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The Stanford interior journal. (Stanford, Ky.) 1911-1912, May 12, 1911, Image 3

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hero Wednesday, tho guest
Major nnJ Mrs.' A. IJ. Florence.
Earnest Wnrrcn came down from
Middlosboro nnd nccompanlcd his wlo
homo lifter a ploamnt visit to her par
TTlr. Oscar Fowler spent several days
hero last week, the Rucst or frlcndi.
been tho guest of Miss Jessie Powell cn"' ,lctv' !"' Jo,cp,h lMw'' v
at Hustonvllle. ' xtr"' J- w A,corn nml Mr" J N'
nunucrs weni 10 i,tniiaiiu iur n
ehort visit Tuesday afternoon.
I Mlsn I.ettle .May .Mcltobcrls, ono nr
Horn, to the wife, of H. H. Klmore,
a nlno pound son
Mail Order House In The South!
Judge George M. Davison wont ..,, J,,,8n ,, 7 Hnrrnr
to London Tuesday to attend Federal th" most nUrnctlvo Mir. of tli.rn.rd
court which begins there this wcok. .county, wa. hero the .r of Ml..
fi kUwi
'fcw 1. riMtHAM
Anna I). Mcltobora on Monday
Mr. II. C. Adams, tho hustling monu
inient man, of Lexington, was "era
mt. -. i . . . .
illatliictlyaii cttocli In tlivlrllvefi. Sot nk whrro ho ,ms timber IntcrHtB.
k mm U'nmnn Inn !. Air. TV hi. Mnhnn tt Vl'ltlin tn.t. -. i
Wml Is prepared or was tho guest of a very attractive" na'n on "Tuesday. .
kiii.uiTHll.nil8 low to ,,. ii .,, ,, . , I Mrs. Ann iKisioy, 01 miii"-. "
ipronorlvcaroforhor. younr' ,a,1r ,,oro Wednesday. I ,. ,. ,. ., ,,,,, ., ,..,
tif. Ofcotirsoncar. . C Allen uf tho Went Knd. who :'.... .,". '
te7AV0"'lv;" "pcn ' Texa, for Homo Ume. I. ""'?'." "'"... -ir.. of Unit-
..ir. ..inn...." -
vllle, was Jiorc for a short time with
friends Wednesday .
Henry llrlfiht Hays, has acrcptojl
tho nlRht clurkrhlp In the McColluiji
Hotel at Junction City.
! Mien ttnltn Iipnnv Ir the UUOTt
Menefce, Sho lelt Wodnesdny to Ms
It her lHter Mrs. Ilorkner at V'l.iclii'i
tlino of rlillit-lilrtli, I 'Mr,, Jn"' li,'"r',e of DimvilV. spent
lull inai.v nti.ironrh neornl lnvn with Mr. mul .Mm. I NV
fAt i .::-. -"
llltl L'X.HT.PIII'K Ullh
nn orjmi.lim unfitted for tho trial of
stroitRtli, mul wliei. tho stntln Is over
tier sysu-.n lias rereived a shock from
whirl. It In lard to recover. J'ollnw.J
lutv rlflit tkii tl.ld n..i....d 1.. ...... .
Stntl). of cntlllL- for thn rlilM nml n
UistliH'trlimiRu In the inotl.er results, i'0'" tl.ere. Janiei II. Hrndy Is clerk-
TliorolHiititliiiiiriiiori'charmlnRthan ,inR In Cummins & Wearcn'a.
nhappy und lii-althy mother of chll-i Tho Woman's Imiirovcmi.nl rini,
(Ircn.nnd lmlrHl rhlliUlilrtli under ripl.t ', . ' im .rmciieiit l mil
rotHlltliiiiaui'(illNi.nliaz.inltoliealth '"", B,'t Tuc8'lav ""' Wedoi.Bdnj K.,
orlKMiily. Tliiuiucxplaliialile thlnpls and 17, ns tho datts for olonnlriR up
that, with nil Uio evidence of slinttcred days. So ever)o..o hnlnR trash etc.,
nervoa nnd broken heat, result ne .. , . . . , . . . '
tnmnn unprepared condition, womeii wl" hlMro ,l rca,,y to b l",,,l,,,, r
will persist in koIiir blindly to the trial. " nuov" (IntM
It isn't nn though tlio cxpcrlcnco Ilev. W, S. Crinstoad, of London
r irixnKK'Ks ,Tmr ,mrr, ,,f l": 7icu,o,,ui c",,r?
