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The Interior Journal.
i 1 1
a r M
the Contest Manager receives order s from his firm to give Triple votes
on all subscriptions turned In b etween the da es of June I th anl
' June 24th. In addition to this big offer he Is further advised to
Raofo extra votes on every dollar's worth of subscriptions turn
ed In between June 1 1th and Ju ne 18th.
At any future time during the contes t. Get busy and work every moment
of the time for there Is not a minute to waste. If VoU are down on
the list, the Triple Votes will help you gain a lead. Call on those
See-you-later friends and cash your promises.
evety contestant should put forth
her best effort and take full ad
vantage of it. The Contest Manager
received order from his firm advis
ing him to offer Triple Vote-
both old and new subscriptions turn
ed in between the dates of Tuesday
morning June llth.aud Monday ev
ening, dune 24lh. In addition to this
hh inducement, lie is further advis
ed to offer 3.000 EXTRA VOTES
BEFORE JUNE 18th. No contcst
nnt enn afford to waste anv oppor
lunitv to secure subscriptions no
AND REST OFFER that will be
wade nt any future time during tlie
f-onteft. If you have not made an
active race o far in this great race
for fame and fortune get busy nt
onoe for this i "YOUR OPPOR
TUNITY'' to pnin n lend. Won t
canto any more of that valuable
lime for your success or defeat de
pend on what efforts vou put foTtli
In the next fe davs. Think of the
value of tbe prif r. of the honor or
winn'mc in this great race and wbat
this cront offer mean to vou. Read
carefully the schedule below and nee
how rapidly the vote will count up
for. you.
tthtdiile of Votes June II. to
June 18.
23 yean
20 year
15 (mrn
"10 years
8 years
8 jean
3 years
2 years
,...150.000 votes
,...123.000 votes
,... 90,000 vote
.... 58,800 votes
.... 40.500 votes
.... 28,500 votes
10.200 votes
.... 10,500 vote
.... -1,800 votes
1 year
fut Forth Your Best Efforts
If. 0u fail to take advantage of
this tbt puniest ami nesi oner, juu
Art jeopardizing jour chances of be
inc a WINNER in this great nice.
Itedouble vour eflmts from now un
til Hit close. It nil depends on your
felf and on what ou and your
friends DO NOW whether ou will
be the proud owner of one of thos-e
valuable nnres nfter the contet i
over. RIGHT NOW at once n
he time to hustling. When ou are
paring back and forth on the closinjr
night waiting for the judges to uu
nounce the results of the contest,
yovr legietH tlrtit ou have waited
"precious moments will nvnil you
iiothinir. Right now is the tune to
get the subscriptions that will make
you n winner let the others do the
JrK'elting nfter the final count.
Read This Carefully.
' If ou have Becurcd the Mibscrip-
The Interior Journal's Grea
with great success so far and th
that we have decided to add si
tn nivn the Contestants a sti
prizes, conslstina of two handso
from W. A. Trlbble, and one fro
beautiful dresses, purchased fr
the famous H. B. Smith Fountai
rd as third, four and fifth priz
nf snnce will not permit US to 0l
prizes today but will try and do
Good For 10 Votes
Addrw ,
This Coupon, when neatly out out and brought or mailed
to the Contest Department of the Interior Journal, will count
for the person whose name is written thereon.
These ballets must be fastened together in packages, en
closed in envelopes,' before being deposited.
tinu of a mnn eailier in the contest
and enn get him to increase his sub
scription now, we will give you the
difference in votes between tbe pres
ent schedule and what the schedule
was when you turned in the sub
scription. For instance if you se
cured one year's subscription lnl
week and pot 1,200 votes on it and
can now get him to increnso it to
five vears now, we will give yon Hip
diit'eience in votes between the 1,200
ules and 23,500 votes now Riven on
a fie year subscription. So by gel
ting him to pav $1.00 more, you
would be entitled to the difference
of 27,300 votes.
