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The Interior Journal
For Senator
For Representative
For County Judge
For County Attorney
For Sheriff
For County Cleric
For Assessor
For Superintendent of Fcnoolf
For Jailer
DURING the last fiscal year just
t ended collections from spirits came
very near the enormous aggregate of
136000000 a very slight increase I
over the previous year but an
increase of more than 11000000
over the fiscal year 1902 It is evident
that the tax high as it is is not kill
I ing the distilling interest The tobac
co collections of more than 15000
s 000 were an increase of a million dol
lars over 1903 The beer tax of more
r than 50000000 was an increase of a
r million and a quarter over the year
before and three millions over the 1903
With revenues constantly increasing it
would seem that they ought to meet
the expenses of government without
talking about a tax on coffee and
r possibly a stamp tax
j 0TilE leading democrats of the county
held a caucus meeting Monday and we
are reliably informed failed to find men
who would accept a nomination They I
adjourned to meet at August county
court at which time they hope to find i
men who will be willing to make races
for the various county offices chirps
the republican editor of the Casey I
County News The wish is father to
the thought Mr Thomas There are
I plenty of good men anxious to run
against you rads but the democratic J
managers are very sensibly taking time
to select the most available timber with
which to bury the Casey county repub C
licans And they are going to bury 1
c them 1
MAD no doubt because they did not I
get free board during the press meeting
at Crab Orchard Springs the editors I
of the Carlisle Democrat and the Mid i
dlesboro News are saying the meanest
things they can about the accommoda
tions at that grand old Summer resort
Manager Willis would have gotten glo
rious writeups had he picked out a few I
scrubs and given them their board rath
er than have charged them the paltry I
sum of 1 per day Men used to cheese I
and crackers at home are nine times out
of ten the first to kick on fare as well
r as the most liberal with their abuse of
waiters To the demnition bowwows
with such creatures
1 A BEAVER FALLS PA groom got so
overjoyed when the knot was tied
that he hugged his bride so hard it
broke three of her ribs Instead of
going on a bridal tour she had to go
to the hospital He will endeavor to 1
restrain his enthusiasm hereafter
while she will insist on his complying c
with the injunction Love me littleI
love me long
AN Italian who came over to this t
country a few years ago sailed for his J
old home this week taking 7000 with I
him after supporting his wife and chil a
dren the net profits from handorgan j
grinding While all organ grinders may t
not fare so well in many cases they are
in better circumstances than the fellow J
who drops his hardearned nickle into
their coffers
GIVE baby pure fresh cool water sev
eral times a day remarks Brer Camp
bell of the Somerset Journal As t
there has been no baby in his family for
nearly a half century the remarkable
memory of our 11th district friend is f
readily apparent
THINGS are coming to a pretty pass
when a banker cant default without
being called a thief says the Berea Cit
izen But as that is all the punishment
he receives in 99 out of 100 cases looks
to us as if he is getting off as easy as
he could wish
CHICAGO is the home of strikes and
strikers The porters at the Palmer I
House struck because an order wnsI
1issuedprohlbiting them from taking
tips As they amounted to more than
their salaries they certainly had a kick
coming A COUPLE errorPa have just
welcomed their 17th child nil of whom
were born within 13 years Help em
out Teddy
7 THE illustrated edition of the Harrods =
burg Herald is a beauty and a credit to
that splendid publication
r sl1r ed St1f
Here and There
Fire at Newark N J destroyed
property worth 100000
Forest fires are raging in Idaho be
