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Nominated by the Democrats al
+ Kansas City
Vivid Description of tho Various I
Sessions of Convention
i ConventionI
Rated Throughout the Vast Convention
Hell at Kansas City
NoinlimtluK nod Seconding Speeches
Stirred the Multitude to the
Highest Pitch of KnthiMliiRin Sen
ntor 11111 Accorded an Ovation
During Ills Address VcIwtcr
Unvls Accorded the Privilege of
thC FloorPlatform In Full With
Scour and Incident or the Dem
ocrntla National dithering
WM J I1HYAN of Nebraska
Vlco President
ADLAI H 8TBVBN60N ot IlllnoU
Kansas City July 01110 final ilay
of the Democratic national convention
broko clear and hot The BUB blued
tiltlloMlr down through the same bril
liant sky that bas mar kail every day
of convention weok and tho eloudloM
blue sky gave no promise of relief from
tbe Intense boat Hat the grateful
wind which boa Mved the ve K from
bring Intolerable did not fonutk tbo
awrltrrlnc crowd
Then tho craatt auillwiea arose whllo
Hey lUbbl Mayer of ICaUMM City dll
livered a prayer breathing the aehse
of responsibility reetiox upon the con
vontlon Immediately JoltowlBg the
prayer the oall of stats began for the
purpose of making nomination for the
vice presidency
It look 16 minute to restore tome
semblance of order and then tho
spokesman for Illinois Representative
James Williams pronented the name ot
When tho rollcall reached Connecti
cut that ntato gave way to Minnesota
amid cheers and orloa of Towno L
A noosing of Minnesota then look the
platform and presented the name of
Charles A Towno of his state When
ho pronounced limo name of Towne
there was cheering from tho Minnesota
delegation which arose to its foot wav
ing flats in frantic faction The pal
Icrioa joined in tho applauio with
fervor but thero was loss ontbnilsim
among tho men on tho floor who had
tho votes
Grady Niune 11111
A tromendoun shout of applause
wept through tho hall Delegate
Grady ono of tbo loaders of Tammany
Hall had alrqady ascended the plat
form and na ho stepped to the front
to address tbo convention the applause
and cheering Increased
Ills first Bontenco rand through the
great building In trumpot tones On
behalf of tho Democracy ot Now York
I present to this convention for tho
nomination to the vice prosidoncy tho
aamo of David Bennett Hill
Senator Hill took the platform and
Hill left the platform cheered to the
echo and surrounded by his friends
who pressed forward to grasp his hand
Georgia was called Mr Hutchison
of that state seconding the nomination
of Stevenson from Illinois Other sec
onding speeches wore made
When Idaho was called she gavo way
to Washington and W H Dunphy
placed in nomination the name of
James Hamilton Lewis of Washington
Ohios Favorite Sou
Ohio put In nomination the Mme of
A W Patrick of the Buckbyo state
Ills name was presented by M A
Daughcrty who was ono of tho few
speakers whoso seconding speech could
bo heard at any distance froni tho plat
form Just prior to the ballot Mr Lowls
withdrew his name I
Stevenson received B50 votes on
dent that the Illinois man was nom
hated the states tumbled over each
0 ce
ow r in tneir e ort to record to tar
votes for Stevenson I rest confusion
oxjatcd North Carolina changed to
StsvonBon Tennessee changed her 21
I votes from Hill to Stevenson and Ala
bama also changed to Stevenson
William Jennings ilryiin Xumcil For
Great Ofllco of President
Kaunas City July 60n Thursday
night at 8MO William Jennings Bryan
of Nebraska was unanimously noml
nated as tho Democratic candidate for
president of tho United States on a
platform opposing Imperialism mili
tarism and trusts and specifically de
daring for tho freo coinage of silver
at the ratio of 1C to 1 Tho nomina
tion came ns tho culmination of n
frenzied demonstration In honor ot the
party loader lasting 27 minutes and
giving utterance to all the pent up
emotions of the vast multitude It
followed also a fierce struggle through
out the last 30 hours concerning the
platform declaration on silver and on
the relative position which tho silver
question Is to maintain to the other
groat Issues of the day
It was late in the afternoon when
the convention was nt last face to faco
with the presidential nomination
Barllor In the day there had been
tedious delays duo to Inability ot the
platform committee to reconcile their
differences nnd present a report Un
til this was ready the convention man
agers l6ffulled the time by putting for
ward speakers of more or less promin
cure to keep tho vast audience from
becoming restless
W D Oldham of Nebraska presented
Mr Bryan name and among the second
