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t y r
The Interior j ournal.
No. St.
At 11 meeting of thi Democrat!;
State KxecutHo Committee held In
IajuIsWII,, on last Thursday, a call
vw ,Uaowt for a primary fifr th.
Mtrnlnition ot candidates for etuto
.'fk-i, said' primary to be held on
May 27th Tbe cull status that Urn
primary shall be fair for ovcry canal
4'iUp, and provides that the cunnty
onimtttp-t shp.l niimc the olectir.i
iflicerii, but If any candidate feels
that Iw u alighted, bo mny obtain re
lr from, the State Executive Com
nlUee Itself. Messrs. A. 0. Hear, ot
ltJMmill0 M. J. Mcagbcr, or Frank,
tort and Will A Youn&, or Moreland,
ihrco fplcndld democrat, wefe np--nolnW
as a sub-commlttce to have
horgv or arrangements.
Csndldaies lor various ofricp np
. ami be I ore th. commlltPv and
4 mt or them ilcclnrcd In faor of n
(invention. Senator Janics II. aIc-
- i roarj ssld that ho was willing to
HjjTe wmer uui prt'crrvu iu ii.ni
?io qecatton ol the governorship set-
'led directly by the people themselves
I'nnirreiMiuan lien Johnson, who Is
,tJlnR quite n reputation tnr eat
em-all oepevclips wanlid n conven
tion very badly, probbl being ntraid
Vi mist JiU chom.ee to tin people,
iirfcnlnifgtbs manlpulallbn or
i imcli qf professional politcuus
Tp action or the roruroliu-- i bt-iiov.-d
to bo u great Melon' fur Mi
iciry, Kir It is genjrnli) i.meeded
t.i.it b-tforo -tbi- i-eople In' -.t.OOb
w -irrnfier than any "'h.r tan
.'idsL., Tor governor. It is belle- el
i bat MelToni) and Johnson hi. I b
i h only ones to go to the ikwi fir
I'm governorship nomination in In
i-rttnarv as candfdutes Hear, ddam
.ind Hendrick nre too Jlttio knomn f
have ny Hold upon Ui,. jwopl- V it
rlinse to in tb,. rae, MH'rer -HI
in thn nomination b JO.ooo or more
lusjoruy and nin for pnernor over
wnomtirur tn republicanfc mny nom
jnut0 tr J6.0U0. Tliu people ol th-i
' -talo ort for him nnd In n primary
the i-eoplo will rule, ns they should
Ucport or Condldllon of
IHrtns tuliwnsfl In tbo town ot Huston
.ilo. county ot Lincoln. Slate ot Ken
iticky. at thJ close ot business on tho
; .in doy of I)eC0Hier, 1110.
l.oao and atscounts. ... IWSli 91
Iu troBJ banks 6,017 S7
Actus! cosh on hand 2,!7f bl
hocks, cash Items and en
change for clearing .
Jwdrftlt Hecirrd. ...
Current oxpenses nnd taxe
SHi.1 70
rvo i:
Ileal eststP. M.H6 3; hMrnl
toro and Klxtures. ?4,J30 f8,
total '"17 t"
s'anltal stock paid In. In
Ch S3J0 W
, Surplus. 12,100 00; Undlvl-
-VldeJ proflU, l,,.,73 lfi; toUl 3.3;u 10
IVposltH on which JntercBt Is
i.ald, 9.i:0 CO; Dcjwslts on
whlcn Interest Is not paid,
3;V,b0l 6b. Wl doioHH ..3K.4il tS
Hue to bsnks 'f-' 51
Notes antl btllfc rcdisc6unted
otvs and bills rediscounts 10.000 00
lotal IMW 3
.itnto o( Keuluek). county ot Lin
ir,ln; 1, J. W Hosklns. cashier ot tho
bovo uamcU bank, do solemnly swear
that, tho uboo btatoment is trim to
toe bett ot my Unov.'lud,eKo und bo
jier J W. 1IOSK1NB. Cnshiur.
