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,' 4
The Interior Journal.
Jtnttrfttnlh Potl Ofietat Stanford at
ttttnA'Cli matter.
No.fl,Hootn,ltiMr. m.
No,S3,'Hoiith,ltf:IS A M.
No. 4, North, 4tWA. M.
No. H, North, BH r. M.
No.I7.10iW a.m.
JOS. S. R!CE,:Agont.
TJncolll UxIgeNo.SO F.A A.M.jMtnMt
jn aLtwi communlcntlon on wh first mhI
tklrd Koixlnr nluhti of ench month. nt T:.W
mvinrk in ilirlr linll on mnln ttrocflt, Hlnll-
tori, Ky. Mcniln-r of lt?r Iwlgea nro frn-
fllr invltwioiioiircsent. i, n.
MKtn. SW-o. lOi
Spring& Summer Stock.
&.T jour men.uro'tnkon by n tnllor of ex
Mrtrom. Then your clothe., whether low
mrtcn baalm-n. ult or the flneit evening
ilbe, will hnve thnt IndlvMunlttjr and fit
-ahlch plainly indicate they were made to
ja nif.nuro. I will nlio tnke your mens
on tor extra trouaera, fnncy veat, top
owtts and ovrrconL. Knll nnd Winter
rapltson hnnd rendy for your Inspection.
it. 0. UUl'tiKY, The TMlor,
HUnforU, Ky.
Fruit and Ornamental Trees !
rrttrythlim for Orehnnl. Ijn nnd (Inn'S-i.
One Million Htrnwborry pliinH.
Hrw Catalogue..
No Agents.
H. F. Hillenmey er & Sons,
1 tin furnlili the public with tho beat, na
Tr.ll the frailest of cut flower., plant, nf
all kinds, bulbs, potted lion era, on .liort
acllt. Alto mnke n .peclaltyot wreath.
lor for funernl purpoie..
In connection with the nbore, I hnve nil
klidr.of Tcgi'tuliles on hnnd nt renaonable
Htnnford, Ky.
SnturtsTobacco and Tobacco
Nothing But Insurance.
Jesse D. Wearen,
The Insurance Min,
Residence I'll one 88: Office, K.
Insure with me and be fully
Wre In nosltlon to do nil kind, of con
mtuni, such as 11 lock Work, I'aTements
.tninci. wacnn make any ininz irome
down to n fence post. We can serve
promptly and guarantee flrst-clasa
c ana maiorini, uau ana gei our pricoa
tyou Duy your material mieaai.
Stanford, Ky.
Fish & Pennington,
Insurance and Real
All kinds of INSURANCE on all
kinds of property. Only the larg
est companies represented.
Kates as low va can be
had anywhere.
Stanford, Ky.. Phone 200.
Undertakers audJjErabalrr
or. Also Dealers in Fur
niture, Mattings, Ruga. They
will exchange Furniture for
all Kinds of Stock. Give
Them a Call. PricesJ Right.
J. C. McCIary,
tUndertaker-MEmbalmor and
iPMleKln.Harness, Saddlery,
WtH'.rtone, 1ST. Uomt'rtion U.
To Rent.' Twenty-fivo acres 'of corn
ground. Joa. Bftllou.
Fort Sale. 100 young ewes, J. II.
Newell, Yoscmltc, Ky.
Hogs For Sale. Have 22 head, all
kinds. Robt. C. Watkins, Maywood,
Ky. 2t
For Sale. 20 lone yearling and 20
short yearling steers. M.J. Hodman,
Morcland, Ky. 4t
J. B. Sartaln sold to E. C. Taylor a
family horao and bought of J. V. Brown
a maro for $165.
Sixty bushels of German millet seed
at $1 25 per bushel for sale. F. Schnltz-
ler, Ottenheim, Ky.
T. M. Green won again at Jackson
ville, Fla., Tuesday. Ho has started
in six races and won Ave.
Wanted. About 23 bushels of cow
peas, last year's seed. Address Henry
Riddcr, Crab Orchard, Ky. St.
For Sale. 75 to 100 bushels of or
chard grass seed. Extra good. $1.50
per bushel. B. B. King, Morcland.
George B. Robinson, of Boyle, sold
to the Bledsoe County, Tenn., Jack Co.
a black' jack by Prince the Third, for
For Sale. 25 three-year old mules.
All broken and in good working order.
Call on or phone Logan Hubble, Lan
caster R. F. D. No. 1.
At George Pugh's sale in Scott coun
ty corn sold at $3.25 per barrel, hay
$13 to $U per ton. horses $100 to $163,
milk cows $27 to $G2 GO, hogs weighing
100 pounds sold at $11, 14 boars at $13.
