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'.,., ., . .
It Is Highly
! Pvnhahle
We will never
have such values
in embroideries
again to offer you
Don't fail to get some of these.
Sale goes on sll
this week.
Look Here, Young Man
You have to wear clothes and when yotbuy, you look for the
best value for your money. Low-priced clothing is seldom cheap.
Good cloth, well made, at reasonable prices, is the cheapest to buy.
This you get in our VIKING GUARANTEED SUITS for Young
Men from $8 to $30. But if you want the very superlative In
young men's clothes, hand-tailored throughout, magnificent fabrics
and high art patterns, nothing short of GRADUATE Clothes should
satisfy you. They are distinctively young men's clothes and not
withstanding their pre-eminent quality, are priced with special ap
peal to young men who cannot Indulge in extravagance.
Stanford, Kentucky.
Lincoln County National Bank
Stanford, Kentucky
Comptroller's Call of February 20, 1912
Loans S342.JZS4.78
U. S. Bonds and Due
from U. S. Treas ws.ooo.oo S447.2S4. 78
Quick Assets:
Lincoln County Bonds S37. sOO. oo
Cash and Due from Banks 4.Q8.78 s 78,603.87
Other Assets:
BankingHouse ss.300.00
Total Asset Over Half a Million Dollars
Corsets for All The
Up to Date Ladies.
Ladies, come in and let us show you
through our line of Kabo Corsets. We have
Corsets in all prices and they will give you
more comfort and make you a better form
than any Corset you ever wore in your life.
The stays are so flexible that you can bend
them any way and never injure the Corset.
Crab Orchard, Kentucky.
Organized, October, 1882.
Ijraiu in jjivmuiius auicu uiuiuAtiiiuii,
Dniionnil Vr cfi-rtlrlirllic? CiVnn tfc fr
in cash, being reduction of capital stock
Itwa aucccMful Bank, anil U'at the service af
the mallMt.depoutor.
is the best and quickest
way to perfect health.
Women and girls who
suffer are simply weak
weak all over.
Opiates and alcoholic
mixtures are worse than
worthless, they aggra
vate the trouble and
lower the standard of
Scott's Emulsion
strengthens the whole
body, invigorates and
builds up.
Be iuro to set SCOTTS
it' the Standard and always
the best.
Notice To Contractors
ln-hofll'eliniH' to lfciltV still VI
rim stone.
I Siinio fcce. 0 from ltutt's stjiro to
King's Mountain pike 12 rods snivel.
. Snnic see. 7, from King's Moun-
ttuii lukc to Geo. Onines' 12 rods.
I Siiiuc see. 8, from George Qnine's
to 0. V. Cliffs 20 rods gravel,
i Siune see. !) from (Icorge Cliff's
i to Wnjiicliurg, f rods gravel.
J Sttinford nnd lluMonville pike
bvc. 1 fi'im Stanford to Cash's store
J3 rods stone.
Santo see. 2, from Cn-li'tt ttoie to
illungini; l'ork 2. iod- stone.
I bee. .1 from Hanging Fork Creek
'to HiHtonville 30 rod- gravel.
Hu-tonille and Coffej's Mill pike
see. 1 from lhntoinillo to Wm. Car.
sous's Jo rodt gtaxcl.
See. 2, from Win. Carson's to .Alt.
Sfnlein, iiO rod-i stone.
I Intonrille and Danville pike see.
1 lrom lluitonvillu to IJInok pike
()0 lods grnel.
Same see. 2, from Black pike to
lloyle county line 115 rods gravel.
Iliistoinille and Caipcnter's ereek
pike whole pikL To rods gravel.
I llu-tonville and McKinney whole
'pike o roiN gravel.
! MeKiuney and Coffex's mill pike
1 ee. 1, from Canning Factory to old
Toll House 25 lods gravel,
i Same see. 2, from Toll House to
, Old Fair place, 30 rods stone.
Same see. 3, Old Fair place to Mt.
Notice is hereby dven that the
Lincoln County Fiscal Court will un- Same sec. 4, from Mt. Salem to
til 10 o'clock n. in., Tuesday Apr. 2, Casey comity line 40 rods gravel.