About New Subscriptions
When you Ket n subscription, be
sure and find out whether it is old or
new and mark it so on the part of
the receipt which you turn into the
office with your remittance. Other
wisp, we arc liable to be delnjed in
getting tbe pnper started. Also be
sure to pet the address correct.
Thousands of Votes Polled
Thousands and thousands ot votes
hue been polled lately and many new
chances will be noted. Many of tbe
contestants probably turned in near
ly alt their reserve vote to keep
near the top. It is tbe idea to poll
enough votes to keep somewhere near
the top for then you catch u great
deal of the scattering vote. A great
many people have no personal
friends in the contest mid they usu
nlly vote for someone in their neigh
borhood or someone of whom they
have heard friends speuk. Every day
people come into the office or mail
their subscriptions nnd vote that,
way. If there is any mistake in your'
votes up to the present date, cull
the attention of the contest mali
nger to it before next Thursday
night. Otherwise the court will stand
as conect up to the present date.
Rear in mind thtit it is still any
body's race and Hint your "favorite"
may just as well win as tb ose if
you nnd vour friends nnd nciyuuin
tnnces will pitch in and mnke the
hist few davs fnirlv hum with your
industry. Make up our mind that
your favorite is going to bo one of
the winners and then proceed to put
that determination into effect. Get
out among the people nud hustle
as you never did before. Stir up
cxerjbody who is at all interested
in your "favorite's" campaign and
get them to help you.
Though an euor. the name of
Miss Jennie Riiukiu who lies in
Garrard t'ounty was placed in the
firt district when it should lme
been put in the second district. This
coireclioii u made today.
The names of the winners of the
special prize offer which closed last
night will be published in next Fri
da's issue.
t Pnnutarllu Contest nas met
e race has become so exciting
x more prizes to me uia list,
II better chance to win. These
me writing desks, one purchased
m J. L. Beazlev L Co.. two
om Severance & Son and two of
n Pens, will probably be award
es In each of the districts. Lack
ve full details of these added
so In the Friday's issue.
This Ballot
Must Be
Voted on or
June 22nd.
Dlstrfct Ne.
Miss Elsie E. Coleman ..,..52,275
Miss Margaret E. Holtzclnw .52,275
Miss Lcnii Palmer 52,275
Miss Annie Middletou 52,275
Miss Elizabeth Stngg 51,055
Miss Roberta Iloltzclaw ...51.020
Miss Ida II. Pettus 51,340
Mts Elizabeth Higgins 47,785
Mims Josephine Brady 40,425
Mrs. I.. L. Sanders 45,870
Miss Mury E. McKtniiev ....45,390
Miss Delia May Lawrence ...42,040
Miss May
North 42.22.J
Miss Lucile Crow . ,
Miss Emma Meier ,
Miss Kate Anderson
Mrs. Mary Morton
Mis Elirabeth Fox ....
Miss Mury D. Heck . . . .
Miss Gertrude Wilkinson
Miss Rose McCoimacV,
Miss Anna Wurren 27,155
Miss Isubelle Reynolds
Miss Guru Collier
Miss Elirubetli Carter ...
Miss Jennie Pcpples
Miss Mary K. Djjdderur .
Miss llessie McCormuck
Miss Mnry Moore Rauey
Miss Bertie McClure
Miss Elsie Singleton ....
Miss Eva Hortou
Miss Josephine Morris , .
Miss Florence Dawes ...
Miss Etfie Drye
15 1(20
. 7.480
. 7.040
. 0.070
Miss Ruth flocking
Miss Roxie Jennu.gs
Miss Hot tie White
Miks Dollie Wilcher
Miss Ruth Tanner
Miss Marthu Broughton . .
Mis Minelle Pniitt
Miss Muniie Holuiuti
Miss Mnttie Hi-Iioj
Miss Mary Ethel Anderson
Miss Nell Ruck
Miss Mndie Butler
Miss Lucy Oooch
Miss Emma Holtzcluw ...
Miss Lulu Coker
3Iis Mary RuseU
Miss Lelia R. Jones
Bessie Riffe
Zen a Eiihauks ....