J. C llAKlCUlt,
V, M. MYEllS.
Subcrlbcd and sworn to beroro mo
by J. W. Hosklns this :!4Ui day of
IVcembor 110. My commllon ox
vircd March Ibth 1912,
J. 1, OOODE, Notary Public
Vor tho first Umo In tho history ol
Kentucky a great state poultry show
is to bo held. Hy the elforU of M. O
Itankln, Coinpilesfcnor of agriculture,
tho Kentucky Poultry Association
rnrmed Mime months since and It will
Uoldjits Hr aanuol show ot poultry
fair at Lexington on January Jtt to
.1 next, J'rerotum list and catalr-Kue
sill bo icady for distribution Janu
ary 1st. and will be sent to anyone on
afftttttkm to tkwsUry nrank U.
g rolloKiiiK Its umnj custom,
there will bo no Interior Jour-
p nal Issued on n xl Friday, thr
H "oth
d The "lorce will be given tbo
opportunity ot enjoying a CTjist
H mas holiday; or as much enjoy -
. ... . .. . . .., r ih m
ment as we can get out of tho
process of Tioln; lhe ofti-o
rixturtf., machinery, itc , troni
the building nhlch has been oc-
cunled by th I. J., tor the
l r . "
past tweut)-flve ears or so, to
th Hopper storeroom on Main
street, illreclly across Irom tbo
wm .... I,n... nnrf nml rtnnr In
tfte postortlce I
This change of quarter hus
n -, m
been made necessary b rth0 In
. ...n.., , ,h ..... -
m r. ..,.....,. ... , mu.v, ,. colvid tho hearty congratulations ol
nnKs new .Mlchlc press, which wide circle or friends.
H Is m Ibrgo und su heavy Uiat (i Hobert Kt-lley, a well known nnd
1 It Mould be unsafe to plar,. It "kf' nK itoy'e 'Jl'."?ur ,a"d MBS
S , ' Lula Kofct-rta. one of Lincoln s ponn
gin an upstairs rocm wan no)r nnJ aUfnctlvo dnugbtflrrj were
D morn than the ordinary floor H married at Uie home oi K. m tot
g supports ieiiPHth U TUIs pnss K trts m Ui ura. In the presence or
a .. .t.- ....... ,.,k.. ...... i. ai.lriends nnd loved ones
Z , W, k. .. . . . - Uoo Wblte a ..ubstantlsl farmer
and will enable lb 1. J. toB'ot Crab Orchard rcctlon und Mini
H conip out in seten column form g
a to the page, nnd alioid room for
H inuth ore midiDR matte, for
R """ pntrons n
H There nre, moreover, a grer.t g
m Many othor dladantnges in be
3 mg . an upstairs stor-room.
H wl-lch ait. obtlous Tb ofrire
g is haid ut get Ui bj Ihow who H
wish U. iy their uU.criptlons
5 ... u.. ' ... .. ... ..... .i, -
m ..... ,...h ... . v-. j" - si
many ladles and olderlj m-oide R'
H hesltsu to climb the lung night H
g of ntMlrs, and Hie liolse of on
rnglt.es anu jnrnng f v-'f pi ess
f e has U'eomo uultest-uble to B,
K our fiKl imlghbon- bciuw, tl.o H AGAINST MRS. HELM'S WILL.
Thn Istncoln County National g' " "
Hank and Mr Bum Itoblnson. The will of Mrs llurnetta Helm.
