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The Interior Journal
the democrats of Lincoln county to do
their full duty at the polls Tuesday a
right royally did they do it By their
good work they made the best coup
on the map absolutely democratic f
all time to come The smallest major
ity in the county races is over 500
while the largest borders close on the
700 mark It was a glorious day for
I democracy and every democrat is du
thankful for it so thankful indeed that
o he is willing to celebrate both Presi
dent lloosevelts and Mayor Powell
Thanksgivings and several more If they
arc declared Everthing was in favor
of the democrats including the weath
er which was well nigh perfect Ever
precinct in the county did ndmirabl
but Mncksville or Stanford No2 amI
Crab Orchards two led the procession
Macksville which has gone as much as
90 republican went 50 democratic and
Crab Orchard heretofore uncertainis
150 democratic It took work to bring
about the results but the democrat
left no stone unturned and let no obsta
cle bar their way in the performance of
their duty It would take columns to give
the names of all the gentlemen who work
cd faithfully and effectually and we will
not attempt it but the work done willII
Messrs Joe T Embry Sam Embry Car
rol Shanks Carroll Bailey S THarris
James Woods Rowan and George B
Saufley R M Newland B W Givens
E P Woods A C Dunn Henry Hes
u ter J C Lynn W E Perkins O PI
Newland J F Holdam Josh Wilson
W T Tucker S M Chandler San
Helm Ward Moore Sam Magee San
Owens W L and J M McCarty G
A Walter M G Reynolds George D
t Weatherford J K Baughman W S
Drye and others whose names we can
not recall just now stamps them as
democrats good and true Their splendid
efforts should be remembered and re
warded and in the name of the party of
parties we tender them thanks and
offer hearty congratulations Three
cheers for the gallant workers and cheer
again for the greatest democratic vic
tory in years We do not crow over
fallen foes but we are doggoned
glad the democrats won and the repub
licans lost They should have known
better than to have made the race
WHILE Mr Bryan is in the Holy
Land he should not fall to locate the
spot where Judas got his 30 pieces of
silver and erect a monument there
sneers the St Louis GlobeDemocrat
which strange to say is a Republican
paper traveling under false colors an
a misnomer The Commoner Mr
Bryans paper gets back as follows
In the meantime would it not be well
for the Republican national commit
tee to return to the policy holders
of the New York Life Insurance Com
pang the 148000 pieces of silver al
ready located by the testimony of
John A McCall
PURE water pays in the prolongation
of life and money invested in a pure
supply is well spent Portland Ore
has just expended about 3000000 in
s curing a pure water supply brought
in pipes from a lake 50 miles distant
having an elevation of 3500 feet above
sea level and being fully protected
from contamination The water
previously used in Portland was brought
from the Williamette River made
filthy by drainage As a result of the
use of the pure mountain water the
w yearly death rate in Portland has been
reduced from 27 to 7 per thousand
GROUND was broken at Richmond
Va for the monument to Jefferson
Davis to be erected by the United
Daughters of the Confederacy and to
cost 50000 Mrs S T McCulloch of
Staunton Va chairman of the monu
ment committee presided at the cere
monies which were simple in the ex
treme and witnessed practically by the
members of the building committee
only The unveiling cerembnies are
fixed for 1907 and are expected to be
very elaborate the whole South partic
ipating through prominent representa
THE vestrymen of old Trinity church
on Broadway opposite Wall Street
New York recently refused 3000000
for The site which was wanted for sky
scraper office buildings The difference
between those figures and what would
bo sufficient to build one of the finest
churches in the country would leave a
big amount to help save the heathen
THE latest scheme is to build a rail
way through the entire length of
i Alaska provided the government will