LWe Cooper 0.120
Miss Jennie Ruukin . .
Miss Ada Wesley ....
Miss Bertha West . . .
Miss Susie Roberts...
.. 52.275
.. 41,235
.. 37,905
.. 32.495
.. 29,025
.. 20,390
. . 10,915
.. 13.390
.. 12.970
Miss Lillie Heurv
Miss Azile Elaiu ,
Mis Dnisy Shuttles
Miss Willie Wilkinson ....
Miss Lottie Wcsterfield ..
Miss Jewel Francisco ....
Miss Loretta Frith
Miss I.aini;i McGtiiw ...,
Miss Sura Richardson ...
Miss Alma Cosby
Miss May Cozntt
Miss Margaret Lee Gmbbs
Miss Elsie Morris R-2 . . .
Mrs. Dick Hamilton
Miss Annie Pollard
Miss Sadie Anderson ....
Miss Sara Reed
Miss Jennie Swope
Miss Stella Sanders
Miss Jennie liwrence ...
Mis Mnry Lear .... .
Miss I'nn Overstieet ....
Miss Mvrtle Brown
.. 12,035
.. 12,350
.. 11.800
.. 11,015
.. 11.210
. 7,320
. 7.130
. 7.035
. 0.015
. 3.950
. 3.005
. 2.030
. 2,350
. 2.1S0
Miss Snlhe Smith R-2
Miss Emma Meier
District No. 1
Today we introduce you to one
of our imint ambitious contestants,
Miss Emma Meier, who lives near
Wn nesburg, K.v he is sU-iving
haul to win and with the continued
assistance of her many friends, we
look ior her to be among the lead
ers on June 29th.
There is one medicine that every
family should he piovided with and
especially dining the summer
months; viz, Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarruoea Remedy. It
is almost certain to be needed. It
costs but n quarter. Can you afford
to be without it! For sale by Pen-
nwa l)i-iu 51nrp.
. " " ...
The Central University nine won
the collegeate baseball
ship of the state.
f Mix Fvti
C. S. Section Hands To Get $1.50 a
Day Burglars Busy.
Junction City, June 11.
Burglars broke into Mr. C. B.
HclnT cellar Thursday evening and
mnde themselves richer by n bucket
of lard and three pounds of butter.
The C. N. O. & T. P. railway has
raised the pay of section hands here
from $1.35 to $1.50 per day.
Messrs. R. II. West and John Al
ston went to Stanford Monday,
summoned there on a case in court.
Mr. und Mrs. C. H. Herherson
were in Danville Saturday afternoon
!! piog.
Miss Lnvinia McGraw has return
ed from n visit to Mesdames J. D.
Shelby and Forrest Johnstone in
Miss Irene Lyons has returned
from Danville, where she visited her
nunt, Mrs. John Wright, during com
mencement. Mrs. George Tucker, of Grecns
huig, who hns been the eues't of Mrs.
C. II. Helm left with Mrs. Helm Sat
urday for a visit to Mr. and Mrs.
Richard Wheat, in Perrjville.
Miss Gel ti tide Jones has returned
to Hedgeville, after visiting M.ss
Anna Cosby.
Re. II. W. Elliott, of Sulphur,
Ky., preached at the Christian
church Sunday morning and evening
Miss Lucile Hnrbersoti, of Perry
ville, nnd Miss Louellu Drown, of
Pniksvillc, are guests of Miss Lucy
Mr. and Mrs. Mack Wallace, of
Danville, were here Thursday after
noon. The Junior nnd Freshman classes
of the High School here entertained
the , Senior class by going to the
.spring over which the battle of Per
ryville was fought and giving a pic
nic on Thursday. Those who attend
ed were Misses Sura Richardson,
Lucy Hnnkla, Irene Lyons, Marv
Steele, Gertrude Richardson, Anah
Pruitt, Luln Sewell, Elsie Alstott,
Maggie Clarkson and Misses Zana
Breeding, Louise and Agnes Green,
of PeiTyville, Messrs. Frank Powell.
