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The Interiof Journal.
MO. 58.
Reports About Rev. Coker Untrue.
(I'lr-aianl Point HaptlU church, near
Kings Mountain, Ky . Sept. 4, 1W.
As Ilov. A. G. Coker, our jnstor, has
been proven Innocent and set riuht bo
foro tho church and for tho purpoio of
BottlnR him right before tho world tho
church nski that tho following bo pub
llhed In tho Intcmor Journal )
Daiiney, Ky., Aug. 21. 1JKW -We.
tho undersigned members of Eden Bap
tist church, certify that tho reports
which aro being circulated on Ilro. Co.
ker, lire not true In nny repcct, but
that ho has conducted himself respect
fully, as becometh n christian gentle
man and Is worthy of nny church's con
fident, and that he is highly esteemed
by our church for tho grand work he
tin ilnnn nmonc us. And wo further
gay thnt John Robins by whoso mouth
such reports havo been circulated, Is
not considered or recognfred ns a truth
ful or reliable man, and that bo is not
nnd never was recognized by any con
fcrence, or as n preacher. Signed:
James Jenkins; W. II, Alexander, dea
con; J. F. Waddle, deacon; W. H. Ow
ens, deacon; S. S. Lovcll. deacon; A.
F. Alexnnder; Mack Crockett; Logan
Iteek: J. C. Edwards; E. W. Doolin,
v t Mnor! A. II. Hurcln. church
dirk: nlso Eden church where Ilro. Co
L..r hn, membership went on record
. u church that the reports are fall
i i.rt nnrticnlar. Done by order of
111 vw-y f -
tho church this Sept. 4, l'JOO.
jAMF.a T. Hbow.v. church clerk.
Cyrus James has been iiiti lck but
is Improving. Mrs. Jane Coleman Is
visiting at Rowland.
John Harris had the miifortune to
get two of hi toe mashed oil while
working at trillion's saw mill.
Iko Terry was In this section Friday.
U. G. Hussell has moved to the Clar
ence Woods property on the pike
Clarence Hoonc tells us of cutting n
10-acre field of millet und when he fin
ished cutting in tho centerof the field
tho shocks were so thick ho could not
got the binder out.
Joo, Lawson, who has been working
in Bedford. Ind , Is at home ryirsing a
crippled foot. Maurice l'lumintr has
sold his tract of timber forSl.COO Sev
eral saw mill men have been watching
this timber as it is exceptionally good
Russell Pillion nnd W. G Matson were
tho lucky men.
Nlpht On Bald Mountain.
On n lnni.lv niifht Alex, llvnton of
Fort Edwards, X. Y., cllmbvd Hald
Mountain to tho homo of n neighbor,
torturotl by Asthma, Ix-nt on curing
him with Dr Klng'n New Discovery,
thut had cured himself of asthma.
This wonderful medlrino oon relieved
nndqulokly cured hW neighbor. Later
It cur'l lil sou's wlfu of u severe lung
troublo. Millions lieliovo its the great
est Throat and Lung euro on earth.
Coughs, Colds, Ctoup, Hemorrhaged
and Sore Lungs am surely cured by
It. Best for Hny Fever, Grip nnd
Whooping Copgh. Mc und 1. 1VUI
bottle free. Guaranteed by Penny's
DrugStoto. "
William Logan Williams.
As n part of their Centennial Cele
bration tho members of tho Christian
church nro to hold memorial services
throughout tho State on Sundny after
noon. Sept. 2G, nt 3 q'clock nt Jhc
craves of their pioneer preachers. Such
n service will bo held on the 2Gth at 3
V. m. in tho Hustonvillo cemetery at
tho grave of Eld. William Logan Wil
liams. Rev. D. M. Wulkcr, of Stan
ford, will make tho address. Tho mem
bers and friends throughout tho county
arc urged to bo present.
Walter S. Wilus.
"Health ColTeo" is tho cleverest
Imitation of reul colleo over yet made.
Dr. Shoop created It from puru parch
ed grains, malt, nuts, etc. Fluo In
Iluvor U mado In jut ono inluuto.
No 20 or 30 minutes tedious boiling
Sample free. Penny's Drug Store.
