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r -v- -w i t0gf i w r-y-y'nTr,TF,'T W " ", r
Mm. V.. V Wood tin neon quite
III for sovernl dat'j past.
Frank Phillip enmc up from Iin
don Hundav
Miss Harnh Hundley, who linn been
attending sehrol nt HL. Cmthcrlnci
ii'turncd Wcdncsdny.
A (J. Ihinmnn, who Inn been work
hir lor th0 Frnnklort filming lem
pnny nt Frankfort, for severnl weeks
has returned home
II (. Carpenter went to NIcIiorh
vllle, Wednesday to attend thn wed
ding of Ml I.ucllo Hell to Mr.
Pearco Plnkorton, of Oinnlia, Neb.
Mr. Cnipcnlcr Ik oiio of tlir attend
ants. Wrny KowIp, of lebnnnn Ji no
tion, ron or N W Fowlc, of this
plnor, vnn married V ediiesd.t) to
Mln Dollle Matey, n:ro of Lebanon
Junction. The groom In a ti'Vgrnph
operator and stands well with lit"
Mr ami Mr J W Unities. Mr and
Mr. (Jforgn KVrklandy Of llel
N'cvv Mexleo, went Kiietiis et Mr and
Mr. V. I'. Klncnld, Hiinday
MIm Florence Trnchenrt, returned
home from Huntington, W Vn . Mon
day evening after n IcnRthy visit to
rclatltcs. Mint Virginia llourno will
leturn n lltl later .
UeorKe Florence, who Is liolns
ursed liy numy of 111 parly renders
to become a cmdldato for the re
imhllcan nomination for Halltond
Cnnimlii Inner, went to (.nulivllln ami
unw tlo democ atlc convention In
Mm. J. II WrlKlit. ot Pontntoc,
Miss. In her0 for a visit to her iMf
cnts, Mr nnd Mr K T. I'enee TMs
In her first tlslt home lnee her mar
Mm. J IJ Harris U tlsltlng her
parent, Mr. and Mr V K. Orln
end In lindon. She was ncrmn
panled bv her daughter, Josrplno
Mlsl Knthryn Harris with her
grnnd parent, In Uincnster, f(r sev
eml week
(loorgc IViwner of Cincinnati, who
I a valued employe ot the Inhn II In
lien Pry (Joodn Co., In spending hi
nrntlon here with hi-chum, Howard
J. Ieo Murphy U home ngan from
' iSolilen Dawn Bprings where he
ppent sometime for hln health which
linn not been of the bent lately He
Ik terv much plrnsed with Jason
iwhom'n hnndrome pleasure and
health resort, and in) that the wat-
crn are tine
llenr llrlght Hay . the genial
night clerk of the popular McColltim
llout" at Junction City, passed
tbrour.li here early In the week on a
hort llt to tN- mountnln.
Pr V J Children,, panned through
htitnford Monday en petite to ML
Vernnn for "hort tlslt
Miss llcrln Jean I'enny has return,
rd from n pleasant llt to her aiint,
Mm T B. Webb, Jr. In Knoxtili-
Miss Nan M 'in I'F Ih heie Iron
Sewmet, Itf guest of Mis Mary
I)r lv J Drown iii.k1 a short ttip
up to HriMlhend tnrlv In the week
Mr. Cuitln Wilson tun returned to
Crnh Orchard, from Han Atitonla."
Dallas nnd other places ot Interest
in Texas. He lro stopped In Hunt
Ingdon, Tenn., to see Mr J T Hater
.Mlsse Mmrgitrt-t tnd Elizabeth
Fox of lanvllle, ere guest of the
Misses llaushman.
Geo. Kills of Cunningham, Kansas,
I, here to see bin mother, who Is In
t.or health.
Miss Virginia Mshonv. of Allen
Wile, arrived jesterday to spend acr
ral weeks wlih her grandmother,
Mr. Mary IVnn).
John IJ. Foster. W. I,. McCany, U
It. Hughes, J. W. HuUheson. J. W.
William, W. T. I Ran anu Jir. hw
nclds, auiomoblled t FViinkfort this
eek and Inspected t e plant ol the
New Kngland Chair Company In the
J. I,. Wilder former!- p-i-tmaater
at Kuhank, with his wife and family
iirr the guests of Mh sister . Mrs
8am ItobertnlntiieMaywood section
They will go to Crab Orchard lor a
llt to Robert Collier and famll l'.
tore leaMnr on a prospecting; trip
to Texas nnd C.illfornl-
Newii comes from Orlando, H-..
ihst Mrs. K. C. Walton I, unite 111.