guarantee the bonds The road will
r be 5000 miles long and is estimated to
cost fifty millions of dollars The
game would hardly be worth the can
I apace is devoted to
politics this issue but the news is so
good we cant keep from telling it
ITS over and the slide came our way
s and quoting good old Brother Barnes
Praise the Lord for it
No more politics for a year What
a happy thought I
Adair county went republican as
was expected
Fire at Birmingham Ala caused a
loss of over 250000
Former Gov Horace Austin of Mil
neaota died from the effects of an op
eration Great devastation was wrought by a
typhoon in the Japanese province of
Oshima Over 100 Cossacks are reported to
have been killed in a fight with rioters
in Caucasia
Lottie Lucas aged 12 of Sturgii
swallowed a pin while dressing and died
in half an hour
Four hundred and 12 Jews victims
of the massacres of last week were
buried at Odessa
I Louis Fitzgerald son of Gen Louit
I Fitzgerald was killed by a train at
Great Neck L I
Gov Jclks has ordered that Ala
bainaa only colored militia company be
mustered out of service
Henry P Montgomery one of the
oldest and wealthiest men of Scott
county is dead at Georgetown
Mrs Pink Head secured a verdict of
15000 against Cheatham Hodge for
killing her husband at PmlucuhI
After following a woman from Cali
fornia to New York City in the vain
effort to persuade her to marry him
Walter Herlich of Lindsay Cal killed
himselfA which started in Frank Turner
restaurant at Stamping Ground burned I
down the Peoples Bank A Fords
brick building McKeever and COleI
I mans barroomI
Campbell Brothers circus train was
wrecked near Temple Texas wasI
nearly all the animals escaped to the
woods Something akin to a panic
prevails in the rural districts
Sam Lady stabbed Ed King to death
in a drunken row at Logana Jcssamim
ounty No cause was assigned for
the deed Lady has disappeared will
officers in pursuit King lived in a
shanty boat on Kentucky river
About forty representative and lead
ing business men of Atlanta met and
I lecided that an industrial exposition of
i he resources of the South shall be held
in Atlanta in 1910 A meeting to form
a permanent organization is to be held
vithin a few days
Mrs John Dolan with her three
ittle daughters while walking on a
railroad trestle near Richmond Va
were caught by an approaching train
The two elder girls were killed instant
ly The mother with the youngest
hild jumped into a canal beside the
rack and escaped injury
Riley and Shelby Ball are in jail at
ineville and Charles Burch and Nei
anels said to be members of the gang
which has been committing depreda
ions around Cumberland Gap are in
jail at Tazewell Tenn The situation
at Middlesboro is less tense and the
utlook is good for a season of quietude
Curtis Guild republican was elected
overnor of Massachusetts
The republicans made a clean sweep
in Chicago and Cook county
J N Adams democrat was elected
layer of Buffalo N Y by 8981
Clay county a few years ago 1400
republican elected a democratic jailer
Bookwalter republican was elected
mayor of Indianapolis by 1500 plurali
ty >
tyTom L Johnson was reelected may
or Cleveland and Pattison carried that
city by a big majority
The democrats carried Evansville in
the municipal election by about 2500
a gain of 5000 over the election last
On the ground of fraud William R
Hearst will contest the election of
George B McClellan as Mayor of
Greater New York
George B Cox the republican boss
df Cincinnati after his crushing defeat
gave out a statement announcing his
retirement from politics
Five persons were killed and several
were fatally injured in a wreck on the
Delaware Lackawanna and Western
railroad near Wilkesbarre Pa
Mayor Grainger will retire from of
fice November 21 when Mr Barth will
take his place Mayor Grainger will
leave office still retaining his popular
George B McClellan was reelected
mayor of New York by a comparatively
small vote over William R Hearst
William T Jerome was reeleced dis
trict attorney
Democratic Chairman Garber of
Ohio believes Pattisons plurality will
each 55000 and that the entire demo
cratic ticket is safe Republicans con