tween Slate Creek and St Joe
The battleship Kansas was launched
at the Camden N J ship yards
Typhoid fever is said to have reached
the epidemic stage at Vine Grove
A ball was given by the citizens of
Manila in honor of Miss Roosevelt
The American ship Roanoke was
burned to the waters edge at Noumea
Three miners were killed by a fall of
coal in the Truesdale mine at Wilkes
barre Pa
Dr L J Frazee prominent medical
instructor and writer died at the age
of 86 in Louisville
The Hercules Gas engine Works at
San Francisco valued at 200000 were
destroyed by fire
Edward Perry a wellknown planta
tion owner of Star Landing Miss was
shot and killed by a Negro
Seven persons were injured in a run
away accident at Cleveland One of
the victims a baby will die
Adam Lewis Bourbon county Negro
giant is dead lie was six feet six
Inches tall and weighed 450 pounds
At lA > gansport Ind Joseph Unkefer
and William McClaeb brotherainlaw
engaged in a fight Unkefer was beaten
to death
An excursion train carrying members
of the Order of Eagles to Denver was
wrecked at Lewis Kas and two train
men were killed
Mrs Lora Hargroves widow of the
Rev J W Hargroves was found dead
from heart failure on the floor of her j
room at Maysville
Joseph Garron of Chicago obeyed
his wife when she reprimanded him for
being drunk and told him to jump in
the lake and drown himself
Statistics collected in Washington
show that the exports of manufactures
in the fiscal year just closed amounted
to 543620297 the largest on record
In attempting to get off the fast
train on the Cincinnati Southern at
Nicholasville Mrs Mary Bange lost her
balance and fell under the train
Both her legs were cut off
Rev Bernard Schulte and wife of
New York City were attacked and
badly hurt by a Negro at Ballston N
Y The Negro was shot and killed at
Saratoga while resisting arrest
Twelve persons were killed and 25 in
jurer in a collision on the Nickel Plate
railroad at Kishman 0 The wreck
was due either to a misunderstanding
of orders or failure to obey them
At Sparks quarry Rockcastle coun
ty a 15yearold daughter of Bud Sex
ton was accidentally shot through the
head and killed by a 10yeur old son of
William Moore The girl was holding a
baby at the time and in falling the child
was dangerously injured
lion Brooks Norfleet of Shelby
county is announced as a candidate for
Governor of Tennessee
Lee Turner of Quarterhouse fame
has declared himself an independant
candidate for Sheriff of Bell county
William White of Ballard county
was nominated for Representative of
Ballard and Carlisle counties at the
Democaatic primary
Malcom R Patterson Representative
in Congress from the Tenth Tennessee
district has announced his candidacy
for the Democratic nomination for
Governor of that State
Editor Roberts in his paper the Re
publican organ of Lexington says there
is no placo on the ticket in Fayette
county for Negro candidates Such a
move he declares would be party sui
Mr Roosevelt is the first president to
attempt to preach but then we never
had such n president as Mr Roosevelt
before He will tackle anything from
mountain lion to a Mississippi bearor
from a windmill to a buzzaw Ken
tucky State Journal
The President addressed the Catholic
Total Abstinence Union of America
at Wilkesbarre In harmony with the i
occasion his remarks were a discourse
onthe desirability of the sober life
especially for workingmen He was
accorded an enthusiastic reception and
the trip to Wilkesbarre was productive
of a number of wayside ovations
The indications are that no extra ses
sion of Congress will be called this
year President Roosevelt has not de
cided the question definitely and prob
ably will not reach a decision until he
shall have returned to Washington the
latter part of September but strong 1
pressure has been brought to bear inI
opposition to the proposed session and
the chances are that It will not bordered
The Fear of Death
Often haunts the miserable dyspeptic
