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The Interior Journal
Established 1872
HELTON M.SAUFLEY,... Publisher
Entered at tho postofflce nt Htan
ford as second class mall.
For Circuit Judge.
of Mercer County
115 New Subscribers in April
Tho Interior Journal added 115 new
subscribers to Its list In tho month of
Considering tho fact that the paper
was already going to practically every
yanvlly n Lincoln count, this wa
something of a record In subscription
work. And It is iurthor satisfying be
cause not a single name was mldol
as a result of a premium offer, contest
or nny other such scheme which Is
sometimes reported to my newspapers
in an clfort to build up a largo circula
tion. The new readers took tho paper
because they wanted It and paid their
money In advance for It, which proves
that they did.
Most of the new subscribers put on
were ndded In the l'ast I-nd of tho
county, on the edges of Rockcastle and
Pulaski counties, and over In those
counties, where the I. J.'s Indefati
gable field representative, Mr. 11. I.
IHankenship has been working for the
past few weeks. Ho will now finish
up ono or two points wnlch have not
been covered beforo in that country
and then go through tho southern sec
tion of tho county, working around
Waynesburg, and into Pulaski, collect
ing from old subscribers and seeking
now ones.
Tho 1. J..s list is rapidly moving to
ward tho 5,000 mark, wnlch it Is our
ambition to reach vcry soon. And this
will give us a circulation larger than
nny other country paper In the state
nnd larger than most of tho smnll
city dallies, most of which tho I. J.
now eclipses. A strong effort has
beCu mado to induco the management .bottom. Thompson and Mrs. Harrison of Paris,
to rut on a piano popularity contest Several of our farmers contemplate at thc christian church was well at
.but wo havo believed that personal 'selling out) and rfolng West. tended by nn audience that fully en-
sollcltation couplea with a
newsy paper would prove far
effective, as well as more satisfactory Quail Is situated in the w est .nu or M,ss Thompson was from here iuess man of undoubted integrity,
to tho public at large. It is only by Rockcastle county near the I-lneoln teen yMrs ago nnd was qulto a chuncl: honest nnd upright In his biiblnoas
tho kindly cooperation cf our frlcnds'and Pulaski lines, nnd on0 among tho or a jltllo gri wnen ner fatnor, Pror. dealings, and that he is intellectually
that we can issue a newsy paper We county. Mutt Thompson, bought IJourbon cjol- equipped to cope with any prob em
want every bit of news that happens' Mrs. David Proctor who has been Cge and moved away. She is a high- that may present itbuir In the man
In the county, and appreciate tho help very sick for tho past few days Is y accomplished pianist, and her old'agemcut of either public of private
which our many friends give us as better at this writiug. friends hero rejoice over the success afairs. It has long been proven that
well as the splendid letters of our' (5. W. Parsons who had a serious that she worthily enjoys. Mrs. Har- tno honest business man, who Is cap
family of correspondents. Wo havo at attack of heart trouble is nblo to be jiton's readings nnd recitations came able of tho successful management
last gotten our new press In good or- out again. fully up to tho most favorable reports of his private nffnirs, is also capable
der, and should havo no moro troubloj Sheep shearing and corn planting is that preceded her. of tho successful management of
vith too much ink. Our friends, tho the order of tho day. Jno. S. May of Somersu a school , public ntfalrs. Tho habitual ofll-
advcrtlsers, are proving that they ap- Wade H. Brown has been very sick teacher of the early day, around hero seeker and professional politician is
predate the wide range of tho I. J., with diptherla. was a delegate hero at the convention usually .too much absorbed In pro-
circulation and if they contlnuo as Mr. U. I. Illankenship the efficient Although a cripple in one leg his mind ,aotlilng his own selfish uir.ilrsto give
they started ln this good year' of 1911 representative of the Interior Journal, 3 ag clear and activo as flftj years the people that full measure of ser-
It will be welcome news to dyspeptics
to learn of a remedy that, ln the opinion
of thousands. Is an absolute cure for In
digestion and all forms of stomach trou
ble, and, better still. It Is guaranteed lo
do so. The remedy Is Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin.
