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V f i t -r-"-
' ,-4r1 J
ftE Interior Journal.
NO. 86.
- ' wj-y"
tiods (lDtvr touched him nnd he
At the twilight hour at the clone of
a Sflerlou winter day, peacefully and
painlessly, the soul of Dr. William
fcbeltnn left It mortal abiding place
on Wednesday, tne 21st, nnd was
weleouW with the song ot the re
deemed nnd the angel to thnt land
which 1 fairer than diy
No 'more beiuttftii death can be
IlimXrl tnr than that h wMi-h tfcla
--- " - i; ........ M.
gru.it, good man ot (Jnd crossed over(
which hits awaited him so long, and
which those who know him and the
life that he led.know has been adorn
-d br the Hon of God himself with
the brightest Jewels ot Ills kingdom
Just ten days after hj had been
tnckrn with the apoplectic stroke,
ho lingered 'ills splendid physique
nut tremendous vitality remarkablf
indeed for a man of Sfi yearafor a
time lM his loved one to hope that
h Jnlpbt overcome the fearful nttACk.
JJut tlrd nature was unable to res
I ond nnd lie sank gradually and quiet
1. unto tho rod.
ProUibly no imu who has died In
viutilord wns more universally -re.
pcted and belovd than Dr Sh'ltiwi.
lor Hftvn vidm hu had miil his
, Vome In this coinmunltv, coming here
til that llmo to take the president
of Uv old KUufoid VYroale College
Kor live years he held thai position
-ind tr-en he retired to the well earned
ret tr which his yenrs oi moor en
titled him Since then horhad made
iUa heme with his dan:tit,t', and her
muband. Mr nnd Mrs J MrCl.uy
At t.ie age o! 17 Dr tultun I'fw
Ibi,k(n hU l.ord, and few title more
taltarvll served lllin or given more
ol their lives di-rotlon and Libor
I,. .voiked In the mlolntr) In earlier
111., and when engaged In educational
pumiits nlterwnrde, was anxious to
tnlcv Wist pait he could In the pulpit
Mm pUr,ln the congregation at tho
llppist rlmrch was always tilled. sae
vUen th" weight of advancing vears
aixl Inclemency ol tho weather Tor
t.ade his precnce at worship
tvmessed or a genial, kindly nature,
nr Shflton ran truly be said to hare
tuvrd his lellow mm. and the sorrow
nuil mpsthv manifested In tho com.
mitnltV when he was stricken, nnd
then taken tetllles 1o tho unhVrsa
lovo and esteem In which h was held
Irrlef rvlces were held orer tho
remains at the borne or nis daughter
"Thursday alternoon oy Ilev J JJ
Joiks. and then the body waa laid to
rest In the family lot In lluttalo cine
ter The pallbearers were. Active -.1
U Kd-. J N'. Mrnefe Hr , Oarlnnd
tflugletort. J C Klorence. llowan Sauf
ley, and VV H. Wesren. Honorary ,
1. R. Cooper. J. . Vaxton. S. H
Hsvgtunaa. T. D New land. Dr C How
ler." H. H. Shanks and A J. arman.
Sh)rt Sketch of His Life
Dr William SheMon wm In Ms
do on of the foremost ministers ot
tW napUit church In the touth and
oue ot Its most prominent educntora.
I lo wns at the head at dltterent times
,4 aererwl Jedng educational Instlto
tSoas. Ad 'as a preacher
nnd leadr In his denomination wa4
rrcopilted as a man ol pcwniad n
ro4n ' Ood.
' Dr. Shelton was born In Hmlth coun
ty. Tennessee, near Lehanon. July .
nanuikMsc him 86 vears or ago a'
tnc Uno of his death He wa- one
ot a large tamllv. the only other sur
vivor being his sister. lr Mna
RMdle. of Kansas S'lV. Ho r. h;;
um rraduated from the Vnlverslty at
Ufllle. and'studfed tbeolopy at
lUmlUM University. New- v. or k, H
VM sttcceislvely pastor or tho nap
ilA church at Clarksvllle Tenn. pro-It-jesv
of Oreek and LaUn at thi
llnlTerstt.vi or MurtreesboTO, Tetin..
vrt-rtdeot or UrownMlll'' '"mn''1Bf?1:
lege, Tenu., nnd pastor of the Rupllst
cl"b there-presldcnt or West Tu
ncsuee College at Jackson Tcnn,
'.?:.j; i, ,h imiversltr of Nash.
tllOi president of Kwing college, l.w.1
ln 111., prcsmcni oi u " 7 -
vrTralty a Is Angel -s California,
president ot Hwitwater
les. Bwwtwater Tenn.. and president
ot Btantont Kcmnle College here He
n tired from nctlve di.ty n number of
years ago and hns nce made bla
lome In thU city wit HU daughter,
Mrs. J C McCJarj , , . .
