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ahK.,jiH. Wi . iiiti '"' . I.. yg'' ' p','"8j?413'
mWim"fti ijT!tiiifwi i'ni'iiin""iiJ'ini
USy is Go4wt:r Describes tier
Distress Experience in4
Tells Hw She Was
Ooodwaier, Mo. ''Ever since I Wm
t little girl," ujn Mrs. Rite Lwmore,
"I was a great sufferer from dyspepsia.
I suffered misery after eating, and had
terrible heartburn.
I thought I had to suffer this way as
loagas I lived, but when I began to take
Thedford's Black-Draught, In small
dotes, every night, the heartburn wis all
gone In a few days, and 1 could cat
without distress.
I took two small packages In all, and
although that was some time ago, the
dyspepsia has not returned.
I speak a good word for Thedford's
Mack-Draught whenever 1 have the op
portunlty." ' If eating causes distress, we urge you
to try Thedford's Dlack-Draugbt. It
cleanses the system, helps the stomach to
digest its food, regulates the bowels, and
stimulates the liver.
It acts gently and Is without bad after
effects. Try It. Price 25c.
Prof. E. U Gnibbs of I.ibcity.
wo bere n sbort tunc Saturday.
.Mr. 11. 1. Glnsscox find little
daughter, hnve been visiting her
mother, Mrs. Hose, in parksville.
Mfos Mnrv Pherp, of lliehmond.
Iins returned homo nfter n visit to
Mrs. Itlehnrd Hooker.
Mr. nml Mrs. M. K. Phelps have
returned home nfter n ifil tv tlirh'
daughter. Mrs. Itichnrd Mocker.
Mr. Will Hrady nnd dnuphtiTR
Misses Ornce nml Kntliennc spent
Sunday in Louisville.
Miss Kntherine llnrrio Iins return
ed to Lancaster nfter n visit to ber
father, Mr. Jlnndolph Hnrns.
Mls Marion Grimes is visitinsr
her unrlc, Mr. Luther Givens in llnr
lodsbnrg. Mr. and Mrs. David Seott have
cone to Moreland to vi-.it Mr. Win.
S. Spratt and family.
Mr. and Mm. T. P. Hodgett, near
Kidd's Store are rejoicing over the
arrival of a l-iotind bov.
Oeorve Martin has returned fr.im
tbc Knight Templar conclave at
Pari", which iirocd a big event in
Masonry lft"t ws.
Miss Lucile Diuldrrnr returned
home Fndav after a visit to her
Hunt, Mrs. Howeii Owens at Huston
ville. Miss Mary Ihiddcrnr, of Gilbert's
Creek, in viiting Miss Lucille Dud
derar. Mrs. The. Currv. of Lancaster,
was here Monday to fee her sister,
Mrs. W. A. Carson. Sbo went from
liere to Panville, here she will isit
her daughter, Mrs. Fisher Gaines.
Mrs. Annie James and dnuubter,
Miss Margaret James, nrc the guests
of Mrs. James' brother, W. II. Wear
en and fmnilv. Miss James who has
a voice of rare culture. dc'Hiled the
eveinmr coiiL-recation at the Hanti-t
church Sunday "ith two solo.
Neither she nor her mother hac
been here to their old home, for some
time, nnd they arc being Riven n
moxt c.irdinl greeting bv their mnnv
Against So Many Surgical Op
erations. How Mrs. Bethune
and Mrs. Moore Escaped.
Elkeston. Mo. "For seven vearslsuf-
ferod everything. I was in bed for four
'-WIS.1 .,.. , , 'iL! 1 nr flvn clv at ft time
every month, and so
weak I could hardly
walk. I cramped and
had backache and
headache, and was
so nervous and weak
that I dreaded to see
anyone or have any-
I onemoveintheroom.
I The doctors gave me
I medicine to ease me
I said that I ought to
I would not listen to
have an operation
tnt nml when a friend of mv husband
told him about Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg.
ttiible Compound and what it bad dene
for his wife, 1 was willing to take It.