TVe all know the value of pure pepsin
In Indigestion, and add to this some ex
ceptional laxative Ingredients and you
have a truly wonderful remedy. Mr. T.
W. Worthy of Foraythe. Ga., got to tho
point where he could not even eat or dl
est vegetables and after many years of
seeking he found the cure In Dr. Cald
well's Syrup Pepsin. Mr. Rudy Kasner of
Valine, III was ln the same bad pre
dicament with his stomach, took Syrup
repaln and Is now cured. Hundreds of
ether would gladly testify.
It la a guaranteed cure for Indigestion,
We want to put on your feet the cel
ebrated World's Standardized Crossett
the one that lasts longest; holds shape LLpUk
better, makes makes
r' " UVJ'VYll. 1 IldVC tllClll 111 VJ1 Cy . I
Brown. Tan. Black
Sam Robinson
Stanford, Ky.
It will bo but a Abort time until the
I. J., will brt a visitor three timed a
week to your home Instead of twice.
As tho campaign for democratic
nominations bctoro tho stato prlmar
on Julv 1 warms up, tho candldaio
aro resorting moro nnd moro to tho
uso of newspaper space to Inform tho
people of their claims for preferment,
the principles they stand for and what
they proposo to do to uplllt tho Com
monwealth. In tho event tncy arc elect
ed. And this is very proper. It Is
raid to cost $5,000 for postngo nlono
to send n letter to every, voter in tho
state, and then tho cost of paper and
envelopes, nnd stenography, or print-
ing lias to bc considered. On the oth-
cr nnnn n raau.uaw iu nmu
ly practically every voter, but every
. . S.AMKI.lM6A4MMAAAlAfrAma
woman and child In tho stato by tho
uso of a small ndvcrUscmcnt in tho
ll'O country newsrnpers of Jho state,
which at a cost or. any. 10 to each
paper, meana an outlay of only J1J0O
to the candldnto. qulto a saving ovef
lue iuiiui .uuiuvu.
J great mnnv ui inu ms ii
of tho big fair n"s-
relations of tho country have com-
rletcly dispensed with circular and
billboard advertising, and nro devoting
themselves solely to newspaper adver-
Using for publicity for It has been
proven time nnd again that newspa.
per advertising is really thc only cr-
fecllvo method to get closo attention
cf the people.
Miss Docla Reynolds who, has bceu
a.i Invalid IB years or more continues
In very poor health,
C. C. Metcalf filled his regular ap-
polntment at Union Rldgo Saturday
nnd Sunday.
W. A. Owens, Prot. of vocal music,
will teach hero Saturdays and faun-
days at Union Ridge.
Melvln Owens, of Brodhead. was
with relatives Saturday.
George Cummins who has been very
ill with that most dreaded disease ap-
l.enuicuis, improves biu..
... . r. . l i If T".
w. u. uuinrains oougm. 01 n. u.
Davis a small bunch of hogs nt C cents
,lt fcems that hogs havo fallen to th
good.j Rev. V. R. Gentry filled his regular joycd j)otn lnc ,n.,sicai nnd o'ocutlon- Addams, candidate for tho Democrat
more appointment nt Providence Sunday. arJ exercises. ic nomination for Governor. Is a bus-
constipation, biliousness, headaches, gai
on the stomach and similar complaints
A bottle can be had at any drug stori
for fifty cents or a dollar, but If you wist:
to make a test of It first send your ad
dress to Dr. Caldwell and be wlll suppl)
a free sample bottle, sent direct to youi
address. You will soon admit that yoi
tinnA tmmst Amsthlni 4it ranlnna oalt
cathartics, breath perfumes and othei
temporary reliefs. 8yrup Pepsin wlll cur '
you permanently. I
..?.r9a,yeJ!.d"' -''-fl Jh? i!l'
lu,i.iiao W& III. ICIUGUJ vi.ua ...a wu.i-
Ration, lit, has speclallxed In stomach
liver and bowel diseases for ovecforty
years and wlll be pleased to pive the
reader any aavice on we suojeci ire
Jk tllttlKn. , H WW. .... .W ...IK
him. Whethsr for the medical advice
W. D. Caldwell, 4n Caldwell building
Montlcollo. I1L
5 I
you look dressed
and Patent T.eathp.r.
called ob ttu writer Friday last.