Dr. Bhclton wn married twice, his
first wire being Miss Virginia t.amp
IxjU, niece und adopted daughter of
Oov David Campbell, of Virginia nnd
sister of Oov William Campbell of
Tcaneiwe To this union wcn Wrn
Uht children two survtvlnK
Mr. I. U McClary. of tbU
c tr and Henry C. Sheltoo. ot
Heattlc. Washington, lie I survived
b ten grandchildren asiong them
belne Dr. W V. Bhelton. a leadtng
vurgtoa, of Kansas City. Mi Virgin,
la Ulehtson. of Irtepait 111... H
Mary Hlclieson. of Qoodlns Idaho,
nichard Rlcheson. of Canada. Ilobart
IV. Hautley, of Parker, Arizona, and
Hbeiton M. HauHo. editor ot th , In
Ui1or Journal, or this city, and Mar
ran.t Milton, William and Kl.le Sbel
trm. of Seattle. He nUo leaves three
Tcnn.. who dkd In 1902. leaving uo
The degrees of LU IX. Tb.
1). and d: D. were conferred upon tne
uttd in early lite by l"tt
ln recognlUon ot his ! Mmy B
.Mr. Walter llroylen o( line Knot,
Ky, bought the Dr. James Wesley
farm lest week nnd Is to get poee
non of It by January 1st Till.
Congratulations (rem his many
frlemU In this vicinity Is hereby ex
tended to our former neighbor and
stir better halt, Mr. and Aim. Jesne
'I he colon ml veranda Just complel'
ot at the home) of Mr and Mrs J .1
Allen on Main street has added great
ly to the beauty ol their handuome
.Mnnd Mrs K. Q Mansfield of Ix
ingtea'speni a low nuyii wiiu incnu4i
Is sfVAi
lat week. J
tr wife of Mr. I. U. Depp
on the
line 1 o-pound bo
Mr h
tcvenson who bought
IliU 8pl
0 acre farm of y W
llurton I
t"week at flli5 per acre.
will get poffrpsslon Ut Jan.. next. Mr
teveiiHon will build a modern cot
tago home with up-t-lte conveniens
cea nnd niokt attractivo design near
the pike, and Jnt opposlio the John
1 Cupenter home Work on same
will bgln at one-
A U crown attenced the sale of
Dr Janes Wesley last week- The
spirited bidding brought out th" day
rvidenced tb prence ol many hcJ
mis Imveu Dr Wesley and family
a III move to t.lborty wlvro he Is well
ud rnvorabl) known nnd where he
h.itl a lire prnetb e
Tim "Voluntwr CIhk Hi th t'hrU
orphan home in Ixxiisvillu as 11
tiaii crurcfi Humla sohool sent tlilr
v k three dollnr in tho wljov nnr
Cnrl'tiLa gill for Uom' imloi Innate
Inmate? who should have Hie prrer
m ever) Clirihllun Hi our bWovul
t tin.
Howard t'amnlti and Dr t) 11
llsms by tx-clal attention are spend
ing thl wrek In tho loer (ircen
rer ille following u couple ol
splendid bird dog.
.Sixt S?uiIh 2Mb will be nl
Hnlonn Held day In Huitonvllle. Kv.