ing speeches was that of Charles Hat
er of Ohio
Ovation to 11111
When the demonstration had spent
itself tho speeches seconding the nom
ination of Mr llryan were In order
Senator White epoko for California
giving the tribute of tho Pacific coast
to tho Nebraska candidate When
Colorado was reached that state yield
ed to Senator Hill ot New York Tho
audience had anxiously awaited the
appearance ot the distinguished New
Yorker and as he took the platform
he was accorded n splendid reception
tho entire audience rising and cheer
ing wildly with the single exception
of tho little group of Tammany lead
er who sat silent throughout tho
cheers for their Now York associate
Mr Hill was In fine voice and his
tribute to tho Nebraskan touched a
sympathetic chord In the hearts of the
audience Ho pictured Bryan as the
champion of the plain people and of
tho workingman strong with the
masses with the farmer and with tho
artisan When Hill declared with dra
matic emphasis that the candidate i
would have tho support of his party
a united party there was tremendous
applause nt tho suggestion of Demo
cratlo unity Aside from tho brilliant
eulogy of Bryan the speech of tho
New York leader was chiefly signifi
can anji attractive in 1U strong plea
for unity
Next to the demonstration for tho
party candidate that greeting tho an
nouncement that imperialism was to
bo the paramount issue of this cam
paign was tho most spontaneous and
significant of tho day Senator Till
man read the platform and with meas
ured force brought out tho fact that
Imperialism was now given tho first
and supremo place among thp issues
of the party That the delegates were
In complete sympathy with this ex
pr < iMlon was shown by tho long and
sustained applause lasting over 22
minutes and exceeding tho ovations
usually accorded tho favorites ot tho
party Following this tho announce
mont that tho 16 to 1 idea was re
tamed In tho platform received only
faint and illysustained recognition
tho npplatiEO being limited to a few
minutes It was regarded as a signifi
cant showing on tho sentiment of the
delegates qulto as convincing ns the
terms of the platform they had put
Davis Dramatic Speech
Anglhor IUrrlng event ot tile day
was the appeara s o of Webster Davis
formerly assistant secretary of tllo in
terior under McKinleys administra
tion In a speech severely arraigning
tho Republican party for Its lack of
sympathy for the Bpers and formally
announcing his allegiance to tho Dem
ocratic party
But the great battlo of tho conven
tion has not been fought under the
oyes of cheering thousands but in the
privacy of the closely guarded quar
ters ot the committee on platform
Brayns supportera emerged victorious
They havo written the platform in
their own way with 16 to 1 but it
was a victory by a scratch for n Blu
Cta vote would have turned the scale
And It has not been a victory without
concession for in the final draft silver
Is pq longer jjaramount it is far
down in the platforms while in tho
very forefront Is the declaration that
Imperialism is the paramount Issuo
of this campaign
Principles For Which the Democrats
Puny Will Contend
We the representatives ortbo Demo
create party of the United Slates assem
bled In national contention on tbe anni
versary of the adoption nf the Declaration
of Independence do realUrm our faith In
that Immortal proclamation of the ballets
able right of man and our allegiance to
the constitution framed In harmony there
with b7 tlm fathers of the republic We
hold with the United States supreme court
that the Declaration of Independence h
tin spirit nf our government of which
tlio coimtltiitlnn It the form and letter
We declare again that all governments
Instituted ntnoni men derive their jest
powers from the consent of the governed
that any government not based upon the
consent of the governed Is tyranny and
that to Impose upon any people a govern
uifliit ef force is to substitute tbe methods
of Imperialism for those of a republic Wt
hold that the constitution follows the Use
and denounce tbo doctrine that an execu
tire or congress deriving tbelr existence
and their powers from the constitution
can exercise lawful authority beyoad It
or lu violation ot It We assert that no na
tlon can long endure half republic and half
empire and warn the American people that
Imperialism abroad will lead quickly and
Inevitably to despotism at home
Ilfllevlnc In them fundamental principles
we denounce the Porto like law enacted
tir a Itepubllcan congress against the pro
test and opposition of the Democratic mi
nority as a bold and open violation of the