David Troctor sold a amall tract of
land to David Kldcr for J 160.
Horn to tho wire of Eugeno Todd on
tho Cth Inst a big boy, and fleno la
wearing a smllo from ear to car.
H. S. Senator Tfcpn. 11. l'ayntqr
flew Into town hero Saturday after
noon In an auto accompaincd by law
yer Hob Hnrdln nnd Hon. Chauncy
I'ibg. nnd wife. The Senator movo
about nmbnc the boy In a vcry mml.
Mt pIcasant ay nn,i let ft0 m.
prpRgton'on nn witn wh0m ho camo in
contact." ne 8 conducting his can
h, ,, mn mmiKCg m
nc buncombe, Hubterfugcs or maud-
B,nmPnL-,litlP8. i Is a clean
nmn wh not tho ,cnst vituperation
. .. h . b Rl
loottni. UorP( whcn the volo a counl
C(J Fnm nm ,hc )mrtJ. dnnc ,0
a,llllloriI ntu, thptu.0 to ,)anxnie.
Uut, j,cCorniack certainiy enjoyed
- 8 .... to ijrPen rivcr lis urn: on
Mn,. int. Ho wnrLrn linnl nil ilnv
0 llUl(j rvtr ,lcterlllnctl lo catL., moro t0 exlend first street from .Main street
Uh nm, Jargpr onp8 tn(m nnybfHl aortU ,nto Ul chng ack u,d nn(, Qn
ha(, 8o fnr th,g BCMOtlt 0 arrived to n point opposite the Jery Adams
homo foJ. m)pppr wHhoul ccn gcttlng i'"' and extend two streets out to
a nll)h,e ' Danville street.
Thc ,)rlfltlan- Roman's Hoard of! This will open up several vcry do-
Vi,gsIon() nnd ibIo gchoo, C0ncnUc.n jslrabio building lots that are bcin
Hi.irirt. e.nmnosrd of liar- called for frequently. There will bo
, VnHinn ,ni,Bfei nmi i.inrnin
counties opened Its session in tho twelve nice houses beautifully sltuat-
Christian church Wednesday morning !c(1-
with a good audience preaenL Mlssl1 There is no such thing as a vacant
siallio Elkln or Lancaster, la manager 'house In our place or even a vacant
. . ,, uh .,,. and!roora- Yttm tho numerous Inqulrl"-
,,romptneS3 tnat woi(1 nonor a ,mlcl,
.i.,., - . AirH n m .inriium. or
i ondon. Kv.. and Mis. J.idco lietrnrum
cf somerset presided with Mrs. Klkln.'
Addresses of Mrs. Gay. Mrs. Vnncev.
an(1 jlrg (,,ay KnUfman were splen -
ddj. je,verej and grcatiy enjoyed "''o aro ghlng her a royal welcome lu
,JV aI1 re8ent. Thero is no man or'cvery homo. In our city.
ccn a sffraBetto In "Harem Skirts'
connected with this convention. Hrr ,
,, Is con,iacted on much ijichpr nian,. i
tl,an would be ir thorewas n man but-
tlng ln, u wlll bo la 8CSslon Thurs-
da.. and prday.
' . --- .... w.vl
Tho musical entertainment given a
few nRhtftf ngo by Miss Cathertno
ago. His wire was a Lincoln county
girl. Miss Sallle Thurmond who also
taught in this county and Immediate
.Miss Annie Dunn, of this place was
called to the bedside of her sister.
Mrs. Daniel T.-aylor who Is quite 111.
