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The Interior Journal.
Ettibllthcd 1172
HELTON M. 8AUFLEY,...fublUher
Balerrt at the poetofflce at Htn
ford m second ctoM nail.
For OoTcrnor James n. McCrcary.
Kor Lieut, governor E. J. McDcmctt
For Treasurer Tno. 8. Hhcn.
For Secretary of State C. F. Crcrc-
For Attorney Uoncral James OamctL
For Auditor If. M. Rotnnrth
For State Superintendent of Bchoole
Darktidale Hamlett.
For Coinralsiloncr Agriculture J. W,
For Cleric Court of Appeals It. U
For IlaUroad OomraliMoncr W. F.
For Circuit Judgn Ciiarlcs A. Har
din. FK Reprcscntnthc W. II. Slmnks.
tliink of the joy Hint setges Ihrouffh
Wilson's martial heart, when he
hears (he bugle and the drum.
The .Shclbyvillo Record snys thnt
the rnnn who get mad nt what I ho
ncwupnper snvs nhout him should
return thanks three times n day for
nhnt the pnpers know nhout him mid
don't publish. And we know. of scv-
prnl instances in which thnt is line.
ury true.
One of the vexatious things thnt
keeps Judge O'Rcar nwnke nt nights
nnd wreck, his happiness, is the
corrupt lobby, which is otherwise
known ns Hie "Third House." He
solemnly promises, if elected Gover
nor, to destroy this iniquitous comb'i
Jintion, nnd innke it possible for the
Lcgislntuie to pass laws without be
ing improperly influenced. W nre
lobby is a scandalous invasion of
the Legislative department of the
Covernmcnt, nnd those who bribe nnd
bully LcgMntors ought to be in the
penitentinry instend of dictating
nominations or party policies. Gov
ernor McCrcary is committed to des
troy this excrc-enec and if he is
elected Governor there will be a
house cleaning at Frankfort that will
.Muish many old otlcnucrs, nnu nu
lE5 Capitol of the gang that has
'enriched themselves four years at
the public expense.
In discussing these mntters. Judge
O'Rear pays that he wnnts to abro
gate the lobby "because for eleven
years I have Fat in the Court nt
Frankfort, and have seen these
things going on." Undoubtedly he not
only saw the machinations of the
lobby in matters of legislation, but
he is in a position to know their
work in the election of Senator Brad
1pv. If he could sit oc the bench and
sec this rascally crowd perform, yhy I
did he not have personni knowledge
of the fact thnt this very snroe lob
by thnt he is now enouncing elect
ed this self-same Senator Bradley
whom he pronounced in the Republi
can Convention as "the greatest liv
ing Kcntuckian," whose title to the
Senate was "without flaw or stain."
It is evident that Judge O'Renr
only sees and henrs the things thnt
vill be good for him as n candidate,
ud thnt will not annoy his Republi
can supporters nnd associates.
Joe Jones sold his farm nf 2X
acres to Joimh Hays for .$7(1 per
Rev. D. Friction, pastor of the
old I'nint Lick Presbyterian church
has resigned and moved to Florida
villi his fnmily.
Mises Kliiui Ruekcr nnd Nettie
Itendwny went to Kingston td the
Camp Meeting Saturday and return
ed Sunday.
Mulligan is the bos water melon
iaicr about Taint Lick.
Mr. and Mrs. II. L. Wallace and
children visited Mrs. Adelia Woods
nt Stanford Saturday and Sunday. U
X. Tcrrill was in Lnncnster Sunday,
to sec his best girl.
Dr. W. Carmen, lias returned from
Ohio, where he visited his parents.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert Guyji, visited
friends in Jtssnnunc Inst week.
.Mrs. Sara Wnrd of Harlnn, is
isiting her parents Mr. nnd Mrs.
Mile Xoe.
.William Ralston living nbovo Paint
Lick on Frog Branch is vewf low,
lie is one of our oldest citizens.
James 11. Guyn one of your oldest
subscribers has n mantle clock he
taye he has been running '10 yeans
without stopping or cleaning.
Mrs. J. II. DAvis nnd family ex
ited to join Mr. Davis at White Wat
er, Kansas soon to mnkc their fu
ture home. The recent rains will
help to fill out the lato corn and im
prove the late tobacco.