U S Fuller Supt of Eastern Ky.. vv HI
siwak at the Unlou sorvlco at I'hrW
tian church at 11 A M. and 7 I M
i;vrbody urged to hoar him
A 165 acr0 farm, lin cn-r fine
rwttoru hnd with 6 room dwelling, I
tenant hoii'e, 2 lrg splendid new to
t.acto b-vrn. good orchard, well witer
tl. cloxe to church aid .lehool A
hnnrnln nt $l.0t0 Htt II Wil
li iniH and . at one-
I think old Santa can gt hli slcijth
roady from the signs In the air at
thlc writing ,
Some of our farmers are through
strlpp'ng tobscco but aro low spirited
ca account of tht. low snip and low
Slnco our last report some change-
have been made nmoung the citizens
ol our community. Messrs Craig
Uaiifh and J Wash Cook with their
families have gon, to JXtrolt Mich.
John Heed who haa been In Oklahoma
for the past year, ha with his famllv
rurnpt to "old Kentucky."
Mrs. Sarah Austin has moved Into
tho Wash Cook property and Jtm
Heed his moved to the Craig Raugh
iinvn Youns ha moved Into his
new home,
ti.ir phol taucht. Dy Mr Cyrus
Johnson ot King s Mounjsin will close
rrldav .V. Im wiui an vnnrnimimoin
to which all the nitrons nre Invited
Th Ml. Morlah school taught by
Miss Winnie Hattleld, will rloso hTl
dav I M with an entertalnnn-nt and
Xmas tree, at the Christian church.
J II Voiinc of Union College H.ir
hiiiniiio U at home for the holiday
Mr. Sain Hastln Wfco has ben quite
wl. V U lmsrovlns
U.slle Hatfield le sick at this writ
Our community was shocked last
uivi. on heailnr of the death of Mrs
sih biMiti. nd Jarre! Berry. The
'rimt loll a husband and three smut!
children to mourn her Ion and last h
a wife nnd eight children to mourn
tin low.
Mr. AUx l'lerce, or near Oreenville
Tenn.. Hpent two weeks wuh hi nepli
evV. Snuire n. lUAuams.
T D. Williams and family have justj
raurnrd fre a 'vieit to reiauve a
Mrs. Margaret Young is visiting nr
damhter at Burnslde.
u?.u.8"r,,..ii .JTa lint Artm. h.ii.
com Homers In aenrrh of em
ployment .
Hev J II IVnco, pastor 01 tue .
K church ot MlnWr. III. and two son
nro visiting IrUnds and realllves hert.
iliirlnc thu holldars, no n,is verj
loccntly distributed clotrang among
ri poor and deUltutc fumllleH here
md tn tho countrv At least lort
dferlnt families have been assisted -
i,v the Bemwslty of Mr IVnco. In
an? InstanTci children have been
clothed from hvd to root For the
SuourWTb. ui been assbt-
inJ' ihel families by sending them
rthtaV.a ta wm- liuBci rood
May the Lord prosper vhr ww "j ,
Mm who is wiiiioK iu '"",'" ""
i.t,sbjt others. a rnis-nu,
u. uno-r oe-An THIS IF YOU
Y0U VSr ?5e .ENeriTr
i n,r irisBwood La. "But-
My attentloti was attracted to Fcdey's .lTnaa'n UBY i&ABE
KldBfy Bemedy and I am il4 to say .. -?UBY t8ABe
nrgter usbi thU wonderful medicine, pieaso VIng
1 am bo "" ru,Vl'irl '
- - tagB JiHSHMSMSBgsjsjKSfe fp mtt VlAMt .SSk. ss
Ba g MpRE9EE999HBflksVIHjKAnrnBMse3.3lfK M
fEJ5i4s?tfK? ? iTw & BfcprfPiTBSsisyjisr3B
t'lSisisisislslsMkksm .A rtW t XX t-l JHhJT HHHilBH
iLPHPr W, V.Efl ssssBHtftBsffvsBmslsM
UksKslsBbM '' v -. t ssssssBsVssWfBl?jHI
UiksisBVHZHlW i, .' KssHLsHisisBisHUiH
Hr3flMxir' ' '-'JBsssssssBBB
IsslslsBlslslsKlT mJm mM slslslslslsll . ssHLsfissV lslslslslslslslslslslslsH
H' vi kaH'' m lJ ssssBwiWv isisisisB
tt3Mi-VrJ: aSasssrilH '5i'-.'. tt"'ir)!tssB
Letters to
iluttotiillle. Ky.