Her s ler. Mis. L)lcs, uj .Nanvllle,
his gone to her bedside. It Ij under
stJd. ...
A letter received bv Mrs. Walton h
IMer heie, Mrs !. H- l oopcr. later,
states that her condition Is some
what Improve! thougti he Is stl'l In
bad shape. Mrs Wntonn h"t of
tilends In Lincoln will .dticrely tniit
that her Illness will be of shoit du.n
(I. I.. I'ennv. W. 8. lliirch. T. J.
Hill. Jr. nnd 8. M. Saufley, attended
the Kc-cnd ditilct Hnllroid C nvon
tUn nt loulsIP0 Wednesday, when
W. S lv nlr.ol Lexlnston was nomi
nated without opposition. Mr Ilurcl
jmis iho Ughth dl'itrlct membor on
tho tommltteo on orginlzatlon while
y. M rt ulley was chosen one ot
the hu r tirlen ot thu contention
t A- --u .
fiETSY'3 POIN I und;
What has become or tho old fusU
toned took who hal something on tho
stov0 that would no po dono until
day after tomorrow tlut prompt
ness governs tho dny. If you want up
in dato groceries you immeumieiy
.think of Coffey & Coleman."
Try it "novor fall" ltorosono can tor
L .i ir ....I iii,i iintii vou oter buw
LlJ used, bring It back nnd got your
Ifionoy, Thafu tho ttny wo sell It.
1 rnecrv Jt r.OLEMAN.
1 Phone 196. k . Prompt Delivery.
Headaches, Colds, Indigestion,
Pains, Constipation, Sour Stomach,
Dizziness? it you arc not, the most
effective, prompt and pleasant
method of getting rid o them is to
take, now nnd then, n descttspoon
ful of the ever refreshing and truly
beneficial laxative remedy Syrup
of Figs and Elixir of Senna. It is
well known throughout the world
as the best of family laxative reme
dies, because it acts so gently and
strengthens naturally without irri
tating the system in any way.
To get its beneficial effects it is
always necessary to buy the genu
ine, manufactured by the California
Fig Syrup Co., bearing the name
of the Company, plainly printed on
the front of every package.
.tirk .1 II, Paxton nnd son, .l.in s,
ire In tancnstcr nltu lur atdrr
""Mlii Jennie llfckrr :ian bei n or
tho sick Hot for several da).
Mlds Mnda K Miller In at hnm
fiMu Klioxvl Je where the has It, n
teaching for the past term.
Pi or J. W Ireland is In lllrhmcnri
this wet-k lnltlng (lie I'm n rn Kt.ui
Normal Hchool.
Mr ami Mm W. 1. Klnrald made
a pleasant tlslt to Mr and Mrs J. (!.
Ilmnslde at Point l.envell Wednes
J. I, ,lnrvla who n-cenlly mot i ft
to lienor rimnty on n.'llnt- lrm
lieiir Saltlsa was here Monday shnk
tiiK bunds with his mnny frlendn. .
Mls,i Nancy Veager rttuinrd rome
from Pittsburg, a, wterv she has
sH-nl the winter with her aun, Mrs
J li. Johnston, taking a special rim
sic euirse in a consertatory there
Her mother, Mrs. Sue Veager went to
Cincinnati and accompanied ler on
Mr, and Mr. James U. Sautlej, nt
(iia)Hvlle, Tenn., and little daughter
spent Fltday with til mutiier and
other relutlies here.
Mm. II. Itowan tvuriey and little
oki lift Thursday for Pueblo, Col ,
to spend the summer with ber fattier
Mr George It. Kngieman.
Cnptlan V It. lirlilalu who hss
tipi'ti stntloned during tbr winter off
the coast or Honduras, will be assign
ed to Portsmouth, New Hampshire,
for the summer. He will be joint d
Iher It Mm, ilrlttlnu and Mt.ih Ollle
Maldwln- -Hlchiiiond Climax.
Mr, J S, lllce Is In Tenncssir,
iii.lklng a visit to he? ulster.
.Mrs. W lDKan Wood, of lanTlfic,
was h guest of her mothir hire
this week.
Cecil Manning has been delivering
mall on it. F. I). No. J this w-k
while his brother, popular Carrier J.
A Manning ha been off on thu slrk
Mr W. W. Carter and Mrr. Chat.
McUrudiT, ot l.ettaron Junrtk) ,
were gueitts of Mm S. T. Huberts at
ltowlnnd. .Miss Vloln lintdy wan al-
uo Ikt guest.