they, for tlm most irt, trust to chanco wn9 ,lm' ,nn wock ,,,(, K'1081 f his
:.ii(I pay the x'ualty. i dnuHicr, .Mrs. ijesso .allirs mil
lit many Iioiius oiire chlldlesi thero Iphcn tho glad hand on all sides.
niu umv ciiimrci. im-cuiim oi me IIK't
I.S-nnl, lll.llll... . .11 if;.
" "'!" "' K"b i" i unuuii . . , . , lnfVOK
nccout a nlco position I na hl.n,r-,jn"" " "'
in minimi udinvj
I Mr. J. I. l.unsfonl, of noir More
Innd, has returned at'er a delightful
visit to his son R. It. l.unsfonl In
Ohio. Tho latter Is In tho grocery
tuslness and doing well. Mr. I.una
ford vlsltid thn stock ynrds whllo
nway and was struck with the pror
condition of cattlo to lie seen' there.
Mr. and Mr?. Woodsu. May hao re
turned tii their hom- In Somerset
after n visit to tho family or Sir. Will
Inn. May on the Bhakcriown plke.
Prnmnt cprvtVo ornifo ftHin.f r( n1nnn C.4.!fi.' ... i i
- .,v T1, aui tilling ml uivia, odUMaLiion guaranieea. sena mi
your order at once it will be filled by return maih Commencement books. A
nice line of commencement books for girl and boVgraduates. Beautifully bound
in Clotn, Ooze and full leather, some of which are:
Tho Olrl (Jradtiato
Hcliool tllrl Days, .
My Commencement .
My High Hchool Dnys
School Follow I),is ..
Price yi.b().
Trice si.Tfi
!.. I'rlco $l.:i')
.I'rlco i25,and Jl.:b
.I'rlco J 1.00 end JI.7G
Ll . I
incorporated. Louisville, Kentucky.
I-arriH Id liutaliliu' n ne.
that l.)dbi K. Plnkbnnrs Vcgetaldo
romHiniid luakes won. on normal,
bmlthy, and strong.
Any woman xtbn would lll;o
Hpooiiil i.iHIco in rrpiril to tliN
ini.ttcr N ciirilliilly luvltcil to
rlto to Mr. I'liikfiiiiii tit l.uii,
IMohk. llor li-ttrr will be held in
strict i'onlliloncv.
The Interior Journal is cry glau to
L'.ilffittin fllit ritnl'. .if IfB rnrm.nnnrl.
outs. Molvtn Owens at Quail nnd Miss ?' "r ''"n'", friend, Mr
Katlo Cass, of llrodho.id. Tho I. J.,
hits now nhout tho best stall of cor
respniidrnts of any country paper In
this part of the Mate.
Mrs. Hays Poster has returned trom,,m,""vv'ue- ... ,. ,.
PlnoMIlo vhero sho w,,s .., ,he bed- ,,ror Mn- J u1" T a
sldo of her ...other. Mrs M.ckol. Mr M- Kn to,omnn " "" ,. JPht
several days. The latter Is W,m... " Knglonmn attended ho KnlRht
what improved now nnd will be Te.rtplsr banauet In UanMlle Tuesdny
broiiRht to tho Crab Orchard SHimtor- ,,w'"lnK .
lum as soon as sho become.- .iron I Mrs- J' U,c ,oU ,'r,lB-,f.or a
onougli JMslt to her sister "t H'on, linn
Mrs A. II. V. Dinwiddle entertained H,c waB 0"'l'""' aB fnr ,"1 ,'01,U
at bx o'clock dinner Friday In honor vllu' "? x,rB Tl A' IUr0 u .
Tin ladles or uie uupuri i.iu.
Drje, of Ilrndfordsvlllo. Those who
will have nn exchanRe at tfco post-
r.ttended wero Miss J::iirm.i Wfo ottlco Saturday,
ot Lincoln count v. lloth ... ,. U U. Ofidon. the Vnccmn Clw.ner
WIIllo ronton UigsJen
Henry Jlsugl-mnn, of
iui 1 v n ' in
. , vYvi""i
Do Your Cooking in the Cool
A hot kitchen is little better than a prison in summer. But
die range is there, so all the cooking nnd the washing must be
done there, too.