nations organic law and a flagrant breach
of the national good faith It Imposes upon
the people of Iorto Illco a government
without their consent and taxation with
I out representation It dishonors the Amer
Icon people by repudiating a solemn pledge
made In their behalf by the commanding
I general of our army which the Iorto Ill
cans welcomed to a peaceful and unreslitcd
occupation of their land It doomed to
I poverty and distress a people whose hell
lessness appeals with peculiar force to our
Justice and magnanimity
I In this the first act ot its Imperialistic
program the llcpnbllcnn party seeks to
I commit thf United States to a colonial
policy Inconsistent with the Ilopubllcan In
stltmlons and condemned by the supreme
court In numerous decisions
I We demand the prompt and honest ful
aliment of our pledge to the Cuban people
and the world that the United State baa
no disposition nor intention to exercise
sovereignty Jurisdiction tr control over the
Island of Cuba except for its pacification
The war ended nearly two years ago
profound peace reigns our all the Island
and still the administration keep the gov
ernment of the Island from In people
while Itepubllcan carpetbag oDinlats plun
der Ita revenues and exploit the colonial
theory to Ibo disgrace of the American
I tlileWe
We condemn and denounce the Philippine
policy of the present administration It
bat Involved the republic In unnecessary
war sacrificed tbe lives of many of our
noblest sons and placed the United Slates
previously known and applauded through
out the world as the champion of freedom
In the false and unAmerican position nf I
crushing with military force the efforts of
our former allies to achieve liberty and
The Filipinos ran not be citizens without
endangering oar civilization they can not
be subjects without Imperilling our form
of government and as we are not willing I
to surrender our civilization or to convert
the republic Into an empire we favor an
Immediate declaration of the nations pur
pose to glee to Ibo rillplnos drat a stsblt
foists of government second Independence
nml third protection from outside Inter
ference such as has been given for nearly
a century tn tnt republics of Central and
South America
The greedy commercialism which dictated
the Philippine ptllcy ot tbe Republican ad
ministration attempts to justify It with the
plea that It will pay but even this sordid
and unworthy plea falls when brought to
the test of facts
The war of criminal aggression against
the Klllplnns entailing an annual expense
of many millions has already cost more
than any possible profit that could accrue
from the entire Philippine trade for years
to come furthermore when trade Is ex
tended at the expense nf the liberty tbe
price Is nhvayc too high
We are not opposed to territorial expan
don when It takes In desirable territory
which can be erected Into state In tbe
JTnlon and whose people lire willing and
fit to become American citizen
We favor trade expansion by every peace
till anj legitimate mean Hut we are in
alterably opposed to prizing or puvchanliii
of Islands to be governed outside the con
ttltutlon and whose people can never be
come citizens
We ant In favor ot extending the repub
lics Influence among the nations but be
lieve that Influence should be entered not
by force or violence but through the pur
snaslve power of a high and honest exam
The Importance of other questions now
pending before the American people Is In
nowise diminished and the Democratic
party takes no backward step from Its
position on them but the burning Issue ot
Imperialism growing out ot the Spanish
war Involve the very exUtenie of the re
public and the destruction of our free In
stitutions We regard It as tho paramount
Issue of the campaign
The declaration In tbe Itepubllcan plat
form adopted at the Philadelphia conten
tion held In June 10 JUno that the lie
publlcan party steadily adheres to the pol
icy announced In tbe Monroe doctrine Is
manifestly Insincere and deceptive This
profession Is contradicted by the avowed
policy of that party In opposition to the
spirit of tbe Monroe doctrine to acquire
and hold sovereignty overlarge arId of
territory and large number of people In
Ibo Kastcru Hemisphere
We Insist on the strict maintenance of I
the Monroe doctrine and In all Its Integ
rity both In letter and In spirit ns neces
sary to prevent the extension of Knrppeau
authority on this continent see essential to
our supremacy III American affairs At the
same time we declare that no American
people shall ever be held by force In un
> vliMS subjugation to Kuropean authority