J 11. Carter, ot Salt l-ike City, Is
tislstlng his mother, Mrs. S. R Cur
tor. Charles Hurton, ot Monticelln
hero this week and bought a num
ber ot good horses from arlous ral
lies. He paid Wat Dudderar Kfm rer
oe; got one trom Jotui Uooch tor Sli
one trom I.ilburn UikkTi lur t-00 an
oiio Irom Oeorgc ixigpn.
Mtises Helen, and Martha (Jill. ir
Lancaster, have been the eifctth ot
Iib llcsilu Hardin this week.
Mi. K. J Ilrown nnd sons, nuse'l
nnd' I'reicott, are on b tilt to her
brother at Cumberland (Jap and tn
joying some tine fishing.
Mr. und Mrs J H. Ilaiighmnn and
laiully are siH'nding tome time at the
co eli'rated l-'llxlr Springs ror their
Miss Hollo Alcorn leates this week
for nn extended tour of Kurope She
will go with a party of friends.
M,m J M Owsley returned ro nrr
home nt Mnrlann.i, Fla , thN wee
after a pleasant visit to tier brother,
Welch Hocncster, and lr .and Mm
i II Ow'.lo.v.
Wedding presents at Mueller's cf
Come one and n'l to our home til
int show and spo nil natlwi in
lume AdmlHklon 25c src and Cc.
" For Rale On lincaster street, X
mom house nnd lot. Parn, chicken
tiuiiao and coi house, etc. All new
Pncu right. C. C. Hooch.
I IIKX ('t)At. Is tl:0 lieht for cooking
tntri nnd etcntunlly jou will uo
i It Why not begin and so what you
htvi lost by not ttartlng sooner? At
Denlinnm yards nt Slnnlonl and Row
land 4G-2.
ilyomol hns relieved nnd imnelltod
mon- catnrrh sufurern than nil tho
sieelnllstH In America Hicntho It;
I that's nl Gnainnteed by O. I.. Penny
lor catarrh, croup, asthma and time
j .mil throat iillniontji. Complete outlit
On Friday and Saturdr.y, June 30
and July 1st all hatn. flutter, rib
bons etc in my establishment tri bo
placed on tin market nt below i,nst.
, lor spot men. miss una May auu
, deiu. "-5
I A man who drovo ffom Wllmoro to
HUnloiid In nn iititomobllo Sunday
1 nttornmn counted twenty dx court
ing cotiplos out In bugglos. notwlih
ht.indliig tho heat of tho day Tb
joung fcllowa ttero out with thou
best Rlrls iimKing nay wune uio sun
ui'H 'lilnliig
Beginning Saturday, June 17th, and continuing until July 1st, we w ill offer
everything in our entire stock, except a few restricted price articles, at very de
cided reductions from lowest regular prices.
This is not a sale of just a few selected articles, but pick and choice of mer
chandise throughout our various departments at lower prices than ever quotea
in any previous Clearance Sale, as our stock is entirely too large and we intend
reducing it to the minimum by July 1st.
Sale will be continued full two weeks, so that all out-of-town trade may have
an opportunity to attend.
mi ....... ....... ...........
No Goods Laid Aside or Sent on Approval
u u
5c Choice or nil 7'ic Ap.on Glng-
9c All Hates, Seersucl.er and A V.
C. lire i OlngTiams
9c Choice or a I 1'J'iC Piinud lawni
and' Ilatlslefl.
12Jc Cholco of a.l 18c Printed
Flaxon and Irlih I.lnette.
1e Cholcp cf all 1SC Galtea CUths
19c holce of all 25c Zephr 'line-
bams and Kgyptlan Tlis.ioi.
9c For Une Quality Mndrns Shining
All White Goods reduced. We
can mmtion enly a few Items.
Oc For 45 Inch Sheer Persian lawn
nete- sold under lfcc
10c Sheer Chcckod Muslins nnd Paja-
ma Cloths, worth i5c.
12' jc Plain 3S inch Flaxon, looks
like linen, wear bitter.
DurUg thl sale we will ofler
special reductions on all kinds of Do-
raestlcs, Hhios. Pll ow. Cases nnd
;oodn by the yard.
8c For Hope 1IU acted Muslin.
:2tc Kxtra Good Pillow Case'.
69c Fine Quality Sheet! Slxyl.
Window Shades Reduced
25C Two Specials at 25c and 50c SOC "
Ladies, Misses and Children's """ JJ MattingS, RugS and
QHrc m m Furniture
.?'' 4
At Reduced Prices
ror Sale A splendid milk 'cow,
licsh. Hounn Saulley.
