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. 'e--'xiimm&T&&tjK
The Sensational Performer anil Splon dldly Hrod lteglstored Saddle Stallion
(A. S. H. K.)
Day horse star and hind ankles white, 13.3 1-4, foaled 1906.
Sire, Preston 922 by Washington 34 by Cromwell 73 by Washington Den
mark C4 Preston's dam was Hcllc by Uoderlck 104 by Aliiinbrlpo Lcflrnnd
99 by Highland Chlcr and the dam of Roderick was by a son of Peters' Hal
corn S241.
1st Dam BabY Pence 7049 By Enoch Ard'n
2nd Dam Lady Pence By" Almont Forett 2863.
3rd Dam Bv Garrard Chief.
CARROLL PRESTON Is the finest Individual and beat performer In
Central Kentucky and proved himself one of tlio most formidable ring
horses out last season. Ho Is one of the greatest racking horses seen In
years and has a splenld trot with a world of speed and nctlon. His colts
are proving him a coming slro anil nio tho kind that will sell high. Will
stand nt the low fee of $25.00 TO INSURE A LIVING COLT at A. T. Nun
nelley's Stock Yards In Stanford.
Good pasture and care at prevailing rate. Lien retained on colt until
service Is paid. Best of care, but not responsible for accidents. Address,
W. O. WALKER, Stanford, Ky.
(Carroll Proaton Is nominated In The Saddle Horse Futurity Stake.)
Garrard Chief . 1835
Uav stallion 15-3 bands, foaled sumraer 1S02, said by good judges to be
one of the finest stallions living. He is a perfect image of his great slro
Chester Dare 1. Mr. J. C. Graves who raised and showed Chester Dare
10 sajs it Is almoet lmpoaulblo for two horse to be moro alike than Gar
rard Chief MS and Chester Daro 10. Col. W. A. Pan-Iger of Shelbyvllle. Ky.,
has Judged thb horse at the Texas State Fair several times says he Is as
fine a horse as he ever saw. Garrard Cfeief iron the championship of
the South West at Dallas in 1908, 1901, 1911 aad during that time his colts
won moro than anT other herd Bhona there In saddle classes. At Fort
Worth Horse Show In March 1910 Garrard Chief won first In breeding
c!ass for saddle stallions and age over 15 good ones, ho also won at same
place first for flvo-galted saddle stallion mare or gelding. Ho will make the
season of 1911 four miles from Stanford on Hustonvlllo pike at $23 to Insure
living colt. Mares grazed $2:50 per month. Care taken to prevent acci
dent but not responsible should any occur.
Raps-burg 509
vjo. M auuid tol&.great coach stal
lion To.- h season of litll at J. W.
Uaugbmui a place on Somerset plko
one uillo irony Stanford, at $10 to In
sure a ''vmg colL This' is ono of
the r t o;tcn--norsetf eer brought
to Unit part oj t$e country. He Is.
Ki.l i. in. , high and lb by Imp. Glos
UJilwul out 01 a" mare by Wonderful
Ituj. Amuno, wUhlng a very high
lied coach horse 'to breed on standard
tneU lnares forgetting btyle, speed
n;.i action, should, see this horse.
.Nony due when mare is parted
with or tj.ed to other stock.
vcA;i nlsof stand a VERY FINE
JACK. -y Nipdeon, at th0 same ptaco
at 9lr i tituru a living colt. Ho is
IF l(r ii his ann a nne neeuer.
Stanford, Ky.
i'j. W &. H.
Man Rami Unla TrauMfl.
"Of c6u'rs; said the optimist. "U a
main gels luto the lmbtt of huntlas
trouble he's wire to find It"
"Yes." rcpllcHl the pC8dmlt, "and It
he's'"" li'rv tlixt w ttlwavK trie tu
avoid " -l h'
PEDIGREE. Shed by S. T. Harris,"
King Eagle. Vol, 0 a. S. H. It., No.
2556, he bv lloyal King 2555, ho by On
Time, 745 he by Stonewall Jackson
72, Hoyal King's 1st dam Mollle
Mountz 25S4, he was the noted sire
Cnbrell's Lexington, F. 8. King Eagle s
1st dam Hip, 357U. sh0 by Kagle lllrd
1014, ho by Old King Knglo 750, 2d
dam Red Lion, 3rd dam by Harris'
Denmark, ho by Miller Denmark 45;
4th dam by Jim Hell. Thoroughbred.
