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The Stanford Interior Journal.
NO. 37.
" '
"PIRF I1MIT" MAY I)0"'t fmKot lhnt I: c t,n,ns ,l10
ritVLLinil nlAI Lancaster Insuranco man I the follow
' RF FIXFOUN fJTY ou wnnt to U" to when you want
UAfo and Bound InBurnnrn of nny kind.
An a result of (lie destruction ot
i.and And lluchannn's warehouse by
tiro lajjt Monday night, It I wry pro
table that at tho next meeting o( tho
:ilr Council, Mayor I'lorcnco will ask
that liody to enact na ordinance pro
ihlbllUiR tho erection of n Iranio or
wooden building of any kind within
ithe business district ot Uie city.
Frank J. Rigsby
Bonoltn, Ariz., May 1.
Dear Interior Journal Headers.
If your cloTer editor will allow
inco In hln widely circulated paper.
I will try to briefly statu soino of mV
It a nlrf rosy picking for tho MCan
lord Utah Sell oo team nt Lancaster tn
tho ball ganre Wednesday, whon the
local lads ran up a total or 9 to :t irr
boron bo. The score would have
boon more onesided than that, had
not Wallace Singleton been sent In to
pitch In (bo seventh Inning. Kmbry
UUCHANAN LOSE CONj experience In homestcadlng and
(Hoinc nvrnauu innui, iu m. ymi, u
.tho country.
I After I nail decided that I wanted a
linmnatnait In Arltnnn f hnil thn nlAAS
ure of meeting with a settlor from 5?i,aJ!Sady SSH ic .'I
Tho bl warehouse owned by J. B. XUH ,mll f tno country, by tho name , 8(,0 how. ni .PPdv riehLhandni-
Many business men in uiscubmuj. jOCtcr j located on the creek bo- of M. (J. House, a former Kcntucklan would perform. Wallace tool: an m
tl-OKrent danger to U.oentiro business . & mMnm f Hoono county and a moit exception tK to .wt b ngi durlw wWrli
.ccl.un from the warchouso lrv do nlIy BonProlw lnnn. After bclnB hU'"
not imitate to dec'aro that ov cry er-,"us """ ' ntnimlntanco nbout 30 minutes, I start nco ball.
fort hhould be mado In lho futuro to kito last Monday iiftornoon Just alter a ,iJb cora)anyi from Tucson to hmbry had the homo 'jatters on his
prevent the building ol uodrn struc tho Interior Journal Nid r.ono to press tna part of tho country an otorland blJ,ft throuchout Uio whole tlmw fii
ur.-H cloo to business bouses which ,r,10 ro wng n ,ory ,ulck fcne, Uio travel of nbout sixty ralloa and con .n'rSundsU "mclatcdl be'pwmit
iidght catch In the event lire broke ,iinB being totally wrecked wlthlil tumlni; the most part of two days, an t,.d only two hIIb. Ile battel Hko a
out. A "fire limit" Is urged. Inside R ory Bi,orl nmPf the conlenu burn- tbo trail Is ocrons tho Uanta Rita fiend besides, getting threw hfta out
of which no w widen buildings fchall t,(1 nctutllnK n hoo nnd brand noff mountains. iof f0lir tmes "P. one of these) a three
ic put up. Most elllen hnv0 such tupj.y nnd lmich ,iay, gnUn fpet and Mto In the afternoon of our first ysSmc taUptayct- when he Is at
bultding restrictions, nnd Ktanrord ir(MUCP in which' l-uid &. Iluctianaii day'n Journey, Mr. Ilouso caught sight '
nhould 'adopt mich an ordinance and nr(? ar- Jcnlcrs. Jlr. Mocker iiitu I" two covotes passing wlsbfully, our
prohibit such menaces tororP It i toi 1() nm,rRnce on tho building. Ho n noarliy point, but bis quick action ,
late. 'valued It at JS00 nnd had. JiiRt spent with n revolver, dispersed their haunt.
- nlut 1150 In fuither liiipriitlnc It. ln:H.
DCU Will linDPCD I.ir.d Ac Iluchnnan had IS00 Insurancs" WP opent tho night tit An (Jratm, a
JUjY. HlLLnUr I CIV 'on their stock with tho local firm of lodging station, wbcro wo round an,
fAFS TO FMINFrVfFiw H- vitUt w,: hamlleB ""' lh0 moct oi'en IlrcP'aco nnd '' candles to I
VlULtJ IU DITIIIIL.I1UL1 ,..,.., roI11Iinni,. Thev bnd recent- beat and light Our room. The next
nto up everything out In hrs territory I
all day.
