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Beginning on Derby day May 3 ono
ol the grontcst race nicotine ever hold
In Kentucky will bo given at the fora
ode Louliflllo taco coUrse Elovcn
stakes Including tbo Kentucky Derby
worth 10000 will bo run during the 15
days All the crack boric In the
country aro engaged In these stakes
IncludlDK Lieut Jlbion Dangle John
Bright Llobcr Karl Pink Coat Jean
11Deraud Rush Klllaibandra lilt Lord
ship Kentucky Farmer Clears Anna
Bale Streamer Way and Mean
Flaunt Avenitoke The Rush F W
Urodc The Lady In Blue Cambrian
Iand many other Nearly 1000 hones
are now quartered at Churchill Downs
1 Insuring largo flclJs and exciting con
Lest There will be ave or moro races
each day with liberal added money
All tbo railroad bare put on cheap
excursion rates the round trip from
Stanford being only ono fare This
1 I alto Include adrolnlon to tbo grand
i stand each railroad ticket baring a
coupon attached which can bo ex
changed for a badge at the gate This
li the cheapest raw over offered from
this point and a big delegation will
i I leavo hero on Derby day to take advan
I I t oollt
f The Derby will be run on the open
log day Thursday May 3 and will bo
followed by the Debutante Stake Turf
Congress Handicap Bluegrass Stake
Clark Stake Mademoiselle Stake
Fehr Stake Wenonah Stake Pre
mler Stake Juvenile Stake and Kon1
lucky Oak In the odor named These I
I arts the biggest turf cvenu run In the
Wen J0n Saturday May 12 the Gen
tlemen Cup race will be run
Low club rates given with the INTE
molt JOURNAL lIeu each for 1160
an publlibed by S A Cunningham at
Nuhvlllo Tonn Is remarkable Its
circulation of 81 Issue monthly ag
gregated to January 1000 1102432
cople Average for 1893 7ttS3 1801
10137 1895 12016 1890 13444 1607
lfl175 1803 19100 1899 20166 Sub
icrlptlon for the Veteran wilt be ro
cowed at this office It and the INTE
malt JOURNA wilt bo sent for a year
at the club rato of II CO Dy appllca
lion to UI copies of the Veteran will bo
gent to our veteran friend who are un
able to cubicrlbo W P Walton
I Wo have Just received a now lot of
scenic playing earls Each card bat
an exquisite engraving of a bit ol teen
cry along tho line nnd4hero aro 63 dif
i ferent scene Similar card can not
bo bought for less than II per pack
i The denomination ore shown In email
totter and figure In tho corner BO
that persons who do not play card can
j arrange them In group and frame
them making very pretty picture
a Send 300 In cash or lamps to cover
COlt and postage and a deck wljl bo
mailed to your address George W
Barney Div Pat Agent Lexington I
Ky i
Tickets will bo told by the Monon
roto from LouUvltlo to polnla In Arl i
1zona British Columbia Colorado Ida I
1 ho Iowa Manitoba Mluhlean 1nno1
Bota Montana Nebraska Now Mexico I
North and South Dakota Utah Wash
ington Wisconsin and Wyoming and
return at one faro for tho round trip
plus 12 on Tuesday April 17th flail
rato for children between 6 and 12 In
cluelvo Tickets good for 21 days re
1turning Full particular of your 10
1 cal ticket agent or cheerfully furnish
ed with map and schedules by E IL
Bacon D P A Louisville Ky
KrNXA Jackson Co W Va
About three years ago my wife had an
attack of rheumatism which confined her
to her bed for over a month and rendered
her unable to Talk a step without assist
ance her limbs being swollen to double
their normal sire Mr 8 Maddox Insist
ed on my using Chamberlains Pain Balm
I purchased a fifty cent bottle and used
j it according to the directions and the next
morning she walked to breakfast without
assistance in any manner and she has not
bad ft similar attack IIlnceA B TAB
ISONS For sale by Craig eS Hock or
DOTbo Chesapeake te Ohio wit
eel round trip ticket to Washington
i D C May 20 to 21 at ono faro for the
roundtrip good returning until May
Uet on account of tho meeting of tho
Mystic Shrlnors Keep these dates In
1 your mind If you aro going to mako a
i trip East George W Barney div
pass agent CtL O Ry Loxlngton
wonKina HidiiT ARID DAY
TIle builett and utyhtlttt Illll tblig that ever
wu iSaJH Dr King a New Life 11110 Every pill
lIa angarcotdglohuofh alth which change
weikncw Into itrenglh lilleunei Into energy