Dear Old Sunla
I ii'ii n vory ttn. IKtleTboy
fight years old in 'he vnlnl grad3 I
like to go to Sur.l.ty rln.ol wliry?u
pleiwc b'lug 'ino mev 'ittls'lult
pntin leil her ihi.is lid t I i,t Kroui
jour lltll" I: 'mil
ri'wionvllU't Kf
Denr Stnla---
1 go to jthooi, ev ery iluy will
vou please end"'i)ie -i llttje black
board to work mv si.ms-otr-and a
good book'to rvad I will tui ask
much of joti tills llnlu no pfeat.'e'don't
lorget n.e
Crab Orcluird, Ky.
Denr Old Santa Cliut
I am a Httl girl 'i yvsr old
tnu I want ou to brlni; me n big doll
tlvil can sar papa niri mama and
nppl"s chocolate candles orangett and
bnnanua nnd anvthlng i'Me you wUh
to bring me Your little friend.
KUZMii-rrii jili-xs.
Crab Orchard, Ky
Dear Old Panta: -
I want you lo bring me rome
nice loy I have a nice doll I wnnt
I bed tor It and a doll bu'Cy and
tc.nanas rnndV applet and a niee
coat and tdce pair shoes. Your little
II je.u old girl.
Crib Orchard. Ky
Dear Santa Clam-
1 I am a little boy-11 'yearn old
1 want jou to bring me a waggon
nnn ome llr cnickers oranges ap
ples b.ui.vns onndy and nil nice
things you cm tiring my little Nter
n doll nun niue eea ion yeunw
...... J -.,..., -r.l. ...,..., l.n
n'tc, lor my do. 7our it le "frlTnd
I'mi. nr..i.int. I(v
Dear Santa Clnus--1- I
I will wtIU you a letter to t-U;
yeu tehat, I tmnt for Xmis. J st a-J
tov horse nnd wagon I bave a largo
have a larne wagon I can ride my
iiroihpr in I am a boy 4 years old
I uant some npples sandy oranged
peanuts ur.d txvnaruis 1 wljl go ti
'ed fit 8 o'clock and shut my
tight I will not look. Your llttlp bov,
Crab Orchard
IMir Santa Claus -
I w"t ',,u to bring me a toy
iw.r... mid wnMn and ft lot of candy
opid-i nnd bsnanas and orange My
of Mn ,f j wl, bfl eooa
boy 1 urn two yoiri? old. 011r little
('rub Orchard.t Ky.,
Dear Old, Santa Clans'
. I am h little. wy nino ?""
inul ro to school every day 1 want
ou to biing u nn overcoat a little
aulomoblle. a base ball and bat a
tlddle P,.U a whole heap of fire works
My m w dead and t am all the
toy mama tas o bring me all yov
ean our little friend.
It will soon be time tor you to
I come and sec us again, and I am
tlaa, Rantu T want to tell you about
my baby sUter she Is so cute and
iet. 1 will bang her stocking right
beHde mme ana du De sure anu
doll n Pxt "rd
sjfBsssmt: rl.
Old Santa
Deir Santa Clans
I am a lltt biy tid would be
trlnll 11 ou WOUItl LOI' - to ste III-'
so I will not aal. hiicI. of jou this
tlnt- 1 Ilk, to ii tn Sunday school
ou pUai" mid jie .1 si'it of clotnex
unit 1 n of p:.nU 1 ther sboej.
l'Ieiif. don't for,;-! .lie
.. Dcm-.thntn. -
' I'leuie brlnjr fc a doll and
doll bu jgy and dre3cc Sen 1 us h
truhk tu kicp Ioljloioth.s in v,ou
bring these and papa u.il give jou
nientv of caody. A'lth 'nve
ui.ur spd ruAM'.s iiAL.1.01
Dar Old emu 1 laj
I w ant ajlijl.. doll and a Dig
doll fatri busKv 01 nil rlHr i.llu
ry little slater wants r dolt and bug
ry. Frances wan' u i.oll and buggy
t rora your llttlij frlepil
IVar Santa Claus
I am a good !M,e girl will ou
come and bring mr i doll, .1 doll
busgv, doll dlshe.' on t torget all
th ether llttl" j;irs With love, rrora
jour trlend I am
HlgiilsnC. Ky.,
lVar Santa CUua
I atr a little pii heVeu jear.s
sin and Mh'ough' 1 vtould write and
tell jou whit I want for Christmas
I wiant 1 dress pi:r of shoes, stock
tog. glt-pfrjB doll, ro.ne fruits' and
tuns. Pleate do not lorget me.'