Zl t
YOai l l l turtsnt I
Wi oppose Hil1lttr > m It mean roa < Ucpt
nbrnfld sad IntluiUlnilon rod npiireuon at
I Borne It mrnns lie ftnag arm which hn
ever been fatal to free limtlturlofla It hIt
p McelovlnF poole n Urge standing array
01 nnumworr burden nf tui itlon and a
constant menace to their liberties A small
lauding army and o writ disciplined mlll
Itli are amply snBlcIent In time of pence
Tills republbi liu lie place for a vast mil
itary service and conscription
Vheo tlio notion In In longer the volun
leer soldier IK his countrys bent defender
The nations giurtl of the United Plates
should ever tie cherished In the patriotic
heart nf n free people Such organisations
are ever an element of strcnjrih nUll safety
1or till Urn time In our history and co
I evil with till Philippine conquest Ills there
i been a wholcwle departure from our time
honored and npprored system of voluiitcij
organization We denounce It an miAmer
Inn undeiimeralle and iiurepubllonn and
ai a subversion of the n tick fit and tiled
principles of a free people
Private monopolies are Indefensible and
Intolerable They destroy competition con
trot the price of all material and of I lie
finished product tun robbing both pro
ployment of labor and arbitrarily flx the
term and condition thereof and deprive
Individual energy and small capital of their
opportunity for betterment They are tbe
most efflelent mean yet defined for appro
priating the fruits of industry to the ben
efit of the few at tbe expense of the many
and unless their Insatiate creed la checked
all wealth 111 be accredited In a few
hiiiil and the rrpubllc destroyed
I ilthnBest paltering with the trust
evil by the Ilrpubllrau party In state and
national platforms li conclusive proof of
t te
the truth of the charge thai trusts ore the
I legitimate product of Ibe Republican poll
I duo that te are fostered by Republican
laws and that they are protected by tile
Itepubllcan administration In return for
campaign subscriptions and political sup
I port
I We pledge the Democratic party to an
1 unecwilng warfare In nation state and city
I against private moool017 In every form
lxUtlng laws against trusts must be en
forced and more stringent ones must 1M
euaetetl providing for publicity as to the
I attain of the corporations engaged In Inter
I Male commerce and requiring all corpora
tion to chow before dplng business out
side At the state of their origin that they
ban BO water In their stock and that they
have not attempted and are not attempting
to inonnpnIUe any branch of business or
the production of any articles of merchan
dise and the whole constitutional power of
congress over Interstate commerce the
malls and all modes of Interstate communi
ration shall be exercised by the ennctiitnt t
of comprehensive laws upon the subject of
Ilbl product of trusts upon the free Hit to
1 prevent monopoly under the plea of pro
The failure of the present Republican
administration with an absolute control
over all the branches of the national gov
ernment to enact any filiation designed
to prevent or even curtail the absorbing
power of trusts and Illegal combinations
or to enforce the antitrust laws already
on the statute books prove the Insincerity
of the hIgh founding phrases of the Itepub
llcan platform
Corporations should be protected In all
their rights and their legitimate Interests
should bt respected but any attempt by
corporation to Interefere with the public
affairs of the people or to control the sov
ereignty which creates them shbutd be for
bidden under such penalties III will make
such attempt Impossible
We condemn tbe Dlngfey tariff law as
a trust breellug measure skillfully de
vised to rive the few favors which they
do not deserve and to place upon the many
burdens which they should not bear
We favor such an enlargement of the
scope of Abe lutttstate commerce law as
will enable the cummlsslon to protect Indi
vidual and communities from discrimina
lions and the public from unjust and un
fair transportation rates
We reaUlrm and endorse the principles
of the national Democratic platform adopt
ed at Chicago In lHJ and we reiterate the
ccmantf or that ptntrorm rsr an American
tI All nllfI I system made by the American
people for themselves which shall restore
and maintain a bimetallic price as part of
such system the Immediate restoration of
the free and unlimited coinage of silver
and old at the present legal ratio of 10
to 1 without waiting for the aid or con
sent of any other nation
We denounce the currency bill enacted
at tbe lat session of congress as a step