jlhe.havo ben unusually pa. ,hu died in tho West Knd a few
H llent with us, and we are highly g wpcIm ago. waa ordered to probate
g appreciative of tbc lortK'nrnnco g bv Judge Hallcy last wetk, alUr n
g ibey lme inanlfuau-d in a very g splrttd IcmI contest aver it. Contest
g nnplentuut situation. g'was made ngalust the probating ot
g The Interior Journal hopes to g the will b Capt. Thomas l Helm, ot
g iKsu-j its next number, January g Pauvlllo und Mrh. OHIO Ttxinnan,
g -rd. lull from Us new quarters, g children of the deceased, who claim
g s Us machinery In moved, and g that tbo document did not roako an
g things ruunlng properly. It wlU g tflvM and fair distribution olj tbo
g Issue an lu.'lLitlon lor IU rend g
en and the public In general to
g pay It a visit on some press g
g day. nnd see In operation what g
g ta beyo.id doubt the best eiulp- g
g ped country newspaper oftlo' g
g in the Bute of Kentucky, g
g Notwithstanding the fact that g
tho Interior Journal In Ha now g
g lorui will glv0 four more col gi
limns of matter each Issue, ond g
g regtrdlebs or the cot.t and In g
g crease In the price of whlto pn- g
g rer, and, In Tact. eethlng that g
g goes Into tht makeup of a news g
g paper, the price of tho interior g
g Journal will remain at one dol- gj
g lar peryear. WlfUonewifar g
g however, a new iul wilt be g
.j ....i ii,, i .. .niiirriniiftn t
J mur't Paid for stx.ct.y In ad- gj
g vauoe When a subscribers g
ttrao expires, he or she wilt be g,
nolltely notified, and will Iw ex-
LJ.h . miv nromntu- tho
g pected to pay promptly it tno g
g pnper is desired for another g
vc.r. If payment is not made g
si nronutly alter noUllcatlon. tho g
g paper wilt bo sloppeu. ine - -' "r J. V
g groat lObJ on unpaid subscrlp- g SCHOOL PLAY AND BOX SUPPER,
g tlons and tbo Increasing cost of g Tll0 ueView HIRh School at More
g inatirUU. innkos such a rule g ,am, wlll gh0 a l))ny nl tne jj w ot
g necessar ir the prlco Is to bo g A nU at .jorBlilUt v) oa Tburs
kept at l a year There nre g , nl u. jjecomber. .Mth The Mod-
g ver. erj low papers In th g
g statB which issue twice a wiun a l)ox aupl,c. immediately after tho
g for Jl a year, but this rate will g 1)lu) h.v(,ryinMly cordluJy InMted.
g coiitluuo ror tho 1. J.,.aa long g r .,.
g aK lt& fcubHcrlbers como In regu- gi MARVELOUS DISCOVERIES "
g larly with that one little g nmr tbe w'onderrul progress of tho
M "wbevl ' rSl Alr l(hla on heavy raachir.es
Tlie'l. I hope trai every g Iclegram without -wires, tcrrlblo war
,,e . ' ,.,,.,' Z inventions fo kill men nnd that won
g reader hud a liierty Lhrisunns g cr of Wondrp Ur King's New dl
g and w IshlsJ all n happy Now g l0very - to savo life when threaten-
W Yiar WW m
J g
Are your bogs worth 5 cents per
head 7 W guarantee
Bourbon Hog Cholera Remedy
to keep hogs healthy and free from
dlsoaso for 6 cents per bad par
month. It cures Cholara, Kill
Worms, Stlmulat,e tho AppoUt.- Aids
Olgestlon and causes bogs to fatten
vefy rapWly. This rm4r U'.s4
and eHdorsed by loading hog raisers
throughout tbo country. Coaie In
avA lot ui tWl you about IL
Hlx younK couples souRht Christ'
inns lmpplnes In tbp bllsHtnl bonds
ot wedlock JuNt he lore ye happy
Yuletldn ent, maklnR the occnslon
when qveryonc 1b supposed to be hnp
py, a oartlcittarly Joyful occasion for
Melvln Kldd, and Miss Murray
KlnR, nxed 22 nnd 18 respectively,
and a prominent and poplr younq
wupe ,f lhe Wync(lbuJ, Btf,.Uon, se.
cured llcrnre here and wer united
In marriage on the 19th at the dome
ol U llltam Kldd, tho bride's father.
J. L. Cooper and Miss MaRglc Mc
vtnorwr. wcru joinea in weuiocus
holy bond on the 21st The rroom
g a prominent oung man ol the Mc-
Klnnye section, while his bride Is the
attractive daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs.