Eastern part of Garrard county
bus suffered very much from the
it fJflMtt the went thiny f er
coMttfltptire. Many et the
contain as much ,a 20 of
alcohol; Scott't EmuUten
not a drop. Inakt on having
Scott's Emulsion
rOBMU BT ALL dcooit
The democrats nrc fortunate in
having ns their candidate ror Lieutenant-Governor
Edward J. McUcr
mott, of Louisville. He is a man
of proved ability and of the hightcst
character. He has labored unsel
fishly for the improvement nnd ad
vancement f Kentucky. His voice
linrfMieen lifted in tunny states, and
before vast audiences-, in liehulC of
his people, and whenever he has
gone he. has bot'ii listened to with
rapt attention, for he is an orator
of the firt rank. As presiding of
ficer of the Senate, he will decide
every question that comes before
him with absolute fuirness.
Judpe O'Renr wants the voters of
Kentucky to believe thnt he is the
only sincere man in the state. His
utterances nro truo; those of every
one else false. Ho means what ho
says, but the Democrats are liars
bhams nnd pretenders. Kentucky
never produced a trickier, more cvns
ive, more insincere politician than
Judge O'Rear. He is willing to es
pouse any cause that promises to
t;ujn his votes.
Governor W illsou spent, in three
years and a half over $270,001) on
tho stnte militia. Augustus is a
warrior bold, und dearly loves to
see his pallor soluierj march. The
taxpayers have to font Iho b'lls. brl
Ctanses the System
effectually; Dispels
colds and Headaches;
due to constipation.
Best for men, women
and children ; young
and old.
To qet its Beneficial
effects, always note the
name of the Company;
plainly printed on the
front of every gackaqe
of the Oemiine
The following is n report of the
second month of Pleasant Point
pchool ending September 8th. Honor
First grade Exa Singleton. Joe
Dye, Herschel Gillilnnd, Plartie Pe
trcy, Edgar Dishon, Stella Harris,
nnd Manford Harris.
Second crude Bertha Dvc. Wood
ford King, Ester Wall, Stella Alford
George Bunch.
Third Grade Daisy Ilcnthcrnge
Owsley Gilliland, Otis Griffin, El
mer Alford.
Fifth Grade Florence Griffin.
Mnyme Odnre, Willie Wall, Joe
I'uyne, nnd.Dcwcy Carroll.
Seventh Grade Mnyme Singleton
Odn Brown, Annie Webb, Maymc
Urown, Lthcl llogue, Florence Wall.
highlit Grade Charley Brown.
Average attendance for tho month
mnle 3C, female 25; total 01. E.
U. Gillilnnd, teacher.
R. F. D. No. I
Miss Tcvis Colycr, of Somerset is
visiting her cousin, Mrs. II. F. Ncw
Innd. Miss Annie Nowland has returned
home to Norwood, Ohio after n two
months' visit to relatives nnd. friends
in the country.
Mscs. Bust Huyden nnd Bell
Dougherty of Texas and Miss Ollie
Unyden of Boyle county have return
ed to their cousins Marshall and
Xcll Xewlnnd nnd other relatives.
Mr. Irwin Jins moved to his
farm lately purchased from 0. P.
'wlnud. Otis has gone to Burn-
sides to live. We regret to give
linn up nnd hope he will soon find
it to his interest to return back rb
old Lincoln soon.
J. II. Xcwland bought of Henry
Cntrou his farm on the nike, contain
ing CO ncres for $3,250.
The Iloltzelnw Bros., of Walnut
Plat have sold their nice farm of 210
acres to J. II. Painter of London at
W. F. Xcwland sold to Bob Thomp
son, 01 Uarrard 7 head ot J.UUd lb
cattle nt $4 50 a hiimlred, also u
mule to sumo for $175.
At the pio supper ut the Walnut
Flat school houso the money raised
was to buy ehurts, maps, and start
u library. Jt was gotten up tiy the
lonelier. Mis Mary Wilson. Thev
realized about $11. The auctioneer
wus Col. J. P. Chundler. The pies
wold from 10c to $2.50 a piece.
ltcv. J h. Roberts preached his
Inst sermon this conference year
Sunday ut Hejiron. H" hns been
preaching ut llchrnn,oiio year. Bis
congregation hopes ho will be sent
back when conference meets next
Messrs. Sehemmel nnd Archer
hnvo sold their interest in tho Crab
Orchard Sanatorium to a Mr. Spit
ler, n brother to tho present proprie
tor and have gone to Da j ton, 0 to
make their hame. '
the trentment of Dr. Lnswcll he is
getting along nicely.