forward In the Kcpubllcnn policy which
elms to dlxrrcdlt the sovereign right of the
national government to hue nil money
whether coin or paper and to bttow upon
all bank the power to Issue and control
the volume of paper money for tbelr own
A permanent national hank currency se
cured by government bonds must be a per
manent debt to rest upon and If the bank
currency Is to Increase with population and
business the debt niiwt also Increase uuder
the KcpulilicHn currency schemaalit It i
therefore n scheme for fastening upon the
taxpayer a perpetual coil growing debt for
the bencflt of the banks
Wo nro opposed to this private corpora
tion paper circulated as money but with
out legal tender qualities and demand the
retirement of Ibo national bank notes as
fast as government paper or sliver certifi
cated can be substituted for them
We favor on amendment to the federal
constitution providing for tbe election of
United States senators by direct rote or
the people and we favor direct legislation
wherever practicable
We ore opposed to Government by In
junction we denounce lima blacklist and
favor arbitration ns n mean of settling
dispute between corporations and their
rll1 loll
In the Interest of American labor and
tbe uplifting nf the workingman as the
cornerstone of Ibo prosperity of our coun
try wo recommend that congress create a
department nf labor In charge of a secre
tary with a sent In the cabinet believing
that the deration of the American laborer
will bring with It Increased production and
Increased prosperity to our country at
home and to our commerce abroad
Wo are proud of the courage and fidelity
of the American soldier and killers In nil
our warn we favor liberal pension to them
and their dependents and we reiterate the
position taken In the Chicago platform In
1NM thai the fact of enlistment and serv
ice shall IK > deemed conclusive evidence
against disease and disability before enlist
mentWe Jajpor the Immediate construction
T m
ownership and control of the Nicaragua
canal by the United States and we de
flounce the Insincerity of tbe plank In tbe
national Itepubllcan platform for an lath
colon cannl In face of the failure of the
Itepubllcan majority to pass tbo bill pend
lag In congress
We condemn the HayPaunecfote treaty
as a surrender of Amerlcaji rights and In
terests not to bo tolerated by the Amer
Icon peopleSympathy
Sympathy For the IJoers
We denounce time failure of tbe Repub
lican party to carry out its pledgca to grant
statehood to the territories of Arizona
New Mexico and Oklahoma and we prom
ise the people of those territories Immedi
ate statehood and home rule during their
condition as territories and wn favor home
rule and a territorial form of government
for Alaska and 1otto Rico
Wo favor an Intelligent system of Im
proving the arid lands of the went storing
the water for purposes of Irrigation and
the holding of such lands for actual set
tiers We favor thn continuance and strict en
forcement of the Chinese exclusion law
and Its application to the same classes of
all Asiatic races
Jefferson said Peace commerce and
honest friendship with all nations entan
gling alliances with none
We believe In this wholesome doctrine
and earnestly protest against the Repub
lican departure which Involved ns In so
called politics Including the diplomacy of
Europe and the Intrigue and landgrabbing
of Asia and we especially condemn the
ilt concealed Republican alliance with Eng
land which mast mean discrimination
against other friendly nations and which
has already stifled the nations voice while
liberty III being strangled In Africa
Relieving In the principle of self gov
ernment and rejecting a 11 did our forefath
ors the claim of monarchy we view with
Indignation the purpose of England to over
whelm with force the South African re
public Speaking 18 we do for the en
tire American nation except III Republican
officeholders and for all free men every
where wo extend our sympathies to tbe
heroic burgher In their unequal struggle
to maintain heir liberty and Independence
We denounce the lavish appropriations of
recent Republican congresses which have
kept taxes high and which threaten the
perpetuation of the oppressive war levies
We oppose the accumulation of a surplus
to be squandered la suck barefaced fraud
upon the taxpayers as the shipping subsidy
bill which under the false pretence of
prospering American shipbuilding would
put unearned millions Into the pockets of
1favorite contributors to the Republican
campaign fund
We favor the reduction and speedy re
i al of the war taxes and a return to the