Tho swatrcst lamo In th sixth
when tho Stanford boys got Herron-s
number correctly. McOarty ld oft
with mighty double to left, and Coin
man scored him with one In the some
place, tilngleton was thrown out but
Waters was safe when Hchoolcr let his
grounder go through his legs, lirlght
Uu)t another at Schooler who knocked
t down, but threw a trill o Ha to
llrst. Joo Illll aent up a high f.7
which Hastln tried for, but mined,
ut Hill wns called out, It being an
'iy reduced their policy lrom fl.roo to day the remainder of our trip wan ac-
JKGO. Thoy cbtlmatu their li abov cnmpllshed. o traveled around bar
tho Insuranco at about JbOO. rcl canyon and by numerous, leid, I
i This fire was one of the luckiest copper and gold mines along tho way.
. . that ban hnnnened In tho city, noiwltb tin looking around a whllo I was fco
lev. Ulll (Hopper, wt.o mu Juki fcUlul)K ,hp fac, considerable taken with CJiU part ot the country. 1
graduated from tho ITcsbyterlun.
ThfoloricAl Somlnary at Uulsllle,
damage was done. All day long tho mea entry u ray nomesieau, wnicn
lircssuro from tho iKwer bouoo bad " located ly tho railroad at gonolta
- "
V ilAr
-. :: 1 tl
S ml I
" f AM A
ifr "
Kcfltted, refurnished and with lm
provements which will make It ouo oC
tbe nicest watering places ot tho kind
In the state, Elixir Springs over tho
Lincoln county lino In Oasey, will bo
opened for tho season by Mr. It. M.
Houchin, on Saturday May 20th. A
largo crowd l expected to bo prosent
oa that day. Tho Liberty band will
Mrs Talltha Hoot, wife or A. I).
Root, dlod Tuesday nlgat at Itoosevelt
Oklahoma, alter a short illness or ty
phoid fever. Word or hor death was
received horo Wcdncseay. and cast 1
gloom over tho host or friends nnd
loved ones of this good woman. She
and Mr. Hoot had been mt west but a
few mnntha hnvim. .. ..
tJ.m. 7 . 7. u l"crcn8nort mako music and evcryono w:l bo
ere in business there doing well. Tholthero
remains will b0 brou.nt hero Satur-j Mr." Houchin ha, spent time and
tery. a th stnnrord "me- money In Improving Elixir Springs,
Mrs. Hoot was born In Lincoln and in,111 ho has ono of the ' comnlcto
tho C9h year of her age. She was the and uP-to-dato places of tho kind
daughter or the late John S. Murphy, Imaginable. Tho splendid powers of
bv tour ? JhHHn h.,8ban1 ' J'TVlved Its waters aro too well known to need
i tour children, Messrs. A. I) ltoot ! , .. . .
Jr.. and Ilobert Hoot, and Miss KTtaab0ratlon' and ,no m" amV
Uelle Hoot, of Oklahoma, and iirs.'and comfortable accommodations to
i.csiio carter, or Oreensboro, N, c. tako caro of all who wish to avail
MMJ.a, ,S!K
Penny Stole T"ree Baei.
1 Infield fly.
and two brothers, Messrs. W. II Mtir
Iphy, and Mrs. L. M. Uoodnlght, of this
county, and Mrs. S. 0. Pratt,
lot Kowlcr Colorado.
I Mrs. Hoot Joined the Christian
church In early girlhood, and had
throughout her long life, been a faith.
iui touoweu or ner Lord
,- --
wab here this wevk for a Bhoit Mslt bHn hhut of on nccouIlt 0, ,,rokpll Ftatlon. which is Torty miles south of
to hU (iarent, Mr and Mrs. llcorg watcr ma)n on Majn street, t as Uonson, on tho Nogalos branch ot S.