Mrs. L'inmett McCormack, Mrs. v.'Umo 'luring his four years' term of
U. Morse, and some other ladles went I mcc- Tno Herald unhesitatingly
to Roy's Mill on Green river Tuesday says lhat u bclloves h will. If noml-
and caught a fine string or fish. ,nated and elected, glvo the pcoplo or
Mr. K. M. Vow nil alter ctilto altho state a 'w,se' conservative and
lingering illness better w0 are Klad
uate he is nble to com to towr
' ..'... "
Judge W.m. Myors and Dr. J. C,
barker were elected trustees of Hus
tonvlllo high school on Snturdny by
,,,, ,, ,,.!,..
u huuu umju.u..
llvo wires" in live stoc.v deal-
Ing McCormack, Myers and
shipped n few dayspast to Cincinnati
ono car-Ioa.: of extra ti co fat liocj lo;-
which they paid fi to 1-4 cents
Mr. P. "iV Green ,n.' Lexington and
Mr. and Mrs. E. ". Weeds and son of
iitnnford v.ure guisi t or their i'i.ihv
rilcnds hose last wn-K.
Tho Sexton of -Le ' nrlstlan church
It Us us ho counttn' two hundred dole
pates In iLr chti'Vn one da d'lr.t'i
'irt wcoliV coHveniirr"
Jlrs. It) 18. Kob, Cortln. wdi nt
rlvo In nnr city tins wtek to re Mm
guest of htr mau, t'.cnds .ml rel.i
tles here.
Tho ladir.K "if hla ('onventli' o"
tho Christian church closed Friday
night after a two days session full of
Interest and pleasure to those who at
tended. Somorset is the next placo
of their meeting. Several prominent
strong men of the church was hero
nnd addressed the convention.
'h blood hounds had two calls
ulaskl last week. Tho first was
, near Rurnsldo wbero they to'd the
I tale to tho entiro satisfaction of the
Sheriff. The last call near Somcsot
fnii,. frnm ,h ,., Iht humirn.iu r.r
ppe ped over mo place where
they woro known to have passed, iher'
by ruining the dogi porslbl'lty of fol
lowing the right trill. Thl othod
ol wnrf ro is a g-nd one and a b re
vlnor, I' tho tra ks of the rrcs w nt
I rd are kept clo r of other li an
'tracks tint th dogi got started.
Cleanses the Sysftm
effectually; Dispels
i colds and Headaches.
due to constipation.
Best for men, women
and children : young
and old.
To qet its Beneficial
effects, always note the
-, 41,- -.., ..
n3"1 OI 1119 lOmpany,
'f II irnDUl T Cvnifnfl
rJaJnv nriivfarl nn iUa
fj""f Pnnieq OHine
IrOrll Ol OVery paCKaCje
of the Genuine
A mnvnmnm t. ,.nlr,lnn- i.rn.m.l I....
'ntnple room on this street for ten or
there certainly will b0 no trouble ,o
dispose of every lot in this new ad
'" at once.
s. V. II. .Morse of Qulncy. Ky for
several years n resident of our city
'8 tho guest of numerous friends here
n at
Wilfam Adam.. Candida.. .. r.u.,.
nor, Is a Business Man. DIs
cussed by Editor HoOgen
vllle Herald.
(From Hodgenvillo Herald.)
Wo ar0 Informed that Hon. William
i"co promised, in His oath of orfico,
Kentucky needs a business man In
tho Governor's chair nt Frankfort
or a few years. Thero is n lot of
v'ork to be done a lot of things to
una't- "Doing" nnd "undoing" will
i,!ec" n business governor busy all the
uus,ncBB numinisirauon anu ne win
cn3PIoy himself constantly in "doing'
-,,i ",ii" .i, ..... .
and. "undoing" for tho betterment of
Kentucky, And another Uiing Mr.
Addams can win ln November.
Tho Frankfort News Journal give.
this account ol a wedding at the eapl
tol which is ol interest In this sec
tion, ns the bride and hroom are both
Uarrard county ieop!e
-Miss Wade Leo .M-ret was united
in marriage Tuesday afternoon to .Mr
John Iinncr.
Tho wedlng took place at the home
ol tho hrldo's sister, .Mrs. Crant Trum
bo, ut halt past threo o'clock and It
was n beautirul ntfalr. Tho attractive
ho-ne or Mrs. TrumhQ on tho South
tide was bedecked with spring blos
soms, tulips nnd valley lillies being
tibed in piof union, Rev. Joseph 8o"r
.nice performed the ceremony in the
presence of tho Immediate relatives
and a few close friends. Tho b
wore a becoming tullorod gown of tan
nnd a large picture hat and was ex
treme y hnndsome. She carried n
huge bunch of valloy Hllles.
