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THOSE newspapers which want to
make a special show of vlrtuu and at
the same time get In their work on
Judge Harris by demanding that the
State Central Committee or Its chair
man Judge McQaown tiro him from
the body ought to read up a little on
party law There are only two way I
to get Judge Bar 11 out before the
next meeting of a State convention
One IB for him to resign voluntarily
the other for hie district the 10th to
demand that he do eo Even in tbe
latter event there could only be a dc
wand he could not be forced to resign
Judge Hargls hat done a great deal for
the democratic party for which he ex
presses the greatest love and while ws
f believe he ebould resign his place as
State central commltteeman and thereby
i by give the strongest evidence of love I
It may be that ho hesitates to do so be
In hlsowi
cause of an entire confidence
Innocence and his ability to prove It I
and does not wish to retire under tire
f We are no apologist for Judge Hareli
i and as a matter of fact the appearances
seem to be decidedly against him but
we are willing to Rive even the devil
his due and await the verdict of an un <
blazed jury before putting the eternal
stamp of condemnation upon him Thus
week will likely tell the tale and If It
be igalnst Judge Bar le and be It
proven guilty as charged In the Indict
went by In controvert able testimony I
we trust his punishment will be even
greater than Is usually accorded to
those convicted of similar Crimea be
cause of his high standing officially
and politically and that he will be reo
pudlated by the democratic party and
all honest men But let us wait a time
with patience before utterly condemn
leg him
Gov BECKUAM has bad to appoint
more special judges and judges to fill
vacancies than any governor In the
history of the State and he baa gener
ally done co with great discrimination
and good judgment Nearly every man
he has appointed to a vacancy has after
wards had his commission verified by
the party and finally by the people
The last to be so honored la Judge R
L Stout of Woodford appointed to
fill the vacancy which occurred by the
promotion of Judge Cantrlll to the
court of appeals After his appoint
ment Judge Stout who Is winning
laurels upon tbe bench announced bit
candidacy for tbe rest of the term and
he was on Saturday last declared the
nominee of hIs party for the otllce
Judge Ira Julian of Frankfort went
up against him for a season but he rec
F ognlzed the Inevitable and withdrew
In a manly card Judge Stout is to try
Caleb Powers next month and If justice
la what the prisoner wants those who
know the judge say it will be dealt to
him with even and exact detail
AT Des Moines la a woman 03
years of age has just given birth to her
seventh set of twins The father la 78
and they have 17 children in all Not I
many Instances of a repetition of child
birth when old and well etricken in
age have occurred since tbe days that
Abraham and Sarah rejoiced over the
birth of Isaac and few women under the
Bun hav > ever done what the Iowa wo
man has done She has certainly obeyed
the injunction to multiply and replen
ish the earth and made herself solid
with Theodore the First who should I
remember her substantially for setting
an example against race suicide worthy
of emulation but which few women
will care to emulate
MRS CBADWICK will occupy a cell
with a woman pickpocket and her
task will be four hickory shirts a day
for the male prisoners to be sewed by c
hand She will be stripped of her fin
cry and after being measured by the
Bertllllon system will don the prison
garb of blue calico and be photograph
ed for the rogues gallery The way of I
the transgressor la hard but Mrs
ChadwIck gets off lightly considering
her frenzied financing killed one old
man and made paupers of many others
WE do not know whether Mrs Wat
terson Is with him or not but If she
isnt she doubtless wrote the great edt
tor to come home Immediately when
she read In his letters from Spain with j
reference to the Spanish dancing girl