Bob Liugle, Lewis Alstott, John Mc
Graw, John Burka, Ivan Moore,
Prof. II. H. Brediug and Clell Breed
ing, of Perryville. The chaprones
were Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Richard
son, Mesdames W. C. Surber and
G. D. McCollum. Dinner was spread
near the spring.
MN Rachel Lyons, of Huston
ville hn been selected to teach the
(ith, 7th nnd 8th grade in the high
school here this fall. Miss Lou
ella Lingle will tench the primary
Compulsory Attendance Law
SEC. 3.
Any parent, guardian or other
person failing to comply with the
provisions of this act shall forfeit
to the use of the school within the
district in which such child Incs'n
sum not less than five dollars (5)
no i more than twenty dollars ($20)
fov the first offense nor less than
ten dollars nor more than titty dol
lars for the second and every sub
sequent offence nnd cost of suit.
coln County Board of Education.
Claude Hester's Car Smashed
The steering gear ol Claude Hes
tei's big automobile went wrong as
he wntf speeding nlong the Danville
pike Sunday, and it tinned over this
side of the covered bridge, doing a
big amount of damage to the car.
Mr. Hester and three friends who
were with him in the car nt the time,
weie thrown out. but not seriously
hint. The car was damaged sever
al hundred dollors' worth. It was
ilmost n iniiiicle that the occiiDnuts
of the car weie not instantly killed.
Prisoner Killed By Officer
Rob Rninev. who assaulted the
S.Mietarv of the Y. M. C. A., mid
who whipped tluee officers in Cor
hiii the other niuht. was lodged in
jail at Williamsburg, and when Sher-
itt l V. lieni 10 went 10 imug mm
to court Moiuhn he assaulted the
ofticer, who called secial deputies
to his aid. In the fight that follow
ed it was found necessary to shoot
him. one of the bullets ptissiug
thiough his heiut. Severn! of the
ofticer were badly bitten nud beat
en by the intimated mnn.
For Sale or Rent. McKiuney
Coal & Fetd pioneity. If not sold
bv the first of, July will rent. This
i tho biisinesf part of the propeity
consisting of one lot, 150 leet ut
niilio.nl track, one coal bin 92 feet
long, one warehouse 30x00 feet an
other warehouse office and scale
building combined 24x52 feet, and a
fiist class wagon scule in connection
Rest piece of business nroperty in
the town of ateKlnney, first class
territory for business, trude now es
tablished on Coal feed lime cement
salt, brick. For any furtlier inlor
, , . i, . A
motion m regaru lo mis properiy,
call to see or write
E. 0. GOOCH,
McKinney, Ivy.
Organized at Thriving Little Suburb
With 50 Subscribers.
Hubble, Ky., June 11.
Ilona McKechnie has been laid up
with boils on his hands for two
Mr. F. F. Stigall, who has been
visiting his daughter, Mrs. A. P.
Sloan lias returned to his home nt
W. G. Rankin, of Perryville, pass
ed through here ou his way to
Wayne county to buy cattle.
Mr. L. G. Hubble is having his
store and lesidence painted.
W. C. Pettus s.il.J Hmwn Law
son some fat hogs at 7 cents.
J. M. Rankin sold W. L. Lillnrd
some cattle to go, in September nt
5 cents.
Lee Rankin is having a concrete
silo built. Phillips Bros., of Stan
ford are doing the work.
A telephone company has been or
ganized here with a capital stock of
$2,500. Lending farmers in this
section are the stockholders. It is
hoped that communication can be
established with all the surrounding
town. A switchboard will be in
stalled at the home of Squire J. T.
Robert:., with his daughter Miss Inn
Roberts as operator. The exchange
start' with 50 phones subscribed for
nlrendy and is is believed the list
cur. be still further incrensed. A
committee composed of John Chris
man. D. B. Morris and Wilson Alex
nnder is at work arranging for pole",
wire nnd instruments and it is hop
ed to have the exchange working in
nbout 30 davs.