Win Jot Into mental rower They r wonderful
In building up the beal IlIw Only 23c per box Hold
by Penny DiuggUt
Due of the most successful but leant
known cooperative associations that
1lIrnnaof the Itockwell
A Farmer
farmers which has
Auoeillta njUlt completed the
eleventh year of Its existence Its re
port shorts that Inst year was Its moat
prosperous The association says the
Chicago Tribune consist of farmers
In the vicinity of Rockwell la Eleven
years ago there was a firm of brother
In tho neighborhood that grew rich so
rapidly by buying the produce of the I
formers and selling them supplies that j
the latter resolved to secure these prof
its for themselves They formed a co I
operative association selling stock to
O farmer in four townships In shares
of ono dollar each no man being al
lowed to own more than three shafts
Tho association built an elevator and
begun the business of marketing the
grain and hog of Its member and sell
lug them their supplies A unique Ilro1
vision in the constitution has been the
bulwark of the association The mem I
bars are paid onefourth of a cent more
than la given the seller outflde the so
defy and members are compelled to I
pay onefourth of a cent commission on
all grain they sell to competitor Tbo
manager pays the highest price possi
ble based on Chicago quotations and
If any competitor offers higher price
the member sell to him and pay the
commission Into the Issoclntlon
Thus the associations member al
ways hare a market where they can
get the highest price or else the com
petitor must pay more than the mar
ket price to the benefit of both the as
sedation and Its member As a re
lull the farmer have actually always
received from onehalf cent to 1V4
cent more for their grain than do the
farmer in neighboring counties The
goods sold by the association are at
prices from 20 to 25 per cent less than
at regular stores In nearby towns
The association has grown until It new
has 500 member and did over 500000
business lout year The success of the
association Is due largely to the excel
lent management of Its affairs and also
to the fact that public sentiment pre I
vents a break The two or three farm
ers who have sold grain to outsiders I
without paying the commission hove
been ostracized socially Its profits of
course are due to the fact that the
middleman Is eliminated and Its man
agers are content to work for merely
nominal salaries The wreck of most
cooperative associations lots been due
to bad management and the lack of
sound principles the conduct of their
When the war and all that has been
associated with It comes to be summed
up comments a London paper It will
be found that the part which women
have played In it will be by no means
an insignificant one It has often I
been said by those who love to tease
women that it is perfectly ridiculous
of them ever to alk of equality with
the other sex nnles they are pre
pared to dare all that becomes a man
and take their slam of soldiering with
him nut when she present campaign
Is over and the work which had been
done one way or another by women
Is reviewed If Indeed all that they
have done Is ever fully known and rev
ognised the champions of the sex I
will certainly be able to retort that
though they may not have worn khaki
uniforms and handled leo metforls
and forded rivers and stormed with
shot and shell yet they have In I1lf1
feront way taken a Very active and
Important share In tho campaign I
It is reported that a number of
wealthy sportsmen of Bridgeport
Conn have sent to Kansas for 00 dozen I
quail As soon as the birds urrlvothoy
will be taken out in hAtches and lib j
erated at various points in the sur
rounding country They cost 1 a
dozen and it Is expected that when
liberated they will be easily able to
maintain themselves Qualls mate In
April and May Each pair will pro
produce I
duce two broods of ten or twelve birds
each during the Summer and early I
fall The Bridgeport men think that
about 00 per cent of the young will
survive so that In the fall there will
be about iOCO quail to kill when tho I
law Is off
The New Yorkers have a queer Idea
of what constitutes Insanity A
wealthy woman who made a formal
call the other day clad in her night