A One Hundred and Fifty Acre
farm on good pike. Has two houses.
In 2J miles of railway station. Land
produces good tobacco. Look at it and
you will buy it. rri.ee only $z,bw.
Stanford Real Estate Co.
I. Shelby Tcvis, of the Shelby City
section of this county, bought at the
Monsee3 sale at Smlthton, Mo., the
great jennet, Lady of Limestone, for
$1,375, the highest price ever paid for
a jennet at a public sale.
A big crowd attended II. D. Stiles'
sale in Boyle. Timothy hay brought
$13.50 to $15.50 per ton, 40 ewes with
lambs thrown in, $6.20, milk cows $38
to $59, heifer calves $16 to $20.25.
brood sows $17 to $22, 85 shoata at $7,
35 short yearling mule colts $94, eight
brood mares $102 to $225, corn 68c per
Bargain. 257 7-10 acre farm about
five miles from town, on good pike, I
mile from school, church and store,
100 acres fine tobacco land. Nine room
brick residence, 240-barrel crib, shed
granary, silo, barns, etc. Fencing
good and place well watered. Nine
never-failing springs, cement troughs,
etc. In a splendid neighborhood. Stan
ford Real Estate Co.
In memory of Mr. Chas. Scott, whose
spirit took its flight Feb. 16, 1910, of a
complication of troubles, aged 73.
Thou art gone and we shall miss thee.
We shall miss, father, dear,
When the lamps at eve are lighted
And we all are gathered here.
In the dear old family room,
Where so oft with the we've met;
Thou art gone and we shall miss thee,
But we will not thee forget.
We shall miss thee when the morning
Sheds on us its beauty fair,
And the busy day is calling
Us again to toil and care.
We shall miss thee when at noonday
We have all sat down to eat
We shall miss thee or thy dear voice
Never more our ears to greet.
We shall miss thy coming foatsteps
When the evening shades draw nigh
And the golden sun Is setting
In the bright lit western sky.
We shall miss thee when we gather
'Round the fire so warm and bright
And its cheerful blaze gives comfort
On a cold and chilling night.
But we know that thou art resting,
Free from suffering, toil and care,
And again we hope to meet thee
In that land so bright and fair;
When our life on earth Is ended
And we all have one by one
Passed through death's dark, unknown
To that happy, heavenly home.
One Who Loved Him.
A Man of Iron Nerve.
Indomitable will and tremendous ener
gy are never founi where Stomach,
Liver, Kidneys and Uownls are out of
order. If you want these qualities and
tho success they bring, use Dr. King's
Now Life Pills, tho matchless regula
tors, for keen bruin uud strong body.
25c nt Penny's Drug Store.
80-acrb farm about seven miles from
Stanford. Land all cleared and In good
state of cultivation; six-room cottage,
barn, double crib, etc. Right on pike,
close to good school house and church
and in good community. Well watered
and fenced. Price $2,000. Stanford
Real Estate Co.
'One more question, dear."
"Anrral fnna 1 nm llatAntncr "
..tv. .-v, ... ..Hw.....n.
"Will you love me when I'm old?"
"Well. I'll tell vou. This is a tirac-
tical age. I'll see that you get ade
quate anmony, -
Americans are the greatest neanut
eaters In the world they would be even
if there were no circuses. In 1907 and
1903 Japan exported 17,000,000 pounds
of peanuts and the United Stated look
"Ilyomcl has done a wonderful thing
for me. For two years I was so hoarso
that I spoke In a whisper; now I am as
well as ever. Thanks to Ilyomcl."
Mrs. James Sponccr, Watervleit, N. Y.
G. L. Penny guarantees Ilyomcl to cure
catarrh or any throat trouble. Com
plete outfit $1; extra bottles 50c.
Col. Thomas W. Bullitt died at a hos
pital In Baltlmoro of apoplexy, with
which ho was stricken on a street car
some 10 days ago.
Letting MONDAY. APRIL," 4th
Notico is hereby given that I, as
supervisor ot turnpike roads for Lin
coln county, Ky., will until 10 o'clock
A. m., Monday April 4, 1910 receive
eenlcd bids for stone nml gravel con
tracts on tho various sections of turn
pikes in paid Lincoln county, Ky.
All bids for furnishing, hauling,
breaking mid spreading stono nud
gravel must bo sealed and filed with
mo on or before 10 o'clock a. m.,
Monday, April 4 1010, at Stanford,
Ky., and no bids will bo received after
that time. Contracts will be let to
tho lowest and best bidders, and con
tractors will bo required to give bond
with surety, to be approval by me,
for the faithful performance of their
contracts nml for all penalties nud
damages for failure to so perform
their contracts within tho tinia and
uuder tho conditions hcicinaftcr men
tioned. Staufonl it Danvillo pike sec. 1
from Stanford to Mrs. Mattio White's,
30 rods stone.
