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The Stanford interior journal. (Stanford, Ky.) 1911-1912, March 14, 1911, Image 3

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"H. F
14, 191. 3r
tTf ftf ttf TffTIFTTf TTFtTFtlFTTftTrtlFtTf WW WW WW W Hfflf Wj I personal and social I, "X'r ' ' i'"m,f' ,rnm " '"" WHi' ' a",n,,,"' r"" ' "ro ,nl
- Suit
You have begun to think about
that new Spring Suit that suits
Suits to Order
We make suits to order and
guarantee to give you full satisfac
tion in every way.
I New York Styles 1
Can show you the latest New
York Styles made by the most ex
perienced cutters and fitters in
You get what you w ant, or you
do not take it. Take a peep at
our patterns now on display and
we will surprise you with the
beauty of this selection.
Cummins & Wearen,
rS I Mr. J. fVCmnmln In T Crab Orel)-
3 snril for n al.ort ntnv.
' Mth. t.lnle Dllllon rrtl lo LunrnMor
Sft7iio(iiir cm n visit
3 Mm .1. M Italnx m' lifMrnn nnd
2 Ml Margaret Jnrvh nw i if- tf
't Mth. W. V. Klnenld.
ZZT Mr I. ,T. Tflmmti lian returned
Sfrnni Whiclicitpr wlitrn 1ip hod lien
ifwltli hot tiutnnil V continue null
15 .111
KS i Mlfir. Anlliinntlp Orlnstmd. if l-n-
X oon. In tlio Riiest tif her sitter, Mr.
5 J. II. tt.irrl.
"S Mra Mattlo NVilua went to Inrn"
- (it tntny to vlU Wer hoh Joe. NotltlH,
13 'and funilly.
Sl Ml l.lzzlo Oilmen ;ins returned to
SS her H.uno In (Inrinrd niter n vl to
' Ikt ltcr, Mr. Will Porter.
36 i Mr. nnil Mr. R. II. AldrldKo, of Tieur
SZ ll wf vtllr formerly of this ilnro
ZZf v ere eiiortn of Mr. and Mm. Will
2 Htor thin wfcJ.
3 MImoh .lulln Trillin r.nnonc, ol 'Iln-
ZS'intcr wero gupMt of friend liore
SfthtB week
sS DuJri Joscjili .MnRoo, of Cniti'Ortli-
asintd, linn lieen vIhKIiik Mr1". J. It. Prowii
Jln nnd JiuIrv H. I). Mngro. nt 1.1 rings-
S tr n
Jlu .lennle Itnnkln ot Uincatcr
.(iinin over for tho content, .uid an
5lllB KIIOt of Mis .It'llllio 1'epiden.
.IuiIko M. "D. Hughe of T-anenster
unit hprp !-Miirday on route to Ilrod
Mr nnd Yt. J. T. Menefrv, of Dnii-
lllo wero KiiOBts of hh parent Sat
urday nnJ- Hiimlny.
Dr. M M Doore loft lant cek to
upend winii' tlmn nt thi Klnc Hotel
U'rnb OrMmrd.
mth S. U. I'orhran. slsler of MP'.
i H I'h, nl Ml Ami i,, Cochran,
ot linnuitpr. prp biiphIr 'il Mr.
Kldli hpn lant wrpk.
Mr. nnl lire Jna. Yo-ftrfl of lluftmi
villi1, ha been visltlnc TRr. and Mm.
U N. Arrltt npr HradforAHV tile.
Mrs ln Hhahkn left Thursday nltht
for OiltiuitiUR, (Jn., to itwt her son,
Mr TtitmiUR II iJImnkg lUl'J n'o.
l.nnxlii-; !.nnhnm nnd TC. (1 Mnrtln
tno oltMio most ttwxrrtHlvo of l.in
t'jln' scIkmiI tpachern "wtro her0 last
wp't'k ti. Hi'O Supt. Oarl.irti J Slnlilcton.