Weak Kidneys
Weak JtlAwrt. (only point to wwk kldnty
tfenres. The Kldntji. 111. Uwyirt. and the
6tomch. find their weauieM, not in tha ornn
luell, but In tho turret thu control and tvude
and itrentthen them. Dr. Bhoop'l Kettoraure It
uedlclne ipocincolly prepared to reach tbeaa
controlltnf nerrea. To doctor the Kidneys alone.
It (utile. 11 U a watt oi tune, and o! mootr a
lf'yonr tack achet or It weak. It tha nrtna
tcald i. or It dai k and itronr, II you hate inn PK ma
ol Brlshtt or other dUtteuln or danttrout klaV
ner dlteaw, try IT. Snoop' t UettoraUre a mouth
Tabl.U or liquid and eee what It can and will
do for you. IMiffUt recommend and tall
Dr. Shoop's
Rev T. W. Ilarkor will preach at Mc
Kinney next Snnday at 3 P. M.
There will bo the regular Sunday
School session at tho Methodist church
Sunday at 9:30 A. M. No preaching
cither morning or night on account of
S S Convention at Presbyterian church.
The subject of Rev. W. S. Willis at
tho Hustonvillc Christian church Sun
day morning will bu "Thu Suro Way of
Salvation." In tho evening his subject
will be "Tho Dilllcultlei in tho Way
Removed "
Regular services at tho Hiistonvlllo
Baptist church Sunday, Sept. 10. Sun
day School 10 A. M. Preaching service
11 A. M , nnd 7:30 r. M. Covenant and
business meeting Saturday, Sept. 18, 2
I. M At tho 11 o clock service Sunday
morning Wlllinm Wigham and W. II.
Lair will be ordained as deacons, the
pastor, W. II. F. Jones, and tho dea
cons of tho Hustonvillc church officiat
Tho State Convention and Centennial
of the Christian church of Kentucky,
will be held in Lexington, Ky., In the
great Auditorium Sept. 20-21. One fea
ture will be tho men's demonstration on
Blblo School Day, Sept. 23, when 1,500
men aro expected to bo in line for the
parade. Charles Rugin Jscoville, the
evangelist, will speak on "How to Win
Men " E, O. Excell will sing, assist
ed by 100 trained voices, two pianos and
an organ. Friday, Sept. 21, is Centen
nial Day and thcro will bo n memorial
service in tho Lexington cemetery and
an address by Gcorgo II. Combs, of
Kansas City, followed by a barbecue
at Gratz Park. W.
Rev. T. W. Barker, who has been
pastor of the Methodist church at this
place for tho past two years, preached
his farewell sermon to his congregation
last Sunday. His subject was from
2nd Cor.. 13:11: "Finally Brethren
Farewell, Etc." His no"t Mr. Barker's
intention to return to Stanford after
his present term of work expires, tho'
lie does not know where conference
will send him to work. Mr Barker has
made many friends hero during his stay
and nil wish him God-speed in the fu
ture. Since his Installation here he has
orgnnized two Epworth Leagues nnd
taught n large Bible Class in tho Sun
day school, which has grown steadily.
The church Is in good condition nnd Mr.
Barker is quite proud of his work since
he has been here.
Cnldwcll College has
let a contract
for a big gymnasium.
At Richmond, while drying tobacco
a burn containing livo acres of tobacco
belonging to Mason Dunn, was destroy
ed by Arc. No insurance.
At Sunny Brook, Wayne county,
while returning from church, James
and Charles Catron, brothers, und Reu
ben Bertram, all young men and un
married, became engaged In n fight,
and Bertram was stabbed in the heart.
J. Whceldon, of Eubanks, has lost a
large per cent, of his tobacco crop this
fall by overcrowding it in tho barn. It
is called "barn fired" or "houso burn
ed" tobacco, and inexperienced tobacco
growers can not watch about this too
carefully. -Somerset Journal.