They melt and die away In the Ian
gour of the music A whirl a shimmer
of white and a flash of scarlet and they
are gone
TUE talk of a new democratic dally
in Lexington Is perhaps all moonshine
or ita equivalent but all the same we
know of community where a demo
crane dally la more badly needed than
in the capital of the Bluegrass To all
Intents and purposes the two dalllea
there are republican differing only in
degree and connected by an umbilical
BUFFALO BILL baa for a Ion time
been regarQed by those who admire the
spectacular III a hero but Mrs Buffalo
Bill baa knocked the wind out of hIs
sails The divorce proceedings brought
by him and won by her shows that the
Bill IB a very bad counterfeit
1 Y Y
THE rumor of the Czara attempted
suicide must have been a rather pro
vloua April fool With all tbe mean
at hand a failure to commit felo do ee 1
by the misguided potentate would I
mean a huge bluff If he wants to dIeI
and Is In earnest about it he wont have
to kill himself All ho will have to di
Is to take a ride on the streets one of
these fine mornings and the aisassli
will do the rest
WE heartily congratulate Editor
Henry Thomas of the Casey County
News on his successful race for schoo
superintendent That ho will make an
A 1 official none who know him wel
will gainsay
THE Congregational church after de
daring that it would never accep
Rockefellers 3100000 accepted It
tried to make a show of virtue but the
temptation was too great
Jesse Ratcllffe was killed by a pat
tengor train near his home at Kut
tawa Twenty miners were killed and IS
wounded in a gas explosion near Car
bondale III
Oxford won the 62nd annual boat
race between tbe universities of Oxford
and Cambridge
Mrs Charles Hemmer of Portland I
Ore deserted by her husband deliber
ately burned herself to death
In a street car collision In Louisville
Sitter Mary Anthony was killed and
three other women were Injured
G M Hendrle the noted turfman
sustained a fracture of the arm in at I
automobile accident at Nashville
Col Frank B Harper the veteran I
turfman la at death door at Nanturi
farm his home in Woodford county
It la estimated that 455000 Infants
died In the Uulted Plates during the I
past year from the effects of food poll
Increased duties on Import Into
Japan are expected to add about iwc I
million dollars a year to the treasury
for war expenses
Fire at Grand Rapids Mich de >
stroyed property worth 125003 and
threw the accupants of the big Gilbert
block Into a panic
The wouldbe assassin of the Police
Commissioner of Dodz Poland whc
was cut down by the police after he had
thrown a bomb la dead
Dr Washington Gladden who has sc
vigorously opposed the acceptance of a
gift of 8100000 from John DRockfellei
for missionary purposes preached B
sermon In which be declared that the
great problem of today lathe Christian
izatlon of Industry and traffic He de
clared that the State is a divine Insti
tutlon and that all Its various officials
are as much ministers and much bound
by the rule of Christian conduct as he
The Democratic paper which It li
said may be established at Lexington
by the Hargls brothera and Callahan
offers brilliant opportunities Deacon
Callaban as religious editor would
doubtless win spurs while Judge Bar 18
could do the courts being especially
fitted for thatwork by his long expert
ence in Brcathltt Farmer Hargla
as editor of the agricultural depart
ment and Senator Alexander Bar ls at
financial editor would go far toward
making a strong editorial staff B
Fulton French might be retained as
head of the alibi department Louli
vllle Times
Owing to ear trouble Secretary Mor
ton was unable toaccompany President
Roosevelt on his Southern trip
The House Rivera and Harbor Com
mittee which went to Porto Rico baa
arrived at New Orleans on the return
to Washington
In the McCracken county democratic
primary Joseph Miller and John D
Smith tied for tbe nomination for clr
suit clerk each getting 824 votes
Theodore P Shonta president of the
Toledo St Loula and Western railroad
baa been selected by President Roose