P. llo,.per. ana oinor rci-uira. .... ony a Qfy f()W mnutp8 MoTe u, ,.. ,on(i. .
Hopper was on his way to Ilurnslde o fto Blycn lhu Nuelpy , hav built a c osj-t'o hojo le'B1
fhcro- he wilt preach" thtf tmccitau- S(ono had tcI,,phoned to the ,,owcr than one fourth mile north of stitlon
icato ennon on tbe school commence- iougo bayo ho turnpd on jt g 7n4 reet. floor spo. lurnio '
nicnL Upon liU retutn fi0 will K to , Th . h d ,. b(a heated nnd you can imagine ery han-
I ..a. & L.u fciM. ! ir t fA . I 1. a..l n tAKnSi .llnlnw .. .
r.iiuueiica nviu to . .m. . r, ,,. i..-, i ,h t, rht nn.i oy. n ' u '"i uuiiuf, nis oest. Harris uoeman. wno nas.. -;-p rr " :r ... " -" 'mD f -- .. .....
oil o tie rorst,. o- the rMby. nol rtlscovcred , Imo th0 po;slblllU(.H ,00m and. parlor, .ho ls.tora arc -tbo nJ'- --P ,-- ISS-rat I.whr loTtS'ed young women of the
xcr.sn cirvu. ... vu. .- Bro ,hat ,ho re roam 0r lho shanks "u ' """ " "" """ 'W rlamra ng out two douo es la the game McCarty- Tn ba" 8tnick ,n front oX K"d will present
xvith bis work In Ibis thriving little mBilM hriv M11Bh ,Mdln. three weeks, my first trip out borne- "fr1?,1, ,?VUUC "J. -S2iH e. and bouncing at an unusual1,. .f .
! i.-ji ...isi. ... . ...nil .. f Mn . .. nntvln tirMfirH ctlr ihn irnnliAr.4tLf w! ji
McRoberts Swung Like A Gate.
i-.raory men cleaned Uie. Tim i.,u. m . .t
?wi,yS3JSLdeep ,or, 8Cor- ?:.?'? 4 -SS
I ft tho ninunrl fnr Tnn-noin- Kn- hi . ... . tl,v
i-lncclnltes bnd found theb batUng1,,v -v ,1 nn ,a &t "l gravo
.eye and got h.m Just as eW. He Hev Joseph &.II0S "n by
started by walking Penny, wbo nla.v..dl J0BePa "aiiou.
'a good waiting game all day, gottlng
tree passages to first three times. J'cn
ny went down on the first ball and was
Btife on Klnnalrd's maff of Hiutln's
throw lie made a. nlati ctnal of
jthiid and scored on tlcCartv'x hotl
drive Uy naicomb. Coleman was out'
,at first, but Singleton Blasted through .CRAB ORCHARD ACTORS AND AC"
ihort. He took second on a passed ball TRESSES TO BE SEEN IN
Ibut was thrown out at third on at I CLEVER FAttCF rriMcnv
-attempted burglary, luicomb mutred. clever FARCE COMEDY.
Water's pop-up but was thrown out at!
(first on an easy grounder. I Th rh nh. n.. ,
Hlnirlntnm unt !n th hor fn- Stnn-i w u",u'' v,uui
KSsras- -s- S rncemhr;
themselves of tho health-giving pro
perties' of tho water. A splendid new
two-story modern addition has been
built to tho main building, which la
steam heated, and lighted by gas. It
Is equipped with large dining room, a
nlco parlorj hotel oflco and large,
airy bed-rooms. Hot and cold baths
can bo obtained, and the tablo ser
vices will bo of tho vory best. Board
ers will bo accommodated during the
season at reasonnblo rates and those
wbo know what has dono In the way
ot Improvement, say that Elixir Is
bound to becomo ono or tho most popu
lar summer resorts In tho state. It is
easily reached by way of McKlnney.
Stabbed Cow
Some miscreant fisherman with bio
Drothcr Joslah al bump of cruelly fully developed badly
Opera House tonight maimed a fine Jersey heifer on tho
.1.- ,,.. MA..Hi t.A iii nrnh .....tl.. wKt.ni.1 t.i, moll tu f fn . . . . .. T. . . ancle tinu'.ird. struct? tbrt cmct0r.orlt i v ..w...