King Kagle, Jr's., 1st dam was .Mol
lle Drenr.on, she by Old Dr6nnon, 2d
dam Coppcrbottom, and runs back to
lavy Crockett.
NOTE. King Kaglo, Jr., Is 6 years old
dark bay with one white hind foot,
nlc tuane and tail, stands full 7
hands high, weight 1500 pounds and
well proportioned every way. A com
bined stallion with plenty or speed,
style and action, his colts show ttiiit
liu Ik a splendid breeder. Ho will
inaku the season of 1911 at my barn,
one mile West of Wayneburg on Fish-1
Ing Creek nt $10 to Insure a living colt
Mires traded parted with or bred
riBcwhoro without my consent forfeit
th,, Insurance, and tho munoy becomes
duo at Mich trransat-ttlon. CnrQ taken
to prevent accidental but not rospon
uible should any occur.
i'honu In residence, Wavnesburrg
Fnimern Kxchnnue
It y l) No i iiviicsburtr, Ky,
Consider! Why not use the best
possible when YOU pay the bill?
aena s ureen oe
Stands for everything that is best in paint.
The pigments used arc properly proportioned
and thoroughly compounded.
-kkv-v Vti --k' "
Record, 2:19 3-4.
Trotlcr Chestnut Stallion About 16 Hands, 8 Years Old. Reg
istered, Volume 17.
tleorgo Wilkes M9, 2:22
Sire of bit; dams of 20 1.
Ijidy l"rank
lly y,niiilrino Star 5S5,
(irvat brood mare.
Allorton 0128
ilecord 2:09 1-4.
Slro or 201 ; dams of 36. in
cluding Nancy Hoyco
: 1-4. Uiconda (l) 2:02.
(Sen. Forrest 2:08, etc.
Pearl Mcdregor
Kcoonl 2-23 3-4, nnd Alley
(IreKor 2:19 :!-4, and pranC
dam of Trocar 2:17 1-4.
Jav lllrd S0CU
Sire of i:il; dams or 79.
(iNStlp Wilkes
Dam ut 2.
Itobcrt Mcdregor fit7
Kccord 2:17 1-1.
Slro ot HI. dams of 1SS
.Maud It ,
Dam of .Mav lllrd 2:21 1-4
Tuirl Mcliregor 2:23 1-4.
Mambrlno Iloy S44.
Slro of l.r; dams of 43.
Norn Wllke.
Il d'orse Wilkes 519.
Major KdKall 21C
Slro of 1; dam of 1.
Nancy hitman itntraccd.
Sem-cn Chief 378.
biro of 4; dam of 15.
lly Champion Orlnnels.
Dam of Jericho 330.
(irandam of 4.
ALLEY GREGOR Is one of the best trotting Stallions In Kentucky.
Ho has a lot of style and finish and It U a i;reat acting horse. Don't war
any booU, Just 9 ounce xhocs. He oi'ght to make a great Blrn Ills oldest .
cots are coming two's and show greet speed and action. Any one wlhliR
to see one of them can do o on tlio ljxmgton track whero they it n
in training. ThU Is n good chance lor the people or Lincoln Cour.tj to
breed Into the best fnutlllea or ho trotting blood. Look thlH horse s t ' I
Ing over and sec how many they hae In the lt tKith slro nnd d.im. "ih
great trotting Stnlllon will make the reason ot 1S11 nt my stable in l.an-
c.'igter Kentucky, n
$15 to Insure Living Colt, Sound And All Right
I am prepared to tnkc caro ol inarms on grass at 10 cents per day
Men retained on colts for sen Ice fee Money due when mare U traded or
parted with care taken to provent accident but not responsible should any
Phone. 95 Lancaster, kv
l m.t - .m.-. .-t V- .L
All Peavine, 4092.
Si Di, Jr.