Go. Wall hns been indisposed for
several days.
Mis Laura Horton is able ta be
out agnin.
C. L. Hensley the'expert fi-,hcr-rnnn,
cnucht a four-pound hns out
of the Fishing Creek pond last week
Lnn Grnybeal is having n well dug
on his fnrm nenr here.
Reuben Hocne nfter n nlennnt
trip to the I'hillipines hns returned
to hi native stnte nnd bought the
Crisler farm where he will locale.
Sns there is no place like old Ken
Rev. Singleton is iniprowng hi.
James Homer- snyf the weather
has been so lint and t'rv that his
pop corn has actually popped on
the cob.
Arthur HafW having served a
three years term in the army is spend
ing a few weeks with his parents,
W. II. King the champion water
melon raiser i to be congratulated
on hij fine crop this season. On
Tuesday evening he gae a wnter
irclon party which was greatly en
joyed by all present. His wife de
lightfully entcrtnincd wIlli good
miisic nnd all went awa; feeling it
was an enjoyable occasion.
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. G. Dnnlnp re
turned home Saturday nftcr a pleas
ant visit to relatives in Grant county
Mrs. J. A, Johnson and sous Denver
und .Churles are visiting nt Drv
Mr. nnd Mrs. C. C. Leach of Lex
ington are visiting here
Austin Hale and wife of Milledge
ville passed through en route to
their home, after spending several
days with relatives near Somerset.
While there they attended the
Baptist Association, went boat rid
ing in the Cumberland river unci
v.cre weil uniertnined i every way.
Mr. ami Mrs. William Smilv and
c.uili.rcn turned to the.r home m
li'vouiiuglUi. Ind., Wednesday. 'J'ln-ir
rnarv ;iends and relative.: regret
ted to see them leave.
Mrs. Jasper O'Brien of Panama,
is with her mother, Mrs. Jasper Sws
toti. Mr. nnd Mrs. Dowlen and daugh
ters of Somerset were the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. G. V. Leuch.
Mrs. Snllic Murphy is visiting Mr.
.l . W tl l. ...!,..
illlU .1119. 1,. ,i. .,1UJ1,II.
Miss Neeta Murphy spent WedA
ncsday in homersvt with Mrs. . A.
Master Willie Wall wasvisiting
his grundmother, Mrs. Martha Wall.
, Chas. Privett went to Blooming-'
ton, Ind., last week in search of em
ployment. Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Ronton and lit
tie daughter, Nellie spent "Sunday nt
Mr. Pleasant Routou's
Miss Margaret Routon will leave
this week to visit Lexington friends
g)HMHgtiiggsiffr C(HMft MtiPHffSr!lH WWWWWWW
Dependable home furnishings may be purchased at this store
for less money than the same goods may be had at the stores of
the larger cities.
' Why? Because our cost of doing business is less and, our but
put throughout Central Kentucky equals and in some instances sur
passes that of most of the stores of the' larger cities. Prove this for
yourself. Come to Lexington while reduced rates are in effect on
all the railroads and while our fall stock is complete.
This store offers a splendid assortment of tastefully selected
merchandise in every section. A wide array of furniture for every
room of floor coverings, draperies and wall hangings bought to
harmonize in quality and color and the most beautiful Art Section
in the state containing an excellent collection of pictures and decor
ations. This store stands squarely back of its merchandise. If a defect
develops in anything we may sell you no matter wliere you live we
either replace.the article or repair it to your entire satisfaction with
out costfo you:
All this is yerth considerable to yon yet we charge less for
our goods than the stores of the larger cities.
Whether you need home furnishings or not, come to Lexington
this week a good time awaits you. Fall races are on and the the
atres offer attractive bills. Come and remember "Visitors are al
ways welcome at Brower's."
CF. Brower & Co.,
Main and Broadway, Lexington, Ky.
s&&$&& o&ooftgoooooo ooftftooo0&aa9aoo aa&a&aaturxrx
Crops in this section uro looking
much better since the good rains
James Lnmb, a widower, ami Mi-si
Leach aged 10, were united in the
holy bonds of matrimony at Padgett
Bros., store, Tuesday Rev. J. A. bin-
i;leton performed the ceremony.