a .I ; the hurch at ne..nroM..e. a ck on Main U U not the wh le " l Tucson, until tho postoriice'balT To7 thVee Innings butthe lrZ"Z il " aUd,CnCC " Sa J' Em "
.bort dManco at Kmlneui-e. Mr llo,, - r,,, at Sono.ta sometime soon. , W JJU. n - fo.-.h and tf l&gg sentatlon or this sparkl.n J 1' S, eWdSg
'" , r?; 1lT 1,h . , SZ IlrewaK dlKcovcn-d Just belore' When I went In Tucson to ge my lac71 tho senthanj.elZ rive ?'- ' Wt over the comedy drama at tho springs a k' J JJco cTundny Mr Embrv
are delighted to know that he will bo evidently bien ,"ail- ' I"-chasrd a pony and rll'ng MtB and thrco um Q tllp re3l shock, for tho blow was a Hinder, but or so ago was such a success that ? , , ,. P. ?, . ,,
n. ulr.lv locattnl and tbrv ji.ngratu- "cnicn. him. iuhi . wuw.nj unu f . . . ,. . - . he soon went on wltn tho con llct as .., . ., .... , . , A found the heifer badly hurt and dig-
,miii ikpiu'i iv m "wtiu'u m. ...... . inu irnrnM riminur rivr.. finrn it, tnn --.. ...... .. .w. .Ha,u ... ....... - - .
ha upon obtaining urh 1 spbndld
joung worker In the Master's Vine
.vara lo lead them on In tbe (Sood
anil "- --- . .1 .; th unme. almost ever tiuto In the 'o'1 wn a clean s'nS" new .-"- H,
uad uorence Meca. icmpie. i-uoenix . carrying a big loid of spectitors. 'wnlch fnt KlnJJa,l,,d to "cond. Uuty played to a big crowd at Urodhcad) the oulverinc osh to
.. cinmial,, returned via I'hoenU Marl-,i .,...t 1 ,. - .. was out on an Infield .y. and Herron'ioo, .i,f Tk ... ... --. oiaao sunK in mo quivering nosn to
ijt m iauurk';. -vuita ukiv tut u mtuiitl , ... i ,.i t .mmu uiui. uu
singled (a left scoring Klnnalrd nnd
Tho object is to raise, .. .... ,. ... . ,. . ., v
1 ki . r t k .1. .i J.00 nllt- He thinks that some fisher-
John Kocher
which was imbedded the knife, the
1 iiiri'iiiii iut'LU. itvrujiiitr. 1 iiuciiia . . .... .Ti'mrn ennr uiniiniin in uarnnii inirv'nnir'ri Trt o rttrr Airi iifA,inn4 1
uirou' uiiMii oih'ii auor hiuoKo
I nnti 0Ati riirlinir nut of rrmlroa ill
mn ('ib.1 frnndti. Sllvnrhft I. I ua4 inrni nn nott ThnrmLiv. tht 1ith
the roof, a mau of fiainea nnd smoKo - , J,, ca tho trlPf lraNC,ed One of the best games of !, wa- Hoblnson's single thi-ougU Enrtty nl at Crab O chard and many man at o young cow for spit,
lun.1 out which drove everyone back ou.1 "cc tc" CD. "? ."7.,.. son to b wn on th. local rounds second scored Hastln tuniilatea then c,mr,cn. al raD orcnara and many srnpiiinB
" UUJ" "' will bo aBaln.t the .troug team from tled down, and struck out McKob- - a88'sS ;, , ' nr .nttHW hPket. n
tho Fastern State Normal School of erla "" """u ils u " '"" 'o uuueriaKing.
money to suitably furnish the llaptistj
'J he Hro department quickly bad tho
liohc out of fho engino huuso adjoin
tui; and at work, but III? blaio
ir.O miles on horso buck in
tho time.
about his coat or minnow bucket, and
John Kohcer, 01.0 of the most sub-
bad gained such force. It wag linpus- P10-18"
kllile to check It until (bo big building
bail practicull. burned down.
Tho rear extension of
In Ir.tvfllnir overland ono ha tho iilchmnntl. uhlch ulll h tilauil li- Dozler to McCarty.
-- - ' - - -- " - ----- ,,. . . . w
ruin, .,. .. Ih. nlulno Satnrd.iv. tiimorro. Thn N'nrmala "u o""0 eaui wm jios. i.tutu
All ot tho amateur actors and ac ebc' .JumPInB lulckly uway. carried
tresses In tho clover play aro well
the knlfo off with her. He has the
Hlantlnl res-peeled clllsonii of the Ot- Company's Btoro,
t.'iibtOm section, died at liU Uimo H j, . shnnks, nnd built of wood, txgan
iiv.,aut. u. mvnn uufc .... ..u , . . . ;' . . . , ,ii Vlnnlnlun nffni- tint fnr ho hac a tu u.u uiutur lllil) uro well
i.r cotnir to ranches I metered tho doleated our boys at ntchmond. bV Slnleton after that, for he has ' e,nnrr,, knir0 and bellevesi that ho will be able
or Roinj, 10 rnncncB. 1 prciereu mo ., latter bollwe that tl'oy ,vorI' of speed and good courol. Stan- i.nown and qulto popular In Stanford, , , , .