bilious patient who Buffers from
heart palpitations chronic cough
melancholy etc No need to fear for
n Dr Caldwells laxative Syrup
PepsIn you will find a safe pleasant
and perfect cure for all this pain
distress and worry It clears the
brain purifies the blood and cures
nil forms of indigestion and bowel
trouble Try It Sold by G L Pen
ny Stanford C W Adams Huston
vllle at GOc and ilQO Money back
if it falls
I u
Leonard Powell and Miss Salle Moore
of Rowland eloped to Jellico yesterday
and were made one
Samuel Wilson and Miss Annie
Southerland were married at Alex
Southcrlands Saturday
Martin A Holler of Louisville and
Miss Hallie Tomlinson Jones of liar
rodsburg were married at Jasper
At 5 oclock tomorrow afternoon nt
the Baptist church in Preachersville
Mr P Faulkner Kennedy the well
known young attorney and Mrs Anna
Austin handsome widow of Mobile
Ala will be joined heart and hand
The marriage of Mist Nelle Adams
the charming daughter of Mrs Martha
Bright Adams of lIustonville to Mr
Rodney Keenon of Frankfort will oc
cur at the Presbyterian church Hus
tonville at 10 A M Wednesday Aug
Angela R Kilbourn and John F
Johnson of Winsted Conn were
schoolmates and sweethearts 60 years
and each married another Death
broke in upon their domestic lives i
lone became a widow the other a i
widower Recently they met made I
up the old quarrel and married
The marriage of handsome Miss Edna
Baughman of the West End to Mr
Smith R Penny of St Joseph Mo
will occur at the home of Rev J W
Hagin in Covington Wednesday Mr
Jones Baughman brother of the pros
pective bride and Miss Ada Cunning
ham a devoted friend will accompany
them over j
A newspaper that has been gather
ing statistics states that a womans
chance to marry between the age of
25 to 30 are only 18 per cent while
between 20 and 25 the chances in her
favor are 25 per cent And yet
women do not reach the height of their
charms till between the first two ages
Nor is she so well matured to marry
How to Avoid Appendicitis
Most victims of appendicitis are
those who are habitually constipated
Orlno Laxative Fruit Syrup cures
chronic constipation by stimulating
the liver and bowels and restores the
natural action of the bo elu Orlno
Laxativn Fruit Syrup does not
nauseate or gripe anti Is mild and
pleasant to take Refuse substitutes
Pennys Drugstore
Farm at Private Sale I
Knrin containing M nets land In Rood
ttatvot eiiltlVHtlon i miles Iroiu Hunion
vllle on Mlddlvburu pike Hood dwelling
containing nix roonu In very goal rvpuir
lood cUtvrn i till necessary outbuilding
For pnrtlculurt call on IIIPMI Junction Uliy
Commissioners Sale I
Lincoln Circuit Court
John Hb ode tt ill IliilntlfTi vi Joint
1fotltvtulleleudunls Noticed Mule
Iuriuant ton judgment of the Lincoln
Circuit Court nmltrrd In the slave styled
action ut the June term IMfi the umlf riun
CoinmUMoner ut skid Court will oil
About the hour of 3 IC ut the rrsld nee on
the tnrni hrrrlnnltvr Uocrltxd near the
town of Huitonvlllr Ky nellat public out
cry to the lilKhnt mid ut bidder the wild
real cstaW vlilcll Uilmcrllwiliia follow All
of t hit wild mil rutatt Ii ultimtfd In Lincoln
county Kynndeonf 01 three tracts of
laid which adjoin iiich other Till tint
tract In tliun bounded lieKliitilnxiitu iKilnl
In the center of the 1iinvlln t Jitutonvllle
turnpike corner to Church lot thence N
174 W II polo li link tun Mom corner to
HtdKCH thence HMj 1VrtwksIIlink ton
tone corner to Non thenci N li W W
1101t1 1 link to a Dtone corner to mime
thence rt Nl > i W 117 l11t links to u italic
corner to jenklim now Hhnrpi thence H
MJi K XI poles to u utake In the creek thence
HtwK 41 pour M link to n take mnr II
drain thence H SI KOI pole U link to a
white oak ktuinp thence H It K In > ole to
n take corner to Jenklim mow Hlmrpi
lino thence 743 K 1111 0111 link to the be
glnulnit continuing hAucrr and 6 ixilw of
land 1 he Mcond tract In lioimdrd thus JIM
gllulilra lit Hlmrpaml Allen fence thence