gown is put down as Insane while a
woman who nailed her twin boys Rob
ert Vapid Transit Ilehrend and Wil
liam Rapid Transit Behrentl is credit
ed with the possession of normal rea
soning faculties
Two miles from Stuart Va on the
farm of J W Robertson stands the
famous Robertson tree the parent of
all apple trees of that name In the
United States It bear a large red
apple which keep well and it bus pro
duced at one bearing 85 bushels is
about 80 year old and is still bearing
Twin boys born In New York on
the day the great new tunnel was
started have been named Robert Rap
Id Transit and William Rapid Transit
The run on living war heroes has sub
An exchange Inform us that an at
tempt to credo the payment of one
cent toll on the Berks and Dauphin
turnpike has just cost a rich Penn
sylvania cattle dealer ten dollar
Without Prejudice
ify man urged Rev Mr Goodley
can I not induce you to come into
01 now boss Ier tho poor
tramp stammered
I hope you have no prejudice against
the church the good man continued
eagerly No unpleasant recollection
of your past suggested
0 nol I aint got no grudge agin
the church Mine wuz a homo wed
din Philadelphia Press
IK fleet of Hope
lie was dying from the effects of
smoking too many campaign cigars
To those who wept at his bedside
ho argued in a lofty spirit of philos I
ophy that death was Inevitable
When you give a man rope
enough he exclaimed hll doom Is
at once sealed My fate If it shows
anything In particular simply shows
that he has not necessarily to hang
himsclfl Detroit Journal
Prunes Had Kmptlae
The man who tackles politics
poUUcaI they declare
For this short life Is full of trick
Whlrh bid the sojourner beware +
Hell have his hands full that U plain
And when hes finished with the fight
lIe pauses often to complain
III Ills pockets all are empty quite
Washington Star
pnBtm ilclc
Wuz yen sick when yer learned ter
Vux I tick Say I wuz so sick dat
Id redder bin In school N Y
A Savlar Grace
Count that day worse than wholly toil
Iletween whose suns there ha not crossed
Tour face and lingered for awhile
The cheerful sunshine of a smile
Elliott Magazine
A Quotation
Mlstah Johnslng V am de sweet
est gal heah Miss Darknltel
Miss Dnrknlte Now Mlstah John
sing yo die stop dat talk 1s blushln
I knows I 1st
Mistah Johnslng Deed yo aint
honeyyo am de kind ob a flowah
dat am bohn tub blush unseen Ohio
State Journal
Prompt DecUlon
He In describing his joumeylngs
Then leaving Gibraltar I made my
way to Australia and from there I
went to the diamond mines in South
Africa where I made my fortune
Then do you follow me Miss Crynkle
She with a vivid blulbflo the
worlds end Mr Rocksworthy Chi
cage Tribune
Would Like to Kxperlment
What do you think of this con
troversy as to whether marriage is a
failure he asked for want of some
thing else to say >
I dont know anything about It
she replied but she added hastily
I always was fond of experiments
Chicago Post
1Yhnt Hr Needed
My son said the Indulgent father
Is ns good as wheat
IPerbnlCI replied the candid friend
of the lamllwlo knew the young man
better and llkc wheat he wont be
thoroughly good without n thrashing
Philadelphia Press
Tim Mrnn Thing
Tho color of my hair Isnt fashion
able this season
Its too bad dear But perhaps
they will be wearing pray hair next
year and then you will be In fash
Ion againN Y World
Oumb Preferred
New Hoarder I pose you lIke
boarders who will cat anything thntl
set before them and not grumble
grumbleI Id a
sight rather theyd grumble and not
eatN Y Weekly
Sour Irnite
Nell No girl could have refused him
If he had proposed to her as sweetly as
he did to me
Bess Well he ought to have It down
fine by this time Practice you know
makes perfect Chicago Daily News
She Tell the Truth
Once In awhile when a girl declares
that she doesnt know how to sing
people keep on urging her until Ibo
tries and then they wished that they
had believed her Somervlllo Journal
Just the Thing
Mrs BIgbcc Ivo bought a whist
Blgbee Now youll have something
to talk over with your friends Town
A Comer
They say said Mrs Oldrox that
Mr Wlsherley Is a coming man
I should say he was her husband
snarled Hes been coming every
night ever since Mabel got back from