plains most of tho tlinr. Sorao 1 coplo p.nn"rntriov thi dfrnr un.i r minir ford took one more In the nlutli. iust where they will receive a cordial recen to nnd th0 owncr and. lr no Uoes no
it Mr NIV "' y 'ld U!o UM'n afmld, I to work mighty hard to win asalnst ' snmv tllem s,il1 baii t,lelr hands In tion,
r iiugiics. Jinr- mnipanlon bv my ihclr conquerors. A bis crowd wt.i Coleman got alb third bit ot tlm .iaj.'pIay
, belonging to ' .,.,.. ' ,' .. ., undoubtedly bo present. fatoI second w tb advanced to unra
sldo which is never less than n 38 undoubtedly bo presea
Lancaster wcored
Tho cast cf characters for tho 'M navo him prosecuted. He has Is
is as follows: isued a notice, vjilch will be found In
CAST OF CHARACTERS: another column of this issue, roroio.
there Thursdav momV " , ,0ko but a stream of water p"ay- ialll,l'r roolxer ttltl1 II for dofensot Wednesday and tho risers wentllrt. t.nd scored oa Waters out nt ilr.
lini-tliv illness lie Is nirvlved bv !1 ., . . 7, . ia i,;,r " y walking and tlod to auard over thinking they had a chance to win. fapaldlns IHl'.Aho wab sent In to left
litu,lh Illness. lit is Mirvive. .. c(, elfecU,c,y xlpon It, oon had It Kif, ' w,undh- every They got their run by a Tems Ua- tleld. In the seventh, -o s.vh him a
bis viro. nnd several children, all ol mld llnlloilbt,.u,y r0Vctited the whole ," " Uu u",e' ! ",,cl "unai tvcry Jr ImI b" Miller v,u8,orkout. came to bat. and after
ilmm t'tfiait. oYritiil tin., ll d.lUkllter ..1 ji. 1.1 1. r..i.. .1... n,...i...liLn night. .nr i ......! ..i...n ji..utn .....rir. 'n Inrlni? mii?Ltv nicolv. drnvp a hct
tbcm gitmn, exceid oik u daughter C)1 lIlo lIcck fncinK tu, courthoubc
red first -u tlio came on Singleton's drive througli Kinualia v"'voi ur "vrtir.uo. ,7 ' ", . . ki
Uio rlo.e went lTrt. i-nrt scored ia Waters out nt tlrr Joslah Armstrong, A Wealthy Farmer, d'ns "shlng or tresspassing on his
M. M. Perkins P'ulC """ iiruoetuio uu.uw.n w
Wellington Armstrong, A Wealthy, the full extent of the law.
Broker Wm, Kobinson '
i-afe nt second when alugleton mutiM1 twinging mici.ty nicely, drove a net
who U lit home Willi l.cr mother. Mr. . ltclliIIi: flrp Tllo Ciy hall and " w,,,jk a,tur ",y rctlini ' Wcnt to McCnrtv's throw, ahei. Mifler was one to short which sutler Just did Benjamin Butler Armstrong, Josiah's I JL J V CnrrKa
l.,,, ,. . th.K rountrv lrom rlc,lll ' rp- r" "lf "' '" " TlCK0W t() KeUliy m:i. and on arrl- ramvjt olt litw,.n first nnrt wond lnock down and get to llrst lu Ume Son Hettu. Hays LOUKeU TUI UJipbC
. ... i.. . . tiiMiie nouso .uiti mi mu -., ...... i,rnii,nr V l nnd the Stanford bovu were endeavor- to beat n fabt rutl. The score: iAiiii,m i . m, , .,i.u ni...