Arthur rnutet was snake bitten
)v a connerhend Sunday but under
Mrs. T. J. Price entertained a
number of little people forIicr nc
nhew Norton Washburn of Talla
hassee Florida.
Rev. D. B. Fricrson of Paint Lick
hns resigned his charge of the Pres
byterian church and bus gone to
Florida to reside having purchased
a farm there.
Rev. George Bain, the gifted ora
tor of Lexington gave one of his in
imitable lectures Thursday evening
ut the court house. His subject was
"Could I Live Life Over Again."
Rev. O. P. Bush united Frank Rog
ers and Miss Peurl Kelly in wed
lock's holy bonds ut the Pnrsonuge.
The bride is the young duughler of
Mr. -Thomas Kelly, of Hyuttsville.
M. G. Aldridgo and family have
gone to Texas to reside. They were
accompanied to their new homo by
manv good wishes for the future pros
Miss Fannie Thompson formerly
of Preuchersvillo but now of I toy to
count was united in marriage to
Mr. Burton ColcmniK n prosperous
young business mini of Danville. Tho
bride will bo remembered here as the
attractive cousin and visitor of Miss
Hullie Urown.
Henry' Sanders nnd Mis Dora
Itout ndopted daughter of Miss Mat
tie Rout were marriedoii Wednesday
nfternoou nt the residence of Klder
l' M. Tinder, he smiling the vows in
his usiiul dignified way. The couple
cru accompanied by Miss Gertrudo
Merrimun and Mr. Claude Archer of
Point 'Leave!!.
James Turner of Garrard sold two
horses for $15(1 each.
The following were elected offic
er's of the W. C. T. IT.. President,
Mrs. Rebecca West; Vice President,
Mrs. Win. Lear; Recording Secre
tary, Mrs Saiunel Johnson. Corres
ponding Secretary, Mis Auinndn
Anderson; Treasure;-, Mrs. Kd, Price
Mr. Robert L. 'Arnold und family
hnvo conn to Richmond to reside, ho
having an interest in the grain and
feed business of Messrs. Burnsidc &
Robinson in the Mndi-un capital.
A protracted meeting will begin
at the Baptist church on October 1,
Dr. C. C. Marshall ,of Richmond will
conduct the revival. All most cor
dially invited.
Mrs. J. C. Robinson has purchas
ed thy residence of Henry Simpson
on Richmond street for f'J.100.
Arthur Scott died at tho home of
his pnrcnts Mr. nnd Mrs. James
Scott at Lowell nfter a lingering
illness 'of typhoid fever. The burial
was nt Manse.
Mr. Alev Wnlkcr has sold a two
third intcrcsi in his flouring mill
ond light plnnt company to Messrs.
Clevelnnd Rose and Ed. Perkins of
Brynntsville, for $1,500.
Mesrs. J. Raymond and Samuel
G. HaselJen have returned from an
enjoyable outing to Detroit Mich.,
While away they were handsomely
(entertained as tho guests of tho
manufacturers of the IS. M. ! t lan
ders '20, MUtomobiles. Their outing
consisted of a trip in Kentucky and
three other states.
Mrs. Sara Land, of Indianapolis,
Ind., is tho guest of Mm. K. E. Dan
iels. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. W. Miller, mo
in Louisville vinitlng Mr. und Mrs.
It. K. Hughes. Van Logan ot Jew
York City, is visiting his uncle Hugh
T. Logan. Mrs. Charlotte ami tlnugh
ter, Miss Josephine Warren, ol htun
ford hnvo been visiting Miss Jennie
Duncan. Mrs. Mnry Woodcock, of
Los Angeles California has Ilecn vis
iting Mrs. M. I). Hughes, uinuite
Wherritt, of New Orleans is with his
parents Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wher
ritt. Mrs. Charles Davis, of Chatta
uoogn is hero visiting her mother,
Mrs. Elizabeth Joseph. Miss Bessie
Prnther is at home nfter n protract
ed stay in Illinois visiting friends iu
A!ysville. Mis, John L. Anderson
bus returned to Washington after
spending the summer with Lancaster
Stanford People Are Pleased
Learn How It Is Done.