Some Property Owners Object to
Removal for Sidewalks.
Considerable opposition developed
to the plan of having the trees cut
down in town where new concrete
paving is to be laid, at the regular
meeting of the City Council last
Thursday niht. Dr. J. A. Peyton,
J. A. A"en and others vere before
the city fathers protesting against
the destruction of the beautiful
shade 'trees which ndorn the edge
of the sidewalk in front of their res
idences on East Main street. Dr.
Peyton offered to allow the side
walk laid several inches over on his
property in oider to save the trees,
nnd Mr. Allen nlso saved the trees
in front of his home.
There was considerable argument
over the advantage of cutting down
the trees. Councilman Rout explain
ed that the overhanging limbs did
much damage to the electrie light
wires, nnd other causes were as
signed why they should be removed.
Mail of the citizens hnve insisted,
however, that the beauty of the thor
oughfares will be greatly marred by
destruction of the shade trees, but
they will be cut out, except in the
few cases where the property own
ers have made personnl ideas 0
save them, or want to take the mnt
ter into the court.
Death of Jas. A. Klnq.
Highland, Ky., June 11.
Died on the 3rd iiist. Mr. James
A. King 73 years of age. Mr. King
nuned to this place nbout eight
enrs ngo from Burgin. His health
began to fail about two years ngo,
but was not colli ined to his bed but
nbout 'tluee weks. Ho had been a
member of the Methodist church for
moie than 30 years nnd had lived a
consistent Christian life. Aftei
funeral sen ices nt his late icsidence
by his pastor Rev. Couch, his re
mains weie taken to tho Lancaster
cemeteiy. He leaves a wife, two
daughter nnd one son with a ho.'t
of friends and neighbors, who had
learned to love the old mnn. to
mourn his loss.
Judge Roach Must Cough Up.
Tho right of the county attorney
of any county to employe iiss'i-taut
counsel in a suit in behalf of the
county wns denied by the C ourt of
Appeals in the case of W. 1. Allen,
county attorney, ngaiiist the Count v
Board of Education, appealed from
the Mercer Circuit Couit Judgment
of the lower court was affirmed on i
the original nnd icveised on the'
cross nppeol. B. F. Roach was cm-
ployed by Allen to assist bun in
suits by Mercer county, the agree
ment being that he should have half
the amount recoveied. Roach has
bet'ii paid $0,000. The coqrt m
the employment of Roach wus with
out nny warrant in lnw and now he
or Allen must pay back the $0,000
with interest.
The woinun of today who has good
health, good temper, good sense,
bright eyes and n lovely complexion,
the result of correct living and good
digestion, wins the admiration of the
world. If your digestion if faulty
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
tablets will correct it. For sale by
Pennj's Drug Store.
The C. U. team defeated the In
dians 7 fo S, only one score better
than the Stanford boys.
Committed At Wade's Store at Wal
nut Flat Negro Suspected.
The store of J. II. Wade, in Wnl
nut Flut Section, was burglarized
Friday night of about $35 worth of
goods, mostly flour, lard, bacon, etc.
Officers are hot on the trail of the
burglar nnd believe that they have a
clew which will lead to the guilty
party. No money was taken.
The front door of the little (.tore
was broken in, entrance being af
fected in this way, and the burglar
seems to hnve carted off tho booty
by the wholesale in a wagon. A
young negro who works for Mr.
Wade saw a negro man driving near
tbe place late that night, and this
is believed to be the criminal.
Mr. Wade reported his loss to the
officers here Saturday and they
took the trail at once, and it is be
lieved that the culprit will soon be
behind the bars.
Said to be Certain of Appointment
as Prison Commissioner.