Same, sec. 2 from Mrs. Mattic
White's gate to Boyle county line
30 rods stone.
Stnnford it Rush Branch pike sec 1
from Stanford it Lancaster pike to
Rush Branch, 25 rods stone.
Same, sec. 2, from Rush Branch to
Hubble, 20 rods Monc.
Staufonl it Kncb Lick pike sec. 1
from Stanford it Hustonvillo pike to
Hanging Fork creek 10 rods gravel.
Same sec. from Hanging Fork creek
to Danvilloit Hust&uville pike, 20
rods gravel.
Stautord it Milledgcrille pike sec 1
from Stanford it Hustonvillc pike to
McCorniack's church, 20 roils gravel
Same, sec. 2, from McCorniack's
church to Milledgcvillc, 20 rods gravel.
Stanford it Preachcrsville pike sec.
1, from Stanford it Ccub Orclmrd
piko to Wilkerson's Branch, 20 rods
Same, sec. 2, from Wilkerson's
Branch to Crab Orchard it Lancaster
pike 20 rods stone.
Stanford it Crab Orchard pike, sec.
1 from Stanford to Baughmau's gate,
20 rods stone.
Same, sec. 2, from Baughmau's
gate to Bywuters gate 15 roils stone
Same, sec. 3, from Bywaters' gato
to Crab Orchanl, 40 roils stone.
Stanford it Otteuhcim piko sec. 1
from Stanford it Waynesburg pike
to J. G. Lynn's, 15 rods stone or
Same, sec. 2, from J. G. Lynn's to
Boone s shop, 10 rods'stone.
Same, sec. 3, from Boone's pIioji
to Ottenheim, 20 rods gravel.
Stanford it Dix River pike k-c. 1
from Staufonl it Crab Orchard pike
to ilayileu b witch 1U rods gravel.
Same, sec. 2 from Ilaydeu Switch
to Naylors' lane, 20 rods stone.
Same, sec. 3, from Naylors' lane to
uurraru Co. lino, 2U rods gravel.
Stanford it Lancaster piko bee. 1
from Stanford to Logan's lano 25
rods stone.
Same, sec. 2 from Logan's lano to
(jurrard Co. line 20 rods gravel.
Stanford it Waynesburg pike, sec.
1 from Stanford to Ottenheim pike,
25 rods stone.
Same sec. 2, from Ottenheim pikv
to Maywood Co. road at foot of
Knob, 25 rods stone.
Same, sec. 3 from Maywood Co.
road to Curler's Store, 10 rods stone.
Satuo. sec. 4, from Carter's store to
Hutchison's school-house, 15 rods stone
Same, sec. 5, from Hutchison'))
school-house to Butt's store, 15 roils
Same, sec. G, from Butt's store to
Kings Mountain pike, nothing.
MR. FARMER: Make your homo us modern for your family as a city
residence, ami placo yourself in a position to got tho latest market quotations
ut any time. This cau bo accomplished by means of our telephouo servico,
which you and your neighbors can get for a sum that is small compared with
tho benefits received. Call or uddrcsa oii,r nearest oflico or wrlto direct to
headquarters, Nashville, Tenn., for information regarding our special "Far
mers' Lino" rate. If you aro not at jireecut enjoying telephono sorvico, we
can immediately interest you. Our liuea cover the States of Kentucky,
Tennessee. Mississippi. Louisiana and the Southern iwrtiou of ludiaua aud
Same, sec. 7, from Kings Moun
tain piko to Gcoigo Gaines 12 rods
gravel .
Same, sec. 8, from Geo. Gaines' to
Geo. W. Clifl's, 2fi rods gravel.
Same sec. 0, from Geo, V. Clifl's
to unynesbiirg (1 rods gravel.
Stanford it Hustonvillo piko sec. 1
from Staufonl to Cash's store 30 rods
Same, see. 2, from Cash's store to
Hanging Fork creek, 30 rods stone.
Same, sec. 3, from Hanging Fork
creek to Hustonvillc, 40 rods gravel
nud 10 rods stone.
Hustonvillo it Coffey's mill pike,
sec. 1 from Hustonvillo to Win Car
son's, 20 rodi stone.
Same, sec. 2, from Win Corson's to
Mt. fcalciii, 40 rods stone,
Hustonvillo it Ilrndfonlsvillo pike,
whole nmd, 20 roils gravel.