do the election of Pattison and the
loss of the legislature
Herb W Edwards Injured
Herb W Edwards of Des Moines
Iowa got a fall on an Icy walk last
wlntol spraining his wrist and bruIs
ing his knees The next day he
flays they were so sore and still I
WIlS afraid I would have to stay in
bed but I rubbed them well with
Ihamberlalns Pain Balm and after a
few applications all soreness had
Isappeared I feel that this bottle of
Pain Balm saved me several days
time to say nothing of the suffering
This liniment is for sale by all drug
j d
Rev Leroy W Warren of Monong
hela Pa has been called to the Second
Presbyterian church of Lexington
Of 1662 Baptist churches in Tennes
see only 65 have preaching every Sun
day The proportion in Kentucky is
much better
Rev J C Abbott who has been
pastor of the Christian church at Dar
bourvillo for the past year has resignld
and will remove to Virginia
The church at Frankfort has csta
dished a church extension memorial
fund in memory of George Darsie who
was their pastor for more than a score
of years
S W Megginson district field sec
retary for the Presbyterian Sunday
schools was here this week and made
some excellent addresses on Sunda
school work
Rev W M Wood pastor of the lIar
rodsburg Baptist church after refusing
three very flattering offers to come to
other churches in the past year has nt
list given in and will go to Covingtoi
It will be recalled that when the call
was made last year from the Chicago
church at a handsome increase in salary
the congregation atllarrodsburg busied
themselves for a few days and raised
the amount and Rev Wood remained
His salary at the new charge is said to
be 2 100
Rev 011 Hucy has accepted n
flattering call to the Somerset Baptist
church and so announced to his congrc
gatlon here Wednesday night It will
be with sincere regret that the mem
bers here give Rev Huey and his ex
cellent family up They have made
many friends during their sojourn who
feel that Somersets gain is their great
loss Mr Huey is not only a splendid
preacher but a most excellent gentle
man as well He and his family will
leave about Dec L
Rockefellers Income
In Wall street John D Rockefel
lers wealth is estimated at fully 200
000000 his income at25000000 ayear
This income is nearly equal to he
entire income of all the crowned head
of EuropeIt
It means that he collects a million
dollar dividend a little oftener than
twice a month
As he rides to church in his auto h
is able to reflect upon the cheerful fact
that his fortune has grown 18075
since the previous Sunday
Rockefellers daily income is 80125
How can any one spend against that
This is at a rate of 10015 every work
Ing hour if he observes the eight hou
lay or at the rate of 333854 ever
hour in the 24
Just think of getting 5563 every
I The average respiration for an adult
is 18 per minute Therefore every
time John breathes he is 309 better
The Rockefeller Income is equal to a
tax of 33 13 cents per annum on every
man woman and child in the United
If the Standard Oil magnate were tc
put his fortune into 1 bills he could
arpet seven and onehalf acres IOC
deep with them
Think of walking across a field and
kicking up money like that
Do You Fear Consumption
When we take into consideration the
fact that one out of every seven in this
climate die of consumption is it any
fonder that it is feared by the people
of Stanford who have weak lungs and
chronic colds and coughs
A famous London physician has for
ears urged his patients when tho
lightest tendency to consumption ap
peared to take the best cod liver preparation
ration they could find and physicians
everywhere have recognized that the
cods liver contains curative values for
coughs colds bronchitis consumption
and all wasting diseases unequalled in
medicine but unfortunately few could
take and derive any benefit from old
fashioned cod liver oil and emulsions
on account of the indigestible grease
which they contain
Mr Penny of Pennys Drug Store
Stanford says We want every per
son in Stanford to know the value of
our new cod liver preparation Vinol
It actnallv contains in a concentrated