What a tcb'ef it would be to move the range where you
pleased. You can do this with a New Pefection Oil Cook
stove cook your dinner out on the porch, if you like. It is the
only range that is really portable that works eaually well in
any place. There are no connections to be made, as in a gas
range ; no wiring, as with an electric stove ; no sooty flues and
ash-filled grates, as with coal or wood.
The long, enameled chimneys carry the heat directly up to
saucepans, oven or boiler ; you get full value from your fuel,
without waste.
B rnaom n 'i i i
hUtU wiiK I. 2 3 Uiren, witK t.
Una) rMtvlnJ chlfrHwyt. lltM'
ply iftitKcd iKftHiihovt Tk. ?. hmA 1.
Umwr at ua t bd with or whKauI
cUit Xapt vtuch w Cflcd wttK dfpp thchf ,
( DIrArernvhrrt crwrk c4 ilvtcfip
tir ctfcur to lk berc4 trC7 c4 iha
Standard Oil Company
Bring Your
Here To Be
your physician lias pre
scribed ii medlclno for you to
take, tho next important step Is to
have that prescription placed in the
hands of a thoroughly reliable and competent
pharmacist so It will bo compounded exactly as
directed. Wo have, trained an euvlabie reputation
tor nlwava belue very careful and painstaking In
mirromnoiindlnir and feel that. In alHustico to your
own jrood health, you should bring your next prescrip
tion here. Here, too, you will And a complete and In
viting display of toilet articles, rubber Kd. soapi,
perfumes, toilet preparations and all standard remedies.
For Interior decorstinjr wo carry nu rocomnwnu
ALABASTINE, tho bcsutilul wall coaling-, iau
nnd see samples ot tints ami asKusaooum.
Stnuford, Kentucky
.Man of Somerset, Is hero with his ma-
chine nnd dolnR a blp buslncsa.
I Mrs Ulnlno Drje. of HradfordMll e,
waH a recent Riiest of Mr. and Mrs.
A II. C Dinwiddle, at Shelby City.
F 1 Trlbblo tho popular coal ilea!-
er, of Danville, was hore for a sho.t
tin o on liusinoBS Thurscay.
tharles A. Wllliolt, the popu'ar casl.
ler uf tho Hank of Moroland. t In
C-wcnton, at tho bodilde or his broth
er, who Is very III.
i .Mrs. J. F. Holdam and Mrs. M. M.
Perkins enmo down from Crab Orel.
ard Wednesday to advertUo "Ilrother
Joslnh" which will lo played hero
Friday night.
V V. Snyder general manager ol
tho big Henry Clay Firo insurance Co..
ot Ijxington was over with (Jeneral
ARcnt K. M. Newland nere this week
Tho Henry Clay is growing by leaps
and bounds.
Tho condition of J. C. Hays, who
has been c,ulto 111 for the past week
or so, Is not changed. He has not
been resting easy nnd his triends aro
considerably nlarmed about him.
Mis. M. V. Saullcy ltf tho guest of
her daughter Mrs. S. M. U)pan at Wll-
Mlshos J.ena and Mary D. Heck are
tho guests of Miss Annn Chancellor
Mi 3. Jcbso Walters, ot Stanford, is
wsitinR her brother. II. T. (irlnMead,
.mil family. Joseph Surber of June
I lion City. Ulti-d Somerset nnd Hum
'side h.n week. Kev W. S. Grlnstend
, ot London, father of (i. T. C.rlnstead
preached an Interesting sermon, lasi
Sunday Somerset llepub lean.
Mrs. Caswell Saufley (nee Miss
Helen O'lloar) arrives f.om Uv Fart
Tuesday evening nnd is the gtiert of
her parents, Judge and Mrs. Kdwant
i oiieiir nt "tili-n Ayr". Knslgn
Saufley sailed Monday mr i.ernmnj
on the V. S. S. Knnias for n several
week's stay In foreign wnters. Franu
fert New 8 Journal.