It looks like Senator It. L. Hubble
of Lincoln county, is certain to be
appointed a Prison Commissioner,
by the governor. The Frankfort
Journal said la.s't week:
'Senutor Took Hubble, of Lincoln
county, who is the ''hottest tip" for
n place on the new Prison commis
sion, was in 1'rankftul ycslerduy to
see the Governor. It has been stat
ed several times on what seems to be
reliable authority that Senntor Hub
ble has been promised a place on the
Commission, and the report here is
that he will be one of those named
by the Governor next week. Senator
Hubble was one of the most promi
nent members of the Senate nt the
last two terms, and has been a closp
friend of Gov. McCrenry. There nre
those who profess to know, who in
sist that Senntor Hubble is certain
to be one of the commissioners. Sev
eral candidates for one of the places
on the Commission arc doing some
tnll hustling and the Governor has
his hands full deciding whom he will
Coleman Lutes has gone to Lex
ingtou to tnke a. soaition.
Mrs. John Bryant nnd beautiful t
daughters, Stella and Irene, of Som
erset,, attended the county meeting
nt Mt. Moriah and visited their rela
tives here.
Misses Bessie Hill and Kate Davis
Raney, of Stanford were the guests
of the Misses Lutes last week.
Rev. A. S. Godbey and family
have returned to their home nt Pine
ville, nfter visiting relatives und
friends at Waynesburg, Science Hill,
Somerset, King's Mountain and
Mrs. Walter Baugh and sister,
Minnie Walls, of Danville, are visit
ing homefolks here.
Alter finishing his ,ear's work at
Fninii College, Barhourville, John II.
Young spent u week with his par
ents, Mr. nnd Mrs. C. M. Young,
then went on to Greenfield, Ind.,
where ho is working for the S. A.
Mullikin Book Co.
Miss Grace Young enme home n
few days to be with her brother,
and attend the county meeting.
Mr. David Burton bus gone to
Bloomington, to be with his son
Clarence, who has typhoid fever.
Miss Ruth Coffev. of Bowen. is
Uitiug relatives bete.
Miss Doiu Mooie and son, of Dun
ille, were heie at the funeral ot her
father, Mr. King.
John L. Baugh, while triu' to
chain n cow's bend, the cow started
to inn catching a hook that was on
the chain into his huud and dragging
him some little distunce before tho
hook broke loose, luceruting his
hand making quite a painful wound.
Miss Minnie Buugb while picking
struwherries in the old field cumo
near stepping on u rattlesnake. She
called her father, who was near. ind
by searching a little soon found and
dispatched the reptile which was
tluee and one-half feet long and had
K-ven ruttle$ und ono birtton.
Mrs. Ottie Chenlot an'd Master
. rredilie are visiting ut her mother's
Mrs. Lucy Faulkner.
Horn, to Ihe wife of Dave Bui ton,
a boyv and to the wife of Hiram
Young n girl.
Mr. Walter Cannon and wife. Mrs.
Victor Gilliland, Miss Lclu Smith.
Russell Thompson, of King's Moun
tain, Miss Maude Brown, Cliailie
Brown, and Mr. Griffin nnd family
attended the singing at Highland
Miss Myrtle, Gooch of King's
Mountain, came up Thursday to
place Mowers on the graves of her
parents nnd others.
Mr. Smith Faulkner is expecting
to move to Ludlow tins week.
Word has been received here
Louisville, that Mr. SW Light the
fattier uf Mrs. J. U. Baugu of tins
place, was recently warned to a well
to do widow of that city.
Jury Awards W. V. Keeton that Sum
After Hard Fight Through
Two Courts
The celebrated "road case" which
has consumed about as much time
in court and totalled about as much
in costs as the famous "hog cuse"
in Boyle county, was finnlly decided
by a jury in Circuit Court Monday,
which handed down a judgment,
awarding W. V. Keeton, of the Hub
ble community the sum of $25 as
damages done to his property by the
ulii'ini; of l-20th of an acre frois
his property in order to change the
turnpike so as to permit the building
of a bridge over Hanging Fork
Creek. The trial in the circuit court
was on appeal from a judgment of
the county court which gave a judg
ment of $25 in favor of Mr. Keeton
for damage to his land. Mr. Keeton
asked for $500 damages for his loss,
but lost both below and in the high
er court.