Ir. J. O. Carpenter has lecelted
winl ol tho dntn in t-niiauo jmrn
Ust week of Dr. Joseph Price, who
usslstod lu the loundlng of tho olu
.lotepu I'rlco hospital In Stanford
nnd who was here a number of ttmoe
t. was one ot the ureatesi moou-ai
men in the countiy
Irtin't loruot the ""ate for "lL,,'"jft'
tlomil Troubadouis. Juno 20th. IJIl
Admls-Ion 25e, ar.o and f0c.
See the -Olh Centurj dirts, Tues
day ulght. June 20th, It'll. Adml.
lon 25c, 35c and 50c.
ltov J. H. Mtlng-ton wiltea tho I.
, mi....... b.iv fhrndlL your Krl-
d-iy's isu0 that our nuetlng wl.l be-
tln ci Kriuay nigui
ii inn.iwlnir fnr her 1 J, for an-
othor )o.r, Mrs. T. C. Carter, or
i.uwrencobiirg wrltti'fi ' l cau l Kot
,.i..n, wiiiwiiii it. I wns ruUed In
dear old Lincoln county nnd the pi
per and all tho poop e ar0 uo.ir to mu
1 lived ther,, 2C .tears hi fore I came
down liore."
Al pnrsung havlni! claims mtnlnst
the estato ol Martin McCormlok,
diceasml will prosont thorn proparly
tr rilled us rcnulnd by law. to tue in
onco K S Alcorn, nttoniev for Mo
ion cCol'Uk. uduunHtr.i'rlx
A' I
June 17th
All Tailored Suits at half price.
7.50 Any Wool Suit that was $10.
$10 Any Wool Suit that wag $2it.
$12.50 Any Wool Suit that was $23.
$2.95 Any I.lncn Suit up to $.&:.
$5 Any linen Suit up to $1U.
$7.50 Choice or all $15 SI k Dresses
$10 Choice or all J2J Silk Drwns.
$15 Choice of aIV !-9 SO Dresses
All thin White Dresses, Olnrrhum
and Ijwn Dresses, Klmonag and Ik
Petticoat at tery decided roluctlons
for this sale.
We bate' exactly ICO Skl.ts In
itock All thin White stvt-r ot toi'et
Panamas, and fan?y mixtures; nil of
fered at swee I g reductions
$2.95 For all Wcol Panama Sk rts.
$3.75 Panama,, and Mlxtu es wcro
$5.0 Trimmed Voils were $S.r.0.
85c Choice of Waists selllnc a $1.
98c Choice ot Wals s Ulng at $1.25
$1.20 Choice of Waists selling at
At Reduced Prices
Al parties hating claims again t
thu estitto ot Frank Vaugluin, do
orused, will prebent them to me.
properly pioten, ou or before thu
1st Any of August, l'Jll or beore eTtr
barred. W. M. Myers, Executor,
Hnstonvllle, Ky.
.Muck Fibber, n popular nnd well
known young gentleman ot Crab Or
chard, lii a accepted a position ns
clerk with Cummins At Wearen,
lien and will be gnld toyeo his manv
tl lends Horn the K:i8t End when they
eonio tu town.
Pi of J. W. Ireland requests tho 1
J. to itato that tile name of Miss
.Mitsy Crimes was inadvertently
omitted from tU Honor Itoll ot tho
i htth grade of last month. Sho made
a lino mink ami tier name should
hate been included with the others
ut thu time of publication.
S. (. Drown, n valued subscriber
to th0 I. J. at Eubank, wu nn appre
ciated caller at the ollicc Monday
lie May tl.nt his hntiHu recent y burn
ed down In the night time causing a
loss of about cJ.300, Ho carried !,
.OU IriMininco with the compunioj
,epreenttd 'n Stnnlunl by W. is.
FUh, so will nut siift.tr so heavily us
II lie had no protection There wero
1". moivbnrs of 1:1, i fniully in tli
honun at the time and they escaped
Willi Utile more than their clothes.
when tho Humes wero discovered
He fire broke out about two o'clock
In ih- t oni.ng und ip dwelfi's wis
'on i i as i of u- l-es
to July 1st
Trunks, Bags and Suit Cases iQ
At Greatly Reduced Prices "
Sunday scvices at tho llaptist
church; Sunday chool U::S0. Preach
ing scrtlces 10:45 A. M. No service
in tho evening.