V WcWhoiter. A host of friends
W ilh them OVerY hnpplnt'HH
Thrt nn.l unHiiinir K-tia tVflt ft ilnm
TarUr, a prominent Casey county far-
mer and MM ?"ces Herd . Thoy
vi-rn married on the 22d at tbo homo
ut the brlden rather (Jeorge V. Heed
in thO Oreen river section, and re-
nry Lutle Cumins, also or tho ens'
uid nnJ i member of a. prominent
J'"""- married ut the home oi
Thomas Pence on Christmas day.
yiicir in,,ny friends wish them wvnr
i County Judge llnlley said Iho worrt-j
smart, both ol tho liast Kn'. one, nt
ifce court houiie .SHtiiWny, the 2-lth
"h ire poputar wlih all who ki
th-m .ind have rood wishes fo- con-
vu,u. hHpplncsim.
- - ..
Goes to Probate
proport) ot the deceased
lhe -oill U.JI the bulk; of Mrs.
Helm's estate to her son, Snmp Helm,
with whom eho had made her home
for many years, but provided that
pay to each of her other children,
the sum of J500. Tbo estate lelt bv
Mrs. Helm Is said to be valued at
I about Jt-,000
At a atrial in tho county court last
..plf r ho case ot Mrs. Walter
warren against Kd Hubbard, charged
ulln aasai,it and batter-, a Jury nc
,j,,med Hubbard In the first
tr,a, ,he jurv ,u Ucen unablo to
J v Greer. Urecnwood, La., sul-
wltha -vereor lumbago
rurcC(j to hyriodermlo Injoctlons for
relief. These atUicka started with a
pan. In the small of the back which
fcradufll became tnirly paralysing,
My aUcJtlo vas uttmctd to Foleys
KWney xcmtKly and I am glad to say
mgter using this wonderful wediclno
1 am no longer bothered livsny wajc
liv mi nlrt enumv lumbiu;&."
prjl NNQOdmBn & 4wrtrlca will Jwvff
eu u' iuurub, wuiuj., iu isni'i", '.'
mn, croup,
bronchitis, hemorrhages
hay fever nnd whooplBg cough or lung
trouble. Yvj nil bronchial atfectlons
It has no equal. It relieves Insbintly,
Its tho surest cure. James M. Dlflck
ot AshOTlllO N. C, It. IL No. 1, writes
It cured him of an pbstlaaui conga
utter all other remedies failed. 50c
nnd II. A trial bottlo .free, Guaran
teed by JJenny 8TJrug" Store.
froui a knife, guh, tin can, rusty nal
Jlrewcrks or any other nature, do
wnads prompt treatment with Hue
len's Arnica Bslre to prevent blood
polKMi or gangrene. It's the quickest
wrest Uealw lor all such wounds as
! Ca IkiirtLH festtijW AAFAsI ""
Thn city pnpers for tho past several
das have bad lengthy articles con
cerning th marriage of Airs. Charles
Hamilton, formerly Miss Lucy Tata
of this city, to tt Duko of Cholseul
J'rnrUn In France. Col. W. l. Walton
.xlitor of the Lexington Herald, who
knew her well, while be reldedshere
aa editor of tho interior Journal,
writes thlA sketch of the new Duchess
in a recent Issue of the Herald.
The dispatches tell of tho receu
marriage In Europe of Kentuck wo
man whoso life has been fuller of ro
manrc than tb most Imaginative nov
ellsti -ner conceived. Miss Lucy
Tote, born In Liberty, Casey county is
now a Duchess, realllng tbe ambition
ol her girlhood to be a membor of roy
a.ty As n young girl tho wrltxr know
her an a cry handsome, ot splendid hg
t.re und unusuallj bright mind and
great beauty ot manner Her father,
tlie lale William l'. Tate, who was u
r.iurchant accumiilated a good fortune
for thnt section and moved to Stan
ford, with his only dnughter about
tho tin.,, she was budding Into young
womnnhood, nnd she hoon became a
MXilnl favorite.