Kow I look the picture of health and feel
like It, too. lean do my own housework,
hoe my gurden, and milk a cow. I can
tntertain company and enjoy them. I
can visit when I choose, and walk as far
us any ordinary woman, any day In the
month. 1 wish I could talk to every
suffering woman and girl." Mrs. Dema
IitrntUNE, Sikeston, Mo.
Murrayvllle, 111." I have taken Ly
dia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
for a very bod case of female troublo
und it made me a well woman. My
health was all broken down, the doctors
said I must have an operation, and I was
ready to go to tho hospital, but dreaded It
so that 1 began taking your Compound.
1 got along so well that I gave up the
doctors and was saved from the opera
tion." Mrs. Chakles Moore, R. R.
No. 3, Murrayville, 111.
ii'atfn'r r-a t
nt those time! . and
Mr. Lcc Ktiplcy is visiting friend
nt 1'rcstonburg.
Mr. Joe Will Kout, was here from
Ilustonvillc ft short time Monday.
Miss Margie Lynn in in Dnnvillc
visiting her aunt, Mrs. Lognn Wood.
Miss Mnrv Walker of Lnncnstcr.
bus returned home after n visit to
her mint, Mrs. J, 0. Hays. i
Mr. K. L. liottti wax called to '
lliehmond Monday by tbc illness of
his baby,
.Mr. George D. Wenren is ill ngnin
nt his home, and bin friends are un-
easy thnt he docs not show the im
provement they would like.
Mr. h. J. Lmbry, br., is confined
to his bed ngnin at Ins home in the
country, nnd seems to be getting ver
feeble, his rannv friends will be sor
ry to know.
Mr, Harry Tomlinson, Of Lancas
ter, passed througn here, Monday
on hi ret'"it hrn He hnd been
to Cnmphellsville for n few days.
Cabbell Owens nnd young son, of
Somerset, were here Inst week on a
short business trip. Mr. Owens is u
termer Lineoinitc.
Miss Maude Carter has returned
home from Cnvc Springs, On., where
she taught last vear, Miss Josephine
Ilrtjllrll Irtlillied Willi her Blid WAR
her guest for several doH.
Miss Lou J. Grnnt, the 1. J.'s very
efficient Lancaster rjtrrwiiident
wns in Stanford Saturday, and wild
thin office an aiprcciotcd call.
Mr. W. A. Yantis, of Parigould,
Arl:., who has b(cn idling his sis
ter, Mr. W. A. Carson, left for
ricmiugsburg, Monday to Mbit his
brother, Dr. Robert Ynntis.
( apt. Carlo It. Itnttniu l S. Navy
and Attorney G. M. Smith motored
over from Richmond Tuesday on a
short vi-it to the former's sister,
Mrs. M. F. North.
Mrs. W. S. Fish delightfully en
tertained Mr. nnd Mm. Itromley of
this city and Mrs. W. C. Fi-b. f
I'nint Lick n a dinner last Thurs
day. Mr". T. J. Niccley was nt Crab
Orchard Wednesday to see her sister
Mis. F. II. Ilroyles who is very sick.
Mt. Vernon Signal. ,
Missck Elizabeth IliginR and Man-Moon-
Rnnev. of Stnnford. nttended
the miscellaneous shower Mass Mar
tha Hotiniel gave for the bride-elect
Mis Frances Metcnlf.
Mrs. John Ham. of Stnnford, is
here visituu: her fnther, Mr. Snm
Tate, who ih ery ill. He had n
stroke of parnlysis.-Somerset Timei.
Councilman Ed Wilkinson was
nble to come up town in an auto Inst
week, but is still suffering much
vith the rheumatic attack, his many
friends will regret to know.
Mr Chnilie Johnson who was call
ed over from Lexington to attend
circuit court here Tuesday returned
home cdnednv after pining Mr.
and Mrs. J. S. Rroughton n visit nt
Crab Oi chard.
Mr. Virgil Lee. of Hurlnn, joined
his wife and bnby here Saturday.
They left Monday for Middlesboro,
where they will isit Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Lee.
Mrs. William Warren, of Dnn
villc, lelt last week for scu-rnl weeks
visit to her daughter, Mrs. James
Mnetif, in Knosville, Tennessee.
Thos. Smith, of tins county has
gone to Woodard, Iowa, where he
will make his home with bis daughter
Mrs. Mary Todd.