Moreland, Ky.
Dear Santu Claur
" I want you to come to see me,
I vtnrt .vou to bring me a pistol a
1 "
" "P and egress wagon ,omo
J-Bay nut'0nf7, ?Dd1 ?PP'eB anU
l.ai ant's Dent tall to lring me an
ovtrroHi lours iruiy
0(eilKI. KKltRKL.
r - Moreiana. Ky.
Dear Old Santa Clausj
1 .am a little boy seven earg
i.ld 1 ihouxbt 1 would write and tell
j j-ou what I want for Xmas. Iwant
Kme candy, apples- bananas oranges
ey-s.nl,tA nnd a coconut and a pistol and
home caps, l'leuse don't lorget mo
I am your lrtend
Deir Santa fclaus:
1 nm seven )earb old nud 1
want jou to bring roe a nice doll that
will go to sleep nnd a set ot doll dth
en sonio titre randy and frlilts ami
dour Simla If you don't trlnk I aU
lor too much, you can bring mc a
brneelet. I will be n grandrau Goocbn
1 will go to bed at so von o'clock so
dMr Pantn don't rorge to come
Moreland, Kj.
Dear Pantu Clous:
I nm a little girl seveu eurs
cM I always loved you dearlj I
v .011 Id like for you to bring me .1
china doll a ring and a wutcb. I will
be ver thankful Ipr any thing that
you will bring me. X stands lor
Xrafls Christmvs birthday they say
How happy all children should bo on
that db.v Address,
' ' ' r
Edgerieic; Cbitago
Pear Santa Claus:
I nm a little bey nve jars u
I le on a farm one mue uuu a bair
from tqwa a New Santa I am oIdii lo
tell you' what I want )ou to bring
mo lor Xmns. I want you to brnr
me a Itttta red wafon?a horn a ket of
"blocks, a, cart and r.urw,. and a tralu.
Na- SantJi I want you to mi my sioex
Ins; fvill of nuts candles and bananas
1 aw expecting you so. don't lorget uu
SaU djr, for I am a teed lutl bay
1 am votr IHtle rrle4.
SflewlHl Prices
fobacco Is going ud with a lumn .in
a rettilt ot the start:ng of another
pooi ai Lexington At th Peoples'
lon.icco Warehouse in Danville on
Wtdncsdny as high nt 20 eenta n
pound was obtained for several baa-
seia cr tne weed owned by T. A.
Itinearson, of Powers, Casey county,
tils crop averagid 114.75 In all,
vhlch i a splendid average. Some
other good averages In the 65,000
pounda sold during the day wero aa
J. C. Roblnfon, of Allceton, Doyle
county IS 1-2 cents. Jason Meadows,
2 1-2 cents. Louis Tucker, oMUId
Ulebunr. Caer countv. 11 t.- nmi.
Jesse Ovcrstreet, 15 rents. Johntr,5 movm,'nt and it Is believed tha
x,ynn. or Mustonvllle made a goodi1"6 orginizanon of the new pool for
-...w, .u uv..v jj.nr nn nm. aoncver
was Vi cents.
Kartnota ar holding Uielr corn for
ti pejgbarrel but sales arc slow at
iais iyire
The Entertainment to bo given
Ainas ive oy mo uaptist 8. S prom
Isos to be a very Interesting aftalr.
Mt. Vernon Is to have a moving ni.
turc show, Jfessrs. A. II. Furnish, W.
(J. Mclieo nnd Victor C. Tate are the
Thos(. around hero who nan? emu
Ibelr tobacco are not pleased ,lth
the price paid nnd it looks as though
out little will be planted out next
vear In these parts.