Florida Chicago TimesHerald
Look the Part
Miss Dunk says she feel as free as
a bird In her rainyday skirt
Well she looks like a jayCblcl1
go Record
A Suspicion Father
Baby Is smiling In his sleep
Yes hes dreaming of collo and that
hes making me trot up and down the
room with him Chicago Record
Low rates via Queen Crescent
The spring festival to be held In Chat
tanoogn May 712 promises to be one
of the greatest alTalrs of Its kind over
witnessed There will be grand street
parades Paine display ol fireworks
music and military entertainment In
connection with the street faire to
wblcb this year le added a reproduction
of the great Worlds Fair Midway
Plalsance replete with entirely now
feature One fare for the round trip
from all points on the Queen A Cres
cent between Chattanooga and Lexing
ton A visit to this historic city should
not bemUsed Thocommlttce In charge
II arranging every possible meant for
entertaining tbo visitor Ae to further
particular regarding rates etc call
on your ticket upenfor address O L
Miti hell D P A Chattanooga Tenn
C W Zell D P A l Inclnnatl 0
W C Rlocareop O P A Cincinnati
walk b1I lust bit O U StMulran of New
irk 1oI1cb 10 the C1i war h caused horrible
Vint that DO treatment helped for 20 yetra Theo I
liuckltni Arnlr Salve cured him Cure CuU I
Urultet Dune llolli Felons Corn Skin Eruji I
Lions heel 1Ile CUM on earth I5c per tax Cure
guarau eel Hold by renny UrucgUt I
Will make ttietea tQO of 1900 one mile North of
Danrllle on the Lexington pike at
ne U by lilack S < iulrr l 59 lit dam Luclle by
Blot ewall Jarktou Jr2nd dam Jesse by illack
oneld3rd dam by Stop tluuard thoroughbred
Slack Donald by Klamond IHnmark M dam by
ocbpur Stonewall JltklOo Jr by IIlon1I
Mkeoa 72 he by llVeowarll61 Double
ftaodard is li2k hinds bleb bnuUlullOrreloaa
ed In 18V4 He baa fine bone and ankh and will
allrtcl attention In any company It one Illark
Squirrel rery bett aont and a full brother to K < n
lucky KlogKS wbotoldforllDUOat an ungalled
2 > year old
r < tturage furnlibed at f2 per month Care taken
to prerent accidents but not retpontlble should my
occur Lien retained on colt to secure stud ureic
Deglsterrl in Frecch Coach Mud Dook of Amer
Ica ho 2127 tltoln Itfnubllqu Krancalte Harat
Natlonaux No izvvi winner of the lint prise at
the National CnlTcnal Expntlllon In IS97 and In
l6XnoiDIlc with over 60 tullloni Imported
bay with small atan black point 153 i hands high
welgba la working order litJJ pounds Fair l on
April 2SIS94 lirvd by Lemeland of Commune ef
HubertTllI Department of Lamirchl tired by the
irtmont bt
nrernmot tUlllon Franw dam Chalnianll by Ie
Drd 2noC dam by Iteroluilon Ac de Quads
pedigree can be traced back for our two centuries
nrUlnatlng Irom a crow of the pure Arab sires
crowed on Kormandr mare a a ancient saddle
breed ta far back at ISO QUASI will tusk
the present season of IIJC at my farm S < mile
from Stanford on the HuatonTlUe pike al
110 the Sluon Money Daa When Services
are tendered or 815 to Insure
It living cu Mare kept at Me per week IVr
wail attention given but no retponilblllty for 1C
cldcnu F Item
No 12012
The producer of fine road and Eastern bosses a
dial that Ire now In demand at good prletJU
make the season At SO to insure a Living Colt
A good Mule JicV will stand at f7 to Intur a lie
ing colt
Jersey Bull Pedros Great Hopes
No 40001 sired by Old Pedro thai coil ItO ale and
ill dam alTlbs and Cox cow with tint calf and
one of are that won the < ree itike prize al Word
Fair with Old INN heading the hen one of bit
many honors Will terre cur at 6 each won y
doe when service It rendered with return pile
Ifge Iowa kept at Mo per week IVriunal alien
Bed quirrel Jr
No 81 N II S
Drown Stallion 15y hands high sired b
Red Squirrel No Ml ho by Illack Squirrel
No SS FlrtUdam by Green Mountain 2nd
darn by Gray Kctglo thoioughbred
This horse has proven hlmsolf to be cne
of the best breeders of fancy horses la Ken
lucky always giving them tine size and aplenty
plenty of action No ton of Red Squirrel
liaii sired more good hones than this one
Uo will make the reason ut our stable 1
Stanford at
10 to Insure a Live Colt
Money duo when colt Is foaled or maro U
parted with HEAZLEV IIUO3
Stanford Kr