Tho i.oxlgton Herald fays. MIsj
Mary Elizabeth Lear is a charming
Kcutucky girl who has been appoint
ed by (lenoinl W. II. llnldomnn to
net ns u spot.For of tho Stato of Ken
tucky at tho Confederate reunion 'to
b.- held In Little Itock, Ark., in May.
Miss Lear Is a daughter of Col. H. M.
eorg. I
m.nt In r's popular grocery at tho
corner of Main and Somerset streets,
and when It Is completed lie will hate
one ot Hi- nicest fronts In town, if
not the nlcost. J. It. Powell linn tho '
contrnct for the work nnd oX course
la dolnc a good Job of It.
Itov. D M. Walker, pastor ot tho
I'llistian church, returned hniin. tt
nobday from a ten days" trip to a(
dost... ia , where ho lecolwd u cull,
from the Tirst Christian chunl. He
proacned lour times there and Isric-u'
ly Improscod with Iho city and the
people, and will probably nccept the
call it tho remuneration otfered Is
few years ago flying
lachincs were hardly-
thought of, nor was
Scott's Emulsion
in summer. Now Scott's
Emulsion is as much a sum
mer as a winter remedy.
bcience did it. ah DnWio
I Christian churches of Lincoln coun
ty to hold semi-annual meetlnR nt Mi
jCuimack's church. May 20tl. 1011
Comity Clerk Ueorpo II Conpw, k
In Nasnville for a short visit to rttw
fives. His daughter, Mrs .Jch Own
ley Held Is holding down ttao otfho
The scml-nnnua. county meeting of "' ",s noscnce in a most efficient man
tho Christian churches or Lincoln n,3r- Mr' an(l 'Mr5' nel1 wh0 are stBI
county will b0 hold wllu llcCormack's on ,heir ow" "neyiuoOT, ?.y thsrttboy
cl...rh on Saturday ;iny iSth. All n"1, t0 encoiiVafe otbi-i fonJlH'a to
cliurchca art urged to send delegates embark so are going to make bargain
prepared to make pledges for tho com. mteson marriage 'licenses while Hun
Ing year's work. ,. .
i in renewing for his I. J., Mr. .1. M
iloltzclnw, AbbeyWIIe, Kns., says "I
f cannot do without my I. J seems like)
a letter from home. Wo aro havimr a
WAS HE A LINCOLN GIVENS? ?frA '" "t here, but it is
Tho Imnvlllo Advocate Is in receipt "e fr w iea I Cor" p,antlnK ls liUer
from Mr. T. P. rial. T . IT' . . - ? CM8
of tho following
a lormer Danvllliau now residing at
Greenville, Texas: "A physician or
this city has a field glass, which his
father enmo In possession of at
Chicknmaug.i, which Is engracd n-
follows: .las. M. Glvcns, Capt Co. K.
ttli Ky. Infantry.' Was Capt. Chens
a relative or any ot tho Iloylo or Lin
coln county Olvcns?"
whcs.t SO cents, hogs to r, 1-2 cent?.
catUo high, 5 1-2 to C 1-2 cepts, horeea
and mules very high,
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
May 14 Why I nm a Christian.
May 21 Why I am ,a ;. llaptis'.
May 2S Why Every .Man who is a
Christian should bo a falthtul member
of tho church.
June 4 Why I Helieve the-Hiblo to
bo tho word of God.
J.ine 11 Why I Uolievo in a Ltr
Dcjond tho grave.
"Sanctify tho Lord God In your heart
ready always to give an an
by Kioa. aputimdnru. aa thry rannot rrarh the dl-
raMl imrlkvi ol ttie ear. 'llirrc u only one way to
cure ilmturM. am that b by mnntltul onal rrmrdlrti.
Ifrnema la rausMl by an uiflimtO condition ol the
mufoita llnlnc vt Uie Kuntarhtan Tube. W hrn tlila
tube u tnitamfil rou hae a ruinbluu aound or 1m-
prnect lirarinc. ana nrn it M rntlrtly rloMxi. Ural
nr- u the mult. am. unlrm the Incrimination ran tio
lalien out and thta tube rattorrd to It normal rondl
linn hrarlnv will lie ilMlmn.1 fn, nine ew
out ol ten are cauned by Caurrb. vhlb ki nothing and bo
rtnf mn irtnamaaii arn n t f tswi nr t via tmita-atita atiterffj
We will fire One Hundred llollara tor ui care ol BWCr to every Man That Askctll You 1
t. ..... ......... I... ......... ak.. ...... .. .......
irrminnw .rauw. p. laiaiiiii ill. t-aJluu. UC lUICU . ... .. ..... I
by I Ult a Catarrh Cure. Mend lor clrrulara. free. Iicasoon OI 1110 110p0 i nat Is In OU
pom by nniKKia. :sf. With Meekness and fear.'