After the wedding Mr. and Mrs.
Roner left for tho Ehsv for a eevornl
weeks trip and fupoh, thohr return
Hill rnako their homo at Camp Nelson
Miss Maret In the daughtor of Mrs.
b. A Maret nnd slnco cooling to Frank
lort several months ngo to visit her
slater, Mrs. Crant Trumbo, sho has
nmdo many friends who showored tne
happy couple with heartiest congratu
lations. Senator Ilrudloy bays ho wir not
take a hand In the nomination of the
republican enndidato for fovenor
K. T. Franks haB decided to tako
tho stump In p oeoc tlon of his ca
dldacy for Covernor.
W. U MocK, of Mock, Ark., believes
he has saved many lives In bis 2.1
j cars of experience In tho drug busi
ness. "What I always like to do ho
writes," "Is to recommend Dr. King's
New Discovery for weak, soro lungs,
hard cold, hoarseness, obstlnatn
coughs, 'a grippe, croup, nsthma or
other bronchial nffcctlon, for I feel
suro Mint n number of mv neighbors
aro alive nnd well to-day because they
took my adlve to use It. I honestly
beliovo its tho beit throat nnd luru;
medicine that's made." Kasy to prove
he's right Get a trial bottle free, or
icgular SO cent of $1 bottle.
I'enn's Drug Store
Sold by
S. C. White Leghorns Diamond
itraln year 'round layers of large,
wnte eggs Jl per setting.
A. C. Alford Stanforl, Ky
Choice White Wynndotto cockerols.
Kgss 11.50 for 15. .Mrs. J. N. Cash.
tggs fer sale 1 for 15
ImoOrted Cock at Head of Yard.
D. M. WALKER. Stanford. 'Phono 130.
If vou wnnt hens th.it lav In winter.
when eggs are hlph. Get the S. ('.
Unit Orpingtons. Kggs Jl for 1G. W.
P. Klncald, Phone 193, Stanford. 2L
Indian Runner duck eggs for sale,
Jl.mi for la say at 5 months old.
Cook's famous perpetual layers. Mrs.
K. M. Tate, It D. No. 1 Huatonvllle.
S. C. Drown Lenhorn pane. Rfl r.nu
per setting. Mrs. J. M. Ore's, R. F. D. '
No. 4, Stanford. 'Phone 380 G. Lan-'
caster, Ky.
Those Fighting Game Chickens.
Tho Prettiest Fowls in tho World
Kggs If, for ?:.00
Barred Plymouth Rock eggs, SOc
for 15. Itobort P.. Carter, Stanford
Ky., II. F. D. No. 2 21-2
Imported stock Bu(f Orpington eggs
75 cents for 15. Baby chicks $2 per
dozen. Mrs. W. J. Holtzclaw, Stan
for0, Ky., Route No. 1 'Phone 533 1-2
' Hreeder of finest strain
Single Comb Rhode Island Redi
Stock and eggs for sale ln season. R
'. D. No. 3 iJincnster Ky.
Fno strain S. C, White Leghorns
Heavy laying strain. Eggs Jl for 15
Jlrs. J. II. McKce, King's Mountain,
For Sal Indian Runner Duck Eggs.
$1 for setting of 12.
THE Indian Runner It known as the
Leghorn of the duck family, for eggs
Mr'. D. E. Proctor, Phone 193.
Uarrcd Plymouth eggs for sale, Jl
for IC. Also Indian Runner duck eggs
SI for 13. Mrs. Anderson Nunncliey,
McCluo Route, Moreland, Ky.
Eggs For Sale 15 for SI
C. C. WITHERS, R. F. D. No. 2.
Phone 1431 1-2.
Stanford. Ky.
Pure Crescent S. C. White Leghorns.
Eggs for setting. Miss Lizzie Davlton,
Phone 15.
Pure bred Olack Mlnorcas
Eggs $1 per settlng
Mrs. W. H. Wearen, Stanford.