Charging that Deputy Marshal Rob
ert Ramsey, an officer of tho United
States District Court, had held unlaw
ful conversation with certain members
of tho jury before a verdict hud been
returned, Judge Charles A. Moore, of
the defense, in tho recent it rial of
Brecse and Dickoreon for alleged con
spiracy to defraud tho defunct First
National Bank of ABhoville, N. C, of
which they were officers, created a sen
sation nt Ashovillo when Judge New
man opened court to hear argument on
a motion In arrest of judgment nnd for
a now trial in the cases of the convict
ed men. Judge Newman denied a new
trial und tho cases will go to the court
of appeals.
Go With A Rush.
Tho demand for that wonderful
Stomuch, Liver and Kidney cure, Dr.
King's Ndw Llfo Pills- Is astounding
Penny's Drug Storo peoplo suy they
never saw tho Ilka. Its because thoy
novor full to euro sour Stomach,
Constipation, Indigestion, Bilious
ness, Jaundlco, Sick Hoadache, Chills
and Malaria. Only 23c.
Tho British steamer Port Caroline,
from Capo Town August 24, has arriv
ed at Adelaide The vessel was about
a week overdue and this gave rise to
tho belief that she might have picked
up the missing British steamer W a ra
tal), but tho Port Caroline reports that
she did not sight that vessel.
m m
A tickling ordry cough can boqulck-
ly loosened with Dr. Shoop's Cough
Itemedy. No opium, no chloroform,
nothing unsufo or harsh. Hold by
Penny's Drug Storo.
Kentucky Fair Dates.
Kentucky State Fair, Louisville Sept.
13-0 days.
Ten acres of land In Shelby county
sotd at $200 per ncre.
The walls of thn lock of the Panama
canal at Gatun will be rc-cnforccd with
7,000 tons of rails.
Mrs. Perry Rice, who was frightfully
burned at Paris last Saturday, is dead
from her injuries.
Charles Follen McKIm, architect and
partner of tho lato Stanford White,
died suddenly at St. 'James, L. I.
Georgo B. Cotton, who will succeed
Regis II. Post ns Governor of Porto
Rico, will assume his offica November 1.
Alvn, the 18-year-old son of J. R.
Hardin, a merchant of Fariston, is dead
from the effects of a carbuncle on his
Tho frozen bodies of three German
tourists and a Swiss guide, who lost
their lives during a recent snowstorm
on the Jungfrau, were found dead at
the toot of a glacier below tho moun
tains. John W. Castles, president of the
UnionTrust Company, of Now York,
committed suicide In the Grand Union
Hotel in that city by cutting his throat
with a razor. Mr. Castles was suffer
ing frorrf a nervous breakdown.
A unique lawsuit is on trial before a
jury of inquest In Bedford county,
Tenn., In which Nathan Hatchctt is
seeking to have a guardian appointed
for his mother, who is 99 years old.
Nathan, her youngest child, is 79 years
Two hundred dollars a ton for broom
corn is now predicted by men in the
trade. At Areola, III., farmers have
refused $170 for corn in the field. The
price Tuesday was $100. Buyers are
frantic, while the farmers are "stand
ing pat,"
Samuel G. Hatch, of Chicago, was
elected president of the American As
sociation of General Passenger and
Ticket Agents nt Toledo. Col. Samuel
Moody, of Pittsburg, was chosen vice
president, nnd C. M. Bust, of Boston,
Judge Robert S. Lovctt was elected
chairman of the executive committee
of the Union Pacific Railroad Co. to
succeed Mr. Hnrriman. Wm. Rocke
feller and Jacob H. SchifT were chosen
directors. The question of electing a
president was not discussed.
Jnckson Smith, of Knoxville, former
ly member of tho Panama Canal Com
mission, has been appointed vice presi
dent nnd manager of the Oregon Trunk
Line. This is n new railroad now under
construction in Central Oregon. It is
being built by the James J. Hill inter
Eighteen thousand persons were pres
ent Wednesday at the Kentucky State
Fair. It was Southern Indiana, Louis
ville and Courier-Journal day and La
bor night. Tho Mayors of the three
Falls Cities were in attendance during
tho afternoon. Yesterday was Ken
tucky day.
At Barbourville a personal controver
sy between Caleb Powers nnd M. G.
H ignite, a republican politician, result
ed in ilignite swearing out a warrant
against Powers, charging him with as
sault by the uso of threatening lan
guage. Powers was tried in tho police
court nnd acquitted.