Innumerable witnesses were intro
duced on ench side, some of whom
testified that the damage to Mr.
Keeton's property was as much ns
$1,000. Others testified that the
building of the bridge nnd the rais
ing of the road to the higher level
would be n positive ndvantage to
Mr. Keeton and the other property
owners along the route.
The style of the action wns W. V.
Keeton against Wilson Alexander
nnd tho othpr property owners in
that section who were interested in
having the bridge built over Hanging
Fork. The array of legal talent for
tercsted in the suit wns quite for
midable. For Mr. Keeton appeared
Attorneys Henry Jackson, Emmet
Piiryear, of Danville. K. S. Alcorn,
of Stanford. For the other side
were the nttorneys John W. Raw
lings, of Danville. George D. Flor
ence and T. J. Hill. Jr., of Stanford.
The jury was taken out to the
plnee in issue on Saturday in a bu3
and viewed the premises.
Friends nnd relatives of Mr.
Stephen Walker are glad to learn
he has returned from the Lebanon
hospital much imoroved in health.
Dr. Wra. Burnett is the owner of
n handsome new runabout of the
ery latest pattern.
The Presbyterian church is under
going repairs. It is being remodeled
in many ways. The interior decora
tions of the building is the work of
Wm. M. Lay and Company of Cin
cinnati. Miss Mildred Beazley has been in
Danville, visiting Mr. and Mrs. John
S. Baiighmnn. Dr. Wm. E. Burton,
of Chicago, was the week-end guest
of his sister, Mrs. George M. Pat
terson. Miss Mar' Dalton is at
home for the summer after a yenr's
study nt Hamilton College. Mrs.
Robert Brewer and little son Robert
Wnlker Brewer, of Chelsea, Okla
homa, are here for n visit to Mr.
mid Mr. Joel Walker. Miss Aman
da Anderson was in Lexington for
a stay with her bister, Mrs. Betlie
Miller. Miss Edna Kavannugh is
nt home from the D. Institute in In
dianapolis. Mra. .1, D. Duuu and
daughters, of Roswell, New Mexi
co, are guests of Mrs. John Ballurd
and daughter. Mist Lillian Coch
ran is in Georgetown visiting her
cotisiiib the Misses Lackey. Mrs.
It- A. Campbell, of Nichilu, Kansas,
is visiting blisses Elizabeth and In
dia Johnsou. Mis Ella Thompsou,
of Dunville- is with Miss Hullie
Brown. Mfs. Juck Adams and
daughter Miss Cnllie were guests
the past, of Lexington relatives.
Miss Iva Lee Smith leues next
week for her home in Richmond,
Ind. Mis Muyuus Lee Dullard has
ns her guest Miss Mabel Duun, of
Nicholusville, Ind.
A telegram has been received
here announcing the death of Mrs.
Henry Guy Jennings at her western
Home, Tulsa, Okluhotna. The de
ceased wus 72 yeui of uge and an
uiiusiiully well preseru-d womau be
iiu,J of commanding appearance aud
very elect in curiiuge. She moved
to Tulsa ubout 18 months ago with
her daughter, Mrs. W. I. Williams.
Her deafh was due to a complication
of diseases, her health having been
on the decline since Xuius. .Mrs.
Jennings was u remarkably intel
lectual womuu and tine comersut
ioualist. Notwithstanding the fact
that she hud mude muiiy new friends
in the thriving western cit" her
mind nnd heuit would often revert
to many dear nud cherished asso
ciates in her "Old Kentucky Home".
The remains reached Lancaster
Mouduy morning, uud funeral ser
vices weie held at the Christian
church in the afternoon at 3 o'clock
in the sanctuary she loved and of
which she had so long been a mem
ber. Mrs. W. I. Williums, of TuUa.
Oklahoma, n son J. Bradford Jen-
j nings, of Pecos, Texas, and a sister
Mrs. J. M. Frazee, of Mays "
Contest closes JttaMih.

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