Description and Breeding -C-year-old;
15-3 hands hlh: a good colored
chestnut with best of Lone, conforma
tlon, stylo nnd action. Sired by Jtex
lcalne 173C; 1st dam by I'eavliie Sf ;
2d dam by Warren Harris Denmark;
3d dam by John Nosloy, he by Davie
NOTE. In offering the services of
this youug stallion to the. public, I
do not hesitate to say he li without a
doi'bt the best Stallion lu reach of the
people of Lincoln county and adjoin
Description and Breeding. Six year
eld; lu .'-I hands; a rich colored bay
with no much stylo and action an any
LodjH horso. Sired by Dignity Dare;
1st diini Minnie b fllcnxl; this is tbe
B.iuio Owcub maro that has produced
as many good colts as any maro In
Lincoln county. This horso In no ex
rorlment. I purchased him trom L. 11.
Owens aftor looking at hln colts for
two seasons. Ho is a breeder fceconu
to nrnc. In Lincoln county. See him
before you breed your mares.
Terms.--$10 to Insure a living colt.
At the samo time and place wll
stand my three goodtuulo Jacks at V
to insure n lMng colt.' Thoso Jacki
lug counties both In Individuality and need no advertising aa they aro kr.oui
blood. H0 has as much I'eavino blood
to breeders all QTer tlie county.
Scnlco feo on all tho ahovo ad
vertised stock duo when colt Is foal
as Is possible to get in one horno nnd
that is tho breeding that Is In de
mand toua. it you nave any (iouui traded or bred to other
about that, compare tho prices I nave tU raar1 B01(.'' troucu or .',".. ,.
sold them for
in tho country,
Ulnck horso 15 1 2 Imiiils lilgh fouled
In I'JOtf good bono and site, tho kind
to breed to for mules inaros and work
SIDI Is by ton horsu Sldi SZ761 Im
ported Krencn stnlllon out of good
nutlvu mars.
Will make the kojkou ot 1311 at m
placo In Oltenhelm, Ky.. at 110.00 to
Insure a living colt.
(Jttenhelm, Ky
The well known Silo Andrrs.m Jack
will luti.c the soniioii of 1911 at the
tariu hi It l. Anderson on tha I'reach
irlllf nnd Sintord pike one mllo
Irom lre he fl'li and C from Stan
lord at JNfni ti. ItiHure a colt until
weinlng llm
Also pi shipp pln.t. and a -nmo
term? will stand tho well known sad
dle horse Sllvtr King. Heat or care
taken to prevent accidents but not
lespnnsiblp t-oulri any o?cur. John
Itlgsby, It. V. 1) Vo. 4. or
D. M. ANDEH80N Stanford. 27-p
Hon VarricR
This rnngnlflcently bred ' un' til
lion Mll mako thr seah'n n' 1 it
in) slahl- near Stanrntil. !' -( iio
Hiieiby tllv pike at $1; t i t,. i
nilnpinlt lvn Varrlck I i- j Mil
p brn ittfi I (limlimt, short I - ,, ,,, v
in Hi fid the lilchnt !; ,' ' ,i
m'ter nnd pcrfwt tllnHMitk'u J . i
1 flic triil Ouwnrtl llrr .' "i i
ill. Mill the 5 0ii0 Trsti-ivl-ii- I , u)
a si .'ii heat race In IW.1 and (- -m
( ir von thd Jin.ooo nmit-er Moi.h"-' I
id i(. M nnd M. all In brikc-i .
n id mid for $21,000 and htir f r $2j,
i 'J Pun nrrlck U tirwl exxth tiki
Spanlrh Queen tliat won the l.i.Oow
Traiiiilxnnlii In 1V0S mnkmc n rr
ci-ril of 2 07 and wa chmrrd n- inn
ir tlio four, being ono of the grtato t
ii m-y wlnnoru on the grand tin
lu Pos
C.aril Slier Is by Onwird. i ,. i
th crnateflt and hmt sonn of tiiot-j.
Wilkes Onnrtl ilnm wnn t" dm i
Pirertor, tho slrr of that great fm-i
ot trotters niid parcrs. Don Vnrrlck a
Ut itntn waM by Wlkes liny, by leorg
Wilkes a full slBter to Tin- Wny n-ir,
It mid half pltor to Madelene I'atch
en the dam of Ituhber 2 10, 'Wlnclms
tr 2 10 3-4, Hilly Wilton 2 10, nnd
MIs It. 230 2nd dam Mary bv llnnr.'r.
(Irev Haglo the dam of Tho Wny nnd
'Mndlrno l'ntdirn.