.Messrs. Inciter O'Honnon nnd
Wnlluce Singleton hae returned
home from Lexington, where they
have been taking n eours; m Me
chanical Engineering at State Uni
versity. Miss Lucy Lee Walton, the charm
ing daughter of Editor Walton of
the Tunes, who has been attending n
v"'eiiunnr at Nashville, Tenn., is here
to spend the summer. Miss Walton
will be a valuable addition to Somer
set society and the many oung peo
ple hero are glad to have her in otu
midst. Somerset Joqriml.
Miss Martha Hummel gave n pret
ty miscellaneous shower Wednesday
ufternoon in honor of Miss Frances
Metcnlf who is to be a bride during
thw month. The color scheme of
the decorations was pink nnd white.
Delightful refreshments were served
and throughout the charming hours
tbeie was music and bright and hap
ny toi.sls to the popular couple. Many
beautiful gifts were received. Miss
Homtiiel received in light blue voile
nnd Miss Metcnlf wore a white voile
trimmed in lace over pink silk with
a pink picture hat. The afternoon
was one of great enjoyment to the
many guests. Danville Messenger.
Vote For Entries In L. L. Sanders'
Popularity Contest.
The following is the standing of
the contestants this week iu the
pinna popularity contest being con
ducted by L. L. Sanders, tho hust
ling Crub Orchnrd merchant:
HU Garner 215,070
Mrs. W. D. Newlnnd 214,070
Ruby Pnrrisb 213,704
Mrs, Dove Garner 301.345
Mamie llolmnn 120,080
Susie Hutt I'JO.lO.'t
Ida Lee Campbell 00,295
Kvn Fletcher 29,502
Mnhahi Howard 25.207
Hertha Rogers KMitlJ
Hessie Reynolds- 3P4:t
Jewel Filncisco B.070
Hattie Boie 4,270
Nell Davis 1.2.T5
Mnrie White J.HM
Ruby Cresa ...j......,.. l.30
V.-P. ATmias,
Lincoln County Mational Bank,
Gentlemen :
Every "yoar the Roll of Honor means more - represents more - in
American banking. To achieve the title is a distinction - to maintain it is
a sign of success; and people like to do business with successful banks.
A place on the Roll of Honor is like a nan's character- it is
something money cannot buy, but is won by merit and worth alone.
Let ub congratulate you on the fact that your excellent institu
tion iB represented on this year's Roll of Honor.
Approximately there are Seven Thousand Five Hundred National Banks
in the United States. Only Thirteen Hundred of these are entitled to posi
tions on the Roll of Honor.
This statement reveals the distinctive character that Roll of Honor
Banks poBseBS. It is indeed an honor to be numbered among such sterling
banks, and you will no doubt appreciate the opportunity which is open to you
to impress tho fact on your friends and patrons, present and prospective.
Respectfully yours,
Hie hot sale Friday and Snturdav.
June 7 and 8, at Miss Ella May
The I. J. enn get you the Louis
ville Times, daily, from now to Nov
ember 'M for $1.25 cash in advance.
Hig Opening. Golden Dawn
Springs will have big opening Thurs
day aftemoon and evening June Cth,
Hall game in nttemoon between rius
touulle and Middleburg. Hig sup
per also dance nfter 8 P. M. Good
music. Every body invitcu.
T. D. Ncw-.nnC enn furnish you (
fresh Strnw berries cery dny by the
quart or crate.
See the special prizes on display
nt Pvnnv'a ilrilt? store.
... . ,...v -o
n-l.n.A An.- 4 mm. rOnA n nln .
Owner can get snme by describing,
pning lor Keep nnu wi uum-v. "
L. Cordier, Stanford, Ky.
BiiTT e omo Citt er Iclxbc. i
Li-cu cov-rrr f "
ruii J cnt-OT mkr Mth that tr h iwnlor
ttrtiitr ct U turn otr J cmmi A Co, doimr
bualurM In ID CUT U TolfOo. COuntr od Hut
itorrMtd. n) that uld Bnn wUI ftJ " ' '
OSC IIUNDRCII IMLLAK8 tor rttt and rrrrr
rmM of CUTia ttut ctsoot t curnl tr U' iw ol
rnANK j ciir.vr.v
Sworn lo btor m ixl lubwribcd tn mjr prfn(A
lb lib itj oi VtnmXxt, A II . int.
j " f Notaki ItlUC.
lUHt CiUrrh Can to Uiro tctrrntllr Mil aru
dlr-rtlr upon tte Maul asd macoui rjrlcr o( tba
kl'.J CIII..NCV A CO.ToitdO.0
Sold br tU nrflErl. lit.
tilt 1UU ai3uliu (or nxxtlpaUob.