Hum '1lwt'n, nnd wlfp roturni-d to
their huiuu nt McKinney after a plens
nut mii is ittt relatlK'iT'Aiere Somer
bit Jminal
MrH. fc A. McDowell, il lhislonvlllo
hnc .H'on vislUnR relatHi-H and
irieuds ii the rlty. Stinn-rset Tlmot
(.' I' V.cxxU Ih In Crafc Orchard for
n hortiny hutoru Rtiiup to Mt. Jack
i.oii, a.y.eii:nati'' humitnnuiii Indlana
.ioIIh, vi (if he will nnomiKtny his
(MUin PoHtmntitcr Jackivn, of Ieha
ihiii for n ntay n; th.s health KivInK
irenort. Uchii'nnd ( innx.
l.oiifirWle frr a nhort vl It
Mr. (hHTfr (' (llvrn I
rolIJw In Pari
L'larencr Tate- in o,it wraln aftw
bnd flnrk of po'onlll
t 11 In n liit alnplr .ir n.nifiil
" itidtidlso In tr e trtr liin'dlnic M the Penrl Honnoliell. nnd Clmrlm nnd
W 'kintnn 1 .ilel. i.Urly Nev. i ItM M(wklo wont to l,om!on u Join
Mr. William Hays ,of Stnnfurd Iih . nrlnv
Mm. Stunn Hintth Ih vrrj itk win
Wg il" I I ' !!
Irfrtl- Mnry ttnth ftH. inn ii, cn p"i vtattlng Mr. J. A. Iltnzloy. Mr.
inncrlnr ntth an iwimvntrt mr of V. It. Itrown nnd family tmvo tuotetl
rm Jlltln for sewM dBy but n, rot.rh lhlr ome stnnolr(, pho re.
O It. Coiwniin wn ilnwn fmm 1H-II ,,',"tI PrI.Ml or Mr. J. V. MoltR- Irlond will h ftktd to know.
rount villi 'il family lam week. daw. The latter with hi tumlly hare) Thu new ChrUttnn chureli Imlkllne
KlIV. J. O t.hlnwton tlM n fr lm- l-U.n nn. In tfin Slnrmn. tilnnk ' . .. ,-- . ... r
Kmt...l Ih.l lm . nt.l. I,, lm ,h.i . ... A" ". .",' """ l"" "'" " """'7 llr "'CO-
,,. .. ,..... .. ,. ., ,... . ,, ,, WII . . FIlrlrt 11tit-in tt'lLTi Inlmii on III
'ii town Monday mi. HMTr nmMorar '" "' v n rw "
.Wta.. nl.rt nti IIia ..m l.tjlM l.nn.l. fit tllM llfWll H tit ltV nltr Mn V Iv-
villi 'hln many frtrnd.. Warner of aumfonl. ha hcon brought Tho l,rcll'r"' 'lo to hold tbr dedi
Mnm ""iiinjon i .pn-iMnit a wi-otc to ,1-P pilrontll Mr nnd Mr ,, M
ur so nt tliB ( rnh Orrh-rd Hanatorlum ' . ....