Huff Orpingtons.. SI and $2 per 15
lllack Minorca Jl for 15
Farm Itango Silver I.nccd Wyandottob
CO cents (or 15. Satisfactory hatch
Miss Anne H. Trlbblo,. Danville, Ky.
Indian Runner Duck eggs Jl for 12
nuff Oiplngton eggs II 15
Kn?llsh Salmon Favoralls JC for 16
S. C. Crescent strain whlto Leg
horn eggs 75 cents a setting during
April Ihual prico J1.50. Also for sale
a pen of. Diamond strain Whlto Leg
horns, headed bv Imported cock. Mri
Llzzlo Davison, l'houa 15 Stanford
Indian l!unner Duck eggs from a
great laying strain Jl er setting of 12
J3 for 45. All orders recelvo prompt
attention. Wolford Lovoll, H. V. 1)
No. 1 Stanford.
Ilarrod Plymouth Rock eggs. For
hatching of tho finest breeding. Our
chickens are large, big boned, unci
well barred. Kggs Ki for Jl, 100 for
Jo. Mn S. K. Duddorar. It. R No. 2
Lanca&tei Ky,
This Sunshine
We have been waiting some time
for these pretty days to come.
Summer headwear must move
now. The Straw Yacht is always
the dressiest Summer Hat. We
have them at $1, $1.50. $2.50 and
$3 and our stock of Fancy Colored
Soft Hats is immense. They are as
pretty as the pictures, in all the
new shapes in "Swan, "Tiger" or a
John B. Stetson at 2.50, 3.50 $4
and $5 Just look at them and see
jf you are not pleased.
H. J. McRoberts.
Stanford, Kentucky.
2G acre farm on good pike and near
good town 1 1-2 story coltaso t
rooms below and two nlove, two good
bnrng nnd nil other uerowsarr out
buildings. Place well watered and
fenced. In splendid community nnd
will sell cheap. See I,. R.' Hughes
or W. L. McCarty, Stanford, Ky.
If you want a bathroom that wlll
last you a lifetime, let us lntsl one
for you NOW.
We carry the best line of tin, gut
tering, spouting, Myer's pumps, gra
phite, roofing, paints, charcoal filters
and a guaranteed line of sanitary
bathroom fixtures.
Stanford, Ky.
Fresh Oysters
Carson's - Restaurant
lc called a blaukeL Wo hnvs every
kind from tho lightest to tho heaviest,
from tho fancy blanket for road uso
to tho plain but serviceable one for
the stable Kvcry kind of stabio uteusll
too. Clood, of courso, and rcasonablo
in prico. They have to bo to conform
to our harness standard.
J. C. MfCLARY, Stanford.
J. L. Beazley & Co
calls for a
when It come to supplying high grade
lumber t, know or none thht fur
nish better lumber, mighty few wh(
cun orr-r iv good. Hut even where our
lumber can bo matched 'our prlovf
tannot. (Jive us jour next order ami
notice hov much. Iums It tnk-s to fin
Hh n job nnd how much smailnr thc
bill Is.
J. A ALLEN, Stanford, Ky.
We i.r In position to d Ml Mnd ut coo
crelluf, moli lliock Work, ri-mnli
nd. In feci, wn ran make nny ttiluig from r
hoiiM down ton (rnca vit. We ran nnr
jou promptly nnd runrnnU- niit'Clnii
work itnd tnHtrrUI. Unll mul net our nrlcoi
before too bu? jour rmttrrui at If iv
Stanford, K.
J. C. McClary,
Office 'Phone 167. Home 'Poohr 36.
Spring Suitings
I My new spring and summer samples
,aro now ready for your Inspection.
They conipriso tho best on the market
I can suit anyone as to prico who had
his clothes mud U order. A suit
mado to jour mcaHUio Is profcrablo
to ready mado clothes. To havo them
made to ineusure docsn t co.it any
'more than ready made when quality
land fit Is considered. Coin,) in and
let me tako your measure,
H. C. RUPLEY, Tho Practical Tailor.
We Want
H. B. Norlhcott.
t. K. Tudor. Mgr." "
t PHONE 153,
3ferj"lV p " tjfA J- V

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