Swltzeland 27 yean, nuo ami mis ui-en clo , ,ho wart.house. blazeil '". "-'" "" " "' " " "'" , " ' , mK to chase bim down. .MHl-r mad-1 b , " j J
t.nKnK.-d In rarmlm: ui the Oltetirelm , f nnd ,,ekU,a blll 8(ime .c,: lB-by and lis wife who have been ' nnastoa f vtlrd an(, r8).orva STANFORD AD R H PO A c- Tom H. Bronaugh
HCtlun practlcall) tver Mi.re. He wor. ,)V ,. . aIso H,ned Ui la Idaho two ears. there prospecting wntn ,cliny uirew wlldto'-lrd oii)ozlcr ss . 0 tl " :J 1 1 H,ram Pe"trOke Wellington Arm-
wab a falthlul memtiot tho Reform- . ....... wiii10Ui eomilderablo tno countr' They came home with raich blm when he wan again cauithtjienny c a 1 0 ill V : strong's Confidential Man ,
. ..i...i. ,i it,,. i..irmi will ial.o "or. me ami are Impressed with tnis section between tie bases. . .MeCuru- lb . L' V 1J IM Prof. G. E.Everett,
,,K, vll ..rv.ces at Oltenhelm h.n. 'Tl.o'horsn whl.h waw rcnuuu.ed fcr "' l"? fr ??? nou"e"r one for ood SS..uT.Kj b ",". S S - i 2 - We",nBtn " ""
.mv .iiofiiln iit 11 hVihIs .... ,. ..... ... .,ik. ih. ,n' ' vcry "u,rl1 ,akcn wlUl ,nl8 latal fourth. Colemau. ti'st o. led vtu, t . z. t' :i u i Wade ". "see
"f '"" I iti" iiumt iiu i'wii k.vhi.-' wn"- . ... .- i .. ,....,! ii . .1,1-j ! " - -
. -- ' .. . i i . ,w... , . i.. country, hardly expresses It 1 would 0fl with a double, and went - third iirchi ir
. ... nff J' Ml J"7 nn:r. " ,1. h t ret,.,,, lo Kentucky this summer and scored when Uoblnson tlir-v d r,ft , ',
Rlt HIS FinCfl' Oil J"fit'- " !,s0 ,0,,L a 'n"a " ? ll I did,, r have a return tlceket nix ,0 tnlrd " calcb ulm aft"r 'n-lton'6,j0e lml a
Oil ll'a llllljtl Ull .. , , , ..... b0, , 11 1 dldut iiavearLturn ticeKtt.nix. Waters hit safely though i
jy which he ha I Just bought fiiim
IVnce llros.. lor $lSv. T, animal
i. . l.nn tn. hut n t.1.. .rr L-rilii. t...
... , ... i i. start on my way to Kentucky soon,
l.n. lho fire wa t'.Hcoverol ."nd It ""'l " ' ' v '
Will alalhvuy lost, -.omit an Indi 01 , tt0 inernl Bup..ol,lou thi a s,ark
the mdik liuger on Ms Hf.ht hand ,u, ,nuh, cl.;ir op plpi J" clar-
ti.in,.M.l.i. ... r. i.f.tii.ar u..v. He n. .. ..... itn... full.... lr. thn tint. 1 Iirt
wTib nUen.ptmg 10 liatiac borne oun mb .x,dintly jieilslied quickly '-oulsv ' e' Jv0n,,' '-
uiiilci, v.lien tine sunpiied al bin,., Mr. 1i)0oku sull.tcatlon 'or no .:.:nii lrm,
Mutheny tiuew his liaiw tip and tbo ,t ,ul!J heard '.y viyone al :' time,
kv Mr Mutlieii) from Joining tho ,ne ,ocl ijiood-curri'iug crtoi of ngonv
Joll) IiuiilIi or llvlierii.c-11 wbo went up ,,j oiatrosi A FATHER'S VENGEANCE.
to llockcatle lor a wok'a tmllng. , i, Uockor Bald alter tho tiro Would huve rallcn oa nnvono wno nt
. ttwtlrml thn mvii rl Pntni Itnnilv nt
110 .Vlll not luuu.m ....- ".v .,nMv.w1,l Mleh.. l.'.t h.. Wns
UUH... ......-. .., .-....., ....
1 have n return ticket through that uenon. stole second, nnd ut io
1 w,JI uer If nothing provents, 1 will thltd and home, dupllratins: tv&ajau'sl &
run, wnen iiasiio Diuueu uie imra LANCASTER
btrixe on urigm, inruwiu; iiiiu uui i
... .1
t "
,3 :tb y u 'J'i 12
! r.tiirn br vvav of Los Anceles Sa,liblr,Ke un bui. mruwins .mu "uv
I return by way of w ' Ansei-. n Hr8t bt UoblnBon asan threw wild to
I'rnnclsco. California, Ogden Utah. .h(J far baR and waters trottel lu.
iSebrusKii, untcago, Illinois, i a corking double play ny .Ml lor un
assisted, in the next Inning btopped
, ...... .. ....... k ,..... .. i i..,. i.. .oxanioru miKiuy uuii-k. cmury ieu n
i mil uinjiiu UUu.uullu. .u. . . . . . k .
county trlendB In two mouths or soon-)lko mnrr iMnstt ,t i z'er smnshed 'tf" " rc
Itoblnsou lb . .