velt to head the new Isthmian Canal
Ira Julian of Frankfort withdrew
from the race for Judge of the Four 1
teenth Judicial Circuit leaving tbo
field clear to Judge Robert L Stout
if Woodford county who la the incum
Tbe Democratic campaign managers
In Chicago are clalmlnganywhere from
J5000 to 75000 majority for Judge
Dunne over John Maynard Harlan In
toduya election Tbe Republicans
claim Harlans election by 20000
W1 Bryan spoke at the Jefferson
dinner of Iowa Democrats at Des
Moines Saturday night His subject
was Back to the People which
phrase he declared expressed the
present tendency In politics The
Democratic position has been vie
dlcated bo said by thopresent attitude
of the country and the party Is now
more united and stronger than It has
been since 1S92
For a Weak Digestion I
No medicine can replaco food but
Chamberlains Stomach and Liver
Tablets will help you to digest your
food It Is not tho quantity of food
taken that gives Strength and vigor to
tho system but tho amount dusted
and assimilated4 If troubled with
n weak digestion dont fail to give
those Tablets a trial Thousundshavo
been boncfitted by their use They
only cost a quarter For sale by Lyne
Bros Crab Orchard
While reading his text for hit ser
mon In tho Stamping Ground Cbrlttlai
church Rev J T Cochrano dropped
dead In the pulpit
Bro Burk will preach at Moreland
Methodist church Sunday April Oth
at 11 A1 The evening service will bi
conducted by the ladles of the church
Father John Knue Is circulating a
subscription paper for the purpose 01
raising funds toward the erection of a
new Catholic church Ii this clty
Danvllle News
The congregation of the Baptist
church has just received a band some
Individual Communion set and It was
used at the morning service yostcrda
for the first time Advocate
Bishop Burton of the Eplicopa
church will preach at the PresbyterIan
church Tuesday evening April 4tb at
730 Rev Spears of the Danvllli
church will assist in the services
Miss Sallie Alexacder a returned
missionary from Japan will lecture al
the Cumberland Presbyterian church
at Walnut Flat April 6 at 8 oclock
P M The public Is cordially Invited
Plant for the new Baptist church In
Lexington which promise one of the
handsomest edifices In the city were
adopted and the work of clearing the
historic Swift building from the site
will be commenced Tuesday
A protracted meeting will begin here
on April 26 held jointly by tbe con gre
gations of tbe Northern and Soutbern
Presbyterian churches The service
of Rev AddIson Smith Of Pattonsvllle
Mo baVe been secured for tbe oc
casion Richmond Register
The pastor R R Noel of Stanford
will preach a series of six sermons at
Brodbead Baptist church beginning
Thursday night April 6th and be ear
neatly requests every member of the
church to be present He baa a tree
sage for youMt Vernon Signal
The ladles of the Fourth Street
Cbriatlan church Corlngton tendered
Rev Joseph W Hagln and wife are
ceptlon at the church last night A
large number of members and visiting
preachers greeted the new pastor and
refreshments were terved Among
the preacher present were Rev Mc
Neal the former pastor Revs Benjt
mln Smith A McLean and F M
Rain of the Foreign Missionary So
ciety Revs McQueen and Miller The
church was beautifully decorated
Fridays Cincinnati Post
Commissioners Sale I
Lincoln Chvuit Court
George T Wood Ac Plaintiffs vs
John 0 Lynn Stc Defendants No
Lice of Solo
Pursuant ton judgment of the Lin
coin circuit court rendered In the above
styled action at the February tonn
1005 the undersigned Master Commis
sioner of said court will on
Between tho hours of 1 and 21 M In
front of the courthouse door In Stan
ford Ky sell at public outcry to the
highest and best bidder the real estate
situated in Lincoln county Ky here
inafter described The sale Is made
for purposes of division Said real
estate consists of two tracts of land
bounded as follows First tract be
pinning at a stone in Daughertysline
thence with the road S 78 E 34 poles
H links to a stake on the North bank of
the branch thence N 6S t K 40 poles