President Reynolds, In his annual ad
dress to the American Bankers' Asso
ciation, advocated the establishment of
a centrul bank with n capital of not
less than $100,000,000. James J. Hill
addressed tho convention, and warned
then that the United States may soon
cease to bo an exporter of foodstuffs
owing to earless farming and tho rush
of country people to cities.
Mattew Henson, Commander of the
Negro bodyguard, related his experience
of what ho saw at tho North Polo with
Peary to newspaper correspondents. In
addition to himself and Commander
Peary, ho declured four Eskimos were
at tho pole. Ho gavo a vivid descrip
tion of the flag-raisings and other in
cidents that impressed him at tho
earth's top, including tho making of
tea on tho alcohol stovo and taking of
The gross earnings of tho railroads
of tho United Sthtes for tho year end
ing Juno 30, 1909, wero $2,437,385,811,
according to tho figures compiled by tho
Bureau of Railway News und Statistics
from the monthly reports of tho Inter
state Commerce Commission. Tho op
erating expenses were $1,611,927,7G6:
taxes, $88,901,475, and net operating in
come, $73G,49G,C00. The figures for the
year ending June 30, 1908, wero gross
earnings, $2,421,010,637; operating ex
penses, $1,095,101,878; taxes, $83,800,
610, and net operating income $045,
C78, 213.
It Is the weak nerves that aro cry
ing out for holp. Then help them,
don't drug tho stomach or stimulate
tho Heartor Kldnoys. That is wrong.
Vitalize these weak Inside nerves with
Dr. Shoop's Restorative and seo how
fust good health will come to you
again. Test It and see. Sold by
Penny's Drctf Storo.
O. G. Speaks will move his mill to
near Eubanks this week.
Quite a lot of tobacco has been hous
ed during tho past week.
John Hutchison has started his sor
ghum mill. Craig Baugh Is putting up
a large barn. Pedro Green has employ
ed John R Carrier, of Eubanks, to run
his blacksmith shop while he attends to
his store.
Quito a number of tho young people
met at the home Mrs. E. G. Baugh fo
partake of an ico cream supper given
in honor of Sam Baugh's 21st birthday.
Ho was considerably surprised on find
u nice gold watch under his plate, a
present from his father.
Rev. John Jenkins, formerly of this
county, but now of New Albany, Ind.,
is here with friends. He preached at
the Christian ,church Sunday night.
Rev. Elbert E. Young preached Sunday
night at the) Methodist church at the
usual hour. Rev. Jonathan David
Haggard will preach at the Mctho-,
dist church next Sunday morning and
night, which will wind up his work for
this conference year. A minister from
West Virginia is expected to be present
and take part in the services. Let ev
erybody como out and hear them.
Misses Nettie and Gladys Clark, of
Locust Grove, wero guests of Miss
Fannie Young Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Florence Terry and baby aro vis
iting her mother. Mrs. Julia Stelyer,
of Louisville, was the guest of tho Miss
es Meier. Rev. Elbert E. Young and
wife, who wero married recently in
Owsley county, spent a few days with .
the parents of the groom, Mr. and Mrs.
C. M. Young. John II. Young, after'
an absence of eight months in Barbour
ville and Muhlenburg and McLean coun
ties, is nt home ngain with his parents.
Misses Fanny Hatfield andSallic Faulk
ner have entered Berea College. Misses
Grace Young and Annie Butt havo en
tered school nt Stanford.
Several new pupils entered the
ed school here Monday.
Mrs. Fred Hahn. of the Freedom
neighborhood, continues very low with
little chance for recovery.
Mrs. Mary Albright and son, Richard,
are visiting relatives in nnd near Mid
dleburg this week. Dr. Gravely con-1
tinues to improve his home. He is
now having a second story put upon .
the mnin part of the building. j
Considerable sickness in and around
Brodhead, several cases of fever, but
none serious. "Aunt" Sarah Padgett.
of the Sayers section, hurt herself by
lifting a heavy piece of timber a few
days ago and is suffering great deal. A
little child of Charles Snoonamore was
buried in the Moretburg cemetery Wed
Tho next session of the Rockcastle
Association of United Baptists will be
held with the Sinking Valley church
near Cress postoffie in tho southern
part of tho county on Tuesday after tho
first Saturday in September, 1910, offi
cers elected for ensuing yearns follows:
A. E. Albright, moderator; J. J. Paint
er, clerk; Mrs. Lucy E. Woodall, presi
dent Sunday School convention; W. II.