McHnberts cl t
Halcomb If and p...4
Schooler 3b 1
Miller ss 4
Klnnalrd 2b 3
A0 R H 0 A E llngton .'Katherlne Mlddletonjccpllonof tho young man's body which
Edith Le Plane, Daughter of Le Blanc was expected to arrive hero Saturday
1 l'l
,,yrl(l bU off the o, bis tliiger. h0fce w,. Iu. bee, , In J l ' J" " jTdTnl--Sii"- " '"''"'""" " ' Li
The Itilury wascauionmt b a phsic ,0itf ,10ri,0a ,,cn3i, bay IIW. lu their nny nam.. .....e,,.. Embrv out oft second lu tho same ..- ., ..777
lan. and while, vcty jalnlu!. did not d,ln(; UKOny they give utterauie to . UtAMv J. HH.bin s j J 5 -, ll .
Uen. Mndiro'H insiirrcco arm), at- lumst,t M t was very much H the llOwerl0fcH berore attacks of Kidney
ter one of tho bloodiest battlos'of tho imturt, uf n flro trap and eudargored iroub p. "Hoctors could not help him,"
Moxicmi revolution, captured Juarez u lt, bl,idlng iu tho vicinity. e w?,,.''.1.?0 nt ,In.st . faV? J1
,.r , ... ,.. i ..ii.iithrvti tiiereln rioctilc Hitters and he Im proved won-
Widncsdu) and eslab Ifihcd tlitrein iUrru rom u M boMMi u
tho provisional capital oi mo . iri- rehousea. barns, and the best Kidney medicine I ever saw
Inuo if ntmnfliA tt'iirn nt 111 ft V trftll.
run Kupubllc. Ocn. Navnno ami ins ,,.,', ,. ... ,..,. ..i... loss or appetite, warn or kidney trou
..nli.o ganlson compowd or about tm 'U'd"'K of nn k,nd VcM wltl liackaclie. tired reeling, nervousness
ontuo gunisou. compoaoia, uv Wenren. tbo Insuranco mr.n of bIe tllat mn enil , l!ro)g. dlubeles
men. buricndcred to Gen. Madoro a HtHlorJ Tcn aro alwaJB Bafo of tlrlstu'H disease. tloware: tako
ttr n sttong ro-tlslance. It was esll- ... Ktectrlc Hitlers and be snfe, Kvei
tlmt llfty I o"ciuk ami uiibhii noiiie guaranteeu. an ccius nt ivn
vvcro killed and nbout '.'50
Mrs. Hoboit Livingston, ot Valley
uy's Drug Storo
.. ....... ...In., ilt.rllip lh.
wnunuru "'" -"- station. ha8 asked the police or Vlcks- MONEY TO LOAN.
tlKlitliiK- iurg to jocato her husband, who dls- On Lincoln county rarms. In any
... . , .,, M. nppoarod Monday with 1.60J whlo amount over 13.000 Hate of Intel est,
(JeOIKO 1. Urlgnt innK.es ll iue -J .aain.- r io ... ....... n-.,.. r. x, .iti, .
-... whi .welllne carbuu- uo """"0 "D,u "" """ l"v " " "."- .-- - "-.."
IIIUl Will vu.u " " - i
cles, bolls, bone- felons, cuts, cornH,
privilege to pay after one year. First
mortgage. If you aro tn need of money
linings V 2 a 5' tl 7 H 'J T
Jlurlo.d U 0 2 0 4 2 t 1 a
Minister .... 1100002 'J 0 2
Let's Go Tot
Three base hit L.nry; t iae T1 ,.rda. morn(nL' for CedarvlMe.