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured i
with LOCtL API'LICATIONS. m lhy nnnot mt i
the it oC lb OIjicu. L-kUrrh u a hl.MMl nr miuil
tutloaal dlMiue. and In ordrr to cure It sou mutt Ufto
Internal reinnlm. Hall'i Catarrh Cure u taken In
ttnuliy and acta directly upon the blood and inurout
urtacc llaua (llarrh Cure la not a quark medi
cine. It waa prearrlbe.1 by one or the beet phjilrlana
In thli country lor yean and ta a regular prmrlpiiun.
It la ttunpoacd ol the beat toalca anoon. coroblaeo
ltl the beat blood nurlaera. actinx directly uo the
mucnui aurlacea. Tbii pcrrrcl combination of the.
to Incredlenu Is what producra auch vuidrrlul re.
uiw iu curni caisrrn. rmi rite lmllmonUM. free. I
u ,. k r.1' J -'K-,":V A CO.. I'ropa. Toledo, a.
rm. uj 1nu.KWia. prif-e T3C
Taaa liall a lamllr "Uia lor constipation.
Tho play "PlamondR ami Hearts"
which wits such a success at More
land till t week, will lix r,iw..ii.,i n
liixir springs next Friday etenlng.'
A small ndmlsslon fee will 1 chnig-
f, mo proceeds being for tho hem-
lit Of the Mnrelntnl ('lirlcHnu hnrrh
Mr. Iloucliln will servo lunch at 15
cents to jhoso who attend.
All bablea born In this, Magisterial
district. No. 1 mun be immediately
reported to the Local HegUtiar by
the midwife.. Those not reporting
will bo prot ceded against nccordlng
to Inw W. A, Carson, Locnl Itegls
Clean, ltellablo Inrs.
Danvlllo, Ky,
m et.
m KvcrT piece of sill; In our Jiti
in en s stock nt subbtnntlal rtiluo
H tlons for this .ale.
pj 29c Scco Foi!.Uilj selling up to 4'."'
B 39c A I Silk Foulards s'lllni; al 5!c.
49c All Foulard sell at .1'Jc.
m 69c Cheney Ilros., $1.00 Fouls rdr.
. 39c Silk Pcpllns. all colors from fJe
49c Satin Messallnes, all colon, from
85c Ul.ick MesBaline, yard wide, V--t
'jc Ladles Summer Vnsts, taped
neck nnd arms, our hest 10: vwt.
12! nc l.idles Summer Vests, In thrtc
Jplenold ntyles, value 20r.
AH our Gauze Vests anJ Union
Suits, also all Muslin Pnilerwear "in
Gowns, Drawers, Skirts, etc., nt -
duced pricoF.
A I Hosiery und Gloves of every
kind at leluced prices.
Etery Corset in our stock ruluc-
ed, Including suck celebrated n.akea
as Nemo, Hon Ton and Thomson's
Glove Fitting.
Lace Curtains Z
and EV-
Curtain Nets ''
At Reduced Prices m
HAIL For S1.50 per acre I will in
sure your tobacco against loss or
damage by hall. You should have It.
R. M. Newland, Agent. Phone 168.
For Salt? l win seli . ,,
Hon at IP o'cock iuay, Jun0 23. In
front of the eourthouso door in Stan
ford a N23 Star Piano, brand new n.)
a bplendld instrument, Terms J'"i
cash, balance ?10 a month nt C per
i flit Interest. E. J. Fort!, Dantllle, Col
I. P. Chandler, Auctioneer. -jc-jr,
SheilfX w u McCarty. took four
negio piUoner, who wore eontictetl
and beuttneed at the recent term ot
trie I.llICO n C'irrilll mn,l ,.. .1
this week. They ueie the three n.w
,rtws who wnjlald nnd .robbe.l the
tobacco men on the Danvillo pike In
l-ebniary.Los Ci-egory, who goes mi
irom t -o yeais. Curl0y Johnto
ml H..U jlawklns. 5 tt ears each
He aleu took Imv, m...n .. ..
.'.V'"1:1' ."f rol,w,'K llaughnmnw
' wiiistTVe one to lite yoaru
A tieniendous nmouiit or mall mat
ter was handled tlinmnh n... t.-...
ford postonice during the month or
Miiv during which periwd tho ixMrlal
otllcin, leipilred ti,..t nn exact a
coiint be Kent bv tin. .,..,.,,
lluic was handled n tlu. inr,,i it....
jxictJy o,,jU ,,1. lnal, nD(,
Postmaster I lorenct- rav that I
as r t tr n light montt

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