Insure with the leadlnq com
panies. Fish & Bromley represent
them. All lines.
I will be absent from my studio
on Wednesday only for the present.
Iiss Sncrny. 42-3.
Mail order groceries, investigate
nnd save money. John H. Digging,
Stnnford, Ky. Phone 74. 40-2.
Bargains in Shoes. As wo have
decided to close out our line of
shoes we will sell at n bnrcain everv
duv until sold out. as follows: $3
shoes at $2.75 and $1.75 shoes at
$1.50, $1.50 shoes nt $1.25, mcn,'s
tan low cuts $3.25 nt $2.50, all kinds
of children's nnd misses' slippers nt
bargain prices. Come. We are glad
to show our line of shoes. W. M.
Thompson. Holdiuu's Mill Kv. 43
Suffered Ten Yeart Relieved in Three
Months Thanks to PE-RU-NA.
O. U. VIZHK, Mt. Bterllng, Ky., ssys t
" hnve uitfered wltk kidney mad
'bltdder trouble for tea yemrtpmtt.
"jut March I commenced using
Perun and continued for three months.
,'I hajo not, wed It since, nor have I felt
CIk financier
NrutQork May 29,
Contest closes June 29th.
Lost. Folding pocket kodak; re
ward for return to Dodd Skinner,
Hustonville. 45-2.
Lost. Baby's white coat, lost be
tween Turnereville nnd Stanford. Re
turn to tbis office plense.
Everything going ul great reduc
tion Friday nnd Saturday. Miss Ella
May Saunders.
Lost. At Crab Orchard Christian
church Sunday evening, child's coat
nnd cap. Please return to Shelby
Newlnnd. 45-3p.
Hot wenthcr is cominsr. leave vour
order for a wickless oil cook stove.
W. H. Higgins.
Owing to the high price of every
thing to eat, we will be compellell to
rniie our price on single meals to
35 cents, beginning nt once. Gover s
restaurant. 45-4.
Thr. nni'iiint- ilnnoe nt Crab Oicll-
ard will be Friday evening, June 14.
All the young folks in this part of
the slate arc invited to be prcent.
The best meal in Lincoln county
for 35 cents. Give us a call and
we'll prove it. Gover's restaurant
We have for snle one heavy pint
form spring wagon, one light plat
orm spring 'agim, one two-hors
rutti-v. ine liL-lit snrrev. one bnck-
boniil or lunabout; will sell or trade
for hoc-, nnd cnttle. Call on or ad
dress Masters & Howyer, MeKinney.
There is one medicine thnt every
family should be provided with nnd
especially (luting tho summer
months; viz. Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. It
is almost certain to be needed. It
-ols but a qunrter. Can you afford
to be without it T For sale by Pen
ny's Drug Store.
Single meals are now 35 ecnts at
Gover's restaurant but we fed so
well, you'll find they're worth every
cent of it. 45-4.
Extra prize offer closes June 10th
and also some stuff miied with
cheapening materials that is not
worthy of the finmo. If you have
had experience with the latter kind
you don't want another. If you
haven't take our advice and don't
experiment. Buy our real paiuts
and save yourself (disoppdintment
nnd money as well.
J, A. ALLEN. Stanford, Ky.
aa tmmh STtn
TUIPHONI llll-lltl niCTOR
by j2.(Z,-
W. S. Burch, of Lincoln County
who is spending several days in
Lom-iville, bns formally announced
his candidacy for Commonwealth's
Attorney in the Thirteenth District.
Mr. Burch is the present County At
torney in Lincoln County and is one
of the best known Democratic work
ers in central Kentucky. He is cer
tain to be n factor in the race for
the higher judicial position and the
chnnces nre that he will win. Louis
ville Herald.