Mis; Coleman. Me-Carty; Mi.-otj ..,... ,,, . , . .,.
from a business trip to Ixington and
Mesdames U. D. McCollum and Wl'-
Ham Trosper attended tho C "W. U. M
u-.i.v. I., i: l.,,.!... ..it Ktnf.0inn 'Jiuwai.-m.iio tmiiiiy. iu piii in v
ii 3 innings; ojt Herron 0 In d Innluss or ten days' fishing. Thoy took along nt Hu8tonv,lle ou Friday,
oil iin;coniu;, . 'ii imto ikuuk, nu ucuesburit-B ueeueu iu iuiu me i.uuj
Ittruck out by Kmbry 7; by "inuls- trhe, Including plenty of bait. In tho
bunch wcro Dick Hampton, Will
iton 1", by Horron 4: by Haimnm l
lln.. ...i lilU.nri b-inlirv I? nfT Sin
gleton l; off Herron J, olf llHlcomb Flolds, and his two bovs. John and
1 Karned runs Stanford 3; J nucat-, Iltnry, Henry I'hillipB and his kon Al.
ter ! 'eft ou bases Stanford 7: lam- bcrt Will Matheny, Wlnfrod Duncan.
.Miss ltuth Tanner, or .McKlnney, la
visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Kiw
belli Owens.
A valuable Shetland pony belonging
to Marshall Jako Clem Died Sunday ot
i Oaftln Arguing Wltvi The Umps
n ...a.a .... (Ii. ,n nnnlnu
raster 7. MOlUll 03S0S liol'r; ih.'... i..... .i i ... i u.n..n (uim. umcaro itouhi. ' r"
' J ny 3: A cCarty; C'oeiunu 2 Wp.r 2 r"u n" "" u"u """'u j" (jeorge A. 1 ruce. or l'arksv le. was
i!-...i.J iiiiv iiostin i.mi itiitv iniTho,o are somo exceptionally clover ulu,1,c '" . . .. . ,k.
L hmbry, Miller, llastlu auu uot), ims hero Sunday. It Is prett) evident that
Et ed ball Dastln. Cuplrea l'omiy audlllura in tho gang so watch Out for tho omlu u- " ' ' '
WT -ZA M.llnl.uM. ricl, ftlrM u-linn Ihnv ,.,(,, r.. UtUrKO IU juun...i ll ..-. ...vw.
Miss Ktflo Balllnger, who was hero
-- . .
uiso wlro cuts, harnesa sores anu ,,, iau,,n. imnerlal edict au- will loan you un to 40 nor cent of tho
scratches on ylur horses. Guarantied tUorulng tno conclusion of a loan ot value of your land. -or further Pr-1 "'", ?$ "
to euro n? and 60c a box. 30-2 jju.000.000 ifor railroad construction tlculars wrlto to a. H. Svvlnobroad. wth a fa Back M ,s a crackor.jacit
j, 0 UoI my, 'Phono K ia central China. Attorney, Lancaster, Ky. 25-tf. fielder, but light In bis battlm;. Hi
I am tuo ngeui in tins jjcruoiii
I fnr th.i rirpnt Ainerlrmi Stennmhln
line to all European points.
&eu mn, when you think of travelling.
Wayneiburg, Ky.
this .section mac,llm; a avnam. to tl, t,B cnglno
at tuo uour mius, Lancaster is biiii
lir darkness.
Senator Strne, ot Missouri' wanU
I'ncle 8am to stop the fighting In
'i 334
Junction City May 11.
Ono day last week tho city papers
o' Mrs. Wellington Armstrong, Wife of contained an account ol the accidental
t' Wellington Clara Collier killing by a train at Paducah of Mr.
jjemmlmy, Wife of Joslah Samuel Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs.
ii) Pearl Collier j Caleb Johnson, of this ptace. Prcpar-
(ClaUys Armstrong. Daughter of WeKatlous were at once started for the re-
ri i
.! Mrs. M. M. Perkins ) evening. It did not come, but when
t! P'ace. New York Clty Dome cf Wei- tao L. & N., passenger train reached
n I llngton Armstrong. jnere Sunday who should step down
I Time. The Present. lr.... it hi. Mr. Jnhnann In the flesh?
To say that his parents and friends
I were rollevod Is to put It mildly. The
'mistake had been made by a strange
i man being killed at Paducah and tho
JOLLY BUNCH OF FISHERMEN GOjnding or young Johnson's vallso
TO ROCKCASTLE. which ho had left In the depoL
' Mr. John M. Keane has returned
a jouy crowu or unicorn follower
ot Izaak Walton lei'l on the trnln
mel at a local drug store, has rotun
ed to her borne In Lexington
Mr. E. M. Williams, of Danville, U
working tho telegraph tower during
the absence of Walter Halloy. Mrs
Williams accompanied blm here.
.Iberty U lo get electric UsbU by demonstrating tho virtues or Chl-Na- :
UUWtw; -

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