J ale HaU'a family I'lllt for ronitlritloi
10 A. M., Devotional Exercises.
10. K Address, Mrs. Willi!,.
10: 10 Address, W. E. Moore.
11 A. .Al., Address, . M. Wa'kcr.
11'25 lieiortof County Evangells's
I. G. Livingston.
11M0 Iteport of -churches.
Noon Recess.
l:ii Devotional Exercises.
1:30 Addreis, J. Q. .Montgomery.
1:50 Address, Clias. E. Powell.
Address F. 31. Tinder...
Adress, Jos. Ballon.
P. W. CAI.TEK, Ch'mn
a.-e running matiimonial counter Siop
up hoys, come early ad avoid' too rush.
l$w&5?' "M&T M Wi
C a
-? Jt v
"No woman who values health, good
Hyomei Is made of Australian eu
calyptus and Llsterlan nnUseptlcs.
Guaranteed by G. L. Penny to banish complexion and shapely figure should
catarrh, asthma, sore throat and ca- select rnysical exercise. A wutT
tarrhal deafness. Complete outfit fl. el'-tpped womans gymnasium contali
extra bottio 50 cents. a washtub, rolling pin, sweeper, mop,
.. sewing machine, nnd a set of good
i PAY GASH FOR YOUR PRODUCE., dish towels; and then, to comploto
I am handling buggies, wagon an J -h0 system, you should have COFFE.V
farming implements and havo tho COLEMAN supply your g.occrica.
nicest dull freshest lino of -.rorckn. Try Peerless chick and poultry feed,
J. D. Stecnbergens sells, builds, re- -10 Tne Goou"
pairs nnd adjusts scales at rocK not
torn prices. Seo him for prices bc.o.-e STARTS MUCH TROUBLE,
you buy. Address Crab Orchard, K.' If nil peoplo knew that neglect of
15-Cm. constipation would result In severe I
meats, fruits, etc.. in tho West lid. 10 pound sack 25 cents.
i I 11. O.Ii'. r,n ,v vnn mnnnv W
Como Thou WiUi Us And Wo Will llust0ni:ie. Ky.
10-lC. Phone 196. . Prompt Delivery.
Graduating presents In great varie
ty at Mueller's tho Jeweler. tt
Mligestton, yellow Jaundice or virulent
'liver trouble they would soon take
Dr. King's New Life Pills, and end It
, , , . J , . It's tho only safe way. Uest for bill
lor bale.-llul.dlng lot In KowlanU , npadachCi dyspepsia, chills
K., .Mrs. .Mattie V. Klrby. 3M. U,nu debility. 23 cents at Penny's
Drug Stor,
W. S,
Fish icpresents only te Et I
strongest insurance companies,
Let him keep yu protested. 34 if
Foley Kidney Pills aro a truo medi
cine. Tliev are healing, strengthen,
in?, antiseptic and tonic. They act
c.ulckly. Shugars and Tanner.
Local htockho'ders in the big Colo
nial. Mining Company, headed by C. It.
...em...., u. u.m ..." .-.v.t u Jm, reay want a ,,.,,;,
In tin. negotiations wnlcl. are pending fct0maeh. free from cas. Rournes
Mr tho taking over of that concern in an(, dtatoJB, E0 to VenB Vrus storo
lo tho big Contlnwitnl Coal Corporation lod and ft 50.cent or Mym
.. 1. 11. 1..a liiu, 1..U.M .r-intniv..il 'nt I . '
which has Just heon organized at
Clinttanooga. The capital or this now
concern ls capitalized at Sd.OOO.OOO
and will bo Uie biggest thing or its
kind in this part of tio country when
full, organized.