English Hunter
Combined bay stallion IS hands high
both bind ankles while
First dam the William Luck saddle music
by Davy Crockett son of Dennys Drennon
by Imp Drennon Snd dam by Highlander
Abdallah Messenger sire of English Hun
ter U by Messenger Chief sire of Muud
Messenger 2ilO l
English Hunter has proven to be tho best
sire of One size and high styled saddle
hones In the country
I will stand English Hunter the season of
1000 at my stable four miles from Stanford
on Crab Orchard pike att
10 to Insur6 a Living Galt
Money duo when colt Is foaled or mare
parted with
A C DUNN Stanford
ThU line Jackwill make the aeaion of 1900 at my
and the late Horace Withers farm Bear titan
97 to Insure a Living Colt
Cleveland Jr ti black with white polntt 15j
hand high 8 vean old and baa craven himself a
tine breeder lie was bred by E U Uallard of
Madlwntbenotedbreederol floe Jacks and be
pronounces him one of the final In tbl country
One of hit cola ton exhibition at my stable
It Eo SALLEE Slanlord Ky
Standard Rule S lire rd 219H Sired by
Walilngbam 218 lire of Latitude 24734 and
many other In the lat Wtltlogbani Kabothi
sire a a son of Ueorge Wilkes 1119
Flat dam Tinsel by Messenger Duroc 106 son of
HambletonUnanddreof Elaine 220 lit dim of
Norlalne jnrliou record 231
Second dam Vta bur to James Howell Jr by
Hambletonlan 10 tire of Dexter 2 nY
Third dam Jessie Bayre by Harry Clay 45 sire
ortb dim oSt Julian 2li < BoJIne 318 and
II others thatjiare produced 230 trotters alto sire
of the dam of Electioneer
Fourth daut by Liberty son ol Lance by Amer
lean Gcllpte
NOTB Naloth U a bar 18 hands high foaled
June 24 188 Uls pedigree contains blood of
Hambletonlan U urge WlUti ilituUino Wilkes
Pilot Jr and Harry Clay
Win Stead At 815 to Insure a Living Colt
Will make no charge for season If the toll prore
not to be salable at telling time
I will also stand two Jacks at S3 to
Mare grated at W per month which In all cases
must be paid before they are taken away Care U
ken to prevent accident but not responsible
tbould any occur J IIAUOUMAN
HntonTllle Ky
Eagle Bird
Tbe mighty son of the great King Eagle
Eagle Bird as a show stallion has but few
equals lie won the 11100 stake at Lexing
ton Ky defeating some of the greatest
horses that Kentucky has ever produced
Eagle Bird as a sire of good colored high
finished bones is not surpassed 1111 colts
are In demand and are selling for high
prices either for business or breeding pur
Will make the present season at the stable
of bis owners 3 mile west of Stanford on
the Shelby City pike at tho low price of
510 To Insure ft Living Galt
Parting with the mare forfeit the Insurance
Also at the same place wo will stand the
One mule Jack
At e1 to Insure No better mute Jack will
be ottered for public service than this one
For further particulars address
Stanford Ky
At the Warren Russell Stables 4th St
Danville Ky
jolld Day with black points J5i hands
high foaled In 1801
elred by Washington 51
Itt Dam hello by Rhodcrlck 101
3d Dam by Denmark
liar Stallion sired by Mambrlno Lcgrand
07 by Highland Chief
fit Dum by Son of 1elers Unicorn
fd Dam by Downlngs Hay Messenger
Belle the dam of 1regUni was u great
show in u re 1reston first attracted tho nt
tenllon of tho public by winning the first
premium at the Lexington Fair and afldr
wards at Richmond winning the rich purse
of 81000 for tho best combined btullloii In
tho Stale and afterward at the great St
Louis Fair where ho won first prize over
the best horses In the UnIted States also
at Kansas Citywlteru ho again defeated
the best horse all sexes In i Sweepstake
Exhibition Tho above Is a grout showing
after winning all of tho first prizes In Ken
tucky Preston will maim the season at SIS
to insure Lieu retained on all colts until
season Is ruu Call on or address
0 T SANDIDQK Danville Ky
At Travelers test Stock 1anu near Shelby
City Kr
King David 1442
Combined tuition dark chestnut with a stripe
In fire one whit fool full 15 band and weight
nearly 1200 pounds
hired by King Squirrel 020 son of Black Squlr
rel Ill data by Stonewall Jackton Jr 2nd dam
by Bay Messenger Id dam by young Charley
Will mike the season of 1900 at
SIO to Insure a Living Colt
Will also stand the big Jack