Tinehonored Democratic policy of strict
economy In governmental expenditures
Relieving that our most cherished Insti
tutions are In great peril that the very
existence of our constitutional republle Is
at stake and that the decision to be rend
ered will determine whether or lot our
children are to enjoy those blessed privi
leges of free government which have made
the United State great prosperous and
honored we earnestly ask for the tore
going declaration of principles tbe hearty
support of tbe libertyloving AmerUan peo
pIe regardless of previous party affiliations
Placing William Jennings DryaD In
Kansas City July 61I0n W S Old
bam of Nebraska In placing Bryan In
nomination spoke as follows
Mr Chairman More than 100 years ago
the Continental congress of America adopt
ed a declaration which had been drafted
by tbe founder of the Democratic party
and the joyous tones of tbe old Liberty
Dell which greeted the act announced to
a waiting world that a nation bad been
Democratic skies art tinged with a rosier
hue today than when we met In convention
our years ago Then a Inanclal cataclysm
bad spread over the country and although1
Its every Inducing cause was easily traced
to the error and follies of the Republican
party yet we were In power when It came
and were wrongly held responsible for the
wreck of shattered fortunes which fob
lowed In Its wake Torn asunder by also
svnslons within and disasters without our
party faced a gloomy and foreboding fu
lure which seemed to augur Its dissolu
flea The problem then was to select a
standard bearer bold enough to cover the
rear of a retreat and save the party from
destruction If not from defeat
While discord with her flaming torch
sunset realm a champion came and bade
defiance to the oncoming host With the
strength of youth and tbe wisdom of age
with knightly mien and matchless speech
he towered shore his peers and all who
saw him tben with ono accord did hall him
Chief and gave our partys banner to
bill hand Slowly despair gave way to
hope confidence took the place where tlm
orous fear had been the broken shattered
columns formed again and behind him
singing came 0500000 valiant men to that
unequal fight
And the story of how well be fought
how fearlessly he fell and how dearly the
enemys victory was bought hat all gone
out Into history now
Rack from his first bottle he came a
based but unconquered hero of the rights
of man Conscious of the rectitude of his
purpose and cheeped by the belief that no
Issue Is ever settled until It Is settled
right he cheerfully acquiesced In th re
suit of that campaign and girded his loin
for the great contest between the dolar
and man
or four years he baa waged an unceas
ing warfare against the peoples one7
for four year he baa held up the par ya
standard and bit voice has cheered tho
hosts of Democracy In every state and
territory When the trust begun to In
crease under the protection of a Republican
administration bo was the first to point
out the danger and prescribe a remedy
When the alarms of a war for humanity
roused the heroic spirit of our land he
offered bis sword to his countrys cause
on the day that war was declared
When later ho saw the administration de
parting from the ancient landmarks of our
Institutions In Its enchanted dream of em
pica and militarism be was the first to
raise a warning voice and resigning his
commission on tbo day tbe treaty of peace
was signet he threw himself Into Ibo con
test for tbe rescue of the republic
Realizing that Imperialism like the
fabled Artncus was born of earth and
that contended with upon the selfish world
ly plane of greed and gold It was of giant
strength and If thrown down would rise
again refreshed from contact with Its
mother element he like the mighty Her
from which Its strength was drawn and
on a plane of lofty patriotism he strata
abed It
Wltb the Issues now clearly drawn no
doubt remains as to the name of our can
create Or rntit question we are a re
united Democracy
Already worthy allle differing from us
rather In name than faith bare shouted
fur our gallant leader again and every
state and territory has Instructed Its dele
gates to Ibis convention to vote for him
here So It only remain for Nebraska to
pronounce the name that has been than
dered forth from the foot of Bunker Hill
and echoed tack from Sierras sunset slope
and that reverberate among the pineclad
snowcapped hills of the north and rises
op from the lumbering llowersctnted Ha
rannabs of the south and that name Is the
name of William Jennings Ilryau her best
loved son
a L
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