IVin Vnrrlck's dam producnl Dr.
Conner, that placed a public half mile
en the Lexington track nt IK month?
In 1 OS 34 and 50M to .N W Hubln
Ker of New Haven for II 000 she nlso
prod-iced Maggie Igo. that trotted n
mile on the nmo tract at 1(! months
old In 111 nnd sold for 1100 Don
Vnrrlrk Is fait game and alwnvt on
tho trot, verv rarely over leaves hli
fet. In S weeks Inndlinit list fall he
trotted n quarter on hilf mile track In
34 1-2. Sec half In I in nnd the
nillo In 2-27 1-2 on the outilde nt
track I'loare not,, the rich InhrrI
tunce of sp.'ed on botr sides, not
n missing link for generation" llrrod
to this fellow and you can't mln
tho four thlngt evcrv brreder look
for rlze, disposition, speed ami looks
Se him before KMiklng your nmroi
Season money due when marcs nre
parfd wit or brwl to another home
.Mares kept nt 10 cnts per day nnd all
car taken, will not bo rcpnn-ilhlc for
accidents or ornpt. Don Vnrrlck
is a zmo trotter If he had the proper
Clifton Is a black Jack with light
points, 0-ycnrsold last Srptrmber, 15
1-2 hands high with n mntchlrss
head nnd ear wolljet on n ranpy neck
has plenty bone nnd subManrr. and as
a breeder he Is not nurpnjol.
Is n Mack Jack with light points.
year old last August, full IS 14 hands
nigh with as much finish nnd nctlon
as a horse nnr ns a breeder he Is the
equal of nny Jack Itottt or thoso
Jacks will servo inures nl $10 tn In
suro a living colt. Trading the mnrei
lorrrlts the insurance Car,. w be
takon to preient aerdlents but wll
not ho responsible should nnv occur
Jennets Mil bo onrod roor nrtor June
1st. at $20 to Insure n living colt.
Beau Nabolh 45006 '
By NABOTH 10116,
by Waltlngham bv George Wilke
lletiu Nalxjth's dntty Nora llaugh
man by Norvnl B.U'i. t.y Kln-t uncer
12.', 2d dam Itla J. by Metropolitan "'
:-72 by llunillionlin to; 3,1 dim J.
iopMre by Mambrlno Stnrllglu 39 2,
hy Purlbay 441: 4ili ,ln,n M r. u-m..
ers b) Oilier (thornttghbroJ); Cth tlm
b) Wagner; 6th dam by Imp Tranby,
7th dam by Thornton's Itnttter,
llOilll Vllbnlll In II ImniUm.i.. i
ttandlnc I .in 1.2 Immi. -r ;, ,..iJ
rnd action nnd perrect disposition. Hr
hi pro .-en n breeder nnd his own
breedlnr. the Klectloneer-Wil
cross In second to none.
Ueu Naholh will mak the season
f Hill nt A. T. Vimnnllnt.1. ....l,
yardj nt $15 to Innure n lhlng colt
Monev ilni uhin mnt-n lu irtifln.1
nrtfd with or bred elsewhere.
Sanrord, Ky
Silver Wood
Silver Vood rin or Far Wood lr7"'i
or with nny other breed stock. Thete terms apply to all. Core I record 2 27 J-2, rother to Nor Word
ry, ftaken to p'roVerit accidents hut not re-'2 12 1 2. ro or Lady i'anntn tine 2:14
25 to Insure a living colt. spouslble should any occur. 1-2, Kloilst 2 12 1-3 and eight "thern.
' Knr U'wrt r-M7 !.- -.... r.r M. uv,i
R. S. SCUDDER, McKinney, Kentucky. i'VfS
. ill. 2.in J.4. and 16R othom. Nut Wood
My flno young mule Jack will mnke
tho present seasou at mv stable at
Morcland, Ky., for $10 to Insure liv
ing colt. Marcs trndod or bred to oth.
cr stock forfeit their insurance.
Turner Is over 15 bands high, black
with whlto points and weighed this
rnrfnit 1010 pounds. He Is on extra
Stonewall Jackson, Jr
Will mako the season ot 1911 nt my
barn at $10 to Insure a living colt un
til weaning time, sound and all right.