1912 receive sealed bids for stone McKinney and Tunicrsville pike
and gravel contracts on the various whole road 10 rods stono 1j rods
turnpikes in said Lincoln county, grticl.
Kentucky. I McKinney and South Fork Pike
All bids for furnishing, hauling, Sec. 1, from Green Itiver to the can
breaking and spreading stone and tiing factory 24 lods gravel,
gravel must bo sealed nnd filed with Same see. 2, from canning fac
ino on or before 10 o'clock A. M. tory to G. T. Ashlock Hotel. 5 rods
Monday April 1, 1912 at Stanford gravel. (
Ky., and no bids will bo lcceived nf- j Snmc sec. 3 from G. T. Ashlock
ter that time. Contracts will be let Hotel to Hustonville nnd Stanford
to the lowest nud best bidders, and pike 24 rods gravel,
contractors will be required to give , Turnersville nnd McCormaek's
bond with surety, to be approved by church pike sec. 1 from Turncrs
mc, for the faithful performance ville to Sam Helm's S rods gravel,
of their contracts nnd for nil penal- I Same sec. 2, from Sam Helm's to
tics and damages for failure to so blacksmith shop 3 rods gravel,
perform their contracts within the Same -ec. 3, from McCormaek's
time nnd under the conditions here- chnreh to Knob Lick pike i 101N
in mentioned. (gravel.
Stanford nnd Danille pike see. 1 i Damille and Lancaster pike whole
from Stanford to Mrs. Mattie road Jo iol- stone or gravel,
White's 30 rods stone.
Stanford nnd Danville pike, sec.
2, from Mrs. Mattie White's gnte to
Boyle county line, 30 rods stone.
Stanford and Knh Branch pike
sec. 1, 1'rora Stanford and Lancas
ter pike to Rush Branch creek 10
rods stone.
Same see. 2, from Rush Branch
to Hubble 10 rods stone.
Stanford nnd Knob Lick pike sec.
1, from Stanford to Hustonville
pike to Hanging Fork ereek 12 rods
Same see. 2, from Hanging Fork
creek to Danville nnd Hustonville
pike 15 rods gravel.
Stanford and Milledgevil'.e pike
sec. 1 from Stanford and Huston
ville to McCormaek's church 0 rods
stone and 5 rods gravel.
Stanford nnd Milledgeville sec 2,
from McCormaek's church to Mil
ledgeville, 23 rods gravel.
Stanford nnd Prenchcrsville pike
see 1 from Stanford and Cinb Orch
ard pike to AA'ilkerson's branch 10
rods stone.
Same see. 2, from AVilkerson's
Branch to Crab Orchard and Lan
eater pike 20 rods gravel.
Stnnford and Crab Orchard pike,
see. 1 from Stanford to Baughman's
gate 15 rods stone.
Same sec. 2 from Baughman's
pate to Bywater gate 20 rods gravel.
Same sec. 3 from Bywater's gate to
Crab Orchard 30 rods stone.
Stnnford and Ottenheim pikp see.
1, from Stanford and AVnynet-burg
pike to J. G. Lynn's 5 rods stone.
Same see. 2 from J. G. Lynn's
to BooneV shop 10 rods stone.
Same sec. 3 from Boone's shop to
fWf -.!- O ..,1 pvn.vfsl
Uliciniiim J .uito ,....1-..
Stanford nnd Dix river pike sec 1.
from Stnnford nnd Crab Orehaid
pike to Hajden's Switch 15 rods
Same see. 2, from Hoyden's Switch
to Trnylor's Jnne 10 rods stone.
Fame sec. 2 from Hayden's Switch
to Garrard county line 12 rods stono
Stnnford nnd Lanenster pike see.
1, from Stanford to Logan's lane,
10 rods gravel.
Same see. 2, from Lognn's lano to
Gnrrard county lino 20 rods gravel.
Stanford nnd AVnynesburg tike
Eec. 1 from Stnnford to Ottenheim
pike 30 rods stone.
Same sec. 2, from Ottenheim pike
to Mnywood county rond 30 rods
Same sec. 4, from Mnywood coun
ty load to Carter's storo 5 rods
Same eec. 4, from Carter's Store
to Hutchison's School House 10
rods stone or 15 toda gravel.