One brindle eow und red heifer
came to my place on Dix river about
March 1st. Owner can get nme by
irroving nnd paying for her keep and
ndvertiMnir. Walter Warren 45-3.
Wanted sheen or cnttle to pasture,
good fence, plenty of water, 1 1-2
miles west of Kinir's Mountain. Tele
phone Kinc's Mountain. Rintr 1 or
write Wavneshurir R. D. 4. E. Allen.
The woman of today who bas good
health, good temper, good sense,
bright eyes and n lovely complexion,
the result of correct living nnd good
digestion, wins the admiration of the
world. If your digestion if faulty
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
tablets will correct it. For sale by
Penn3's Drug Store.
The following soldiers of the civil
war were piesent: George Brown,
Frank Mershon, John Watson, Jim
Durhnm, George Brown, Bill Godbey,
Bob Stevens, Roe Godbey, Ansel
Adams, John Watson, Bill McClure,
Jim King.
Jnmes Ellis, who was given n
death sentence for participating in
the killing of A. J. Beatty and Squire
Heath at Burnside, will go to the
electric chair nt Eddyville July 4th.
A strong effort has been made to
have his sentence commuted, but
without avail. Somerset Tunes. A
Lmciln county jury sentenced Ellis
to death.
Editor Jesse Alverson is sore be
cause Dr. C. W. Kavanaugh failed
to win as n delegate from this dis
trict to the Baltimore convention.
He seems to blame Madison and Lin
coln counties for the defeat. Dan
Mile Advocate.
Mr. II. Rowan Saufley was here
yesttrduy on his way back, from the
Louisville Convention. Mr. Saufley
did faithful work in Lincoln county
for the administration forces. He
lino been a long nud effective worker
tor his party, and if the present ad
mimstrtnion would rownrd him with
a good position the uct would great
ly please a large number of lending
democrats in this section. Danville
Shearer Alexander
A happy weddmg was solemnized
Inst Wednesday May 29th at 3 P. M.
at the residence of Dr. Pearco in
Danville, the principals being Mr.
Wilson Alexander, of Lincoln county
and Miss Muude Shearer, of Wayne.
Dr. 1'earce, the pastor of the groom
uid the oeiemony. The attendants
wore Mr. W. L. Weaver and Miss
Bessie Walter, of Lincoln. After re
freshments were berved tho biippv
couple went to the excellent home of
the groom in Lincoln where n charm
ing reception was given to the many
friend of the bride and groom. Tho
iride is one of the most fnvoinbly
known young ladies, of Wayne, high
ly c3teenied for her personal worth.
Mr. Ale-iuulcr is one of the best
youiitomen of Central Kentucky, a
Burcc-isful farmer. Juid stockman,
und official of tho McKeudree church
at Hubble.
Why waste good dollars in big
car travel when the Ford will
get you there as quickly, as
comfortably, as safely and
at a fraction of the cost? Thou
sands of owners of more ex
pensive cars are buying Fords
this year because ot their
minimum economy and time
tested efficiency.
Seventy-five thousand new Fords go into ser
vice this season proof of tiioir unoniuileil rnor.
it. The price is $590 for the roadster, $090 foi
the five tia-enger car, nnd $700 for the deliv
ery enr complete with nil couipments, f. o. b.,
Detroit. See Win) E. Glover, Stnnford, for dem
onstration, catalogues etc.
Oldl" r.nilRSFS- Prenaratnrv. State Cer tlflcate.
Expenses Very Low. Ask About It.
J. G. CRABBE. President. : :
on Your
And you Owe It To Yourself To
Wear The Best.
We carry a full line of them in
All-Wool Suits from
Blue, Grey and Brown are popular
colors, and we have stocked-up on
a full line of them for your inspec
tion. They fit you, they wear
you, and cost you-leW
than ever.
Stanford, Kentucky
"New Process"
Life Diploma. County Certificate Review.
Special. Tuition 'Free to Appointees,
Summer Term Open June 17
Artistic Catalogue Free. Address
: : : : Richmond. Kentucky
Crab Orchard Kentucky.
v w
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