214 links to a stttKe in tho road thence
N OS t K 30 poles 15 links to a stake in
tho road nearly opposite tho front
gate thence S 15i E 40 poles 20 links
to a stake in an oak stump thence S
Jt K 3i poles 10 links to a stone cor
ner to Tuckers thence N 4 E SOOjioles
7 links to u stake on n lodge of rock
in tho road and corner to Findley
Campbell thence N i E 82 poles 13
links to a stake in the center of the
road thence N 24J W 7 poles 0 links
corner to Tunis C Hill thence N 70 W
14 poles U links to U stone in Martin
line thence S 20 W 7 poles 15 links to
a stone corner to Martin thence N 831
W 105 poles 18 links to 11 stone corner
to Stephenson thence S 01 W 78 poles
5 links to a stone corner to same and
Dawes thence S 131 W 103 poles 15
links to the beginning containing 103
acres three roods and 12 poles of
land2d Tract Beginning at a stake in
the county road and comes to first
tract thence S 131 W 60 poles 10 links
to a stone near a hickory stump sugar
tree and hickory bush marked as poin
tees on the knob thence 83t K 18 poles
to a stone thence SOW 10 poles 10
links thence N 45t F3 poles 12 links
to a stone near a chestnut slump
thence S 33 E 13 poles to n stone
thence S Oii E 26 polos to a stone
thence S 57 E 10 poles 15 links to the
center of the road down Squirrel
Spring Hollow then o with samo N
iI E 4 poles thence N 31 E 4 poles
thence X OH E 8 poles thence N 40i E
13 poles 0 links thence N COE22 polos
15 links thence N iOi E 18 poles 15
links to a gum stump on the South side
r > f the road thence N 80 E 20 poles 15
links to a hickory at tho foot of tho
illl and corner to Wash Owsley
hence N 50 E 15 poles 17 links to a
stone corner to same thence N 211 E 7I
poles 5 links to a stone cornea to sumo
thence N OJi E 14 poles 22 links to a
Mack oak thence S 72 E 18 polos 17
links to a stake and gum pointer on
the bank of Little Mud Lick thonco
S 33 E 37 poles 14 links to a stone cur
ter to the llrst tract thence with his
ice N i iI W 38 poles 10 links to aI
take in a stump thenco N 51 W 40I
loles 20 links to a stake in the road
early opposite the front gate thence
S W t w 40 poles 21 links thenCTJ XI
iBI W 31 poles Slinks totlio beginning
contain In 00 acres of land being thuI
lame land conveyed to Goo T Wood
ts trustee for his mother Mrs Sarah
J Wood which conveyances are reo
orded In the office of the clark of tho
Lincoln county court in Deed Book 25
ago 554 and Deed Book 21 page 354
The sale will bo made on a credit ofI
11x1218 and 21 months J of tho pur
chase price to be duo and payable at
the expiration of oach of the periods
of time aforesaid Tho purchaser will
be required to give bond for purchase
nonoy with good security payable to
the Commissioner and bearing Inter
est from data of snI91J J I
G B SAUFLEY M c L cc 1
I I 1
a f
loITer for sale my mill and rcildenre InI
McKinney Ky Mill baa flour capacity oI
50 barrel and meal 100 bushel per day
Mill U well c inlpp < l with modern machln
cry In good repair II tutorage capacity ot I
5000 bushel of wheat alto large corn bin
and cribs Wagon calM operated true
ottlcc coal bins and lee homo All under
roof Never falllnc water In mill lot Mill
It within 100 feet of Cincinnati Southern It
K track and hat private tiding The loca
tion It good for the following reason Me
Klnney It nearest market to mAny of the
largest wheat and corn grower In Lincoln
county large territory furnUhlng custom
grinding The feed and conl buMnets In
connection with mill part veil No trouble
to market all products from mill HM
deuce If a two tory MX room frame with
cistern on back porch Milk lou e at bark
door cemented all comparatively new
Large barn buggy homo In mill lot On ac
count of my falling eyesight and health
generally my phytlilnn have advlted me
to quit the milling buttlnc For further
particular call on or itddrc Ir FAw Al
xirn Huttonvllle Ky or W II McKlnney
Stanford Ky
KyJ McKINNRV KrKlnney Ky
Trial 3i Trotting
Dark bay italllon 153S handy foaled
Anlt IDOl bred by Village Farm Fut Au
rora New York Sired by Dare Devil J4SSS
record 309 lire or The Ileau Ideal 154