Howard Owens and Mias Martha
liradley of th(? Siiers neighborhood
were married last week by and at
tho residence of Itev. Jimo, inn..
mlns of the Poplar Grove vicinity
William Uallard has move Into Mrs
Clark projiertr lately vacated bv Mr
The Snyers public )cliool will cloa
next Friday with ar entertalnmpnf
given by the pupils. Music will bo
lurnlshed by the Seoggins famil.v
Mrlng band. The school was taught
by Mr. Will Dillingham and has ten
n success from the very tlrst day.
a. uarson 13 clerking foi J
'1 nomas Cncrr this week. .Miss
Mattle Owens our asslstan post mis
tress visited Miss Lula Roberts or
.viaywood Saturday and Sunday. lohn
I' Hamra, or the L. & N. R. H. be
tween Louisville nnd Cincinnati f.
visiting relatives here
b. F Francisco is visiting his son
JimtM lit UiFollette Tenn. this week
Joe Carter ot Oratz, Ky.. Is with his
crotn-r Dr. v. F. during Xmas. Mr.
Willis Adams ol Mt. Vernon who tas
been in the west lor several months
is with borne folks for a few weeks
Virgil Martin and Sam Sayer spent
the litter part of last week. Inutbe
I'ongo section hunting.
Mr. Howe nnd family of Richmond
eturned home Saturday alter spend
ing a few das here with Mrs. Howoa
Bister Mrs. Kd Newlana. Mr. Howe
put in his time hunting. Hev. Jonn
rence anc sons Lyinon and Kdwln
or'Moneor III., who are now with rela
tives at Rowland are expected to be
the guests of tN:!r uncle and aunt
Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Painter during
Xmas. Mrs. John Leece of tho HIatt
Mclnlty has been very sfrkvbut is
some better. Mr anl Mrs. W. T.
I'Cvans have returned rroto a few
days visit with relatives In London
Ceo. Frith of the Louisville Dental
School Ih here Ior Xmas. Rec Green
Fish till preach at the Christian
thurch Xmas day Mtss Pattle Per-
Mni. of Mt. Vernon visited her Brand-
mother Mrs. Sallie Dames here Sun-
diy. We have an Inkling that there
will be two or three weddings here
ere long. Messrs, Allen and Jimes
Harnett of the Quail section and Ity.
ron Owens who are student of Ucorie
town college are at home during a
Lojran McCal! Vho has been tele
graphing 1st trick at Lebanon Junc
tion was bore with his parents Satur
day ard Sunday. He wilt likely be
transferred to Uostoc as first trick
operator In a few days. Wflltajn
Paraley who committed suicide at
London Saturday evening wmb well
thought ot In this section of the coun
try his nbllity ns tnwellng salesman
was scarcely excelled.
Mi Jumes Jlaret. general minnrrer
of th,, Mt. Vernon telephone exchange
iilrt secretary of the Dastln telephone
i pany Inrt (ms us that he wilt
soon have installed and In working
order a new switch-board which will
be nulle nn improvement over the
one now In um All telephone nuu
l.ers wjll be changed. A new direc
tory published und other Improve
ments lunda which v 111 make the ser
ilea of the very best However, thorw
is not much complaint against the
present order of thing? tor umiouot
edly, our old frlrnd Jim la n (.enlua
especially wbn It corner to electrl
city and knows how to Keep things In
the proper condition 1.U0 Is an in
ventor along tint line ot no small
mark the wonder rill progress of the
:tee Air illehts on heavy marWnes
telegrams without wires, terrible war
Inventions to kill men ana mat won
er of Wonders Dr King's New dls
covery to save life when threaten'
isl bv couKhs. corns, la grippe, asm
nsa. qroup, bronchitis, hemorrhages
hay fever and whooping cough or lung
trouble. For all bronchial atfections
It has no equal. It relieves Instantly,
Its the surest cure James M. Black
of Ashevllle N. C. R. It.' No. 1. writes
it cured him of aa obstinate cougn
ulter all other remedies failed. 50c
and $1. A trial bottle free. Guaran
teed by Penny's Drug Store.
Clarrncn K.jTate returned'from Lc
Ington Wcdneaay, where he attend
ee th meeting of tobacco growers
and took prominent part In the work
of organizing, another .pool.for Begt
year,. Moth Independents and foraser
poolere joined in the, movement, axd
!t promises to swep the Uurley dis
trict bj storm. Meawho havo hith
erto fought the pool, ,but have seen
the effect of IU failure in th. i
Ing. of tobacco, prices have joined in
Itfll means a grea thiriir for th ir.
bacco grower. Prices at the.Lexlaa;
ton breaks this week jumned two
ccnu a pound when It learned: tha
the new pool aeemed to be a certain
KO. and It Is expected that the mar
Let lor tobutco will immediately be
crime very active again.