form allof the strengthening bodybuilding
building elements of cod liver oil act
ually taken from fresh cods livers
without a drop of oil or grease to upset
the stomach or retard its work
Therefore where oldfashioned cod
liver oil or emulsions would do good
Hnol will do far more good We guar
nteo Vinol will improve the appetite
strengthen digestion make rich red
loud create strength cure chronic
coughs and colds and strengthen weak
lungs If Vinol fails to give satisfac
ion wo return your money without
question Pennys Drug Store
The fusion executive committee of I
Louisville announces that the election
of Paul C Barth and the entire local
emocratic ticket will be contested in a
lit which will soon be filed in the cir
cuit court asking that the entire elec
tion be set aside The estimated cost
of the suit is 30000 The fusion com
mittee asserts that this amount has
been practically raised already
eCIP Sar
t t
> e
No part of a min s duress is more necessary
In winter than his UnJrtyT r V ° Our stock isc
especially fine this time In the Balbrigan
color we have a nice quality ribbed at 50cI
per garment and a very fine one indeed at
1 per garment A cotton fleeced very heavy
and a good one at 50c Wrights Health
wool fleeced at 1 per garment J have the
agency for Robert Reis Royal Silk Plush
the nicest and most pleasant Underwear on
tine market today and 150 per garment or
275 a suit All sizes
rI wf uxl tnnUWt On 1Wr
1 hrawI 1 laiurtact fniwDi
rrrer > Io tiri ML Ora
I1lr td Ie yIII e01or
Cuno p d b r toJlIrW
oDd iu ThurdI
ftecorered and repaired and made almott
u good at new for a small amount I can
tx your umbrella toiler than the tramp
renalren and for le money Olre me a
irfal FRANK ATKIDR Stanford
Clue Crass Nurseries
Lexington KY
OITr for tint Kail of 116 n full stock of fruit
nnil ornamental trees grape slues n mrn
KU tnmll fruits rhulmrl khrubi etc V i
employ no agent but cell dlnct to the
planter Catalogue on application
McKinney Woolen Mills
McKinney Kentucky
Nnnufxctunraof 1 antucycFlmmi + I
IIIunketB and Yarn t4 1It U ourwool We
take wool In xcUantfH for work allowing
tho market price ttutUfactloti gunriintwt
Unll or writ II fur price and Information
Agents wanted
11tllnl to Mll prlvntclv tny hotel prox > r >
tynml livery MablH In lliutimvllle hulk
hilt cnn 1M unit an liotil or private rrtldfiico
ami IC well nrriiiiKetl for two fumlllf Mln
btu hlu M Atnlla and I In iHHxl repair Plen
ty water at Ixirn and hotel If lion e Is not
sold by Jan 1st will rent It for one year
I I House and iNirn nuwly covered Hotel In
Unulixl Hcliool dIMrlct For further nirtlc
uliini cull on or nddreHH
HlAltlKNTKIt Hustonvlllc Ky
In order to make room for coming
oods wo will enlarge our store nt
once but wo want to move some of
our goods quick and will give EOIIIO
good bargains Latest style in rugs
inrpvU and furniture Call and see
UB Livery Millinery and undcrtak
Pruitt Brothers
Morelnml Ky
Do You Want a
It BO we ran furnbih you out nay kind
ouwiint V6lmvo for Mile n rent variety
of fimitH dwelling hnuMi bunlnoKS 111neg
i nd buulntDH proposition
If You Want a Farm
write Hi what kind of II pliici you are look
for whnt 11111 wllllt IIIIJlroVlIIIlIh
InIC how much OU IIro wllnn to
wherulollIhtl riiiutluii
nvletumtnnyolh Information
IIIVItlIIIIIIIII other pertinent
iillilreii character
1v 11 nvo
irlcei and vrii uro certain to Interot you
mites ou are on tho + nrlt postal card will
ring you ono of our printed lilt I
n E YOUNG rrealdentKy
IAJIJlllon K1
0 t
I Holiday Presents
We have cxhihitl 1nico holiday
Iisplays before hill nOllo that corn
pare with the one we now uk you to
inflllCt Wntc1ICt1 Fine Jewelry Sil
ver Novelties anti Silver Tableware
Fine IInnclJnintlt1 Chilln Cut GJaAII
Etc Etc High Quality Goals nt
Low IIICC Count and IIC convinced
WIH Mueller
Watchmaker and Jewclcr
I got my feet wet file next morning
had a bad cough I kept n bottle of
Pennys White
Pine and Tar
1 On my desk and every time I felt liko
o coughing I took n sip just enough to
wet my throat and by night my
cough was gone
25 Cents a Bottle
Stanford Kentucky

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