tor n tonrh of rhrnn.atlMii. nourncH nome nir Mccreary.- iin
W. 8. Itoie ppeond rlrk ciernlor taster rtpronl
Uriah AlhrlKht, who lm liccn III,
I nhle to he mil again, hto many
rnncy In a comimrntlvely short time, i
cntory exercises ahoiit tho first o'
May. This new hotino la larcely tno
lexult of tho effnrts of Huior J. 0,
at Hemp, la infndliiR a rew daya at Wm. tladhorr)- nnd wtfn navo mov. I.tvlngaton nnd .Mr. P. W. Carter,
hla imr.ni. ir ami . -. .-- v......... i re iiKc.nf i iieiii v oi n'an uenin a'l
1 l " HlllRhur? trou f.wtxvillo luiuw) 0-orKo Ilnllard Kd CO year, nnd MrH ho nys n woman cannot use n
The ltK(.nfii!enty of n'an henta a'l
Pmkuvllln with
Mih. I.. (' How
MIh Anna .TtfnrtlH. of Danlllo, l ''Sdherry nnd wife, of Mnco'n nneiit a rcnpcctcd cltlr.en of this community, kntwmer and In thp next brtnth saya
tho kiipm of hpr alsmr, Mnt. W. P. 'w days visiting frier it .ind r-iati-en van found dead near his ham ovcra iB' knorts more about fciixklnj; tiin
IIik ImiiRH. !.. in. nci, i ..,. i. v.... . . in i . i . i n master tarpester Tke West knock
Mr. ami Mrs. llol.au Campbell and 'Tf, ln1 .7 r ." ... '" mit ' " ' knoff "rc Cott fi"rf t,olcman
Mr. and Mr. W K. rriumtrn mU MM A,,ft Aicorn of llustonvlllp. tho i,tiow storm or thu night hfor who have price knocked riwn to
SHiidnj with ndathen In I.HDeaatr. lm arrived to remain with us until nu doath Is uttrlhutcil to heart fall- .""It tkf smllet jwrte.
Mr. and Mr W. T. Manuel, of tho el'i.e or the session. She has ure. lie leaves n w if o and some Krown!-,1! W' ? "" Jhu'lk"
Snnr drove are Mill Inn Wm. Ward- chargo of Ui0 claw lately tanKht by children. His burial occurred In Rock "6ne 19 Proipt Delivery.
low ami rnimiy in linrram. ym Sclioolfleld. We arc fortunatp astlo. - I
Mrs. It.nwll DIIMnn of Lincoln In securltiB Miss Alcorn's tUi Ii
f unity, wbh nore diirliiK the week on the middle of tho semloit, h- ti
n vlelt to ills iretits, Col. and Mrs. I an experienced toncber Kentucky
V. II. Dlllitu. Imdon Kcbo. Standard.
Mrs Hodman Kecnon of Ilarrmir Announeemoiits have be. n rc elved
biifK. Is the guest of her Nter, Mrs. . ... . , ., , ,
T. W Pennington. Mr. Keenon will u"Tt of tllu marrlago nt M. .lonn
come over for the K. P Usmiuet Frl- l'ls, tif Arthur, 111., to Miss Julia (
day nlghi. IletUhain, also of thai city. The mar-
.. . Z.h':.V:c".,.rlVr-IV",?,1..? " ".'I'lr Jil'.1 Ah 'J Mate look place In St. Louis. Mo.. I
weildli.R ot much Interest brre. as on March fith. Mr. nnd Mrs. KndH will
tills lb trie home of the groom, bo m 1101110 Ht Arthur III., after April
I-rnnkn.rt s-letv I niiirh Interested ,mh- Mr Rn,i, wflg j,, business In
In the Titans thnt are belns mniie for. ., . . .... , i
tlw mnrtlng,. ol Knslgn Caswell Saut-,1"1" c,'"'"y ,or 8evcral cars a,,,, ls
loy and "Miss Helen O'ltcar, ai this Is. very ropnlnr with a wide circle of
to be the event of the spring season , Mon'ls who wisli him and I1I1 bride n
here Tne date for tho wedding 6n
hen tmnoiinccl for April nth, unlej
the vrcbtnt movement of the navy
should lausn 00m,. shift In the time.