The tobacco growers nt tht. meeting
in L-xirgton werp not empowered to
take nny formal action, as they did
not come as delegated representatives
lrom their counties. They adopted a.
plan ot action, however, which wa
ondorsed by all present . At a meet
ing of the growers of various Hurley
county seats on Saturday December
11 delegates will be appointed to
another raeetiru? to be held in Lex
ngton January 5, 1911, when the pool
ing movement will formally launched
Th,, report of the committee appoint
ed at Lexington this week to draft a
plan, was as follows:
"Your committee appointed to d-
H1.1,a".a,,U nieftrf tln9llng tbo
White Hurley tobacco in such coun
ties in Kentucky. Ohio. Indiana. Mis
souri and West Vlrelnia as mn
do raise White Durley tobacco, res
pectfully report as follows:
"First that wo recommend the pool
ing ot the 15n crop, and in th sam
contract cut our the 1912 crop; that
all counties in the nurley; district arw
requested to send delegate to Lexing
ton on the 5th day of January, lull,
to dovtse wnvs and means to bring
abo-:t this end.
"For the purpos,. ot strengthening
the mil pool we also recommend to
the addition or the 1911 pool nny oth
er unsold tobacco on hand.
Second We! favor countv onranl
ration nnd home rule.
Third We J:avor a reasonable per
ceut contract
Fourth we favor a separate oreanl-
THtton and recommend co-operation
with similar tobacco organizations.
Fifth We recommend" that June W
tlajle JudPe P Hill and M. H. For-
man ne appointed a committee to take
up the question of .organization and
confer with other similar organiza
tions and report at tr-e meeting, on
Jinuary fith, 1911. 4
I. F. Hill, Chairman, Henry county.
H. M. Bosworth, Fayette.
C. K. Tate, Lincoln. . -P
l)f Minor. Owen,
li. M. -jrprman. Carroll,
'id Oil! Mercer
June V. Oayle. Owea.
James H. Polsgrove, Franklin.
That Lincoln county will h, solidly
in line behind the movement for tan
new pool -seems evident from the tone
ot expressions heard from various to
bacco growers on the streets this
week when news of the movement
leached here. It is confidently be
lieved that the strongest pool of to
bacco ever perfected will result' f rote
this movement, and the price of the
weed be forced to a llgure, that wtu
eive n grower a fair return for his
libor. Mr. Tate who represented Lin
coln this week, urges every tanner
in Lincoln not to torget to atten tke
mass meeting o( Lincoln county grow
ers which will be held here, on Satur
day, Iec ill
1 1
Gtri New Fr Grtwers.
Here's good news for the tohac
10 growers ot Lincoln county who
have ben unable to sell tnelr tobac
co and many of whom have been
wvndering whuv their Chrlstma
n.oney was coming from . I . Kin
caw. local buyer tor the Louisville
iohuoco Warehouse Comp.iny,, an
nounced W the I. J., on vVedw;sdny
that he will begin buying at his waro
houso hero Immediately after Christ
mas. He has recelvod'orders from hiH
house to tart In (.hipping In tobacc
to them tho tlrst of the year, ami
trucka and hogsheads have been ship
ped him to handle a lirgo amount ot
the wesd
Uood prices nre expeOU to prevail
again lor this crop since the new
looting movement wn started nt ie
ington tnle week with such enthus
iasm both by the old. poolers and the
lrs D Ollkson, 828 Ids'm Are.,
YounKatown. Ohio, gained wisdom by
experience. "My little girl had a se
vere lold ana cougnva oiuiw-k. "
tluuouslv. My sister rerumraoBUCT.
Foley's 'Honey andTir, The first
doce l gave her relieved the tutlaai
uialion tn her throat and nttir uslt
only one bottle ber throat and lusgs
--,i..ii. r,M fmm Inflamtnatkm.
aiuce then 1 al way keep a bottle of
Foley' lioaey ano rar m me eu
A.re.Bt no S'lbetltutes. Sold by 8au-
ga tad Taaaer.
1 ' ,tt.m r. alitmi
k wimv ". niiiwi.
' f J y

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