N ttl w JI7 JOIn up and acrot the creek
twice ton utone at their fence thence with
Mild fence or their original lino H 4T K JJ
pots thenr SS Kaht to the IxKlnnlnn onI
111111 jig two rood and s1x pole The third
tract 1M thus liounded l < nlnnliiinit a syc
union neur the creek and the lltutonvllle A
llradfonUvllle pike thence with the pike H
rut W 10111 ton Hone corner to J M
took n Nlone In or near the turnplkxtheiice
with sold pike N 7HH Vttl Hile p i link to
cornerof Mrs Alice l > rye thencw her line N
1DH K 41 pole to the iorner of iiiine thence
line of NuurN7Py W H IIlI 11 link to
corner of J M Cook and cemetery lot
tlunce line of mid lot N 1OX K SI txatN 91
link to corner or MIIIIU lot tneiice N ivyt 1P
43pole 1 link to 3lrIV H irys land
thenru iier line N ISH KBIpole to her cor
ner thence N to W Wl ixilex 12 link to u
dour Iiryes and Illlfeit corner III Cooper
line thence N 4Sy I1 poles to u Htone
iiinjilxll and COOIHT corner thence H Lt i
KNlpolen r link to where three nyciiiaore
tree xtood on the bank of the creek thence
Mill K IS pours 11 llnkit to n atone thencu H
it H2I M > ie 121lnkN ton whit oak thence
s2 4 K I S 1lh to the lieKlniilnitcontiiliilnit
IH acre and S Nile but there IK reserved
from the forgoing boundary onehalt acre
which It K Milan told and conveyed to J
W Allen
Chl iNoneofthe1iutdlrithlefltrntIn
lhJibe Irak It In well watered by the
HniiKliiK Fork and bv Mock water In each
Held except one betide u line never fnllliig
cave uprliiK The land lInit iplfiHlId Mate
of cultivation and produce the very hllt
crops of corn wheat hemp and tolmcco
The taxed on the whole farm are lutuilly paid
by the Mile of the Mind from th < Mind barnon
HaiiKlnK Fork The residence which with
a lartfe portion of the farm U In the corpor
ate llmtu of the town of Iiu tonvllle U of
tone and contaliu sew n room with cellar
the full lze of hour The wallH aru IH Inch
tN thick and the whole house H In good con
dition On the farm Inn INlfII10xW feet with
It Ixix > tullK two mule hiilii with water lit
the door good crib Implement hOlloM and
all the ouilatlidlaitfc that are found on a well
order d farm Two uood orchards on the
place The town of iluMonvlllo liana tplen
did iiniiteil school which U only about un
vlithtli of a mile from till rchldiiicohoiiMon
this fllrill Mr Janus 1 foal of Mutton
1I1JWllI11t glad to show the farm to any
murdeIringtusuuii ThUMilu will liuinadu
for imriioueHOf dlvUlonamoiiK tho helrof
Halfle loodedeceiiked
The Mile will 00 made on a creditor MX and
12 months onehalt of the purchiiNO price to
beconm ilue and payable at the explratlonof
each of thu > erlo < ln of time uforinild The
purchaiier will required to ulve bond for
the mirehiiMi money with KOOI security
yuUle to the OOlllllllulonr and bwnring
Interest at the rate of 0 per cent per IInnUIll
from the date of sale until paid and huvlnit
the force and effect of n Judgment A lien
will also be retained on the land for the wild
purchase price 1iirchimere must lIt prrpar
vd to comply with these term lminetllaely
I A Good Chance tor
Summer Clothing I
rNN1 t
We have a pretty fair stock of TwoPiece Suits
itand wejwant to make a price that will make
I them go to do that we cut them as follows
r R
5 Suits Reduced to 375
75O Suits Reduced to 5
I tsR
IO Suits Reduced to 7
1250 Suits Reduce to 8 I
I 1
> rNN7
A few pairs of boys long pants in the oldfash
ioned Blue Cottonade reduced from 50 to 35c I
These are clean new fresh uptodate goods No
old stuff at all tJ
50 F W Ri5I
1 will give VrtWiirlfor > nforinMtlonieiid
Inn to the recovery of n two yrnr old dark
sorrel gelding It5 bonus high KonmnnoMi
blnck mnne and tall which wni itnlf n July I
Mh and conviction of the thlttf or will give
ii lllral reward for the return of the colt
Aa tlieHtnttotIer a ntnndlnK reward of 10
for ahorsethlrtItwI111NiNorthunee tulle
to look utter thin one J F eOOK
tong 1Iumce lbonuU IMxingtonKy
rtntCUu Turnout at Keuooabl Ita IM
Epeclkl AtteotloD toTrkTrllDc ID