Of Governor Wood 33 Daiu Mia Hob 61 Black
with white points 16j hands high and weigh
1150 pounds
Will serve at flO for Jcnneti sail J for mare to
Insure a living NIt
Lien retained on all cola until eaua money Is
paid Farting with were or 1logebebere
fuef Its insurance
Care taken to prevent accidents but not respon
tlble thould any occur o rill It 1150 per month
due when stock Is lak n away
Call and examine my lock and especially their
produce which bow for themselves
I 8 TEVIS Shelby Cty Ky
Record 22334 trill 222 Chestnut tUlllon ts4
hands high bred by Dr L Herr Lexington Xy
By Mnmbrlno Pntchon 58
Sire of 2 of the dam of 130 Including Ralph
Wllke 20IJ 4 Crawford 207JJ Conttantliie 21234
Jupe 2lj de sons hare tired over ibO
1 dam Yaricty dam of Ogden
burg22 9M1 Orange Blossom
S33 2264
2 damMbl Mlddletown 151
f tire of 14 and the
Jim toflS In 230
ton ol Ilambleton
Ian 10
3 dim by Trampers Bell
ORAXUE BLOSSOM 234 tire OrangeCblel 21SK
eight otben and tbe claw of Red Blossom 224j
Ac by Jllddlstown 152 dam Nellie loot dam Of
Orange Dud 22iyd by American Star 14 Ae
Will Stand at 410 to Insure a
Living Colt
Will Also Stand A Jack at SS To Insure
I At my liable on the Somerset pike near Stanford
The premium Saddle and Harness Stallion
DeSCBiPiiox Foaled 169J IS hnds Vt
lactic high weight 1100 pound mahogany
I bay with black point a model la form pos
sessing that wonderful style characteristic
of the Cheater Dare family which the world
acknowledges nl superior to all AI a show
horse he hal already made a reputation
winning In his data and sweepstake from a
Yearling many blue ties In his three
year oldform ho rook
13 Blue Ties Out of 14 Shows
Through Central Kentucky In harness he
It very stylish with great action and Is
quite speedy both In harness and under
addle We believe the public Is DOW af
forded an opportunity to secure tho service
of tho coming young stallion of the day at a
price within reach of all alrlrg a class of
colts when matured that will sell readily
on our Eastern market at fancy prices See
him to fully appreciate him
IEDioiitE Sired by the famous Chester
Dare No 10 N S Hit he by mack Squir
rel liS ho by mack Bogle 14 100 by King
WillIam 87 he by Washington Denmark 61
he by Gaines Denmark 61 and he by Race
Horse Denmark K 8 by Imported Hedge
ford 1st Dam Lizzie by Welchmont No
5307 A S U he by William Welch 311 he by
Itysdlks Hambletonlan 10 Wclchmonta
lit dam Pauline by Almont Forest 2863 2d
dam by Abdullah Messenger 3d by Gllli
Vermont 4th dam Thoroughbred
Will make the season of 1910 at Lawn Mere
stock fang 2H miles West ot Ilustonvlllet
Iy on Ilradfordsvlllo d Hustonvlllo pike
At 15 To Insure A Live Colt
Mares traded or parted with forfeits Insur
ance and money becomes due at time of
such transaction Mares from a dlxlanco
kept at 82 per month Grazing bill must bo
paid before removal of marcs Mares In
trusted will receive my personal attention
but I am not responsible for accidents or
escape 0 0 CA1I LATER
A chestnut sfalllonmeasuring 164 bands
and weighs 1500 pounds Is a horse of
fine carriage and perfect hi disposition
He will be shown In Stanford next
Court Day
Oklahoma will wake the season at my
homo on tbe Hales Well Hood two miles
South of Stanford
At 410 to Insure a Living Colt
Will also stand my jack
Bud Is by Billy B of Winchester that
has never been boat In a show ring
Stanford Ky
GALTOW 12910
Sired by Oambella Wilkes 21934sire of luln
ette20t Lollle Lorlne iWJi and 90 others In
the 2 30 1111
First dam Daisy Field graudam of Alice Wilt
217 and AlealU 223 1It two year old bf En
nelJplreofdzla23dand 01 the dams of O III
230 or better
Second Um Quickstep bv Kentucky Prince Jr
tire of J Q217W Lemonade 22734 and others
and of the dams ui two In the list
Third dam by Old Joe sir of the dam of J Q
Ujuibetla WlUes toni and daughters have 73 In
th2 OHH
UtUontcoltt are all fait and good lookers and t
bar aoltl all Ibe waj from I ISO lo 1100 at four years
of age lie la a great show hone himself ana baa
teen tested ao show rings
lie will sand at mr table two miles west of Hut
aooYllle 00 the rioII
I ro to Insure a Live Colt
W M DODD UwtonYllle KI I

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