i'OBSesied ol much tnudlc tn.'unt,
her fntbnr sent her to Hoslon to ini
ptore it, mid sto entered a conserva
tory, ttmri IJuring her stay at the
"Huo" the became acquainted with
Mr Chailes Hdrnllton Patae, a man of
tluofwnily and a member of u broker
age llnu in that city. It was a case of
Imp at first siRht and alur n reason
alio period ol courtsblp they w-ie mur
red In SUnfonl the writer witnessing
'.re iM-a.itilul ceremony
'Hie happy couple wen- soou at
heiur In Jin I'aint'fc ttnlnual house in
Hcstoi., and Mrs. Paine became a
leader of society In that city Mr.
IHitm was altns -business tuanand
recognizing la those days tho possl
bllltles of tbV cotipr lndustrj, in
ested largSo in"tw-lth the result
that he became a flvc-raflllonnlre
Yielding to tso desire of h's wife to
gc to Paris to live, Mr1 and Mrs, Paine
went thither and one of the most
beautiful lllas was purchased. The
were soon sought after by thosc worth
while, and royal people were frequent
visitors to the magnificent home.
Threc. girls blessed tho union and
loto seemed to rill. tbe hearts or the
couple with continual gladness.
1-ast year Mr. Paine had business
lc this country wbkh required hi
attention, and be came over. While in
llopton and sitting at a restaurant ta
ble where he and his broher had
gone to lunch and while. thti brother
had gone out to answer a telephone
call, be fell forward ontl.e table truce
11 stroke ot apoplexy and was a corpse
when his brother returned. The blow
ui8 a terrible one to the wife, as ho
bad left in pertect health, and aa
soon as potslblo she came over to
this country and saw her loved hus
band laid away In th: iamily lot in
atortly belorc Mr. Paine's untimely
uklng off, he being a groat lancicr ot
paintings, bought $200,000 worth of
them from a man who represented
himstlf us a count, but who really, us
has since been proven, was an Impost
or. who claimed Uint the pictures ho
Hold were tho work of .famous paint
ers. It wui alterwaids dlac6rpred that
the paintings were Imitations and Mrs
I'nlne refused to pay tbo balance due
on them. , Tho spurious count brought,
Juit r-hgiuns't her and in prdor to
boott "his cuufcp made some reflec
tions ou .Mrs, Paine, as he thought,
she wus unprotected iu a strnnge
country. tSluco Mrs. Palnn hus be
tom0 the wile ot the Duko or Chol
seul Praslln. tlo scanip will probably
not bo . so forward In making the
chnrgpus ho did The trial ot. the
CO"' w ' ,n 1ar8 fr yesterday,
tlriefjy, this is the history or un un
nmurains, though, ambltloui, Casey
county, Kentucky, girl, who has fre
quently visited tho lriend ot hvr glrh
bood iw this city, Mrs. Leo F. Hulf
uian A writer with the gilt of mak
ing fh details more prominent, might
bave a story Irom which bo would
make a novel that would soon become
a best seller, tor tbe reason that tho,
stor-. Is true nod that tho heroine Is a
Kvntuckieuno born and bred, with lit
tle thought when a girl that hsr life
would prove so ull ot romance and
Interest The local flavor has Indue
i4 us to write this, which tells the
leal story that has been much distor
ted by the papers. A brother ot thn
Lueif. Mr.. Olare,K, Tut. &
The Yolunttor Sunday school clasi
ol the Christian church here wll'. un
Jer the management or .Miss Lou
Cownn glte an old faliion candy pull
ing 011 the: evening of December 27.
nt ft o'clock P. .M at I .air's hall.
Kveryhody cordially Invited.
Tbe receipt for tbe most wonderful
''black cuke" of the age, that Is known
is the eggless, buttcr'.ess and milk
less will be sold at the candy pulling
lor the small sum or 10 cents and
satisfaction guaranteed,
j For tho past week the numerous
tobacco raisers In this vicinity have
.bad the busiest season lor two years
I All day long load alter load comes In
from tho several roads to this place.
