400 Since 1877 the
fiOOOOOOO In death assessments
order has paid
There were 3500 appllco
lone for membership In the month of
March A man was lined 8100 and costs for
keeper In
beating a carding
Lexington The attorney for the do
ante claims that tho laws protecting
hotels ani boarding houses Is unconati
tutlonalln that it Is class legislation
and It Is probable that a test caso wll
bo made of it
c > C
+ dry
IA McMlonville Tenn Jobn Watson
both White and
son and mil Brown a
I Sonnle Craig colored were hanged on
I the same scaffold for murder The
hanging took place inside n Blockade
Watson and Brown died quickly their
neck being broken while Craig died
from strangulation
In three days lighting against the
forces of Gen Young lu North Luzon
the PlUlploo lose was 883 killed nod
Young loss was two killed und four
wounded A baualiou of the 40th In
fantry lu Mindanao lost yvo killed uiid
11 wounded in ann altllnut in wrbloh I
the rebel loss was M killed and 18 uap
tured and wounded
CALUWKLL L the Dan me
shoo dealers and moats lurnubors nnvo
adopted a novel and extensive mode of
adverlUlng Their agent was hure
this week and left with our etlluns a
lot of beautiful waiters
Rev O car ummer of tndlunapo it
will begin Sunday week to preach for
the new Cuiupbellltes in the lit ldei
room on Lancaster B real I
The now fair association offered the I
old association 86600 for their grounds
at Danville but the offer was declined
William Henry Jones of Barren
county is a ropnblicun candidate for
Congress in tho Third district
Walnut Logs Lumber
and Trees
Addniki 0 U MKNGEL Jit k DUO CO
Loulavllle Ky
Fine Shorthorn Bull
Which I will stand at my place H mUll
from the Court 1 1 on o on the Grub Uroharil
pike Service ten 81 In advance Cult guar
anteed W O SHANKS STAimmii KY
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line on hand 7O Good Grayliiu IIvlf
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April M ono bay or light brown ally three
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round no cork on front shoes voy small
foot for an nnlmal of her site paces and
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Mutual > Benefit Life Insurance Co
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Surplus 525GOJ22 I
The IJinl P IIay Tbe Bet Company Annual Dividends Helene placing yciur ap
pllcailcatlon for Life Inturanc see
I R B MAHONY Agent Stanford Ky
COTlUsforentre Our 1ollcy Holders
00 o cro o o o oo o G oo o 050 crooo o o roxixroooooo
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g wiJYciOJEJT5Q a
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0 0
0o Books Stationery Wall Paper Paints g
g Oils and Varnishes 0
I 0Slatotal Attention Given to the Compounding of Ireielpiloni Bcleotlfleally g I
0and with Care 0 f
g Oilico Long Di tance Telephone 0
o c
000000000000000000000000000000000000 1
11 at t1it g t
12 12 18 25 30e
CD Crab Orchard Ky
A Special Effort In Ties
English Squares Imperials FourIn Hands
Strings And All Others
Let us Show it to You
The Leading Shoe nnd Furnishing house of Danville
wwi Ya

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