Same sec. 0, from Hutchison's
Lincoln nnd Boyle pike whole rond
15 rods gravel.
Kingsville and Plennnt Point
pike see. 1 from Stanford nnd Wny
nesburg pike to Casey county road
12 rods gravel.
Same see. 2 from Ca-ey county
road to Kingsville 12 rods gravel.
Crab Orehaid and Lancaster pike
sec 1 from Crab Orchard to G. AV.
Evans' farm 10 iod stone and 15
rods gravel.
Sec. 2 from G. AV. Evan-.' farm to
Gniard county lino 10 rods gravel
and 13 rods stone.
Crab Orchnrd and Chnppells Gap
pike whole load, 30 rods stone.
Carpenter's and Morelnnd Sta
tion pike whole road 20 rods grael.
Cut off pike whole road rods
King's Mountain nnd Duncan pike
see. , from Kingsille to Capt. Mil
ler'f. 10 rods grael.
Sec. 2, from Capt. Miller's to
Casey county line 10 rods stone.
Hanging Folk and Hubble pike
see. 1, from McKechnie's to Mrs.
Brond'dus' 5 rods stone or gravel.
Hand broken stone nnd gravel
imit lo on nun gin of rond or sec
tion by Sep. 13, 1912. All gravel
must be spread before Oct. 15, 1912.
All metal is to be measured by the
mngistraie who may designate when
and where it is to be spread. All
crashed stone must bo spread not
later than January 1, 1913.
All stone furnished must be good,
sound, iinrd limestone or rpinrtz nnd
broken into pieces not to exceed two
inches in diameter. The gravel raut
be clean nud flinty nnd thnt furnish
ed on McKinney. and Coffey's Mill
must be from Green River.
Tli Court or its representative
may i eject any innterial not of pro
per size or quality. Bidders inu-t
ny wh-th'r stone will bo broken by
hand or crushed.
The Court reserves the right to
reject niiy nnd nil bids. Blank forms
on which bids may be mndo can bo
obtained from the county clerk.
Copies of bonds may bo obtained nt
the. County Clerk's office.
Lincoln county owns a rock crush
er nud contractors will bo permitted
to u-e it nt .1-1 per rod.
Judge of Lincoln County Court
(Ilogwallow Kentuckinn)
Poke ttnzloy snys ho bets the fel
low thnt writes nil theo patent .
medicine testimonials is n smart mm)
Tin 1 loir Ford nrcae icr next nun-
day in his sermon will preneh on tho
Rise nnd Full of Gander Cicek.
Slim Pickens is fortifying himself
ncainst tho early spring rains by
purehnsing n storm proof celluloid
The mail Carrier has warned nil
of his patrons along the route thnt
hereafter postal enrds must be writ
ten in plain handwriting. '
The ladies of the Dog Hill church
will give a supper one night ncNt
week to uiise money with which t
buv u dipper for the cistern.
The Wild Onion School teacher
has bung Bryan's picture in. tic
(chonl room, and the scholars say
the arc goinir to Mite for him wnen
I keyset grown.
he wns in n good l.unior by the time
week the Mail Cnnier put blinds on
his bridle, to pieient his mule from
looking back, he having Mis Hnslet
ter Hocks in the buggy with him.
Poke l'mley nnd Fli tcher Hcnte
cot in u fight Tuedny morning Poke
rushed nwny after n feco rail, but
lie was so Ions in fludiiisr one thnt
he wnsin n cood humor by the time
he got back.
The l'vi'Wor Fiddling Band has
been improved both in appearance
land ability to mnke mii-ie by the
addition of Cricket Hicks to the or
ganization. 'Cricket will play the
French hnrp nnd pats his foot.
Friby Hancock is remodeling his
ho pen so that it will in every way
conform to the pure food law. In
stead of Iniildiii' it flat on the
ground hn waited nud begun it about
two feet up in the nir, giving the
bottom ample ventilation.
Jefferson Pollocks has been in
vited to attend a birthday eelehrat
ionn over ou the far side of Musket
Ride next week. The fenture of
the event 'will be n hie dinner and for
this occasion Jefferson has twisted
lii whiskers back out of the wny.