Onto aDd Bay For Beln
Jesse W Sweeney
Livery reed load Sail Stable
Lancaster Ky
Uorect wellled and cereal for Up to
date rigs at re ionable rite
Small Farm For Sale
Idesire toellllny flirinofetacrroflend
I yards from Frank Pthud UIttlpll1l1
Spring 1 h118 mi fine wttl 01 11I11Irul wNtrr
11 the 1111101111 nnKI1t by totllh
of soul i tater per KiiUo tllltutn con UtlMK 17 Mnll tnntn
< if IMlhllnrlll >
17 of chioridesanI lIlllltlltl
cm iiinndmngnrduntsouircalclnm CnrlMO
unto tmcra01 Iron Kta Hini and lithium
compoiind Will oell tit n Iwrgntn Writ
Coutfxrnnde iKOIUtK IIICKM
Mt Hiilem Ky
McKinney Woolen Mills
McKlnney Kentucky
MnnufaeturreotJenn LlueeyeFlatnrl
lllanketi and Yarn Hentfuyour wool Wt
Hike wool in exchange for work nllowlni I
the market price Hatlifactlon itimninteed
Coll or write for prices and IlIlorllllllloll
Agent wanted
Dripping Springs
F 0 Crab Orchard Zy
Thin dellRhtful old Huninivr rorl II now
lit 1101111
The hulllllnl are
open IIIIIIC the IIlwa water III Stile Itlld the futile gIttst
VI1IB Hurrle twhichtcC mealssiglod ttting 01
the kitchen which mciina jtootJ 1It111j
lood Hlllinv and your horws well Cllrtll for
Hate 17 per week Wrltoto
tHtIHII Kit Crnli Orchard Ky
KcSinnoy Ky
having Ixjituht the McKlnney Holler Mill
and secured the wrvlcen of Mr V 1111111
II eiliiillle1fveIWitrrntnt
tleru nit eXlwrllnctlllIIlIhr 1 feu warrant
ollerlnit to thu pulillc u mill second to
d In
of bln < l Thu
III grludll or work any
Jtrlllllillfor oo rllulr Inltltiisrc
and toitmio
duct ofItttniidi se cund to nOlle 111 till c
tlon buntoin Krlndlnt a niHcliilty I will I
till klnil which 1 1
on hand coal of
ulio kOIolI
will lInt the lowest market price Hay I
Feed tcIIIII11I toCk 1 want to buy I
your wheat and win pay you the hlllllllt
for bialy
ciiuli market price for It
JBMlWrilY McKlnney Ky
Hereendtorewlndpwscreens and cretin
lug flue Flumu twlcklees Oil HlO08 Dice
Hhllilo Poles Ixtnlon Brick
Ullrtlllll OurtalnHtretchernl Mutlnllll tcIieitllicru i
IIrllllhel to rumov water etc trout by
Arctlon Ourpwt and 11ultdlnIIulwr Dour
Window Snll 1lIllIIr Pit utn Vurnhh
and Kie Ilclurel Fronted
Hiatus Mouiaini Mats lilac Bugglest New and
JIIOUllllnltMnh borne fInd tee you can
floweomethlniwedonotkeep Good Livery
niitne Plenty of horses nnd bugKlei and feed
1xcelhJDt undertakingequlpaientg
Plenty of hone and feed Ktibber Tiring
done Pruitt Brothers
Moreland JeT
Our stock of School Books Tablets
School Bags Pens Ink Slates and
all kinds of School Supplies is ready
for you We are headquarters in this
Stanford Kentucky
First National
Bank Stanford Kyi
swfiffn i
Capitol StocK 150OLOJ
Thlalnitltntlon oriRlonlly ettabltihci
M the Deposit think of Stanford In 1191
then rtor anlied ee the National Hank of
Stanford In 1865 and Raln recrganlied at
the Pint National 1111 of Stanford ta
18J hiring had practically an unlnKr
ropted exliunce for IS years It Ii better
applied now with acllltlet for transact
lug Dntlnria promptly and well than ever
before la Its long and honorable career
Accounts of Individuals Fiduciaries and Cor
poratIons Solicited
J eL noOKER Preil
F Held Uanrllle
B T Ilarrii Stanford
K L Tenser UcKlnoey
M1 El more Stanford
S II Ilaushman Stanford
T P 11111 Stanford
Jai Itoblnioo Ilnbbli
J II lIaucbmao Stanford
J M Iou Stanford
0 E Tate Stanford I
01 rectors
J B Pailoo
J B Owilty
B H Shanks
W O Walker
Oeo W Garter
j U Footer
L Q Ooocb
wit Cummin
W M Bright
R L Dubble
M II Shanks
Baccenori to The Farmers Bank A
Trust Company and under same
management continuously
for 38 yean We
Roping inch butlneii relation will
prove mutually beneficial
J B Paxton
Vice President
Ant Otthlir
First term begins MONDAY SEPT 4 IflOfi Our faculty is strong
equipment fintcllt88 surrounding comfortable college work done on col
very reasonable Dont sendoff to school wlien you have M good or better
advantages at home Address
OSCAR B FALL18 President Stanford ± y

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