Hustonvillo it Danville niko sec. 1
from Hustonvillo to Black pike GO
rods stone.
Same, sec. 2, from Black pike to
Boyle Co. line 20 rods stouo it 10
roils gravel.
Hustonvillo it Carpenter's creek
pikn. wliolo road, SO rods gravel.
Hustonvillo it McKinney pike,
whole road, 5 roils gravel.
McKinney it Culler's mill piko sec.
1, from canning factory to old toll
house, rmls gravel.
Same, sec. 2, from toll house to old
Lair place, 25 rods stone.
Same, sec. 3, from old Lair place
to .Mt. baletu, 60 rods stone.
Same, sec. 4, from Mt. Sulem to
Casey county line, GO rods stone.
McKinney it Turnersvillo pike,
whole road, 35 rmls gravel.
McKinney it South Fork pike, sec.
1, from Green River to the canning
factory, 25 roils gravel.
Same, sec. 2, from canning factory
to G. T. Ashlock's hotel in McKinnoy,
10 roils stouo nnd 5 rods gravel.
Same, sec. 3, from G. T. Ashlock's
Hotel to Hustonvillo it Stanford pike
at J. S. Murphy's, 25 rods stone nnd
Turnersville it McC'orniack church
iiike, see. 1, from Turnersville to
Sam Helm's. 10 rods gravel.
Same, sec. 2, from Sam Helm's to
Sam Bishops, 10 rods gravel.
Same, sec. 3, from Sam Bishop's to
Knob Lick pike, 5 roils gravel.
Danville it laucaster pike, whole
road, I.) roils stone.
Lincoln it Boyle pike, whole road,
0 rods stone.
Kingsvillo it Pleasant Point pike,
sec. 1, from Staufonl it Waynesburg
pike to Ciuey county, county road,
20 rods gravel.
Same, sec. 2, from Casey county
county road to Kingsvillo, 20 rods
Crab Orchanl it Lancaster pike,
sec. 1 , from Crab Orchard to U. .
Evnns' farm, 40 roils gravel or stone
Same, sec. 2, from G. W. Evans'
farm to Garrard county line, 25 rods
Crab Orchanl it Chappcll Gap pike
whole road, 40 roils stono or gravel
Carpenter's it Morcland Station
pike, wliolo road, 25 roils gravel.
A roil of stone or gravel shall con
sist of 225 cubic feet.
Hand broken stouo nnd gravel
must be on margin of road or section
by Sept. 15, 1010. All gravel must
be spread iieforo Oct. 15, 1010. All
metal is to be measured by the super
visor, who may designate when and
whero it is to be spread. All Crush
ed stone must he spread not later
than .Ian. 1, 1011.
All stono furnished must bo good,
sound, hard limestone or quartz nud
broken into pieces not to exceed two
inches in diameter. The gravel must
bo clean and flinty anil thnt furnished
on McKinney it Coffey's Mill piko
must be from Urecn luver.
The court or its representative may
reject any material not of proper sue
or quality. Jiulilers mutt say wlietn
er stone will be broken by hand or
The supervisor reserves the right to
reject any ami all bids. Blank forms
on which bids may he made, can ho
obtained from the county clerk.
Copies of bonds may lw obtained at
tho County Clerk's oflice.
Lincoln county owns a rock crush
er und contractors will bo permitted
to use it at $1 per roil.
Supervisor Turnpike Roads for Lin
coln County.
"See That Famous"
Our Spring Line of Fam
ous Shirts,
Sec Our Window.
Of Garden Seed in hulk and in
tmckages, Seek oats, clover timothy
bluo grasH, orchard grass, red top,
seed Irish potatoes, onion sets, etc.
To Get
We Have the PRICE and the goods.
Crab, Orchard, Ky.,
R. 11. MAHONEV, Pres. J. T.
The Citizens
Farms, houocs and lots 'or rent, sale or exchange, Persons desiring quick
sales or purchases in realty of all kinds. Call on or
write us nt STANFORD, KY.
Promptness and Reasonable Commissions
Our Specialty. 'Phone 200.
and Water, Best market iu the State.
Second Monday. I.
our prices ou-
WHITE, Sec'y. W. 8. FISH, Trcas.
Realty and
The Wintry Blasts
May Come
Aud tho Ruin and Rnow Fall, but
your stock will keep warm in
Nunncllcy's New Stock Yards
Plenty of Covered Pens and Feed
Hi bring thctu oa. Court Dif
M. Bbuck , Assistant,
1 i. '" - !. ,, .-. . . M-1-- "
nearly all or. tuem.

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