Son of Mambrino King 1279 lire of Lord
Derby Nightingale Metallas Tbe Quettor
Lord March Lady of the Manor llrlrat
Law King Charles Mocking Ho y Merceet
all with records under 208 5i
Pint dam Naughty Olrl by Rex Amerl
cus 33200 2nd dam Duenna br Mambrino
King 120 3rd dam Dotlet by Nutwood l9t
Ith dam Topaz by Strathmore 6th dam
Millard by Albion 6th dam Ned by Edwin
Forest 7th dam Lady Turner by Maiabrl
Chief The Warfleld was worked only 00 day last
season and showed a 2e clip over a bad
half mile track lie It sound good headed
good gaited good wind good feet and legs
and kind and easy to handle In ant out of
harness one that will stay and trot all day
lie will make the prcsout season at Bam
M Owens near McKinney at 113 to Insure
a living colt Mare traded off or bred to
another horse forfeits Insurance and makot
season money due
Lien retained on coils until tnutoh is paid
Commissioners Sale 1
Lincoln Circuit Court
Stolla Ii Johnson 1luIutllT vs
Myrtle Johnson e Defendant No
tice of Sale
Pursuant to a judgment of tho Lie
coin circuit court rendered lathe ubovo
styled action nt the February term
1005 tho undersigned Master Commis
sioner of said court will on
About II M nt thocourthousodoor
in Stanford K > sell tho following
described real estate situated In Lin
coln county Ky near Klngsvllle He
glnnlag at II stone on the hast slilo of
the pike and running with tho center of
county road N 78 K jilt poles to a stone
and three sour woods thence K 181 K
03 poles to a stone in tho old line
thonco a now line W 132 poles to a
stono in the last sido of tho pike
thonco with tho sumo N 551 poles totho
beginning containing 30 acres of land
more or containinG ject of this sale
Is to convert tho interests of tho infant
aefondants Jnto money for their educa
Lion and maintenance The land will
bo sold subject to tho dower interests
of Stolla H Johnson Tho salo will
a credit of 6 months the
bo mado on
purchaser will Imrc toJIc bond
to the
with approved security payable
Comm sslonel and bearing Interest at
6 per cent from dote of sale
+ P 1 + + FIP4 F F IIW
I I 1t
i I
On a inanscoat hns a manning It means value
fit and beauty Our stock comnrisos almost ov
er conceivable fabric and style nebular four
button sacks in Browns Black and Fancy faomI
750 to 17oO Slims made for tall mon two
inches longer than tho regular coat X10 1250
and 15 Extra sixes from 12 to 50 in size at
10 1250 and 15 Our stock of Black goods
is fine indeed 10 to 1750 single and double 1f
breasted Is there any reason why we should 1
not suit you Lot us try
II Inl 1
liI d b I
I IniirlirrMrlll Kv
til WflltilUWM I
Irntor of hna I unl
I linro dIr Hnti
fnrtltill tail runt if
Cant I BeTo shed
for painting houses 1 Tho reasons plnlnTT Mastic
is the ptintjt thmforo the most durable ned econom
ical There ts n whole string of other follows claim
IngI just as good na Masllc1 but they tlonl provi It
Maybe they cant Tho analysis of Mastic Is pub
halted Its mndo of pure loud zinc anti linseed
01l1I10 most durable kind of puiut ami its purity
id therefore unquestioned
Aa purity menus durability tho splendid near
ing qualities of Mastic have given it the title of
27 j Meal That iMttt and this Utlu IH backed
up by our absolute guarantee Mastic is mado by
and wo heartily recommend to your trade
Millinery Opening 1
IAt Zr
The Charles Wheeler Emporium
With n display of 100 patterns from the fine Iari inn creation to tho every
day walking hat A cordial invitation is extended to our
patrons of Lincoln Boyle and Casey counties
J G Weatherford Co
iDfY flats Show D 1J
Toilet Articles I
Matting Mattresses Trunkn Fideboarda Ac All at price that willt
jileaso the closest buyer
We Are Showing prori Thep
Best iniimilucturcrs in the country a lino and well selectedt
line of Ladies High Shoes und Oxfords Every lady in
Crab Orchard and vicinity is invited to call and ace our r
stock and bo convinced that you do not have to leavo the
East End to dress the feet in an uptodate style
W E PerkinsCrab
Crab Orchard

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