Owens, clerk; It. L. Smith, Ed Woodall
and John Hilton, executive board.
A Hurry Up Call.
Quick! Mr. Druggist Quick! Abox
of Hucklen's Arnica Salvo Hero's a
quaiter For the love of Moses, hurry!
Baby 's burned himself, terribly John
nlo cut his foot with the axo Mamie's
scalded l'a can't walk from piles
nillio has bolls and my corns actio.
Shogot It und soon cured all tho fuml
ly Its tho greatest healer on earth.
Sold by Penny's Drug Storo.
Tho Roosevelt riding test for the offi
cers of the urmy is a detriment to the
service rather than an aid in increas
ing its efficiency. This, in substance,
is tho severe criticism of the tests
made by Gen. Albert L. Meyer, com
manding tho Department of Texas, in
hia annual report.
g m
A New York grand jury dismissed
the charge of felonious assault against
Mrs. Mary Scott Castle, who on Aug
3 shot William B. Craig, a Now
lawyer, at tho Waldorf-Astoria.
grand jury'B reasons wero not
Ml-o-nu Is guaranteed by G. L.
ny to cure Indigestion or money back.
Helleves distressed stomach, belching
or gas, Etc , In five minutes. Largo
box, 50c.
,--1 m
John Crance, of St. Joseph, Mo., a
veteran Chicago Burlington and Quin
cv railroad conductor, has started a
fund to erect a monument to E. H. Har
riman by a popular subscription of rail
road employes of tho United States.
Pains of women, head pains, or any
pain stopped in 20 minutes sure, with
Dr. Shoop's Pink Pain Tablets. Seo
full formula on 26o box. Sold by
I Penny's Drugstore.
IlounlTripto Louisville
vSunday, Sept. 19,
Leaves Stanford at 7:10 A. m j nrrivci Louisville 10:15.
Leaves LnuUrillc 0 i M. returning.
Beautiful Parks and River Rides.
I. S.
6 BIGsTf30.000K
litre the (Inest live slock and (he best farm products are assembled Irisnd meets
friend, amusement is combined with information. Show rain or shine, day and
nljht la (he largest and most magnificent Lire Stock Pavilion fa the world.
Quarter ol a Million Will Be Here. COME.
J. W. NEWMAN, Secretary, -,
320 Paul Jones Bldg.
1798 TraitfijlvaDia Uoiverjitil 1909
Kentucky University.
Tho College oi Liberal arts (co-educational,) Hiimiltuu College for
Women, and the College of law.
Three campuses embracing 2.' acres.
Thirteen buildings with modem equipment.
A faculty of 5(5 clio?eii from the best universities of America anil Europe.
.Standardized elective courses leading to tbo degrees of A. . 13.. S., A.
M., and L. L. 15.
New Scienco Building recently erected at a cost of 800, 00.
Students now in attendance from 25 States and G foreign countries.
Moral Influences, cultural environment, scholnrly ideals reasonable cx
The session begins Sept. ID, 1000. Writu for catalogue tonlay.
Combines Absolute Safety with Satisfactory Service. Modern Safety
Deposit Boxes for Use of our Customers. We Solicit Your Account.
. S. Ilocker, President;,
S. T. Harris, Vice-President.
John . McKobcrts. Cashier;
II. C. Baughman. Atst. Cash'r
Will. Pay the Highest Market Price for All
Kinds of Country Produce, Scrap
Iron and Rubber.
fl. B. NORTHCOTT, Stanford.
KICE, Agent L. it N. R. R.
Louisville. Ky.
F. Keid, J. II, Uaughman,
1( D. Elmore. J. M. Pettus,
II. C. Uaughman, . F, Cummins,
S. T. Harris, no. C. Robinson,
V. U. OUannon J. S. Ilocker,
C.E. Tate.
I ;-Ji4J -
, ..

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