Ju-t Trfiw there Is no thought of a
,jxnniiuniment nnd the plans nre belnn
mado for 11 handsorra" wedding In
Kn.nkfrirt on April 23. The names of
1I10 nrrendants hnve not been announc--l.
lnl it Is rTtaln to bo n pretty
wedrttng, and It Hi understood that It
is'to "bp an elaborate onT"wHh many
uttenfrants and mauls, ariil nil gowned
handsomely The -eddlng probably
will ! in tho country home of Judge
i:. C. tVItenr, father or the bride Miss
Citex' a friends In Frankfort will en
tertrfln lor her nnd the bridal partv
exifimlvoly before the "weddlrrg. and
It ls expected that several ii! the
nnvatf fleers who are intimate friends
ot Knt'cn Saufley will come to Frank
rort r tho event. They will tend In
lern to Ih.. niirttt-M nnd recentloons
for thu bridal parry, as the FrankfortS
und-irav) and
mllltarv glitter.
Mr. and .Mrs. Caleb Newell til Waj J
i.esi'iirs, ha.n lucvel ' "UN city, Mr
. veil
long nnd happy married lire. Somer
set Times.
TUr. J. T. Roberts and family went
to Crab Orchnrd Friday to attend the
funeral of Mrs. King.
Vnclo Jack "Yeakey l'i aWo to bo
orti again after being sick Ji few days
Knulre'MeKechnle has awn sick for
n few days 'but he Is feeling Detter
Jtr. James B. Robinson, of Chatta
Troosa, Is visiting his father and moth
ct, Mr nnd Mrs. lames Ilohlnson.
Sam Sloan nnd Morrimn Luco vlsit-
ril MIfs Mablo Rankin at Marcellus
3aturday and Sunday.
.Vr. S. II, Sanders Is back from
Louisville where ho nad been to buy
lilri stork of goods
Dr. B. II. Pearee filled his appoint-
am attracted "by tneiuient at McKondroo Simany.
1 mrence ana I.indsey llanKln wero
lsillng relatives at Marcollu3 Satur
day and Sunday.
Mt- ,1rwl Xfrv TM.'th.iinl.lnlr .n
irtner v.n. I. Il.ir.luv,wU,nc , narrard Sunday.
W. O.
Anything you want in Patents, Vicis, Kids, etc.
in the latest styles. We invite your inspection.
Dry B3Lods, Notioms, Slviv-;--,
New Goo
ew Goods
We have just received from New York and have placed on sale the following new goods. They
reprecent fashions most approved style for spring 1911. Never have materials
ever more attractive nor styles more fetching.
Colored Sheer Goods.
This is to be a decidedly silk season, in fact all soft cling
ing materials arc fashionable.
per yard is the price for bordered foulard. These goods
are very wide and requires only 6 yards for a dress.
Per yard is the price for a great variety of designs and col
ors of Foulard silks, flew Navy and Blus combinations
Copenhagen, Grey, Helio,
59c & 75c
per yard are the prices for a number of pretty patterns in
Foulard silks.
Per yard for Black and White Check Blue and White Check
and figures in very attractive silks.
Fine Wash Goods
The Vogue in Wash Goods is the very sheer materials
We never showed as large variety.
Per yard for fine tissues and Marquisetts, White grounds
with Light Blue, Navy, Black and Lavender figures and
Per yard for solid colors in Nimbus Silks for dresses or
foundaiions for sl:eer dresses in Blue, Pink, Maise, Helio,
White, Grey.
15c Sc 25c
Per yard for Wa3h Foulards. The decided Vogue fcr silks
has breoght this highly mercerized fabric out for the ser
viceable dress.
12 1-2c&15c
Per yard for Stripe, Plaid and Solid ginghams for the very
popular combination suits.
Pashion has decreed .that the wash geods Vogue shail be
colored sheer fabrics.
Per yard for New Lawns and dimity in New Patterns and
borders we have enough to please every taste.
Per yard or beautiful quality Batiste, a fine cloth and the
colors are fast.
?faTrcifatfun4andB,UeaUd ChKk
$2.50, $3, $3.50 and $4
For newest creations in Satin, Velvet and 0oz calf PumDs
Look at these if you wish to see shoe perfection.
Stanford, Kentucky.
f . i

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