A Hon rotalned on all eolta until teo
son Is paid." '
MO. record 2:18 3-4. son or Holmont
til. Silver Wood's first nam Princes
by Vntlrnn z:2 1-2, I130K, lie by Hii.
mont 14, Vatican's dam Hu'iblotonlan
10. Knr Wood 1679C, rjord 2 27 1 2,
1st dam Nora Wilkes, il.im of No
Wood 2:12 1-2, Nora WxM 2' 19 1-2.
Norn Wilkes, by Ueo .viifcea 613. 222
Nut Wood 600. record 2:18 3- lt
dam Win Ilussell, dam or Maud S.
J. 1)8 3 4
SILVER WOOD Is 11 black nurse
George Hur
The rrrat dmfi stnlllon Hint hue
made hln own rep, will make the sea
son of 1911 nt my placo on tho Somer
set plko nt $10 tn Insure 11 living colt
Ho U tho sire or the Joe Chancellor
horse lhat sold tor $150 nnd or three
.nnrcs that o!d for $T85 at J, II.
llaughmnn'H big sale Inht fall. 'Nu'r
Soil. Anil Clarence Tnte refused $4,ri0
lor a pair of 2yenrold fllllos by blui,
Imro and flno brcedor. HU colt nt barren mures
tbo county fairs Inst tail took special
ireinlum offered by Congressman
Harvey Helm, also soverat other pr-
Several or his colts sold ns h'gh as
$125 oich nt weaning time.
Ho Is well bred. Call and see him
end see his pedigree In full.
' B, B. KING,
Moreland, Ky.,
Will sl-ind nt my barn at $8 to Insure' f , .,. Moh ..i-.h 1 un i,.h.
n colt until weaning time. A Hen rone,i tans, noasosses croal mitur.
held orf all colts until paid for. A ii'..i ,.,, nd .. rolin,, ,.,,, rtremn
lis until paiu mr. , Hy,e nni M roln( nctou oxtrgmn
Bucceesfullf bred with fir,iu, r, h ...t,....n, n i,
.,. 1 ,....- a m .rii&viriii jv . " ' . ".. -.mw..--.. .... mmi.
me-imiuvKNitwr. n. . i..w.. nover becu uanait for gpned but can
SON I'lcflsant Hill Ilreedlne 1-nrm, K0 2 3f Ralt oasy wny gno,d he
SUnford, Ky.. K. h l). ti: 4, not w)th ni8 splendid pedigree, ricn
Labrlnt Unrfsr a Mldaks.
Prison Visitor An I right In pre-
coior ana una disposition make u
great ilrn.
8ILVER WOOD will nvikn th0 sea
.umlng that It w your on for "V? ffkJ'ffi lVfbl."S
etrong drink that brought you hero? tMe n,,nyll0 and Uincaster plko at
l'rlsoner-1 don't think you can know ten dollars to Insure a IIv'iir colt up
this place, gnv'nor. It's tho last pluce and all rlghL
on earth I'd como to If I was looklug W. L. SLOAN,
for anything to drink.-London MsU. Hubble, Ky
Tho gieat show pony Jesso nnd
another fine ShetMnd stnlllon will
make tho season nt my p'nee. Uvor
bixly known Jeise, tho other pony
the crrck little hors,. Knrliitte Is des-
crthed In the Ameilcan Shotland l'nny
Club ns follows: Ccrtlficnie of regl.
tratloi.. This certlflrato tmt lh.uu
has been registered In Vohr JO Club
or standard number 1023 of tho
Amnrlcnn Shetland Toay Club stud
hook, the Shetland pony stalllou
known na lirlaue of Ponmoken white
aud black head; white star and unlp;
under part of neck black extending to
knees, iHrge black spot under belly
extending up flanks nnd sldeu; lowor
halt nt tnll black; im.ill black spot on
Iclt side of back. Koaled May 29 190D
Slro, iho Major of Potiiuoken 9921
Dam Ijidy Gray (rM9. llred hv L. C.
Stanford, Ky.
A Forolb't Indictment
UtUe Nell I don't like my papa one
bit. He's awful selfish. Mamma He
h? Llttlo Nell-VcH'm. Ho nearly Kit
down on my dolly, an' then, 'stead of.
taktn' another chair, ho took her chnlr,
rlj'ht aivuy from tier 1111' Ic't her on
tlio hard door. ..

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