The past season acreage was large
but the quality not quite up to last
)ear crop. Borne few crops havo been
sold nt last year prices and somo arc
holdinr for more than Is generally of
j fered fie ofrering for tho week
jwas abauiJSO.OOO pounds the majority
lot which was two grades. The better
grades are being held by many in the
hope of better prices.
A good farm at n big bargain for
, Christmas, n 165 aero farm with 130
acres tip top river bottom land, and
tbp balance very rich hill land. (J
loom dwelling, 2 Urge now tobacco
tarns and one tenant house, close to
church and school. Tho prlco and
ttrms should sell It quick. Price t'.
We bespeak for Mr. O. H. riowa
260. W.'lt. Williams &. Co.
tup successor to Mr. S. w. Cornnsn
at "tJcneva" a splendid patroruago
in his now Lome. Mr. Floyd is an ex
perienced merchant with a most en
viable reputation, and entirely relia
ble In all his dealings. Ho is a lime
tried nnd flro tested goutlemnn.
.Mr. John J Nowell will have a com
ptete stock ot groceries in one room
lot his house. Give him a trial anu
:mi won't regret IL
I 06 acres of lino Blue Orass land
.that lays well and hot tired. Hat;
'good improvements nnd In n Hue com
TTlhnltr. Irlcditll 'January 1st. ?70
ber aero after that date 53 luwest
Call W. K. Williams & Co.
110 acre faira with 4 room dwelllni:'
1 ne water at door, on pike and rural
roue, 50 acres of good tobacco land.
A big Christmas bargain at $12.50 per
r.rre. W. It. Williams & Co.
168 :;! acres of fine UIue Grass
land spleudid C room dwelling largo
tobacco barn, o stock barns 125 acres
in grass at a bargain price. W. K.
Williams &. Co.
Tbo newspaper talk from Pittsburg
that Cumnltz will likely play the com
ing season with the Plrutes Is roL
DreyfudA is the whole cause of the
trouble and Camnitz Is not the first
man outside of Paducah that Uarney
would like to fU'. Cnmnltx will not
be suspended either. Unit your book
with green bate and Harney is suro to
bite. Darney only wants the 11,200
because Camnitz took the medicine
the physician prescribed for him,
and not one spoon full of tb0 other.
Ho can't fool all ot the people all
the time. See.
Report of Tne Condition ot Tho
McKiweil Deposit Bank,
Doing butlm-ai In tbe town of McKinnvy,
Lincoln county, Ky
At the cloiu of butlneia Dec IS, 1SIU.
Loans and Discounts $44,163 4A
Hun rrom banks 6,703 SJti
Actual cash on hand...... 3,185 7'J
Checks, cosh Items and
exchange for clearing... 95 CG
Overdrafts Unsecured.. 1,!92 6.1
Current expenses anditaxes.. lt 12
Heal estate, 2,5S; furni
ture and fixtures, $2,2!-'!;
total ... I,82iiii
Total 01.fi76 ;i
Capital stock .-paid in, .In
cash V15.000 00
Surplus. 2,00O; undivided
profits, t!iKti,3'J total 2,8Mi .!
Deposits on which Interest
is not paid 35.1S0 2.'.
Mils payable 3,500 01
Total Jtit.570 CI
HUte of Kentucky. )
uouniyoi L,iucoin,i an
. U 11. MclcaUo. cashier of the
above named bank, do solcinnl) swear
that tho above statement Is true to
tbo bct of my knowledgo and boiler.
Subscribed and sworn to run by IL
II, MetcaU, this 23d day of Dec, 1910.
My commission exports Jan. 23
11U2, B. J Tanner, Notary Public
J, 8. MUHl'HY,
In the presence of a lew intimate:
lriends, tho ceremony was said Mon
day afternon In tho parlore ot tho
WHlord Hotrl at J,juiBvllle, which
united in the holy bonds of matri
mony Mr. Thomas D. Newiand, Jr., of
this city and Miss Ada White, ot How.
ling Green.