Strayed. A son el horse right fore-
log bowed with knot on knee. Strayed
otr last Monday night. Any inlorma
tlon will bo gladly received besides ro
ward. J. IJ. Gum, Stanford Ky. 37-2p
For Itcnt, grass lot on Somerset
I.eur. of Paint Lick. Ky.. a Confeder
ato soldier who served in tho Sovonth Ky
Kentucky llrecklnrldgo llrlgnde, Con-
a.dI inhn 11 Mnr.-'inV tltvifilnn. ShQ
vns also sponsor when tho reunion Wot. Mrs. Mattie V. Klrby. 34-4.
was held in Louisville .overal , nure
ago. and this second compliment to I tobacc0
r,,usraZ,rrSs,; .. . .y. ,.
here last winter of Mrs. James E. M, Newland Aflent. MOO
lepper and .Miss Clan i 1 Louti Not,CL,Th9 cauEht
Klnkctd. Mrs. Frnzler Honnle, oil
Ml.. liinr' ub " '." "l ' "
Louisville, iss to bo
k.....nM.. n...l . Ill iilcn npl 14 H11L
tm,l,u,u"u :.7 full extent of tbn law. S,
iron of honor at the reunion, unu .uibh
Kathleen .Mulligan, of Lexington, Is
to bo her charming . maid of honor.
,our placo will bo prosecuted to tho
J. Einbry.
will fill mv pulpit
clurch both
next Si'uday
at Christian
and evening
For Sale. 23 bhares Lincoln Nat
ional llank stock. Address Lock Uox
2S8, Stanford, Ky. "XI".
Actlni; County Clork. J. O. Held
granted marriage llcei.so this week to
Wl 1 prencu at lagan's John Tumor, of Ivorydale, Ohio, nn.
I col. t
2 30 ill nfternooa. D. M.
MIsj Mnrtha Jllddloton, a prominent
jouug woman of t'arksvll!v.
Btomacb, tablets on the money back
Foley KIdne.v Pills rurnlsh you tho
right kind of help to neutralize and
remove the poisons that cause back
ache, headacho, nervousness, and oin
er kidney and bladder ailments.
Foley Kidney Pills tako horn or
jour system and help you to rid your
self or jour dragging backache, dull
headache, nervousness, impaired eye
tight, und or all tho Ills resulting from
tho Impaired action or your kidneys
and bladder. Hcmcmber It Is Foley
Kidnov PUIs that do this, tihugars
cud Tanner.
Graduating Exercises
Of The
Grab Orchard Graded School
To Be Held At
Tuesday Evening, May 16
For Kent 25 acres, of oarly grass;
everlasting spring In center ot field;
also 35 acres ot timothy and clover
meadow. Apply to N. W. Pipes, Hus-
touville. 34-3
Several nice second band
on hands for sale cheap,
como quick. I'cnco Dros.
5000 rods ot American Hold tenco
now ready for distribution, w. E.
rorklns Crab Orchara Ky.
For Sale. .Mixed hay, baled.
Mattio V. Klrby
I am now selling the latest uuga
tines and newspapers. Give mo your
bubscripUons. 1 can avo you money
G. I. N. Glllock, Ilustouvlllo, 11-leot
Aiusic Orchobtra
Salutatory Address Kate Napier.
t'nele' lteinus , Edward Edmlsloii
Girl Chorus Words by "Thompson"
.Material Wealth of Uncle Sam : ..'..... Hennotta Ilay'ey
.Mental Wealth of Uncle Sam , Everett Sp'tler
Music Orchestra,
Moral Wealth of Undo Sam Tom Hays JJrcnavgh
Our National Holidays .: .........." LuclJcjftorgan
Song, Selected . Mies Sue Ucth Jamoa
Footprints , Nanty Nnpiur
Vukdictorj Lloyd Martin
Music Orchestra
Address to Class '. Supt. J. W. Ireland
Presentation ot Diplomas Supt. O. Singleton
Awarding ot .Medal G. t. Everett.
Music Orchestra
Song '.. ClaSu
Sunday, May 21st
JBL a I . A'mHfcTliyiTilelel JBaalaWHeaW
Leaves Junction City 5:56 a.m
. j,, ft tit. e"li"W" '
.4. --
. ' iif. Xf'U
j. . ii. , ..i.
iMrucrw A"; inor T-'

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