The Blind .Ainu from the Calf Rib
neighborhood played one of hU long
wiudul duty pieces Un the fiddle nt
the Dog Hill church last Sutidny.
The preacher was aiming to deliver
n sermon, but the Blind Man did not
p.i-1 through in tune.
A piny was given nt tho Tickville
opera house the other night. In the
second nnd fifth nets three people
were killed by the villain. The cor
oner nt Tickville attended the show,
nnd lost fifteen dollars by all of the
dead ones comim; to life ncain in
tho last act.
A debate was held nt Bounding
Billows Saturday night, nnd wn en.
joed by manv from this section.
The subject was; Resolved, AAtill
Roosevelt Bo Elected? The affir
mative won unanimously. How
ever, this decision will not inter
fere with the legulnr election.
As soon ns Rnz Bnrlow can mnke
the necessary fiunncinl arrange
ment he will so on a trip to Tiekvillo
to redeem a letter that is being held
there by the government pending the
payment of one-cent additional post
age. Rnz considers the government
as being reighty little.
Coluuilnis All-op nnd Fit Smith
engaged in what looked like n seri
ous difficulty in front of the blnck--mith
slioji Mondiiy morning It wns
n quiet nffnir only a few intimate
friends of the contracting parties
being present. The trouble enme up
over :i remark by Fit Smith to the
effect that Columbus was growing
Sidney Hicks had n nnrrow es
cape from jnil nt Thunderntion n
few nights ngo. AVnnting a drink of
water during tho night he quietly
left the jnil nnheknownst to the jail
er, and made his wny down to th
pond, and when ho returned he found
the jnil door hod bloivn io and fnst
ened. He found it impossible to get
in without the use of a violence, so
he went to tho blacksmith shop, nnd
after proeurinir it hammer and chisel
he soon hnd the door open. Ho en
tered without tho jailer ever being
the wiser.
Is sweeping over the town. Old and
joun'g alike are affected, and the
strain is particularly hard on little
children and. on elderly people. Fol
ey's Honey and Tar Compound is a
quick, safe and reliable cure for all
coughs and colds. Contains no opiates
Shugars ft Tanner.
down the throat ol a caplnff
chicken, dcitroyt the wormi
and aavei the chick's life.
A lew dropi In the drinking
water cures and
For th treatment ol White Diarrhoea In chicks
and Ulackhead and otber diseases la turkeys
On SOc tortJc snake 12 gaHo of s4klac
Lyne Ires., Crab Orchard, Ky.
OUR Furnishings are selected
With that same care as our
you know what that means.
Neckties We know we tell
the truth when we say there were
never as many neckties in our
stock as we show today, in
bows, strings and four-in-hands,
in wash ties: plain and hand let
tered, silk and knit, at Cflf
the popular price of . . 3UC
Socks--'we can not describe
them. You have to see them.
Tans, blacks, white, lavender, maroon,
grey, light and dark blue, OJ? O r A
in cotton, lisle and silk at 3C OC 3UC
FOUNTAIN SHIRTS-Negligecs, in col
ors; White plaited and l i. M CA
full dress, at - - - $ 10 $I.3U
BELTS in any size f rem 24 to 50 inchea,
lnn'.t,?,cokm",d . 25c to $1.50
LUTHER'S GLOVES, the finest hand
sewed one ever sold here. Something new
for Driving or Labor, $2.00 the pair.
Stanford. Kentucky
It is Economical,
No Waste,
No danger of Fire,
No Caking,
No air Slacking,
No Swelling,
No waiting for your mortar to season.
Sporting Goods j
Spalding & Reach's high-grade
Base Ball Goods are Guaranteed
BALLS FROM 5c to $1.25
MITTS FROM 25c (o $8.00
GLOVES FROM 25c to $4.50
BATS FROM 5c to $1.00
AH uji-to-ilate liastbiill Goods
RODS FROM 5c to $12.00
REELS FROM 25c to $7.50
LINES FROM 5c to $125
The Rexall Store
. MUnTli-'J
aaMMt-" Cr

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