Mr N'ewland had kept the approach
In? event a proround secret at home
and only a few of his most Intimate
lriends were aware of his approach
Int. nuptials. He was accompanied to
'I.oulKvllle by Messrs. Hays Foster
and Thurman K. Tudor, who were
y.reftnt ni) the happy eventy Hi
brother-in-law Hcvt L. c. Kolley, or
Klowoh, Tenn., sold the words which
i.nltcd this young pair for life. After
n few da) s spent in Louisville, they
will return here to mako their home,
taking apartments which Mr. New
land has already arranged for bis
bride on Weat Mnln EtrceL
Mr New land Is ono of the best
known and most progressive young
business met: In Stanford. For attoui
(en years he was connected with the
linn or Welsb nnd Wiseman in Dan
IIIe, but returned homo los.i-.tnnn a
jcar ago to assist his lather in the,
conduct of their large grocery estab
lishment. Ho Is very popular and
will be heartily congratulated on this
occasion, for while his bride is known
to few people here, she Is said to b
very attracts e and a sweetness o.
deposition and charm of presence
which makes lriends of all who come
to know her She will be cordially
velcomed to her new home by even-
Mr, Helm Right. -
Congressman Harvey Helm return
ed homo from Washington Saturday
to spend the Christmas holidays. Mr.
Helm has been highly commended
lecauso ho was ono of the Kentucky
members went on record against tho
new speaker, who will be Champ,
Clark, of Missouri appointing the com
luittees of Lhe House. Mr. Helm con
tended that this has been one ot the
abuses which the democrats charged
against Speaker Cannon and the He
publican regime. He declared that
the democrats should begin on tho
right lines, by putting the commtttees
directly Into the hands of the mem
Lincoln Circuit Court.
Geo. Burton etc., Plalntlirs. vs Jos.
llurton, etc., Detendants.
In obedience to a Judgment render
ed in the nbovc styled court and ac
tion nt the November term. 1910 tho
undersigned commissioner will on
Monday, January 9th, 1911.
County court day at I o'clock P. M
in front of the court house door In
Stanford. Ky.. sell nt public outcry
to thehlghest and best bidder on a
credit of bU months, tbu following
described real eitate In Lincoln coun
ty. Ky , to-wit1
"Beginning- at a stake, corner to
Snnce,' Hiram Leo and John Hrlght."
thence H 3 1-2 W 62 poles to a stake
In Cover's lino, thence S 73 1-2 W 2fv
polo to n stake, thence N 5 1-2 W
to Nance's line, thence N 7. 1-2 K
with Nance's line to tho beginning,
containing 'J 3 4 acres
The purchaser will be required ,to
-ii-n hnrwl with nersonnl security, an.
proved by tbo commissioner, th. ald
bend Deivring six per ceiu. uut-rwi.
Irom date ot sale, having the force
..i .iret nf n IndcnienL nnd further
secured bv- lien on Uie land sold. Tho
thnre of Mamie llurton an lnrnnt, will
also remain' n lien upon tho land sold
until her arrival at 21 years of no,
or tho execution or u bond by her
This December 20th 1910.
K. S. ALCORN, Atty. for Piir.
Mrs. D. Gllkson. 326 Ingles Ave.,
YounKstown. Ohio, gained wisdom by
experience. "My little girl had a se
vere told and coughed almost con
tinuously. My sister recommended
Foloy's Honey and Tar. The first
dose 1 cave her relieved the inllam-
m.illon tn her throat and after uslug
only one bottle her throat and lungs
v-ero eutlrei) free from inflammation.
Since then 1 always keep a bottle or
Foloy's Honey and Tnr in th house.
Accept no substitutes. Sold by Shu.
gars and Tanner.
70 1 2 acres ot land in Lincoln coun
ty About 45 acres of fine tobacco
land, and 14 acres of ftno bottom
land. Good tobacco barn 34x48 IS
feet tn eave. This barn U new. Oth
er bulldlsii are old. Good cMace for
H !
mt nx &' --

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