It's pretty hmd to attend to dut
ies with a constantly aching back,
with annoying urinary, disorders
Da an's Kidney Pills hnve made work
easier, so thousands have gratefully
testified. They're for bad back.
They're for weak Kidneys. Stanford
people gladly recommend Doan's.
Mrs. S. J. Huhbell, Lancaster St.,
Stanford, Ky., says: "I know that
Doan's Kidney Pills helped me and I
therefore, have not the least hesita
tion in recommending them. My kid
ncys were disordered for some time
and although my condition was not
serious, I was nevertheless annoyed
a great ileal. My back ached almost
constantly and sometimes becamo
so lame that it required a great ef
fort for me to stoop. There wcro al
so other symptom of kidney com
plaint that caii!ed me distress. Since
using Doan's Kidney Pills, procured
at Shugars & Tanner's Drug Store,
all these troubles have disappeared
and my health hns improved."
For sale by all dealers. Price f0
cents. Foster-Milluirn Co., Buffalo.
New York, sole agents for tho Unit
ed States. ,
Remember tho name Doan's
and take no other.
Gen. Buckner Returns to Fold.
And now comes (ho pleasing new
to Democrats thnt Gen, Simon Holi
vnr Buckner, tho "Sage of Glen Lily'
nnd former Governor of Kentucky,
hns determined to cast his lot with
the Democrnts this jcar, mid will
Suppoit McCrcary and the State
ticket. Gen. BucKiier has not affil
iated with the Democratic parly
since 180G, when he was the candi
date for Vice President on the
"Sound Money" Democratic ticket
Since then he has generally affiliat
ed with the Republican party nnd
was a stioug suppoiter of Augustus
I!. Willson nt the lust gubernatorial
election. The re' urn of Gov, Buck-
OUR DUTY to our departed one U plain. We
hould erect an appropriate MEMORIAL over
their final resting place. '
A monument is not expensive unless you care
to have it so. y
Our work is unsurpassed and considering qual
ity, is very cheap. W have a large stock to se
lect from.
Wm. Adams & Son.
i z IS. Broadway, Lcxineton. Kv.
Courses leading to Elcracntnry Stnte Certiflcnte, Intermed-
dmte State Certificate. Advnnred Stnto certificate (this
Mate certi,U;a!e. " ltf diploma). All these certificate
ure valid in all public schools in Kentucky. Special cours-
NnrmaU"' !ow, mT8:, TKmo free to appointees.
nUrnidlTwo fplc..d., Uomutorlw, new Model School, now Manual
Training building Practice school, Department of Agricul
turc; a well equipped Gymnasium.
Fall term begins SEPT. 12, 1011. Students can -nt..,. i .!.., .
any time. Address J. G. nMRRF Pp..m: . 2 '"""h " "fc
' ""'"'"""Hi IW.
i:cr to the party wita which lit was
connected for so long is very grati
fying to Democrats who sec in it
another evidence that thu independ
ent .and conservnii( clctncuts wil'
support McCrcary and the rest af
the State nominees on the "roaster"
ticket, lien. Buckner is coming to
Louisville to attend the State Fair,
r.nil on this visit ho will no doubt
learn liowlelightod his old friends
lire on his return to the fold.
Louisville Tunes.
Woolen Wedding.
Tbe seventh wedding anniversary
ti woolen.
Cincinnati, Sept. 1 1. Cattle Re
ceipts 007, market sternly to strong
'ii good, easy and slow on common
Mecrs $a..r)0(ri 7.0 heifers $2.'.'5 fa)
.: cows .f Kilifl calves steady f.1(!
i ''""""''iptH a,:025 market
Mow, 10(a)ir)c lower; puckers $7.10
C'i ..I0: Hlgs $.1(Vi.60 common sows
. (if l.r0. Pigs and lights $;i()$7.2.'i
.'T,Kl,?'i,,K r,70: ,imrk,'t steady
l(ft.l.2S. Lambs Maikct steady to
strong $30.25.
F.mmett Traylor sold two nico
mare mule colts to W.II. Traylor on
court day at a fancy price
i ! tr"nwiwntfciiwjl..iiJ'y,llft()itM
apxiwrtri .
rTrwiiajnwiiiii m. .j

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